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  1. Suppose you had to use one during a hospital stay. Ideally how would you like it to work in terms of privacy, accuracy, etc?
  2. For a system like psig(pounds per square inch gauge), you are considering atmospheric pressure to be Zero. Any pressure below that would then take on a negative value. https://www.setra.com/blog/the-difference-between-psi-psia-psig/2015/03/12 Something like psia or pascals is easier to consider. You can see that with: Pressure = Force/Area Pressure can only be zero if the Force is zero.
  3. It might seem like it, but a vacuum or any region of lower pressure, doesn't create any inward force. Rather air or water at some higher pressure is pushing its way into the region. Outside of pressures due to gravity, like atmospheric or seawater, the two are not really related.
  4. How would you feel about something that doesn't require a connection to the cloud?
  5. Not sure if it is exactly what you're looking for but the Belisarius Series is pretty great. Mix of alternative history, scifi and dystopian/utopian elements, set in the Byzantine period.
  6. We'd be living like we might onboard a submarine, space ship or space station. You can grow food indoors, produce Oxygen from the CO2, live underground to avoid radiation and if necessary use a centrifuge to counteract any ill effects of low gravity. Nothing totally outlandish. We may need to make some modifications to ourselves for some things. Could save large amounts of money and resources, but not sure how people will feel about that. To an extent you would be superhuman of necessity.
  7. Couple of options being explored. One is to use an automated excavator and then simply melting it. Another is to use microwaves and sublimation. You may need to remove contaminants, but can then use electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen. In terms of technology everything is feasible. Look at 'in situ resource utilization' for more. Note you would need a variety of resources to keep people alive, though most are out there in some form. For colonization, I would expect to see a mix of artificial habitats, sleeper ships and robot driven methods. We have many billions of years to do all this in, so we don't need to rush. Having a number of self sufficient colonies out around/past Mars is the critical thing.
  8. ISS is still within the Earth's magnetic field. Estimated astronauts will receive 60% of their career long dose limit just going there and back. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/explorers-will-face-dangerous-amounts-radiation-their-trip-mars-180970384/ I'd like to see some initial guinea pig missions further out. I'm sure what's the best way to go about that but definitely needs to get done.
  9. It happens.The onboard hardware used for recognizing wake words is not as good as the servers understandably. Had Alexa launch into an explanation of Marijuana Day while I was on the phone with family. More entertaining than anything else though. Don't know other company's products as well, but you can turn the microphones off(Echo Dot) and there are Alexa remotes(push-to-talk) you could use instead. I think easing into the technology is best. I've been hearing retirement homes are starting to use them too. I like seeing when technology actually does some good in people's lives. All depends, what deep dark secrets do you talk about with Dougal?
  10. The nociceptors handle the actual sensing. Not sure tells you what pain really 'is' though. I'm kind of torn. Sometimes you can push through pain, other times it knocks you on your arse. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nociceptor — Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, Alpha Centauri game
  11. They only look for their wake word. People have checked network traffic for Alexa and found everything above board. There are local hosting options for voice control too, if you'd rather play it safe. Your phone's microphone would be a better target really. People are more attached to their phones. I've found routines and voice control really make life more pleasant and economical. I'm no longer walking into either a sweltering or dark home. Music is playing, underlights and bias lighting is set to come on at sunset. I honestly find myself missing the assistance during the days. Questionnaire could definitely be worded better. Do wish Alexa had more voice options.
  12. I was thinking the lower bulk and confined beam might make for a good non-lethal takedown weapon. A short pulse to the ear could distract without microwaving them too much otherwise.
  13. Yeah, most countries have restrictions on frequency use already. Could a maser work for this too? Room temperature prototype, is considerably smaller, about the size of a couple soup cans.
  14. This is a good point. Main issue I see with the poles is their temperature/latitudes and possibly treacherous summer conditions as dry ice sublimates. Alternative sources could definitely be useful. Post colonization. Ravines and former ocean bottoms offer some of the best colonization and mining sites. Imagine flood waters coming in lol. Surface conditions would make mining a pain.
  15. The ice(H2O) is with the dry ice(CO2), but there is estimated to be over 21 million cubic kilometers of ice available. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_on_Mars It would be an adventure visiting another world. That could be reason enough. We likely won't terraform it. Be a long term project, possibly destroying existing buildings. I think a mix of tourism and money for research will be big early on. Enogh to get basic trade going and infrastructure built.