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  1. A safe propane storage?

    Safety is always an issue no matter what you're doing, but I agree with Zap that it's not the primary limitation here. I've got a giant LP tank (a few thousand gallons) buried a few feet from my front door. I've got a smaller one in the garage, another on the deck...
  2. It's probably important to distinguish between those with fatal insomnia and those who just think they don't sleep well and who call themselves insomniacs.
  3. Can you believe in evolution and in god?

    Might be more precise to call it cosmological evolution, or even better... astrophysics.
  4. I don't know the answer to that question, but I suspect the mothers of newborn babies may have some insights.
  5. Hijack from Can you believe in evolution and in god?

    This isn't an agree to disagree situation. One of us is correct. The other is not. You can deny this until you're blue in the face, but your opinions are not equivalent to my facts.
  6. Hijack from Can you believe in evolution and in god?

    Reality doesn’t care whether you believe it or not, nor do I I can see arguments in favor of both
  7. Can’t be replaced entirely, but meditation can help minimize the deleterious effects of continued wakefulness.
  8. Hijack from Can you believe in evolution and in god?

    Just so we’re clear, humans ARE apes. I choose knowledge over ideological ignorance
  9. Tell me first... When did you stop beating your wife?
  10. Willfully ignorant. Intentionally obtuse. Obvious reading comprehension problem. Those are your options. Which best describes you? I vote troll, but want to offer you the benefit of the doubt.
  11. When these ice sheets formed and melted in the past, there were still natural explanations for the change. Volcanism. Changes in solar tilt. Changes in gas concentrations from shifting ecology. Etc. We know the climate is shifting now. You’re arguing it’s natural. Okay, then. If you reject human activity as the primary cause of the increasing rate of change, then you are still left to explain: What natural forcing agent is driving the changes we’re currently experiencing? Saying “it’s natural” and walking away isn’t good enough. What natural event is driving today’s changes if not humans?
  12. Will VR reduce the need to commute to work?

    They’re not mutually exclusive.
  13. Will VR reduce the need to commute to work?

    There is merit in Sensei’s point. Farming gets more and more automated everyday.