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  1. Going based off the table in the numerical values section; one is v/c and the other the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of the lorentz factor. v is always less than c, so for v/c you end up with: 0 ≤ β < 1 Now for the reciprocal of the lorentz factor you're doing the equivalent of finding the length of one side of a square with an area equal to the shaded section below. Sqrt(1^2 - β^2)
  2. I want to say it should be: (bba)* ∩ (aab)* Just to be clear I'm assuming by 'U' you mean Union and by '*' negation.
  3. Well, very slowly now mind you, the Moon is gradually moving away and the length of Earth's day increasing. If the Sun wasn't going to expand first, the Earth would end up being tidally locked to the Moon, with the Moon permanently in one spot of the world's sky. Relative to the large amount of energy available and already being spent creating a traveling bulge, the impact of conventional tidal power will be pretty minuscule. Should note that there are solar tides as well. cross-posted
  4. I think the problem is the availability of oxygen though they do make much more ATP. Edit: This link talks about it in good detail: http://chemistry.elmhurst.edu/vchembook/615coricycle.html
  5. @psyclones: I've been reading where vortex breakers are used to improve roof drainage, but don't see any examples where a screw inside the pipe is used or know if a screw would work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vortex_breaker http://www.roofingmagazine.com/retrofit-roof-drains-feature-integrated-vortex-breaker/
  6. Very hangry. Although I'm being transported by a friend to buy small round cakes of leavened bread from a place where games can be played.
  7. I want to write a response but I need to go catch a lift to buy some biscuits at the arcade.
  8. I could definitely see that working for permanent low gravity downthe lone. There's the reproduction aspect as well to consider too though. If we're forced to solve reproduction with artificial gravity or tricking our biology then bone loss may not even be a problem. More research really needs to be done. Honestly, for bone loss, might even be able to compensate enough via exercise where the risk upon landing after a longer trip is acceptable.
  9. Genetic tinkering would be more ideal in the long-term(more than just the bones that are impacted), but drugs should work well enough for early travel. Besides broken bones, you'll want to minimize risk of kidney stones and clogged toilets from the calcium. Probably wouldn't need to keep using it upon arriving somewhere either. Environment there and on any colonies would be almost entirely artificial. The only real outliers are the lower gravity and higher radiation levels, though we could provide artificial gravity and radiation shielding if necessary. Plants seem to handle low gravity fine. Humans have survived a couple years continuously living in space, but to my knowledge there haven't been any experiments lasting more than a few months for mice.
  10. Double checked myself. You're correct on orbital decay. I was only a considering the more conventional methods of a body losing velocity(drag, tidal forces), rather than gravitational radiation. Would thankfully still take forever and a day lol.
  11. You can get a constantly changing Vector in circular motion too. Something in orbit can keep on going forever if left to its own devices.
  12. The accelerating twin is changing their position with respect to the rest of the universe, so the two won't be perfectly symmetric in that sense.
  13. I'm expecting it to be linked to the car even starting lol. Might still get violators but they're going to stick out like a sore thumb to enforcement agencies. I don't expect this to really start up until various forms of car sharing become widespread. I think when it is no longer a personal vehicle people won't mind so much and governments can realize the benefits.
  14. I was thinking a national system, where each car has a location tracker and valid account linked to it. Companies or communities could then charge based on actual usage, possibly factoring in income and other considerations. Be simpler in most respects though would have some issues of its own naturally.
  15. Wiki explains it best: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceflight_osteopenia Has been a new drug found that may help however, https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/09/08/910776985/drug-that-bulked-up-mice-in-space-might-someday-help-astronauts-make-long-voyage Not sure how it would go if left unchecked. Bones also serve as a reserve of calcium for the body. Even if structural support and blood cells wasn't an issue, might still have problems.
  16. Ah see what you mean, was thinking only of the toll collection aspect. That part is at least technologically doable, though will probably have to wait until privacy concerns ease up with adoption of more transportation as a service options.
  17. Could possibly work with mass vehicle tracking. I imagine it working more as a tax based on miles driven though. Think if roads were all privately owned, a single company would likely have most or all of the contract for roads in a given area. That would eliminate most of the issues.
  18. Well Falklands were in EU via the UK and had been profiting considerably as a result. Mercosur has been applying political and economic pressure on them to try and secure the territory for Argentina.
  19. Even if British voters would accept paying into the EU budget, various rules and FoM, it looks like multiple EFTA countries would still veto the UK joining. Kibd of curious, has there been any local discussion of plans regarding Gibraltar and Falklands?
  20. Pretty much yeah, easy way for Biden to show what sort of President he would be, while placing Trump in an awkward position. We'll have see what happens but is nice to see a measure of sanity returning to the UK.
  21. Yes, that is a distinct possibility as well.
  22. http://blog.parker.com/three-key-words-in-hydraulic-hose-sizing-id-dash-size-and-nomogram Those are dash sizes. I think you want a -2 or 2/16. edit: Which I don't see on that page... ...and no idea but I know your pain. Ordering parts sucks for hoses and pipes.
  23. I swear sometimes forget that all this is real. Took way too long to figure out why Bloomberg would be interviewing the Irish Ambassador on EU-US relations. 😐
  24. If genetics were similar that might argue for a common origin.
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