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  1. Not necessarily, INow. Where are the checks and balances, for FOX News ? Or, for providers that host QAnon sites and Forums ? Or sites that advocate insurrections and the overturning of valid elections ?
  2. Hey, I wanna join in the fun … ( and drag INow in also ) Makes you wonder how they can project an inflation rate which will decrease the value of $15, by 15%, to $13 dollars, unless they think the min wage increase will increase inflation. And that was the point I was making. You raise minimum wage, which has the effect of increasing prices and inflation, so that in the end, the raise is almost all eaten away by inflation. And you're hardly better off than you previously were. Even though your income has been raised above that arbitrary number that the Government chooses to call the 'poverty line'.
  3. I wasn't aware of this, but apparently the number of inmates scheduled for the death penalty has decreased by 13 ( almost a quarter ) since D Trump assumed power, after a 17 year hiatus. No other president in over 10 years has allowed the execution of so many inmates. D Higgs was executed by lethal injection in Indiana, for ordering the killing of three women. Higgs, a black man, was sentenced to death, even though he didn't actually kill the women; the other man, who did the killing, got a life sentence. Trump administration carries out 13th and final execution (msn.com) Seems this president is even more blood-thirsty than we thought
  4. One other issue which needs consideration is the fact that immigrants from poorer nations are often willing to work 'under the table' for less than min wage. That would be consistent with JC's example of the German underground economy ( 20 years ago, East Germans, now, Turks ), and the $500 000 cutoff is possibly responsible for the large numbers of undocumented Latino gardeners, housekeepers and maids, in affluent American homes; those people are willing to work for less than min wage, and the government supplies them with an enabling loophole, and a steady stream of illegal ( as opposed to legal ) aliens. The underground American economy attracts, and takes advantage of illegals. If everyone was required to pay min wage, I get the impression illegal immigrants would also decline. ( am I now going off topic, and back to the original OP, before it was split off ? ) I don't know; you introduced that analogy, not me, or Ricky.
  5. Somehow we have to find a balance between voicing an opinion, which should have no limits imposed, and, disseminating that opinion to the masses, which should have limits, checks, balances, and possible arbitration.
  6. Sorry Swansont, not familiar with that law, as it doesn't exist in Canada ( Ontario ). I did look up you claim, and while in Canada you can also get away with paying less than min wage for employees who derive a portion of their wages from tips, we don't seem to have the $500 000 cut-off that you guys have.
  7. If you assume country flags, then Belgium or Germany seem likely candidates. Unfortunately the list of studies produced in those countries which are still being discussed today, is extremely large. Any other clues ?
  8. Sorry about the 'Spanish Inquisition' ( that would be Joigus, he's from Spain ), but we do love our 'tangents'.
  9. I think you miss Ricky's point, Dim. It's not about industrious mouse, it's about lazy mouse. What lesson does he learn ? Will he/she repeat the same pattern next year ? And the year after ? How do you learn that bad decisions have consequences if someone else is always bailing you out ? And would the industrious mouse get the same pleasure from giving that lecture for the 5th year in a row ? As for JC's point, many small businesses are owner operated. The owners work very hard, and very long hours, to expand and grow the business. As soon as they reach a certain point, where they need to hire additional help, they are often faced with an insurmountable situation, where the cost of wages, insurance, possible benefits, etc., are equivalent to two steps back fr that step forward. This is the point where most small businesses fail. By all means, increase minimum wages, but give small businesses the 'tools' to make the transition to 'hired help'. This may not even be needed in metropolitan areas, but in small communities, where small business dominates, minimum wage increases can have detrimental effects. And I don't see much evidence being presented that raising minimum wage has lifted any group out of near poverty, either. Min wage increases do have an 'inflationary' pressure. And sometimes the wage increase doesn't make up for the inflationary effect, leaving things pretty much as they were. So while the increases may not reduce employment, as INow's study suggests, they may also not have much of an effect on changing people's economic status.
  10. Yeah, right. You ever try taking away food from a German Shepherd ?
  11. Looking at it only from a fiscal perspective, our 'Western' populations are aging. We don't produce enough kids to replenish our population, and we live longer. In a few years half the population will be of retirement age or older, and only one quarter will actually be working, and paying taxes, to support the others through subsidies and pensions. That is untenable. Immigration brings in the young people to support an aging population. Furthermore, If you are only going to pay immigrants minimum wage, which doesn't pay much taxes, you haven't resolved the issue. Unless immigrants are well paid, and pay a fair amount of taxes, all of us older ( soon to be ) retired people will be eating cat food. ( and my cats don't like to share )
  12. I appreciate the math guys, but the OP's assertion is easily disproven by molecules, where each proton doesn't 'bind' to only one electron, the residual Coulomb attraction is responsible for intramolecular bonds, and some even makes molecules 'polar', resulting in measurable intermolecular effects.
  13. Maybe you're dyslexic. And you meant to say "multiple beers"
  14. Keeping in mind also, that big game hunting wasn't a day trip, but would have taken weeks , if not months, to travel to the migratory areas of the big game, hunt/kill, and carry the meat/game back. The women could be used to carry supplies/provisions there, and back. And did not leave them vulnerable and undefended back in the village where they wintered. Assuming of course, they even had a permanent village; maybe they just followed the herds, north and south.
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