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  1. That pretty face has been getting you in trouble your whole life.
  2. One of the creepiest things I remember seeing was in the opening credits for American Horror Story: Asylum. For just a split second, they show a woman bent all the way over backwards, walking on her hands and feet up some stairs like a big spider. It was SO unnatural, and it still gives me the willies thinking about it.
  3. I'm not so sure. "Creepy" feels to me like a judgement based on specific differences, and ambulation may be one of them. Spiders and snakes seem "creepy" because they don't move right from our perspective, never have and never will. Too many legs on the spider, and none at all on the snake! The way they move is creepy mostly because it seems more unpredictable than the two or four limb movement we encounter most. If it's harder to predict what they might do, that adds to how creepy something is. Don't get me started on jumping spiders. Eight legs means when you jump, you're so fast it loo
  4. I will share some science, instead of my ideas. Based on the best current information, the universe isn't expanding INTO anything. The universe is all there is, so "from a single point" and "everywhere at the same time" are not different theories. The universe expanded from a very dense and very hot state, and the expansion evolved into what we observe now. The LCDM model details all the maths that support this. Do you think there's a problem with the model? The universe may be infinite; we don't know. It may be finite, we don't know. The observable universe is finite. Spacet
  5. Mean? We won't attack you personally. We'll be civil because it's our #1 rule. But we will attack your ideas. And hopefully show you where you need more study. You use a lot of unfamiliar terms, and some of your information is broken. Light can't escape from a black hole, for instance. The negative reactions are for the misinformed bits. If you stick around and read more than you post (a wise formula), there's a whole lot of good science for you to discover.
  6. ! Moderator Note You had me at baseless. Thread closed, because everybody has better things to do.
  7. This seems like a false dilemma, and I'm unsure why you feel the need to box him in like this. Do you dislike Feynman, or do you dislike popularity, or do you dislike intelligent people who become popular? Is it a requirement for you that physics be anonymous, or that studying science be free from a popular approach?
  8. ! Moderator Note You can discuss it here, but don't try to sell it here. That will get you banned.
  9. ! Moderator Note I'm tempted to pin this as an example of bad-faith arguments for posterity. You've obviously reached the bottom of this particular barrel, so rather than watch you continue to scrape, I'm closing this.
  10. Some version of Skitt's Law will get you if you misplay the ridicule card. If the box on the ground is full of stones, and the tree is next to a glass house....
  11. We still don't delete it. We Flag As Spammer, and the software hides it and adds the IP address to an Invision Community database of suspected spammers. The protocol for Speculations is adequate support of the claims made, and the OP has had a couple of weeks to respond, so we can close this per the rules. This is what we do most often, rather than trashing or hiding. Sometimes a bizarre perspective can help others form a better argument, but this OP clearly doesn't define evidence the way most here do. ! Moderator Note Thread closed.
  12. ! Moderator Note We delete NOTHING, ever. We hide inappropriate posts, we throw posts in the trash, but we don't delete it if someone took the time to write it. We like to give people the time to develop a discussion, and they can't if the mods have a hair-trigger when it comes to what they think is a waste of time. While posts are required to be reasonable, many members struggle with language and precision, so we give them a break. Long answer to a quick question, as long as a member doesn't break the rules, they should be able to post without sta
  13. "Like" and "Upvote" give +1 to reputation (pick one or the other), "Downvote" gives -1. If you trigger the auto-destruct sequence, the whole site goes on red alert and you will be given a warning point which will never expire.
  14. I'd love to believe that, but unfortunately extremism is at an all time high, and there are far too many who would claim it's part of the government's attempts to forcefully vaccinate us and take over our minds with their technology. The Jewish Space Lasers are aimed at the planet, not at aliens in space! Aliens aren't abducting children, it's Democrats!
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