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  1. bot (Human, algorithmic, or otherwise)
  2. Things like food, clean drinking water, shelter, opportunity, security. Sure, but you’re putting money in opposition to love of people and that’s frankly ridiculous since so many people seek money to better care for those they love and hold dear. Lol. Citation needed I understand that you’re quite likely a bot in training.
  3. Who’s not calm? Yes, this is called an anecdote, not evidence. This was never in question. What IS in question is why you seem to think that’s in any way relevant, or that it’s somehow good enough to convince others that the decades of research on this topic are wrong. What about it? Also, see 2.7: https://www.scienceforums.net/guidelines/ X-posted with Zap who literally said the EXACT same thing 😂
  4. That’s bound to happen when you make claims that are refuted by evidence, or when you suggest your personal incredulity alone is reason enough to reject said evidence.
  5. FWIW I knew what you meant and LOL’d
  6. You need to stop thinking of your opinions as facts and look into the tremendous and lasting therapeutic benefits DMT and MDNA are having on depression as documented for years in scientific literature. It has nothing to do with getting high or legality. It has to do with efficacy and positive results.
  7. An admirable ambition. For now, however, let’s just start by being coherent Or at least succinct
  8. He represents Texas. I used to live in Texas. He was given power to represent me. He doesn’t represent me. He’s still in power. I’m not the one giving him more credit than he deserves. His voters are.
  9. +1 just for the masturbator beware joke
  10. No, he’s the same guy who carried a snowball on to the House floor and held it up during a speech claiming that it proved climate change isn’t real.
  11. Also, history is a big topic. It pretty much encompasses everything. Might help to narrow it down a bit.
  12. Correct. In a cloaked Klingon ship, no less. AFAIK, it was not a nuclear wessel
  13. iNow

    On tact

    You’re one of the fist folks I ever saw emphasizing that important difference btw trust and faith in response to folks conflating faith that the sun will come up or science is mostly accurate with faith that a white bearded guy surfing among the clouds cares if we masturbate or eat meat on Fridays (or pork on any day).
  14. iNow

    On tact

    It still boggles the mind how many people continue to buy into this nonsense, and it’s worse now all these years later as millions upon millions of believers are simply migrating their religious beliefs over into QAnon conspiracies.
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