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  1. Leftists, many of them, give JP a bad name in the same manner. They won't debate his arguments, they insult him for not being their version of politically correct. You think he doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work? He claims he does. In fact this is probably his most famous interview.
  2. Best political direction? Independence and tacking back to the middle... https://www.politico.com/news/2021/10/04/yang-breaks-with-democratic-party-514991
  3. The best characteristics of Obama can be easily be included in the wish list of the OP, IMO. In fact I would say the same about Clinton, and George H.W. bush to some extent. The other's since Reagan...not so much. (OT...that said, George W. Bush is starting to seem like less of an idiot everyday) Just don't read that as every day.
  4. Just in case you thought it might be like Minja's cousin's friend's concern...sorry but I come up (more than) a little short of that. 😄 ...even after the vaccine and any "swelling".
  5. I did get a little tired after the shots...so maybe it affects the tires... But they probably know that...but won't tell you!
  6. In Minja's defence...the gas mileage in our van went down after I got my vaccine... Don't take getting the vaccine lightly.
  7. To non-paraphrase (but different context) Enrico Fermi...where are they?
  8. What is"Why we need a border wall and make the Americans pay for it"?, Alex. 😜
  9. ...and many more find that creating the illusion of it instead...is better for the bottom line
  10. Is it fair to say, generally speaking, that it takes more effort to ethically spend $1,000,000.00 than it does to spend $1,000.00?
  11. Okay Zap. The point was that it's not all the same. There are more and less ethical ways to spend your money. Ideally a tax system can reflect that, and capture it efficiently. Practically...it's much more difficult. No, I meant literally trolling...
  12. Now you're just trolling...
  13. The mobility of a billionaire's money is also more mobile than yours or mine...leading to countries/states/provinces competing for it for investments with tax shelters or incentives. I'm all for free enterprise, but capitalism is a two edged sword. Didn't realize a dugout had the same environmental or socio-economic impact as billionaire's yachts...
  14. Trickle down works. It just doesn't work as sufficiently or as effectively as it should. That's why I'm in favour of a UBI (Universal Basic Income) element as well...that leads toward trickle up. Tax billionaires? Tax their revenues, not the profits which they hide...or displace to lower taxed locations. Yes, that can raises prices as effectively a regressive tax on the poor paying for those goods and services...so balance it off with the right UBI. Also +1 to Dim for the thread.
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