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    Just looked into it, more accurately Nucleolin occurs more on the surface of some cancer cells than normal. Has promise as a means to differentiate the two. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20460757/ Not sure if this is true of cancerous cells in general.
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking water reservoir, to better retain/store water already seeping into the cave naturally. Probably was some kind of long gone mortar at one point.
  3. Sorry, meant to post a bit ago. Generally you are describing epigenetics. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epigenetics Logically you don't need to store everything for the same length of time. Just to note, Neuron replication is very limited.
  4. 8 Yeah, I'd heard the same. Use the same trick for making tap water more palatable too for that matter, lol. Thinking on it some warmer more stagnant water will naturally have tannins from fallen leaves too. Be like a weak tea. Know tannins can inhibit microbial growth, so either one might be fine to an extent.
  5. Making a photo active fabric

    Probably more translucent than transparent, but should work.
  6. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    More to show the problem of loose wording. Very very similar lack of restrictions in our law here. People seeking to take advantage of the incentive even if they are going against the spirit of it.
  7. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Counts as horse breeding. Cows are typical too. http://www.landreport.com/2007/04/agricultural-exemptions-cut-your-taxes/ https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/04/americas-dumbest-tax-loophole-the-florida-rent-a-cow-scam/255874/ Disney, Lockheed Martin, Sen. Bill Nelson are all 'small' farm owners. Need some kind of restrictions rationally.
  8. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Unfortunately that's too vague. We have a major agricultural property tax loophole that is based on similar logic. You'll see a couple of horses on a large plot of prime realestate to qualify it as a 'farm'.
  9. Dark Energy and Non-Conservative Forces

    Entanglement is roughly like two sides of a coin split in two. Finding one tells you the other. Some weirdness still, but not what media tends to depict. Dimension = a measurable extent length, width, depth, time are commonly used/seen.
  10. free energy?

    Maybe a plasma ball under the table. I have pump and crank flashlights. They will probably outlast me as it is. Some kind of lava lamp style setup might work... Rising and falling gas as your moving 'component'. Still be demagnetizing the magnet though.
  11. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Could do something like the cost of living allowance military has.
  12. Making a photo active fabric

    Small motor could work. Look something like an old fashioned loom updated to allow spacing to change at a push of a button. Increase the dimensions and light will pass through easily. I'd really look into the photochromic dyes though. Change color in the sun like you are asking. Are a bit pricey but probably the simplest option.
  13. Making a photo active fabric

    There's photochromic pigments that might work. Ex. Blue Kind of cool, I have some project ideas for them myself Best shot without something mechanical going on; changing thread spacing or releasing a gas between two layers.
  14. This universe will die and Satan is real

    I think Tesla's prolonged hotel stays and business troubles made him go broke. Some of his ideas he was trying to make money off of, weren't especially practical on the whole. People have claimed various world leaders to be the antichrist many many times now. The Earth is still here. It'll get a bit chillly after awhile but we have a long time yet. The other galaxies are at about the same stage as us. People including the Emperor of Rome, assembled the Bible to their liking. Keep that in mind.
  15. Table management excel help

    You can dynamically change cell color based on its value(which will depend on the free tables for the day selected). https://www.ablebits.com/office-addins-blog/2013/10/18/change-background-color-excel-based-on-cell-value/#change-background-dynamically So when the user clicks on March 3rd, Excel checks who is off that day, then using another table with seat assignments, changes the correct desks' cell value and thus their color.