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  1. What is the algebraic form of that component?
  2. ! Moderator Note This is not the place to go fishing for contributors or to advertise a service.
  3. KJW responded to/quoted me, not the other way around, so if they were not engaging in the context of what I was talking about it’s on them, not me. To add to that, I had already written about some of the points raised. These were ignored.
  4. My default is to take threads at face value and not read anything into them.
  5. Natural? That’s rather subjective. Why does it have to? In the first case you’re explaining what causes the redshift. Nothing else. True gravity? The equivalence principle says you can’t distinguish it from other acceleration. But one can make that association. And that’s also an equality one can write down. I hardly think time dilation can be considered a phenomenon we all experience, considering the sophistication of the equipment necessary to detect it. Well, that’s rather convenient. The original suggestion was that time causes gravity, and that this was a consensus. What textbooks teach this, as apposed to energy-momentum and curvature? What’s the breakdown in the literature? Not liking an explanation is not really a consideration. And how does a clock “know” that its time dilation is gravitational?
  6. All you’ve shown is an equality. That’s not causality. Are there any other equations for gravitational acceleration in GR? Also, please address my comments about kinematic dilation, which you’ve ignored.
  7. Because science isn’t here to conform to your preferences. The world doesn’t revolve around you. The people who actually do science get to name things. Sometimes names provided by others stick, and inertia takes over. None of these avenues (or other possible ones) involves consulting you for approval. Perhaps a unit of hubris could be named for you.
  8. Motors don’t always spin freely. The unconnected motors may be offering too much resistance for the car to move. Does the car roll very far if you just push it (no batteries)?
  9. If you post what did, then yes. Otherwise there’s no point in quoting me and detailing that what I posted was not coerced. Posting a news item is not necessarily an endorsement, and providing a quote so that one need not go to the link for details is an expected compliance with the rules. Feel free to start up a thread detailing how to solve global warming without taxes and tariffs. Just being a naysayer is easy.
  10. ! Moderator Note You already have a thread on this. One per topic, please.
  11. Yes. You should use a search engine to find them.
  12. Did I claim that this solves a problem? Did I? Please provide a quote. And explain how this is pertinent.
  13. Indeed. If only I had demonstrated my understanding by saying "Some countries don’t spend the 2% of GDP on defense like they are supposed to, but that money isn’t owed to the US." Oh, wait - I did. He has said it so many times, it's obviously what he thinks is supposed to happen. A) I never said that (I did not mention Germany, it's only in the Trump quote) B) I wrote it (as a counter to Trump's statement) AFTER you said "you might get called a 'Trumpet' " so unless you are time-traveling, that's not what inspired your original statement. My original observation didn't even mention NATO. I've pointed out a few places now where you were wrong. Maybe you should stop digging. You keep accusing me of things I did not say, and making a minor issue into a bigger one.
  14. Since I was quoting Trump (there are even quotation marks and a link to the original) to demonstrate his confusion, I don’t see why you think the misunderstanding is mine.
  15. No, Trump accused them of not paying the US, like it was some sort of protection racket. “Out of the 28 countries, 20 of them are delinquent. You know what the “delinquent” means? That’s an old real estate term. “He’s delinquent with his rent.” They’re delinquent with their payment. They owe us a tremendous amount of money and they never pay us back. Because if Germany doesn’t pay — they don’t add that up, they just say, “Oh, that’s okay.” Then they don’t pay. And yet, they’re — if you go back that way, like the old fashioned way –like you don’t pay and you owe it. But they don’t pay and they just go on to the next year. They owe us hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.” https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-signing-executive-orders-transparency-federal-guidance-enforcement/ Some countries don’t spend the 2% of GDP on defense like they are supposed to, but that money isn’t owed to the US. My point is that if the “geopolitical centre of gravity” needs to move toward other democracies, they will need a military that can project power when necessary. That’s not the same mission as NATO, i.e. providing defense against Soviet (now ex-Soviet) threats, and not a matter of hitting an arbitrary threshold of spending. e.g. Building aircraft carriers to send outside your home waters and putting the military in harm’s way are issues of political will, and if one wishes the US to have less relative influence, others will have to exert more.
  16. I said nothing about pulling out of NATO, or made any suggestion about not standing up for my country’s friends. The emojis don’t make the suggestion less insulting. It’s almost lime Trump is only interested in his personal financial well-being, rather than having his country’s best interests in mind.
  17. Right, you won’t hear this if you watch FOX or get your “news” from other right-wing sources. And the GOP seems to think that if you say something, it’s true, so they lie about their record. And tell whoppers like “this tax cut for the rich will pay for itself”
  18. It’s not like that in the US, though. For the last ~30 years the economy has crashed when the right has been in charge, and the left fixes it, at least to some extent. The last 4 GOP presidential terms have resulted in a net growth of less than a million jobs, and three recessions started on their watch.
  19. Unfortunately the MAGA elected officials do not reflect the will of the people they allegedly represent. Many of them are in heavily-gerrymandered districts, so they are in no danger of losing their seats, which doesn’t offer much leverage to make them accountable.
  20. If the rest of the free world wants to step up and shoulder more of the burden of world peace, I think they are free to do so. What’s stopping them? In the most recent data I found, the US paid 25% of UN peacekeeping costs. Other countries would also have to beef up their military budgets, and take a more active and visible role in diplomacy. Have at it.
  21. “what makes this fee revolutionary is that it will apply to emissions that don’t happen on European soil. The EU already puts a price on many of the emissions created by European firms; now, through the new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, or CBAM, the bloc will charge companies that import the targeted products — cement, aluminum, electricity, fertilizer, hydrogen, iron and steel — into the EU, no matter where in the world those products are made.” https://knowablemagazine.org/content/article/food-environment/2024/big-boost-europe-carbon-neutral-goals-cbam This removes incentives to move carbon-intensive industry out of the EU, since that won’t sidestep tariffs any longer. The tariff accounting includes the electricity used for production, so there’s an incentive for business exporting to the EU to use green energy
  22. That’s a political issue, though, and this is in the science section. The basics of global warming are established science. We can start with that as a baseline for discussion.
  23. You need to test other areas, not just where you are, to show this. If you’re just measuring background, it will be similar everywhere. I don’t know what your detection band is, but things at room temperature do radiate at longer wavelengths, and there’s a lot of surface area in a room. A 1 m^2 surface radiates several hundred watts; most of that is in the IR, but a small amount is in the microwave/RF. A human would radiate even more, since a body is hotter.
  24. It should drop off with distance from the source. For a localized source, it would vary is 1/r^2. (if there’s an antenna, it will be somewhat different, but still decrease with distance) How did you test this? Do the reading go away if you move away from the meter?
  25. First video is all you need. Merely by asking the question you can infer that this isn’t the consensus, and it confirms that mass warping spacetime is the basic idea of general relativity, which, of course, is the consensus. Time dilation is a consequence of the postulates of relativity. But you can look at the equations and decide what causes what is different. If y= mx, does x cause y or does y cause x? It depends on the framework you use. If you don’t have some mechanism in place you can go either way. So sure, you can interpret things to say time dilation causes gravity. Is it the consensus? No, it’s not. ‘ IMO it’s a game. In SR time dilation is a consequence of motion, but does anyone insist that time dilation causes things to move? No. We still have Newtonian physics as a basis (even though the math is an approximation, valid at low speeds) where something starts moving only if there’s a force on it. Time isn’t a force. In GR things get muddled because gravity isn’t a force..But kinematic time dilation doesn’t cause gravity. The kinematic term is the wrong sign. Satellites at a radial distance of ~9600 km (~3200 km in altitude) have the kinematic and gravitational time dilation cancel. Is there no gravity at that altitude?
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