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  2. (From an older thread) Bothers me too. But nearly everything I've learned I got from my cats. Sentience seems to be the thing we communicate. The words are embellishments, added to the mind's delivery of an expression. The sentient expression is seen beginning in EEG signals before someone speaks. Our inner sentience ('feelings' awareness at rest, without simian chatter) moves with intent behind the curtains in conversation. Words break the surface of awareness... and words expressing self are always adorned with the sentience of intent of the speaker. I wonder what sense of my sentience is conveyed in this paragraph? Please share! There is a former IBM EE as biosensor designer that plunged into esoterics of mind/soul/spirit/whatever. (Dan Winter) He markets (yet?) a dual EEG headband. An innovation featured is the calibration of the brainwaves into power spectra, and presented as a reading on a bar graph. Two bar graphs side by side would display the power-usage of two brains wearing EEG headbands, connected to this gizmo. This dual brain-wave display would show in real time the frequency peaks on a logrithmic power curve on the display of golden ratio degrees, and other times the people-brain's peak's would have a linear separation in these power spectra of one's head. Sensorized telepathy? (next) So fascinating was that warm fuzzy moments, like when an attentive audience views an adorable fuzzy kitten brought into the room, and as a whole the room begins to make simian cooing sounds, casting lovely thoughts. Warm fuzzy moments separated the peaks of brain wave power spectra into degrees of the golden ratio (Phi^1, Phi^2, Phi^3...) Two people familiar with each other, showing dual-brainwave activity, would show a synchronization of mind-wave peaks into a mind-lock of synchronous golden-ratio peaks that interplay between the two people. A psychic's brainwaves separated into octaves, while she was in trance, with her EEG headband in place. My compulsive need for higher dopamine levels has uncovered other interesting perspectives on sentience. Oh hell, I'll fess up. It's my favorite topic. The best carrot to chase for dopamine addicts is the really hard problem of serious scientific inspiration that equates the apparent connection between UFO/UAP levitation/inertial impossibilities and telepathy. (Newbie here! likely walking on prior threads and you all have already figured it out.) I do not think humans will solve the problem for a few reasons. Individuals may punch through, but the very nature of the problem is a lack of group mind and animalisms that auto-navigate on these topics that require our auto-animals to become domesticated, and rooted on a sentience more/totally harmonic with a universal sentience. Now we're sounding fringy! So, 1) pull Roger Penrose's logic that mind is not generated by brain, but brain is a transceiver of mind somewhere else, and 2) admit that time may be engineered as a gradient projection into a matter lattice with magnetic pulse resonance against the periodicity of the atomic mass-center resulting form quantum-transitions --but in secret (where no academic staff will ever overhear), and 3) consider the alien tutelage found several years ago weathering over in the Uni. of Ottawa in the Arthur Bray Fond. It's fascinating if one seriously considers time as entropy, and UAP tech as retardation of the quantum transition duration. The late Smith's wife published his unfinished 'New Science.' And I don't read it with understanding (yet). Except for the theory sections and his lecture notes on the "tempic fabric." And resonance against it. Magnetically. By tuning a reversing-magnetic-propagation at radio frequencies through a hollow ferrite tube. Keyword: propagation tuning. Modern science doesn't know what to tune for and won't want the results. At a certain velocity of magnetic flux-density variation, the Coulomb field couples and behaves like electric Jello. That is by a modern who reads like Wilbert B. Smith reincarnated. Engineer Frank Znidarsic... again of no ethos in the mainstream... and I can personally guarantee the mainstream's course with flat-time won't duplicate whatever it was that Smith was taught by the off-world aliens that contacted him; Canada's top official for radio in the 1950-s. That guarantee comes from a newbie woodworker in retirement. It's all been enough to make me want to become a real physicist. (Or should I consider lock-smithing?) I have a hunch that the writing has been on the walls all around us for a long, long time. But we won't be able to look back and admit it until we get to the other side of the fundamental shift in physics to alien tech at a K-12 level. What's already on the internet about Smith is not just ignored, but painful to the trained ears of physicists. I do not expect my taxes will help build 'Starship Znidarsic.' (Or have they already? I've read a fascinating leak about our space force from the 1990-s.) And breakthrough science won't happen per the old adage that paradigm shifts don't root until the old guard die off. We hoomans just don't like social-change... and this change coming, were we to become the 'warp society,' has a very high degree of weird. Unlike any sci-fi. Well... I'm just sharing what's unlearnable to me based on investigations and other. Greets from the hoi polloi! But I do see the tech breaking out in a private society here and there. Hey! I'll barter to do tech work in a new breakaway society! That's is also what I feel most genuine UFO encounters are; Earthers of a breakaway society.
  3. Now I know @studiot is going to hit me hard. What I mean is: Look out for teachers that are putting out their material online, a lot of them for free. When the drive to learn synchs with the drive to teach, something wonderful happens, and knowledge is passed on. If the teacher does well, and the student does well, elements of criticism and analysis of how ideas are built and corrected/improved are also transferred in the process. Khan Academy --that @Phi for All already mentioned--, Stanford, MIT courseware, and a long etc. You've got plenty of university material out there. And my all-time favourite, PI (Perimeter Institute): Psi Online
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  5. To begin with: why water is important generally on Earth: Almost all life on Earth uses a membrane that separates the body from the environment. To stay alive, the body takes on important materials to generate energy, filtering out toxic substances like waste. Due to this, water is essential because it remains liquid at earth temperatures. As it flows, it provides an efficient way of transferring substances from the cell to the cell's environment. It is much more difficult to release energy from a solid (although there are microbes that eat a stone. In addition to the fact that water can carry substances into and out of the cell, it is associated with a unique chemical configuration. The humble water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. Water's amazing dissolving properties make it ideal for transferring substances like phosphates or calcium ions into and out of the cell. Moreover, water can be more than a liquid that makes life easier - it can be the protective cradle that brought the building blocks of life to Earth. According to one of the theories of the origin of life on Earth, the theory of panspermia, ice comets crashed into the Earth, carrying tiny organic molecules that became the basis for life. But traveling through space is an ordeal, primarily because of the powerful levels of radiation that can destroy delicate organic molecules. However, water in its solid form can protect molecules from radiation. Despite the fact that water is important for life on Earth there may be life forms that do not live by the rules of earthlings. Among the main contenders are ammonia and methane. Ammonia, like water, is a polar molecule relatively common in the universe, but scientists have not yet found large bodies with ammonia in the solar system. Ammonia, like water, is a polar molecule relatively common in the universe, but scientists have not yet found large bodies with ammonia in the solar system. Methane is not polar, but it can dissolve many other substances. However, unlike water, methane becomes liquid only at very cold temperatures - at minus 182 degrees Celsius. We know that Titan has large lakes of liquid methane and ethane. Thus, a very interesting question is whether life can use liquid methane or ethane.
  6. Exactly, the GR gives us fundamental assumptions, which are coming true with new observations and theories or waiting their time. The observed universe is flat. The CMB of the universe is more concentrated across one plane of the universe, forming a straight line in the universe. As the amount of radiation in one area is limited, it’s indicative of the size of the area in that direction. In theory, it can have a positive curvature, negative curvature, flat curvature, or possibly a combination of all two or three. A positive curvature corresponds to a closed universe. In a closed universe, the expansion of the universe comes to a stop due to gravity, all matter collapses back into a singularity. A negative curvature corresponds to an open universe. In an open universe the density is not large enough for gravity to take over, instead the universe will expand forever. It may slow down approximating to a limit, but never stop. A flat curvature corresponds to a flat universe. In a flat universe space expands forever but will either accelerate or decelerate, according to the amount of dark energy. With a torus, the geometry of the universe would be a combination of positive and negative curvature. The three-torus model of the universe. Here, the shape of the universe is a three-dimensional torus, while a donut is a two-dimensional torus. Infinity, singularity is a mathematical abstraction, which is being avoided by some mathematical branches even.
  7. When I saw your question I remembered a video that I had seen a long time ago. I'd like to share it. It assumes a wider understanding of your question but nevertheless it's intersting to watch
  8. In my mind Universe is just a circle. Do you guys remember the last episode of Interstellar, when they have finally survived? Every time you reach the end you reach its beginning.
  9. So, let me get this straight. You're not a scientist, soft or otherwise, you're not a judge or barrister and, correct me if I'm wrong, you've never been to prison, or otherwise forced or coerced into committing a serious crime. But you are able to dismiss a professional criminologist's reasonable well evinced hypothesis, as unrealistic and unworkable, armed only with a sensational media story and your common sense, and you can tell who the incorridigles are at first glance; you must be so proud.
  10. MoonTanMan! It is easier to notice insights staring me in the face since I don't have a quarter-million-Dollar investment in a Ph.D. I read Wilbert Brockhouse Smith years ago, and dismissed the mention of resonance against the fabric of time. Then I read and swooned for several years over the insights of Frank Znidarsic, EE (studied with NASA on Podkletnov duplications). Then I read that were time bent/perturbed (as a mathematical variable) in the rate time 'flows' that gravity pops out of the equation of inertia (hope that's right, lazy old boy here, love you). Human's don't bend time. Most don't. Smith built a coil that he claims did resonate with the fabric of time. The CIA visited Smith. That's why there is no development today based on retardation of entropy at the quantum level to alter geodesic least-time paths. Smith was Canada's UFO hunter in the 1950-s, sanctioned to hunt and on payroll by the Canadian DOT branch of radio science. Smith detected a UFO, and that shut down the open project. He found it on my the day I was born, actually. So there people! I wish I were people, but once learned, unlearning is more difficult. Make me people. Where was Smith wrong? And of course I've studied this for decades. And some of the synchronicities involved brought me to sobbing hot wet mess of uncontrolled soul-mind readjustment. So, being told a text-book taught one that quantum noise is pure noise and there's no signal within just doesn't have all the experience I can't discuss in prudent trained humans. I love your handle, MoonTanMan!
  11. The best way of studying smth is teaching. Teach anyone, spread your knowledge, you can become a private tutor. Then you will have completed knowledge and you will be ready to find a teacher for yourself, moreover according to your teaching experience you will know exactly what knowledge you've got. And then you will finally find out: "I know that I know nothing" 😀. I have just described the similar situation that I had. To cut a long story short, teach someone and find the teacher for yourself. Hope this piece of advice will do you good
  12. studiot

    Fake News

    Thank you for this interesting article, which complements the information I gave. +1 I see that it can be obtained as a single page pdf from the link you quoted.
  13. In your pursuit of gravitational potential are you interested in the application of 'the virial theorem' to cosmology ? Markus' advice to move on is good when you consider relativity. You have to look inside Einstein's tensor equation, which is not really one equation at all but sixteen coupled equations, minimum, to find the relevent part. That is why I prefer matrix methods, which display them explicitly. If you want them the derivation is about 10 pages and also involves derivatives (or jacobians) of the Einstein equation and its solutions. This will give you something akin to the Newtonian gravitational potential (one of the gijk components) and the cross products will bring in time as Markus says. But this 'g' is a variable not a constant.
  14. Don86326

    Orch Or

    From a 2018 thread... Orch OR may or may not unfold in science because there won't be any mathematics that frames sentience of mind. Just me. But me has had some wild and exciting cerebral adventures I won't tell you about. I noticed scientist attack Orch OR because it reflects upon eternal soul alive outside neurology that animates neurology. Tegmark is an example. His ridicule of Orch OR isn't about the science, it's about the fear physicists have of 'soul.' They don't want to have soul. But they each do have one. Odd study this is. Tegmark's ridicule of Orch OR hails a thread of intellectual persecution that grew from the authority of the Pope of Newton's day. The Pope said calculus is cool, but should never ever be used to study the human soul or any living thing. That really messed up physics and the hard problem with UFOs influencing consciousness. Among other things in the way of progress to the stars in spite of animal beliefs in science. Science has forgotten that, but the epigenetic proclivity lives on! Tegmark defends the authority of the Pope of Newton's day. Now, why is believing in a mind outside of brain any more foolish that believing in a mind inside a brain?
  15. So every collision results in such a fire? So about 7 incidents per year. Some mention shipments of batteries (one mentions a shipment of 81,000 batteries), so this could be out of untold millions of batteries shipped. IOW the odds of an individual battery failure appear to be quite small. We have no data on whether these were due to manufacturing defects or improper handling, both of which can potentially be addressed.
  16. Hello! 1st post... really nervous, because I am "et up" with academic elitism and don't want hero's worshipped remotely bursting my adoration with harsh retort to my naivete. Consider I'm six years old. (Actually 67, retired from software development, but work with me.) I found an anomaly in general summation, Fibonacci style -> F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n- 2) Algebra and computer science was fun, and the fun went to amazement when two seed numbers for general Fibonacci summation produced adjacent sequence numbers with a divisor that is not (it is not) an approximation of the golden ratio. The quotient of adjacent sequence numbers is -1/Phi = -0.61803... [Big, bold, oversized exclamation point goes here. A red one.] Moreover, the sequence does not exponentially increase, but rather oscillates toward zero. Did I stumble into something everyone knows about in algebra? Try this summation beginning with two seeds of... (Phi = 5^0.5 * 0.5 + 0.5 = golden ratio, computer code style) Seed #1 = -Phi^(N) = (A negative number) Seed #2 - +Phi^(N-1) = (A positive number) I assume the seed numbers create a Fibonacci identity that propagates the effect. Perhaps every addition flips the identity in sign, but as another Fibonacci degree preserving the identity. An identity conveyor. Notice that on any machine this is done (spreadsheet or supercomputer) that as the sign-oscillation of the resulting sequence approaches zero, one of the values will reach the machine-zero (limit of floating point digits) before the other value, and this begins a new normal exponentially increasing summation sequence of 0 and some small number. This will appear on the sequence graph as a impulse with two peaks. The impulse is actually a positive and negative pair of asymptotes to infinity, but a graph will often map +/- infinity as a double blip.
  17. To get this effect, all it takes is for an EV to collide with someone else on the road.. "Do you have any evidence to support this claim"? Petrol fuels burn when there is ready access to Oxygen (and it's limiting speed of fire), and only vapors.. EV has no such requirements.. Reread my post, I said about catching fire after accident (aka "car crash" when things disintegrate). Not when everything works smoothly.. It's not even about capacity of energy. But speed in which that energy can be released. ICE car fuel tank burning speed is limited by access to Oxygen.. To have potential fire with accumulator, you just need to plug + to - with plain wire (i.e. "metal piece which accidentally joined them in a crash").. Don't misinterpret my words, by mistake, or premeditation.. I am fan of EV, unlike ICE.. ..which is irrelevant to our current position.. I always thought, you're reasonable member of this forum.. Lost confidence about you, after your today comment.. There are even airplanes which were destroyed by laptop batteries: https://www.google.com/search?q=airplane+destroyed+by+laptop+battery http://www.forfyre.com/the-lithium-safe-battery-bag-for-the-fire-protection-of-lithium-ion-batteries-that-catches-fire-due-to-thermal-runaway/?lang=en "A total of 171 incidents between 1991 and 2016 was recorded involving batterys carried as baggage or cargo on airplanes. (recorded by the US Federal Aviation Administration)" (without any crash, or damage)
  18. CharonY

    Fake News

    Related to that here is an interesting article that highlights that rebuttals might be effective in combating science deniers. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02152-y Actual performance varies by audience, I am sure. Though we had good experience with folks who actually came individually to information sessions. Whereas if a bunch of connected folks appeared, they seemed to reinforce their beliefs. One thing that is also somewhat concerning is that quite a few folks were citing youtube videos as source. That makes it (by design, I would say) more difficult for folks to figure out where these folks get their "info" from.
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  20. There is no going backwards. Too many vehicle capabilities - ICE as well as EV, as well as design and manufacture - now rely on them. Yes, more optional and unnecessary (but not necessarily unwanted) features become easy to add because chips make it easy and low cost but a lot of important functions are possible at low cost because of them. Some of those functions probably cannot be done at all without them. The nostalgia for good, old, simpler and more reliable doesn't reflect how much manufacturing costs and vehicle reliability have improved, in large part because of computer chips. EV's look like being amongst the most reliable cars currently available; I don't see how the use of chips can be considered flawed. Between the pandemic upsetting economies and supply chains and vehicle sales recovering better than expected manufacturers (chip and vehicle) underestimated demand but I don't see why this should be a long running problem. It isn't a design problem, just a parts supply problem, that will almost certainly be temporary. Do you have any evidence to support claims of extreme - or even heightened - fire risk? My understanding is there is less fire risk than ICE vehicles (which contain larger amounts of energy in their fuel tanks than EV's have in their batteries). As one expert on EV safety put it, any EV fire is newsworthy, but ICE fires are only newsworthy if they stop traffic. I also note that not all EV's use battery chemistry that is intrinsically flammable and ongoing battery R&D is a major "industry" in itself; we haven't seen the best of all possible batteries yet.
  21. Yes, exactly right. Note that the metric determines all relevant gravitational phenomena, so there’s really no need at all to try and carry over gravitational potential from Newtonian physics. How so? Time dilation between two points would be a time-dependent function rather than a single value, since all of spacetime here is filled with gravitational radiation.
  22. I have perhaps 20 very large trees in my yard, mostly oak and maple. That yields a LOT of leaves each year. I pick them up with the lawnmower and deposit them in the garden, on planting beds, around landscaping, etc. The maple leaves tend to pulverize while the oak leaves just seem to be cut down to size. This year all of my leaves will make it to these locations and I will not have any left over to put on my compost pile. They are an excellent cover to keep down weeds, provide a lot of organic material to the soil, and also provide plenty of nutrients. All for nearly free. Because the leaves have been cut up they don't fly around unless put on a high spot that has nothing growing in it to catch the leaves. By the next year the leaves are all gone and I get to start over with fresh leaves. In past years I have put leaves on the driveway and run over them multiple times with the lawnmower until the were sufficiently broken down. If they didn't think I was nuts I'd probably go collect leaves and pine needles from my neighbors. On a side note, when I want to create a new planting bed I take those cardboard boxes I get from Amazon, break them down and lay them over the spot I want to turn into a planting bed, then cover it all with leaves. By spring my planting bed is ready to go.
  23. Hasn't this "unphysical" prediction been rejected by scientists? If by unphysical, you mean a singularity of infinite density and curvature. And of course ( my reasoning now) GR tells us nothing about the quantum/Planck region, where this prediction takes place...so in effect it can be reasonably discarded. Which then leaves a physical singularity with a surface of sorts, (in an unknown state of existence) at or below the quantum/Planck level. Of course all predictions inside the EH are essentially unknown. With any Kerr BH, (the most likely real life example) we would have a "ring singularity" If one were to enter the BH at the polar regions and survive spaghettification, one could pass directly central through this ring singularity without any catastrophic effects. The gravitation would be equally acting on all sides.
  24. But there is a unique single value gravitational time dilation factor between two points (in your example at least). Elsewhere on the web I see that gravitational potential represents the metric only as an analogy. Then the resolution might be that "gravitational time dilation is determined by the metric," while it's not always applicable that "gravitational time dilation is determined by gravitational potential"?
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