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  1. Gravity is what makes things weigh We anxiously await the OP to clarify what he wants to know about gravity. ( without the hand gesture emoji )
  2. I appreciate what you're attempting to convey, String Junky, but you're playing fast and loose with statistics. Black population of the US is about 50 Million, or approx 15 %, so, while there is a great divide that needs addressing, it is not of the magnitude you indicate. IOW, you cannot have equal numbers of millionaires, because numbers of Blacks and non-Blacks are not equal. You don't include a source so I don't know which year the Forbes article gives data for. The Black population of the US was 36 Million 24 years ago, or approx 11% of total population. Per capita numbers/percentages would better illustrate the situation. As for Microsoft's numbers, I would guess they are close enough, and I applaud their transparency. Other companies should do the same. ( even though Bill turned out to be a bit of a misogynist )
  3. No such thing as MS Office XP; maybe Office 2007 or 2010 ? There are a few public domain Office suites that read/write MS Office files at no cost, alternatively, MS Office 365 is subscription based ( pay when you need ).
  4. Looks to be exactly the same as a piezo buzzer, except, instead of contacting a solid plate to make noise, it pushes droplets of water through a perforated plate ( as suggested by Swansont ). A simple circuit, where an oscillator switches a transistor to provide a voltage/current to the piezo element, can be adjusted with higher/lower drive voltage, and different oscillator frequency.
  5. So far so good, CharonY. Or maybe, our politicians are a little more sensible than yours 😄
  6. I wouldn't exactly call it a pop-sci myth. The Event Horizon is a condition of the space-time surrounding the collapsed mass-energy. At the Event Horizon, a mathematical condition is exceeded, but there is no actual physical structure. One can say that the space-time surrounding the collapsed object is the source of Hawking radiation, and you would be correct. You could say that the condition of the space-time is the source, or you could say the EH is the source, and you would still be correct. I've also read of many 'mechanisms' for Hawking radiation production, ranging from the virtual particle pair capture and emission ( as real ) which you described, to particles ( radiation ) tunneling through the EH, as if the EH was a real structure, and many other 'interpretational' mathematical models which give the same results. ( this is a Quantum Mechanical effect, after all ) What is certain is that BHs have entropy, and therefore must have a temperature. That temperature requires them to emit radiation characteristic of a black body at that temperature. Here are two differing 'interpretational' mechanisms for radiation production from a google search Hawking Particle Creation.pdf (brainmaster.com) 0409024.pdf (arxiv.org) Both are fairly understandable ( math light ) and don''t give me 'headaches' when reading them 🙂 .
  7. This has nothing to do with science, or even common sense. It is nothing but politically ( with religious basis in Southern States ) motivated agenda. In Canada, every once in a while, a conservative MP brings up the abortion issue, but is quickly slapped down by the rest of his/her caucus. There is an 'understanding' where none of the parties, nor the courts, will touch the issue. I don't know how American political has gotten to the point where the people elected to make laws have given up that responsibility to unelected courts, who are, in no way, beholden to the wishes of the electorate. American politics suck !
  8. Unfortunately, 'truth' is subjective, Moon. I'm somewhat mentally lethargic today. What is the meaning of "Fifty billion flies ..." ?
  9. Another problem which your American election system pioneered ( and now seems to be spreading to other democracies around the world ) is the inability of your two parties, and their Presidential nominees, to present a platform to the electorate, Probably because House and Senate cannot work together, or with the President, to get anything done. All we hear in election ads is the 'mis-steps of the opponent(s). You hear it here too "Sure Biden is old, and may have lost some of his wits, but at least he's not crazy Trump." And from the other side "At least Trump can find his way off the stage and doesn't need to be escorted." Aren't you guys setting the Presidential bar a bit low, if all you need is to be able to find your way off a stage and not be crazy while doing it? ( says the guy with the drama teacher in 'black face' PM who got elected on his father's name and hasn't kept a single election promise )
  10. Most computers don't have very good shielding ( they need to meet a maximum radiation limit ), and they will emit some radiate at frequencies much below that of the CPU. Modern CPUs operate at up yo 4 GHz, and other processes on the motherboard at lower speeds in the hundreds of MHz range. Coincidentally, the range of Microwave frequencies is from about 300KHz to about 30 GHz. I still think your health issues are unrelated.
  11. I put 'stronger' in quotes to mean a candidate that is capable of a dominant win over D Trump, so we can finally be rid of the fear of him running, and possibly winning, again. But you make a valid point, some of their strongest candidates would be women. In K Harris' case, however, I was more impressed with her before becoming VP than during the last 3 years. ( I assume VPs are meant to be mostly MIA, but I remember J Biden being a much more visible as VP during the Obama Presidency ) The Democrats should have used this time to make her a household name, and a contender for the Presidency. Even if J Biden squaks out a win this year, they will need someone in 4 years who is known, trusted, and not a 'scary' woman. Scary is in quotes not because of any attitude I may have, but because a large number of Americans don't seem ready or willing to have a strong woman in the Presidency. ( us Canadians; JC, Peterkin and I, had one 30+ years ago; a Conservative, even )
  12. No one is arguing the fact that J Biden is waaaay better than D Trump. But I do wish the Democrats had a 'stronger' candidate to field.
  13. It would have to be a maser , or a large reflective dish antenna focused on your house ( which you would see ), to specifically target your house. Microwaves and radio waves are not directional nor well focused; your whole neighborhood would be affected. If no one else in the neighborhood is showing similar symptoms, I suggest you contact health care professionals. It might well be something totally different which needs to be addressed right away.
  14. Wow ! You really have it in for banks. What happened ? Did they deny you a loan 😄 ? ( everyone has the option of not using a bank, and living within their means )
  15. Due to lower birth rates and people living longer, there are more and more old people than young. You would deny these people representation in their government based simply on age, not competence ? Might as well simply exterminate them, as they are in the way of an evolving society. Remember, you hope to get to that age too, someday 🙂 . My arguments for age limits are based on the average competence ( if one can define such a thing ) of 70-90 year olds: not on their opinions of how society should evolve, as, I assume, if they are competent they'll have valid opinions.
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