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  1. I could indeed, but I didn’t. I’m not ignoring it. I’m treating it as much less likely.
  2. Do what, exactly? To what end, then? Can we not proceed with improving the horrid response that’s wedged people against vaccines, masks, and social distancing based purely on political affiliation or “news” source AND strive for continuous improvement of lab safety protocols? Summarized: You seem to me to be focused on the wrong things. Bright shiny object syndrome. Perhaps instead consider focusing on how to stop active disinformation campaigns from splitting us apart as a society and causing millions to act in ways deleterious to our collective health as if this is just a
  3. In parallel, you’re sort of proving my point. I get the very real impression that nothing would satisfy you OTHER THAN confirmation this was released intentionally from a Chinese lab. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s not your stance. Simply sharing how I perceive you.
  4. Lots, but you seem to be implying nothing is. The problem is we’re already pretty confident about what happened and how this originated. It’s just that this probable origin is for various reasons insufficient for the conspiracy theorists to accept and to cease the social media disinformation spreaders from raking muck.
  5. I will, however, support those Alliterative Authors Always Alacritously Adding Amusement
  6. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about fertility and being top heavy, but I’m a boob and can’t seem to nurse it out
  7. Indeed. It’s based only on the parts compared, but ignores large sections of genetic code that were simply discarded before comparison began. Watched this video recently with my kid which explains it well
  8. Sadly, no. They’re not members of a protected class, and instead are pretty representative of those who’ve wielded the majority of power and wealth and opportunity for many centuries.
  9. That’s a bad misreading of the evidence, IMO. The conclusion here is NOT that “nobody wants to work anymore.” The conclusion is nobody is willing to get WAY underpaid for working garbage jobs nobody else wants to do, especially after a year and a half of the entire planet referring to them as “essential workers.” Basically, if they’re so essential, then employers need to up the wages confirming that. Getting $2 an hour and some measly tips just to survive the week and feed your kids isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Until wages go up and employers respond to these market shifts, little will cha
  10. Is there something in all of that mess to which you expect me to respond?
  11. Maybe your body was just under stress and encoded the memories in the wrong chronological order
  12. Often a hard refresh of the browser (Ctrl+F5 on Win or Command+R on iOS) is sufficient. This sort of thing happens often when cached versions of pages get loaded and avoids need for full session logout / creation of new session.
  13. That doesn’t render them contradictory. It shows that they are multifaceted and layered, not simplistic but nuanced and representative of numerous perspectives. This is an important difference of which you should take note. Thanks for sharing. I wish you well with your anxieties.
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