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  1. It seems a number of people are converging on the Newtonian hydrostatic equilibrium equation. dP = - g(r) p(r) dr where P=pressure p=radius dependent density and g=radius dependent gravity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrostatic_equilibrium I only gave the Toll/Opp/Volk root because I was intending to use data tables I'd seen for proto-stars before fusion begins. However as Martoonsky pointed out, this will not work because the weight of the gas is affected by the much denser solid portions of the Earth around the bore-hole. Further complicating matters, if we are not going to consider an insulated bore-hole, then p, the density, is dependent on pressure, which is dependent on temperature of the surroundings ( up to 5500 deg as Martoonsky stated ). Back to the drawing board ...
  2. yeah, you're right. But the only difference would be in the -g(r) term due to the added mass of the solid part of the Earth.
  3. Wow ! Wiki pages have 20 ( on average ) degrees of separation. But celebrities have 6 degrees of separation !
  4. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    I think she is a very intelligent woman, and she should easily best M Pence in any debate. ( although his base won't believe anything she says anyway ) I don't think many people ( especially not J Biden ) think she burned any bridges by her attack on him during the primary debates, and most understand it was just 'electioneering'. What might hurt her a little is her record as a prosecutor in these days of heightened awareness regarding BLM and minority oppression by police/prosecution/judiciary. Besides, the way polling is going, J Biden could have chosen uncle Bob as running mate, and still won in November. But who knows, if D Trump and his son-in-law manage to kill a couple of million Democrat supporters with Covid-19 ( by withholding medical supplies from Democrat states ) by November, he just might be re-elected.
  5. Since pressure is only dependent on the column of air above it, and ( pressure generated ) self heating, IOW we disregard any convection heating from the walls of the tube, why not just consider a gravitationally bound ball of gas ( say N2 ), the center of which is in equilibrium with pressure pushing outwards and gravity pushing inwards ? IIRC the Tolman-Oppenheimer--Volkoff equation is used for modelling star formation ( and compression of the fusible fuel on thermonuclear bombs ), and can be applied. The equation ( in spherical co-ordinates )for a static spherically symmetric star is derived by plugging in the energy momentum tensor for an ideal fluid into the Einstein field equations, along with conservation conditions. In the non-relativistic limit this reduces to simple hydrostatic equilibrium such that dP = -g(r) p(r) dr where P=pressure and p=density. I don't remember where I saw them, and perhaps someone more familiar with astronomy/astrophysics than I am might know, but I recall seeing tables, for the central pressures of various size stars, before the onset of fusion. It should not be a problem to extrapolate to a ball of nitrogen with the same radius as the Earth ( + atmosphere ).
  6. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    I'm not assuming a cultural norm. I am merely stating that the reality of the American population is that a fairly sizeable percentage think that IS the cultural norm. And if you're going to ask me for proof or a citation, I will tell you that if that wasn't true, D Trump would not be your President. Anyway we've had this discussion once before, those are simply my opinions; it is off-topic in this thread, and I don't wish to re-visit it.
  7. MigL

    Today I Learned

    Given that up to a third of the population of Europe died during the plague ( 1350s ), and that there wasn't much travelling or intermarriage outside of local towns, it is also possible that all of any one particular person's genes were completely wiped out. Even those of Charlemagne. Or am I over-analyzing ?
  8. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    Gender discrimination ( or sexism ) is also a crime. Yet a lot of people still do it. And while I agree that smiling is a non-issue, the inherent 'sexism' of the general population should be taken into consideration by the candidates. I stll recall when S Palin wore that red jacket at one of her campaign speeches; it made the news for the next month. People were more concerned with her clothing than the drivel she was talking. I don't thing you'd see H Clinton wearing a bright red leather jacket ( or K Harris ); probably because they want people to concentrate on what they say.
  9. Came here for a meal. Got no meat, only salad. Word ( and number ) salad. Explain what you are doing first. No one has any idea what you're trying to accomplish with this mish-mash of numbers. And don't just throw numbers around without telling us what they refer to.
  10. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    This last post brings up a very important subject. What are the parties proposing about the problem of mental illness ? More and more Americans are angry at the world. This misplaced anger keeps them from functioning as productive ( and civil ) members of society. A lot of them seem to think that anarchy is the solution, when actually it is the rule of law that is protecting their sorry asses. In an anarchist, "might makes right" society they would have no protection by the law, and would be ruthlessly taken advantage of by the stronger and more powerful.
  11. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    Quite often you choose to paint me with the dastardly evil brush, when there are other options available, Phi. I'm not saying its ok to be unfair to women, but women should be aware that there are those who are ( unfair to women ). And, sometimes, mitigating those instances, involves not giving those people the opportunity to be unfair. It's not OK to steal either, but there are those who do, and I'm sure you don't leave your wallet in plain sight, in your parked vehicle. If I asked you to put your wallet in your glove-box, or your back pocket, are you going to assume that I think it's OK to steal ?
  12. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    Oh, I'm convinced, Phi. And while we're considering the smart option, people like D Trump will abuse the system to take advantage of people's primitive thinking. You have to win the Presidency to be able to change the system for the better. Four more years of President Trump will ruin your country; and a lot of the rest of the World. ( IOW, nice guys finish last; unfortunate and unfair but often true )
  13. "The Last Glacial Period (LGP) occurred from the end of the Eemian to the end of the Younger Dryas, encompassing the period c. 115,000 – c. 11,700 years ago." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Glacial_Period Which ice cap do you mean ? If the North Polar Cap was to melt completely, it would not raise sea levels at all, because it is 'floating' ice. The submerged part of floating ice displaces an equivalent weight of water ( ice is less dense ). Only ice that raises sea levels is ice covering land ( glaciers and nost of South Polar Cap covering Antartica )
  14. MigL

    Biden’s VP Choice

    I'm not convinced about the facial expressions. However, given that a large part of the voting population is sexist, is that not something that should be taken into consideration ? There are plenty of other things H Clinton was morally right about ( other than pandering too sexists ) yet she still lost the election to the most sexist ( along with many many more despicable attributes ) President America has ever had.
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