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  1. Many worldwide are pushing an anti-intellectual agenda, seemingly to make the average person mistrust educated people. Claiming the textbooks are wrong is one of the main themes to this propaganda, so I hope you aren't a part of this. Personally, I think it's part of a movement by the oil & gas industry to deny climate change by calling all our knowledge/expertise into question in order to delay phasing out fossil fuel use.
  2. Phi for All

    Are Humans Aliens of this Planet?

    We have a richer, denser, higher level of intelligence than most other animals. We don't have rows and rows of replaceable teeth. We don't have razor sharp claws. We can't flap our wings and fly. All animals use their talents to adapt to changing environments, and our intelligence coupled with some other skills (cooperation, communication, too use, for instance) allows us to be this "different". As vertebrates, our ancestry goes all the way back to tiny little fish that were the first creatures with skeletons on the insides. We've diversified much since then.
  3. Phi for All

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    When you lumped yourself in with the OP by claiming Royston's narrative might be what vexed you at the start. I suppose one could read that you were claiming Royston had talent you lack, but I didn't. Does not being as talented change the necessity of trying to better your situation? Don't you still have to be the person in charge of driving your own progress, even if you get help from others?
  4. Phi for All

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    If you won't accept advice from people who have changed the way they look at their life's progress, and you won't change it yourself, what kind of narrative will be effective? Where are you going to find more motivation than someone who has been at rock bottom and managed to change what was wrong? How is it in any way meaningful to complain about something, and also reject all suggestions about how to deal with it? If you want a different lifestyle, don't you have to be willing to change your lifestyle? So yeah, you could argue that way. It's pretty vexing when you realize you've painted yourself into a corner. But unless you're willing to wait until it dries (which would be stupid, since you obviously don't like the color), you're just going to have to suck it up, relish the experience, and start the job over. Don't let the extra work vex you. Start now, so in ten years you can be talking about your new life instead of how you wished you'd started ten years ago.
  5. Phi for All

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    Dude, that's amazing! Congratulations on the progress. The plunge is scary but how else could your story have ended so well? If someone had come along 10 years ago and handed all of this to you on a silver platter, it wouldn't mean as much to you as it does right now. Along with the experience, you showed yourself your own capabilities, and built the necessary levels of confidence every day. A round of applause for taking the plunge! Great to have you back, btw.
  6. Phi for All

    What happened before the big bang?

    ! Moderator Note And we're done.
  7. Phi for All

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    And how do you feel about that? Whose fault is it? Progress is a positive proposition. It's doubtful you can achieve it with a predominantly negative outlook. Is there anything you can think of that makes you less bleak about your future? If you can't fix that, then it makes it look like you just enjoy whining online. Frustrating for those looking to help. Why don't you fire the current you, the one that complains all the time but won't lift a finger to change, and hire someone more effective? Nobody, including you, really cares much for that guy. He seems like he wants everything handed to him. Surely there's a version of you that cares enough about progress to actually work towards it?
  8. ! Moderator Note If you're posting about a science topic, please leave your religion out of it. It's against the rules you agreed to when you joined.
  9. Phi for All

    Self locking material

    A liner for bike helmets, maybe. Also, it would be funny to challenge someone to a duel with Silly Putty gloves (they look like rubber, hit like a rock). I don't think a single material has all the properties you'd need for the kinds of stress you're talking about. Seat belts have multiple systems, including the woven straps for restraint, the tension mechanism, height adjustor, and latch mechanism. Also, the seat belt is a proven mechanism. It's ubiquitous from mass production and therefore inexpensive. Anything new has lots of hurdles to overcome in terms of cost efficiency vs lives saved. It's estimated that seat belts save about 15K lives every year in the US alone.
  10. Phi for All

    Self locking material

    The problem here is that it snaps if stretched too quickly, such as in the case of a seat belt in a collision. It would make a great bumper though, wouldn't it? Or boxing gloves?
  11. And so we're clear on this, it's never done because we don't think the topic should be discussed. It's more along the lines of insisting the OP sit down at the table and discuss the idea rather than dancing on top of it with his fingers in his ears during the presentation.
  12. Phi for All

    Our Moon and Our Oceans

    ! Moderator Note You misspelled "ignorance".
  13. Phi for All

    Please pray for me:

    IIRC, Cthulhu is the god of tooth extraction and torture.
  14. Phi for All

    What Love Is

    I think your mistake lies in the phrase "love we idolize in our thoughts". This wishful state presumes we won't have to work at loving that one other person, that we'll perceive them as perfect, and that this state will be effortless to maintain. Lasting love that comes without effort probably is unattainable. But you'll find that as soon as you're willing to commit to that other person, to continually improve your relationship with the one you love, and do the actual work that makes both lives richer, easier, and more fulfilling, love like you describe in the OP becomes possible. It seems to be one of those things you can do if you believe you can and work hard to make it happen.
  15. Phi for All

    Why does the Christian God allow slavery in the Bible?

    How does being created evil by a perfect god broaden my choices? I realize faith has little to no reason involved, but the whole free will argument pits our earthly years against eternity, and gives us nebulous, widely interpreted scripture from the Bronze Age to help us decide. And if I decide your religion condones slavery and intolerance and hypocritical behavior, and generally goes against my basic morality, for standing up against that your god wants to roast me forever. Boo! If your god created me, he made me smarter than that.