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  1. Which underscores the issue: a large part of the economic adjustment will be because the minimum wage has been suppressed. If it had been indexed, the accommodation would’ve been incremental.
  2. But the impact will be less for those making more than the federal minimum. The scale was the point I was making. The population, and economy, is much, much larger today.
  3. More than twice as many people were freed by 1865 (~3.9 million, out of a US population of about 31.5 million) than are working for the minimum wage (1.7 million in 2018, out of a population 10x larger than in 1865), so I would expect the economic impact to differ https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/minimum-wage/2018/home.htm#cps_mw_whe_hist.f.1
  4. They don’t say anything about a battery in that abstract, but OK. It heats up when the circuit is drawing current. No, that’s not a valid conclusion. The processor is not doing as much in airplane mode. It’s not just the RF from pinging the tower. ”transmitting at full power (+2.6 degrees C) and in stand-by mode (+2.0 degrees C)” puts a limit on the RF contribution, and it’s no more than 0.6 degrees out of the 2.6, which agrees with their conclusion that RF is a small contributor Yes. Notice that this summary is not consistent with your earlier one.
  5. What’s problematic about it? When a computer’s processor is running, it heats up. It’s not the battery, as such. It’s the current, and resistive heating.
  6. “Our results suggest that direct RF heating of the skin only contributes a small part of the temperature rise and that most is due to heat conduction from the handset.” It’s in the abstract of your link. If you put a warm slab of material next to your skin, the skin temperature will go up. Conduction and insulation.
  7. You’ll still do what you’re supposed to do. Fantastic. (You brought it up first. It’s not up to me to clarify what you meant; only you can do that) The next issue is what will trigger the job loss. Because people quitting a second job because they can make a living wage with only one job is not a bad outcome for workers.
  8. As I’ve tried to convey, you have to quantify it to draw a conclusion. Thus far you’ve refused to do In the US this often means it’s a lie, so yeah, kill lies about politics
  9. FFS, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CLAIMED THIS! Raise the wages high enough and few can afford to eat any any place...they won't have jobs Also in areas in the US that hiked their minimum wage, like Seattle, WA. Which is why data >> think-tank projections
  10. The maximum efficiency of a heat engine is 1 - Tc/Th Temps need to be using an absolute scale (e.g. Kelvins) But the actual efficiency is going to be less.
  11. Will a ten-cent increase cause widespread job loss?
  12. I’m not talking about “some countries” Why would other countries be paying their workers in US dollars? The job loss is your claim. Please don’t try to push the burden of proof onto me. I mentioned a number, as I said, because yes, there is a point where nobody could afford to employ people. But you presented no evidence of what that level might be, or if the proposed increases are anywhere close to such a level. It’s not my burden to rectify the vagueness of your argument. I haven’t seen an argument. I’ve seen bald assertion. That’s projection. Unemployment didn’t rise, despite increases in Sep 2017, Jun 2018 and Jun 2019. It trended down slightly. https://ycharts.com/indicators/british_columbia_unemployment_rate
  13. Such as the minimum wage not applying unless the businesses have annual gross volume of sales or business done of at least $500,000? Yeah, that’s already the law. After the minimum wage rose in 2009, there was a drop in the poverty rate in 2010, despite the horrible economy. And it continued to drop. But a lot of factors enter into this. https://www.statista.com/statistics/200463/us-poverty-rate-since-1990/ How much? Do you have data? 2010 inflation was just 1.5% 2009 was 2.7% Again, lots of factors in play. https://www.thebalance.com/u-s-inflation-rate-history-by-year-and-forecast-3306093
  14. What’s the evidence that a minimum wage increase would “quickly kill jobs”? I’m trying to ascertain if this is true because it’s absurd, or simply an unsupported assertion. What’s the evidence that they won’t have jobs? It’s a talking point for opponents of higher wages, but AFAICT that’s all it is. Reducing hours of employees? You’ve presented no evidence of this. Not even taken a stab at an analysis. Just rhetoric.
  15. Why? Why? Is “high enough” some reasonable number? Like $20 vs the $15 being implemented or proposed? Or is it more like making it $200 an hour, which isn’t in the ballpark of what’s being discussed? That’s not a wage, though.
  16. ! Moderator Note Discussion of minimum wage and basic universal income has been split https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/124176-minimum-wagebui-split-from-immigration/
  17. The OP has yet to return to see any of these responses...
  18. Which has been shown to be insufficient to account for the effects observed; most baryonic matter is thought to be non-baryonic. Thus, if you use the generic term “dark matter” in this context, you must be referring to non-baryonic dark matter or all of it, not just the small fraction that’s baryonic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baryonic_dark_matter
  19. We don’t have enough staff to have the separation of function you are suggesting. And, as Phi noted, the steps taken take time, and more steps take more time. I would rather spend my time here in discussion rather than engaged in moderation, and I strongly suspect other mods feel similarly. No need for a revolution. Nothing in principle is stopping you from starting up your own site, and nothing keeping you at a site that’s not mostly aligned with your needs.
  20. I did answer questions. And I stayed silent on areas I don’t feel comfortable answering. You have more, higher-quality information than you did before, which should hypothetically get you closer to whatever answers you’re seeking, and somehow you’re blaming me for that help?
  21. No, I ignored it. I’ve only been addressing physics misconceptions.
  22. Sorry, what? You asked “Would massless mean no energy?” and I gave my answer - no, along with an explanation of the energy of a massless particle, such as a photon. Done about what? Nuclear binding energy is a deficit of energy - energy that has already been released. It increases in exothermic reactions. Also, energy does not hold things together. It’s the strong nuclear interaction (force) that holds nucleons together.
  23. Photons are not matter, as I stated previously. The energy can simply be added to the object absorbing the photon (also the linear and angular momentum) Matter is not a conserved entity. You can’t turn yourself into light. You asked if a photon can be turned into matter No, massless does not mean no energy. The full equation is E^2 = m^2c^4 + p^2c^2 Photons have momentum, and energy. E = pc
  24. There are a few insta-ban infractions (e.g. spam, pornography, sockpuppetry to evade a ban) which are pretty clear cut to apply. As Phi notes, in cases not in those categories, multiple staff members are involved in approving a ban.
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