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  1. I was really surprised by this my last visit. A number of doctors, nurses and staff ended up passing through my hospital room. 2-4 doctors, 6 nurses, 2 payment processors, various cleaners and workers transporting patients for surgeries and tests. You would think at least some of that could be minimized. Would be nice if companies would supply hands-free options to help combat inevitable boredom. You wouldn't be handling a pair of voice controlled glasses or headphones anywhere near as much as your cell.
  2. I've read about people's dental work picking up radio waves before. Are your fillings metallic? May want to see a dentist. Something has to be loose to act as a speaker.
  3. the problem is you are dividing by zero which has undefined elements to it. 0 = 0/4 = 0/-2579 = 0/323i = 0/π = ... From a simple seeming 1/0 you can forever pull any number(excluding zero) from below, preventing you from even saying it equals anything in particular even if it heads that way. 1/0 = 1/((((0/.33)/9i)/-196)/5) consider 0a and a-a for added fun.
  4. People will likely continue to move into art, science and service positions. Any mentally unengaging work should be entirely eliminated. Do agree need to ensure bennefits are shared equally. Ideally a quasi post scarcity utopia is created. People could then work for more(or not) as they wish.
  5. Yeah, the speed of light and causality are closely interwoven. Warp drive is likely impossible due to this reason.
  6. I mean he's not guilty until he's been convicted. High crimes and misdemeanors would definitely cover this however. As soon as it passes the House he will have been impeached, so at least that much goes down in the history books.
  7. It might seem obvious but depends on if it has been proven legally speaking. As horrible as it sounds, Trump is in charge of the execution of the laws. Our checks and balances system isn't exactly well balanced right now, but it's all we have to work with. Nobody's actually above the law but presidency definitely comes closest.
  8. Likely deliberate on the part of your genes in most cases. Historically if you have survived that long, you will have proven yourself capable and are likely well set up to provide for any offspring. Replacement is probably the best route to look at. Most alternative methods are not especially successful. Amount to trying to do something external to impact something internal.
  9. Yes, that is correct.
  10. Are you referring to the hemoglobin SC genotype? If so it results in a milder version of sickle cell disease. https://www.healthline.com/health/sickle-cell-anemia#types You can treat the symptoms, do regular blood transfusions or bone marrow/ stem cell replacement.
  11. In physics, temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of particles in a system. The individual particles won't necessarily all have the exact same amount of kinetic energy. No phase change takes a set amount of time. It is this whole semi-random process. What's really happening is incredibly complex so we have to simplify it so we can make equations and models of the behavior.
  12. Banking(loans) goes back to Roman empire times. Actually mentioned in the Bible in the Parable of the Talents. Closely related, currency exchange is likewise mentioned in it. Jesus purportedly rallied against money changers in the temple. Governments would mint based on their reserves of various metals. Coins weren't necessarily pure so still could have inflation. Otherwise everything was about the same as now in terms of collecting taxes with the exception that they could also often pay with goods.
  13. Probably not how I would explain it. If you consider the phase-change diagram above instead, you can more easily see how you can change from one phase to another and still keep temperature/pressure constant, without issue. SwansonT brings up an excellent point about not confusing a model with reality. Highly recommend considering that.
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