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  2. Gun control, which side wins?

    Your own quote suggested that states could just thwart the federal government. They can't, and you very clearly stated it: Unless your opinion is that someone who breaks the law automatically thwarted the legal system even if they're caught and punished, then your quote doesn't hold up.
  3. Gun control, which side wins?

    I think only part of it does. But at the same time they overlook that the idea of having militias is also connected to the fact that many of the founding fathers were suspicious of a standing army. Madison famously said : I am no constitutional scholar, but I kind of doubt that the 2nd amendment was created with also having the largest military power in mind. Rather, militias could have risen in response and/or to prevent the creation of a large military force that could be used to suppress the populace. But that ship has clearly sailed (or taken out by a laser guided missile).
  4. Arming Teachers

    There are a lot of issues with the good guy with a gun narrative (one of the many articles about it here). But also, since school shootings are rare in any given school, having a lot of firearms around is likely to increase the overall injury/death rate. I do think that it will difficult if our relationship with guns is framed exclusively in the framework of mass shootings. They are the most horrible manifestation of an issue. But they are actually only a tiny aspect, even if we only focus on kids. In the US ca. 1300 children die from gunshot wounds. Among high income countries 91% of all firearm deaths of children under 14 are in the USA. In all metrices related to firearm related deaths and in pretty much all groups the US is leading. And that is clearly an issue. Other countries, even those with high firearm prevalence do not put armed guards into schools, afaik many do not even have drills or specific warning mechanisms for school shooters. And yet they do not have that issue. Suggesting to arm teachers (i.e. have more folks with guns around) is, aside from the obvious lobbying from the NRA, shows a mentality devoid of ideas and stuck in an alternative movie-reality where violence is the only solution.
  5. Gun control, which side wins?

    That what I said, FFS. How does that suggest anything other than the feds over-ruling state laws when they are wrong? Arguing over something we agree on. For shame. Quite obviously, your comment was driven by the narrow-mindedness that because I'm a Canadian I have no idea about your legal system, even as far as throwing the odd anti-American epithet (from the other thread) into the mix for no other than to disqualify me from the discussion. This is a science forum, fallacies fall flat on this board.
  6. Arming Teachers

    Only about 40% of households have guns. Closer to 90% of households have a car. So it isn't quite as bad. Additionally it is a crime to let minors or those without a license to drive. It is common, in my experience, that parents inquire about who is driving or if someone is driving when school age kids get together. There is a known risk associated with young drivers. If such awareness could be created towards guns that would be great. Another risk factor seems to be fetish for taking photos wear tactical vest and holding firearms.
  7. Arming Teachers

    They seem to forget good people can become unhinged people at any time. Arming more people just increases the likelihood of more deaths. Guns make killing more likely to happen because it's so easy to do.
  8. Arming Teachers

    In the event he was trying to break down the door, do you think it'd be possible to get into a position to shoot him as soon as he walked through? Just curious. Either way, in many of these cases the shooter was wearing body armor anyways. So it probably wouldn't kill them unless you got the head. That being said, it'd definitely take their breath away.
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  10. Arming Teachers

    I came out of retirement to teach. Do I want to be armed? Absolutely no. Truth is, I have a gun permit and don't carry one anyway. I think the principal of our school has about the best advice of any. He told all of us that if we hear gunshots in the school we should do two things: (1) Pile everything we can think of in front of the classroom door and (2) toss the kids out the window and tell them to run. Above all-- he told us not to have the kids try to shelter under desks or wait for "proper authorities" to take action.
  11. Arming Teachers

    Boy, do I love these "Let's all rail on the far right and republicans" threads where we ask people a question we've already made our minds up on. They accomplish so much. Like complaining. And mocking. And definitely not getting shit done.
  12. Gun control, which side wins?

    Alright, then you should understand that if the State passes laws that contradict the federal government, the federal government overrules the state's regulations.
  13. Arming Teachers

    Not really. They would just make sure that they are stuck in there until term. Complications are not necessarily covered.
  14. Arming Teachers

    Edit: ranger beat me to it
  15. Salt water eletrolysis idea

    They do vent actually. Goes out with the CO2. Can cause cavitation though depending. Could imagine a boat fitted out with a hydrogen fuel cell, instead of the Diesel as backup. Lot of complex issues with Hydrogen as a fuel, but would definitely save us some tax dollars if they could be solved. Actually we would talk about onboard the subs too. Heyday of talk about a hydrogen economy and there we were dumping it. Gotta laugh sometimes.
  16. Arming Teachers

    We could substitute the word school for uterus, so they'll advocate for whats inside them.
  17. Arming Teachers

    The first step was to teach the kids to run around and make a lot of noise if an armed assailant steps into the room with them. This buys everyone else a little more time, more time to escape, more time for first responders, and more spent ammo trying to hit moving targets. Arming the teachers is the next step in this strategy, since it will obviously sell a lot more guns, and the amount of ammunition used goes up considerably. Finally, they make small caliber guns, but the grips are still too big for children. Perhaps we could lobby for subsidies to incentivize arms manufacturers to make guns the kids themselves could carry comfortably. The main thing is we keep this important industry alive at any cost. Morally, once your right to life is observed at birth, we're under no obligation afterwards, right?
  18. Gun control, which side wins?

    Of course. I was suggesting local and state police still make arrests and detain offenders pending escalation to the feds for charges. Not necessarily for ongoing investigations, but certainly in cases that rear themselves on the spot.
  19. Rotation - is it absolute?

    Inertial frame is a frame that moves at a constant velocity without acceleration. On the other hand, rotation (or for that matter any motion on a closed trajectory) has to involve acceleration. Therefore, any FoR that exhibits such motion is not inertial by definition. When you are in a rotating FoR you can, in principle, measure the acceleration due to rotation. One such example is the Coriolis force or Coriolis effect.
  20. Rotation - is it absolute?

    Could you elaborate on this with an example?
  21. Arming Teachers

    Yeah, but that’s a bit like saying having a car in my garage is an identifiable risk factor for vehicular homicide. Technically true, but functionally useless.
  22. Salt water eletrolysis idea

    Plus, if you have a reactor, there is no need for this stored energy.
  23. Rotation - is it absolute?

    If it's rotating it isn't an inertial frame
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  25. Did Neanderthals Speak?

    This article in today's Science News states that "Cave art suggests Neandertals were ancient humans’ mental equals":
  26. Gun control, which side wins?

    Federal law is enforced by federal officials, e.g. the FBI or ATF For example, the feds could (and recently threatened to) enforce marijuana laws despite legalization at the state level. If federal gun legislation is passed, the states will not be able to "thwart" it. The US has the opportunity to legally overthrow the bulk of the government every 2 years. All of the house and 1/3 of the senate.
  27. So can we assume you have moved on from the original question? Do you consider that answered?
  28. Light interferes, which is a result of superposition. It is not reflecting.
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