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  1. Iron will become activated, but the isotopes have either shorter half-lives than Co-60, or much longer, in which case it has a low activity.
  2. Simply repeating yourself doesn’t clarify anything What, specifically, “is a bit more likely to create a proton”? What’s the reaction? And if you start with equal amounts of matter and antimatter, why would this create an asymmetry?
  3. The material has a long half-life, or there is a decay chain involved, with moderate to long half-lives.
  4. Did NASA say that? The Post article says "The finding implies that these particles are actually traveling backward in time, suggesting evidence of a parallel universe, according to the Daily Star." (emphasis added) I don't see a direct quote from NASA making this claim in the Daily Star article. There are quotes saying otherwise. The blurb "The simplest – and therefore scientifically the most elegant explanation is this: at the moment of the Big Bang two universes were formed – ours, and another one that from our perspective is running in reverse." is unattributed.
  5. It's crap. A dubious conjecture from an anomalous signal https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2020/05/21/has-nasa-found-a-parallel-universe-where-time-flows-backwards-the-truth-behind-the-headlines/#1c13e0b9646d
  6. But you don't create just protons or just antiprotons without violating conservation laws or symmetry. You create both at the same time. That's not the case with an amino acid. You can build just one without such violations.
  7. That's word salad. Science - physics especially - quantifies effects. It's not enough to spout some technical jargon. One needs a mathematical model that predicts behavior. Any notion that gravity can be replaced by electrostatics is trivially debunked, because there's no way to get an always-attractive force between more than two bodies. We orbit the sun, sure, but the moon orbits us while orbiting the sun. Pick a charge for the sun and the earth, and from the known orbits, mathematically deduce the charge on the moon that consistent with the known orbits, the tides we observe on the earth, etc. The effort will fail once it's approached with a bit of rigor.
  8. ! Moderator Note It wouldn’t explain this, but you need to understand some physics to see why. I am feeling less generous than Strange. All WAG, no science. Speculation needs some foundation in science.
  9. I watched that first minute, and what he's talking about is not well-captured in your question's phrasing. In a single frame, all clocks can be synchronized, because you can adjust for the delay of a finite speed of light. Similarly, people in a frame can agree on when something happened by applying that delay. An event you observe that is 1 light-second away happened 1 second ago. Everybody in that frame agrees. Let's call that t=0 But moving changes that. If you are moving away, it takes longer for the light to get to you, because in that 1 second, you have moved some distance. So an identical event getting to you happened before t = 0, i.e. in the other frame's past (before t = 0), because an event that happened at t=0 can't reach you in 1 second. Similarly, if you are moving toward the event, the light arrives faster, because you have reduced the distance.
  10. I’m nit required to watch it, by the rules, and it’s a 2.5 hour video, though it starts ~halfway through. I watched a few seconds and he was talking about simultaneity, and the relative “positioning” of some value of t. When you say “experience of time” being past or future, simultaneity is a big thing to leave out, if that’s what you want to know about. Is it? (if it is, it has to with how long a photon will take to get to you)
  11. ! Moderator Note You already have a discussion on layer logic, and posting to advertise it, or a site, violates the rules.
  12. What do you mean by this? (pretend there’s no video; you have to summarize the argument here)
  13. Then you should have not constructed such a poor sentence. I can’t read your mind, and given the glaring misconceptions you have demonstrated, there was no way to know that you didn’t mean what you said. If it was a mistake, own it, rather than blaming others for it. Your point? (nobody can read your mind. It’s not just me)
  14. You left off the bolded and underlined part I had emphasised. Why? I was focusing on the part of the statement about work and gas expansion. You do understand the function of the word “or”, right?
  15. You’ve posted lots of stuff. Everyone else is responding to it. If you wanted to focus on one example, we could have done that. But you’re the one who has presented multiple examples. That’s what new threads are for. To keep things separate. And also why mods admonish responders for thread hijacking. But that all goes out the window when the thread starter keeps bringing up more examples. And it’s not fair to people who might not have visited in a day or two to try and tell them they can’t participate because you posted something a couple of days ago. One thread = one conversation I copy-pasted, so there is no doubt you said it. A common theme here has been people explaining that heat is converted to mechanical work. (but not all of it can be converted)
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