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  1. He is the joint leader in a poll to be vice pick at 21%. Not sure if he is realistically in the frame. He was interviewed by Kaitlan Collins tonight and seemed in good form . Said he liked how Harris was framing the discussion around "freedom"
  2. I think the better of him now(was starting to have doubts and worries) I couldn't see him doing a proper job into his mid 80s as we could see that mortality was settling on him. Is Gaza still the key?
  3. I was listening to the radio and it seems that the new weight loss drugs(soon to be in pill form apparently) have upended the diet industry completely(eg weight watchers stock is down 90%) I eat very little sugar myself and feel that that has allowed me to ignore any inclination to reduce my food intake in any department (also I just feel there is no actual nutrition in sugar and mostly avoid it for that reason) So I am wondering if obsession with weight may now be a thing of the past and the general public may attain the weight they want just by consuming the new fat burning drugs. Good for us all as we will no longer have to listen to people obsessing about weight and diet -which is certainly distressing for them. I think juicing is out of fashion and blending is more recommended(not that I do that either .Our blender has sat in the cupboard for some 10 years - they are a bit messy and noisy)
  4. The same holes they have or an extra one to show fealty?
  5. Could we think of something to put in God's Ambrosia? Spiked sultanas?
  6. Or for Biden to change their minds (very quickly). Don't know why he does not go beyond what is necessary in sharing his medical details and make a virtue of what is now a necessity. I suppose we are reliant on his close (maybe not too close) associates to get a feel for things if he is not being completely open about any condition he may or may not have(aside from projecting 4 or 5 years into the future) It is also my suspicion that any kind of partial resolution to the Gaza situation may be a game changer regardless of everything else as I see him as being blackmailed by those who would withhold their vote for the Dems until such time as things there are ordered to their pov. I meant to say "Is it fair to ask that of him?"
  7. Is Biden right to be casting "the elites" as a scapegoat -or ,better(?) a target? I mean of course he is right that the elites do have too much power and often their goals run contrary to the "working classes" (those who have to work to make ends meet) but is he correct to bring up a "topic" that has been oafishly , surprisingly and profitably exploited by his and our opponent? I listened to his speech and it was the first time that I heard him use the phrase "the elites" I think getting animated makes him come across much better(still can't bring myself to watch the debate) but can he keep that up ?Is it fair to ask?
  8. I am sorry I don't think I can remember that (except that it would have been over the past month or so ) Also not sure if I read it or if I heard it on the radio or tv. I think I very probably misheard and that they were very likely saying that it was more massive than a proton. Now that you have queried me I have looked it up and have now read that "physical size" doesn't really apply to the Higgs Boson.
  9. As I have heard ,the Higgs boson is one of ,if not the largest of the particles(around the size of a proton I think I heard). You say that it decays in around 10^(-22) seconds. Does it decay into smaller constituent parts and does this happen "all in one go" or does it decay one step at a time?
  10. In the same way that "no time" is also empirically impossible? Is it possible for the rate of nuclear decay to be any way affected by external circumstances? For example can something decay instantly so there is nothing left as soon as you take a second look?
  11. I did work as a dustman for a while.I can't remember if it was between years (in the summer) or whether it was after I had left Exeter. I also worked on the new road being built at the time nearby where our duties were laid out as "keep moving around to look as if you are working" Our gang master received a percentage of our wages and the more he took on the more his cut was (he took his holidays in America.) They picked us up each morning on the town side of the Magdalen(sp?) Bridge .A bit like "The Lump"-you either got work or you went home. I did have a friend then doing chemistry ( a college near the big Police Station -and Railway station I think-St Peter's?) .He was from Oldham but I lost touch Edit What happened to the "a garbage truck" answer in the spoiler. Surely I didn't imagine that ? Creepy...
  12. I cheated with your spoiler but ,quite honestly my reply was going to be "a rubbish cart . eg the one I used to pick up and get on behind down the Cowley Road -think it was an 8o clock start. Didn't imagine it wss the right answer. (technically 5 wheels if you count the steering wheel)
  13. So ,no change = no "time"? Time is a measure of change in a system ,and (classsically but not necessarily at a more fundamental level) spatial distance another measure of that change... Is "movement" a measure of a change in relative spatial locations ?
  14. Thanks.I will bow out now as I don't even have a sketchy outline of this subject.
  15. So the effect on gravitation from the Higgs field is "derivative" and not fundamental? It affects the way some things cause gravitation but not others (eg photons) which have gravitation "built in " (but less obviously)? Mass is not the same as energy but can be converted to it ? (is it a two way street?) Thanks. Very interesting
  16. And yet ,apparently we would not have gravitational fields (are they quantum fields or classical fields? Classical ,I imagine.) without the effect of the Higgs Field. So does that mean it has been activated for all the objects subject to the Gravitational Field?
  17. Thanks.Of course it helps but I need much more time to try to learn and digest some of that and to reassess what my questions about it might be (or maybe post a different thread on a different but related subject at some stage)
  18. Suppose we have a massive particle (Would a proton be the smallest or can quarks exist as an individual massive particle?) moving in the Higgs Field. Does its trajectory change if it gets close to an actual Higgs particle as opposed to the Field? I have a picture of a Higgs particle acting like a source of gravitation of the particle but doubtless this is both simplistic and wrong. Also wondering how massless particles' trajectories are affected...
  19. To save me the trouble of going through the thread ,could you show me where "we" did that? Could only be libel on the internet.Slander is for the spoken word to the best of my knowledge.
  20. Have there been studies to show that incels as a group can be defined as misogynistic(my suspicion)? If so ,everything that follows that seems like it would be a self reinforcing delusion. I did find one study online https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/14614448231176777 but have no idea how rigorous it is and whether there are more studies that contradict or reinforce it (and I don't have the patience or concentration to go right through it myself)
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