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  1. Scientists Discover Ancient Mayan City

    I read that article, what a fascinating find it was!
  2. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    Possibilities are infinite; however, the possibility of a consciousness that exist independent of human experience isn't human consciousness, which I think is what we are discussing here. Human consciousness is defined by the nature of human experience and is, therefore, inseparable from the physiology that makes human experience possible. The properties of human brain structure and function give rise to that expression of human consciousness that enables meaningful human experience; therefore, the origin of that expression resides in the properties of human brain structure and function which, again, is confirmed by the absence of consciousness and meaningful life experience without the presence of brain tissue and function.
  3. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    Although you "agree that a physical apparatus is necessary (at least in humankind) for the expression of human consciousness", you do not appear to understand what this agreement confers. Agreeing that "a physical apparatus is necessary" confers your understanding that brain structure and its related functions are indeed essential to "the expression of human consciousness". Although I've emphasized necessary and essential, the keyword here is expression. What you do not seem to understand or have fully considered is the role of brain function in the expression of human consciousness. The expression of human consciousness originates through the properties of brain structure and function. Brain structure/function is that elephant in the room of your consciousness perspective that you seen to be ignoring. Consciousness originates as an expression through brain function and agreeing that the brain is necessary for the expression of consciousness confers your agreement that the brain is indeed, in someway, essential or central to the origin of that expression. Essentially, you have agreed that consciousness cannot be may manifest without brain structure and function. Yes, it does. Nothing becomes fact or truth without evidence and we do not have evidence supporting your ideas. Conversely, we do indeed have complete evidence that the expression of human consciousness originates through human brain structure and function by the abundance of tests, studies and incidents of the absence of stated consciousness in the absence of the stated brain structure and function. Theories and hypotheses aren't truths or facts without real evidence that can be tested, studied, or replicated. Unlike the idea of consciousness originating from beyond the brain, the facts regarding consciousness originating from the brain can be tested, studied, and replicated because we have the brain as a tangible and testable resource for research.
  4. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    Well, let's see if we can put our debate to rest. Given what measure of knowledge you may have of human physiology, do you believe you would still possess the means to physically express consciousness with the destruction of your brain after its removal from your body? Do you think you'd physically be able to ambulate, articulate, and live a meaningful life without even the thinnest layer of brain tissue? If you've bothered to review any universally accepted medical evidence--evidence derived through scientific methodology--your answer to both questions should be a firm no. You would be affirming that you cannot express consciousness without some brain structure. There is no evidence derived through universally accepted methods in medical science and research for the existence of human consciousness without the presence of brain tissue. In other words, unless you can produce real evidence of a live human being living a meaningful life indicative of consciousness without the slightest measure of brain tissue, then any answer in the affirmative to my questions would be clearly disingenuous. Your appear to be asserting that consciousness is independent of brain function without evidence supporting that assertion. Belief in an idea without supporting evidence is religion, not science. Are you discussing religion or are you discussing science?
  5. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    OK, by extension of your logic, would I be correct in assuming that our sun in itself is consciousness because its activity conforms to the physical laws and nature of the universe? That would also suggest that blackholes, dark matter, and a multitude of other stellar phenomena are expressions of consciousness because they too conform to those laws and nature. Even a loadstone, also by extension of your argument, would be considered conscious because its properties and magnetism are a product of physics. You seem an intelligent fellow, which is why it's surprising that you fail to comprehend how this argument doesn't adequately explain the nature and specific form of consciousness as produced by humanity. What happens on a quantum level in humans really isn't that much different than what we may find elsewhere in nature, which suggests a distinction that may only be more precisely understood by studying brain function. We study the brain because the expression of consciousness in humans has not been observed without its presence and functional evidence. All things, including brain function, may operate according to the physical laws and nature of the universe but not all things produce the equivalent of human consciousness as human brain function appears to do. The information a system receives doesn't always determine its output as evinced by humanity's varying responses to equivalent stimuli. Input and output aren't "separate universes" as you've envisioned, they are merely components of a singular system. Huh? There's no evidence in universally accepted science that human consciousness persist beyond brain death, which leads to the unequivocal conclusion that consciousness originates from brain function. Even investigating the idea that human consciousness originates from some force, energy, or stimuli outside the brain must begin with the only organ known to be essential to its expression. This wouldn't be a quick read but rather a separate and lengthy discussion involving our brain's functional anatomy and evolution. If you are sincerely interested, we should open a separate discussion thread in the appropriate forum.
  6. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    If I may interject, EEG studies in brain death connects the nonexistence and non-expression of consciousness with brain function cessation. If not Moontanman, I certainly could in discussion if you are will to sit through several hours of instruction in brain evolution and function, which would include dissection in illustrations and peer-reviewed science spanning nearly 200 years of brain research. Our brain structure provides a remarkably clear record of how it evolved to its present state. I learned as much while researching a book on the dreaming brain's neuropsychology.
  7. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    If you haven't sufficiently studied the nature of brain function and brain evolution, which seems quite obvious, then it's easy to understand your misperception. If you have, then you should know that consciousness is an output of a system evolved for that purpose. "light/photons/information/electromagnetism" (sensory) are merely the forms of input that system might receive to produce consciousness. Empirically, unequivocally, unquestionably that system is brain function and consciousness is merely an output arising, emerging, originating from how this system (brain function) processes and integrates the sensory input it receives. Nothing is more evident of the role of brain function in producing consciousness than the profound changes in perception, personality, behavior, and quality of life we observe through sufferers of brain damage.
  8. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    I disagree; science does indeed have sufficient knowledge to understand the nature of consciousness because it is a known quality emerging from physical existence. The concept of consciousness would not have emerge in us (humanity) without our physical existence. It is because of humanity's ability to determine and understand the intricacies of its physical nature that we are able to determine and understand that consciousness emerges from brain structure and function.
  9. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    I agree with Strange, chemistry = physics is a specious argument given the position you appear to support. The position you espouse would suggest that all matter is consciousness, which it is not given human equivalency as the only scientifically verifiable mean by which we are able to quantify the true nature of consciousness. Human equivalency assures humanity that it is indeed conscious and our equivalency in brain structure assures us of the means by which we are able to determine that quality.
  10. Consciusness IS NOT MATTER

    If I may join your discussion, I read the articles in your citations and they appear to at best involve quite of bit of hyperbole and, at worst, author's bias. Hydrocephalus doesn't necessarily destroy brain tissue as the articles suggest, but rather compresses healthy brain tissue into thin layers. Despite what those articles suggest, sufferers of congenital hydrocephaly are living with 100% of their brain with the distinction that this percentage has been compressed into a smaller portion of normal brain volume by an excess of cerebrospinal fluid. Consciousness arising from brain function, which is the result of electrochemical processes in the brain rather than electromagnetic processes exclusively, is confirmed by every case of brain death since the dawn of humanity. No evidence in cogent, universally accepted science to-date has shown consciousness persisting after brain death. Further still, those electromagnetic processes believed to be the basis of consciousness cannot exist without the biological and metabolic processes in the brain that give rise to its electromagnetic activity.
  11. According to this Physicist Illinios article: "Professor of Physics Peter Abbamonte and graduate students Anshul Kogar and Mindy Rak, with input from colleagues at Illinois, University of California, Berkeley, and University of Amsterdam, have proven the existence of this enigmatic new form of matter, which has perplexed scientists since it was first theorized almost 50 years ago." "So what exactly is excitonium? Excitonium is a condensate—it exhibits macroscopic quantum phenomena, like a superconductor, or superfluid, or insulating electronic crystal. It’s made up of excitons, particles that are formed in a very strange quantum mechanical pairing, namely that of an escaped electron and the hole it left behind. It defies reason, but it turns out that when an electron, seated at the edge of a crowded-with-electrons valence band in a semiconductor, gets excited and jumps over the energy gap to the otherwise empty conduction band, it leaves behind a “hole” in the valence band. That hole behaves as though it were a particle with positive charge, and it attracts the escaped electron. When the escaped electron with its negative charge, pairs up with the hole, the two remarkably form a composite particle, a boson—an exciton."
  12. Today I Learned

    Today I learned about the C.Elegans and how researchers have digitized and inserted its brain into robots. Apparently scientists have mapped the C.Elegans entire connectome, which is the only one they've managed to map completely.
  13. Today I Learned

    As I understand, microwave ovens employs frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. My presumption have been that to cook food this has primarily involved frequencies of sound. For a novice, such as myself, could you briefly explain how the speed of light and electromagnetic radiation are linked?
  14. Dreams causing real injuries?

    Very much like a placebo effect wherein our body appears to respond to what we're mentally convinced is true or real.
  15. Dreams causing real injuries?

    It is wholely conceivable that some of our physical experiences in dreams could present with some real physical symptom or effect much like those experienced under hypnotic suggestion. For example, a person under hypnosis may present with a rash or blistering when it's suggested that her arm is exposed to a heat source when in reality that is just a hypnotic suggestion. Further still, psychosomatic illnesses and conditions wouldn't be a thing without real evidence of such occurrences. Such illnesses and conditions prove a strong mind/body connection. However, real injury involving abrasions or lacerations likely occur during sleep and dreaming through the sleeper's contact with something in her sleep environment. It's conceivable that sleeping on the floor could cause the injuries you've described. Regarding your mother's trip, unconsciously you may have been aware of your mom's desire to travel and your concerns about that desire resulted in your dream. Her father, your grandfather, in this dream likely reflects your fatherly concern about the interest in traveling you may have unconsciously detected in your mother's prior conversations.