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  1. In a recent court case, a judge asked a lawyer for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to define "woke" since they kept using it in their comments. The lawyer, for one of the fiercest "where woke goes to die!!" culture warriors known to any of us, answered thusly: "The belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them." Why do you so strongly object to that? Why is the word "infesting" the right one to use, or do you perhaps have an entirely different definition of "woke" than Ron DeSantis himself?
  2. A pile of remains from some of the VERY many Russian rockets that have struck Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo: Libkos/AP
  3. As others have shared, the intent underlying this permission setting here is to avoid problems from bad actors, and the staff here have decided that minimizing that risk brings more value to the site and participants than the marginal value of allowing forever edits or voluntary deletes forever for everyone. With that said, if a post is particularly bad, then I’m sure you could click the Report button and ask the mods here to make a specific edit or fix on your behalf. But on the internet, you need to basically assume it lives forever the moment you click Submit Reply or Send.
  4. I’d answer, but since I won’t be able to edit it one hour from now or delete it two years from now I probably shouldn’t
  5. Yea. The danger is real. That one hour window of allowed edit time and inability to pull threads out of threaded discussions that have already happened. It’s a miracle we’re not all dead
  6. Who would win an arm wrestling match: A unicorn or a leprechaun?
  7. They’re not arguments. They’re troll bait.
  8. A good article. Would only challenge how he doesn’t really seem to accept that we’re already right now today living through a relatively “hot” cyber war where tens of thousands of attack vectors are being deployed every minute of every day. Those interactions would intensify in the event of escalation, but the consistency with which they’re being used right now makes it hard for me to accept calling the current baseline as “peaceful” or even just “cold.” Totally agree about populace not being prepared for the ramifications of an escalation, though. They are too busy blaming Biden for higher fuel prices and delays in the global supply chain.
  9. With bated breath we wait. Gosh and golly... It will surely be an epic sight to behold! I hope I can survive the anticipation.
  10. Those sneaky democrats and lefty liberals will stop at NOTHING to ruin the intelligence and highlight the profound paste eating ignorance of their opponents!!
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