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  1. I'm thinking new faces alone would help reset UK's international relations, even if they are otherwise unremarkable. Hoping Boris ends up as their next sacrificial PM when things go sideways and Priti goes with. Imagine Boris vs anyone else asking for Biden's help on something like undoing the Scotch tariff, for example.
  2. She scares me worse than anyone else. She seriously wanted to send British warships into French ports to drop off unknown individuals. Hopefully she joins Boris and Trump on the train out of office in January.
  3. Yeah that sounds like it should work , noting you'd want to make sure the smoke from regenerating the activated carbon goes outside. Are there any laws that could be enforced regarding the burning of trash?
  4. Yeah, he's been kicking butt. Definitely what the country needs and the world wants to see right now.
  5. Would personally favor establishing a new official Microstate category(they can vote to become), still with representation, unless interested in joining with other Pacific Territories. D.C. would be similarly problematic as a State with its own unique issues.
  6. Only thing is they have to use sugar to make cellulose. Has to be some kind of tradeoff going on.
  7. Think I've just lived too long seeing the problems territory status causes for everyone. With representation they could receive the effective investment they need and more broadly better recognition for Latin Americans in general. Whole of the Caribbean could be turned into a major growth region on our doorstep with only a smidge of effort. ...and yeah American Samoa is another one... I shake my head at the insanity of what amounts to decades long inaction.
  8. I remain hopeful Republicans might someday realize many Puerto Ricans are socially conservative. Would love if we could end up having no Territories in the whole country.
  9. Overshadowed by the election, but Puerto Rico voted to hold a Statehood Referendum. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/524590-puerto-rico-votes-in-favor-of-us-statehood Ways to go naturally, but bit of additional positive news.
  10. I don't know of any lighting used in industrial vinegar production. Might still make for some interesting experiments if you want to give it a shot.
  11. Normally they would detect the signal of the transponder or RFID and then do a lookup in the database and bill the correct person. The ones I know of have camera backup taking pictures of license plates. They can then compare plates to those already registered to see if the transponder has failed and then bill appropriately.
  12. The mother is mostly cellulose and UV radiation seems to increase cellulose production. Wouldn't necessarily be good for the bacteria themselves though. From what I've read, companies normally increase oxygen availability to improve production rates.
  13. The piece I have was twenty dollars, but could probably find it cheaper buying in bulk and use less of it. Not sure what I can achieve in the way of temperatures, but I'll give that a try for a piece. I'd say brittle. Really noticeable where it has been cut or is tearing. Half wondering if it can be shattered.
  14. Hard to describe exactly but if you hold it in your hand and give it a quick shake, noise results. Was wondering if it might have some use as a noise maker. Made a quick video.
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