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  2. ! Moderator Note Without the physics to describe this, such conjecture is useless, and also contains insufficient rigor for discussion.
  3. It would be useful to link to your sources of information Strategic Long Range Cannon is an army project, not navy. Nothing to do with battleships https://www.defensenews.com/land/2021/03/09/strategic-long-range-cannon-effort-in-holding-pattern-ahead-of-tech-feasibility-report/
  4. This sounds like homework (moved to HW help) and we’re not going to do it for you. What have you done thus far?
  5. This sounds like homework (moved to HW help) and we’re not going to do it for you. What have you done thus far?
  6. Some did, but their guesses were wrong. A lot of thinking prior to independent scientific investigation was influenced by philosophy and religion, and the answers were sufficiently satisfactory until observation contradicted them. e.g. before telescopes allowed for discovery of so many new bodies, and elliptical orbits were confirmed, the crystal sphere of the heavens sufficed as an explanation.
  7. Developing new models or refining existing models. Sometimes in response to new experiments, but sometimes these are long-standing problems. Also developing models based on some conjecture, i.e. “what if X were the case” that has no direct observation to suggest it. There are plenty of examples - Einstein with relativity, atomic transition models, and Bose-Einstein statistics. Feynman with the spinning and precessing plate applied to quantum systems. Szilard thinking up the fission chain reaction in response to observing traffic lights. Sometimes the new models can be compared to existing
  8. What you're describing is that magical moment (enlightenment) when we understand the point of life; most religions are based on the person who could articulate that understanding to other's. You're putting the cart before the horse, by assuming an NDE taught you, IMO religion's were never intended to teach about a magic moment. Then you didn't show it well enough; if teaching is your purpose, you need to learn why... 😉
  9. The urea is more or less decomposed by the acid, there is nothing to purify.
  10. So there is no way to purify the urea? I understand that it is better to buy new one but still, it is interesting to know if there is a solution. Thanks
  11. The White Cliffs of Dover indicate that the solubility isn't just down to the Ca++ ion. The Ca++ ions in water are surrounded by a bunch of water molecules which are more or less firmly attached.
  12. Today
  13. What I mean is, when we think we understand something, we tend to dismiss any knowledge/information that contradicts that understanding. That's why I asked for it to split. That's why I adjusted his statement, and I didn't heap scorn on Koti; I tried to teach him why the adjustment was necessary.
  14. I tried to show something beautiful, but they cared not look.
  15. I am thinking that theoretical theorists analyse scientific journals and theorize an explanation for the experimental results and make predictions also. I looked on arXiv and saw that people already uploaded theories related to the recent muon g2 experiment and said that dark matter had something to do with it. So is this what theoretical physicists can do in their spare time or for their job, look at scientific journals/experimental results and try mathematically explain it? Also what is the learning process like? For example if someone who did specialized in condenesed matter physics wanted
  16. why earlier scientists could not guess about the gravitational force?
  17. A hiker walks 200m west and then walk 100 m North in what direction is his/her resulting displacement? draw the figure to show your answer.
  18. think a body which is at rest but not in equilibrium?
  19. In the United States, they decided to abandon the project of a super-powerful gun capable of firing at 2000 kilometers. According to the Expert, the rejection of the development of the Strategic Long Range Canon (CLC) gun in its new material was reported by The Drive. The published draft of the US defense budget for the 2022 fiscal year does not contain data on the financing of the program. As stated in the explanation, " this direction will be completed in the 2021 fiscal year." The funds will be reallocated to other projects related, in particular, to the development of long-range
  20. The expenditure is to much. Throw it a way and buy new one. The acid will decompose the urea anyway to ammonium, nitrogen oxides and carbondioxide.
  21. I proposed that the walls' elliptic deformation couples with the air column, here on Nov 13, 2017 and Nov 26, 2017 and more Here are examples of resonance frequencies (at 4 nodes per turn) for some parts of common instruments. Young's "transverse" modulus isn't well documented for dense wood, I just took a tenth of the lengthwise modulus. Dimensions are from memory. Computed from µ*(2*pi*F)2 = EI*k4 with µ=e*rho, I=e3/12 and k*pi*D=4*pi F Dia Thick Et rho Mater Instrum Hz mm mm GPa kg/m3 =========================================
  22. Hi! I have accidentally spilled a few milliliters of an acid mixture (Nitric and hydrochloric) into a bottle with commercial Urea beads. How can I can get back the purified Urea? Is there a suitable solvent to use for recrystallization? Or is there another method to do it? Thank you in advance!
  23. It's a bit disingenuous to ask people to click your link when it's clear you haven't read the linked article for the counter argument. Especially when your 'evidence' is a youtube video, and the evidence you ignore is a peer reviewed academic paper in a psychology journal.
  24. Yes it does depending on the soloubility product. Na2CO3 => 2 Na+ + CO3 2- max. 217 g/l CaCO3 => Ca2+ + CO3 2- max. 14 mg/l
  25. Fair enough. I have another question: what happens to a metal carbonate when it is hydrated? Does it split into its metal cation and carbonic acid? (like how sodium chloride splits into its respective ions?).
  26. Yes, you explained it neatly and pretty well, though I'm aware of this, given it's ionic bonding 101. The core of my question, lies more in the fundamental physics that are going on, during the bonding of 2 ions. The way I think I understand ionic bonds, is akin to how, 2 magnets have high potential energy when they're far apart, which gets turned into kinetic energy when "falling" into each other, then all such energy is released and the system is now at a lower energy state, once the magnets come in contact and are at rest. So given such model, it is not actually the transferring o
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