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  1. If in 15 years time we have another outbreak that originated in a South-east Asian wet market, I don't know if I'm a big enough person to be able to resist saying "I told you so." Assuming we're both still here .
  2. What do you mean "the gravity is there. It's just out of reach". The other dimensions of SString/M theory are not depositories for additional gravity. Gravity is generated in 4D space-time by the stress-energy of objects in, or properties of, that space-time. The added dimensions are added degrees of freedom, not 'places' filled with gravity. Speculation doesn't mean WAGs. ( as Swansont is fond of saying )
  3. That is ultimately true, charonY. But we practice social distancing to reduce the threat of infection. Would not interspecies distancing also reduce the threat of interspecies infection/mutation ? Especially when the differing species do not co-habitate in nature.
  4. Now that's just silly. Although people have looked at gravity 'escaping' into extra dimensions, to explain its weakness compared to the other forces.
  5. Had an upright freezer at my other house, that I had bought but never used as I couldn't bring myself to move. Gave the house to my sister after her divorce. And doesn't she put the freezer out to the curb, because she had no use for it. After I'd already put my chest freezer to the curb as I intended to use the upright.
  6. How do you suppose we discuss this nonsense ?
  7. Maybe you should join a conspiracy forum, and save these kind of posts for that forum. we don't deal with imaginary topics here. They are inherently difficult to discuss. Yes. Go back to bed and cover your head with your pillow.
  8. Gasoline has dropped to $0.65 Canadian per liter. You go in the convenience store at the Gas Station and a 0.5 l bottle of water costs $2 Canadian. Something's wrong with that picture.
  9. My dad died of Pulmonary Fibrosis over a decade ago. This is a thickening of the pulmonary lining, and has a similar effect to excessive mucous slime produced in your bronchial passages and alveoli of the lungs. The mucus is produced as protection and lubrication due to an inflammation ( the Covid-19 virus ). Both cases restrict the passage of O2 from the lungs into the bloodstream, and CO2 from the bloodstream back into the lungs. For the last several days, after his lungs had failed completely, my dad was on forced ventilation. O2 is forced, under pressure, through the thickened lining, into the bloodstream, so you do not die of O2 depletion. You die because there is no method to get the CO2 out of the bloodstream. As the CO2 levels in your blood rises, it acidifies the blood ( carbonic acid ? ) until you die. People with weak hearts/lungs or severe symptoms ( pneumonia, not bronchitis ) often succumb to this effect before their body has a chance to fight off the viral infection. The ventilator, in effect, buys you time. I use beta-blocker drops to reduce ( and promote evacuation of ) the aqueous humor in the front part of my eyes ( Glaucoma pressure reduction treatment ). Would some sort of beta-blocker treatment. administered through an inhaler, reduce the mucus build-up, clear away symptoms of pneumonia/bronchitis, and reduce the need for ventilation ? Or am I totally out to lunch with my thinking ?
  10. You seem to convince yourself of horrific outcomes for simple events, Bmpbmp1975. ( doomsdayscenariophobia ? ) Must be terrifying living in your world, so you probably don't leave the house much. Are we your only source of social interaction ?
  11. Next thing you know, you Americans will want to drain the Great Lakes to irrigate the American Southwest. Just so they can have green lawns, and fountains in front of the Las Vegas casinos.
  12. MigL

    Bob Lazar

    As to the claim that a stable element 115 is needed to produce anti-protons... There are several known decay modes that produce anti-matter; the best known is, of course, Beta+ decay which produces positrons. How exactly this would produce gravity 'waves' ( ? ) or anti-gravity ( ?? ) is in the realm of science fiction. ( as are the rest of B Lazar's claims )
  13. MigL

    Bob Lazar

    Oh, the method is outlined ? Should be simple enough to build one then, using the method outlined on boblazar.com. If not, then it doesn't take much 'de-bunking' does it ? Seems strange that a person who claims to be prosecuted by the government, and alienated by friends and acquaintances because of his 'disclosure' of Government secrets, would have a web domain for publicizing those 'disclosures'.
  14. Why does it feel like I'm back in school attending a lecture each time I open this thread ? This is supposed to be a discussion forum. RAGORDON2010 should state his case, allow for discussion, and answer questions posed to him. Or, this thread should be shut down.
  15. Even if that could account for the increased 'constraint' between galactic components like stars and gas/dust nebulae, such that rotation speeds are affected ( it can't ), how would you explain gravitational lensing, where the mass-energy of a galaxy bends light incoming from more distant objects ? If the mass-energy isn't actually there, the amount of bending would be reduced, and it would not be in agreement with the Dark Matter amounts responsible for the altered rotation speeds.
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