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  1. As my girlfriend is a big Patriots fan, helping you would result in a negative payoff for myself. Seriously now you're talking more about strategizing than Game Theory. Game theory is more along the lines of the Prisoner's Dilemma or outcomes of different simple evolutionary strategies.
  2. If it comes out of a can I'd avoid it too. Slices are definitely tasty on burgers. I've always felt rest of the world got all the good cheeses though. Swiss and provolone are my go-to's.
  3. I think resulting image of the picture would look much as you have here, albeit dimmer. Not sure that is what you are asking for though. To clarify are you wanting it to appear 3D?
  4. You'll probably want to look into binocular vision and depth perception. Without, you can hazard a guess from context, but if something is proportionally larger or smaller than expected you can have an issue. Easiest thing to increase the apparent distance would be a concave lens. Flat mirrors alone could work, but you would need to increase the distance the light has to travel. Could move mirrors apart or reflect the image multiple times.
  5. Yeah many would have been contaminated by our atmosphere but that should still leave a ton for this and future experiments.
  6. Pigeonholing(timezone, writing style, identifying information), social media links, IP address (from something like an image download) and outright tricking someone to download malicious files. Only the last would really be hacking. It's generally not that hard if somebody's reasonably active or not cautious enough. So far it sounds like everything your friend is seeing is only circumstantial. Could easily be a case of false pattern recognition.
  7. They mention a smaller vault with returned samples that were previously loaned out. If memory serves they brought back and awful lot of material in total.
  8. Actually about what they had, though walking on the outside of the wheel. They also had single man ones which were more a sideways wheel. A very sound use
  9. They exist to a degree. https://www.gosportsart.com/product/n685-verde/ I'm not seeing any commercially available ones that power more than a smartphone however. The penal treadmill deserves an honorary mention. Used them to pump water and mill corn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penal_treadmill More efficient when you use mechanical motion directly like that.
  10. No, there is an unseen outlet in this case. Honestly is a confusing way to draw/label things. Your original instinct would be correct in the case of a lake or body of water. Would need more information on the tank(vented or non-vented) and pressure at the top of it to say what exactly would happen next.
  11. By atmospheric pressure they mean the pressure of the Earth's atmosphere at the lowest point. I like to imagine a column of air above me weighing me down. Weight(force) / Area = Pressure
  12. Possibly for the Northwest Passage opening up and resources; but who really knows with Trump. Not uncommon historically(Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Gadsen). Really weird in this day and age though.
  13. Sublimation requires some heating to occur while the pressure remains below that of the Triple point. This is purely changing what phase the water is in. Water's Phase Diagram https://chem.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/General_Chemistry/Book%3A_Chemistry_(OpenSTAX)/10%3A_Liquids_and_Solids/10.4%3A_Phase_Diagrams
  14. Definitely important to have a job you like doing. I'm thinking people will still find ways to occupy their time but their work will be more meaningful or at least pleasant. Resources will still be finite, so some economic system will be required. Always some scarcity out there. Quite bit will likely be effectively free though.
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