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  1. J.C.MacSwell

    Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    There is an implication in this that it does exonerate him of collusion with the Russian government.
  2. J.C.MacSwell

    Propellant less space engine

    It will. If...and only if...what accelerates the wheel has an equal downward force. You are assuming (incorrectly) a symmetric (pure torque) input about a "balanced" wheel...and (correctly) seeing an asymmetric output...giving you a net force you do not get For a non accelerating wheel see Swansont's hamster.
  3. J.C.MacSwell

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    I wasn't sure I used the right icon...but rest assured I was at least somewhat commensurate with your plight. ...or should I say blight
  4. J.C.MacSwell

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    Finally signs of your taking responsibility...
  5. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

  6. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    No. It was a joke. I apologize if you were offended as offence was not intended.
  7. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    If you followed it you would realize it was with regard to Ten oz.s contention (whether correct or not, doesn't matter) that Trump supporters are responsible for Trump's comments denigrating McCain. Also. I regret to inform you that Trump is still alive...
  8. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    Some would say yes, some no. Of the ones who say no, what if they were shown a better alternative? What if that alternative came without the insults? How much deceit do you tolerate from those you support? Trump is doing that...few, if any, of his supporters are doing so.
  9. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    Good thing I didn't insist on that then. Clearly they need a better alternative...not insults.
  10. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    Disagreeing with Democrat's approach and tactics is hardly a call to censor them.
  11. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    If you restricted your insults to those people, your justification needs no more than the crimes they have committed.
  12. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    No. I don't think Trump having gotten elected is justification for insults toward the right, or toward Trump's base, nor will I think it is justified if Trump gets in again, or replaced by a Democrat, in 2020.
  13. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    First it's "ugly bunch of people", and now "good intentions"? Which is it? Unable or unwilling to provide them with a viable option you feel the need to insult them? Why don't you stick with "basket of deplorables". That worked out well.
  14. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    You've failed to give them a better alternative. Most support him despite his...let's be kind and call them "antics", not because of them. Of course "despicable behaviour" is more accurate, but the point stands.
  15. J.C.MacSwell

    John McCain

    I don't recall "all those who support Trump" doing that.