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  1. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    Ambassador Sondland just also confirmed this point today during his testimony to Congress: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/11/20/20974201/gordon-sondland-impeachment-hearing-testimony-biden-show-trump So much for the Trump was just trying to do the honorable thing and minimize corruption talking point.
  2. Wayne Messam, the random mayor from Florida whom none of you even knew was running in this primary, has decided to suspend his campaign. So, 18 again now, I think?
  3. It's a pretty common logical fallacy where you misrepresent the position of someone else then argue against that misrepresentation instead of their actual position. You either don't understand the position of the other person well enough to argue against it or you're intentionally misrepresenting them to claim some sort of victory you didn't earn.
  4. It’s hard using reason and evidence to change the mind of a person who holds a position at which they arrived using neither.
  5. It does go to the brain. Our processing speeds aren't instant, but they are quick enough to account for this... on the order of a few hundred milliseconds.
  6. Mental prediction based on past experience. It’s a type of forecasting or anticipation. You look at the clues, see the bag, it’s size, and compare that against past experiences with similarly sized objects or bags that exist in your mental model. You then have a guess or an estimate of the effort required to move the item and apply the commensurate force. When the bag then is unexpectedly empty, the resistance on your muscles is far lower than you anticipated, the applied force is too high, and consequently it jolts. See also: The way you stumble when going down stairs, think there’s another step even though you’ve already reached the bottom, and then step too hard into the floor which is far closer than anticipated and you practically roll your ankle.
  7. Glad it helped. In fairness, I’m pretty sure you already knew what you wanted to do even before opening this thread.
  8. What good is an idea only you ever know about?
  9. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    FYI - https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/70-americans-trumps-actions-tied-ukraine-wrong-poll/story?id=67088534 Update: Fascinating comments from former Secretary of State for Trump, Rex Tillerson today down in San Antonio. Relevant section starts at minute 1:25 Note that I have no idea why their chairs were so abnormally large. I guess everything is indeed bigger in Texas.
  10. It’s been fun watching Yang covering the airwaves in Iowa with his commercials this past week.
  11. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    The ambassadors. The state department. The military. Basically, everyone except him and Rudy Giuliani. Yes I shared a link in my post earlier today where this was confirmed under oath during testimony given in Friday.
  12. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    Are you familiar with the Gish Gallop? Please, focus on the things that matter instead of introducing a bunch of bullshit irrelevant to the discussion taking place.
  13. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    Primary voters I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps you mean how he paraphrased the situation in an opening comment for a hearing a few weeks ago? Just to drill-down really quick on this specific point, the evidence continues to stack up against him having honorable intentions. https://www.vox.com/2019/11/18/20970510/impeachment-hearings-news-sondland-williams-trump-morrison He didn't want the investigations, per se. He wanted them announced by a foreign leader.
  14. Denial is more than a river in Africa
  15. iNow

    Impeachment Hearings

    There is no recording. That’s not what was moved. The moving itself is an act of instruction, regardless of what was moved, by whom, or why
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