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  1. I cannot. Thanks for the reply. That certainly sounds like what it should be like...but I guess it is unlikely in this particular political climate. (the climate that needs to change...)
  2. What do you think it would look like?
  3. Well...no one fits that description If you are suggesting equality in outcomes it is far from slight. A guaranteed basic income would substantially reduce the requirement for a welfare safety net. It wouldn't pull someone out of poverty on it's own but could make a significant difference to their efforts.
  4. I don't know many people that old... Obviously you are trying to include their ancestors...but how does that work? Many slaves were son's and daughters of their masters...you can't track it all...so ultimately you are judging based on their (apparent) race. Better to treat everyone equally...differentiating only to ensure a degree equal opportunity where and when it clearly doesn't exist. UBI isn't perfect, but it has levelling affects without requiring someone to make judgements...a mess that really should be avoided...especially when it comes to something as potentially divisive as judging people based on race.
  5. Universal Basic Income. Based on equality, but has the most effect on the "short guy" without the stigma...or anyone telling them which game they must watch...in fact it might allow them to choose to get in a game and play.
  6. Fair enough. I don't expect this is homework though. Koti has been around for quite a while. Assuming he is looking for a realistic estimate, it comes down to making the right assumptions and some engineering tables. ...or experimenting.
  7. It seemed he knew that, and was focused on the friction, which would account for the difference between the S and F force.
  8. As the only pulley is fixed, there is no mechanical advantage.
  9. I think it can be improved. I can't say it should be abolished without knowing what would replace it.
  10. For all Trump's faults, reluctance to "pull the trigger" with a nuclear weapon is not one of them.
  11. Such a terrible disposition to hold...
  12. Electoral College has some anti-Democratic elements to it as well. It generally favours the larger States, and the ones with a relatively even split between the two parties, due to the "winner takes all" part of the process.
  13. Given Trump's mental condition, I suspect Yang will pardon him. It will help heal America.
  14. The surface of a sphere is borderless...yet finite.
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