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  2. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Shape is the external boundary/surface of an object. Considering that the universe is expanding and that expansion is accelerating, its shape is never constant. We can only consider discussing its shape from the inside of the universe because there are no refference points outside. From the inside the universe has a shape which is constantly changing. And evidently you are not providing any evidence for your assertions. It doesn’t really matter if you think that evidence is not required, adsertions need to be backed up here.
  3. I get the idea the body can't deal well with (some) molecules like fructose or starch & so stores them as fat. (Versus e.g. glucose.) Instead muscle is broken down easier (or let's say faster, than those difficult fat deposits). During childhood & teens those specific fat deposits might not become noticeable. But later (in life, accumulating) things like "beer bellys" & "bread baskets" become noticeable on some human bodies. Those rounding curves don't get smaller on their own. The (natural) tendancy seems to be: getting "fatter" (no matter how hard trying to reduce (fat) weight). Considering: (many processed) foods have fructose (_glucose sirup) added as a sales gimick to get people to eat them (more). Youtube video "Sugar the bitter truth". & that some livestock are eating those foods too, to recycle the waste(d food)s, thus getting more fat. ..& reused. Then the getting fatter tendancy in life, might be explained. E.g. recognized (partially). & a thorough natural fat reduction of the final last fat pounds seems like mission impossible. The bad bugs (=bacteria) are being fed ("faster") by refined (=pure) carbohydrates, meaning they have no stumbling blocks (like vitamins, minerals, ..& other complex things) & we feed on their waste produces. What I've observed is various mild acids help reduce body fat. Some also hunger. Fat is made of fatty acid(s) & glycerin. Maybe the (acidic) pH tips the scale & the body tries to rid or eliminate fat (osmotically: higher concentration to lower? seems doubtful). Competative acidity, as solvent? Or just too much acid sensed, & reserves must be reduced? Maybe (also) bitter (toxifies) body fats, so the body wants to get rid of it, throwing out the fat (bound to bitter) too? I'd be interested in what we could naturally add to e.g. beer; bread; butter which would NOT ruin their flavour, but would also reduce body fat. (Sweet) Beer's strategy with bitter hops does NOT seem to be enough when also eating too. Martin Luther's wife probably boiled the (toasted (=roasted)?) bread crumbs (pieces left over from the mass's loaves) & let it sit (weeks?) to ferment, for beer. ? Otherwise she did NOT rebake the bread pieces & the (fresh=grape juice) wine had the yeast, & she (had) only put the crumbs into water. Cheers
  4. Quantum Fluctuations/Foam

    I fully recognize your expertise. If a White hole is accepted as the source of the BB, dark energy and all of space time, quantum fluctuations etc does it change any of Einsteins theories. Why would the output from a ER Bridge from a or multiple BH's to a WH have to be non homogeneous. If a ER bridge exists at a singularity to all of space time does it not explain questions like those raised in this link
  5. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Evidently the universe has apparently discernable features. What sort of features would a shapeless universe have? What would an unconstrained shape look like?
  6. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    The same unscientific nonsense also aligns with the writers of fairy tales.
  7. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Thanks for your engaging reply, Strange. ☺ Firstly, no, I don't believe that evidence IS needed to support my claims that there can be no such thing as either a shapeless universe or an unconstrained shape. These are both self evident facts that are ultimately SO obvious that they can very easily be overlooked, so I'm just pointing them out. If the existence of a shape is absolutely dependent upon it's constraint, then it's constraint can also be regarded as it's cause.
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  9. Why 41,25 stencil ?

    Right. Sorry for the missing e in Schablone. I couldn't figure the reason for those angles, but the German Wiki helped a bit. (edit) oops, mathematics destroyed. See below & wiki article Where 2α + β =360 but I must admit the German explanation is far from clear to me.
  10. Reanimation and resurrection

    There's not only the possibility of biological resurrection to be considered, but also digital resurrection. I personally would take any kind of resurrection if my sense of self is restored
  11. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Is it? Evidence needed. Really? Citation needed. Dependent on what? Clarity needed. Non-sequitur. Rational argument needed. As for the rest: tl;dr.
  12. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Sounds like a non sober Deepak Chopra with an aid of a dictionairy.
  13. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    It must be some good stuff.
  14. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Who said that...
  15. The fact that the universe is utterly inextricable from 'shape' (which cannot exist at all without 'constraint') directly indicates that it is absolutely dependent. In other words, the universe cannot occur without a 'Cause'. In this sense, the universe can be regarded as the 'Eternal Radiance' of Causeless Shapelessness itself. In truth, ALL 'things' and 'events' (including 'ourselves') are actually conceptually delineated, 'apparently discernable impermanent features' of this Radiance. Evidently, any given 'particular thing' (for example, a 'tree') exists in a state of constant change, which is to say that 'the tree' is in fact a 'process' rather than a 'thing'. This process can ONLY be occurring if the necessary conditions are present. These conditions are 'not the tree', and are naturally comprised of 'other processes', ALL of which can ONLY be occurring if the necessary conditions are present. These conditions are 'not those other processes', and are naturally comprised of 'other other processes', ALL of which can ONLY be occurring if the necessary conditions are present, and so on, ad infinitum. Therefore, 'the tree' could not possibly be occurring in exactly the way that it is without the ENTIRETY of 'not the tree' (i.e. the rest of the universe) occuring in exactly the way that it is. In this way, 'the tree' naturally includes the entirety of the rest of the universe within it's own existence, and so there is no REAL difference between 'the tree' and 'not the tree'. As such, neither 'the tree' nor 'not the tree' exist in Reality. Exactly the same is true of ALL 'particular processes', including 'Me' and 'Not Me' (and 'You' and 'Not You'). In truth, the necessary distinctions between all the different processes are purely conceptual, and so, do not ACTUALLY exist in any way at all. If this Radiance COULD have had another shape, It WOULD have had another shape. Because there is no way to know why It COULDN'T have had another shape, there is no way to know why It has the shape that It has. Likewise, the true nature of the Causeless Shapelessness (that is to say, the actual reason WHY It is radiant at all, and why 'experiencing' apparently happens at particular 'times' and 'places' within It's Radiance) is absolutely unknowable. If the 'ceaseless change' that is this Radiance had an absolute beginning, that beginning would also be the ending of a prior 'beginningless absence of change'. If it had an absolute ending, that ending would also be the beginning of a subsequent 'endless absence of change'. Such a situation is an absolute impossibility. Therefore, this 'ceaseless change' MUST be eternally cyclic. Apparently, some of the 'conscious features' of the Radiance are of such an extreme level of physical complexity that they have the natural capacity to become 'hypnotized' by their surroundings. This hypnosis makes it SEEM to these extremely complex conscious features (a.k.a. intelligent body/mind life-forms) that all the apparently discernable features of the Radiance (including themselves) are in fact 'solely self-inclusive forms' (which is to say, that they are all fundamentally existing separate things that have their own independent nature), and that they themselves have their own personal consciousness and are the separate, autonomous originators of their own particular movements. As such, the absolute harmony that naturally exists between all the features of the Radiance seems to be 'hidden' from these hypnotized conscious features. Instead, they perceive a situation that seems confusingly fragmented, hostile and threatening. This is the illusion of multiplicity, seperateness and duality. Perceiving this, the hypnotized conscious features are bound to suffer. Where this hypnosis is not present, there can be no suffering. Because after all, there is ONLY Radiant Shapelessness. Thanks for reading. ☺
  16. Buy microscope... Robert Koch received task "find out how to fight with livestock disease anthrax". He contaminated animals by anthrax from blood of dead body livestock. Checked blood prior contamination and after contamination, and noticed that microbes which were in livestock blood spread in contaminated animal, and caused death..
  17. It doesn't just appear to be real, otherwise we wouldn't need double blind experiments. The second statement makes little sense, since "psychological means" work with biochemical processes.
  18. "mass" term is ambiguous. It can refer to "rest-mass" ("invariant-mass"), "relativistic-mass", etc. I am saying, don't leave room for different interpretations. It requires using unambiguous terms to express your thought. When somebody simply says "photons have no rest-mass" everything is clear from the beginning. If somebody would come here claiming "photon has rest-mass", you would ask him to tell frame-of-reference in which photon is at rest. Simple, quick and elegant answer. He/she should get the picture straight away, even if not scientist.
  19. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    OK. Good point. Ok so let's 'sculpt' an industrial society that has as little impact on the environment as possible and see what they would leave behind for scientists in the future to find.
  20. Can anyone please help me identify these 2 chemistry tools?

    The top one looks like a heating block for placing vessels into for incubation or evaporation. It would be placed into a heating mantle and is designed to be removable so you can change it out for one with different sized holes. We use similar ones for evaporating solvent from samples in vials. Unsure exactly of the bottom one, but at a guess I’d say it’s designed to be held over a Bunsen flame or similar.
  21. Is it possible we can conquer a Disease with use of Psychology?

    I find placebo effects and the effects of patient attitude interesting. It does appear like these are real effects. I doubt that these work purely by psychological means and expect there will be biochemical processes at work.
  22. Distinguishing between HSS and Tungsten Carbide

    The best drill bits I have used are these; and am NOT related to the vendors at all. Just worth suggesting this kind. Really. ---->!40391!US!-1 -----> And the ones I bought were refurbished !
  23. Molecular Dynamic

    Hi I'm currently working on molecular dynamic using visual studio 2015 and gromacs. Anyone that interested in or master at this field please let me know.
  24. Is it possible we can conquer a Disease with use of Psychology?

    Outside of some mental health issues, no. Diseases consist of lifeforms, viruses and the non-ideal functioning of the body. That aspect isn't in your mind, though they may be in your head.
  25. It’s not, unless you believe everything is in our “minds.” That said, the placebo effect is incredible and worth further exploration. There’s also a lot of meat for chewing on the discussion bone of mocrobiome. x-posted w HI
  26. Is it possible we can conquer a Disease with use of Psychology?

    How exactly is this a philosophy subject?
  27. Good Day! Philosophers here, I came up with an idea that what if a disease is just only in our minds.
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