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  1. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    Tree rings. They can be made to play a tune and are caused by summer/winter cycles.
  2. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    What about the recent gravitational wave ....has that left a permanent mark on the equipment (or the bodies it passed through ) or has it moved on without a trace behind? Would any imprint would be greater closer to the source? I seem to remember we were invited to listen to the "sound" of the Binary Black Hole Merger at the time. OT Could Newton have predicted Black Holes?
  3. The weight of Time in physics

  4. Relation between dimensions

    I see.Would you actually use the term "embed" in that case? A bit redundant?
  5. Relation between dimensions

    Not a sneaky reference to our Molly?
  6. Relation between dimensions

    So ,in an N-dimensional space one can embed objects of any dimensionality such as n-1,n-2 .....2,1,0 ? And the point is just the object with the least dimensionality Just mathematically,I suppose.
  7. Missing post

    Thanks.They really are pests.
  8. Missing post

    I thought that too.I didn't know the mods deleted posts.I thought they sent them to Trash.
  9. Missing post

    Has it gone?
  10. Missing post

    I just found the url (in history) on my phone and the message got is that the post can't be located so it was definitely this site.
  11. Wasn't there a wacky post last night about NASA finding fossils on Mars "again"? Supposedly reported in the National Geo. Just wondering ,was it deleted or maybe did I see it somewhere else? I thought Mr dimreepr posted in reply to the effect that it was bs.
  12. Relation between dimensions

    Is it more correct to say "a point is in one dimension" etc? Or "a point illustrates one dimension" ? Must we distinguish between mathematical points and physical points?(having heard tell of "point particles", but not understanding the subject)
  13. Most Overrated Novels of All-time?

    Years ago now ,but I seem to remember it was very well written and Molly had a very good soliloquy. Where I did burn my bridges with him was Finnegan's Wake , though I may not have been his target audience (I am not the smartest).
  14. Most Overrated Novels of All-time?

    For whom the bell tolls. Does it get any better after the first 50 pages? Completely stilted up to then.
  15. Field Question

    Is philosophy about more than truth or is it perhaps only about truth? ("to thyself be true" and "courage is the greatest virtue*") Interestingly there never seems to be a final point to philosophical discourse but the same can perhaps be said about scientific discovery . Is this where we can let ourselves down ,we imagine that we can ever reach a "final point"when all that we ever reach is staging posts(in both philosophy and scientific interpretation)? *W.Churchill