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  1. ! Moderator Note This thread is not the place to discuss writing code, or anything related to that. Plus the transgressions of the original account, Achilles. And all of the subsequent sockpuppetry.
  2. Not helpful if they aren’t identified in a diagram. That’s not in compliance with rule 2.7. Discussion needs to take place here, without requiring people to click on links. Internal forces don’t cause motion of the CoM. Action and reaction forces act on different objects What is an “induced” force? That’s what you should be deriving here
  3. Or just that it's a huge security risk, full stop.
  4. It's possible there are state-level sealed indictments, and folks are waiting until the moment he isn't president anymore, so they can arrest him.
  5. I have read an observation that what Trump reported to the IRS (losing money) may be markedly different than what he reported to banks (business is great, lots of assets) in order to get loans. If so, he could be in big trouble for fraud.
  6. ! Moderator Note From rule 2.7 (emphasis added) Advertising and spam is prohibited. We don't mind if you put a link to your noncommercial site (e.g. a blog) in your signature and/or profile, but don't go around making threads to advertise it.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/09/27/us/donald-trump-taxes.html
  8. I agree with iNow that there is no point; Schumer has indicated that the dems will unleash all of the delaying tactics at their disposal, to make things as uncomfortable as possible.
  9. ! Moderator Note Moved to math. Kindly make an effort to post in the proper area, rather than dumping threads in the lounge
  10. This kind of artifact - as seems likely - is known as a lens flare.
  11. ! Moderator Note Post merged with thus thread. Please don’t hijack other threads with this subject matter
  12. You have not adequately labeled you diagrams and described your variables. r⃗ A≠r⃗ R⇒τ⃗ A≠0⃗ and τ⃗ R≠0⃗ To start: what are rA and rR ?
  13. Bad teams are a failure that traces back to human failings; it’s not inherent to teamwork. Any project of sufficient complexity will be compromised by having just one worker. Wider range of expertise applied to the project and the ability to work in parallel are two important advantages teamwork affords.
  14. You presented hypotheses on Planetary Axial Tilt and Gas Giant Ring Formation and Orientation. Not living beings. That’s not an equation with sufficient predictive or explanatory power. Partly because you haven’t defined core strength, or established that axial tilt can “charge” anything. Neither hypothesis is biology. Do your models depend on how the planets move? (the sun does not move with an ion drive) What’s your evidence for this claim? Not living, and unless you can point to where this topic appears in mainstream physics, here is where it will stay. Yes, our rules. Honest discussion includes you not tap-dancing about how you can’t provide a mathematical model
  15. Finding comparisons isn’t hard https://www2.palomar.edu/anthro/hominid/australo_2.htm https://www2.palomar.edu/anthro/homo/homo_1.htm Look at the pelvis, cranium and jaw. africanus has distinct differences with both modern humans and other modern ape
  16. “When he arrives” is ambiguous Is he moving, or has he come to a stop wrt earth? If moving, he measures the distance to X as contracted. If stopped, he measures what the earth observer measures The answers won’t change from asking the same thing over and over
  17. Sorry, typo. NoSenseOfHumor(R). It’s a brand of novelty rubber chicken.
  18. At rest with respect to what? Relativity duscussion makes no sense without this detail. It might be better if you didn’t keep switching examples. Before, A was at rest wrt the earth. Now A is moving. And now you’re looking at a different part if the trip. (like someone has already noted, like you’re hoping to get a different answer) Yes, A’s distance to earth is length contracted. Before anyone changes frames, A and B will think the other’s clock is running slow.
  19. Distance (but can be expressed as a vector)
  20. What will cause this orientation? How does this“charge” the magnetic field? You need to show the physics here. Equations, and solutions.
  21. swansont


    Light in any medium travels at c/n; it's more apparent in something like water, which has a relatively large index (around 1.33) as compared to air (1.000273 at STP) Fizeau measured the effects of relative motion between source and the medium back when people thought there was an aether (in 1851). But the results were smaller than what he expected, and support relativity and its velocity addition formula https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fizeau_experiment So there is a small effect from the source and medium having relative motion, that changes the speed of light propagation
  22. You should check out Poe's law, and ponder its application here. Plus, I am well-known to have no sense of humor.
  23. ! Moderator Note Moved to speculations, merged with similar thread
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