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  1. Yes that’s true. That species looks mysterious and intriguing. Although if I met one of them dancing on the footpath where there was pulsating trance vibes in the background, then I might find the brainwashing music creepy but not the spider!
  2. Wow that’s inspiring how you recovered from encountering such a huge species of spider. I’d almost be tempted to avoid countries like Brazil and Australia in case I meet their ginormous insects! But if I’d a free ticket I’d still go for the sun and scenery! Maybe there are traces of critical periods where being familiar with such insects from a young age can lessen fear.
  3. That’s interesting. Maybe seeing other people being unafraid of spiders can be reassuring. Although the image below unsettles me. It’s ironic given that the big spiders are sometimes harmless compared to the poisonous bites of smaller ones. Yet the fact it’s bigger than a hamster immediately and subconsciously makes me compare the spider to a small mammal. I’m accustomed to viewing pets like hamsters as marginally sensory though in a non-rational, pain-free and non-memorising way. Increasing the scales of an average spider by a few dozen is disconcerting because it’s no longer fly-like and I’v
  4. Some criticism of suicide is generalised. It includes other confusing issues that aren't directly relevant towards voluntary self-initiated suicide itself. Therefore we've to disentangle each topic. Firstly there's the allegation that vulnerable people could be pressured by ill-intentioned people into suicide. The trouble I have with this argument is that mental health services extend beyond those with severe mental illnesses. Therefore any disabled or elderly person that was hypothetically being bullied into suicide would be equally entitled to attend counselling services. Psychologists can o
  5. Supposedly it would be harder to move with 8 legs than 4. They’re moving chaotically while arachnophobes might misinterpret their motion as if they were moving intentionally. We mistakenly think it takes more conscious willpower for a spider to move than a quadruped when in reality they’re moving deterministically and automatically. That mismatch might create a creepy vibe.
  6. I’m not disputing a functional fear of venomous insects. Humans originated in Africa and then migrated around the globe. Spiders are poisonous in southern Africa. The Sahara has dangerous vipers and cobras. So perhaps a fear of them is ingrained through primordial human evolution. Yet spiders and snakes have been harmless for millennia in temperate climate zones like Ireland where there are no snakes. So over time the initial physical, defensive fear has morphed into a creepy vibe. We can get angry if a pet dog bites and hit back in deterrence yet we don’t have the same frustrated sensation wi
  7. “Overall, schizophrenia is about 3.6 times as common among people with autism as it is in controls, the researchers found.” https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/schizophrenia-prevalence-may-threefold-higher-people-autism/ Some symptoms of schizophrenia: “Delusions. Hallucinations. Disorganized thinking (speech). Extremely disorganized or abnormal motor behavior. Negative symptoms.” Some symptoms of autism: Abnormal Tone of Voice Avoidance of Eye Contact or Poor Eye Contact Behavioral Disturbances Deficits in Language Comprehension Inappropriate
  8. (This is an extract from a piece I wrote elsewhere. I only intended to write an improvised paragraph but more ideas kept coming to me. I didn’t research anything. Could someone tell if anything I said makes genetic sense or if it’s wrong!?) As I said before nonphysical doesn’t mean nonlogical. If something was spiritually created that doesn’t translate to “anything goes”. It doesn’t mean that it was created by a particular God at a specific time for this stated prophetic reason. Nonphysical doesn’t mean nonobjective and subjective either. Much like the existence of eternal hell for non
  9. I think people are often afraid of spiders or snakes but not always both. These species are very different from each other so they’re usually not equally frightening. I’ve had to capture so many spiders around the house that I’m no longer too frightened by them. I can begin to appreciate their eccentric nature at a distance. But if they come close I confess I’d be very alert. I’ve never had much aversion to images of snakes. They just remind me of a large version of lizards. That picture is one I took abroad on holidays. Although I’ve never seen them in real life so I can’t say for certain how
  10. I don’t know. Maybe a sadist wants to feel like they own and possess whoever they intend to belittle. An extreme example is the violence displayed in slavery movies where it seemed both sadistic in terms of megalomania and psychopathic with regard to the exploitation.
  11. Yes that’s certainly true. Being grateful and humble is indeed virtuous. I suppose an example of what a little bit of arrogance might be is if someone were to correct your sentence online by saying “as Phi alluded to”! (joke) One way we are limited is that we can’t always control the outcome of a particular course of action. We sometimes have to be adaptable in order to update and revise our plans if anything goes wrong or to retry something we failed at. Patience can be challenging sometimes. The ends don’t always justify the means! So perhaps we have to somehow
  12. “For pride to work, it must be paired with humility — a humility to know that no matter our skill set, each of us depends on what others have to offer. Since none of us can be an expert in all areas, we must be humble enough to recognize that we cannot be great at everything; there will be times when we need to rely on others. People who follow this advice are the ones for whom pride, like gratitude and compassion, becomes a virtue, not a vice.” https://ideas.ted.com/pride-can-be-a-virtue-but-it-needs-to-be-the-right-kind-of-pride/amp/ I sometimes view the words pride and humi
  13. “Isometric exercise is a type of low-impact exercise that involves straining your muscles without moving or bending your joints. A prime example is holding your body in a plank position – you stay at the top of a push up without bending your elbows. Isometric exercises are good for maintaining your strength and stability. For instance, if you train by doing a plank pose, it can help you hold a plank position for an extended period of time, but won't necessarily help you do more pushups. Isometric exercise is often recommended for people who arerecovering from an injury, or who suffer fro
  14. I think muscle strength is inherently related to maximum heart rate. For example, if someone injured or weakened their legs then they won’t ever be able to exert themselves to the same extent. But if they can’t exert themselves as much, then their maximum heart rate has been effectively reduced because they won’t be able to run as hard in the future. So this relationship is of an indirect nature. The runner vs sprinter comment is an analogy for how the body might be inadvertently weak in one area but strong in another. The difference is that running is voluntary pain that stops as
  15. “The lumbar spine, or low back, is a remarkably well-engineered structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complex structure also leaves the low back susceptible to injury and pain... The low back supports the weight of the upper body and provides mobility for everyday motions such as bending and twisting... Chronic back pain. Usually defined as lower back pain that lasts over 3 months, this type of pain is usually severe, does not respond to initial treatments, and requi
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