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  1. Fox News Watch

    Give it time. Those tariffs are only starting to show their effects. I'm sure it will get worse
  2. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Republicans control the House, the Senate, 69 of 99 state legislatures, 33 of 50 governorships, most courts, and they’re days/weeks away from flipping the Supreme Court itself, and all the while support for Trump among Republicans is a consistent jaw droppingly high 90%. So, I’m gonna say no, at least not until after the midterms this November at the absolute earliest, and even that’s a Hail Mary.
  3. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    I seem to remember folks being disgusted with a former president of ours for doing what they called "blame American first."
  4. Fox News Watch

  5. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Means testing likely makes sense on this
  6. Non verbal communication/technology

    Yes and no. Some like myself have become better communicators through the ability to practice expressing my thoughts at sites like this. That has translated into me being far better at work and in life more broadly. With finding mates, the online options have been a boon to thousands/millions who otherwise would never have stumbled upon the right watering hole, random stranger at the grocery store, or wherever else... folks who’d have likely been alone and single for their whole life. On the interviewing for job front, we do see some lack of social capability, but I feel we make up for that by using AI to better match people to jobs and also how AI is being used to measure facial twitches and nonverbal response in video interviews. It opens a whole new space for recruiters and hiring managers to have MORE information available to them about applicants, not less. Comfort is an interesting one as it seems depression is increasing among users of platforms like Instagram because it causes us to console ourselves in our current moments against others in their best moments... the ones they choose to post and publicize. That’s a bad thing, but there’s also good from connecting with others who are “like us” and those social networks can remind us we’re no so alone or isolated in the world. It’s complex and there’s no one right answer here. It’s good for some, bad for others, and even when viewed at the level of the individual will vary from one situation or circumstance to the next. Yes, lots is being lost, but other things are also being gained. C’est la vie. Creative destruction. Cultural evolution. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
  7. Why?

    Local cultural norms regarding necromancy
  8. Non verbal communication/technology

    Of course, and I suspect you’re on to something here with this. IMO, the primarily txt driven nature of our social media is partially what seems to be driving our current tribalism and cultural dysfunction (acknowledging the obvious influence of bots, special interests, and even nation states). It’s quite hard to hate someone we’ve looked in the eye and broken bread with, but dehumanizing and caricaturing “the other” is remarkably easy when all we have are black and white letters from them read passively on a screen or device.
  9. Why?

    So do the time stamps on 8 year old posts
  10. Not really, no. Most of that comes from upbringing and how we’re reared. Or, as my previous post clearly outlined, perhaps it’s about the movement and energy levels of volatile compounds and how THAT changes as a result of temp. A more vigorous interaction of molecules with our olfactory receptors will influence our perception of the substance, as will less vigorous interactions resulting from lower temps. I agree that running water tends to be better and generally safer for us to invest than stagnant water, but I can’t agree with your claim that running water is always cooler than still water. Clearly, the surrounding environment, water source, and other similar related variables are far more relevant to water temp than motion alone. Running water in Texas is likely to be warmer than still water in Alaska, for example. The broader motion of water through a landscape ir system is clearly a barely relevant variable when discussing temperature (even though, as we all know, motion when observed at the molecular level is the very definition of temperature).
  11. That’s where my thoughts went, too. I have no idea whether or not the idea is valid, but I’d heard that lower temperature slows the volatile compounds that give water an off taste. Seems likely that this could be a stretch, but I do know that the same water out of the tap that tastes horrible when warm is far more palatable when ice cold.
  12. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    I can tell we’re talking past one another, but as I’m just off several hours on the highway with kids I am too tired to figure out where and how. I’ll need to return to this and reread after some rest. We seem to be swimming in different lanes somehow
  13. “Social isolation is a problem”

    According to what? Do you have a link to your source?
  14. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    How is DoD spending relevant to the concept of a guaranteed jobs program? Perhaps some jobs would be managed by Defense, but surely not all. Some people,would be guaranteed jobs. Others wouldn’t. This seemed to be a big detractor for you. Why would it be okay when doing a guaranteed jobs program while not okay when doing UBI?