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  1. Why would the EMP pass through it? As I’ve said before, trying to treat the field separate from the source is problematic. It’s also not a given that the magnetic field would penetrate the box. If you could do this, yes, it would release all the photons at once, but since you can’t do this, it’s a moot point.
  2. That’s valid if you have eliminated the scenario where Belichick is a better coach than most, and the Patriots have amassed better talent than most other teams. (In part because they work well within the salary cap limitations)
  3. And I want to know where someone said that, because my recollection is that it was the analyst’s take. Not a retelling of the navy’s position. And I’m nauseated enough having to listen to Tucker Carlson once.
  4. “If the solar industry had to supply all of it” implies your analysis is based on 100% solar. Which is a ludicrous position. And? Is anyone suggesting otherwise? You don’t need 1000 coal or gas plants if 500 will cover the load. So you don’t have the same capital costs. No, it’s not like that. You said yourself that the plants are being used, so it’s a pretty bad analogy. Renewable energy is cheaper in many, many cases. That’s not politics. Overall cost of electricity in the US doesn’t seem to have been negatively impacted. 2013-2018 it went up ~5% https://www.statista.com/statistics/183700/us-average-retail-electricity-price-since-1990/ 5% is lower than inflation, so in terms of buying power, the cost went down http://www.in2013dollars.com/2013-dollars-in-2018?amount=100
  5. The navy didn’t say that, the guest did, and yes, it’s different. Defying the laws of physics is not merely beyond our capabilities.
  6. An actual driver can’t be watching all those things, either. Why couldn’t you have multiple cameras and a VR helmet? The remote driver turns their head, and the view changes accordingly. I don’t think that’s the problem. The problem is latency. Buffering has already been pointed out, but signal delay is the real killer (literally) How long does it take for the signal to reach the remote driver? The minimum latency is 2x that, and it gets subtracted from the response time. In some ways, it will be like every remote driver is driving drunk.
  7. Do you not know what you claimed? There’s a written record. You said the navy is “now admitting these sightings are of objects that at least appear to be beyond the capabilities of our technology.”
  8. 1. This is based on the false premise that solar is all or nothing. Your questionable claim about being “hugely expensive” is moot, in addition to being unsupported. 2. There are countries that already generate most of their energy from renewables, 3. That’s not what “subsidy” means 4. This has nothing to do with growing food under solar panels
  9. Where in the video? I heard them say the navy’s position is that they don’t know. I also heard them speculate, but neither person is with the navy.
  10. Civilian autopilot systems are cheap? Cruise missiles are cheap? “low-cost” may be in military terms, where a few million dollars is low-cost, because the item is being compared to a jet fighter. That’s one of the strategies. Lower tech, lower cost, but having more of them. Or just having them. Some countries want submarines but can’t afford nuclear, so they get diesel-electric, which are very quiet when operating in electric mode. Some have huge, but relatively poorly-equipped armies.
  11. ! Moderator Note Plus we did this before, and it got locked.
  12. That is something you are imposing on the discussion. It’s one possible category of unexplained behavior
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