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  1. Before INow accuses Swansont of intentionally or subconsciously attempting to dehumanize transgenders, is it fair to say Swansont was just making an analogy and understood the limitations of it?
  2. Except not only is she not putting sugar on her porridge, she eats nothing for breakfast but cornflakes, and she was born, raised and never left New Zealand. Now make some Venn diagrams, and see if you can figure out the no true polarized American fallacy...
  3. Hard to blame Megan Rapinoe, in the politically polarized US, for talking up one side of this polarization. I can respect that to a degree. She is one of the best women soccer players in the world. Truly an elite athlete that in many countries would be shunned for her sexual orientation, and not allowed to marry the person of her choice, but has been outspoken for women's and LGBT rights. I absolutely respect her for that. She also makes half a million dollars a year playing soccer (good for her, I respect that), but whines about making less than men...not men specifically though...m
  4. They are an advocacy group for women's sports. They aren't required to make or enforce the rules for them. Any other examples you can cite to prove you're missing the point? The claim was " a majority of women's sports organizations" favoured transgender inclusion in competitive women's sports without caveat. One which INow, to his credit, rescinded.
  5. The distinction is that it's not coming from women's sports organizations, who would be obligated to come up with an acceptable and workable set of rules, rather than simply make supportive statements.
  6. At the risk of sounding racist, homophobic, anti-gay marriage, and transphobic, my carpentry experience suggests pounding triangular pegs into round holes is not always a great idea.
  7. It's not in this: "Over 80 women’s rights and gender justice organizations support includingtrans girls and women in women’s sports. So do high-profile female athletes. Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, former world No. 1 tennis player Billie Jean King and professional basketball player Candace Parker joined nearly 200 other professional, Olympic and collegiate female athletes on an amicus briefcontesting the Idaho law. Close to 1,000 collegiate athletes supported trans athletes in two letters, calling on the NCAA to move championships out of states that passed bans. WNBA players Sue B
  8. Give me a hint...is it in the first link, behind the paywall? Quote something from one of them that suggests they wish to "Treat transgendered women as women and let them compete in women’s sports. End program." That's your claim... an extraordinary one given all you should have taken in during the life of this thread. Now back it up if you can.
  9. Where? I'm willing to bet I won't find it, in the context of "Treat transgendered women as women and let them compete in women’s sports. End program."
  10. Just accept them? No strings attach? Which organizations are these?
  11. They should be included. The question is "How should they be included?" Without a clear and acceptable answer to that you are setting them up for failure. Profound failure. Failure you will point your finger at. You point out the small numbers of transgenders excelling in female sports. Is your wish that that continue? Rely on continuance of stigma to keep their numbers low? Force them out unless they are willing to alter their bodies, through surgery or drugs? Or is your wish that they gain acceptance, and encourage them to compete in healthy sports?
  12. The success of protected female sports is irrelevant? Far from it. Or do you mean irrelevant to this topic? Also far from it.
  13. By and large it was exactly the opposite. It may have taken years to include the marathon, pole vaulting etc etc. but the separation allowed more women to compete at the highest competitive levels. Far, far more women.
  14. I'm not at least one of those first three...and can arguably check off one of the second three....so count me safe as well...
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