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  2. Kronecker delta results, as Swansont said, because of basis being orthogonal. I see you're studying quantum mechanics. The underlying physics of this is: States with different values of an observable must be orthogonal for reasons relating to probability interpretation of quantum mechanics, as products <i|j> are essentially transition amplitudes. Vectors must be normalised, so <i|i>=1 for same i. Orthonormal bases are central to the formalism of quantum mechanics.
  3. Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott of Texas will be attending the NRA convention this weekend in Houston, where Cruz is a keynote speaker, and they don't care much about the ethics or the optics. They made it clear it was a shame what happened, and now want to move on to a great convention.
  4. It's not just the skill sets to compete, it's whatever the category calls for. If you have the skills but don't meet other category factors, like height and weight, you can't try out for that category. You should always be able to play with "top players" within the group you compete against. And I'm convinced you and others know this is what I and others have been talking about, but you've purposely been misrepresenting it for 44 pages now. We're not that bad at explaining ourselves, but you always end up with some ridiculous image like that above as your argument.
  5. An important point. They must still be entangled for the explanation I gave to hold. The measurement has to happen after the second electron reaches its destination. Holding the electron has to happen in such a way that you aren’t collapsing the wave function (i.e. breaking the entanglement)
  6. It’s not a guess. In the train’s frame of reference, moving clocks clock run slow, because time runs slow. The tower clock ticks normally in the frame of the tower. There is no valid absolute statement you can make about time and ticking (e.g. “The clock ticks as normal” or “Einstein’s clock is actually ticking slower” ) since all measurements are relative. This is well-established physics. There is no illusion here. If you want to peddle an alternative idea, do it in speculations. Moving clocks tick slower, but you have to distinguish between measurement and observation, because light has a finite travel time. Janus has made multiple posts that explain this better than I can one example https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/120625-are-relativistic-effects-directional/?tab=comments#comment-1123814
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  8. The LINE "Life Instantiated By Natural Entanglement" hypothesis presents perhaps for the first time, a practical scientifically plausible hypothesis for the natural implementation that governs the instantiation of the living individual as a being distinct from the evolution of that beings current species. It will introduce you to; • The Instantiation Of Individuality: The natural process which establishes each instance of individual life, you. • The Entanglement Molecule (EM); A primordial molecule, is hypothesized to naturally interact with the QE spectrum to entangle metamatter. It is the Alice in the process of natural entanglement and is utilized by the living cell to establish individualized life. • The Position Of View (POV): That component of the instantiation process which defines your presence in your current host form within this space-time. • The Metaverse: Hilbert-Space, the only real verse, and that from which this universe emerges. • The Quantum Entanglement Spectrum (QE): The degrees of freedom which define the phenomenon of natural quantum coherent interaction. Einsteins' 'spooky action'. • The Quantum Entanglement Frequency (QEF): Ones' immutable unique value of the QE degrees of freedom which instantiates your POV. • The Cell and (Proto-Cell): The only life on Earth, natures’ entanglement circuit. The original instantiated living individual which implement all other biological hosts on Earth. • The LifeID: A calculated value that defines ones' current unique QE connection, your LINE. • The Entanglement Cells; Individual cells responsible for heterodyning their unique LINES in complex hosts to establish your LifeID. • Metamatter: A non-local Weakly Interacting Cosmic Background Bose Condensate (CBBC) is hypothesized to be as necessary to life as dark-matter is to galaxy formation. Where the EM is the Alice, then metamatter is the Bob of natural entanglement. • The Fidelity of Teleportation (FT): A calculated value that describes the individuals’ current reinstantiation prospects for your next life. • The Monogamy of Entanglement: The property of the QE connection that enforces a singleton instance of individuality and the role of death. The hypothesis in summary: The most fundamental element of life is a molecule called the Entanglement Molecule (EM). This molecule composed of normal baryonic matter manifests the unique property of prolifically establishing a natural teleportation channel, which is a shared quantum coherent state, a quantum entanglement connection (QE), with a hypothesized form of matter called metamatter. Metamatter is composed of an undiscovered type of particle that necessarily resides entirely beyond this space-time, in Hilbert-space or the metaverse if you will. Metamatter is as essential to life as dark matter is to galaxy formation. Entanglement molecules in this universe are at all times entangled to particles of metamatter in Hilbert-space. It is their natural state to do so. Metamatter, as is possible with any natural entity having only subtle degrees-of-freedom within this space-time, is not subject to locality or relativistic constraints and so, via this QE connection, is non-classically, instantaneously accessible to entanglement molecules (EM) everywhere in this universe. These entanglement molecules and metamatter are the Alice and Bob endpoints of each isolated, naturally occurring, QE connection established within every living cell that has ever existed. An entanglement molecule once arranged from its constituent atoms, not unlike the molecules in the ferrite magnet in a transistor radio, is instantly sensitive to available, uninstantiated QE degrees of freedom (DOF) of the QE spectrum, or quantum entanglement frequencies (QEF). It is the QEF that define the unique natural teleportation channel upon which to entangle available metamatter. Such isolated pairings existed on Earth for eons, and in this universe, for even longer before the naturally occurring circumstances arose, on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere, to provide a sphere of molecules that could be described as an early cell wall. Not all entanglement molecules were likely to encounter a cell wall, but those that did, enclosed by this barrier, obtained the benefit of an extra level of protection. This enclosure allowed them to develop beyond the typical. This basic entanglement relationship is the most fundamental manifestation of life. It establishes the position of view (POV). Over time other types of molecules joined with these proto-cells sometimes to their mutual benefit, sometimes not. Those that added no benefit or diminished the proto-cells survival prospects would not survive. The QE connection gave surviving proto-cells something very special. It gave the otherwise inanimate molecular components on the inside of this early cell a form of intra-cellular communication. That is, the ability to interact at a distance, but more critically at that point, the QE connection gave the proto-cell the capacity to share or imprint internal cellular state information upon its entangled metamatter. Metamatter because of its extra-dimensional, non-locality and relativistically unconstrained nature essentially acts as a kind of cloud-storage for information accessible instantaneously from any location in this universe, and in any other as well. This universal cloud storage repository of information is the critical factor required to get evolution started. This natural cosmic background Bose condensate (CBBC) is what makes being possible anywhere in this universe. At that point, evolution existed only via random environmental contact between proto-cells with other structures in the primordial environment of early Earth. Thus, the cell became natures' biological entanglement circuit. Each such entanglement pairing constitutes an instantiation of life, whether on Earth, elsewhere in this universe, or anywhere in existence. Consequently, life could now be hosted by any viable formation of cell(s) that may emerge anywhere in existence. Ones' instantiation is established at one specific QEF, a unique value of the degrees of freedom among the infinity of possible values on the quantum entanglement spectrum. A QEF that is unique in all existence to each individual and to no other, but only while that QE connection, ones' natural teleportation (LINE) channel, persists. These yet to be determined DOF's, perhaps frequency and others, on the QE spectrum, is the singular property in nature that defines each living individual. All other components of the instantiation process may change or be exchanged, but it is your QEF that positions you as the central and only target of your instantiation, of your life, and not someone else's. Change or retune ones' QEF enough, and you change the being, the individual. You are your QEF; you are not your cells or your metamatter. It is very likely that the QE spectrum predated even the big bang. Your QEF is the immutable, the classically indestructible you. When entanglement molecules, contained within viable hosts such as the cell, located on any viable planet, orbiting any viable star, anywhere in existence, entangles metamatter at your QEF, that is where you will instantiate. That is where you will be. A place such as that is where you are right now. A place such as that is where you are likely to have been many times before your current instantiation. Places such as that are where you will inevitably reinstantiate many more times in your future. This is instantiation; this is life. You and I, and your pet otter, every insect, every cell and every organization of cells, all life anywhere in existence instantiates by this mechanism. While each cell entangles at a unique QEF, a few specialized cells in complex organisms, called entanglement cells (EC), have evolved to heterodyne, or combine their own unique QEF's. This combination of distinct LINE channels entangle metamatter at yet a different unique QEF, called a composite or emerged QEF, thus instantiating the emerged individual, you. This composite degree of freedom called the QEF together with the metamatter it entangles is called the lifeID. No memories or behavior of the host body is carried or transferred by the lifeID. In nature, such properties are electromagnetic manifestations of the host species or vessel only. The closest cultural meme to the lifeID come via religions throughout human history having referred to this, using one word or another, as the soul. Once any QE connection is terminated, by sufficiently disrupting the cellular component (inducing death of the host vessel), the previously entangled metamatter becomes available for entanglement by other cells. However, this particular metamatter has been imprinted to some extent by its previous entanglement. Each generation of entanglement, each instantiation, each life, imprints information from both the host and QEF, to its entangled metamatter. The degree of this imprinting is yet to be determined. This time-dependent, perishable imprinting of cellular state in metamatter becomes available to future cells that entangle this metamatter while simultaneously limiting its entanglement opportunities to cells of matching state. The passage of time decays the imprint left on metamatter causing a return to a state best described as stem-metamatter (to be discussed later in this volume). This transfer of cellular state information may impact cellular behavior and development and to the extent that this imprinted information manifests an advantage for the cell, may provide a survival benefit. This is the evolutionary mechanism used by early life that predated the development of the DNA and RNA molecules. With QE communication, ergo; life, the proto-cell became the laboratory of evolutionary innovation we see today from which emerged a great many useful cellular structures and processes, but most pivotally, a clear benefit to augment the cloud storage mechanism of metamatter with a more local, more expandable and flexible information storage mechanism which became RNA and eventually DNA. This was the birth of the modern living cell. Much is yet to be learned but the implications of this process are vast and pervasive. The degree to which metamatter is imprinted by its entangled host and unique QEF will determine, after deinstantiation (death), the likelihood that your imprinted metamatter will, for a time, reject entanglement opportunities from dissimilar host cells (of even your same or similar species), in favor of entanglement with cells that contain your familial DNA. These are cells that are more compatible with its imprinting. Thereby increasing the probability of reinstantiating you into your former family line, or if less finely imprinted, to any random line in your previous species or if less finely tuned still, to another species entirely. Longevity may be a factor in this regard. Also when we discover the entanglement molecule in nature or within the cell, just as we eventually discovered the DNA molecule in the cell decades after Darwin presented his theory of evolution by natural selection, likewise this may allow us to develop technologies capable of detecting and tracking each individuals unique QEF in this life or across multiple instantiations. This will change the world, at the very least it will change the way we write our wills. As for practical implementations, discovering and using metamatter could change everything. Metamatter satellites would be very different yet similar to regular orbital satellites, even though they will reside outside of this space-time they'll permit instantaneous communication with any point in the cosmos. This will forever alter the human relationship not just to each other, but to all living creatures biological or otherwise. Also for the first time in human history, we could begin to take practical actions in life that would affect the individuals' reinstantiation prospects into ones' next life, thereby tailoring your next instantiation ahead of time, minus the mysticism and ideology.
  9. You forgot TEST and SET, and also TUT (as term of affection for TutanKhamun). But that's nice. LOL. This is what I do when the lights go out. Warning: I've left some resources untapped. This is a combined exercise in combinatorics as much as in the particle universe.
  10. That's interesting. Maybe it's like stuttering in that sense where they don't repeat the same letters when they're writing. I never stutter when I'm forming my thoughts in my head but very rarely in conversation I might jumble up a word. Replacing what you were going to say with a synonym makes it easier but it might also make the problem more frequent in your self-awareness. Thus many strategies alter the ratio of frequency versus intensity without being perfect cures. If you imagined that you were speaking impersonally to a robot instead of a conscious being then this would be much like writing. However you'd then have to sacrifice a lot of your metaphysical awareness which might be a Pyrrhic victory. You might solve one problem by creating another!
  11. I've never proclaimed myself a philosopher, and just to be clear "I AM NOT A (trained) PHILOSOPHER"; I am, however, guilty of philosophising, the quality of which you're not qualified to assess, as your no expert. So, FFS, stop using it as an excuse. "Science is a discipline in eternal progress way of thinking, and we do science even if we do not to understand what we are doing." FTFY And for science read philosophy.
  13. Only the quarks named as u, d, s, c, t, b are allowed for now. The mandatory language is English Eventually, we will allow the use of bound states of quarks, like p (proton), n (neutron) and any other particles that can be named with a Latin letter, like the electron (e). Here's mine, STUD The next one is pretty obvious. You're allowed to use Shakespearian English, Yorkshire English, Alabama English. Only, please document.
  14. A simple question: Why doesn't Tourette Syndrome manifest in written form? The "illness" is restricted to speech. Points to discuss. 1. The written word and the spoken word vis-à-vis our brain's language center. 2. A possible "cure" if, for instance, we can fool the brain of a Tourette person into thinking s/he's writing instead of speaking.
  15. Here's the problem (my emphasis): Now you say (my emphasis): In order to keep an electron on Earth for as long as it takes to send the other one all the way down to M87, you must make it orbit under a field. That's a lot of change in the quantum mechanical phase of the electron. And, further (my emphasis again), This conflicts with previous point that the electron measures up. If they measure anything (any one of them), they're no longer entangled, and their common state is described by a density matrix representing a strict mixed state. But the question whether the gravitational field affects the quantum description and how is outstanding, and I don't know the answer to it, but I'm thinking about a possible gedanken to make an equivalent question without the problems I see. It's questions like this that make me keep coming back to these forums, to the detriment of my activity in other 'more expert-driven' forums. I just would like to emphasize Swansont's particular point that, which I think is essential in all this business.
  16. I have a suggestion. Grab all the senators that are blocking gun reform, along with the hierarchy of the NRA, grab Trump along with them, and the clowns that invaded your white house, and lock then in the morgue with the bodies of the 19 children and teachers killed by the lunatic that was able to get his hands on an assault weapon of that kind and calibre. As your President said...You ( presumably referring to the senators and Americans in general) need to grow a back bone.
  17. I don't need or see any reason for trying to convince you or anyone else of anything. My claim stands as is...that is segregation in body contact sports such as rugby league and rugby union, will remain as they are, and what is recommended by medical experts and professionals knowledgable in those games, at least from the age of 10 years. I don't see that changing any time soon, if ever, and more importantly, it is what is generally supported by the majority of reasonable folk. Transgenders is another issue that hasn't been discussed a great deal, but what is known as per my previous link, is that such positions with say male-to-female- trans genders will be judged on any possible physical advantages and/or performance advanatges in a particular circumstance and the proper advice will be sort and duly acted on. I see that as progressive and wisely cautionary actions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sport Sport is usually governed by a set of rules or customs, which serve to ensure fair competition, and allow consistent adjudication of the winner. Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy toward teammates and opponents, ethical behaviour and integrity, and grace in victory or defeat It seems its a mortal sin to go against our extreme PC brigade. 🤣 Certainly won't change my position or the facts as I have expressed throughout this thread, at least in Australia and with the body contact sports such as the two rugby codes.
  18. Mentioned as "base-2" on: https://www.scienceforums.net/search/?q=base-2&quick=1&type=forums_topic As a topic: https://www.scienceforums.net/search/?q=base-2&quick=1&type=forums_topic Mentioned as "binary system" or the like gives similar results. Not exactly. Not all numbers are powers of two, are they? It means all numbers are expanded as combinations of powers of two with multipliers (digits that are only integers less than two). That covers all numbers.
  19. The only area where Russia is the same militarily as the USSR is in nuclear weapons. Conventionally it's falling to bits. It's not a superpower anymore. That illusion was shattered with this war.
  20. binary is "base-2" system. What does "base-2" mean? Is it -- all numbers are in the form 2^x?
  21. Russia has largely restored the former military power of the USSR. And China has already surpassed the United States in terms of real GDP, specifically in terms of real GDP, minus any financial consulting services there.
  22. This program is incorrect. It does not take into account leap years..
  23. Continuing with the thought experiment, if Einstein were to turn around to observe the clock on the tower that the train was heading towards, would the approaching clock on the tower appear to tick slower or faster?
  24. Where is the West materially weaker? You can say that about Russia.
  25. But if being 100 pounds heavier is a specified class division requirement, you aren't going to be competing there.
  26. The first observation establishes the orientation of both particles at the instant of observation. That is, the event is non-local. The very first observation destroys the entanglement so, if you know the orientation of the electron in your laboratory, you can’t predict the orientation at another location because the particles are no longer entangled.
  27. INow has often said we agree on 99%, and disagree on 1%, yet we are very critical of each other's opinions; sometimes much more so than we are of extreme 'right' opinions. This came to mind ... And I like Elton John.
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