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  1. This incident was in no way comparable with the G Floyd incident. G Floyd was killed while he was in custidy; D Wright was attempting to flee arrest, on a no- show warrant ( $100000 bail ) of having taken about $800 from someone at gun-point, because he didn't want o go to jail. NOT because he feared for his life. The officer, K Potter may have been stupid in drawing the wrong weapon, but because this is now so political, she will probably get more jail time than the two girls who nonchalantly killed the Uber Eats driver a few weeks back. This is not justice when we totally disregard
  2. I just found it interesting ( and funny ) that some social media rep at Steak-Umm ( of all places ! ) had the insight to correct N deGrasse Tyson in such an eloquent and 'truthful' fashion. Seems someone at Steak-Umm is well versed in the scientific method.
  3. Seems appropriate to re-start this thread after the latest shooting of Daunte Wright outside Minneapolis. By all accounts it seems like a tragic mistake ( manslaughter ? ) where the officer intended to draw her taser but pulled her gun instead and fatally shot D Wright. And as always, I'm going to post an alternative viewpoint to get discussion started. Relatives of D Wright have said "She was supposed to serve and protect", and not shoot people, is the implication. I find it funny how everyone is always aware of other's responsibilities, such as the police's responsibility to 'serv
  4. Neal deGrasse Tyson made and amateurish post ( which he should have qualified ), and was soundly rebuked by Steak-Umm's social media postings. I actually find it kind of humorous. Steak-umm's Twitter Account Feuds With Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Science: 'Log Off Bro' (msn.com)
  5. To maneuver it needs propulsion and control surfaces. Even active homing ( with built in terminal guidance radar ) were notoriously ineffective, because the rocket fuel was usually spent getting the missile to a high enough speed which the target could not evade. Newer missiles, like the MBDA Meteor, use a rocket to get up to speed, and then a ramjet to sustain and maneuver to the target. So it is not a 'ballistic' missile any longer, and could probably be shot down, or defeated by countermeasures ( simple as turning off your radar ), at the much lower terminal speed.
  6. Does the 'actual' position even matter ? The fact that it takes light 8 min to travel from the Sun to the Earth, means that all other effects and information are constrained to the same speed; even changes in gravity. IOW, the 'apparent' position already takes the speed of light/information into account. Why go to the extra trouble of using the 'actual' position, and then have to take the speed of light into account ?
  7. If suicide was linked strongly to physical health, you would think the elderly, being more sickly, would have high suicide rates; the over 65 grouphave the lowest rates. Instead the opposite is true; the highest rates are in the group 25-34, closely followed by the 15-24 group, and then the 35-44 group. This would suggest societal/economic pressures and/or mental health problems. See here The Emergence of Youth Suicide: An Epidemiologic Analysis and Public Health Perspective (annualreviews.org) Disclaimer : I haven't read it, just used the graph to draw my conclusions.
  8. I'm just wondering why you have one standard for teens, and a different one for adults, when your premise that adult thinking can be lacking in both. In Canada we have the Young Offenders Act, where those under 18 are given a 'just-for-show' sentence, which is hardly ever served fully, and their records are sealed, never to be brought up again. Even for things like murder. How does one learn that actions have consequences ?
  9. The term 'ballistic' implies little, or no, terminal guidance. That makes them very ineffective against targets that can move. Even at Mach 12, the missile would need 15 min to reach the target ( M 3 is approx 2000 mph ). Which at 20 mph, would be 5 miles away from its original position.
  10. Slapped a 2 GB Raspberry Pi 4B into a passively cooled aluminum case, and, with two old style Nintendo SNES controllers, hooked it up to my big screen TV. Downloaded RetroPi and installed it. Now I' trying to find ROM images for SNES, Nintendo 64 and Game Cube. Not sure of the legality of doing so.
  11. I would argue that for some criminals ( or adults ), the ability to think as an adult doesn't ever come. Should we absolve them of responsibility for their criminal behaviour also ?
  12. gotta do something to pass the time while in lock-down.
  13. I've never heard of this incident Stringy. The Lightning was a 'rocket with a saddle', and while it had a rather cramped 'office' by American standards, it did use the excellent Martin-Baker Mk.4 ejection seat. I have heard of a vertical ejection where the pilot broke his legs on landing. Take a look at the picture ... The dramatic story of a nose-diving plane as pilot escaped death by seconds in Hatfield - HertsLive (hertfordshiremercury.co.uk)
  14. Wars without human casualties tend to go on as long as money/resources last. My opinion on the matter was formed by an episode of Star Trek:TOS, 'A Taste of Armageddon'. Read the plot here A Taste of Armageddon - Wikipedia And I think it is the wrong direction to be heading. As for battleships, they have evolved. A small aircraft carrier can be as short as 600 ft, with a displacement of 15000 t, and in addition to cannon/missile armament, can field 8-12 L-M F-35B off a ski-ramp deck, for self defense. So who needs a battleship ? Here is a typical example Italian
  15. Don't know if it was a Cold War thing, but the 50s and 60s were exciting years for Aerospace. Unmatched since.
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