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  1. You can express most things as an equivalent scenario, if that is what you are looking for. For S = V.t: If we measure Bill as traveling 50 meters every 10 seconds, how far would he go if he traveled for 60 seconds? Distance = (50 meters / 10 seconds) * 60 seconds I normally visualize the product as an intersection of two lines crossing. Something like the figure below. Line A might be our velocity and Line B might be the time for example. Where they cross is your product.
  2. Is that for isothermal expansion of an ideal gas? Some of the setup looks different, negative sign and use of tau symbol. Could of course simply be rearranged though.
  3. I'd guess relates to the text informing guests of cookies, but not sure. Might be in the page source.
  4. Transfer can occur, yes. Thought this article had a good illustration, more info in the article itself. https://mbio.asm.org/content/7/4/e00863-16
  5. Welcome, sorry I couldn't be of more help though. Is an interesting question. Don't know if the types that do select palindromes, whether they are simply nonspecific in terms of direction or if there a physical reason like you suggest.
  6. Wiki mentions some types do act on non-palindromic sequences. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restriction_enzyme#Types
  7. Considered a delicacy in some places, though food distribution could definitely be improved along with not causing the triggering droughts in the first place. Have read that chickens like them.
  8. They are edible. Nets are in fact traditionally used to catch the grasshopper swarms.
  9. Multi-party not multipart. They're referring to more than one person being involved. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_multi-party_computation
  10. Length contraction happens any time you travel anywhere at any velocity. You don't need to 'create' it. Length contraction only becomes noticeable at very high velocities however. Think of the distance you want to cross as a spring. The closer your velocity is to c, the more the spring is compressed. While you still have to cross the whole distance, there is less of that distance for you. Bit dated but this covers Relativity really well. Read it when I was younger and learned a lot from it. Happily online for free now. https://archive.org/details/TheUniverseAndDrEinstein/
  11. I'd wondered about that claim. DIY plans exist that could presumably be adapted to utilize Dyson parts, but was thinking something hospital-ready would take longer.
  12. Many also make use of metastable Argonite form of calcium carbonate instead of, or in addition to, Calcite. Rather impressive really, takes higher pressures to occur via physical processes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aragonite
  13. lol, nice to see not too far off from what the real researchers are thinking. Obviously phagocytes exist so perhaps other cells can use the same method to engulf them when needed. Possibly they have some means to 'infect' a cell themselves too.
  14. Possibly. I know if I had my choice I'd use them to help repair/replace other mitochondria that have suffered damage, but I don't know if such a mechanism actually exists. We do know their distant ancestors entered the ancestral cell at some point however.
  15. Reading that it was previously found that platelets release them to promote inflammation. They are descendants of bacteria, so pretty logical that they can still trigger an immune response. https://ashpublications.org/blood/article/124/14/2173/33091/Platelets-release-mitochondria-serving-as
  16. It would be. I'm sure it'd take a ton to speed up that process. I've read a few analysis saying we could power our civilization for a thousand years with just a bit of that energy.
  17. Slowing down the Earth's rotation among other effects. Trading is okay, stealing is not.
  18. Unfortunately you can't steal energy from gravity(buoyancy = weight of displaced fluid). Going to at best break even, but will likely take more energy overall than you get back out.
  19. Provide the specs or name of the jumper. Not giving enough info to fully compare. The manufacturers save money buying the cheaper nigh endlessly recycled batteries. Most lithium car batteries are roughly $100 more. Now multiply that per car sold...
  20. Likely has a shorter lifespan or other undesireable characteristics. Main thing is that lead acid battery is mostly recycled material. You don't have to mine or ship as much material, keeping costs down.
  21. You can desulfinate or recycle lead acid easier.
  22. In labs, researchers typically only modify existing viruses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallest_organisms#Viruses This pandemic is understandably putting people on edge. Bad time to ask about how to make one yourself. Should really look into taking some of the free courses out there or buying a synthetic genetics/molecular biology kit if this is of interest. Link to a supplier as an example: https://amino.bio/
  23. That has been observed to occur. In one case I read about, they think it was due to a prolonged supernova. Fusion reactors in the sky.
  24. Right. See similar for people paralyzed or missing limbs using interfaces.
  25. Have to caution not to go too far down the rabbit hole as the person has to be Speaking. It could be easily picking up on what is being sent to the muscles.
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