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  1. I've heard this or something similar with regard to 5,300 years ago (time of Otzi the iceman) but never heard it 10 times further back. Is this accepted theory?
  2. Is the Universe infinite?

    I'm thinking pencils by definition have two ends. I am pretty sure that would make it finite...but infinite can be at times pretty counterintuitive...so maybe...but your definition seems finite.
  3. I think that is very normal and/or common, and as you were unable to attend the funeral or have the equivalent with friends that knew her well it may take a little more time. It can be a bit of a roller coaster. Sometimes you my get upset when certain memories come up, and sometimes you may laugh. It is all part of a process and hopefully things improve over time. It does for most of us, most of the time, as part of a healthy response. Having a foundation of faith can help, even if not tied to a specific Religion. It doesn't need to be dogmatic. Different things work for different people.
  4. Sorry to hear about the child you had cared for. There is no justification, IMO, for believing children come into the World deserving hardships such as the ones you have alluded to. Life is precious and amazing but not always fair.
  5. How do fans cool you down?

    The problem is you won't get the cooling at 100% humidity unless the water is cooler than ambient...and if so why not circulate though a heat exchanger/radiator to both cool and dehumidify? A fan should work better than using ambient temperature water.
  6. Just throwing in some props to Galileo...
  7. Desiccant sachets...

    Has anyo MWs act on more than just water though. Has anyone tried this? I would be cautious starting out.
  8. Two multiple choice questions

    25A has an odd number of lines meeting the perimeter 26D cannot be folded in half such that each half matches the other
  9. How do fans cool you down?

    Why do you feel that is a mistake? This conduction/convection is part of the process, the other part being evaporation cooling, which also is increased by convection. If the ambient is above body temperature only the evaporation cooling is effective....so relative humidity is critical. Fans will increase the temperature of the room overall, all things being equal. If, say the walls were cooler than ambient, it might cool the room.
  10. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Not what I intended to imply. I did qualify it somewhat...to "somewhat common". My guess is that he shaded left reading the goalies movement faking to the right. It is a bit of a game where they try not to telegraph their shot, but not to the degree that it affects accuracy too much, and yet leave a bit of option on placement in the last fraction of a second...so they hope to beat the goalie even if the goalie guesses correctly. Sometimes they balk a bit to see if the goalie commits early then totally change the shot. I think it would be a better contest if the moved the ball back a couple metres. A much better way to break the tie, IMO, would be to play 9 on 9 starting the overtime, then proceed to reduce it further every 10 minutes or so until someone scores...penalty shots are a horrible way to decide World Cups.
  11. So who's going to win the world cup?

    It is actually a somewhat common tactic.The final save by the Russian goalie was on that type of shot, but amazingly was not successful as the Russian goal keeper blocked it with his foot while diving away from it. He did in fact raise his foot high enough to get it. 2:10 in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAAuptp9QHU&feature=onebox
  12. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I was amazed how good the Russians defended, and equally amazed how Spain didn't take more opportunities to penetrate and have a go at scoring...it wasn't like Russia wasn't going to give them the ball back.
  13. Body temperature control aside,there are times where you would prefer a cold beverage (or food), or maybe a hot one...but not warm or room temperature...I've pondered why, sometimes thinking freshness/bacteria count is affected, but see no consistent correlation.
  14. Beam Strength

    Yes, basing it on the plates as roughly described, and 8 feet long, 4 feet either side of the joint (a different placement is really no better in this case, 8 feet doesn't lend itself well to better placement) To the bold, I think this is where local shear stresses would be considered. Otherwise the point of maximum shear loading is at the ends and equal to half the weight of the total load if evenly distributed, and reduces toward the centre. It is usually not a concern for constant section beams as by the time you cover the maximum bending it is more than covered....but good to be cautious when looking at an atypical situation like this...adding a joint without support directly underneath. As it is we don't even know the height of the cross section of the beam, so we can't even guess what reasonable loading might be expected if currently well constructed.
  15. Beam Strength

    On thing to consider is run out of the reinforcement, It might not be the point of maximum moment but it would still be higher than the maximum in the original case, and the bolts would add stress rises in that area from both the bolt holes and loads transferred from the steel reinforcing through the bolts themselves. It might be better to reinforce a fair bit past the centre point rather than stop short.