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  1. You do know that the National Enquirer and QAnon are not valid news sources reporting credible trustworthy information, right?
  2. It’s unclear to me what you’re trying to communicate here. Are you able to explain the idea you wish to convey another way?
  3. It doesn’t take a toll per se. It makes house better protected overall. Your immune system will be better prepared to identify and dispatch future attacks. Also, the “immune for 3 months” thing is kinda crap, especially in context of variants.
  4. I'm not in a position to write and pass legislation. I don't have different standards for both. My country does, and to that end I think (as Ten Oz suggests) it's been more politically palatable to be softer on teens... we tend to still see the childlike innocence in them... unless, of course, they're black or brown. Black Children Five Times More Likely Than White Youth to Be Incarcerated
  5. Sometimes humans take their own lives for that very same reason, whether that illness be mental or untreatable. Hope all is well on your end ✌️
  6. Just to add to exchemists point... mutations happen all of the time, and most have nothing to do with survival. They're just sort of "there." So long as they don't interfere with or hinder reproduction, they'll often carry on to future generations, too. Not all features are selected. Some simply aren't selected against and just come along for the ride (if that makes sense).
  7. You wouldn't have to argue hard as I tend to agree. I feel a focus on rehabilitation is better for all involved instead of a focus on punishment, whether adult, teenager, or otherwise. I find this framing of absolution and responsibility a bit unhelpful, but have covered my thoughts on this pretty extensively years ago in other threads.
  8. survive and breed Not really, no. This is more about us evolving in a world that no longer exists. We no longer have starve through winter and walk hundreds of miles to find food. Our sedentary lifestyle and easy access to high fat high sugar diets is a better explanation (especially since evolution doesn't have intention... it just selects lifeforms capable of surviving and breeding successfully). Advancing tech makes being fat and lazy easier, but we still have a choice to go exercise and eat better. Many just choose not to. These are separate issues.
  9. Alternatively, perhaps the currently available explanation is the correct one and people just refuse to accept it as valid for various reasons.
  10. Because floods of hormones and a still not fully developed prefrontal cortex makes us often do dumb things, and the next several decades of ones life shouldn't necessarily be ruined due to a mistake made in the first or second. A better question is why do so many people still seem to think harsh sentencing is at all helpful to us as a culture. Citation on said blessing needed. Ability to reproduce and bear offspring comes before ability to think like an adult.
  11. You have yet to adequately define “consciousness” You have yet to make this term make sense or have any meaning whatsoever In fact, we do. Your personal incredulity is irrelevant. Lol. You’d be funny if you weren’t so sad. Tell you what. Since you think it’s so easy, how about you show us all how.
  12. Indeed, which is why I deleted my reply 15 minutes before you submitted your reply to it 🍻
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