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  1. Which could be psychosomatic; if you think you are suffering from some kind of debilitating effect, your body might just accommodate that belief.
  2. SCOTUS once ruled (Nix v Hedden) that tomatoes were to be classified as vegetables, so it’s not like the courts feel beholden to science when they want a certain result.
  3. But what about his cognitive issues. Do they get as much coverage as Biden's alleged issues?
  4. It crops up from time to time. We’re not going to dispense medical advice, but a lot of the “X is making me sick” topics have science that can be discussed to debunk the claims.
  5. That’s a good question - ratings, perhaps - but it doesn’t change the facts. e.g. the economy is doing great, with unemployment numbers not seen in 50 years, real wage increases and a record high stock market, but it’s not reported that way. Perhaps you should ask the media/punditry why. Trump’s very real issues are not being discussed much at all. Why is that?
  6. You’re citing the media’s framing and GOP talking points, not his record. There have been plenty of people who note that Biden is sharp and engaged, which won’t be the conclusion you draw from video clips edited to give a different impression.
  7. Do you know the frequency of these readings? Wifi uses 2.4 and 5 GHz, at up to 50 mW of transmission power, and bluetooth use 2.4 GHz. A PC might intermittently try to “discover” nearby devices. You could measure at different distances from the computer, or any other suspected source, to see if it drops off with distance (which it will, if that’s the source) No, not really. But simple transmitters are pretty easy.
  8. ! Moderator Note Requiring that people follow the rules is not an attack on Islam. This is not a government site; nothing here has anything to do with your rights.
  9. The lifting ability of a helium balloon is roughly 1 gram per liter, at room temperature and 1 ATM. (Slightly more as the balloon gets bigger, owing to the scaling effects)
  10. These frequencies are present as part of the background; every object radiates with a profile dependent on its temperature. You might be measuring the RF background. Any health issues are likely from another cause. Consult a doctor.
  11. But you cast this in terms of “democratic process” and “checks and balances” and it seems to me that this is the expected process. AFAICT every time there was a serious primary challenge to an incumbent, the incumbent lost. How much of that was due to the poor performance of the candidate and how much due to the challenge causing a divide or doing other damage is something one has to assess. But given that both candidates are old, this should be a non-issue for choosing on that particular metric. Biden has a great record to run on, so there’s no reason to expect a serious primary challenge, and it’s not like there’s someone waiting in the wings that could beat TFG. So any objection along these lines would seem to be moot. As far as the age discrimination question is concerned, I’m not a fan.
  12. But that’s not the reason for the radiation. The radiation is along the direction of motion, perpendicular to the instantaneous acceleration.
  13. Moving in a circle is not a changing acceleration. It’s always in the radial direction
  14. But there is radiation, so how is this an example of an acceleration not resulting in radiation? Not in its rest frame, but that’s not an inertial frame. In an inertial frame (i.e. in freefall) you would detect radiation. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_radiation_of_charged_particles_in_a_gravitational_field (see Resolution by Rohrlich) “The key is to realize that the laws of electrodynamics, Maxwell's equations, hold only within an inertial frame”
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