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  1. In my opinion Changes and Speed of Changes are fundamental.Humans were endowed by nature for survive not for scientific subtle observations . If we analize definition of units of time , second,day,year,..... we observe that are a fraction or a unit of a periodic change divided at speed of that change.Speed of change is 1 for a day who is a slowness change for example.Changes and speed or slowness were easy observed by ancient humans but many changes are at high speeds very hard or impossible to detect by humans. Invention of clocks was a very important technological step because could be calculated those high speeds From Wikipedia: " This current definition was adopted in 1967 when it became feasible to define the second based on fundamental properties of nature with caesium clocks.[3] Because the speed of the Earth's rotation varies and is slowing ever so slightly, a leap second is added at irregular intervals to civil time[nb 1] to keep clocks in sync with Earth's rotation" My conclusion : Time=Change/Speed of change
  2. I will try to build a model: ( I am sorry because I have no time to spend too much ....very occupied at work....very tired about work...life is hard for many of us....) Imagine 100 000 years ago Alice and Bob (Forces +Laws of physics+Causality+Designer+Builder) will build a City from something like LEGO BRICKS (from different shapes and colors) , in a week working with different Speeds . Changes: from 0 buildings to 100 buildings:C1.....C100 and will use 100 Bricks for 1 Building(1 Change/Transformation) They will use let say 3 Speeds : S0....no changes,S1=Slow and S2=Hi Speed Assumption: Alice and Bob don't know what time is because endowed for survival not for research and they know only about Transformations/Changes,Slowness or Speed of changes and Causality ....causes precede effects and events take place in a certain sense .They have knowledge about periodic changes like day and night and have a primitive hourglass who they observed their periodic changes when they used it. Also we assume they know how to count. They start to build the City: First day will use a lot of bricks to make 5 Changes =5Buildings....5000 bricks using all 3 Speeds:S1,S0,S2.They observe when use S0 ...no changes,when use S2 the most changes.They already know using the hourglass let say in a day their hourglass will be emty 24 times.Using an emptyng for the hourglass .... 1 hour.... and S2 they observed ...... I am sorry but I am very tired and I will continue if someone will be interested Building a clock like hourglass who measure changes/slowness of changes.....I told time is very important for us but is not a fundamental property of the Universe . You understand Time=Change/Speed.Please Choose only 2 fundamental property from 3. Speed and time ,speed and changes or changes and time
  3. Changes/Transformers are always in a period of time ...not instantaneous..... sometimes maybe cvasi instantaneous
  4. Changes(Transformations) ,Speed of changes and Causality are fundamental properties of the Universe....I think every intelligent being perceives them because intelligent beings are 'designed' to survive. They do not perceive time as they perceive change, the speed of change, the causality -cause precedes effect-(that gives the arrow of time ....past....present....future), which are fundamental properties of the universe.Time is a human concept very useful.It is important/exists only for everything that exists and who have changes and a certain speed of change . The frame of reference....Imagine you are a common observer at a demonstration of a great illusionist /magician....You have your reference's frame...Other common observers , from TV for exemple or near the magician has their reference frame.Do you think a human observer who is 'programed to survive' and not to be a deep Universe observer ( we humans perceive reality true in our way , a codification of reality ....remember colors are only a human representation of a part of electomagnetic radiation)....he can't understand if he not are prepared to understand what the grand magician do. He understand what the magician wants That's how we are now ...we great humans observers No....I observe only that:Transformations ,Speed of transformations ,Causality are fundamental properties of the Universe and Time is a concept very useful for survive and not only I understood .... If I will ask you to go at an adress .... point A (x, y, z) where you will find a treasure is better to ask you to go at point A (x, y, z, t) because the treasure will be there at time t in the future not now......Conclusion:Space-time a useful concept
  5. Humans are not programmed/endowed to perceive reality in its depth but are endowed to survive .... it seems that we humans will never know the true nature of reality .... the perception of 'reality' through light makes me think we are like naive viewers who watch an illusionist(and want to understand him) who show us persons dead hundred or thousand years ago who are in life, dinosaurus who are near us .... because our informations about universe are collected at a moment from very different periode of time .... we see in the same time old images of galaxies of billions of years togheter with galaxies old of millions of years .... many of them maybe dosnțt exist when we see them ....How could a naive to understand what makes a great illusionist ? In my opinion if we could observe the true reality by absurdity we would not understand anything ... We by the representation of the reality ...for example : by means of the colors that in reality do not exist, they are only a typical human perception due to the light, the eye, the brain and the laws of physics. .. by perceiving the shapes of objects (imaginate that we could see the mixture of atoms in the composition of objects) .... .....we found a way to maximize chances of survive About the existence of time .... the time exists but the time is a human representation like colors,shapes of objects and the time is only the changes divided at speed of changes....Changes and Speed of changes are fundamental properties of the Universe
  6. Human observer perceives the surrounding world usually through photons that have the maximum speed known to us .... which is not necessarily the maximum speed in the Universe. Due to the perception of the environment through the photons we have this impediment to not observe in "'direct" but in "' resumption" Changes are continuousos.....the speed of change can tend to 0
  7. In the distant past Changes and the speed of change were observed but could not be measured .... Observations such as periodic changes: the movement of revolution (astronomical year) and rotation of the earth (day) around the sun at almost constant speeds, the drain of a quantity of sand in an hourglass at almost constant speed are several examples from the observations of the thinking man. Man could observe the changes and although they unfold at a certain speed but could not measure them. At first the hourglass then the clock helped him measure time, this function, this ratio Change / Speed of change ... an important step forward for human activities ... especially for changing position (movement) at a certain speed .... t = d / v. The change in position could be measured approximately by standards such as pitch, length of a stick, then with another standard, the meter a much more accurate measurement. Speed was much harder to measure but could be calculated v = d / t using two measures obtained with the help of the hourglass (clock) and the meter.
  8. I mean time is a relation between two fundamental properties of the Universe: Change and Speed of change A process of changing or causing something to change from one form/position to another well known is displasement in space. Another one is a chimical reaction.....reactants changing in products
  9. My point of view about time The human observer invented the concept of time and clock because it was difficult for him to measure change and speed of change (rapidity of change or slowness of change) which along with: space, matter, energy, forces, fields, .... are fundamental constituents and properties of the universe. Time is nothing but the relationship between change and the speed of change. Time only makes sense for what is changing at a certain speed, so it is a function of these two. Time is relative depending on the nature of the change: life time, half-life for radioactive substances, reaction time, astronomical time ....
  10. A spectator ion is an ion that exists in the same form on both the reactant side and the product side of a chemical reaction. NH4+ +NO3- +H++OH-=H3O++NH3+NO3-
  11. Can we have a change without a speed of change ?I suppose not In my mind: Time=Change/Speed of change
  12. In first case will be a neutralization reaction between a weak acid and a strong base 5 mol HCOOH+5mol KOH=5 mol HCOOK+5 mol HOH Products are a salt (a conjugate base of a weack acid )and water 6 mol HCOOH+5 mol KOH=1 mol HCOOH+5 mol HCOOK+5 mol HOH is a buffer solution
  13. I thought of the elementary particles as the pieces of the LEGO game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego) I associate a label with each seemingly identical piece Can we sent a fossil for 1 to 10000 years in the past?
  14. Imagine that we attach a label to each elementary particle in the Universe, each label having a unique natural number ... In this model, everything who can be send in past is represented a series of labels. If a thing is sent back in time...a phone for exemple (we assume that it contains the elementary particles with the numbers 7 and 1003) then we will find in the past, simultaneously these elementary particles twice, in the same Universe and at the same time. Do you think it is possible?
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