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  1. Arming Teachers

    Edit: ranger beat me to it
  2. Arming Teachers

    Yeah, but that’s a bit like saying having a car in my garage is an identifiable risk factor for vehicular homicide. Technically true, but functionally useless.
  3. Arming Teachers

    After pretty much every single school shooting.
  4. Internet Trolls

    It's a form of desensitization. In terms of the current POTUS, I call it the "swarm of bees" strategy. We're so busy swatting at each individual bee that they're stealing the honey right in front of us.
  5. Yay, GUNS!

    FFS, people. Anyway, now for an on-topic post. Trump seems as if he's working to pick some very low hanging fruit by supporting increased background checks and bans on bump stocks. Is directionally correct, but obviously not enough... nor do we even know whether congress will move it through for his signature.
  6. For context: I spent $25 total for a WEN on amazon
  7. Yay, GUNS!

  8. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    Many of the posts above, including yours, would really be better here:
  9. I've had an electric one from Black & Decker for years that's primarily a powered staple gun which happens to accept small brads. It's useful in some scenarios, but I've found it lacks power when going through more than about 1/2" of wood. Given this, I decided to put my air compressor to good use and move forward with a pneumatic one so wood hardness and thickness becomes less of an issue.
  10. I know you’ve been banned and likely will never see this, but in large part based on your suggestion I decided to pick one up tonight. I sometimes get amazon gift cards for helping people solve complex problems at work and I decided this would be a great use of my most recent one. As the weather warms, I’ll finally be able to get back out into the garage and start practicing again.
  11. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Members here, myself included, will generally reverse undeserved downvotes. Quite often, they’re given when someone uses a snotty tone. Or is obstinate in the face of valid counter argument
  12. Horse-sense

    No worries. We all make mistakes. When I made mine, it was a Tuesday during a leap year.
  13. Horse-sense

    Ah, I thought they were directed at me.
  14. Horse-sense

    A horse, yes, but not ANY horse, which the answer clearly says. If you change what the sentence says, of course it stops working, but that’s not the point of the riddle.