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  1. Interesting read will have to study it later. Thanks for sharing
  2. Position and momentum are the operators in QM. Klien Gordon equation uses potential and kinetic energy (QFT)
  3. I give up this is the 4th time this got screwed up the last time was when i tried inserting the url for an image
  4. The Schrodinger equation gives a probability wavefunction one that shows the particles dynamics over time. It will work regardless if you treat the particle as a particle or as a state. The thing is on a fundamental level one also has to keep in mind that a field is simply a set of values in a geometric descriptive. A field in essence is merely a descriptive. However it could be argued that the same applies to a particle. A common bad practice is to think of particles as energy packets. The reason is the very definition of energy is the Property of an object or state to perform work. Particles also have no corpuscular (material like composition) one can accurately consider solid as an illusion. I've been studying physics for over 30 years. Although the field excitation is popular and gaining momentum that doesn't mean there is equal validity in the particle view. Both have their applicability, where one better describes an interaction than the other.
  5. Why 2) if your thinking entanglement then there is no superluminal action, communication or hidden variable involved.
  6. The particle view doesn't particularly work well. A primary reason is one such as spin of an electron. In order to consider an electron spinning via its angular momentum in the particle view the electron would have to exceed the speed of light by a factor of 10. This obviously alerted physicist that an electron cannot be spinning such as a ball. However under the field excitation spin is addressable due to the increased radius of the applicable interactions. Numerous interactions and measurements are making the field excitation view far more likely. Factors such as quantum tunneling, Bose-Einstein condensate state and in particular the Higgs field interactions are far easier to explain under the excitation view. The pointlike and wavelike characteristics of a particle becomes readily addressable as the pointlike characteristics as an excitation is simply another wavefunction that is readily localized . The article below explains waveparticle duality via the excitation view "There are no particles only fields" https://arxiv.org/abs/1204.4616
  7. The anti Desitter metric itself works for any case where the geometry is a negative curvature. The conformal portion applies to the string theory portion of the metric. The positive curvature is covered via the De-Sitter spacetime. The metric is particularly useful to allow string theory flexibility in regions of strong couplings such as the EH of a blackhole.
  8. Electroweak Langrangian L=−14WαμνWμνα−14BμνBμν+Ψ¯¯¯¯iγμDμΨ W1,2,3μ and Bμ Covariant Derivative Dμ=∂μ+igWμτ2−ig´2Bμ mass eigenstates observed in experiments are linear combinations of the electroweak eigenstates. Hence W− and W+ W±μ=12−−√(W1μW2μ) γ and Z are\ Aμ=BmucosθW+W3μsinθW Zμ=BmusinθW+W3μcosθW Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix ⎛⎝⎜⎜d´s´b´⎞⎠⎟⎟⎛⎝⎜VudVcdVtdVusVcsVtsVubVcbVtb⎞⎠⎟⎛⎝⎜dsb⎞⎠⎟ symmtric massless SU(2)L⊗U(1)γ −LW=g2√UIL¯¯¯¯¯¯γμ1DiLW+μ+hc UIL and DIL is a vector in generation space of the up/down quark interaction-eigenstates. while 1 is a unit-matrix in generation space. Symmetry break (weak) LY−UIL¯¯¯¯¯¯FUIRH0∗+DILGDIRH0+hc VeV 〈H0〉=v/2–√ F and G are Yukawa matrices. quark mass terms MU=Fν2–√::MD=Gν2–√ Gauge Interaction LW=gsqrt2UL¯¯¯¯¯¯γV†LDLW+μ+hc where V†L is the mixing matrix for quarks giving n generations (n*n unitary matrix) with n2 parameters, in which n(n-1)/2 can be chosen as real angles and n(n+1)/2 are phases subsequent transformation v=PUV†LP∗D v=⎛⎝⎜VudVcdVtdVusVcsVtsVubVcbVtb⎞⎠⎟ for 3 generations of quarks THE CKM QUARK-MIXING MATRIX 1) https://escholarship.org/content/qt1jt6c151/qt1jt6c151_noSplash_4cb0f722c2c328730fbac6c5d0971db9.pdf Feymann Integrals by Stefan Weinzierl 2) https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.03593 PMNS mixing matrix https://pdg.lbl.gov/2020/reviews/rpp2020-rev-neutrino-mixing.pdf
  9. Unfortunately it dropped the math structure in the fractions and dropped the superscript to subscripts etc. I will simply redo it. At least the Electroweak section and just reference the statements for the Feymann Integrals I want to explore. Maybe a few days though. The reference is one I just recently found and is extremely informative.
  10. Why did all the math symbols and structures dissappear? Will have to redo this from scratch
  11. Feymann Integrals set c=ℏ =1, (D-1), momentum o particle p as D dimensional vector D(00) =E/c with D-1 remainder spatial components Minkowskii scalar product of pa,pb pa⋅pb=pμagμνpμb set propogator of a scalar particle momentum p and mass m 1p2+m2 consider graph G with Next external edges, Nint internal edges and L=loop number for connected graphs page 16 forwards on Feymann graph rules Feymann Integrals by Stefan Weinzierl https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.03593 project goal examination of the gauge group langrangians with above reference and applying the QFT creation and annihilation operators and QFT propogators Electroweak Lanqrangian L−14WαμνWμνα−14Wμνμν+Ψ¯¯¯¯iγμDμΨ W1,2,3μ[ and Bμ are the 4 spin 1 fields Covariant derivative D2=∂μ+igWτ2−ig´2Bμ W+ andW− bosons are expressed as W±μ=12−−√W1μ∓iW2μ) γ and Z as Aμ=Bμ cosθw+W3μ sinθW Zμ=−Bμ sinθw+W3μ cosθW The Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix
  12. Welcome back

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      Good to have you back Mordred.

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      Well two nights in a row so I may also be hitting server maintenance while in edit mode. Not a biggie just now have to redo the fix I had completed and added to lmao.

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      well trying to insert an image screwed it this time around not time out.  this was the 4th time I had to correct the latex. LOL I was going to write up the relevent info on the CKM mixing matrix but I'm tired of it getting screwed up

  13. bump I would like to get back to this took a break
  14. Thanks for the link. Nice to see additional validation for the cosmological principle. Will study in more detail
  15. If a hypothetical graviton is found. (Though we would need far higher energy levels at an LHC) it would most likely be a spin two boson. We're nowhere near the technology to produce one (TeV ) energy range. Wish we could though quantizing gravity would be easily done.
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