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  1. Is it possible we can conquer a Disease with use of Psychology?

    Outside of some mental health issues, no. Diseases consist of lifeforms, viruses and the non-ideal functioning of the body. That aspect isn't in your mind, though they may be in your head.
  2. Square Through Squares

    Yeah, I've used grid lookup tables for caculators before, but explanation isn't making much to me either and not seeing why not just use a single lookup instead. 4,4 -> 16 5,5 -> 25 6,6 -> 36 etc. Can do more too. Easily add a seperate signal for addition, subtraction, multiplication.
  3. Storage rack ladder from store? $30-100.

    Old bunk bed ladder from Habitat for humanity store? $4.

    Free kid's drawing on the ladder? Priceless.

    For everything else there's MasterCard!

  4. Earth Resistance - Fall of Potential method

    Are you looking at two earth grounds?
  5. I'm calling dibs on purchasing the forum
  6. Delivery of Nuclear Weapons

    Trident missile can go about 7000 miles. Ukraine is only 5000 miles. Other characteristics that might help you guess, but from position alone there's no way to tell who launched it. In that case can think of multiple countries with motive, either for territorial gains or to incite a war. Not sure on UUV fuel requirements.
  7. Yeah, was going to add 'to keep your patent'. Work interrupted, lol.
  8. Probably better to file first to be safe. Note a patent means you have to sue or otherwise legally defend it.
  9. GR ch21 Mach?

    ... He's talking about the motion of the stars that occurs as he 'spins' in place and the centrifugal force that is linked to that.
  10. Have a look on tesla's semi

    huh, that is true. Sem Eye vs Sem E Never realized that before.
  11. GR ch21 Mach?

    Talking about Mach's principle. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach's_principle
  12. Anything that requires editing every cell is not terribly realistic , IMO. We only really understand some simple traits. Might be able to make you glow but no taking to the sky like a bird. Right now we are looking at treating genetic disorders. Editing a smaller population of cells. Precision has vastly improved. I'm thinking will need some level of AI as well for anything real advanced.
  13. Money and conservation laws

    Well more for cash, but if you were to burn a dollar that makes all other dollars more scarce and thus more valuable as a result.
  14. Money and conservation laws

    Increases the value of other cash in the process.
  15. Personally think it has to do with NK. Probably promised this and more.