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  2. I have a question for you, do you think incel means involuntary celibacy, or the subculture of a particular forum lineage, used in gender studies and criminology articles, further used in digital journalism. I am not going to assume things before you change your mind. I you have no clear answer I'm not participating in gaslighting bullshit.
  3. On the contrary, I think you’re the one expanding the discussion beyond what the OP discussed, which included certain terminology that has a particular meaning. Whatever “that forum” is, it’s not part of this discussion.
  4. Precisely. “teleport through a superposition/entangled states” in nonsensical The main issue is that m^2c is incorrect (square of a given unit of mass times the speed of light) A number people have, through the years Precision is much better, if communication is the goal. One must assume you mean what you say. Energy is given by E^2 = m^2c^4 + p^2c^2 It reduces to mc^2 for objects at rest. For photons the mass term goes to zero and E = pc You’re equating things that are not, in fact, equal Energy in massive objects is generally not in the form of photons; mass is a property of matter — they are not one and the same. You can’t “take away” mass in an arbitrary fashion. You can annihilate matter with antimatter, but that’s a very specific situation.
  5. There are Lithium batteries all through our home now - phones, shavers, remote speakers, torches (lanterns), leaf blowers, push mower, ride-on mower, brushcutter, drills, grinders... oh, and solar batteries that are much more than all those added together, and I'm sure I've missed a few.* Not an EV yet but only until costs come down and/or the used EV market grows. Some are Lithium Iron Phosphate (solar batteries, ride-on mower) that don't catch fire - although every electrical appliance can potentially catch fire from electrical faults, which can go on to start battery fires. Seems to me keeping the quality high - having safety standards - is more important than any "free" market access to cheap low quality batteries and chargers. Or to EV's with batteries and chargers that don't meet minimum standards. Those standards are likely to keep getting reviewed and updated in light of real world incidents as well as testing regimes, as they should. Fears that China will flood the world with cheap EV's (can't make this stuff up) are seeing efforts to save ICE manufacturers (who got what they wanted and in Aesop's race style have rested on their ICE achievements) with big tariffs and import bans. But any imports into markets like US, Europe or here in Australia DO have to meet stringent safety standards - and Chinese manufacturers appear as capable as anyone else of meeting and beating them. *(Add on edit - missed the laptop I've been typing on; talk about missing what is right in front of me. 2 in use plus another older one, rarely used)
  6. When you consider the problem with surpassing the speed of light is that the object takes on greater and greater amounts of drag as it accelerates close to the speed of light. So then if the spacecraft is accelerated by gravity/mass/drag in front then the problem is that drag ends up decelerating it when it moves said distance. So what if one were deleting the drag in the spaceship's wake as it is moved forward. Again, I'm not saying that this is the dark energy causing galaxies to gain separation as that hasn't been officially established. Should there already be any such proposals, I'll have a look. Not enough information was provided to establish that I don't know about the double slit experiment and it's theorized implications. It's obvious I quoted the Copenhagen interpretation because I was tired of writing it. That doesn't mean I just looked it up, maybe I just didn't like spelling it out again. Okay, "contributed" wasn't the right word, I guess annexed was a better word. Einstein gave us most of this information in the 1905 paper "Photoelectric effect" and "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on its Content?" that same year. These are just matters of semantics. I did not know someone else attempted this. So it would be interesting to see how we differ. I'll have to self-check it. I was being melodramatic because I feel having an incomplete picture is as good as having nothing. Even if the incomplete picture can still be used for all kinds of advantages they'd still pale in comparison to the complete picture. Photons are the quanta of energy. Energy is mass times the speed of light squared. You know this. Okay, this is given matter and its mass are inseparable or rather one and the same. If you take away the entire mass of a body of matter, it becomes energy and nothing is left over. I've heard claims that they've created antimatter, however I have my own thoughts on the matter. Again, I'll have to fall back on my research.
  7. I don't agree with everything OP says but I noticed he's used as a proxy to argue against something most outside that forum would not want to associate with: the blackpill, male supremacist, right-wing, hyper-traditionalist people specifically. If I had to bet money, I would bet he is not part of the 400 people posting on Lamarcus Sm*lls forum simply due to mathematical chance, but also because that forum is extremely right-wing and the OP started out with some radical left-wing theory, drawing my attention to sign up here to post in this thread. Stigmatized demographics are unfairly judged by the actions of the worst among them. It's pretty much the definition of stigma. But honestly there's nothing more I can do to disavow the forum subculture that people keep bringing up apart from literally performing a citizens arrest of the blackpill incel crime encouragement forum owner that gender studies articles use to broadbrush involuntary celibates. And that guy is not OP or myself. But that is outside of my interest or legal authority and there's already a public and activist movement to have him arrested anyway, mostly led by mom's of dead children of a sister suicide site he started. Hell, 7 members of Congress have asked the DOJ to prosecute the owner of that forum. I can't do more than the DOJ can. And if he truly commited no crimes then there's nothing else to do about that subculture or him. People have already called his forum and prior ones in that lineage deviant, misogynistic, male supremacist, hybrid masculine, whatever whatever 9000 billion times. I don't care about that forum, related ones, or the subcultures that partially define it anymore. I want to just talk about the literal meaning of the term.
  8. The question being asked does not come from me, but from the neuroscience field. The field has been trying to answer this question for decades by probing the brain with no clear answer as demonstrated in the Lieff post above. If someone is forcing a single monolithic oversimplified answer to a complex system level question it is not I, as I agree with you that there is no simple answer to this one..
  9. Here is the difference between me and you, we both can find a way to empathise with OPs plight but whereas you assume things about him, I go off the content of his character based on what I know about how he writes and his choice of words and ultimately just remembering things he's said. He said he is unapologetically selfish for example just a few pages back. Well, I'm doing him a favour by saying if you're like that, finding someone is going to be a lot harder and it seems like whomever that someone is will need to be a masochist to some degree because I don't think OP in his current mental state is capable of treating a partner with respect consistently enough to not abuse them out of callousness. And again, the fix to that is going to a therapist or someone who can help, honestly saying "I'm really selfish, it's stopping me from forming relationships. How can I be less selfish?" And just going from there.
  10. https://www.gmc.com/electric/sierra-ev/denali-edition-1 https://www.jaguarusa.com/all-models/i-pace/index.html https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en_US/showroom/spectre.html https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/ferraris-first-ev-will-cost-over-1235661037/amp/
  11. Yesterday
  12. I have interacted with the Anglosphere gender-obsessed or crime-obsessed types that write these articles. 99% are only interested in the forum succession I laid out. There is someone asking about the first 16 years of self-identified incel forum history instead of the last 7 on Reddit, but it's honestly too little too late. I'm just choosing to ignore the obsession and focus instead on the literal meaning of the term. If the word incel is too stigmatized I am open to alteranative words but I have a feeling they'd be co-opted and stigmatized just the same. But please keep in mind when i am saying "incel", I am not saying "Lamarcus Sm*lls forum or related subculture". And again I assume the same is true of OP considering how small that forum is and how large the internet outside that is.
  13. Just pulling this quote out here. But who knows, maybe if incels keep telling women that they arent identifying what is subjectively attractive correctly, they'll get somewhere... Maybe if they get right up in a womens face and scream "My favourite colour is red, like me because it means I'm powerful!" They'll swoon? Or maybe, women with moral compasses aren't into men who sound like they just got out of the Sith Academy on Korriban...
  14. Strange, the first mention of reddit was your post. The article I linked only referred to reddit (which was banned), 4chan and an unnamed forum they did the survey on. You do seem to be well informed on the broader internet ecosystem surrounding the incel community (suggesting that it is not quite as obscure as I thought it is?). That being said the article is specific to one forum- but there are more articles out there looking at different aspects, if you are interested.
  15. Because the Anglosphere gender studies articles which I find your talking points in exlusively focus on 3 sets of people. The people who were apart of Bharg9's Reddit forum, then the people who were apart of that ban evasion in r/incels, then the people who were apart of that ban evasion in 2-3 Xenforo forums.
  16. And to add to this @orgotude; the people best equipped to deal with this, aren't here. We aren't professional therapists able to detach from our own feelings on things to listen to others for hours on end. There has been plenty of compassion and offers of help thrown at OP. OP doesn't trust therapists or the people best trained to legitimately help him improve his life and you can only vent about things that bother you for so long before you're not venting, you're obsessing and dosing yourself with the same stress cocktail you had before you started venting. It's a bad cycle to get into. OP feels like he is a victim in some way and that not having sexual partners is some kind of trauma done purposefully by other people when really it's just people exercising their free will to say no verbally and non verbally. If he continues to just not move forward and start focussing on what he can control, himself and who he chooses to be, instead of wishing he could control the women he wants into sleeping with him or for someone to arrange a relationship for him when he hasn't proven himself capable of handling one, then social deterrents and consequences are going to come out. This is human nature.
  17. Not sure why you (as the only one) keep referring to reddit. Unless you are assuming that there is only one or two relevant internet fora. And not, say wikis and other resources that reinforce that ideology?
  18. Ok I do not care about this reddit thing, go somewhere else about it. neither the OP or myself are apart of Lamarcus Sm*lls forum. Or at least I assume he isn't given there's only like 400 people posting there compared to the millions who'd be ready to self-identify as involuntarily celibate or whatever shortened variation. Can you imagine being so narrowly focused? It'd be like me claiming every single person who self-identifies as incel subscribes to "vaginocapitalism theory" just because the originator of that theory leads the self-identified incels in Russia.
  19. These are different discussions, unless you mean that sexually rejected folks all fall under the same category (and throughout history). And this is not so. Obviously there are folks who are, for a wide range of reasons unable to find a sexual partner (and again, the person who coined the phrase is a woman). But incel is not (anymore) a term that refers to folks who are unable to find sexual partners. It is a mostly internet-based movement and folks referring to themselves as incels are more often than not are part of the sub-culture (as opposed to either being part of the original 2000's movement or using the term literally). And the subtext in their argument is not precisely subtle.
  20. Wanting to be paired doesn't fix the issue that in this particular case; women find @ImplicitDemandsthreatening and emotionally insecure. Therefore dangerous to pair with or have children with. I'm not saying some incels might just be unlucky with the women around them in general but in this case, I think it's a case that social cues to avoid him, are being thrown out by OP. Let me ask you this; would you opt in to being a matchmaker for someone you believed might physically attack their partner? People who want to be "paired" for the sake of being in a relationship or just having someone to have sex with, honestly aren't ready for the commitment it takes to make one work as anyone who comes near will only be seen as a means to an end and women can pick up on these things far better than men can.
  21. In weightlifting, this is similar to tricep extension, where your lunges and squats deload the plyometrics of the overhead press, depending on which bicep curl gives you a good standing row.
  22. These are not new arguments born from masculinities or failure to accept whatever recent version of feminism. The arguments about guaranteeing sexual matters in some way while comparing them to phenomena such as homelessness. Arguing for incels, and arguing against petite-bougie sexual behaviour among women in market economies has a long history in human left-wing thought, not just some Reddit right-wing or misogynistic subculture from 2016.
  23. Read the rest of the thread before you tell me I'm wrong. Show me where he accepted someone's advice. You came in here being negative to everyone here in your first posts so be careful before you throw stones.
  24. I'm still really excited about the notion of the advanced SOLID-STATE battery. What I would like to see is some exciting automobiles and light-duty trucks built on this technology. I want elegant, fun, stylish, roomy, comfortable, sporty, handsome and even fast cars, wagons, vans, SUV's and pickup trucks to run on this new clean-green stuff. What if one, with the necessary bucks, could take a 1957 Ford Fairlane, 1965 Cadillac convertible, 1970 Dodge Challenger, 1979 Lincoln Town Car or 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham coupe and completely convert them to 100% solid-state battery EV while still preserving the original body and interior? Just imagine. Would solid-state EV tech practically support these heavy old cars?
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