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  1. In the case of inflation, it is the 'roll' from the false zero energy of the vacuum to the real ( ? ) zero level due to a symmetry break, where vacuum energy is traded for exponential inflation. If that is also the case for expansion, then vacuum energy would be similarly decreasing. And if we consider the Mexican hat potential, then even periods of accelerated expansion could be exlained in terms of oscillations about the real zero level.
  2. It may interest you to know that we actually have remnants of ancient virus embedded in our DNA Endogenous retrovirus - Wikipedia
  3. MigL

    Today I Learned

    kind of cold in Finland. You might as well move to Canada.
  4. Sometimes you find real gems in those threads you thought you weren't interested in ....
  5. And the UK has supplied anti-tank weapons and advisors ( trainers ) to Ukraine. Russia has always claimed to be the protector of the Slavic peoples. And V Putin has said' Our Russian brothers in the Crimea and Ukraine are being oppressed, we have to save them." Reminds me of a German leader, 83-4 years ago, who said "Our Germanic speaking brothers in the Sudetenland, the Danzig strip, and Poland, are being oppressed;we must save them." At least D Trump offered to buy Greenland, not invade.
  6. Apparently the 'middle' of the old island has collapsed into the caldera, and it is that collapse that caused the tsunamis. I wonder if the island is on any ailiner flight paths ( Iceland 1991 ), if the abrasive dust will pose dangers to aviation, or if the majority of vulcanic ash was filtered by the water. Kind of humbling, when you realize the power of nature.
  7. Makes one wonder why you chose to reply. Twice ! 😄 😄
  8. the word 'truth', and its many subjective meanings,is a touchy subject around here.
  9. I have always maintained that 'freedoms' and 'rights' are granted by the society you live with; no one is born with them. If society deems it necessary that everyone be vaccinated against public health threats, then make it mandatory. Don't waffle and include conditions which can be circumvented.
  10. For one thing, the thread title concerns the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. But the last few pages seem concerned with the existence of a historical Saul of Tarsus, and whether his writings as St. Paul were 'truthful' or not.
  11. An understandable ( I hope ) explanation of gravitational binding vs. expansion ... If we consider gravitational potential as a negative potential, the Cosmological Constant/vacuum energy is then a positive scalar constant throughout the universe. ( the CC was used by A Einstein to balance the global gravitational potential ) The gravitational potential can be imagined as potential wells, or pits, and the CC/vacuum energy is, then, like a small step-ladder. If the well/pit is more than 1 m deep ( 2 m, 10 m, or even 1000 m ), but your step-ladder is 1 m, you can't get out, and are gravitationally bound. If the gravitational potential is much less, as it is in the vast expanses between galaxies and galaxy clusters, such that the well/pit is only 1/2 m, less than 1 m or none at all, then the step-ladder would get you to a height where you can 'fall away' from the pit, and you are not gravitationally bound. IOW, there is a 'threshold' that the CC/vacuum energy has to exceed before expansion can take effect.
  12. Nevertheless, I was particularly impressed by it when I first got it.
  13. This is the Religion section, after all, Eise. Beliefs are always more pertinent than facts when dealing with Religion.
  14. Principles of Physical Cosmology, by P I E Peebles.
  15. The mantra of the many... Or an unselfish Mr. Spock.
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