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  1. Voting Twice in the Midterm Elections

    This bodes well for 2020...
  2. Voting Twice in the Midterm Elections

    Use a different name the second time? Preferably one you know will not vote. Or use an accomplice working the poll station, They can choose what name to cross off. Obviously there will be safeguards against doing this, which may vary from place to place. And of course only one party would ever try it...
  3. Thin wall plastic ducting ?

    Pipe comes standard in it's outside dimension. For pipe 14" and large it is the same OD as the nominal size (so 14.00 +/- tolerance for a 14" pipe) The OD of a 6" pipe is 6.625" and a 12" is 12.75". A schedule 5 will have a thinner wall than a schedule 10, for the same nominal size.
  4. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Difference being that I am making a sports analogy tongue-in-cheek, not even stating my opinion, and you are stating your opinion and claiming it as fact.
  5. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    I guess I forgot to add that Brenda Snipes is at WWE referee level... Honestly, I have no idea what is really going on in Florida...and I don't expect you do either
  6. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    It seems more like a battle between two sports teams than an honest legal process...with Trump "rising" to WWE level.
  7. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    If you do go that far, make sure you planet
  8. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Iowegian for now...Iowanian when you start moving to your next State...
  9. Test

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      Did you pass ?


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      Failed...I thought it might be my signature and was checking to see if it would change...:)

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      Well I can guess that you’re not familiar with the new GUI on SFN. It is good to see you Sir. Carry on.


  10. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    If you want to discuss trade agreements...shouldn't you start a new thread? Edit: This is the Democrats crushed in midterms thread...LOL!
  11. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Ribs can be painful but if not displaced she might do OK. Hopefully most of us can turn out to be half as tough as she is.
  12. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    From the first link: "Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in the last two decades." That was from 2014...ahhh..the good 'ol days!
  13. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Same as the article. Then why is the article titled "The 2018 Electorate was not all that different. They just voted differently." Clearly not identical to 2014...or it would have taken significantly different proportions of each to get the significantly different results they got. It certainly is...and also worth noting this did not happen in 2014...the different demographic groups (most of them) voting differently being the most likely reason...(not turnout that favoured both) If Trump is impeached and incarcerated I would expect he would continue to brag to the guards and inmates...so no surprise there... I would hope the Progressives and Conservatives would both lament the fact that they missed an opportunity to appeal more to the middle...as that may have been the difference given the (apparent, but according to the article) stalemate on turnout.
  14. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    "the shape of the 2014 and 2018 electorates, doesn’t show as much change as you might expect." What do you think this means? The whole point of the article being that the demographic "shape" (demographic of electorate remained essentially proportional even with the extra turnout) was the same....yet the results were different in 2018 from 2014 ...and not... turnout varied the "shape" (proportionality) of the various groups, with those groups voting the same way as they always do, as you seem to believe. (again...you could be right...but the article suggests otherwise)
  15. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    You might be right...but not according to your linked article. Did you read it or just assume it agreed with you? "The example that jumps off the page in reading the exits is voters over 65. Republicans won them 57-41 in 2014, but only 50-48 in 2018. That’s about the same margin as in 2006, the last Democratic “wave” election, before the tea party movement-driven realignment of the electorate made “old” all but synonymous with “Republican.” White college graduates shifted from 57-41 Republican in 2014 to 53-45 Democratic this year. By contrast, white voters without a college degree changed marginally, from 64-34 Republican to 61-37. White women didn’t trend as massively Democratic in 2018 as some of the anecdotal evidence suggested, but did go from 56-42 Republican to 49-49 this year. The 2014 exits didn’t provide a breakdown by race, gender, and education-level, but given the relatively low change in the vote of non-college educated white voters generally, you can figure this year’s 59-39 Democratic margin among college-educated white women was a pretty big shift."