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  1. I don't know the answer to your archeology focused question, but do wish to highlight that brain size, volume, and amount of matter are hardly as relevant as how that matter gets organized, connected, and folded
  2. Your lifts have nothing to do with this exchange we’re having here, however I’ll allow that your sleep likely does.
  3. It’s okay to struggle with mental health. Find help. There is no shame in trying to become healthier or allowing others to assist you in lightening the burden. Doing so will likely improve the central topic you’ve introduced in this thread in parallel.
  4. When did this turn into your blog?
  5. It's almost as if those most loudly decrying cancel culture are themselves doing the majority of the cancelling, and in far more insidious ways.
  6. One problem with this strain of thinking will persist even if Trump loses. There will be others continuing to push them and trying to exploit them for their own gains. These ideas are gaining in acceptance among those who use labels to claim they wish to "conserve" the principles of the constitution. This is about power in the purest Game of Thrones sense of the term. It is not about principles nor protections of citizens in the realm.
  7. lol. I preferred brown liquors more than vodkas, but haven’t walked any paths involving alcohol in a good long while now
  8. Anything? It was right before your post. You even quoted it.
  9. I would advocate for both and, not either or. I do, however, believe infrastructure at the scale we’re discussing will cost more than point of service updates at the individual vehicle level, yes… at least in the US. I readily stipulate that I’m rooting this in intuition more than fact and that I’ve not done research or discovery sufficient to properly defend this based on studies and forecasts et.al, but it was easier for Elon to rollout teslas than for Eisenhower to implement interstates.
  10. … were also not posted here, but thanks for the intentional misquote As you’re so hung up on definitions, one would think you’d use words like ad him correctly, but alas… no such luck
  11. No admins have posted here. It’s really a wonder you guys have trouble with mating. Mind boggling really given your mellow way
  12. It’s cheaper and more scalable than overhauling the infrastructure everywhere, especially in rural areas and lower traffic remote roads and regions
  13. Duly noted. Glad you’re here to dumb things down and explain to me what’s expected.
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