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  1. ! Moderator Note Oh gosh, don't be sorry! Thanks for the time we got to waste with you! Bye!
  2. ! Moderator Note Any more posts in Homework Help from you will be removed to the Trash. Work on your own misunderstandings before trying to teach others.
  3. I have no feelings towards you. We don't attack people here, but we do attack ideas, and yours are ill-formed, overly loquacious, and suffer from a lack of any kind of evidential support. You're style is anathema to our rules, and a competent mod would give you a warning point for spamming.
  4. It's anathema to a meaningful science discussion. You seem to have abundant time to waste, and should probably start a blog somewhere else.
  5. Ah, good luck with that. Frustrated science discussion forum moderator, dealing with a member who wants to jump up on top of the table and rant rather than having a seat at a science discussion.
  6. If you could leave your memory out of it, and stop making so many generalized statements you're not willing to support, and maybe focus on a point or two instead of posting these railing walls of text that jump from point to point aided only by the waving of your hands, it would add some much needed clarity to the discussion.
  7. Coincidentally, my total praying time = amount of time I talk to my mother when I'm in trouble.
  8. Then asking how effective the courses are seems like it's only going to be 20% effective. Also, you can't have two accounts here, especially if you're going to use one of them as a sockpuppet to comment on the other's posts, and doubly especially if you're going to use them to advertise crap websites. Decide whether you want to stay to discuss science, and which account you want to keep. Or I can spam-ban both, if you're not here for science discussion.
  9. ! Moderator Note Please attribute your sources, plagiarism is against the rules here: https://astronomyfacts.quora.com/What-do-you-think-is-beyond-our-observable-universe?share=1
  10. 1. Consider the source. Your other two posts claim "G-d delivers us", and that "Jordan Peterson is A genius". With the addition of the CNN claim, your credibility isn't even on the radar. You seem like a candidate for both believing AND spreading fake news.
  11. I don't know what "hails a thread" means, but you seem to be drawing modern conclusions based on historical evidence, so I'd like to see how it supports your stance, please. "That really messed up physics" is similarly lacking in evidential support. "The hard problem with UFOs influencing consciousness" also seems like hand-waving assumptions unsupported by anything scientific. Are you certain whose "animal beliefs in science" are hampering our "progress to the stars"?
  12. When you only get 5 posts on your first day here, some folks get a bit bloggy. And like a chef that wants you to taste a little of everything to see what you like, it can be too much for those who like to chew each bite thoughtfully, to see if they should savor or spit. It's hard to sip from the firehose!
  13. I would expect the definition of "effective" to differ between students. Perhaps you can describe the effects you're looking for?
  14. You have a fantastic method for staying positive here, but I don't think it serves you as well as you think it does. I am glad you see education as an investment, though. If we were talking about the money instead of the knowledge, would you say the same thing? Would it be easier to prosper in life if you didn't have all that money invested in stocks? I'm hoping you'll get more from discussing science here.
  15. MicaelVera is also so angry we won't let him advertise his blog that he'd rather not have an account at all. We've seen his blog and approve this decision.
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