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  1. Worse still, even when framed purely in terms of their balance sheets, they’re making a myopic error and being too shortsighted. Opening up too soon may help earnings this week, but will likely reduce earnings over the year ahead. https://www.wired.com/story/rush-back-to-normal-blunder-of-the-century/
  2. Lots of thoughtful feedback above. One additional point we ought to consider when framing the discussion in terms of deaths: The social isolation and change in behavior were currently experiencing will lead to far higher drops in the long term death rate, and this is true for a great many things largely unrelated to covid. Pollution is down right now. Air and water is cleaner... Manufacturing facilities are quit and their smoke stacks dormant... Traffic accidents are down right now. Crime and murder and shootings are down right now. War zones are quieter and fewer bullets are flying.... Countless other variables contributing to accelerated human death are all collectively down right now... We’re going to see a dramatic decrease in the deaths caused by these things... on the order of several hundreds of thousands of lives saved and extended... and that will eclipse deaths caused by this virus preoccupying us. Just food for thought. If Covid takes a million lives, but saves 10+ million bc of how we respond to it, then maybe that’s another reason to remind our minds to let go of and release the anxiety these daily infection and death count numbers often create within us.
  3. By having clear definitions and thresholds for what characteristics constitute each then checking where the individual exists along these threshold dimensions.
  4. Not primates, though... and that was YOUR OWN criteria from the OP:
  5. They tend more often to be epidemics than pandemics since most nonhuman primates lack the ability to cross the ocean. That said, here ya go: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150327-ten-scary-diseases-of-animals
  6. The Democratic Convention was just postponed until at least August 17
  7. We're off-topic, but another aspect of this is how authoritarian leaders are using this as an opportunity to seize more power, to implement enhanced surveillance, and to crumble the checks and balances which often restrain their selfish intent.
  8. My point is that this thread annoys me, obviously pretty low on the “this matters in the grand scheme of things” scale. My annoyance is a first world problem, not the virus or related cascading impacts. I think I follow what you’re trying to say, but this is really inaccurate. The richest are safest, not the other way around.
  9. Yeah. This thread annoys me. Oh well. First world problems.
  10. A coffee filter can mask some small percentage of effluent, but is not itself a mask. We may as well be talking about socks and scarves and t-shirts over our mouths. Better than nothing, but not good. The CDC is also trying to balance economic demand / panic buying with the need for medical professionals to have access during these times of shortage and scarcity.
  11. Of course masks offer improvement over lack of mask. Was that ever in question?
  12. I'm sure the questioner is grateful for your feedback these 15 years later
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