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  1. What does dark beer taste like?

    My favorite is brandy ( or cognac/armgnac, even distilled from fruit like apples/pears as is Calvados, John ) Scotch ( smooth not 'peaty' ) and corm mash whiskey I can drink, but I detest rye whiskey. Even more so after Saturday night, a double 'stag' for two co-workers. Had to drink rye whiskey, got polluted, Threw axes competitively, ended up in bars where I was wand-ed and frisked ( by a woman ) for guns and Hell's Angels provided security, and didn't get home till 4:15 in the morning. Definitely no way for someone approaching 60 to act. And I blame it on the rye.
  2. What does dark beer taste like?

    What is wrong with you guys... If you want 'flavor', drink a good bourbon, brandy or scotch. Beer, on the other hand, needs to be crisp and refreshing. German style lagers like Stella, Heineken or Kronenberg brewed in Europe, or even other parts of the world like China's Tsing Tao or Australia's Fosters, are great thirst quenching patio drinks. First time I tried Guinness, over 35 yrs ago, they served it warm, and I hated it. These days, its available in cans, and when refrigerated it is quite crisp, light and refreshing. If you're having a burger or chicken wings ( or fish and chips for you Brits ) it has to be beer; and if the chicken wings are hot, it definitely needs to be refreshing. But you can also 'pair' different style beers with different foods/meals as their flavors complement each other ( as they do with wines ).
  3. That was my understanding also, Strange. Large scale 'extra' dimensions are pretty well ruled out by the fact that gravity falls off with the inverse of the distance squared. ( exactly the same as EM radiation, as the neutron star collision observations re-affirmed ) Curled up, Planck scale dimensions would predict a 'leakage', and much steeper fall-off for gravity ( as the inverse of the distance to the power D-1, where D is the number of spatial dimensions ), but only at extremely small separations. We would need a collider the size of the galaxy to generate the energies that would allow us to probe such small separations.
  4. CAN there be too many engineers?

    More hardware than software ? I remember the old BYTE magazine in the 80s, had a hardware project each month, and when asked what programming language he preferred, Steve Ciarcia ( the EE who did the monthly hardware project ) replied "I program in solder". What I tell all the junior engineers at my work... "All the fancy little equations/formulas for stresses, flows, heat transfer, etc. that you use, I derived from first principles" ( I don't add that I don't remember how to do half of it nowdays )
  5. Would anyone like to win a bookshop?

    Me and Zap ( I think ) were referring to an old, BnW episode of the Twilight Zone, staring Burgess Merideth ( the Penguin ), called All the Time in the World ( I believe ).
  6. Gun Control - Topic

    Alaska is not in Canada. And although similar to our Yukon Territory, the laws are not the same.
  7. Would anyone like to win a bookshop?

    That would be great. I would have time to do all the reading I wanted. I wouldn't have to bother with mundane, everyday stuff. Then, my eyeglasses would break. Damn you, Burgess Merideth
  8. Why are we here?

    I don't wax as eloquently as some of the other posters. I firmly believe we are here to annoy others with silly questions.
  9. Simple question?

    Falls off as root(1/r), where r is the distance to the center of the massive body escaping from.
  10. Vanessa Marquez - Pointless death?

    I don't think you'll get too many applicants to join the Police services in a lot of US cities if they have to patrol the streets unarmed.
  11. Political Bias Online claim

    Agree. My nephews and niece hardly ever watch the news, or care about politics. That is part of the push to get younger people to vote; a lot of policy directly affects them, but they don't care enough to make their voices heard through the democratic process. They are the ones who get sent to places like Afghanistan; surely they have a right to voice an opinion, and influence the decisions, about sending them there.
  12. Is Mueller Going Silent?

    I fear you may be right Ten oz. The impeachment process is just an indictment. I'm not sure, but Congress has to deliberate the 'charge' for a president to be removed, don't they ? And I can see D Trump stirring up his base, claiming he is being unlawfully removed from office, and urging protests/riots. His base doesn't exactly protest peacefully, do they. I don't see anything good happening if he's removed from Office before the end of his term ( other than stopping any additional harm to America and its relations with allies ). The impeachment alone ( without removal ) would hopefully ensure his defeat in the next election.
  13. Is Mueller Going Silent?

    Come on... Start the impeachment process already. Send Bozo back to the circus ( Hollywood ).
  14. Political Bias Online claim

    Yeah, what he said... Some of us were building our own computers in the late 70/early 80s ( Sinclair was my first, then CP/M ), and were on BBS in the 80s ( at 300 baud ). And, don't tell anyone, but I'm now 59.
  15. Vanessa Marquez - Pointless death?

    It's just natural selection/social engineering taken to a new extreme... The police are doing their part to eradicate mental illness from the gene pool in the US. If you keep caring for your mentally ill, eventually you Brits will be over-run by crazies. Relax, I'm just being sarcastic.