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  1. The second day? ...yep, you're right!... Our new Trump Bibles sure come in Handy!
  2. Okay. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Okay. I'm not sure what ram pump idea you were referring to, but it seemed you were implying their use was limited by velocity head.
  4. I certainly hope he didn't pay $59.99 to find those quotes...😜
  5. Ram pumps work. They can elevate water above that of the velocity head, just not all the water contributing kinetic energy. If velocity head was the maximum pressure harnessable by a water streams momentum, water hammer wouldn't be much of an issue.
  6. I know you're not sexist...so I await your similar Cohen photo...
  7. Even if, somehow, this doesn't hurt his election chances we to be relieved he wasn't found not guilty, or even hung jury He would have had a field day with that.
  8. Hopefully Trump will have learned his lesson... (Don't forget to pardon your fixer...) Notwithstanding your context, short of Trump taking the stand and no doubt adding contempt (and other?) charges, it's certainly the top result for this trial. (other than...you know...top result for those that try to protect their families feelings...) That said, what's the over and under on days before Trump turns on his Lawyers for advising him not to take the stand?
  9. They also spent lots of money to spare the feelings of their families?😇
  10. On only 34 counts out of the 34? Kind of disappointing. He'll take it as a win!
  11. Religions themselves are subject to "survival of the fittest", the fittest of course being in terms of survivability, not necessarily inherently more or less moral even as understood by any religion's followers. So it could at times be a "symbiotic" or parasitic relationship between religion and followers, advantageous at times and not so much at other times.
  12. The weight might only increase 5% range when considering the rider and any cargo and not just the bike. Comparable to existing ebikes. Transmission losses would be mostly one way, maybe a few extra percent. That leaves generation and regeneration losses, and charging, discharging and recharging losses (anything else?) vs regeneration recovery and more efficient pedalling overall. I
  13. Though less efficient than direct drive the rider can pedal more efficiently. For example, on down hills with excess speed not only can regenerative braking be used but the rider can continue pedaling at average power output...uphill can be done at better speed than the rider could otherwise do while the rider continues pedaling, again at average/optimum output. Don't forget to exchange batteries now and then with your super fit friend while you enjoy pedalling in each others company while both exercising optimally.
  14. Well...you're not getting into Heaven with that attitude! (just kidding...that's well outside of any belief of mine)
  15. I can understand a level of frustration with American white evangelical twisted group think, but maybe if I was clever enough to connect it to exposure to Abrahamic Religions generally, I might think it must be self evident as well.
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