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  1. We’re not discussing millions. We’re discussing one person, who started this thread, and used the term incel. You’re the one who barged in and has tried to divert the discussion. (One might wonder how you happened upon this discussion)
  2. It means involuntary celibacy. I’m not aware of this forum lineage you mention, so it can’t be that, but there is a subculture associated with the name, not unlike the religious extremists that are a subculture religion. (IOW, I’m certain that men are around who are not having sex but do not misplace the blame for it, or even place any blame)
  3. On the contrary, I think you’re the one expanding the discussion beyond what the OP discussed, which included certain terminology that has a particular meaning. Whatever “that forum” is, it’s not part of this discussion.
  4. Precisely. “teleport through a superposition/entangled states” in nonsensical The main issue is that m^2c is incorrect (square of a given unit of mass times the speed of light) A number people have, through the years Precision is much better, if communication is the goal. One must assume you mean what you say. Energy is given by E^2 = m^2c^4 + p^2c^2 It reduces to mc^2 for objects at rest. For photons the mass term goes to zero and E = pc You’re equating things that are not, in fact, equal Energy in massive objects is generally not in the form of photons; mass is a property of matter — they are not one and the same. You can’t “take away” mass in an arbitrary fashion. You can annihilate matter with antimatter, but that’s a very specific situation.
  5. Claimed without support or evidence. Word salad. That’s not correct. Rømer estimated it in 1676, so this isn’t exactly a secret. That’s quite a different claim from we know nothing about it
  6. “Is there a center of the mind” is a question for science to investigate. Assuming an answer, one way or another, is not; it lends itself to cherry-picking results to support the assumption. (cherry-picking is bad)
  7. Folks that ignore feedback tend not to last that long, because that includes suggestions to follow the rules. There’s a pretty strong correlation between negative rep and chronic rule-breaking.
  8. It depends on making a region with a lower energy density than the vacuum, which requires negative mass. Which, at this time, is fictional. Can I let go now? There are people who understand something about light. I am one of them Light is electromagnetic radiation and can be polarized. That’s two things “we” know about light. It would seem that thought was not a large part of this process
  9. These are science fiction, not physics. (the Alcubierre warp drive, while treated in some physics, depends on fictional material) It’s a comic book. Who is “we”? (matter contains very few photons)
  10. Summing forces is just vector addition. A 1 N force at 30 degrees to the x axis is 0.5 N in the y direction and 0.866 N in the x direction. You can work this in the other way; the sum of the x and y force gives you 1N (0.5^2 + .866^2 = 1) at 30 degrees
  11. talanum46 has been banned as a sockpuppet of Willem F Esterhuyse
  12. Then there’s nothing to discuss. This isn’t going to be used as a back door to discuss mind/brain. You have a thread for that. Don’t bother unless you intend to start a thread to discuss that.
  13. How about we stick to the topic. Do you have any scientific evidence to present?
  14. Mentioning studies without summarizing and linking to them is also not conducive to discussion. What does LSD have to do with death premonitions?
  15. “documented cases” is short of the rigor needed for scientific evidence. If the sampling isn’t random, you have sampling and confirmation bias occurring. So unless your documentation includes everyone who had a premonition, and not just the ones for whom it came true, it’s not scientific. Given your stance on bias in science, surely you knew this.
  16. Sure it does. If you’re going to claim that you and you alone are having a tough time (“the bs I have to deal with in life” while “everyone else is floating on clouds”) realizing the truth might allow you to do things to change your situation. Or you can wallow. It’s your choice. Thinking you are powerless to improve things is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  17. celibacy: “abstention from sexual intercourse” Which is clearly the definition from the way “incel” is described. If you mean something different, use a better narrative.
  18. If you read the book, you’d probably not be making this connection. Obesity probably isn’t from removing chalk and formaldehyde from milk (and adopting pasteurization) or removing borax or copper sulfate from canned food. And your obesity trend is decades later.
  19. Japan’s population density is almost 10x that of the US, and Europe is several times larger, so you don’t need as much road/rail to connect people. Less per capita is easier to build and maintain.
  20. Plus food quality; Deborah Blum’s “The Poison Squad” is a compelling look at all the junk that was put onto food before we had government protections.
  21. ! Moderator Note Come back when you can describe your successful experiment
  22. ! Moderator Note You haven’t presented nearly enough for this to be in speculations. No testable predictions, nothing falsifiable. Don’t bring it up again.
  23. Appearances can be deceiving. Everybody, and I mean everybody, is dealing with something. Some are dealing with lots of things. It’s easy to think that you’re the only one. Consider this example: in a country with a constant population of 36.5 million people, and an average lifespan of 100 years, a thousand people die each day, on average. They have friends and family, so tens of thousands of people are dealing with news of this loss. Every day. Many more are dealing with lesser crises. It’s just that most of them don’t show it. You not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  24. The added precision isn’t linear in cost. Not that mechanical timepieces are bought/sold for their timekeeping precision; there are reasons we went away from them.
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