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  1. Bacterial Cellulose / Vegan Leather / Scoby Project

    Much better overall results this time. Thinner sheet resulted still about the same dimensions 13" x 19". Rain waterseems to make a good substitute. Believe would develop further had I left it for longer. Washed it in soapy water and dried it on parchment paper(same day drying!). Could be thicker but I like how it turned out. I think too much sugar was left on the last one as it remains tacky to the touch. Something akin to a sugary fruit rollup. With a bit of research washing and parchment paper emerged as potential solutions. This one feels something like tissue paper but has a certain strength to it. Non tacky and doesn't stick to itself like the last one did. Definitely more along the lines of what I was going for. Test 3 No changes or additions. Just going to let it be for a couple of weeks and see if another sheet develops. At aome point want to test substitutes for the tea leaves. Seen other leaves used in vinegar production so seems possible. Hoping the sugar can end up being the only expense.
  2. Presidential Alert system

    I know, probably the worst one imaginable for it to be completed under. Brings to mind any number of 1984 scenarios or worse it turns into his second twitter page without a chance to opt out. Different focus, but thinking more along the positives seen in Roosevelt's fireside chats. If he had his secretary give the same national radio addresses, would as many have listened? Why exactly? This president is a dingleberry. Hopefully next one though uses it in a restrained manner that more people end up receiving and actually heeding warnings than otherwise. Placing some checks or restrictions on it is definitely a good idea too.
  3. Presidential Alert system

    I think people are more likely to take a presidential alert seriously(if for not entirely rational reasons). Though heaven help us with our current president. If it is abused or doesn't seem personally relevant then people may start ignoring it like everything else.
  4. Florence the Hurricane

    He would be better off facing the wind if he's going to remain in one spot, but if you are walking and the wind is mostly behind you it is much easier going. Honestly with the deaths and major flooding for the area they're not exaggerating much if any. Think we'll wrap up with the flooding and rescues, then start accessing the economic damage. Always gets me how much damage those rivers overflowing can do.
  5. Orch Or

    At least the microtubule angle was found to be false. They're in every cell to boot. I don't really see the brain as needing anything nonclassical. More about having a simply massive number of connections. Rational Wiki has a good article on the subject. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Quantum_consciousness
  6. Cell problem

    Well there isn't just one type as you point out. Any cell in an animal is an animal cell really. If you are making a drawing for an assignment I would say that including everything you listed above would be best. You just want to provide a good representation of common characteristics.
  7. Florence the Hurricane

    Better to over prepare than under for a Hurricane. Was barreling in as a Cat 4. Sandy, in comparison, was a pleasant Cat 3. Still need to see how the flooding goes.
  8. Florence the Hurricane

    Interesting. Found this bit talking about it more directly. https://wjla.com/weather/weather-nerd-alert-here-s-something-we-found-interesting-today-10639
  9. All good guys Definitely has a coolness factor of working via quantum tunneling.
  10. Dimensional significance of volume/area ratio

    Not sure on V/SA specifically. We do see this the other way around expressed in terms of Surface Area to Volume. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface-area-to-volume_ratio Important in a number of areas. Can look at it in terms of an enclosing cube too. r/3 = d/6 = d3/6d2 I'm sure someone more versed on the subject can go into ridiculous detail on this one.
  11. Don't need them to make the AND and OR logic gates. Less useful though and more limited(fan-out). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diode_logic Need amplification/negation to really work wonders though. What vacuum tubes and later the much better transistors provide. Doesn't have to be a transistor but needs to accomplish the same. Domino Logic is interesting. Hadn't run across that before
  12. Used to have artificial lifeforms that would find bugs in their simulation. Getting outside the world's supposed boundaries, gaining infinite resources, etc.
  13. Bacterial Cellulose / Vegan Leather / Scoby Project Attempt to form bacterial cellulose using Kombucha recipe as a starting point. The result is also known as a SCOBY, a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. This was first really popularized(online anyways) by Designer Suzzane Lee with a set of Vegan "Leather" clothes. Thought Emporium / Scihouse improved on this a relatively simple water proofing strategy, involving a Cup Coconut Oil and 1 spoon Beeswax-Mineral Oil mixture. Researchers are looking into this as well. Has a number of useful properties. Expensive to produce on an industrial scale, but can make use of waste products. Test 1 ⦁ 1 Gallon Distilled Water ⦁ 2 Teabags ⦁ 1 Cup Sugar ⦁ Starter Culture(Store Bought Kombucha - Should have fermentation warning label) *Should be left for several weeks relatively undisturbed. Results: After several weeks, Scoby "glumped up" with addition of makeup liquid. Opted to remove it as it was still of reasonable size. Gel-like Scoby formed approx vert and horizontal length of container. Maybe 1/2 an inch to 1 inch in height. Noticeably heavier wet. Use both hands for lifting. If partially dried and rewetted slime-like product resulted, both the toy and Scoby being made of polysacharides. May have use as a (safer?) version of the popular toy. Unknown longevity. Tore slightly in transferring. Best bet is to quickly get it onto some kind of frame for drying. Window screen would likely work better for removing the Scoby. Another idea is to use a funnel and tubing if new liquid is to be added. Test 2 ⦁ 1 Gallon Rainwater ⦁ 2 Teabags ⦁ 1.5 Cup Sugar ⦁ Starter Culture(left over liquid from last batch) With the second test want to see if rainwater can be used instead of Distilled Water. Upped the Sugar content as well in hopes of faster production. Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha http://www.blog.rawfinerystudio.com/blog/three-new-organic-forms-of-vegan-leather/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds8ZFzOwGeI So yeah this is what I've been up to. Been seeing Vegan Leather randomly pop up online and wanted to give it a go myself. Basically brew a pot of cheap tea and introduce a starter culture. What could be easier? Thought Emporium's Video really helped, proving that a starter Scoby wasn't necessary and that water proofing was possible. On the individual scale it is an easy make-it-and-forget-it project. Took maybe 3-4 weeks. Supposed to wait for 6 weeks, but trying to add makeup fluid really did a number. Right now letting it dry. Want to do some basic tests of the resulting material. Mostly just want to get familiar working with it. Like the idea of cheap potentially mammoth sized pieces of "leather", but more novel uses work for me too
  14. Sort of radiating beacon, long distance sensing ?

    Seen them used for navigation. Like underwater lighthouses. The submarine locator(placed on when testing) works along the same lines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_beacon#Sonar_beacon I think all they do is transmit. Not sure.
  15. Quick moving specks in water drop on glasses

    Seen what you are talking about. Never determined what they were though. Think I determined after passing through the lens, light was first reflecting off the eyeball and then off the glasses, before entering the eye.