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  1. No. About 60% of them it seems
  2. Not all Americans support what’s happening. It’s a hasty generalization to suggest otherwise
  3. Yes, but likely separate from covid relief No, there is great strength in him, but he’s neither emperor nor magician. Yes, and many are, but several come from states that are extremely red
  4. Build a form, place the leaves, and pour clear epoxy. Bonus points if you then use a lathe to shape it further: https://www.instructables.com/Epoxy-Resin-and-Scrap-Wood-Bowl-Woodturning-How-To/ I saw a cool lamp made out of epoxy and pine cones turned on a lathe, but that's also off-topic (my apologies to the OP): https://www.pbs.org/video/resin-and-woodturned-table-lamp-bnej68/
  5. I'm sure it will once your ideas do. Also, you're already allowed to write in mainstream sections. The issue is that you're not writing about accepted ideas or those in the mainstream based on centuries of evidence.
  6. You've reminded me of another product I've had some fun with. It's by Rustoleum and used to be called NeverWet, but seems to have been rebranded as Shield H2O. I once sprayed a regular old paper facial tissue (Kleenex) with this stuff and was able to use it as a bowl that successfully held water without breaking or deteriorating. While I'm not a standard barometer of what people in the world may think, IMO it was super cool. https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/shield-h2o/
  7. Yes, but by upending his username to the end of every thread title he creates he is better optimizing his ideas in search engine results... nonsense or not
  8. If you want to break a bowl or drinking glass with a hammer or power drill, it’s not the sound waves you’ll be using to do so
  9. While you may take offense at the comments, you and your “argument” are not the same thing and his comments were very clearly about your “argument,” not you.
  10. I find the advanced rail energy storage system to be a cool idea, but may not be precisely what’s being sought by the OP https://interestingengineering.com/energy-storage-trains-work-power-gravity
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