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  1. The vaccine would be available to them subject to local prioritization just like the rest of us
  2. It will vary from one location to the next, or from state to state, and while central governments will offer recommendations on how best to distribute, decisions on how best to prioritize delivery for the most part will be made by local officials.
  3. Politicians pull finding for projects, not scientists.
  4. Why not? Time is a savage mistress that deteriorates all things. Despite regular maintenance, the dish is quite old and in a very difficult location to service and tend. There's no need to assume malice or ill intent when nature herself is the most likely cause.
  5. We never needed to when attempting to survive the past several hundred million years. The things which helped us have surviving children are the things which got selected for
  6. Sensei is correct from a dbase perspective, but ignores the process standpoint. You’re operating a sockpuppet account. Sockpuppet accounts are against the rules to which we all agree when creating user profiles here. The ban previously executed against your other profile is in reality a ban which applies more broadly to you as a human being. The ban was to prevent you from further interactions with other human beings here, not solely to that one other username in isolation. Said another way... Technically, you’re still banned. If the staff agrees that your posting privileges should be allowed to persist, then the only logical approach IMO is to ban this current incarnation of you under this most recent user profile and to then as a next step unban the previous profile / version of you and allow posting privileges to recommence under that umbrella.
  7. This is a thread about educational opportunities and how those relate to skin color. It seems rather a red herring to suggest schools are differentially teaching or accepting/rejecting students for admission based on Gauchers Disease, something that only seems to occur in some Ashkenazi Jews.
  8. The Trump team is very actively discussing how best Trump can preemptively pardon himself, his family, and his allies. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/white-house-vetting-pardon-requests-push-trump-preemptively/story?id=74482289&fbclid=IwAR3wpqQ6SgmRV1YNq9xIFWhbI8BMgQNR8kEit0pxyAjLrY8CGmHbITtI6XM Meanwhile, Trump has raised $170M through nonstop donation requests falsely claiming the election was stolen and money was needed for his election defense fund. It’s money he is using to pay debts and for funding activities after he leaves office
  9. I don’t think this needs to be so tense. I read the comment from Zap to be “I don’t understand what you’re saying. I want to. I think the left sometimes struggles to understand stuff like this too and that’s usually when they accuse the right of racism.” That’s different than “you’re being racist, MigL.” You're not being racist, but you might be taking things more personally than intended. ✌️
  10. More specifically, the tires are already worn asymmetrically on one side. A simple alignment won’t remove the laterally biased wear. They’ll still be more worn more on one side even after the alignment gets done. To rebalance the wear on the tire, you need to overcorrect for a while and intentionally over-wear the other side for a bit... all with the knowledge that this overcorrection is only temporary until the wear is again balanced across the entire tire.
  11. Glued long 2” wide strips together, alternating dark to light to dark. Looked kinda like the US flag. Then cut that into strips, flipped every other one, then glued again
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