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  1. It makes no sense to say you aren't there anymore, referring to a 4-d coordinate — you are giving two pieces of information about the time. It only makes sense of you use a 3D coordinate. Events are probably what we have to refer to.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by coordinates being "empty" If you were at location x1, y1, z1 at time t1, that won't change, even though your current coordinates are different. As you say, you can't change the past.
  3. Which you agreed to a post or two back. Something that has an extent in space also has an extent in time. The way around that issue is is to only consider points, and be consistent about it, so as to not introduce needless complications. Is there some interpretation of time where changing the past is possible?
  4. ! Moderator Note If you wan't discuss something, do it here
  5. ! Moderator Note If you wish to make your case for space being a medium, you may open a thread in speculations where you can present your model and evidence. Otherwise, kindly do not hijack other threads, especially with non-mainstream commentary.
  6. Click on your user name in some post. In the black stripe, near the top, on the right, there is a box called "see my activity" Click it. On the new page, on the left, under "all activity" you can choose between posts and topics It's almost as if you'd expect someone applying these concepts to kinematics would have based it upon the behavior of electrodynamics. Einstein, maybe. In SR, time dilation is purely a consequence of motion. What's different about motion of an unstable particle? Where is it specified that it wouldn't apply to an unstable particle?
  7. Keep in mind that what the president wants is not what necessarily ends up in the budget. While the president proposes a budget, it's congress that hammers out the details — a fair amount of give and take can occur along the way — and the president can either sign or veto.
  8. The flu can be worse, but not for all strains, and we develop vaccines for the strains expected to be problematic each year. Less is known about the coronavirus, and we don't (yet) have a vaccine for COVID-19.
  9. ! Moderator Note If it involves a violation of copyright protections, no.
  10. I agree - A million fiction authors making stuff up is going to result in some accidental correlations with fact. Also note that the more vague you make a statement, the easier it is to claim that it was a successful prediction.
  11. Your earlier comment sounded like you didn’t follow the derivation. Not being able to understand is not evidence of a flaw.
  12. Indeed. on a very simple level, i.e. that of the OP, just about any government spending is socialism (as long as the people are participants in the government)
  13. We have it in the US, too. It’s called unemployment insurance. Why is “the economy” the primary concern, and not the people?
  14. If you wanted to discuss vacuum decay, your thread should have made that explicitly clear from the beginning.
  15. ! Moderator Note Moved to speculations but then then split the vacuum decay hijack, so this goes back to mainstream
  16. Then you misrepresented yourself in the OP. Because it’s dishonest to discuss one topic in order to bring up another, and because you haven’t demonstrated that you know enough to be able to discuss it at any depth.
  17. We aren’t discussing vacuum decay, or any particular bit of physics
  18. swansont


    ! Moderator Note Strange cross-posted, and called themselves out for continuing off-topic after my modnote. You seem to have just ignored it START A NEW THREAD TO DISCUSS NEW TOPICS
  19. I don’t know what the function would look like for “almost instantaneous” You could start with a simple oscillator using Hooke’s law and tinker from there For “instantaneous” I doubt there is a solution.
  20. swansont


    ! Moderator Note 1. You are the only one bringing up vacuum decay. I am telling you to knock it off. 2. The concept of uncertainty can be discussed in a new thread, but is OT here
  21. Without existing in between those points?
  22. swansont


    ! Moderator Note Please rein in your vacuum decay fetish. Pushing non-mainstream solutions into a discussion is against the rules. ! Moderator Note If you don’t understand basic scientific concepts you need to address that ignorance. BEFORE you jump into discussions that require that knowledge.
  23. ! Moderator Note Not sure why this was in the Lounge. Moved to relativity
  24. No, it makes no sense Still wrong, and as I don’t speak French, I don’t know what they’re claiming
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