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  1. Why would you want to spend more on training? Perhaps for more training toward the correct approach? Or do you just wind them up and send them in a different direction?
  2. So question...Do you think the current training efforts would be sufficient, if they were re-focused as you would like, with no additional expenditures?
  3. I asked a question. I put no words in your mouth. Did you contradict "the police should not be given more money to train, they have enough already" in that post? If so, or if somehow not, either way...how do you come to that conclusion?
  4. So you are okay with the current level of training (5 hours a year in some cases), as long as it is focused on de-escalation and other non physical tactics and strategies?
  5. I get what you're saying but isn't this completely negligible compared to the difference between the energy levels, of all particles randomly appearing on one side of the box... vs them being forced there by work being done on them? (in the category of nit-picking an idealization? )
  6. Powell looked great up to the point he was the spokesman for US intelligence on the weapons of mass destruction Iraq supposedly had.
  7. From reading this part of the post: If he thought more force was always better, why would he say that?
  8. How can you read Alex's post and draw this inference?
  9. Dim, it's not that you contradicted any of your own posts...It's you directly strawmanning what you were quoting.
  10. Agree. If they aren't trained they may be more apt to reach for a gun....or more apt to use it. When fighting straw men, verbal techniques are no doubt best. (he said quite the opposite of what you're suggesting)
  11. You insist on removing a potentially less fatal option, regardless of how many options you might hope are available, possibly in some circumstances a (real) dichotomy where it's the least likely to be lethal, and possibly the only one that could save the cop.
  12. I think I'd rather be put in a choke hold by a well trained and well meaning cop (they do exist) than shot by the same.
  13. Where did you get that? (I googled Willik but got nothing)
  14. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many hours i've wasted in the tub thinking about that one... (in my defence...never an hour at one time)
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