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  1. Yay, GUNS!

    Not all legal drugs require a prescription, and a prescription would seem to be a poor analogy here. It's obvious to me, and probably to many others, that an AR-15 and the ammo it uses is designed to kill. Can you make somebody more dead? And for some odd reason, mass murders decreased...
  2. Yay, GUNS!

    I've seen the dismissal a number of times, e.g. in the healthcare debates ~8 years ago. Assessing policies on evidence instead of ideology doesn't seem to be a GOP forte (see also abstinence-only, creationism, climate change, etc.). I didn't (not on this thread, for sure) and I made no such claim.
  3. Yay, GUNS!

    Are legal drugs easier or harder to obtain than illegal drugs? Why would this be? (Full metal jackets and shrapnel bullets are not guns). People are going to spend extra money to buy deadlier guns? Is this what happened when we had the assault weapons ban? Is this what happens in countries with strong gun laws? I was quoting you. You introduced the term. I assume you meant hanguns and bolt-action rifles.
  4. Yay, GUNS!

    Europe isn't a country, and when people say they don't want to copy Europe because the policies are socialist, then I take them at their word.
  5. Sound Perception

    As you say here, a limited sampling rate will be a problem.
  6. Yay, GUNS!

    If only the US didn't have a history of similar knee-jerk responses, such as not doing something the Europe does because it's socialist... If those guns have no avenue into the public in the first place, then the black market dries up. There's not much focus on "regular" guns, so that's moot.
  7. ! Moderator Note This is not a good start. Or have you been here before, under a different name?
  8. Oh boy... falling into a black hole

    ! Moderator Note This needs to stop, right now. Discuss the topic, and refrain from personal comments.
  9. Yay, GUNS!

    "freely available" has a fairly nebulous definition here. If it's really expensive, then it's not all that available unless you have the money. And if access to the desired type of gun is restricted, it becomes even less available. They will not be freely available. How do the guns get to the black market, anyway? We're talking about guns that are legally manufactured and sold at some point. Customer base is very different. 200 million or so adults, some fraction of which buy guns, and the rest are potential customers. 2 million or so military (active and reserve) How is that anti-American? It's objectively true that other countries have had success with the measures that they've taken, and the US has not attempted these measures. We've abandoned something that we did that helped — the assault weapons ban. It reduced mass murders, and they jumped back up in rate after the ban expired. "Compared with the 10-year period before the ban, the number of gun massacres during the ban period fell by 37 percent, and the number of people dying from gun massacres fell by 43 percent. But after the ban lapsed in 2004, the numbers shot up again — an astonishing 183 percent increase in massacres and a 239 percent increase in massacre deaths."
  10. Are all physical objects interconnected?

    It was a claim in the 2012 book, and he doubled down in the video and subsequent articles. Once you've got a book to promote, it's unlikely you'd backtrack.
  11. ! Moderator Note The new indictments are not about collusion ("unwitting individuals") and should be discussed separately, i.e. in a new thread. Frankly, I don't see the need to merge threads, and it is common practice here to split threads when the discussion goes off on a tangent. Too many conversations within a thread are confusing. It's why we don't routinely lump discussions of quantum mechanics, relativity and classical mechanics together.
  12. DOJ and FBI under attack

    ! Moderator Note Discuss attacks on DOJ and FBI, not collusion.
  13. Ether evidence?

    How about you go do your own homework. Google is your friend. There are a lot of explanations of the experiment. No need for me to re-hash it. You're going to have to provide a reference for that. Especially because Maxwell died 8 years before the experiment was performed. Really? It's similar? Explain how it's similar. Where did "falling light" com from, and how is it related to the aether? What do we have other than Newton and Einstein? Relevance to the aether? You need a model to say if this is so. It's when the results are unexpected that science improves. Science expected an aether, but nobody could find evidence for it. So it was discarded. A new theory came along that didn't require it. That was the improvement. That's why you want quantitative predictions. Show me how to predict the change in speed of propagation from the doppler shift equation. Yes. It's a fairly common measurement. Atomic and molecular spectroscopy.
  14. Schrodinger equation and a half wave?

    Which is fine for a square well, but for the hydrogen atom probably only confuses things.
  15. Schrodinger equation and a half wave?

    r is spatial. Hydrogen solution typically uses spherical coordinates. "r" rather than "x" And if we're looking at the time-independent solution, we need not worry about the time solution separation of variables.
  16. Schrodinger equation and a half wave?

    The hydrogen atom, using radial coordinates, is limited to non-negative values of r.
  17. Schrodinger equation and a half wave?

    The solution to the Schrödinger equation yields eigenvalues and eigenstates. You get one number per state. e.g. The ground state of Hydrogen is 13.6 eV below the unbound state. Yes. You need to solve the Schrödinger equation, not Coulomb's law. That's an input, not the output. The position information is lost. These solutions (and the derivation) exist online. You should familiarize yourself with them. Velocity has lots of implications that are contrary to what we observe.
  18. Ether evidence?

    We have to be either at rest with respect to it, or moving. But we get both answers: we're moving (stellar aberration) and at rest (Michelson-Morley) We should see an effect on light propagation. We don't. Not in linear propagation, not in rotation. The hypothetically aether doesn't do what it's supposed to do.
  19. Banned/Suspended Users

    This will be a listing of users that have been banned or suspended for rules violations (other than spambots that have been immediately deleted) Automatic suspensions for exceeding the 25-point limit of infractions are three days. Other suspensions and bans are from explicit moderator action. "Sabbatical" refers to a user-requested suspension/ban (update 4/24/09) ———————————————————— Zephir has been suspended for 1 week for repeated highjacking via off-topic posts of alternative theories in the physics section (including violations of rule 2.5, use of scientific threads to advertise a personal theory)
  20. Conspiracy about Hitachi and young experiment

    ! Moderator Note Then there's nothing to discuss.
  21. Schrodinger equation and a half wave?

    Repeating this will not make it make sense. Energy is not a function of position in the QM solution.
  22. Ether evidence?

    We know what properties it must have. We've tested some, and found that it doesn't exist.
  23. Ether evidence?

    There is none. The aether has been disproven. It is inconsistent with modern physics. If you think there is one, it's up to you to provide a model and evidence.
  24. Yay, GUNS!

    Some versions of the AR-15 were banned by the 1994 assault weapons ban. 'Any semiautomatic rifle with a pistol grip and a bayonet mount was an "assault weapon."' https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2012/12/17/everything-you-need-to-know-about-banning-assault-weapons-in-one-post/?utm_term=.9241ff8b3b3b And, should it come up, remember that the Supreme Court has held (in Heller) that having military-style weapons is not protected under the second amendment.
  25. Conspiracy about Hitachi and young experiment

    The Bohr model is known to be wrong, but it does not require an infinite energy source. When you multiply by the complex conjugate, which you invariably do, you get a real result. Quite a few physicists. The theory works. Meanwhile, those of us actually using the theories find that they work pretty well.