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  1. Yeah, Entanglement is great for security and gives an extra state to work with but provides nothing additional for transmission speed.
  2. What math? What are you talking about? Russia, Putin really, just needs to end this madness. He's helping to create what he claimed to fear.
  3. Do you mean the Patriot Missile Systems they're getting/have in case the war spills over into Poland?
  4. If they use the same symbols (0-8) could still end up using 1,000,000 though it would represent a different value(8^6).
  5. Liquids normally become less viscous as their temperature increases.
  6. Normally when this happens it is due to the mouse misbehaving. Can unplug the mouse and restart to test. Easy solution is to try cleaning the underside of the mouse and table surface.
  7. That's virtual. c is the speed of light in a vacuum specifically. In the simulation they have it passing through milk.
  8. Be along the same lines as a space fountain or more broadly an active structure. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_fountain Main issue are the power requirements and any energy losses in the system. Nothing physically impossible about the concept though. I think it probable honestly. Not dealing with the same risk and tensile strength requirements of a traditional space elevator.
  9. Need to simply disallow foreigners. Be more reasonable if it were restricted to citizens only. Someone having a bit of fun registering a tortoise along with fictitious individuals: https://fortune.com/2022/10/21/uk-prime-minister-liz-truss-conservatives-tories-leadership-contest-cybersecurity/
  10. Not sure how accurate this method really is, but dividing party membership by eligible voters in the last referendum, I get roughly 0.5%. Main issue that masses are not directly deciding the top leader. Technically true here too though... I think we can all agree some random foreigners probably shouldn't have a say, especially with potential for fraud these days.
  11. Ironically I was actually thinking about doing this. Has been crazy watching the procession of Tory PM's, without any sort of general election for the position. Tories seem to makeup a tiny percentage of the UK population too.
  12. Spark is the air becoming conductive(dielectric breakdown). I'm sure yours is more practical solution though lol.
  13. c (squared) is your 100%. There's no faster possible Any distance shrinks down too the closer you get to c besides. There's nowhere left to go just by you getting near c.
  14. You're only need a reasonably reliable periodic event. Clocks count how often this periodic event happens.
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