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  1. The more parsimonious explanation is you’re not paying close enough attention. He was senior advisor to the president
  2. They're just gone. Maybe an animal or pet survived them, but that's it. That's because it is. They're almost surely just fictions, though. So long as that's how they're considered, then so be it. People can take comfort in whatever mental crutch they want, but the moment people begin acting as if they're real and that anyone who disagrees will burn for eternity in a fiery hot place, or who tries to enforce legislation based on these fairy tales, then things take on another tone altogether.
  3. Depends on severity and could be as long as 40 days https://www.medscape.com/answers/2500114-197467/what-is-the-duration-of-viral-shedding-in-persons-with-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19
  4. The right became powerful in Japan upon the formation and dissemination of falsehoods one 2Chan. Then 4Chan came up and some of the boards became extremely popular for peddling conspiracy theories. The board got shutdown and turned into 8Chan where QAnon posted. He’s likely the guy who funded 2Chan and 8Chan, just with bigger Rupert Murdoch sized ambitions. It then grew in the US into something organic and internal just like occurred in Japan. Divide from within then conquer. https://gimletmedia.com/shows/reply-all/llhe5nm
  5. If you have enough participants, you might try splitting them randomly into 3 different groups to see if the incentive has any effect. One group loses 5 points for finishing late. Second group gains 5 points for finishing early. Third group is your control and gets no punishment or reward, just a normal test like any other day. Unsure this gets you where you want to be, but hopefully it helps generate fresh ideas. Good luck!
  6. It’s sad that standing in support of democracy and laws has become a left wing cause and partisan issue (all while the right claims without seeing the irony to be running in support of law and order), but I reckon that’s what happens when representing citizens takes a back seat to holding on to and consolidating power. Trump lost the popular vote by roughly 3,000,000 votes. The Democrats who hold a minority in the senate represent approximately 80,000,000 more Americans than the republicans who currently have the senate majority. A constitutional republic and representative democracy is only as good as the people representing us, and we’ve allowed corruption, grift, and glad-handing to rule the day for far too long.
  7. One of her lifelong principles was that laws and processes should apply equally to everyone (see also her work on women’s rights and the 14th amendment). Saying we should NOT hold hearings on replacement justices during election years when democrats are in power, but then we SHOULD hold hearings during election years when republicans are in power DIRECTLY contradicts that central principle of her lifelong judicial philosophy.
  8. No His press team, actually. None of those words are in his voice, either I should’ve said a 6-3 conservative majority. 5-4 is what we already had before Ginsberg passed
  9. No. Most likely outcome: Trump gives a red meat nominee to senate, one that will give a massive hard on to the celibate evangelical portion of his base and McConnell will force a floor vote. He’s not here to avoid hypocrisy. He’s here to concentrate and maintain power. Judges are the best way to do this since they get the final decision when laws drafted by congress get challenged. While some of McConnells members like Murkowski from Alaska and Romney from Utah will balk, and the media and left will be apoplectic, the rest of the GOP senators will forfeit whatever remaining backbone they had and fall in-line like good little school children voting in favor of the nominee... Better to do that and “own the libs” than to piss off their rabid and QAnon captured electorate who is cultish toward trump and armed to the teeth. The GOP needs 50 votes to confirm a nomination and have 53 seats in the senate. Even if Democrats manage to convince 3 to join them in opposition, a tie would send the vote to VP Pence to break. Unless a 4th Republican steps up, Trump will get a 3rd Supreme Court Justice on to the bench. At that point, the only remaining option is for the Democrats to sweep the election and pack the court, moving the 5-4 conservative majority instead to a 7-5 liberal majority after switching from a bench of 9 justices instead to a bench of 11. Nothing in the constitution prevents this, but it does sadly continue the race to the bottom since the GOP would just move to 13 Justices once they regained power.
  10. These next 45 days until the election are only going to get even uglier and more vicious than they’ve already been. McConnell has already issued a statement that he WILL bring Trumps replacement nominee to the floor for a vote (despite the Merrick Garland episode, hypocrisy has never stopped him before). Trump will be flogging this issue and fanning the flames with his own list of nominees to drive up what’s been lukewarm and tepid support among evangelicals. This will also offer a lifeline to republican senators in close elections. They waited 400 days after Scalia died to allow a vote on replacement bc of “the election.” Now they won’t even wait 45 days after Ginsberg died. Its not just Justices who are dying, but our democracy and justice itself. .
  11. I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. Everyone dies. It’s the only consistently sure thing in life. Uh huh. Maybe you need a snack or a nap?
  12. Not even that. Let grandma play in the road. Even then she’d be safe in most cases. You can drive around her. The premise that driving a car one time mandates his specific grandmas death underlies his entire point and is absurd. This isn’t a discussion occurring in good faith. If it were, we’d be discussing thresholds for driving and speed limits and mandates for safety sensing auto-braking technology in new cars and infrastructure improvements and additional sidewalks and car-free zones etc. to minimize pedestrian deaths. But, we’re not... He’s likely just riffing on real life discussions occurring these days around mask mandates or remote schooling or temporarily closing super spreader / non-essential businesses. Sad, really. This could be an interesting topic to explore, but he’s almost certainly just trying to feel clever and smugly snickering to himself about how he’s superior to everyone here.
  13. Thank you for arguing against a point I never made
  14. The one thing all life has in common is that it eventually ends. I’ll repeat my previous point. This is just stupid trolling.
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