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  1. So...you can explain it without Her? I'm certainly not going to do that, though I'm prone to make the same type of mistake.
  2. Well I guess Ted for President 2024 then?
  3. What's wrong with a fat tired beach Cruzer?
  4. If only Ted had the political sense to have been wearing a pair on arriving back in Texas...
  5. One thing I learned in the coldest weather I've ever been out in (at night in January in Northern Alberta) was that spit does not freeze before hitting the ground at -50, as per Jack London's story "Building a Fire". Not even close at -58 F/-50 C. I had believed it up to that point. It didn't even freeze instantly upon hitting the ground. It took more than a few seconds.
  6. ...and that's still +5o F in Texas, at the current exchange rate...
  7. Had to get away from that Texas weather!
  8. Especially with the high bar given?
  9. He did want to be King...so maybe a Royal Flush would be appropriate.
  10. That's generally an advantage in a well designed heat store. It will absorb or release it's heat more readily and more efficiently (less air/fluid flow and time required all other things being equal). It depends on what you want to do. Steel certainly isn't a good insulator if that's what you're getting at. My statement is that easy. It's just a statement of fact. You may not want to replace rocks or concrete with steel, for a number of reasons, but the statement stands. It's just a fact to be considered. You can store more heat capacity at a given temperature within a given volume w
  11. Steel is a lot more dense than rocks, so the heat capacity is greater despite the lower specific heat.
  12. Susan Collins, again, did the right thing...
  13. You mean of course in a civil and peaceful manner (wink wink) We do need to fight for our rights as we choose to perceive them. Meant to edit, not quote myself...(or maybe the new interface is at fault...yeah that's it...)
  14. It's important, no doubt, for the reason you state. That doesn't change the fact that there are more important matters currently, especially given the fact that the outcome likely wouldn't change if they dragged it out.
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