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  1. No ,I just had chapter II in mind https://www.coursehero.com/file/p7hr8lu/If-for-instance-a-cloud-is-hovering-over-Trafalgar-Square-then-we-can-determine/ (although I did ,ambitiously have the moving rods of chapter XII as my next preoccupation) But I think @swansontmay have disabused me of the notion that there is some kind of a "proto unit" of spatial distance that I would need to give meaning/reference to the 1 metre rod. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/125530-einsteins-rods/?do=findComment&comment=1182529 I feel that I see now that distance m
  2. Einstein talks about creating a coordinate system with a lattice of imaginary measuring rods of unit length along the spatial axes. In the real world would such a rod's length have to be measured as a spatio-temporal distance? In practical terms ,if we put a person at the origin of the coordinate system and put such a rod in his/her hand and ask him to actually measure it how could he do this without recourse to a time element in the procedure? If he simply counted all the protons fortuitously along the rod's length the next question seems to be "how do
  3. Was the behaviour hard wired in because most of the survivors happened to be wired that way? The feeling of volition is just a post factum ordering (complete with coscious or unconscious thoughts )of the hardwired instincts?
  4. Is information ordered data? Is that what a thought does ?Puts a construction on, or finds a pattern in sensory data?
  5. As a preamble ,I have a memory (an indirect one at this stage) of "struggling" to express a thought but realizing that I had no words/language ...was I in the womb perhaps or just popped out ? Again,a year or two later I had a dream whereby I awoke in the middle of the night and attempted to get out of bed but each direction (of 4) turned out to be the wall (I went back to sleep) [/preamble] Anyway,what I want to ask is "What is the evolutionary origin of thought?" This is my hypothesis.It arose from sensory inputs and was the first living organisms' attempt to m
  6. No that is exactly on point. Yes ,would we eventually find a way to deduce their existence?
  7. "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.",which is from Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan" A commonplace observation that over the aeons humans have looked up at the stars with what we assume to be a similar feeling of wonder that we feel now. But my question is whether we would have found another object to evince the same feelings in us had those stars not been there for us to have gazed up at. Is there a feeling looking for an outlet that used those stars or would we have just found some other things to observe that would have given rise to sim
  8. Could this be Russian disinformation ? (why it would appear genuine for one ) Just stirring the pot now he sees how weak the social fabric of the States really is? Edit :plus maybe a message to Trump?
  9. http://letslookagain.com/2020/05/craven-a-cigarette-a-history-of-carreras/ No it was a straight.
  10. It represents a possible benefit to maturbating;not to "not masturbating " as per the OP. If it was the latter then abstainers would need a gun license and perhaps need to carry warning signs of some description. Was not me that neged (have never neged in my life unless by mistake on these small screens)
  11. It would still apply to all companies who deselect candidates who vote against democracy Sure but I am in two minds.I agree with their assessment (if they have said this) that they are no longer giving funds to actors who are fundamentally anti democratic but I don't agree they should be in such a position in the first place. I understand (from very weak understanding) that powerful corporations were a mainstay of fascist regimes in the past and am not kindly disposed to their unregulated behaviour.
  12. I wasn't necessarily applying that explanation to Toyota in particular.It was more a summation of what I have learned about the practice ,which so far as I know is confined to the USA. Indeed I see the political influence of corporations extremely differently to that of individuals.In my bones I am against it as essentially undemocratic. In the UK the great argument against the Labour Party was that it was beholden to the Unions. And the contrast may be between the Trades Unions and the Corporations.Which is more democratic in your eyes?
  13. The standard explanation for funding both (why not all?) parties is that it supports democracy in the round. It seems unfair to me that big corporations should be able to tip their hat one way but one can only fight one war at a time. If there is a possibility that the anti democratic forces win this next engagement what plans are there for the morning after ?(or is Biden a strong bulwark?)
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