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  1. Thought Experiments

    The next step is to actually test this notion by making specific predictions and see if they hold true. As in, do science. People making assertions that they have uncovered the secrets of the universe are a dime a dozen. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  2. Thought Experiments

    They do not pop into and out of existence They are not physical, material things. The laws always apply, even if there isn't anything there to follow them at a particular time and place. It's about both. It's both. Any physics explanation is going to involve mathematical abstraction.
  3. Moving clocks.....

    And I'm saying that you aren't using them to "tell time" in those experiments. You are comparing two clocks, not reading the results of one clock. And there are relativity experiments where you don't "zero" the time since you do a frequency comparison rather than a phase comparison.
  4. Moving clocks.....

    Clock comparison experiments are not telling the time, the way that phrase is usually used. Did time exist before 1 AD? You're looking at an agreed upon standard, which is a choice we make for convenience. It doesn't have any physical basis.
  5. Truth About Corners

  6. Natural response of RC and RL Circuits?

    The timing aspect of the RC circuit will dictate when you turn the transistors on or off, which allows current to flow (or not) to light up the LEDs (or not).
  7. Moving clocks.....

    Time doesn't start when the sun gets to a certain point. We don't usually refer to time as some value since the equinox. Plus, there's the physics description that time is what is measured by a clock.
  8. Natural response of RC and RL Circuits?

    An RC circuit will undergo an exponential decay of the voltage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RC_circuit#Natural_response An RL circuit will have an exponential decay of the current https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/inductor/lr-circuits.html
  9. Moving clocks.....

    Depends on how you are using the term "time" There is a difference between a clock and a stopwatch.
  10. Natural response of RC and RL Circuits?

    Is this homework?
  11. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    There's a conceptual problem demonstrated in trying to extrapolate from a light clock behaving differently in atmosphere to this being a fundamental feature of atomic clocks. Which do not operate at atmospheric pressures, anyway.
  12. How is energy stored in a field?

    The energy is in the photons. No field is necessary. Where is the field? They aren't examples of energy being stored in a (classical) field?
  13. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

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  14. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

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  15. Debunking Physics

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