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  1. Seems the common cold is reappearing as restrictions ease in the UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/colds-are-even-more-common-as-covid-lockdown-eases-0vb8n2h9s?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1619864588 There may be a paywall to the body of the article.
  2. I am enjoying these new Feynman videos which feel a lot clearer to me ( up to now any videos I found were blurry and muffled) https://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/ There is a scrolling text feature accompanying the talks which I find is a great help too.
  3. I see. It's the relation. Is it possible (if undoubtedly impractical) to redraw s/t diagrams so that all axes have units of time? (I think I may have heard of theoretical extreme circumstances where space and time could flip .Is that "not impossible"?)
  4. That formulation might seem to put our understandings of space and time on something of an equal footing. As I understand it the equations that allow us to make the space-time diagrams actually have both/all axes as spatial with the "time" axis involving the "c" multiplicator so as to be of mathematical use (ie all axes have the same units). So "t" in the graph seems to me to be a tiny factor (although clearly present) Would a description such as "space-timed light distance" be as accurate ,if a lot ,lot ,lot less catchy? Is it possible to reformulate the sp
  5. Indeed.That option seems mad. (Unless the "followee" is automatically notified)
  6. When I go to my profile and look at my one "follower "there is a tab to the right that allows me to "stop others from following me". That not do the trick?
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56491033 Sounds interesting even though a work in progress. " According to the Standard Model, beauty quarks should decay into equal numbers of electron and muon particles. Instead, the process yields more electrons than muons."
  8. Is the idea that this expansion was initiated at some point and that it is continuing wherever we look "under its own steam" or inertia as it were ? (aside from Dark Energy which seems like some godawful joker in the pack) But to come back to my "expanding into itself" notion can we posit a moment in the evolution of the universe where there was no distance ** between objects so that the space that there came to be subsequently between the constituent parts of this earlier unified object came out of that object (so that the later distinct objects and the space between them
  9. Fueled by word choices such as the "Big Bang" it was always a temptation to think of an initial event where the Early Universe started from a well defined point and grew into an existing Space. But this, we are told is not what happened and it is said that everywhere is the centre of the Universe . Trying to make sense of this (I suspect it may not be too hard or counterintuitive,moreso that I may be "making a meal of it") can I view the situation as the Universe "expanding into itself"? And,if so is the "space" it is expanding into created by itself and equivalent to the
  10. The man from WHO (some Irish sounding guy ; is he the head?,the chair?)was just on the TV saying vaccination passports for international travel were a bad idea as they reinforced the inequality between countries via a vis access to vaccines in the first place.
  11. No harm in that but it is clearly in its (and everyone's) interest that enough vaccines are available in all parts of the world ,and as quickly as possible. Pay them if necessary.
  12. Is motion just the natural order of things and so we are really asking what changes motion? In any system is there a process of seeking a balance and this process is unattainable so motion continues? And why is there a favoured direction of motion (along geodesics)?
  13. Reaching the sufficient number of vaccinated may be a difficult ask so it is important to not alienate those who are hesitant to take the vaccine for any real or imagined reason at all. These people have to be accommodated as much as possible (I appreciate some lives may be lost as a result but that is hopefully short term)
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