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  1. And I want to know where someone said that, because my recollection is that it was the analyst’s take. Not a retelling of the navy’s position. And I’m nauseated enough having to listen to Tucker Carlson once.
  2. “If the solar industry had to supply all of it” implies your analysis is based on 100% solar. Which is a ludicrous position. And? Is anyone suggesting otherwise? You don’t need 1000 coal or gas plants if 500 will cover the load. So you don’t have the same capital costs. No, it’s not like that. You said yourself that the plants are being used, so it’s a pretty bad analogy. Renewable energy is cheaper in many, many cases. That’s not politics. Overall cost of electricity in the US doesn’t seem to have been negatively impacted. 2013-2018 it went up ~5% https://www.statista.com/statistics/183700/us-average-retail-electricity-price-since-1990/ 5% is lower than inflation, so in terms of buying power, the cost went down http://www.in2013dollars.com/2013-dollars-in-2018?amount=100
  3. The navy didn’t say that, the guest did, and yes, it’s different. Defying the laws of physics is not merely beyond our capabilities.
  4. An actual driver can’t be watching all those things, either. Why couldn’t you have multiple cameras and a VR helmet? The remote driver turns their head, and the view changes accordingly. I don’t think that’s the problem. The problem is latency. Buffering has already been pointed out, but signal delay is the real killer (literally) How long does it take for the signal to reach the remote driver? The minimum latency is 2x that, and it gets subtracted from the response time. In some ways, it will be like every remote driver is driving drunk.
  5. Do you not know what you claimed? There’s a written record. You said the navy is “now admitting these sightings are of objects that at least appear to be beyond the capabilities of our technology.”
  6. 1. This is based on the false premise that solar is all or nothing. Your questionable claim about being “hugely expensive” is moot, in addition to being unsupported. 2. There are countries that already generate most of their energy from renewables, 3. That’s not what “subsidy” means 4. This has nothing to do with growing food under solar panels
  7. Where in the video? I heard them say the navy’s position is that they don’t know. I also heard them speculate, but neither person is with the navy.
  8. Civilian autopilot systems are cheap? Cruise missiles are cheap? “low-cost” may be in military terms, where a few million dollars is low-cost, because the item is being compared to a jet fighter. That’s one of the strategies. Lower tech, lower cost, but having more of them. Or just having them. Some countries want submarines but can’t afford nuclear, so they get diesel-electric, which are very quiet when operating in electric mode. Some have huge, but relatively poorly-equipped armies.
  9. ! Moderator Note Plus we did this before, and it got locked.
  10. That is something you are imposing on the discussion. It’s one possible category of unexplained behavior
  11. His justice? I’m missing some context here. This doesn’t clarify what you meant by “previously punished”
  12. https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/u-s-navy-confirms-videos-depict-unidentified-aerial-phenomena-not-cleared-for-public-release/?fbclid=IwAR3L18F_eN0aPwb2WKXLr3Zj7j2-XVqJXjCeA8xuCtEeUIBOcSWNTLsCoLE "In a series of statements obtained exclusively by The Black Vault, the U.S. Navy confirms three UFO related videos represent what they call “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs." ... "The Navy’s official position now confirms TTSA’s claims, at least, in part." I can't reconcile the statement that this is the official navy position and the release that was exclusively to some website. (and since I've seen quotes that imply the information was more widely released, I think the "exclusive" tag was misused)
  13. "homemade drone-missile" hitting a specific target sounds like movie-plot tech, which it sort of is. Fiction writers are free to make things up, which is why it's fiction. Is there any indication that such devices actually exist and fit the description of "cheap"?
  14. Since evolutionary fitness depends on the environment that one is in, if you don't know the environment you can't possibly know what adaptations might be necessary. And if you do know, you won't know what mutations will be present. You might, under some circumstances, be able to predict that an organism will adapt to a climate that is e.g. cooler or warmer (or not, and it will die out) but it's much harder to predict what specific genetic change will result in that adaptation. e.g. there are multiple ways to adapt to a colder environment, or to a shift in sources of food. You might not know which pathway a given species will follow. That will help, as it may eliminate certain possibilities. Were human evolution or influence factors under discussion?
  15. The analysis doesn't work if you look at this on a molecular basis. One molecule doesn't "know" if it's part of a group that has fewer molecules in it. Hot vs cold is a matter of temperature, which relates to the average KE of the molecules, and thus to their speed. Faster means more collisions per unit time, which increases the pressure, which tends toward expansion (if that's possible) PV = nRT for an ideal gas. If the temperature goes up, the volume has to increase (at the same pressure). There's only one direction it can go. Up. Colder, more dense air tends to collect lower.
  16. ! Moderator Note I have to admit that it's been a number of years since I took calculus class, but this is nonsense. Under most circumstances I would say I'm going to need a reference to show that summations aren't used in mainstream mathematics, but it's trivial to find that this isn't the case. And pushing a speculative view is not permitted in mainstream discussions. You asked a question. You can ask for clarification of the answers, but you don't get to argue an alternative (i.e. non-mainstream) viewpoint.
  17. A person commits a crime, they are caught and tried, and given a sentence to serve. That's the rough outline of a justice system. One can debate whether that is punishment or revenge. I don't see how "previously punished" finds its way into a description of the options.
  18. In a practical sense, there is none. If you measure the mass in e.g. a Penning trap, you can determine its speed and subtract the relativistic effects in determining the invariant mass. Effectively you have the rest mass, even though it was never at rest. https://phys.org/news/2017-07-precise-proton-mass.html
  19. Relativity is a classical theory. If not accelerating, an object is at rest in its own frame.
  20. A serious flaw here is that you are thinking that you can come up with a strategy that perhaps 50 other professional head coaches have not been able to devise, along with the reality that strategy (and its success) is impacted by talent. The best strategy, it seems, is to make the Patriots play in Miami against a Dolphins team that isn't historically bad (i.e. not this year's incarnation) Brady was 7-10 in Miami going into yesterday's game
  21. swansont

    (ASK) HUP

    ! Moderator Note Strange started this thread elsewhere, and this appears to be an exact copy, unattributed. Plagiarism is not something we tolerate
  22. Obvious BS, no evidence Fast is not quantified Since when are vegetables “prey”? You don’t hunt fruits and vegetables So walking upright gives an advantage that is not due to carrying a club for defense. Congratulations! You have rebutted your claim.
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