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  1. Not the same price everywhere. More due to a region's combination of infrastructure, international energy market and local economy.
  2. Population density changes and resource distribution are understandable concerns, but the global population growth rate is actually reducing. We're a pretty frivolous species. I'm expecting a slew of colonies founded by different entities for varying reasons. Most colonies won't take long to construct once the infrastructure and automation is developed. Terraforming is probably a pipedream, but habitats could still offer plenty for people. Extraterrestrial environments pose issues for developing embryos that artificial wombs could help us overcome. We're likely to see the technology used in a few different ways though.
  3. Majority of the resources necessary for a colony are available. Likely be transported as gametes. Raising the first few generations would be interesting though. Possibly require robotic assistance depending on the numbers. Lot will depend on our future capabilities and what we're trying to accomplish. Genetic bottlenecks and population growth may not even be an issue.
  4. Endy0816

    Political Humor

    To be fair, seemed reasonable to believe that elections would come shortly after the main import checks were(finally) started.
  5. Normally handled via Mac addresses for device communication purposes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_address
  6. Do you think an entirely artificial womb could possibly work instead?
  7. Most of the current LLMs are not researching anything they write.
  8. Yes, I think they either programmed GPT for sheer speed or don't have the training database set up in such a way thay it can find actual references. You can't really store links and similar data easily using default token system. Beyond a few pieces they're all too random. Did see where it Rickrolled one guy though, so who knows.
  9. Yeah, honestly getting the actual source and not a probabilistic hallucination would not be that much additional code/memory. It's like the math issue. It's not hard for a computer to do math correctly, but someone still needs to be arsed to program in the ability.
  10. This video gives much clearer details, math involved and their results from testing(it did not at their elevation). My take is that it is supposed to exploit the difference in air pressure between the inlet and outlet. May be worth retesting at a lower elevation.
  11. Yes, in English some words have multiple correct pronunciations. https://accenteraser.com/blog/words-with-more-than-one-correct-pronunciation/ If distant memory serves, host would have a list of words along with their phonetic spelling(s).
  12. It's a Mortise Guage. https://www.harborfreight.com/6-inch-mortise-gauge-94645.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortise_gauge Was someone into carpentry or woodworking?
  13. Endy0816

    Political Humor

  14. China is likely to have another Civil War. There's elsewhere that has greater risk potential. Climate change is something of a wildcard though. Are glossing over lot of issues China is having lately with shoddy practices. Fake and defective products, tofu-dreg construction. They're about where we were at as a country decades ago.
  15. Yeah, the parties are not exact opposites in some respects. Main issue with a national referendum is the limited powers granted to the Federal government. A referendum wouldn't open up a new mechanism for change. A majority of States hold referendums and similar at their level though. I feel need to expect our representatives to represent us on the more complex issues. There's legislation that truly requires specialists to spend time to analyzing and debating.
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