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  1. DOJ and FBI under attack

    That was a comment I heard on the BBC as soon as the Republicans released their partisan report (was it the Nunes memo?). That the intelligence services would release less information if confidentiality could not be expected..
  2. DOJ and FBI under attack

    I see L Mensch has tweeted that the aim was to get Sessions to refuse to fire McCabe and so have cause to fire him (and thereafter get someone in who can fire Mueller)
  3. Moving at the speed of light

    Is there any useful distinction between an object being accelerated using its own resources and one being accelerated externally (eg by use of solar radiation or a laser beam) Is it just that in the former case resources get depleted very quickly whereas in the latter they are practically infinite?
  4. Moving at the speed of light

    What would it be looking at? EDIT:I missed that it couldn't be "moving at the speed of light" -I misread you to say "moving at close to the speed of light" Not what you meant ,was it?
  5. Moving at the speed of light

    What would be the purpose of this "recorder" ?
  6. I like to use a blue cheese occasionally (so it melts into little islands) . My mother always put the omelette under the grill at the end.
  7. What is a vacuum?

    In science I think the answer may simply be a region of space where nothing is measured (perhaps I am wrong and it is not simple at all) Are there any other ways of defining a vacuum ? I recall that topological types boil down to how many "holes" there are in the overall shape. Might these "holes" have any bearing on what a vacuum is?
  8. What is a vacuum?

    What does govern these"virtual particle/quantum fluctuations" ?Are they a property of the vacuum or of the matter in the environment? (perhaps SJ suggested the latter....?)
  9. "Trade wars are good" according to the President of the USA and he expects to "come out on top"(him or the USA ,I wonder?) Discounting the madness (and badness) behind the remark has this actually kicked off a proper trade war and will any side actually benefit from it? And in any trade war does the USA have any upper hand any more? Is USA's economic hegemony a thing of the past (Trump or no Trump)?
  10. "Trade wars are good"

    Is that French tarragon or Russian?
  11. Sea-lioning

    Robitty ,would you say? (an enigma ,of course)
  12. "Trade wars are good"

    I imagine the Steel industry it is far less labour intensive than it was. I wonder if those in the industry are realistic to expect many new jobs to return if these new tarifs take effect (I realise that other related industries will actually be losers on that score)
  13. "Trade wars are good"

    Will his blatant rhetoric undermine the case that steel is a strategic commodity and not subject to WTO rules?
  14. Rotation - is it absolute?

    The context (which made me wonder) was whether we could assign an overall rotation to the universe by "adding up" ** all the individual "sub rotations". If at the time around BB there was such a rotation of the material at that time ,would that rotation have continued as the universe expended? A possibly similar question is asked as to whether there were initial assymmetries of different kinds (eg matter v antimatter) that had effects later on in the evolution of the Universe. **"combining?
  15. Rotation - is it absolute?

    What if the rotations have different centres? (it is what I was thinking of) Very difficult and pointless?
  16. Rotation - is it absolute?

    Can (distinct) rotations be summed? What if rotations overlap? Can the interaction be calculated purely in a "rotational way" or does the interaction simply destroy the rotation?
  17. Internet Trolls

    Are the big players going to be forced to address this now? Can algorithms and teams of moderators weed out the disinformation in real time? Should those "big players" be held legally responsible for the content posted if they ignore the above approaches? Should social media be taxed (the time we spend on it) to pay for regulation? (is it a bad thing to use it too much anyway and so this can be sold as a mental health issue)
  18. Light: visible or invisible?

    "Physicists create new form of light" Is light "seeing" light here? And can we thus "see" light with light now? Probably h. arsed but is there any relevance to the OP?
  19. Are all objects connected so that ,for example clock,when viewed as a physical object is actually part of a physical network and cannot (except for practical reasons) be viewed in isolation? When ,for instance a neutron is measured as spatially contracted ,might this also imply that the physical clock is also correspondingly so ? Does this physical interconnection of objects show up only at the quantum level where extremely small "particles" which previously seemed to be isolated bodies turn out to be waves and all the waves add/superimpose as if they were part of one network. Perhaps I have made a few bad missteps here.Are there any obvious misunderstandings or might it be at least a decent first appreciation of the scenario? I placed this in speculations as I feel I may have misunderstood the mainstream present understanding although I hope that I am not too far off.
  20. Are all physical objects interconnected?

    Interesting.I have been going through those old posts, blogs ,pdf books and articles (am a very slow mover). Has Brian Cox's new book (or any since 2012) gone over that ground or addressed that point again? Obviously above my head but still interesting.
  21. DOJ and FBI under attack

    Good question.Hopefully out of his hands.
  22. DOJ and FBI under attack

    OK .Is this attack designed to feed what he might see as "his faction " in the FBI? Is he ,in his mind preparing the ground for more purges and discrediting those as he see as his enemies in their ranks if push comes to shove and he feels he has to have a "night of the long knives" down the road? He just doesn't realize that decency should warn him not to conflate such a terrible event and what passes for normal day to day politics in his head? A rat in a trap? What politicians will actively or passively support him on this subject?
  23. DOJ and FBI under attack

    How does Trump's "hiding in plain sight" speech factor in ? You know , the one where he said "if the Russians are listening" (Hilary's emails) He was using the Russian alleged activity as a tool. Did that amount to de facto collusion on a personal level? Agree that his latest tweet is nauseating and transparent.
  24. A marxist analysis of mental disorders

    So what did Marx have to say about mental illness? Was there also a Soviet ideology that had a line on this area (apart from using it as an excuse to imprison opponents)?
  25. Are all physical objects interconnected?

    I am clearly a pop science victim.(sarcasm not intended) In fact I may have traced back my half baked idea to a Professor Brian Cox program some 5 years ago. My posts start at #81 and the thread developed from then It does seem to show a kind of "action at a distance" if only to a negligible degree (according to one or two of the participants and ,I think disputed by others) Anyway it was and still is above my head. I still cannot work out what is or was the quantum mechanism supposedly at play Perhaps some connection to the Pauli exclusion Principle..