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  1. 1) I think if the governments disallowed bitcoin, the price of bitcoin will go down to 0. 2) If someone find a way to make perfect fake bitcoins, the price of bitcoin will go down to 0. Finally, bitcoin is not 100% secure, CIA did take some bitcoins back from those Russian hackers.
  2. YouTube video -"1000 ways to die #316" How did he die? I did not understand the last part well. English is not my first language. is it because he smoked, that lit he's cream?
  3. Binary is a base-2 number system that uses two states 0 and 1 to represent a number. Does it mean it only use 2 digits. So decimal is a bse-10 number system.
  4. exclude password, what kind of login security tokens we can have?
  5. English is NOT my first language. I do not understand the last part well. I guess his cream was on fire.
  6. 1) For scan a QR code, which app do I need? 1) How to scan a QR code?
  7. Biden said he want to find out does Taliban really want peace or not just before Taliban attacked the Afghanistan national army. LMAO, hahah They also said they want to stay in Afghanistan after 31/08/2021, hahahhahah, You made the deal to leave Afghanistan on 31/08/2021 it is like they say they want to stay in a hotel for one more day without pay. They also ask those Asian countries to open their board. Uzbekistan said it will not accept any refugee, they must be too polite, so they do not tell the American and EU politicians to Shut-UFU. + Korean, China, Japan never accept one single refugee.
  8. Before the size of text is normal, now it displays text in very small size. I checked the setting, Font size = Large.
  9. How to Open Command Prompt as administrator?
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