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  1. Why can a woman sue a man for child support in rape cases?

    I don't think you can actually do that. Outside of some reasonable line of blame (e.g. someone tampered with your birth control) no court would hear it.
  2. If there was an extra large dimension, and everything we knew was traveling at lightspeed in the same direction wrt it, how would we be able to see it?
  3. Harnessing the power of hurricanes

    Marginally, but so would much cheaper floating obstacles of similar size (maybe slightly bigger) When I say much cheaper...I mean very expensive to have any measurable affect.
  4. Florence the Hurricane

    Just because it came out of Trump's mouth does not mean it can't have some truth to it... ...it may not have made landfall blowing as hard as Trump himself, but it is very large, very wet, and very dangerous
  5. Width of a hair

    Looking at buying a new comb?
  6. Mission to the center of the Sun

    It could be shielded by a Hoover Dam...
  7. Any frame dragging effect would be imperceptibly small. You could easily calculate the loss of mass associated with the rotation, but I expect that would create an immeasurable effect also.
  8. Yes. Pretty much all of this remains undiscovered...
  9. That was how I took it also. Does my answer make sense in that context?
  10. My understanding of the theory (not an expert by any stretch but my understanding of the way the theory works, so feel free to correct me) is that one point is insufficient to account for the effect, where the sum of probabilities does.
  11. Can you power a small generator with fart power?

    You would get more energy from combusting the farts.
  12. Question about Rotation

    I would say so. I am impressed with the athleticism, which I somewhat understand, and also the aesthetics...but not really sure why with the aesthetics.
  13. Question about Rotation

    You can break down a simple spin into vectors, say x,y, and z axis components. I don't think that will give you much of an impression of spin about those axes. But you could recognize rotations of sub systems (body parts) and sum them to find the net rotation of the system (body)
  14. Question about Rotation

    There are an infinite number of ways to break down the rotation into vectors...a number of which could be natural and/or useful...as long as the net rotation is constant unless you have external torques. So the axes of rotations you believe you are seeing are not unique in that respect. (so that can be correct if broken down properly)
  15. Question about Rotation

    One could say that.