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  2. I found some numbers from a heating firm on most comfortable humidity levels at given temperatures. For an outdoor temperature over 50˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 50% With an outdoor temperature over 20˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 40% Outdoor temperature between 10˚F and 20˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 35% For an outdoor temperature between 0˚F and 10˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 30% Outdoor temperature between -10˚F and 0˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 25% With an outdoor temperature between -20˚F and -10˚F, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 20% Outdoor temperature at -20˚F or lower, indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 15% https://lauryheating.com/ideal-home-humidity/
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  4. Imagine being by a pond with a small toy boat. You pushing the boat is your expression of freewill, but once that boat has left your hands, the deterministic, scientific forces takeover. The notion of having freewill needn't be constant. The way I look at free will: it is the ability to intercept ones mental processes that were founded elsewhere outside of cognition.
  5. Wish to continue our conversation. I am confused, because some see a role for consciousness in quantum mechanics and I see none.
  6. So where exactly does she not have free will ? And what exactly is the deterministic process by which I can predict that she will fail ? But thanks for the answer.
  7. It is, but the outcome may not be what she wants. Just because you want something, doesn't mean one will realize it. That doesn't negate the free choice made beforehand.
  8. I'm glad to hear you have your answer. Does that mean you do not wish to continue our unfinished conversation ?
  9. It's a long time since I had any emails about posts (several upgrades and new softwares ago). I still get emails about personal messages though and that is welcome. But aren't notifications now just popups when you are actually logged on ?
  10. studiot


    Don't be sorry for your English. It is good enough, if we cooperate. 😀 Now please consider this I believe you are generally correct here. But We cannot prove it. Note how I put exactly the same idea more scientifically. Also you say this A helpful correction to your English. Many people incorrectly use the word paradox to mean something difficult or notunderstandable or even comically funny. In Science we always try to by as accurate as we can and that means using carefully defined words strictly. A paradox is a statement which appears to be self contradictory but actually is not. Is that what you meant ? This is not a paradox, although many people make it seem more mystical than it really is.
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  12. I still don't see anyone taking me up on this and explaining why this is not an example of free will.
  13. Exactly. And prior to that act, we had at least some government guidelines requiring the news to actually inform the public of important events.
  14. I think you get notifications from anyone who responds to your posts. Does it give you a general notice and then tell you it's from a person you blocked? That would be annoying, but if it's telling you what that person posted when you made it clear you want them blocked, then this needs to be fixed.
  15. It's totally a guess. Does this change affect space as well? In our current best supported explanations, space and time are an inextricable continuum. Nobody in science is looking for "proof". It's all about explaining a phenomenon, modeling it, and then looking for evidence to support the explanation. Any one thing can show an explanation to be false, but supporting an explanation is an ongoing, never ending process. We always want the best supported explanations, and when we can't find anything wrong with one, we start calling it a theory. Proof is for formal logic and maths. So, do you have any evidence to support your idea that time has evolved?
  16. joigus


    I just knew that was the direction you were going. I remember many discussions with philosophers, and I had a deja vu. But I didn't want to bring it up until you stated it clearly. You inquiry is not about colour. It's about qualia --or should be. Philosophy really. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qualia/
  17. "Down with antisemitism!": There is a short video of a Zionist railing on two Anti-Zionist (proper Talmud-respecting Jews) Jews in the link.
  18. Meaning this belief of yours is just that - a belief, of the religious sort. If there’s no evidence, you can present, then this is patently unscientific
  19. Do you get notifications from that person? That doesn’t seem right. Other members don’t have your email. I see options to get notifications from SFN when new content is posted in a thread you follow.
  20. Alas, I can't put a filter in my newsfeeds that are specific to that one person (except maybe the Google app) ...Heck I wish I have his specific category of "genius" (e.g. having a father who owns an emerald mine) (okay, maybe not any mine, but at least some immense luck) Even if the population level eventually falls after all of us are long gone, encouraging births smells to me like a disguised form of nativism. I don't see how emigration couldn't handily resolve any perceived issues involving any sort of negative population growth.
  21. https://undark.org/2023/11/17/book-review-free-will/ Offers some good summary of the discursive issues so far. Looks at books by two authors who reach quite different conclusions about free will. Here's a snippet that I found amusing.
  22. Why am I still getting email notifications from someone I blocked? Now I'll have setup email rule just to block email notifications coming from this one individual. I've seen his interactions with others in other threads and they're awful too.
  23. Let me guess, the House members who have been strongly supporting a well-known fat pathological liar the past few years were the ones reluctant to cast a vote against this fat pathological liar.
  24. I think it might be more of a mental thing. I've noticed that the tiniest draught, nowhere near enough to affect my temperature, immediately makes me feel the cold, so changes in humidity might have a similar out-of-proportion effect. I use humidity to make my place more comfortable. The kitchen opens up to my tv room, and I just leave a huge pot on the gas ring simmering as low as it can go. If I don't do that, I find I need to turn the heat up a bit. That's at comfortable room temperature, of about 22 dec c on my digital wall clock. So for me, at that temp, raising humidity does make me feel warmer. In a cold room, judging by the study posted, it would probably have little or no effect, and just cause condensation.
  25. It is not really a guess. The basic concept is that evolution has occurred on earth. That I agree. But I believe there has also been an evolution in Time. This forms a "backdrop" to life we see today. Unfortunately I don't have proof, and it is unlikely that will ever be possible. You are right, the whole thing is a puzzle. There are some pieces. But takes some patience to see the "big picture".
  26. For many that's counterintuitive. But it makes sense, where the amount of water in the air, in absolute terms, is so small. I suspect some of that folk belief about cold relates to the situations like walking through a heavy mist or drizzle where cold moisture is reaching your skin in larger quantities and drawing more heat from it. And you are then, as the article notes, not getting any warming from direct sun, adding even more chill.
  27. mar_mar


    I'm very greatfull for your answer. You are right on my reaction, I always feel that I'm right and and the other opinion doesn't exist. That's how colour teches me to volume down myself a bit. I look at the blue sky, and the other person looks at the blue sky, but our blue skies are different. Different, not better not worse, but different. There's different ability to see the world. And colour is a tricky topic for the scientific world because of it's subjectivity. Colour is a paradox, and paradoxes rules the world I think. Colour is a paradox for it's simultaneous objectivity and subjectivity. Just like the light is a wave and a particle at the same time. And yes, sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker. You answer a question with a question. What I mean is that human's mind and animal's mind receive different information of a colour and use it for different purposes.
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