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  1. Yeah, it is more perceived value though invisible hand will make any flawed perception obvious eventually. Granted in the Gamestop thing there was also the short sale going on. Perceived value was impacted by the knowledge that the short sellers would need to buy back the shares they were shorting.
  2. Lot of the big hedge funds were attempting to short the stock and someone figured it out. Wouldn't have worked normally. Mining helps to log/verify transactions in a ledger(in addition to receiving a possible reward). Really the ledger, or blockchain, that underlies bitcoin's value. Creates artificial scarcity if you want to think of it that way.
  3. Comes from the Nitrogen mainly. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionized-air_glow You have an... interesting.. idea of 'fun' lol. Kills me visiting relatives up North during the winter.
  4. I would probably agree that it gets you to think about numbers more. I have a suanpan(2 top beads, 5 bottom beads), but think the soroban(1:4) would be easier to work with. More videos available and fewer extraneous beads to deal with. There are ones with a bar to reset the top beads all at once, which would be nice to have, but wouldn't be a dealbreaker.
  5. You don't have any more extreme dreams? World enders, bizzaro trips, etc?
  6. Cooling a large volume down to such low temperatures would be extremely difficult in a home setting.
  7. Endy0816

    Political Humor

    Pre-covid and Twitter handle length restrictions? Just her first name and last names really. Wait until CaptCanuk97 is on the ballot lol.
  8. 2-3 of those 5 weren't actually killings. I think I think if you read up on the more casual police brutality you'd understand where they're coming from. terms of the actual protests there were please National Guard random federal officers and counter-protesters all mixed in.
  9. The problem is by that point it can be too late. The cop 'thought his life was in danger' as you reached for your passport or if lucky you are locked up a few years for being in the vague vicinity of someone they were looking for. I would normally agree, but in this case the underlying causes were again ignored until once more riots broke out. At some point have to ask what it will take to break the cycle.
  10. Is there any case where you would consider employing violence against the State justified? You have blacks being killed for no reason in their own homes by the 'lawful authorities' on the one hand and a group wanting to overturn a democratic election and hang a fellow conservative on the other.
  11. Sorry, maybe should have been more clear but you need lower temperatures in general. You want to go from a gas back to a liquid. You need the return line at a cool enough temperature for that.
  12. Think ideally your output temperature should vary based on heating load. If return temperature isn't low enough you won't be able to steal back the latent heat locked away. Does take the correct setup to really see the benefits.
  13. Literally, as ice will start forming lol. The lower the inlet temperature, the more heat can be recovered via phase change.
  14. Depends on to what extent it is used and how the population is distributed. Cloning offers a route to rapid population growth/recovery.
  15. They had a couple of different systems they turned to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numerals#Large_numbers
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