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  1. 'Man of the Year' is simply a reflection of who was the most 'influential' person of that year, DrP. Not who was the nicest, or most popular person. Interesting read about Italian politics/government, CharonY. Then again what should one expect from a country whose voters are so gullible, they have elected and defeated almost one government per year since 1946. You thought D Trump was good ( in a bad way ), but when it comes to subverting the will of the people and taking advantage of them, nobody does it better than Italians, and they've proved it several times. The first was the Roman Catholic Church, then came the Mafia, and, during the last 50odd years, Italian Government.
  2. MigL

    Physics honours

    You can certainly study it. Don't know what kind of accreditation you'll receive.
  3. MigL

    What do you think about flatearthers?

    I would only worry about the Earth not being spherical, if I ever got close to the edge. So that's not gonna happen.
  4. While D Trump makes for an easy target because he's an ignorant buffoon, the world had plenty of problems before he came along. Not everything is directly attributable to him.
  5. MigL

    anti-Semitic remark by Congresswoman

    I think my opinion, for what its worth, is similar to the position I took in the 'stupid woman' thread. Some people are easily offended, and any decent person ( or one who wishes to save their political career ) will apologize for causing offence. The tweet by I Omar, made no mention of Jews, and you need to make some assumptions in order to associate the money in her tweet, with Jews. The statement was about the monetary influence of lobbyist, and can only be anti-Semitic if one makes the 'connection' of money to Jews. And as far as I'm concerned, that means the offended person has preconceived notions about Jews. Just as if you choose to identify any adjective of the word 'woman' as a gender bias then you have preconceived notions about women.
  6. MigL

    anti-Semitic remark by Congresswoman

    I just like to disagree with Ten oz, INow. No, seriously, I assumed he meant there SHOULD be further consequences. My bad.
  7. MigL

    The theory of space /time

    Oh no, not another one. Just when I thought it was safe to come back to the Physics forum. You haven't really provided any evidence, just a simplistic statement that "gravity restricts the motion of all objects in the universe". That's pretty feeble compared to a century of testing, by the world's best minds, that GR has passed with flying colors. You were good until you got to the third line and started down the wrong path with "I will now prove...".
  8. MigL

    anti-Semitic remark by Congresswoman

    I am and have been a staunch supporter of Israel and Jewish culture, and have had many disagreements over it, with other members on this forum. However, in this case, I'm gonna have to disagree with you, Ten oz ( again ). I don't know the context of I Omar's post, but given what you've posted, it could simply be a variation of the old adage "money is the root of all evil" And a remark about lobbyists is suddenly anti-Semitic. She realized that her tweet was offensive to some, and has apologized. But to call her tweet anti-Semitic or racist is a stretch that doesn't quite get there. I don't see a need for any further 'consequences'. ( is this going to turn into another "stupid woman" thread ? )
  9. MigL

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    Play the slots, kid. You have better chances of leaving with your shirt.
  10. MigL

    The Border Wall or Fence

    So, are we taking bets yet, on whether the US Government shuts down again ?
  11. Did you find any cocaine in the trunk ? No, wait, that was later.
  12. MigL

    Metallurgy: Old fire escape tubes.

    I have never heard of this. Where are you from ? Had they done this at my Elementary school, we would have spent our recess going up the stairs and down the fire escape, instead of playing baseball or soccer ( that's football to you Brits ).
  13. You are confusing ancestry with genetics. One can already be edited, the other is a historical fact. 'Randolph the dimwit' in my family tree ? Whew ! I'm Italian by birth, and Randolph is not an Italian name. ( although my last name might be French derived )
  14. MigL


    Have read speculations about all the 'apparent' photons in the universe being one photon at different times. What flavor of bubblegum is 'princess' ?
  15. Nope. I really wanted a DeLorean in the 80s. Had to settle for a Pontiac Fiero. ( with a V6 mind you, not a 'girly' four cylinder )