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  1. Not sure if the problem, but noticing that the value of x is being immediately overwritten without being used. Will try and look at it when back at home.
  2. Honestly Google and FB were always more data brokers, whatever their front business. My only gripe is that often companies often won't compensate you for the sale of your data. I'm only okay with fair value exchange. In the late 90's though, many sites were acting only as digital billboards or selling low value services. People were investing without looking into profitability or even if these companies needed that much investment. While this was going on, knew a large number would be joining the industry in the next couple of years all expecting relatively high wages.
  3. I agree cooking can be rewarding. Got pretty into it during the furlough actually. Since time is scarce though Market will try and nudge the masses at least towards convenience. Novel and varied recipes are doable. Probably have to anyways as identical meals would still get old fast. Could pause to ask your opinion as well.
  4. Market will value your time as a resource.
  5. Energy and food sources should be based on your preferences. House could just as easily check your garden or fly a drone over to your local farmer. Typically not much but pretty much everything requires some processing. ie. Wheat into flour Adds to cost while typically starting the clock ticking. We have most of the bits and pieces so just a matter of integration and bringing costs down.
  6. We sort of do though we're still presently stuck deciding between time/quality/cost when all three variables could be improved. Your house could order all the raw ingredients, process as needed and cook a Michelin quality meal for you. Wouldn't appeal to everyone naturally but would be beneficial for vast majority.
  7. 'Don't delve into the labyrinthine code or the magic will escape.' Earlier crash was part of it... Investment all rushed from the more dubious Foreign Markets to Dotcoms to Housing. Was like watching a slow moving tidal wave.
  8. Even as a kid some of that seemed crazy. Everyone and their brother kept over investing into a single area. Most websites were really not making much if anything at the time. Really glad I shifted away from a web development focus before graduating in '02.
  9. I'd like to see high levels of cooking automation. Could be hugely time saving for cheap, healthy meal preparation. In other areas of living as well, ideally without needing an external server.
  10. Yeah I'm thinking it'll be mainly hydroponics anyways. Rockwool should be possible to manufacture from local Basalt. Will definitely depend on the relative costs of Imports vs Local production.
  11. Not sure, know the Democratic-Republicans didn't have the best of excuses for Impeaching the one. I'm sure could bring a case too. No idea how it would all work out though if a Justice was still serving especially considering potential appeals. Weird legal territory.
  12. Theoretically... Would likely lack the Supermajority needed for Conviction in the Senate though.
  13. Some have been repurposed for tours and the like. There's no shortage of such spaces in general though. Obviously there can also be safety and liability concerns(death, injury and illness).
  14. I wouldn't have invaded to begin with. The strategic Crimean port had already been obtained. Trying to take/keep unwilling territory is a losing proposition in this day and age.
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