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  1. Moving clocks.....

    Interesting . This was a startling breakthough in scientific understanding that permeated society ,so it seems and yet it did not unduly affect philosophical ideas at the time or since. Perhaps this illustrates that philosophy in unbeholden to scientific and technological advances and will chart its own path regardless. I wonder if philosophical ideas can be shown to be equally impervious to scientific ideas in general (and not just to this case of the unification of space and time) It might feel reassuring if this were the case .
  2. Moving clocks.....

    I was wondering what those of us with a philosophical (and historical)background might have to say on the specific shift of direction this scientific finding might have had on purely philosophical enquiries at the time. Were any particular directions of thought now redundant or was this a finding that could ,as it were be easily assimilated after the presumable period of disbelief ? Interesting what beecee says about the relativity cranks being vastly outnumbered in the scientific community.As most of my science is gleaned from forums like these perhaps I overestimated the resistance to basic relativity amongst scientific professionals and amateurs.
  3. Moving clocks.....

    They are a central part of relativity and banish the notion of absolute time (in a way that has been verified and has had countless applications) I have a simple question ,borne out of curiosity. What was the impact of this amazing finding on the philosophical disciplines at the time? Is it still reverberating?
  4. black holes do not have infinite gravity!

    It just occurred to me ,what would be a verified measurement of gravity at the greatest distance from the source? I suppose BBH mergers' gravitational waves would count. Is there any possibility that an extremely faint such detection might exhibit signs of discontinuity as the signal fades?
  5. You are in good company. I also don't always know what I mean
  6. That's what I imagined. I was trying to make sense of Strange's "not necessarily" which seemed to me to imply the opposite of my suggestion just two posts up (I misinterpreted ,no doubt).
  7. So if you are on a spaceship and hit the after burners some of the cargo loose in the hold would move to the rear faster than other items?
  8. And also ,I presume under any form of acceleration (in a vacuum)?
  9. Political Bias Online claim

    Do you use your own tricks to weed out the results you are not looking for?
  10. Political Bias Online claim

    That's good isn't it?If you go to the library you expect the books to be arranged in some kind of order....
  11. Confused about "antisemitism" in the Labour Party

    It is also a luxury.After the conflict one can let bygones be bygones but during it one has to harden one's feelings. As someone said "all is fair in love and war". Unless you are a pacifist you have to accept that your actions may appear hateful even when you tell yourself that they are not. If the odds are completely in the oppressor's favour then you have to seek your own space (hate them or not)
  12. Confused about "antisemitism" in the Labour Party

    I am sure he hated his oppressors too but rose above it. He must also have felt the support of others to sustain his spirit.
  13. Confused about "antisemitism" in the Labour Party

    But we all hate our oppressors (whether directly or in other ways) and religion can be oppressive.
  14. Confused about "antisemitism" in the Labour Party

    Yes I would be surprised if atheists could not be anti semitic. It is all about scapegoating I thought.
  15. Political Bias Online claim

    OK I was afraid to do that because I thought it might delete my passwords