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  1. I'm in for the tweed jackets and scotch ( single malt Lagavulin please ), but can we make it Cuban cigars instead of pipes. Oh, and you win an argument ( or convince someone to your point-of-view ), by reason and evidence, not by clobbering them over the head with demerit points. Just sayin'.
  2. MigL

    Impeachment Hearings

    I don't like to make fun of anyone's health issues, but do you think the stress of the Hearings is getting to the President ? Apparently he was rushed to the Hospital for a possible heart condition/monitoring. Yes, life IS rough for old white men, Zap. Not so much the 'white' part, but the 'old' part is really starting to annoy me.
  3. MigL

    Impeachment Hearings

    Thanks JC. And +1; that's the nicest thing anyone has said about me in a while. I don't know much about H Biden, but wasn't he appointed to the board of AMTRAK by G W Bush ? He is a layer and a lobbyist. And while lobbyists trade political favors, that is a problem with the system that needs to be addressed. For all we know Hunter himself, may be very capable
  4. MigL

    Impeachment Hearings

    I would have to advise President Trump not to 'throw rocks when he lives in a glass house', JC. Claiming that H Biden's position was undeserved ,and due to nepotism, as his father is VP, is hypocritical. How many members of his family ( D Trump's ) are 'working' for the US government ? ( I wouldn't doubt the little kids are drawing substantial salaries ) Without any previous government experience ? But I guess that's OK; The President himself has no previous government experience.
  5. MigL

    Impeachment Hearings

    I don't think any Americans reading the news or watching the hearings are checking the definitions of bribery and extortion to see if they fit the President's actions. I think most know that what he did was wrong, even Republicans. His base and the a*s-kissers will no doubt stick with him. But all these revelations, angry spiteful tweets, and his refusals to release information have to be damaging him some. And if these hearings were next summer or it keeps fresh in people's minds for a year, we may get a one term President.
  6. Live and learn, Dagl1. That's why I'm here. I also like those PBS videos.
  7. I have one laptop with a broken touchscreen. It is almost impossible to navigate the mouse without spurious 'clicks' opening all sorts of windows. I usually put it in the freezer for a while, which renders the touchscreen insensitive, then I navigate to the Device Manager and disable the Human Interface device. This makes the laptop fully useable using the trackpad and buttons. Until the next major Windows update, which re-enables it ! Is it just me, or does anybody else wanna strangle Bill Gates ?
  8. MigL


    I don't have a problem with it. A postal worker might. But I don't think he would give a rat's a*s about the Pony Express rider.
  9. In General Relativity 'faster' than light travel, whether by a 'wormhole' or a 'warp' drive enables a phenomenon called Closed Timelike Loops, which are essentially a time machine. One of the more famous physicist to have worked on these phenomena is Kip Thorne. As Endy mentions above, while the theory of GR allows this, there are many problems such as breaking causality and circumventing the 2nd law of Thermodynamics.
  10. MigL


    Well I could send you a letter in reply, through the postal system, but that would probably take about a week to get to you. I much prefer the 'automated' reply system offered by computers/internet/forum software. Don't you ?
  11. Original elements created shortly after the Big Bang event, were Hydrogen and Helium nuclei in a ratio of approx. 3 to 1. A few percent were heavier elements like Lithium and traces of Beryllium. Heavier elements up to Iron ( AW 26 ) are the result of fusion burning in stars; and that is what INow refers to as star stuff. Any elements heavier than Iron that you may have in your body, need energy to form, instead of releasing it. They are formed when stars reach the end of their active life and explode ( Nova ), thereby spreading their star stuff to gas/dust clouds from which second generation Solar Systems ( such as ours ) form. That is where the atoms in your body come from. Kind of makes you feel humble, doesn't it ?
  12. Only time I've noticed something similar is shortly after a Windows update. It seems all other installed utilities set to auto-update, are trying to update their respective installations or virus updates.
  13. MigL

    Blob Theory

    Naked singularities are not possible; they must have an event horizon. Oh wait, singularities themselves are extremely improbable
  14. Thank you for educating me, guys. I stand corrected, and next time will further research before jumping to conclusions.
  15. Apparently while we were sleeping, Ohio has passed a bill that students can't be penalized for mathematically or scientifically incorrect answers for reasons based on their beliefs. ( my religion teaches the Trinity; three goes into one evenly !!! ) https://local12.com/news/local/ohio-house-passes-bill-allowing-student-answers-to-be-scientifically-wrong-due-to-religion Can't offend their vulnerable sensitivities with facts and evidence now, can we ? When you combine this with right-wing hate groups, anti-vaxxers, and your politics, the once great America is spiralling the toilet bowl. Please come back to sanity; the world needs you
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