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  1. Could represent Observable Universe like this. We are at some point on the blue line. Gray lines representing all other big gravitationally bound regions are curving away or separating from us(or from their perspective, we from them). What we see of this will depend on whatever light has presently been able to reach us and what there is to actually see.
  2. Conduct Tier-5 Surveillance to determine who is Administrator Direct operatives to capture Administrator along with hostages While holding Administrator gesture wildly at hostages while loudly speaking Klingon Finally, in perfect English, ask Administrator to open Command Prompt Repeat as needed. Note Administrator may grow wise to Tier-5 Surveillance and require higher Tiers moving forward.
  3. Feel what we're seeing is just a major change in Market demands alongside restriction on worker migration. Another short squeeze of sorts, but on Employers this time. Do think will eventually finish working its way through the economy.
  4. Did happen when people were draft dodging back in the day. Would be hard for majority but some could definitely manage. Probably joking, though IMO most here would likely to imagine the Interior regions in Winter, when they think of 'Canadian temperatures'.
  5. Hoping Biden's plan for global minimum gets enough backing. Be good to stop the shenanigans. Welcome. Amazon's ecosystem is definitely bit weird when it comes to accounts.
  6. Yes, however it is storing state for hibernation so may also need to disable that feature. https://www.ionos.com/digitalguide/server/configuration/deleting-and-disabling-hiberfilsys/
  7. @StringJunky Thinking you must also be signed up with US Amazon (.com) and they just sent a standard TOS update. The Amazon Europe Core SARL terms on (.co.uk) look more as you probably expect.
  8. Got the same line in an email they sent me... Shipment contracts are an option under US law, not sure elsewhere. What does it say under 'Applicable Law' section?
  9. lol, yeah, they're super realistic. They're from the Spy in the Wild series. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRZWhedLhwllnac-RBxvyw They're pretty fun to watch, though nobody has been worried about spying on a turkey... yet...
  10. Yeah, they can look amazingly realistic but mimicking flight or any real locomotion gives away the game lol.
  11. It's crazy how people would believe that such majestic creatures as these aren't real.
  12. Humans, bots or both; disagreed with, disapproved of, disliked, randomly decided to or accidentally downvoted your post.
  13. As far as we know, Causality is limited to the speed of light. So might be able to avoid paradoxes in some cases.
  14. In some cases you might be able to hoodwink the Universe. Jump to the past far enough away and the butterfly effect can't spread back to create paradoxes/loops/etc. Inside event horizons should be somewhat sheltered regions too.
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