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  1. I'd say he was pretty good a teacher. Still crazy going to Japan then, but how many can say they taught Samurai?
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranald_MacDonald Probably unrelated to the Restaurant but who knows lol
  3. snip Project West Ford, the artificial ring, was lot more outrageous IMO. In terms of numbers US and Russia have both contributed considerably more junk in general.
  4. Disconnect when not using. Be wary of any that amount to an escrow service.
  5. I'd investigate why the atmosphere is so close to Earth's at present day.
  6. Be in the range of either Swyer or Turner Syndrome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_gonadal_dysgenesis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_syndrome In theory, if we understood things better we could reprogram without causing issues though.
  7. I know SRY deals mainly with Testes development, so not sure what disabling it might cause in a developed individual. Strictly speaking only need the one X though this can itself cause issues.
  8. Yeah they can't add new coins as one might to reduce debt but Bitcoin also isn't controlled by anyone else either. I would say if government also has input on how currency is added(or removed) is when it might be considered 'theirs'.
  9. Your computer can also save(or cache) a local copy of previously requested names and addresses, saving time. This can itself cause issues though.
  10. Translation of the site's domain name to an IP address was having issues. Think of it like mailing a letter. Your computer knows the name of the person you are trying to reach, but needs to learn their address. That's what the Domain Name Server can provide. Could well be the external server itself or at least reaching it causing the problem. There's a few possibilities though. What fixed it?
  11. I wouldn't say stupid. He is definitely uninformed however and perhaps unwilling to be informed. Everything has predictably been going to crap as a result. Don't conflate his acting with his intelligence level though. He's still at the top of the heap there. Playing the fool is as valid a strategy as any other.
  12. Not about the continent for USMCA, there's simply no accession clause allowing new members to join. Either individual agreements or TPP membership would be better bets for UK's North America strategy. Personally feel other less developed regions are better candidates for UK to focus on. Likely to be much more worthwhile trade.
  13. Yeah, that one about killed me. 'Yes, I'd like to join your closed membership group. Where do I sign up?' At least TPP is open to new admissions and Pitcairn definitely in the Pacific. Yeah, not likely but they do keep asking about benefits reserved for States, so who knows lol. Feel like we should fax over the annexation paperwork and watch the fun begin. Mainly just wanted to determine what all would be legally required and then work out possiblties from there. EC is crazy that's for sure. Sometimes think Founders were in a rush to wrap up for lunch or something at that point. 'Let's have the runner up become VP. What could go wrong?' 'Rando's appointed to actually vote? Why not?'
  14. Nitpicky but EC is actually separate, though the numbers are about the same anyways. EC Votes = Number of House Representatives + Number of Senators Only for President and Vice President Elections.
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