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  1. Endy0816

    An ohmic contact

    Top is unfillled for monovalent. Easy route for electrons. You need gaps forming and then multiple electrons changing positions in the valent band for holes.
  2. Endy0816

    Are Kinetic Energy Weapons Possible?

    There's longer lasting ones that occur naturally. They've made progress with ball lightning fairl recently. https://www.livescience.com/61946-ball-lightning-quantum-particle.html
  3. Endy0816

    Are Kinetic Energy Weapons Possible?

    Plasma based is the most realistic way(for energy weapon). I think handheld weapons are doable if power storage improves. Hot, Ionized, Gas. What's not to love? Since they are a gas, can even follow people for a ways. Magnets don't really push electricity out. Relative motion between a magnet and conductor can generate power though.
  4. Endy0816

    Irrationality: analogy and induction

    They can reach incorrect conclusions based on inputs provided. I don't see that as being the real issue with achieving GAI. Brain is massively more interconnected than chips at present.
  5. Endy0816

    Quantum interpretation discrepancies

    Most of the study of black holes has been like that. The mass they take in contributes to the size of their horizon, so you'd still need to account for it in some sense. Incidentally hawking radiation / present temperature of the Universe, also limits us in terms of using smaller black holes for power generation. Not sure that wasn't an artist rendering. They're trying though. https://www.sciencealert.com/black-hole-event-horizon-accretion-disc-jean-pierre-luminet-event-horizon-telescope
  6. Endy0816

    Quantum interpretation discrepancies

    Strictly speaking it is gone, but will effectively come back in the form of Hawking radiation as the Universe further cools/becomes less dense. Conceivably with expansion though one could get away with not simulating everything all at once. There is that.
  7. Endy0816

    Quantum interpretation discrepancies

    Yes, they do mention further down how the physics might be entirely different than what we see at our level. It is impossible to disprove, though you can set some limits on what might be possible based on various assumptions. In this case they're assuming that the next level up doesn't have an arbitrarily large number of atoms with physical laws to support that.
  8. Endy0816

    Quantum interpretation discrepancies

    Simulations are in some fashion physically present in the 'larger' Universe. The underlying physics of our reality would ultimately be the same as theirs.
  9. Endy0816

    You think you've got problems America...

    It was nonbinding though. Seems reasonable to guage people's opinions once more in light of everything that has come out since then. I wish you guys luck.
  10. Endy0816

    Shamima Begum

    Have a trial and if judged necessary, swap their citizenship to that of a willing remote host nation. They're neither left Stateless nor your citizen anymore. In one sense worse than the death penalty, so would need substantial checks against abuse. I'm not sure she'd even do much time. UK has a wanted list. Clearly people can fall off the radar.
  11. Endy0816

    Shamima Begum

    Have to set precedent at some point. Think I'd rather a mini-trial setup though. Should toxic individuals be allowed back in? Should people be allowed to fight against their civilization and then come running back to it when things get tough? Even prison might be considered too good.
  12. Endy0816

    Shamima Begum

    She was less than 1 yr out. I think fair to say people leaving to aid stateless actors is complex enough legally to require the law to flex in response.
  13. Endy0816

    Shamima Begum

    They traveled there willingly, stealing from family to finance it. I think that's the main issue in terms of trying to have sympathy. They placed themselves in this situation.
  14. Endy0816

    "Law of middle" (split from De Broglie relation)

    Anything with mass can only reach a fraction of c.
  15. Endy0816

    Through the ages

    Not really. Brain is the problem. Complex network of a number of cells. Can clone people easily enough. But only your genes that are continuing.