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  1. What is Time?

    I see it that way too, but it is simpler for practical purposes (when distances ,either spatial or temporal) are small to "round off" any calculations and treat space and time as separate and independent variables. Strange has surprised me to learn that spacetime curvature can actually come into play in very long structures but I am comfortable with that.
  2. What is Time?

    What buildings would they be? Buildings housing telescopes or scientific experiments?
  3. What is Time?

    Back to "Time" ,we have a model (s?) and it seems to be internally consistent (Well I take that on trust as I must). But the essence of the scientific method seems like the active welcoming of findings that contradict current assumptions and understanding. It does seem a stretch to imagine that our understanding of Time could be revisited but it would be a scientific wet dream if it came about. I am not up to speed on Hawking's apparent final publication where he seems to be be proposing that Time has a (presumably mathematical) imaginary property in the first/final analysis.
  4. What is Time?

    Well maybe one can aim for helping the audience be comfortable with their lack of understanding (if they have no aim or ability to remedy it) But I also take the point that an audience can have unrealistic expectations .
  5. What is Time?

    Yes ,we cannot wish away inherent difficulties and our natural inclination to hold onto simple truths when they seem adequate for most purposes. I have been starting to relook at the conceptual basis of complex numbers and that pesky i . Perhaps that might eventually help me to get a better feel for those rotations.
  6. What is Time?

    Shows, I feel that Herman Minkowski was still coming to terms with the new reality. So am I still. The maths and the model are fine (though we still don't know how things play out in extreme situations) but an intuitional grasp may still elude us ,although those completely familiar with the model may feel differently. If there are those 100% comfortable with the space time relationship then they should perhaps also be able to present this in an easily digestible form to the layman (without him or her needing to wade through the physics and maths necessarily). But I think those at the forefront of this physics disagree for now and for example as to whether spacetime is a single static block or not. (I may have garbled that)
  7. DOJ and FBI under attack

    That was a comment I heard on the BBC as soon as the Republicans released their partisan report (was it the Nunes memo?). That the intelligence services would release less information if confidentiality could not be expected..
  8. DOJ and FBI under attack

    I see L Mensch has tweeted that the aim was to get Sessions to refuse to fire McCabe and so have cause to fire him (and thereafter get someone in who can fire Mueller)
  9. Moving at the speed of light

    Is there any useful distinction between an object being accelerated using its own resources and one being accelerated externally (eg by use of solar radiation or a laser beam) Is it just that in the former case resources get depleted very quickly whereas in the latter they are practically infinite?
  10. Moving at the speed of light

    What would it be looking at? EDIT:I missed that it couldn't be "moving at the speed of light" -I misread you to say "moving at close to the speed of light" Not what you meant ,was it?
  11. Moving at the speed of light

    What would be the purpose of this "recorder" ?
  12. I like to use a blue cheese occasionally (so it melts into little islands) . My mother always put the omelette under the grill at the end.
  13. What is a vacuum?

    What does govern these"virtual particle/quantum fluctuations" ?Are they a property of the vacuum or of the matter in the environment? (perhaps SJ suggested the latter....?)
  14. "Trade wars are good"

    Is that French tarragon or Russian?
  15. Sea-lioning

    Robitty ,would you say? (an enigma ,of course)