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  1. Well I have only just gained any understanding of this area at all and so any new knowledge of the model is quite a boost. I think I may have already gleaned from the little I have read that even the ,4 spatiotemporal dimensions can be modeled in this Hilbert phase space . Maybe this use of Hilbert space to model reality gives another sense of what dimensions are,but would I be right to feel that the 4 spatiotemporal dimensions are a different beast to the other eigenstates(if that is the term) even if the Hilbert space model treats them the same?
  2. I am learning that Hilbert space is .very central to QM. Does that mean that every aspect (,or attribute?) of a quantum system (I think one has to use the term "system" rather than "object") exists in something like it's own dimension?
  3. Yes it helps. Next stop I will be a particle physicist
  4. Am I right to understand that these correlations only occur when thousands of measurements of entangled particles are taken? It is a statistical outcome? Or has this measurement been made with just 2 entangled particles and the outcome is predictable on each occasion?
  5. Maybe it was someone else (or my memory has wind blowing through the attic) No matter. Is there a "father" of the maths in QM? (like Minkowski for GR I think)
  6. I think it was @joigus who may have pointed out recently that for an understanding of quantum effects one must rely on the mathematics rather than any physical demonstration.(or words to that effect?) Since,in my case it seems unlikely I will at any time soon gain such mathematical understandings could I ask instead maybe for a general description of what those mathematical tools were and how it came about that they were seen to be necessary to address the problem? Was it a gradual process of mathematical progress or were there one or two breakthrough moments ?
  7. So lack of empathy would be a stronger factor than outright hatred(or less strong dislikes)? It has to be dehumanising ?(I think it was common for vanquished peoples to be enslaved but there would surely be some respect for a defeated foe)
  8. Maybe that is how it sounded to you.Certainly not the sentiment I meant it to express. Good people can be lucky as can bad people. People of any kind can benefit from luck. When I think of slavery I think of a very strong kind.The kind where you are hunted down by the "legitimate" forces if you attempt your freedom. Sure there are gradations but I didn't have that in mind.
  9. I am listening to someone singing "We shall not be moved" Very moving and my first inclination is to suppose that the moral and physical strength of that oppressed group was the overriding factor in the changes that brought an end to slavery in Europe and the USA. On reflection I am wondering if I was naive and whether there were other factors that brought about those changes. Can anyone say what they think might have been the main factors? It wasn't a case of economic change that made the practice less profitable,was it? Or the new communication technologies that shone a light on what was happening? It doesn't seem to me that our common wisdom has to increase as time passes and the generations follow each other. Did those African slaves just get lucky at that juncture or was slavery always living on borrowed time?
  10. Would they not have to have been very brave to have openly opposed the war before this? Russia feels like an open prison to me A pit of despair.
  11. thanks(I doubt I will ever get near understanding most of that). Can I ask ,though whether entanglement is an on/off process (for a system of two "objects" or whether it might be possible for there to be any grey area even if below the level of conceivable detectability? , If not ,might it be possible to model entanglement spreading through a system of more than two objects?
  12. Is that why Communism didn't take off in India? Too much of a strain picking up the spaghettified remains from the pavement? https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220920-how-indias-lattice-buildings-cool-without-air-con
  13. Can all systems be described by one wave function(as I think I may have heard)? Can systems generally also be separated into separate wave functions so that the inseperability you are talking of is really just specific to entangled particles?
  14. Can it be said the the two subsequent objects were one (dynamic) object at the entaglement?
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