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  1. iNow

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    Warren is leading an issues first campaign. We’ll see how it works out. Today, for example, she called for an end to the electoral college. Also, affordable housing. Breaking up tech giants. Then today, financial reparations for the families of former slaves.
  2. iNow

    John McCain

    The point of Trump's tweet is now we're arguing about McCain and conservatives instead of the Mueller report. Weapons of mass distraction...
  3. iNow

    John McCain

    What you describe is a problem neither isolated to nor demonstrated by just one side of the aisle. I don’t think it’s fair to suggest all Trump voters are okay with what Trump is saying about McCain. It is, however, fair to question their intentions, motivations, and even integrity if they continue supporting and voting for him despite these and other offenses so common with him.
  4. iNow

    Dangerous politic climate

    And then within 1 hour called South Americans heading northward towards the US as “invaders,” the EXACT label used to describe Muslims by the Christchurch shooter
  5. Einstein imagined riding around the cosmos on a photon. That’s not possible either. First, massive objects cannot travel at c. Second, he barely fit on his bicycle, and you want us now to accept that his big butt could fit in a particle of light? Come on... Your position is surely passionate and well intentioned, but IMO is self-evidently absurd and too extreme.
  6. Because while I’m often idealistic, I’m not naive.
  7. I can imagine the Easter Bunny having sex with a purple unicorn while riding a surf board on a star in the eagle nebula as your unborn child films all of this as a yet to be developed sperm. Surely, not everything imaginable is possible.
  8. iNow

    Is the laws of nature God?

    He seems to be thinking of a type of Spinozism
  9. iNow

    Is the laws of nature God?

    Define god. Define laws of nature.
  10. The premise of your question is false. The basic idea is that time itself began with the BB. Ergo, asking what came before is meaningless. There was no before since there was no time. It’s undefined.
  11. Demon Haunted World by Sagan is great, and also Pale Blue Dot. So is Six Easy Pieces by Feynman. Hawkings Brief History of Time is Classic, as is Elegant Universe by Greene. Blind Watchmaker by Dawkins is solid, as is Sapiens by Harari. Years ago, I enjoyed Magic Furnace by Chown, but unsure how precisely correct it was. You asked for a favorite, though, and I suppose my all-time favorite is Blackholes and Time Warps by Thorne. Just a process point: There’s like a thousand threads here about books, and the site even has a forum for discussing them. You might check first to avoid redundancy or duplication.
  12. How can we achieve that again, then?
  13. Breathing while you were temporarily banned