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  2. solutions to overpopulation

    Solution to overpopulation... Compensation has to be the key. Allow benefits / less taxation / incentives / health care / access and preferences to housing programs, employment, pay raises... to families with less children. Instead of punishing families with too many children.
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  4. The values I have are 1000, 2000, 800 and 1600. To do 2000 I just need to double your results to be 2352.94 for green and whatever the twice 6666.6 recurring is for red, right? (Is it possible to double a recurring number? It's shockingly hard to find that out.) But I'd like to know the values for 800 and 1600. Not really up to doing this myself, sorry.
  5. Is Israel evolving into a fascist nation?

    I clearly said the list wasn't good company. That obviously implies I disagree with them all. Israel is being singled out because they are the most recent ones. Also, there have been many discussions which have criticized middle eastern theocracies. I am calling this whataboutism because that is what your arguement is. Rather than addressing the issue directly on its own merits you carrying of about inaccurate falsely equivalent matters like whether or not U.S. has an official language (it doesn't). What Israel has done also codifies the settlements which you previously conceded were wrong for them to have taken.
  6. Fishing boats have an allowed quota for a certain tonnes of captures each season on certain areas/countries. Would it be feasible, to allow additional tonneage to fishing vessels that bring to shore the sea of plastic ? For a ton of plastic removed, an extra ton of fish allowed to capture. Just imagine these nets doing cleanup when the vessels are done for the season. It has to help, hasn't ? The planet wins, the fishermen win, rewarded right away or for the next season with more quota than their competitors. And a cleaner sea has at some point to benefit the fishermen too, right ? How to implement details ? Acceptance expectations ? Whom to propose or am aiming too high ?
  7. Is Israel evolving into a fascist nation?

    Read your own link... Israel defines Judaism as a culture. Not a religion. Other religions are free to be practiced. It is the Jewish heritage they are trying to preserve. And you'll call it 'whataboutism' again but I don't see any threads being opened as to how any of the other countries mentioned in your link are slipping into fascism. Why is Israel being singled out ? ( again !!! ) Edit: You're right the US doesn't have an 'official' language. But try going into any government office and demanding service in anything other than English. See how you make out.
  8. solutions to overpopulation

    The standard operating playbook that nearly all world govts/economies have followed since the industrial revolution is growth. In Western countries with lower birth rates they bring in migrants to make up the difference. Until societies reject the growth models which dominate our govt's and businesses over population won't be tackled. Education, as it currently exists, won't provide solutions as it promotes growth. Businesses must produce more year after year which means they need more costumers year after year. Colleges follow this model which is part of the reason student loan debt is such a huge problem. Campus are expanding, fees are increasing, and a ever increasing number of students are needed. A complete shift in the global monetary system is required. Sustainability needs greater focus but would require sacrifices I fear few are willing to make.
  9. Creating a dual Server

    That already exists and sounds like a good homework project for you. Why don't you try making an ftp client and server with a javafx frontend and post how you get on with it. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  10. Creating a dual Server

    Hey, ok so I am working on a new project and I was wondering how would I go about connecting 2 servers together. Like each server is it's own independent file/document server and the 2 servers can connect to one another via some link. The reason that I would be having 2 separate servers instead of just a single server and connecting 2 devices to it is that I want the person using the server to have absolute control of there documents and files all while allowing for each server to copy information from each other. Also if one server were to die or be destroyed then another server would just have everything backed up on it. Maybe it would be better if I explained it with a picture.
  11. Is Israel evolving into a fascist nation?

    This is all just a bunch of whataboutism riddled with inaccurate claims. Their is not an official language in the U.S. nor is Italy a religious state. Your inaccuracies highlights the problem with what Israel is doing, it is un-democratic. Nearly all Democracies avoid such declaration. Take a look at the Countries globally that have officially endorsed a Religion. It isn't good company.
  12. Gold anode seems to dissolve in sodium hydroxide electrolyte

    I've found out that I might be able to use someone's X-ray florescence machine to test the gold foil. Hopefully I'll report back tomorrow.
  13. The best approach would be to use A Poisson distribution (that seems to be what you are describing. Let t be time with unit one thousand seconds. Then the probability density for a mare to appears is e^{-t} To split it up, the density function for the red is .15e^{-.15t} while for the green is .85e^{-.85t}. The mean times for the red an green respectively are 1000/.15=6666.66... and 1000/.85=1176.47 seconds.
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  15. Gold anode seems to dissolve in sodium hydroxide electrolyte

    Thanks for the reply, and that's a cool idea, but mass measurements aren't going to be possible as the total weight of the electrode is about 0.004g (gold 20grams per cubic centimetre, 1micron is 1/10,000 cm, electrode 1cm by 2 cm by 1 micron). I don't have that precision available. Can I take it from your reply that you are certain 24 carat gold will not behave as I described? Thanks again for the input.
  16. The idea that we only have 5 sense is rather old fashioned.
  17. dark matter question

    How is this connected with the topic of the thread? What is "force of space"? No Casimir force in FREE space. What is this "thing"? In what way is it "going on"? What is "the test"? And how would it detect the "thing"? (And can you quantify the size of this effect, whatever it is?)
  18. Time and space

    But that is not what you said. A single point can move away from where it is, or it can move towards something else. It can't move towards itself; it is already there. I assumed by "mass-energy equivalence", you were referring to the equation e=mc2 and that mass can be converted to energy. Just saying that the whole universe contains all the mass-energy in the universe (which is trivially true, even if the universe is infinite) doesn't really explain anything. So by "point" do you mean the same as what is called an "event" in relativity (ie. a set of x,y,z,t coordinates)? I don't see why not. And it would seem to limit the usefulness of the model because it implies nothing can ever interact with anything else (because they can never be at the same place and time). There is no universal "now" in relativity. Time is relative to the observer. The time between events, and even the ordering of events, depends on who measures it. It is very vague and not very useful until you can show that it produces practically useful results (ie the same results as relativity).
  19. Is Israel evolving into a fascist nation?

    1: The Palestinians have elected governments and a constitution. The internal squabbles ( and outside instigators ) that prevent the government of the West Bank from getting along with the one governing the Gaza Strip doesn't change that. Neither does the fact that some countries don't recognize the legitimacy of the government democratically elected by the Palestinians. 2: The US considers itself an English speaking country, yet there is a large percentage of Hispanics whose native tongue is Spanish ( Mexican ). Hispanics are free to speak their native tongue if they so choose. Italy is a Roman Catholic country, yet immigrants are free to practice whatever religion they choose. Quebec denies its English speaking citizens the right to post signage in one of the two official languages. I can see how the third example is wrong, but you're going to have to explain how the first two are.
  20. black hole question

    The common model is of an event horizon surrounding a mathematical singularity. Be some distance for anything falling in to still go. Externally temperature of a reasonably large BH can come close though. Can't measure a non-measurement, just to put that out there. Relative zero or 'close enough' is what we're limited to.
  21. Gold from unknown source, can have 24 carats (24/24=100%), can have 18 carats (18/24 = 75%) or it can have 14 carats (14/24 = 58%).. (rarely different than 24/18/14) Somebody lied to you, and sold you, not 24 carats Gold, I am afraid so.. Measure mass of "gold electrode" using electronic weight with high precision i.e. 0.1g or better precision.. Then use it as electrode.. for hours.. and then measure mass again.. Calculate, and you will learn how many carats it used to have..
  22. Every second, a green marble has a chance to appear. You are not told what the probability of this occurring is - instead, you are given a number which is equal to the average number of seconds it takes for a green marble to appear (let's call it 'mean time to happen'). Now let's say you want there to be a chance of a red marble appearing instead of a green one. In order to make this happen, you must define a separate 'mean time to happen' for the red marbles. But you do not want to change the overall chance of any marble to appear; the combined probability of a red or green marble appearing must be the same as the previous probability of a green one appearing. Aim at, say, a fifteen percent probability of a red marble appearing instead of a green one, with the current 'mean time to happen' being one thousand seconds. What 'mean times to happen' would you have to assign to both green and red?
  23. Doing some tests using a gold electrode to split water. Basically I'd like to know if you'd expect what I'm seeing, which is a brown gunk building up on the gold anode and it seeming to be eroded. I was expecting it not to react at all. Set up: 1 micron thick 24 carat gold foil at the positive electrode. 2 square cm. Legit supplier of gold foil. Titanium negative electrode. 4 square centimetres. Sodium hydroxide solution electrolyte. 20 volts. I see 2 amps or so flowing and plenty of bubbles, and unfortunately the gold electrode discolours, some brown gunk builds up on it, and the edges look like they're getting eaten away. I saw in the topic below that someone mentioned the possibility of gold hydroxide being formed. I'm thinking it's either this, or my gold foil isn't as pure as claimed. Does anyone have any opinion or experience of this situation, and how likely the gold hydroxide is? If it's this, might a potassium hydroxide electrolyte be worth a shot, or if the gold hydroxide is forming, should I give up on the gold anode? Apologies, I have very limited chemistry knowledge, but willing to learn. Cheers.
  24. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I was also wondering that. Is it possible for the kicker to "read" the goalie and change direction during the kick? My guess is that in general the kicker has more accuracy kicking with their dominant foot to the opposite side of the goal. For example, since I am right-footed, I would have best accuracy kicking towards my left side of the goal, which would be the goalie's right. In the World Cup match France Vs Croatia, the French penalty kick was low, towards the kickers left (goalie's right) but goalie already made the decision to dive to his left. If he had decided to dive the other way he would have easily blocked the shot. That is why I ask why don't world-class soccer players practice hitting the top 2 corners which are impossible to defend? Because when you practice shooting HIGH whenever you miss, the ball sails a long way to be retrieved. They should shoot at targets on a wall to practice. Right. The goalie dives to one side and forward to restrict the angle of the shot.
  25. So who's going to win the world cup?

    The line extends goal post to goal post. They can move along the line and therefore jump prior to the kick. What they cannot do is leave the line and move toward the kicker prior to the ball being kicked.
  26. Is the Universe infinite?

    Does that mean a universe composed of bosons can overlap our universe? I'm ok with the prospect that an infinite number of universes could overlap in the same space, just on different dimensions.
  27. dark matter question

    no casimir force in space...? there would be if a proper setup was arranged, but my meaning is that there is a fundamental thing going on and that can be detected by perturbing that "thing" via the test.
  28. black hole question

    no movement equals no temperature
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