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  1. The conversation has covered quite a lot since this comment but you yourself alluded to not focussing purely on physical traits. Psychological traits for example are probably far more impactful than physical ones. For example in prey animals, skittishness is a good trait. When you say that humans are the only ones with morals, I do take exception to that and you don't have to watch too much Attenborough to figure out why either. Why do wolves and other pack animals, scold their young? Why do animals other than humans engage in altruistic behaviours? Moral philosophy ultimately concerns itself with the study of values and moral psychology studies how humans percieve and think about value, as well as valuing behaviours. It isn't a stretch to delve into comparitive moral psychology from there and I think once somebody is trained to identify the signs of value based cognition, you can't unsee it in almost everything we do. By we, I mean living beings. Rounding back to traits relating to a species survival. It's very hard to pinpoint, as others have said luck does come into it, so do numbers and some of worst types of natural disasters are so rare relative to animal lifespans, yet so destructive ( large meteor strikes as an example) that you can be the smartest, strongest and quickest species in a region with nothing that can outwit or overpower you, and still be taken out by a quick natural disaster. Our natural ancestor that lived along side the dinosaurs, was similar to a shrew. Small, weak, preyed on by most dinosaurs small enough to even notice it. Yet that burrowing behaviour + numbers saved it, even though there are so many many situations where it's weaknesses would give it no chance to survive. What it means to be the fittest animal is context dependent and is a dynamic multiplicity of factors and variables. Any trait, physical or psychogical can be a boon in one area of life and not in another. Take aggression and cooperation for example, these two traits together can be found in most pack animals and some herd animals. Take those wildebeest for example; it is a fact that they are hunted and preyed upon by lions, but if you asked me to give you the ratio of how many kills each species has scored on the other, I'd not be able to tell you. Suffice it to say some wildebeest get eaten by lions and some lions get killed by wildebeest. So how do you go about figuring out which is the fitter species? In regards to India and the Caste system and the claim that it is allowable there. Let me introduce you to the cultural relativists paradox. Lets imagine a country that claims that morality is relative to culture, but that same country also claims that criticising the morality of other cultures, is a part of its culture. This country would look at say Nazi Germany and would be making the argument for... what? For or against the holocaust? I can't tell you because of the cultural relativists paradox. They could argue from the position of cultural relativism that it is okay for the Germans to commit a genocide on the Jews as it is a part of nazi culture so therefore morally correct if that is want to do within their cultural borders, while simultaneously arguing that it is morally abhorrent because it's part of their culture to criticise other cultures. India is not equivalent to bee society as caste differences in bees are based on physiological taxonomical differences whereas a Dalit and a Brahmin are essentially the same in terms of their humanity with no where near as much variation between them as the differences between a warrior, worker and queen ant. The other problem with cultural relativism is that it assumes there is a consensus within a given culture, over the moral inclinations of that culture and then assumes that the consensus must be the correct position, which sounds a lot like "1 billion people can't be wrong." Even though I could go to India, throw a rock and hit a guy that curses the caste system even though he's Indian. Pretty much every Dalit hates it and you can even find folk from high castes that don't like it even though they benefitted from it. That's without going into all the different langauges, subcultures and ethnicities that exist within india. 1billion people is a lot of cultural difference to pack into a single country. Honestly I could go on and on about these subjects if I had the time but this is already pretty long and dinner will be ready soon. I hope MigL my comment makes you think a bit and that you're doing well.
  2. I've found it always works both ways. I learn from you, you learn from me. Everybody wins. But yeah I'll open this up as a thread later today. Got my hands full with my daughter at the moment! We can get into the nitty gritty of traits conducive to survival via both natural selection and now human based conscientious selection later.
  3. That's a very short sighted view of what it means to be strong. You would think the greatest benefit to future generations would be to not care about the weak, but not so, at least not in human society. This could be a whole thread on it's own but there are some very simple facts that illustrate why the survival of the fittest morality is a detriment to everyone. A) As Qui-Gon says "There is always a bigger fish." And what this means is that it doesn't matter if you believe you are strong and it doesn't matter if you indeed are strong, because there is always going to be someone stronger. B) The weak have family, friends and loved ones who aren't all weak. Kick the bear cub and get mauled by the mother. C) Memory and history run deep, you may be strong today but your descendants can still be weak tomorrow. While the descendants of those you wronged may be strong. D) Many hands make light work, the weak and the strong together can only be stronger than strong and weak on their own. E) If I am physically strong I can take the weak mans bread for myself. If I am mentally strong I can convince him to share with me or help me get my own and resist violent means which can only bring about violent ends. F) Revenge is a very strong motivator and a man you have wronged on a weak day may come back on a strong day. G) Strength combined with recklessness is a recipe for disaster, not survival. Sorry to pollute the humour thread with logic lol can open this up as a thread on it's own somewhere.
  4. The reason I used the Vespasian comparison wasn't to do with being emperor, but with the fact that the Flavian dynasty of the Roman empire was the first passing of the emperor role from father to biological son and then to second son. (Well that didn't last long.) But anyway by that point Romans had lived under a number or emperors since Augustus so at the time, that was stability from their perspective. Father to son. It doesn't compare to now. I do get the sentiment behind the "god-emperor" phrasing you're going with, in the sense that the USA in general is more powerful in terms of people, resources and technology, under democracy. Give all that power to a king or an emperor and it will be unlike anything people have seen, even from histories worst tyrants up until the 20th century. Honestly though, I just don't see that happening. There would be a massive civil war and if Trump were king or emperor for a year, Putin would be king after. A civil war in the USA would be a perfect time for Russia or China to make moves.
  5. Exactly and Trump is no Vespasian, by a long way.
  6. Someone should tell Trump that if his polling improves after every bullet he almost takes to the head, maybe he should just stand on stage going full Matrix at every rally. "Ahhhh but Donald, if you're so great, you should be able to dodge the bullet every time right?" @LaurieAG was that sick enough for you? Fyi in Trump friendly spaces they are wishing Biden dies of covid. That said, I've never wondered why Hitler was hated but Mandela wasn't. Maybe it was the vast chasm of difference in moral character, maybe its maybeline. Who knows?
  7. I'm curious as to whether or not the democrats may use Biden coming down with covid as a kind of fitness test or if this will cause people to doubt his physical fitness for the role more whether he makes a quick recovery or not.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/07/17/president-biden-tests-positive-for-covid-unidosus-leader-says.html So this is now happening. Anyone else feel like 2024 is actively trying to be bigger and badder than 2020?
  9. I've been in laugh to keep from crying mode for so long it's all beyond a joke now to me really. I mean the guy responsible for countless deaths due to ridiculous levels of incompetence, negligence and shameless disinformation during a pandemic is now suddenly a hero because he dodged karma at the last second?! Don't mind me too much just now, I've had a few to drink and haven't drank in awhile so even my Celtic ass can get a wee bit tipsy on just a couple. That said, I'm sorry if I upset you.
  10. I have an evangelical acquaintance who claimed God saved Trump at the last minute; I executed a perfect scripture based attack by pointing out that the bible claims the devil actually has dominion over this world until jesus returns after the tribulation. I don't believe it but hey you gotta meet some people where they are at. So who really saved Trump? Satan. Having salvation army ministers for grandparents has it's benefits... a few at least. Won some respect there at least and it also gave me a few ideas for advocating for rehabilitation based justice versus punitive justice within religious demographics. I think I felt my diplomatic reasoning skills level up! Although I think you could also make the argument, that god did save him but only from a "you're no martyr of mine mf!" sort of state of mind. I do actually have a legit deity, in the sense that I only deify that which I know WILL have the opportunity to judge me, future generations. I guess you'd call that generationism? So much better than a church. Just act in ways that will help future generations thrive and since most of those are things that help a human thrive in the moment in at least a resource based capacity, it's usually a symbiotic relationship. Plant peas for me today, enrich the soil for someone else next tomorrow.
  11. Indeed, Mark Twain put it best by saying; I fear you're right. We aren't even close to the worst of it either. Fleeing to the north won't do any good when supplies dwindle and prices skyrocket and as the climate gets worse, more crops are going to start failing. Farming is hard work as it is with the elements already fighting you in a number of ways in an ideal climate. Fascists thrive on peoples fear, so as our existential fears grow, so too does their power over others. I admit to feeling a bit giddy when the assassination news first released... now I just wish they hadn't bothered trying, it's just made a bad situation worse. When dealing with people like Trump; it wouldn't surprise me but I'd never assume it without proof. Either the timing was too perfect and it's some kind of false flag but more likely is that Trump is just a master at using situations like these to his own benefit.
  12. Calling a lie a lie is hardly namecalling. Nope. I've just been watching how you speak to folk, what views you share, what info you cherry pick and which of others points you choose to respond to. Yeah the Russian troll thing is speculation on my part but what isn't speculation is the accusation that you're conversing in bad faith by claiming to support one thing while only using talking points that originate in Russian propaganda about the state of affairs of American politics. It was really the antifa stuff that gave it away for me. No self respecting democrat or moderate would claim being anti-fascist makes you a member of a terrorist organisation.
  13. Most of your views are straight up lies though... do you get reprimanded by your superiors in Russia when people figure out you're a paid troll?
  14. This is a Republican talking point that was debunked awhile ago. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/06/trump-cant-designate-antifa-or-any-movement-domestic-terrorist-organization/ Anti-fascism is a movement. It isn't a group or an organisation and that false claim was first started by Lauren Boebert. Stop lying and stop acting in bad faith with all these claims to be against Trump while spouting a bunch of falsehoods and lies that he has tried to pass off as truth. Then stop lying, stop acting in bad faith and stop sharing debunked Republican talking points or hinting at bullshit MAGA world conspiracy theories. It's actually embarrassing how transparent you are while you think you're fooling anyone.
  15. Yeah, I can see that. Will probably be "making jokes" at rallies (remotely from a screen with a live feed to a bunker somewhere saying his bone spurs are acting up) guaging responses to phrases like "you guys wouldn't mind being home by 9pm if it meant keeping the other guys off the streets right?" Or "You'd give up your guns if I asked and you knew I was taking the radical leftists guns too right?" Or "You know what would be really cool? If I had my own cops and soldiers on the streets all the time protecting us all from Antifa and the radical leftist marxists. Would you all like that?" https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4770769-trump-biden-speak-rally-shooting/ Biden is condemning the shooting and has reached out to Trump. FBI investigating. Gunman still unidentified or identity isn't being shared yet. Trump will probably be getting a bigger security detail after this and it wouldn't surprise me if the secret service beefs up Bidens and others details too. Really wish I knew what was said between them now.
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