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  1. I was kicked out of Canada (at the US border)for admitting I had taken cannabis in the past . Think there was a form ,but this was a very long time in the past.... Actually this happened quite a few times in different countries for different reasons and I always felt no real grievance as I didn't feel entitled to enter(mind you I was very surprised with the Canada incident as I am a UK citizen but learned a lesson then that it was not a partly owned subsidiary of Blighty)
  2. What might those provocations look like?Might there be "friendly" casualties?
  3. Are false flag operations the same as agent provocateur actions? Are they ,if these reports are correct trying to escalate tensions whilst maintaining deniabiity?
  4. Can you find that thread? I searched your quote (in quotes) and just came up with an earlier reminiscence of yours of AJB's contribution. Does "Geometry is the field" apply because in GR all geometry is entirely local? And spacetime is the set of all local geometries?
  5. When I said my takeaway (from various earlier discussions) was that it was wrong to think that a field was a physical object I was only saying that that interpretation seemed most persuasive to me I didn't mean to suggest that I had weighed the evidence personally as that would be well beyond my competence.
  6. I have heard differing descriptions or definitions of a "gravitational field" and my takeaway is that it is wrong to think of it as a physical object Rather I have been assured it (like any field) is just a set of measurements in space and time . I am not sure ,given that definition it can be said to mediate a force between two massive bodies (if that was what you were saying)
  7. Apparently** practically all cases in Ireland are now Omicron. Seems to me Delta will go the way of the earlier variants. **no source just something I read on social media.
  8. Can a baby step be taken?Can it be shown that the smallest imaginable system can arise out of some more fundamental process? In a deterministic ,reproducible way... (Not sure what I am asking,but we agree surely that the links between an individual quark and the movement of the left ear of a giraffe are impossible to show in practice and perhaps in principle) I think the idea I think someone may have brought up.of replacing spacetime distances with other forms of correlation sounds very interesting (exciting?)
  9. Is this a bit analogous to chaos theory where systems are deterministic in principle but not in practice? And ,as someone said above does it make more sense to view emergence as being an phenomenon of perception? (If that is the case there may never be a satisfactory answer because understanding our own nature** is subject to the law of diminishing returns.) Are all transactions in macro systems mediated according to laws of quantum mechanics but perceived according to the models we make to understand them? **are we first and foremost creatures that seek to learn?
  10. I think I have heard that ,insofar as this now seems to be more of a disease of the upper airways than the lungs themselves that younger ("very young",was it?) people are more liable to more serious illness on that account. Perhaps that ,if true would be relevant?
  11. Does the suspected great underreporting of cases mean that the overall ratio of hospitalizations to cases could be actually lower than what it appears from the raw statistics? If so that would indicate an intrinsically less virulent disease ? (esp as it seems to be accepted that it is less effective at attaching to the cells in the lungs themselves) Or was there similar underreporting in earlier wages as well?
  12. " Physicists Observe Incredible 'Quantum Tornados' Formed From Ultra-Cold Atoms" https://www.sciencealert.com/ultracold-atoms-form-tiny-tornadoes-as-classic-physics-gives-way-to-quantum-behavior and https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-04170-2 (Sorry about the formatting) Thought it might be interesting if anyone wanted to comment on what looks quite spectacular to this untrained eye
  13. So the Sunshield has been deployed? Thst sounds good
  14. I had ,,hopefully a layman's idea of formal logic Can it be viewed as there being one kind of logic that begets other kinds? One logic "to rule them all" so to speak or are you perhaps going to say that all we have is models?
  15. Oh ,I see positive could be false and negative could be true(that it?) Or would positive/negative be neither true nor false? Already out of my depth ,but (perhaps off topic) is there any relationship I wonder between fuzzy logic and quantum computing? Fuzzy logic sounds to me like software and quantum computing like hardware. Would they be well suited if so?
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