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  1. If you were asked to divide 20 by 5, would you say 4, or would you say "depends, 20 of what ?" as if it makes a difference. You might consider that 'completeness', the rest of us consider it the opposite of acute.
  2. If the contents are moving in one direction, conservation of momentum demands the container move in the opposite direction.
  3. You realize you are using the Bohr atomic model from 105 years ago ? Electron orbitals are not orbits where the radius of the orbit ensures a circumference which is a multiple of a wavelength. Electron orbitals are probability distributions, where the electron may even be found in the nucleus.
  4. It is dependent on the difference in energy levels of the electron orbitals. Most of the time the frequency of the resultant photon isn't even in the very narrow EM band where we 'see' colour.
  5. All depends on the data you need to process. Large scale video processing, where large amounts of simple operations require multiple simple processing units to run in parallel. In a case like that even an AMD Threadripper with 32 cores is underpowered, and paralleled 64/128/512/1024 NVidia graphics cards with thousands of simple processing elements will outperform it. That is how modern supercomputers are built. For gameplay, on the other hand,which requires complex operations, and parallel coding is difficult, a single or dual core, at 5 GHz is probably best. To access the internet, I would recommend as large a memory as possible, allowing multiple tabs to be opened, but even 10 year old technology, like a 1st/2nd generation i5 @ 2 GHz, is probably overkill
  6. That's not how it works. Consider a carbon atom. It is arranged in a specific crystal pattern, and the electrons are in specific orbitals to account for the molecular structure of graphite. And its colour is black. Take those same atoms and associated electrons, and rearrange them so that the crystal structure is different. The electrons for the new molecule bond using different orbitals, but the exact same electrons. And the colour of diamonds is clear. That's the beauty of good science ( as opposed to WAGuesses ), it fits observational evidence.
  7. I don't understand your question ( and examples ) either. Instead of pulling a vacuum on the exit from the container, let's simplify and pressurize the container. So, if you consider a pressurized balloon, air escaping from a hole will lead to an imbalance in the pressure through the axis passing through the center and you could say that this imbalance in pressure results in motion away from the hole's direction. That is the simplistic view of a rocket. Or you could say the momentum of the air escaping the hole has to be balanced by an equivalent momentum imparted to the balloon in the opposite direction.
  8. That would be correct. Because of gravitational time dilation, the frequency of the EM wave we measure higher up in the gravitational well of the sun, as compared to the point of emission on the surface ( much deeper in the well ), is reduced, or red-shifted. Since wavelength and frequency ae inversely related, the wavelength is increased in relation. Another way to look at it is that the EM wave loses energy climbing out of the gravity well, and energy is directly related to frequency. IIRC a student of R Dicke, at Princeton, measured the gravitational red shift of the sun in the 60s. It is also measured for the Earth, and is the difference between the surface and an orbiting GPS satellite that gives the GR adjustment for GPS systems. Also see Pound-Rebka.
  9. Colours ??? What exactly do you mean ? The 'colour' of the EMR when they drop to a lower energy level ? Any other 'colour' is purely imagined. And only by you.
  10. I know some women ( powerlifter, used to work at the local GM plant ) who can kick all your asses... But seriously, physical strength is mostly a function of hormones, and genes only determine the achievable limit. Incidentally those same hormones will also affect a female's ambitiousness and temperament.
  11. That is a perfectly valid Newtonian equation. Now substitute values in for the variables. For light, m=mo=0 IOW it has zero rest mass because it can never be at rest. So your perfectly valid equation, when mis-applied in the case of light or heat, gives you the non-sensical solution 0=0. Now you're doing Physics . ( being very sarcastic )
  12. The light spreads out into the volume of the room, and become more diffuse. I could give you the mathematical relationship, but I'm getting the impression that would be useless.
  13. Exactly ! NOt really. One is the physical act of separation. The other is a mathematical concept. Do you really not see the difference ?
  14. MigL

    Harry and Meghan

    Sorry, you may be right. I was referring to the link that John C posted comparing Meghan and Kate headlines. To tell you the truth, I like the concept of a 'just for show' Monarchy, the same as I like museums, or traditional customs, but I really don't follow them much at all
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