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  2. I don't find these psychological projections to be particularly helpful. "You believe in the lab leak hypothesis because you're drawn to the darkest scenario." Ok, one could just as easily assume that those who favor the zoonotic spillover theory do so because it's the most benign, and the least disturbing. It's an arbitrary and subjective way to delegitimize an argument. It's a kind of surreptitious, ad hominem attempt.
  3. This isn’t a thread about Trump and the way many of his voters felt marginalized and forgotten. You’re wandering thoughts need more focus, IMNSHO.
  4. C.T demands the Human environment once again accept a two structured system, in order to make amends. The problem as I see it is the labelling of the 2 structures is going to inform expectation. Low expectations from the oppressors of the oppressed. While there will be little reason to trust or value those who openly accept they are oppressors. Both parties are expected to accept the truth of those structures. Those who refuse seem to be the new oppressed. There is no recognition of their humanity, and we are refusing access to Human structures. A place to stand. No platf
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  6. I think if you turn it, you expose more of the already burning fuel to air to make it burn faster and hotter, not unlike blowing under it.
  7. Across Real Time" Verner Diving. is a great read an. I also enjoyed A book called "steel breach"
  8. I'm not familiar with 'heat driving moisture'. I suppose as moisture turns to steam it expands in all possible directions so you "may" get more moisture in the top of the log, but the heat should be boiling that off too. Bottom line is that all of the water in the log has to boil off, whether you do it by turning the log or not. I think you need to define what you mean by "harming" how well the log burns. Do you mean how fast? (if so, is fast good or bad?) Average temperature? Kind of vague. From many years of experience I'd say a turned log burns faster than one that is not tu
  9. So when I use the outdoor fireplace, I often like to flip the logs upside down partway through their burning so that i have fresh unburned wood in direct contact with the flames at least twice as often. An uncle of mine once told me this actually does more harm than good to how well it burns, because the heat drives the moisture to the top of the log, and flipping it would cause the flames to be in contact with wetter wood instead of drier wood. I tried Googling this but I haven't found anything on this either way. To those of you better versed in chemistry does this make sense? Why or why not
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  11. No ,I just had chapter II in mind https://www.coursehero.com/file/p7hr8lu/If-for-instance-a-cloud-is-hovering-over-Trafalgar-Square-then-we-can-determine/ (although I did ,ambitiously have the moving rods of chapter XII as my next preoccupation) But I think @swansontmay have disabused me of the notion that there is some kind of a "proto unit" of spatial distance that I would need to give meaning/reference to the 1 metre rod. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/125530-einsteins-rods/?do=findComment&comment=1182529 I feel that I see now that distance m
  12. Another entertaining sciencefiction short story I remember was one about a race of space conquering monkeys who arrived on Earth. The monkeys eventually had to admit that humans were smarter than they were and their best scientists/academics wrote papers entitled "Why the lop-tails do not have space travel."
  13. Bipedal two-eyed little people with two hands and a metabolism that's compatible with an atmosphere rich in oxygen? The most natural hypothesis is that they're human descendants, millions of years from now, travelling back in time. I see big problems in trying to build an explanation from what's essentially witness accounts. Human memory is very faulty. Especially when one tries to reconstruct events one didn't quite expect or understand. When we get startled, our cultural background plays a very active part in building up a 'consistent' picture of what we saw.
  14. It would be helpful if you were to provide a precise reference to the particular case you are referring to. In his book Relativity, which I believe you have, Einstien 'talks about' measuring rods in several different circumstances. Are you perhaps referring to chapter XII ?
  15. I think what's bothering @geordief is the fact that the photons from the tip of the measuring rod reach the observer's eyes with a delay. If that's the case, my explanation would be that Einstein's definition is based implicitly on the assumption that you can always measure rods' lengths by comparing them to a ruler at rest with respect to different observers. IOW, you can completely fill space time with as many rulers as you need, each of them at rest with whatever observers you want to discuss, and whatever their state of (inertial) motion. Later introductions to SR appeal to light
  16. The main point being that they require extra-ordinary skills that lie outside known physics. I think until physics can derive a feasible possible path to speculating about it, it's just empty wondering...
  17. An obstacle for me as well. I've never been able to achieve any significant fraction of c. 😀 It does seem any ET that does arrive is part of a self-selecting group: the mere fact of their being here means they are cleverer than we are. Though I suppose, if one speculates wildly, it's possible to conceive of ETs who are actually technologically less clever but happen to have normal lifespans of a thousand years or the ability to hibernate for very long stretches.
  18. You calibrate a length, of say, one meter, on some transportable item. Let’s call it a “meter stick” I measure the rod by comparing it with the meter stick. Why do you think there is a temporal component to this? The length is independent of time.
  19. Another problem is assuming ET's are cleverer than we are. The biggest obstacle for me is transiting light-year distances in reasonable time.
  20. These anmalies are no doubt, being investigated by the military/government, as they represent possible threats/problems with our military hardware. Can you understand why the government wouldn't want to publicize the fact that our ICBMs can go ( or be taken ) offline, removing the element of 'deterrence', and possibly exposing us to adversary nuclear first strike ? Can you understand why new technologies, like plasma stealth and others, might be undergoing testing currently, by us or adversaries, and the military has no desire to let the 'cat out of the bag' ( similar to the original steal
  21. Einstein talks about creating a coordinate system with a lattice of imaginary measuring rods of unit length along the spatial axes. In the real world would such a rod's length have to be measured as a spatio-temporal distance? In practical terms ,if we put a person at the origin of the coordinate system and put such a rod in his/her hand and ask him to actually measure it how could he do this without recourse to a time element in the procedure? If he simply counted all the protons fortuitously along the rod's length the next question seems to be "how do
  22. A lack of explanation is simply that. It’s not evidence. I don’t have to show what can cause such sightings. I’m simply pointing out that it’s not evidence. Not being able to draw a conclusion means aliens is one of the things that you can’t conclude. edit: I invited people to post supporting evidence earlier. No takers.
  23. It's apparently used in flexible pvc products, like wire insulation, to reduce cracking. As long as you aren't chewing said products, that's California going overboard.
  24. I notice those two notes form the Devil’s Interval (the tritone), appropriately enough. 😁
  25. Dou you not think the lack of explanation become important at some point? Show what can cause two weekends of insanity in Washington, DC glowing orbs seen in the sky, integration with both civivilain aircraft, the orbs were see from the ground by hundreds, picked up by two separate ground radars, see by the men who manned those radars even to the point of being able to tell on radar two they are in your area of radar one and the checked and they were there. While none of these things prove anything they certainly do suggest something. What do they suggest to you?
  26. They are in the process of being renationalised, by this Tory government, ironically enough.
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