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  1. He’s turning himself into the modern day equivalent of Howard Hughes, and IMO he’s on the precipice now of Spruce Goosing himself out of relevance. Eventually, the spoiled child having yet another tantrum gets ignored and the adults in the room move on to more important things. In large part, this is our own damned fault since we as a culture tend so often in large massive numbers to idolatrize wealth.
  2. Our future is pretty certain, actually. We too will eventually go extinct and fall into the dustbin of geologic history, or at least evolve into something completely different and unrecognizable.
  3. And even THERE it's mostly not possible for most "organisms" who try.
  4. To be clear, I never much found free will as a concept to be useful in the first place. It's like arguing over the number of angels we can fit on a pinhead. I've done no such thing. I've only stated that the current system does not align with my view of freedom.
  5. Of course. The world would no longer be wrong if only they agreed with ME and MY personally preferred definitions of words. The problem is THEY are using the wrong views and need to think MY way.
  6. His entire point is "I can't understand this so this can't be true," which would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  7. In addition to wars for water, that same drought problem will lead to crop failures at the base of the food chain. Hard to grow corn and wheat and soy etc. when it's not raining, so that further amplifies the valid probabilities you cite. Phi's point is completely correct, though. The problem isn't the availability of the resources but the methods currently being used to control and drive access and distribution.
  8. That's surely part of it, but it seems Altman was also rather ham-fisted in an attempt to oust one of the other board members after publishing an opinion piece about the openAI company itself. Altman was securing support for her ouster from other board members, and some of them say he did not represent them correctly to others when moving to find support. But Q-star is certainly another massive leap in feature/function that will be worth watching It moves from language prediction instead to actual reasoning, which is new and VERY different
  9. Water transfers heat against our bodies far more efficiently and intensely than air. Your body temp will plummet getting into a bathtub with 80F water, but will be perfectly warm in 80F air.
  10. Personal settings for the map. Set North as constant
  11. You mean like I did over here? >> https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/132993-dose-neurons-analyse-themselves/#comment-1255288 Definitions matter. You're defining it one way and I'm defining it another. As previously shared, and I think you are already aware, the central focus of my disagreement is on the suggestion that it is "free." I have an idea of "freedom" in my worldview. Blindly executing commands like a wet meat computer, commands generated by bio-electric currents transmitted with chemistry, does NOT align with my conception of "freedom." You may as well be saying the earths climate is "free" not to continue warming on average even when we keep adding greenhouse gasses by the gigaton to our atmosphere over decades. That's not an idea which aligns with any conception of "freedom" that I'm able to accept as valid.
  12. Do you feel better now after lashing out at unnamed strangers in a 2 month dormant thread?
  13. iNow


    You might enjoy this if you’ve got an hour free:
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