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  1. Why not both? You act as if they’re mutually exclusive. They're not.
  2. I checked a dictionary for the word troll. It recommended feedings should cease
  3. And yet it was science for a good stretch of time, thus immediately demonstrating your core position to be wrong.
  4. Strong counter argument. You've clearly convinced me of the error of my position. So you're aware... Merely repeating an invalid claim without adding any new information doesn't magically render it correct. Repetition of false claims doesn't somehow make them true.
  5. Supported, not proven. Reinforced, not proven. Proof is for math. Science is only ever at best provisional and pending potentially better explanations in the future.
  6. I see worksheet tabs with their own colors. I see column filters. I see fill colors, font colors, bold text, and font sizes. I see equations with sums of individual cell values. Most basic excel education covers these basic topics. It’s basically a budget or cash flow summary, maybe a P&L, but I’m unsure what specific name applies to this one. Good luck.
  7. Yeah. I realized after that my example didn’t pair well with my word choices. I did, indeed, treat them as distinct answers to the OP in my mind. I similarly struggled, but found it upon considering the signpost of tails on humans.
  8. “The technology of any sufficiently advanced civilization is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ACClarke
  9. Vestigial is a term that comes to mind. Also instincts. Maybe vestigial instincts? An example for humans might be our desire for salty, fatty, and sweet things. They were great for survival when food was scarce, but lead to massive health issues and death today with our access to supermarkets and abundance. I’m sure others have ideas, too.
  10. No, that person is saying the circle transformed into a square, not that the circle it is equivalent to a square.
  11. For someone claiming not to be a snowflake, you sure are acting super triggered right now. Whatever