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  1. Shooting to death those accused of cowardice in WW1’s British army exposes the ambiguity of suicide because any soldiers used as machine gun fodder without being given enough covering fire in WW1 are technically on a suicide mission relative to modern combat. Those who deserted their posts in WW1 might in retrospect have been influenced by having been abandoned by other troops as well rather than deserting by cowardice alone. Hence no matter how much people dislike or support suicide it’s all relative to a collective population that likely isn’t very ethical even if the collective is slightly ethical. So maybe humility in the context of suicide means not to love or hate the concept of suicide too much!
  2. A mental health condition isn’t always fully communicable but art and music is capable of catching onto negative vibes. For example the kaleidoscopic song below parodies what would otherwise have been a dissociative emotion by equating happiness with rebellion without really defining what the rebellion is: Katy Perry - This is How We Do
  3. I like your style. Nuclear destruction of multiple countries simply isn't very relevant!
  4. Offering light criticism can often be a backhanded way to downplay just how threatening other people could have been! I feel the entirety of China could be sacrificed in any nuclear exchange just to achieve destruction of critical targets in the west!
  5. The idea of fast food parodying healthy food can be the same for many drugs being a victim of their own karma. For example alcoholics might dislike being highly extraverted by overdrinking with others to try and disprove how ethical they were to talk to one another. Humility is very ethical but is easily hijacked by perversion. For example marijuana might make those already prone to spirituality to downplay their spirituality by attributing too much of their insights to drugs when a lot of their thinking might still have been internal. Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep Yet another factor in obesity is that a lot of athletes can be too emphatic without being sexy enough. The dilemma is that many top athletes are able to be sexy if they tried to be but are often unwilling to let slightly less hardworking athletes be viewed as sexy. For example as a teenager I always counterbalanced cardiovascular exercise with weightlifting because no matter how strong and handsome bodybuilders and marathon runners can be they often downplay how nice they are by not being slightly androgynous. As such no matter how superior I try to be at walking I can always mislead others into how egalitarian I can be just to pride myself on walking stamina!
  6. Some fast food can be healthy in a sarcastic way to disprove people who overeat healthy food. For example it’s very easy to think you’re nice to enjoy a ham and cheese sandwich but the catch is if you stuff the sandwich with chicken and eggs too along with toasting it to make the butter and cheese resemble pizza then you might still be deterred from overeating cold and simple sandwiches when you’re not a marathon runner! Likewise the blatant indulgence of hot chocolates can prevent you being addicted to the asceticism of milk when you’re tall enough to require more calcium only that it requires a lot of masculinity to find a balance between addiction and self-ridicule. Eating chips places a self-deprecating limit on eating potatoes with too much butter and gravy where you wouldn’t be meditating sufficiently on the potatoes anymore!
  7. I once got a beetroot and cold salmon dish in a restaurant in Dublin and tried to learn from it by adding beetroot to a pre-made lasagna: I used to be addicted to sweet and sour chicken and so I tried to sweeten up an Indian chicken tikka dish with a fried mandarin orange along with adding lemon marmalade to the sauce:
  8. We could get metaphysical about food. If the English upper class was ever redemptive to other countries it’s that any ounce of supremacy was about a posher demeanour and not a physically fitter body. The harsh reality is that capitalism can extort middle class people to feel defensive against the segment of working class people who are smaller in stature in order to deter physically strong working class people against the threat of violent insubordination. It’s because we don’t have many subsistence farmers that we forget that most poor people in ancient history might have been physically extremely fit. Unfortunately rich people can downplay the supremacy of poor African athletes by being too distinct from poor white people. Not one person should feel extorted to defend their wealth class unless they root in nuclear war! Obesity as a physical defence would makes sense if you were capable of a blasphemous rage matching the toned physiques of Chinese communists! If a few lower middle class people dislike champagne socialists it’s possible that a contributing factor is that middle class champagne socialists are mentally or physically stronger and downplay how extortionate it is to identify as a capitalist against communism. As such if I identify as an absolute socialist it’s to outcompete the idea that I’m a champagne socialist because I won’t take responsibility for third world poverty as a belief system if poor people vouch for capitalism!
  9. A tip for overweight people when it comes to food shopping might be to truly exploit mass production and international trade to an extreme extent. So instead of getting marmalade and peanut butter I recently got lemon marmalade and a jar of coconut and peanut butter! We forget that chocolate is technologically mass produced too where it takes mass production of healthy products and not just willpower to overcome a sweet addiction. After all a collectively made product whether it be healthy or unhealthy might always taste more smooth than a homemade product. Restaurants often focus on presentation which helps you meditate on the food but if you’re used to improvisation then there’s no harm ignoring aesthetics the odd time. So I once mixed a solid apple with peanut butter when I ran out of bread just to help me eat more apples!
  10. In the past I’d often overspend by eating out. I loved toasted sandwiches with ham, cheese, chicken and eggs or full Irish breakfasts simply because it was prepared better than anything I could cook. I knew I could prepare the meals myself way cheaper but somehow my unconscious didn’t seem to care too much. Perhaps to cook better you actually have to eat better food beforehand in order to consciously analyse the taste as a way of setting a high standard. As such richer people can often have an advantage in healthy eating simply because they can passively learn from the chefs that cook their food for whenever the rich customers have to cook for themselves. The same could be said for wannabe musicians needing to actually hear lots of concerts first-hand from other musicians so that they can hedonistically relate the beats to their own. Prospective sports players from poorer backgrounds might forget to actually watch lots of professional games in the stands and not just on TV in order to better assimilate the tactics and feel the pressure better.
  11. One idea is to eat right before you go for your weekly food shopping so that you already feel full and be less tempted to buy unhealthy food.
  12. Some overweight people might not experiment with every type of exotic fruit even though they can all taste distinct. For example I tried sharon fruit for the first time today and couldn’t believe how much it tasted like a sweet jelly mix of a plum and an orange. Exotic countries tend to be athletic and so eating exotic fruit can be helpful for healthy eating.
  13. Fast food can be amoral because adding spices to fast food immediately makes it slightly healthier at the expense of normalising even worse fast food to others. For example any pizza can be healthy but obviously there’s a slippery slope where a cheese pizza eaten too frequently becomes no better than cheesy chips! I’m so accustomed to Subway salad rolls that I’ve become hooked on beetle and pickle ham-and-cheese sandwiches. Yet pickles and beetroot can eventually feel too sugary for it to be extremely healthy if we didn’t diversify our foods!
  14. Maybe apples and oranges don’t taste hedonistic because they require apathy to eat in large quantities. So the way sweets taste hedonistic can relate to the sweets being possessive. It appears as if the apples don’t really taste nicer as you age but that you can become more relaxed about the lack of taste from apples and oranges. Apple juice emphasises how dilute a solid apple is while the sweetness of mandarins contrast with the blandness of an orange. As such healthy eating cannot only fill you up but can also replace hedonism with meditation.
  15. It might seem strange to ban sweets when healthy food simply can’t match chocolate. The way sweets can taste better than healthy food might relate to surrealism in how we’re never focused enough on nutrition. For example I was handed a stale glass of milk today in a cafe in Portugal where it tasted violent simply because I wasn’t even very accustomed to fresh Mediterranean milk. I didn’t drink most of it to avoid feeling sick yet I opted to take an extra sip only to help desensitise me to fresh foreign milk. So sweets might relate to how we don’t sufficiently dilute an over-ripe fruit or stale food piece to extract rarer nutrients in a way that appears unnatural. It’s possible that Asian spices relates to a conscious rather than physical form of nutrition where each spice is added holistically relative to previously well-known spices. So even though it’s possible to live life without ever eating spices it’s still the case that spices can prevent over-eating by requiring too much mental focus.
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