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  1. Where were you all those years women and minorities were suing Microsoft for gender and racial based inequities and getting nowhere? https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/4/11/18304536/microsoft-women-discrimination-harassment-complaints
  2. Don't forget many of our prisons are run by private concerns, where every cell filled means profit. Corporations get tax credits to use prison labor that exceeds what they pay the prisoners. There are so many private interests involved that justice always takes a back seat to profit. Neutrality hasn't been a concern in US courts since the Civil War.
  3. No, but then nothing I said had anything to do with a Biden voter preferring TFG.
  4. ... and this seems quite a bit different, unless you think tarot cards are a modern technology. I also think being concerned about one's health is different than wishing you were rich. In discussion, I'm not a big fan of "Your question is dumb" responses. Why treat someone's concern that way when you can provide some evidence that may help?
  5. ! Moderator Note Please define who you mean when you say "West". Are you talking about NATO countries? Also, "listen" is rather vague, but "support" is better. As it is, your title is vague and meaningless. Also also, if this is just going to be another thread where you insult other countries without actually providing any evidence for your arguments, let me know so I can close it quickly. We want science discussion among adults.
  6. ! Moderator Note And that ends the civil part of this discussion. Thread closed, please don't open topics with arguments you aren't prepared to defend. We usually look for evidence instead of playground games.
  7. I hope that one isn't held on the same weekend as the "Focus on the laws broken no matter who breaks them" convention. That would be awkward.
  8. I agree, it was definitely a missed opportunity, especially since she sort of bridges the gap for a lot of folks interested in a tough-on-crime stance. And that's where I lose interest in her, since I think it's important for the US to get out of the prison-for-profit quagmire that currently makes our entire legal system suspect. She has a plan for prison reform, but most of the problems are at the state level so I'm not sure how effective it will be. I don't really know her stance on police reform yet, but that's something else she'll feel a great deal of pressure from the states on. And isn't that weird? Why would anyone want a president/PM of either sex that they couldn't describe as "strong"? Is it better for a woman president/PM to be inoffensive and proper? You only kept a female PM for a few months. Was she "strong", or was she a "proper" PM? We're almost there in the US wrt electing a woman president, but it's our conservatives who stand in the way. They still revel in their misogyny and love to pound their chests, but they're also having daughters and the dim recesses of their ape brains are telling them there's a problem with the way they've been behaving. But the age of the candidates, that's what we should be focused on...
  9. Great example! A woman tells it like she sees it (and we all saw the "basket of deplorables" attack the Capitol, right?) and gets labeled "nasty", but TFG gets props for insults that don't even hit the mark. Well, it's not my assumption, but I do think many Dems today don't believe one of the female candidates can stand up to TFG. They may be conflating them with Hillary, or they may feel women in general are more vulnerable targets on the campaign trail, but I haven't seen much support from Dems for anyone but Biden. So we're stuck arguing between too much experience and too little experience, but the ones with all the experience are also heavily invested in our current political system. If we want to see any meaningful change, I don't think it's age we should be looking at. I'd vote for Bernie Sanders again and he's 2 years older than Biden. The rest of the candidates from both sides are already beholden to the billionaires.
  10. Did you put stronger in quotes because their best candidates are women? I think that's how many people think of Harris, Whitmer, Klobuchar, and Warren: they can't beat TFG because they're women, and TFG has already beaten a woman. I also think the DNC thinks this way. Despite being more liberal towards women, they'd still rather have Biden or Newsome or Cooper because they're men, and men appear "strong" when they're confident, whereas the perception is usually that confident women are "pushy" or "troublesome" or even "nasty". More important to me than age is rejecting corporate PAC donations. It would be great to have citizen representation in this country again. It's been so long.
  11. ! Moderator Note You were warned about posting these videos instead of engaging in discussion. Do it again and I will ban your account.
  12. ! Moderator Note This is a science discussion forum, not a blog, not a recruitment center, not a pulpit. Stay if you want to discuss this topic, but please don't soapbox about it or spam us with links. This thread is closed.
  13. ! Moderator Note Please stop posting videos to make your points. This thread is called YOUR THOUGHTS on Islam, so please give us yours. Also, it would help a great deal if you could be less glib and vague when trying to discuss complicated subjects where the participants might already be struggling to understand the language. Quoting comedy sketches is particularly unhelpful wrt discussion as well.
  14. ! Moderator Note Please stop posting videos to make your points. The thread is called YOUR THOUGHTS on Islam, so please give us those, and don't expect anybody to watch hours of video to figure out what your arguments are.
  15. Here's a similar thread from a few years back: Round rock, makes a rattling noise
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