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  1. I've seen those numbers but there's also the counter argument that the methodology behind determining those numbers differs. https://fullfact.org/health/food-poisoning-US-UK/ Real problem is the sheer size difference of the markets. None of us might care for US food standards and yet we can still be sure that they are likely to be adopted in an expansive agreement. Have a feeling they'll request mutual acceptance of certifications as well. Besides most people going purely off of price, our companies are also no strangers to buying up UK brands for camouflage. Here is the summary of US negotiating objectives, if anyone is interested. https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/Summary_of_U.S.-UK_Negotiating_Objectives.pdf
  2. You have answered your own question. If the FTA gets rid of the labels, then there is no ability to discriminate.
  3. UK fishermen had sold their fishing quotas over. The EU at the time even advised against countries permitting this sort of thing, but the UK thought it knew better. UK hasn't exactly been building up its fishing fleet either, so I doubt anything will even change after all this. https://www.wionews.com/world/uk-bill-would-break-international-law-in-a-specific-and-limited-way-minister-says-326041 Realistically we've been involved from the outset of the GFA. Pretty sure US is down as a guarantor as well. Would have a long-term negative impact on our reputation if it fails, besides simply wanting peace for the sake of peace. UK really needs a major treaty to get itself on its feet, even if we ignore the poor starving as prices jump and delays begin. There are few other countries big enough or close enough as the US. We can both supply the UK with food and take in UK exports. Trade deal with the US was even something of campaign promise so they're only giving the people what they voted for. Practically speaking a gaping hole in the UK's border will be an issue for trade in general anyways. WTO Rules are about to kick in. Even in a best case scenario, I'm expecting to see a multitude of complaints lodged against the UK with repercussions to follow. Border in the sea solves most of the problems and is what the WA set out in the first place.
  4. Might try going into settings on the search results page and changing your Region setting.
  5. Can read more of the article here: https://astronomy.com/news/2020/09/rodents-in-space-keeping-bone-and-muscle-strong-on-the-iss Really happy about this as it will make moving between different levels of gravity easier and make living in lower gravity long term much more viable.
  6. This video covers it pretty well. You are likely already familiar with the matrices it involves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDb6iugi6Uk
  7. Not sure you are both talking about same thing... Clearly do need to have fewer losses(containment mostly) than the energy generated for it to be worthwhile though. Saw an interesting paper along these lines recently. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/05/200522095455.htm
  8. Would probably take some meticulous work to get right but I was thinking you could do reverse forensic accounting. Rather than use purely random numbers or keyboard mashing; set up a program that returns numbers biased to having low value initial digits. Want to say did learn about this law when I was younger but don't remember many of the details now. Never had a reason to try to cook some books though lol
  9. I always wondered about that. Does this mean you only have to be smart enough to incorporate this law into your number generator?
  10. We have a ton of area and volume available to us on Earth still. We could also potentially relocate bits to free up space, depending on what people are okay with and available technology. I think we'll be good for a long time yet as long as we're smart about it. That's really the part that remains to be seen. Main issue with Earth-like planets is always eventually going to be their Sun expanding, close secondary concern would be the difficulty in defending them. Of course this is still assuming there's no developments in technology that allows to easily handle these problems. I read some talk about disassembling planets to repurpose them for the greater area in O'Neill cylinders but I don't know if it'll be really necessary. Stations/vessels that are mostly air and cargo nets offer even more living space for less effort
  11. Welcome. Sorry couldn't post more last night. Having internet issues. Do find it interesting for sure. Can do a lot with a little. I am curious what OP needs this for. What role glass or plastic plays in the system.
  12. https://tlo.mit.edu/technologies/permanent-anti-fog-coatings-molecularly-blended-hydrophilic-polymers
  13. The brain might be in the cloud and T-6969 might need a power cable but would be as realistic as anything. Always going to be something going on. Granted this year it sure does feel like everything is happening at once. Think only something like stunt robots might need to be both human looking and especially durable. Even evil AI's would typically be better off optimizing one way or the other.
  14. No. I was actually thinking the same at first, but was reading that hydrophilic surfaces can counterintuitively create a thin layer of water that limits additional condensation.
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