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  1. Will VR reduce the need to commute to work?

    I'm thinking it'll go further along the farmer as a remote manager route. I've seen VR(fields/equipment) used by schools not sure how useful it'd be on the job. It'll really depend on the nature of the work as to how useful VR is in general. Networking, collaboration and training seem to be the best use cases for it at present.
  2. You guys are kind of ecomomically crazy to use VAT the first place. Besides suggesting to go back to sales tax can't help you there. Businesses can still be required to keep records. On the customer side you can make it optional though or move to digital receipts. If all everyone is doing is scanning and emailing them anyways it just makes sense to save a couple steps. If you don't use cash then you have that transaction record too.
  3. Yeah, we have this and ability to opt out here at many places. Sometimes you'll want to have some kind of record for yourself. You don't really need or necessarily want this to be a paper copy though. Would be nice if the process could be streamlined.
  4. That's a global average I'm afraid. We've been smashing record highs each year locally but barely budging the average.
  5. Q - NItorgen and Air expansion in tyres

    Sensor accuracy could be a confounding factor. I wouldn't sweat it if they're within 1 degree or psi or so of what you want.
  6. How to create a GFP or Bio-luminescent frog?

    There's valid reasons one might do so though. Aesthetics or to better appreciate nature.
  7. How to create a GFP or Bio-luminescent frog?

    You are still restricting them in some fashion though. Same concept as a tank(paludarium really). One with different bioluminescent and fluorescent species would be particularly fascinating. ...and the picture above is of a natural species of frog. No ethical issues on that front.
  8. How to create a GFP or Bio-luminescent frog?

    Yeah this is just the frog they found that does so. We can still debate the broader issues. As for the frog itself, we're good.
  9. How to create a GFP or Bio-luminescent frog?

    This little guy was actually found to naturally fluoresce since this thread started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polka-dot_tree_frog And would not naturally show up like this. I think even most of our GM critters wouldn't. Black light requirement, be easy enough to provide for a pet enclosure though.
  10. How to create a GFP or Bio-luminescent frog?

    It is interesting how the cost is coming down, as for a fluorescent frog though evolution actually beat us to the punch. https://www.nature.com/news/first-fluorescent-frog-found-1.21616 Ironically ran across one Dendro Dave over on dendroboard.com/forum while trying to figure out how importing them might work. The Thought Emporium does a number of 'home' experiments along these lines. It is still almost painful watching the steps needed(and additional expenses necessary) just to have a chance at success.
  11. Boolean algebra proof two expressions are equivalent

    Well the zero comes from b ANDed with NOT b. Not seeing how they cancel out the bb in abbc. Would think one should be left.
  12. Stem cell from someone else

    Depends on the immune response.
  13. Ugh sizing smart bulbs is tough. Have to send back everything and try again.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Endy0816


      What's 0.35 mm between friends?

      Was half seriously debating about rigging something up. Wouldn't have been pretty but whole lot less aggravation.

      Figured out autostarting the computer, so at least accomplished something of the overall project. Still felt like a fool trying to fit a too small sized bulb though.

    3. StringJunky


      It's the difference between a bit fitting and not.

    4. Endy0816


      No, I know. A world of Precision Engineering these days.

  14. Best places in space too place computers?

    @OP: You could reverse this logic and apply it to yourself instead to good effect.
  15. When I can rub a few more brain cells together I'll take a look at the above. Discrete mathematics could possibly cover this. You see 'jumps' between numbers rather than what we're used to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrete_mathematics