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  1. Endy0816

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    lol I'm sure it's just for historical reasons but it sure sounds weird. Weighing is finding weight, a measure of force. ie. I weigh 130 pounds or about 578 Newtons. I remember hearing bits of the explanation at one point, though would still happen regularly.
  2. Endy0816

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    ??? Mean like when you microwave a frozen meal and some parts can remain cold or even frozen while others overcook. ...and why is it still called weighing if you find the mass?
  3. Endy0816

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    Physics are really different with cold and hot spots being possible.
  4. Endy0816

    Red Yin Yang evolution theory

    You'll produce waste equal to what you take in, assuming your weight remains constant.
  5. Endy0816

    Van de Graaff generator on the Moon

    Lunar dust to consider. Do expect to see electrostatic generators used in some fashion.
  6. There is no IQ test to worry about to join the military or become a doctor. You can do fairly poorly on the Aptitude test(mil) and still get in. All kinds of different jobs needing done. I think drafted troops was one of the main issues in Vietnam.
  7. Endy0816

    Let’s say man eating spiders

    They actually liquify most of their catch's internals. Bone marrow is edible, not sure whether they do though or how often it is even an issue.
  8. There's this sort of thing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_thermal_energy_storage Not sure surface layer is enough though. Might need to drill or go with a tank.
  9. That is likely true. Might open up some options though and end result would be the site legally could stop pestering Studiot. Yeah, depending on the browser I use I have the same problem.
  10. Yes. Ths would be for the user instead, a Greasemonkey script or Chrome's equivalent. Unless Brexit happens or the law changes I think the site itself is legally stuck though.
  11. No, it really would have been smarter to do something like require browsers to clear cookies by default instead. With how it is now most are going to cave under the endless barrage of cookie policy notices. Might be a script already that will automatically accept but would place the onus on the user.
  12. Endy0816

    The Race

    Everything is there. They all run the full course and nobody stops before reaching the finish line. Partially correct.
  13. Endy0816

    The Race

    No he definitely won. At least 4 of them ran very very fast.
  14. Endy0816

    The Race

    Five children are racing 10 kilometers. Four boys Jim, Nick, Dan, Bill and a girl Susan. Dan wins after running 3 kilometers. Bill and Jim run 6 kilometers and tie for third. Which boys run 10 kilometers?