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  1. Truth About Corners

    I’m suddenly feeling cornered
  2. Evidence doesn't make the yeast bloom and leaven the bread
  3. Presidential Alert system

    That does give a bit of hope, but, as we all know, Nancy Pelosi is a threat to public safety and Chuck Schumer is a man-made disaster (only half kidding... can totally see this reasoning being used)
  4. Presidential Alert system

    As I think about this more, the problem seems more related to WHO uses it than to the idea of it existing at all. I realize that I'd be fine with such a system if my mayor used it. I realize that I'd be fine with such a system if my governor used it. I realize that I'd be fine with such a system if my congressman or senator used it. Following this logic, I am ultimately fine with such a system if my president used it. My problem and apprehension seems more firmly related to the current president who averages 32 lies per day and has told over 5,000 confirmed falsehoods since taking office, and the possibility that more like him will take office in the future.
  5. Florence the Hurricane

    What’s the point if this thread? What specifically do you wish to discuss?
  6. Presidential Alert system
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Ellen DeGeneres is who they mean:
  8. What does dark beer taste like?

    Fortunately, that situation has improved quite a bit. Most of mine don’t tend to dip below 7% ABV, and while some regions are more fortunate with choices and available selections than others, it’s really getting pretty great overall.
  9. Can science prove God ?

    Which god(s)? One must first define it in a falsifiable way.
  10. What does dark beer taste like?

    I’m drinking a local craft brew right now. Dark. Was just released this morning. Its a double milk stout brewed with fresh maple, pecans, and pecan pie. Last night I had another local craft beer. Also dark. Was a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with vanilla beans. Theres a local porter I like where they put cookies in it. It’s called Oreo Speedwagon. I’ve got a few in my fridge that were aged in apple brandy barrels, others in cognac barrels, some with coffee and espresso added, others with chocolate, some with cinnamon, a few with dark cherries, one with marshmallows and graham crackers like s’mores Even the exact same beer tastes differently when poured from a tap than when poured from a bottle, or when cold versus when warm, or when nitrogen is used for smaller bubbles and mouthfeel versus the standard carbonization. Now, when you ask me “what does dark beer taste like,” you can hopefully understand why I say that it depends.
  11. What does dark beer taste like?

    Dark ales are called brown ales, but not dark beer in general.
  12. What does dark beer taste like?

    Depends on what ingredients were used, what process, whether or not it was aged. Your question is too vague, a bit like asking what does brown meat taste like.
  13. Presidential Alert system

    Really requires a check from congress. Unless something changes in this years midterms, that check will likely remain blank.
  14. Presidential Alert system

    Regardless of whether or not a POTUS should be able to do this directly (I’m inclined toward not), seems like a rather outdated tech. We’ve got 24hr news and twitter and it takes seconds for anything the prez says to go all the way around the world. If you’re gonna txt me too, it’d better be bc a tornado is in my neighborhood and I need to find shelter
  15. Gun Control - Topic

    Yes Always be grateful