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  1. @OP: Its like these spokes, as you move forward in time from the origin the distance between spokes grows. Light has an increasing amount of distance between Superclusters to cross as time goes on.
  2. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    I miss Jeeves :*( Most don't nearly have that much.
  3. Best path to lunar provenance propellant?

    Possible for this stuff to escape into space. Low gravity, solar wind. I'm concerned a human colony could deplete the entire supply. Colony will never be perfectly sealed and using it as a fuel will deplete it even more rapidly. I'm thinking Oxygen would be better all around.
  4. Mass and weight (yr 11)

    This isn't accurate. If Weight = mass * g then Density can't both equal: mass * g / volume (inaccurate) and mass / volume (accurate)
  5. Best path to lunar provenance propellant?

    Yeah, I'm thinking from the minerals themselves. Oxygen is crazy common and we don't have to worry about losses. Hydrogen is a pain in the arse gas.
  6. Best path to lunar provenance propellant?

    Probably look at obtaining Oxygen from the dust and rocks. Multiple ways to use the Oxygen(energy storage, breathing) and useful byproducts.
  7. Bismuth Crystals

    They are cool looking.
  8. A perspectives of the heat pumps

    Can I ask where your interest lies with this? Are you wanting something better for personal use or just wanting to talk about theoretical ways we might improve COP? Generally my experience is that there's always some form of resistance to our objectives(whatever they might be). Never seen anything that dictates how much there has to be though, so may be able to improve things until it is arbitrarily small(if still not zero). Heat exchangers, better materials, better collection/utilization of waste heat, etc.
  9. What exactly is this?

    Seeing it on biochemistry books.
  10. 2nd Bill passed, still needs our governor to sign off on it, but I think we can call it a win at this point. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/377834-florida-passes-ban-on-child-marriage
  11. You'd need duplication for stuff to both add to the hole and exit the hole... I don't think this makes logical sense personally.
  12. Ca channel

  13. A perspectives of the heat pumps

    This paper talks about them a bit. Looks like COP tends to be lower, though can also see lower maintenance and operating costs.
  14. More to provide a counterpoint to the idea of there being formalities that need to be observed.
  15. His response was to my comment about using the table for storage. Trying to make a point that not all humans even follow the same ritualistic behavior patterns. Dinner for my family typically consists of TV trays and no saying of grace, for instance. If we choose to have or host a holliday meal at home, the table may see use then.