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  2. And often people choose to ignore or defend the bigoted comments/actions of others because they are of a like mind.
  3. Leonard Susskind would say that there are existing parallel Universes in which everything is reversed and "apples lift off the ground" (but that would disallow creation of "apples" in the first place, so we have contradiction/paradox)..
  4. Correct. That often happens. Couldn’t agree more. That, however, is not what’s happening here.
  5. Of course. Thanks. I have a problem with this : The metallic and electrically conductive magnet insulated by rubber from the mercury is exposed to the proximity of the eddy currents in the mercury which are generating their eddy magnetic fields. Being the magnet in motion, would such eddy magnetic fields induce electrical currents back into the conductive metallic moving magnet body ? Seems some reciprocal interaction can happen... Am aware I used/described the words "eddy magnetic field" 😳 which have never seen before; only "eddy electrical current"
  6. Yet often a bad motive, or intent, is assumed, simply because the conclusions don't match one's own.
  7. Being challenged seems to have no impact on him. Perhaps he'd be better off where the truth is less valued. If he had started this thread those types of comments would have resulted in the thread being closed.
  8. We’ll never know the motives of others. All we have is their actions and words to interpret their intent
  9. More likely he might find a forum that, regrettably, would agree with some of his base assumptions and not challenge him on them. He's not arguing in bad faith IMO.
  10. Maybe when he came back he'd make his arguments in good faith, instead of making things up and presenting them as fact.
  11. Today
  12. Interested members, take a look. You’ve got 4 minutes available to learn. That’s why you’re here
  13. The precise date is uncertain as slaves had no birth certificates as they were obviously considered property. He apparently was listed on a bill of sales in 1859 with his father, though. https://www.tricountytimes.com/opinion/20190207/curious-case-of-sylvester-magee
  14. If you don't know then quit making assertions. Your ignorance is epic. Please stop it. No 'painting' is necessary. He clearly already has two coats. I cannot believe he's not been suspended. As that may be directed my way in part, can you tell me what hidden meaning I am finding? And whether or not it was hidden by the speaker or if you are suggesting I find something that is not there?
  15. As to geodesic paths three good guidelines to follow. 1) The speed limit of all possible exchange of c. (This also applies to possible worldlines. 2) A field in GR amounts to a set of potential values at each event. 3) greater potential difference in the field potentials result in greater energy/momentum. ( A curved worldine is a worldine with acceleration) (has rapidity) which can be screw symmetric) a freefall worldline has constant velocity)(symmetric under Lorentz transforms) Most important mass is simply the resistance to inertia change or acceleration while energy is the ability to perform work. The classical definitions do not change. Of fundamental importance time is described by the interval between two events. Ie time for a signal to transverse between those two events.
  16. Probably if I would experience something like this I would try to change my skin color by putting white tattoo on it in and in one day get out of such a misery forever. But that's a personal choice.
  17. Please stop saying things that you haven’t researched, and for which you provide no evidence. I would imagine plenty of people supported abolition only as a tool for ending the war, and it didn’t pass before the south seceded. I don’t see how you can assert a wide movement and moral progress and goodwill as if a switch was flipped and everyone embraced equality.
  18. A Green/Blue/Antired pairing does not get you to white. As I said, I don’t see how you get there mixed that way. (I just noted I didn’t clarify for a three quark system earlier; that was inadvertently omitted).
  19. OK. I guess we can go with "ignorant" then. Here is the 'strawman' INow.. I don't particularly like it when 'labelling' takes the place of reasoning. Calling people racists, or ignorant ( especially when the criteria used also applies to the user ) is counterproductive to the discussion America ( and some other parts of the world ) needs to have in the wake of this eye-opening incident. The time for pointing fingers and divisiveness is way past, only by working together can we bring about change and move forward. One simply needs to ask Moreno "How do you feel when you watch the video death murder of G Floyd ? Do you think that this is OK ? What about all the other shit that black people have to put up with every day of their lives ? And do you think it's time for a change ?" You might find that he thinks a lot like the rest of us.
  20. Sorry mate, but you must realize that’s a strawman and unrelated to people’s views of his comments
  21. Yesterday
  22. Well, white is a charge. It's what in QCD plays the role of zero charge in electrodynamics. The complication with QCD, if you wish, is that there are more ways to obtain zero charge: red-antired, green-antigreen, blue-antiblue, red-green-blue, antired-antigreen-antiblue, and more complicated but higher order combinations. As Swansont said, color-anticolor are mesons (lighter particles that decay very quickly,) and RGB things are baryons (heavier particles like proton and neutron, some stable, some ephemeral.) OK. Let's call anti-something by crossing them out. Like G would be anti-green. You could hit a nucleus with something hard, like an energetic proton, or a meson, and kick off some GBR piece from it. But it wouldn't last long in that colored state. What remains in the nucleus (because the nucleus is white) would be anti-GBR = RR. They would start pulling from each other like crazy, so you would generate a lot of energy in gluon lines going from one to the other trying to "equilibrate the color imbalance" let's say (I'm not being very precise,) up to the point that antiparticle pairs would appear "closing the lines," and turning the colored particles that escape into white particles again. I can't find a useful diagram for you to picture it. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe someone can provide it. The whole thing is even more complicated, because these colors are quantum numbers, so they're not even determined. They're constantly rotating in a space with three references R, G, B, but never quite being pure R, G or B. It's sort of like a dynamical rotation in the color space. Again, very imprecise, but I'm trying to explain as best I can. Swansont is totally right. A single quark would have to choose one color. But then again there are no "single quarks." Quarks in nucleons (protons and neutrons) are constantly rotating their colors by exchanging gluons, which are exchanging their colors among them!!! QCD is totally crazily complicated. Highly non-linear, which means even the interaction particles interact with each other. How do they do it? with other gluons that also interact with each other... Only quarks I can think of that were flying about with single colors must have been those that were doing so when the universe had a temperature TQCD (a very very high temperature.) It's crazily, crazily complicated. I hope it's clear that QCD colors are nothing like the ordinary concept of color!!!
  23. Yes, but I've meant that there was a wide movement among whites against black slavery and president like A. Lincoln who did a lot to make them free. Many even fought and died in the citizenship war. There was a moral progress and a goodwill among whites to abolish slavery. Probably if whites would want they could still keep blacks in slavery up to 21 century.
  24. Get rid of Vit E. That is absolutely unnecessary as part of a sanitizer. It’s added in tiny amounts in commercial products for marketing purposes, but it really has no effect in a sanitizer. If you really want to keep it: Phase A Water, Glycerine, Isopropyl Alcohol Phase B Decyl Glucoside, Tocopherols (mix very very well) Phase C Preservatives and Fragrance NOTE: For alcohol to be effective you need to use over 60% by volume in your formulation. At this level you don’t need other preservatives. Procedure: mix phase B into phase A until combined and homogenous. Then add preservatives and fragrance one by one and stir until combined before adding the next.
  25. AAMOF, you're totally right. I was imprecise to the point of being incorrect with "mix." It was a really bad word choice. You can mix them, yes. Gravity cannot escape the quantum nature, of course. I should have said gravity cannot be formulated as a quantum theory. A 3-body problem in which one of them is a photon is very simple. Even though with high speeds you must be careful, the photon wouldn't be very difficult to deal with. It's a 2-body Newtonian problem (which has an exact solution) plus a photon moving about. You can totally ignore the effect of the photon on the planets (I suppose you're assuming astronomical objects) and you could get fine details about the effects of the planets on the photon, which would be very small anyway.
  26. Can we please get back to the G Floyd incident and any potential change, instead of everyone trying to score points by painting Moreno as a racist ? I find it funny that a bunch of Brits have labelled him ignorant because he has never lived in the US for more than 6 months. How long have Dimreepr and Strange lived in the US ?? Surely you can make a better argument than that ! Seems former slave, Mr S McGee, lived to a ripe old age of 130... "Died: October 15, 1971, Columbia, Mississippi Born: May 29, 1841, North Carolina" Slavery must be good for you ! ( Or the dates are wrong )
  27. What if the 3rd object was massless? A photon,perhaps. If the third object is massless , there would be no 3 body problem would there? Swansont told me earlier (maybe be last year) that adding gravitational fields was not simply adding them **. I was hoping to learn a little more of how they actually combined by this example **If I understood you correctly it is "simply adding " if the 2 fields are weak but not if they are strong.
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