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  1. Italy may be out, but England, my ''back up' team, is still in there. No patriotic fervor here, but they do have some of the best players in the world at the moment. Unfortunately, individual brilliance can't make up for lack of team play ( or coaching ), where Spain has them beat. Im hoping they get lucky again; sorry Joigus, but I'll be wearing my English national jersey tomorrow while watching the game. And a shout-out to Canadian futbol players and fans. Canada did extremely well in Copa America, losing only to Argentina ( twice ). Great 'warm-up' for the World Cup in North America in two years.
  2. You're right. His recent behavior over the past year does lead one to believe his mental competency is in decline. But through years of experience, has managed to recognize reliable people he can call upon to run a government much more effectively since 2020, than the previous 4 years. And I realize it's 'whataboutism', but his opponent in the future election has been acting erratically for the past couple of decades, along with demonstrated criminal behavior, anti-social misogynistic behavior, severe reality denial, and surrounds himself with ass-kissing yes men. ( at least until they realize he may be quite mad ) So who would you suggest should be taken 'off the road' ?
  3. Sorry, Posted expansion factor and CMB temp from memory, and they are wrong, but can't edit my post any longer. Should be 3000o K and 1100 times.
  4. Thought someone had restarted this thread; alas, only news of some old guy finally kickin the bucket. All those names from years ago that I used to enjoy arguing with. Only one I have left is you, INow.
  5. But that's not always the only option. Sometimes, they don't see it because its not there. ( we just discussed how these terms aren't clearly defined; authoritarianism to you, is not to someone else )
  6. The Big Bang has no spatial 'origin', because it happened everywhere. The Big Bang does have a temporal origin, however, and this implies that the further away we look, the farther back in time we see. Since we all acknowledge that the universe is expanding, it follows that looking back at earlier periods we see regions of higher density, compared to nearby regions. In fact, if we look back at a distance shortly after the beginning of the Big Bang, we see a region where temperature/density was high enough to dissociate atoms. But this density did not red shift light as it comes towards us. It is red shifted by an expansion of about 1040 times, such that we see that temperature ( the CMB ) as 2.7o instead of 3500o. IOW, the Big Bang model already explains it.
  7. So, because of D Trump, populism, or the will of the people which we used to call democracy, has been redefined to this
  8. I have no use for labels myself , and only used the term because some people self-label themselves as 'liberals' or 'progressives'. And note I did say "hope you're not offended ...", but sure enough, some of you seem to be. My post wasn't meant to be about labels, but how words change to reflect an agenda. Populism used to mean the will of all people, or what we commonly call democracy, and that kept authoritarianism , the will of an elite few, or despotism, in check. Now populism, the will of all people has bad name also, leaving me thoroughly confused as what agenda the people who re-purpose these terms actually want. You can go with the M-W dictionary definition , but we all know what they actually mean; everyone has a say regarding their governance, or, just the few who are/consider themselves better than ' the basket of deplorables'. Or, after the re-purposing of the 'isms', they now mean mob rule, or dictatorship.
  9. I hope you guys don't take it as an insult when I call you 'liberals', but why is it 'liberals' seem to have a penchant for re-defining words to suit an agenda ? Authoritarianism has a specific meaning; imposing your will and wants on others. Capitalism used to mean the attempt to better oneself, usually through the gain of resources. Now, since D Trump has made authoritarianism the new 'boogey-man catchword for everything bad' people are starting to sweep everything they personally dislike under its ever growing rug. My earlier post was not meant as a joke, Dim. Any society has to have an element of capitalism, but it needs to be tempered with elements of socialism. The hard part is deciding how much of each to incorporate into our society, as too much of either one will be bad. When you take it for its original meaning 'populism' is the exact opposite of authoritarianism, as it means all the people's choice, not the imposed will and wants of the elite few. Now the wealthy, or capitalists, want to impose their will and wants over the rest of the people so they must be authoritarian. Somehow, even if they want to start new businesses, with their resources, which will provide jobs for the unemployed, is now seen as a bad thing because it will also result in gains for the capitalist, and so must be authoritarianism ? But when people demand more civil rights, better social benefits, more social money spent in their neighborhoods, etc. that is NOT imposing your will and wants on others because we recognize it as a good thing, and so is not authoritarianism ?
  10. Tell that to the shrinking 'middle class'. For some 'authoritarianism' is becoming somewhat like 'racism'; if you can't find it, you're obviously not looking hard enough. Ah, the 'elitism' that led to 'populism' ( as originally defined ).
  11. The 'scatter brained' approach to learning Physics ?
  12. No. Gravity 'creates' weight, not mass. Mass is an intrinsic property of the system; equivalent to its 'internal' energy. This is not the only energy a system can possess; there are also 'external' sources, such as momentum and stresses/strains, which, all taken together, modify space-time to produce the geodesic paths we attribute to gravity.
  13. Oh, now you've really lost him with your sterile neutrino analysis, Mordred. Maybe now he'll ask if electrons are actually bound neutrinos ...
  14. I personally don't think it's a good idea to replace J Biden this late in the game; it smacks of desperation, the electorate will realize this, and Republicans will use the discord in the Democratic party to their advantage. If anyone has an argument against this, I'm willing to change my mind. Some other arguments however, just don't make sense. INow presents polls showing D Trump polling higher than J Biden, indicating that Biden will likely lose the election, yet he's content to pray to God for a miracle Biden win, rather than make any change. My opinion in this matter doesn't count for much ( although I'll suffer the consequences of a Trump win also ) but the Democratic party has to decide; if polls are right, do nothing is a sure loss, so you've got to do something, if polls are wrong, then they are wrong about K Harris and some of the other mentioned possible candidates not being able to take on Trump.
  15. Some seeds, like avocado, don't like any covering or contact at all. They germinate by suspending above moisture, and once germinated, can be transferred to soil.
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