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  1. humanity goal

    We're the only species on Earth that can leave the planet to spread life elsewhere, so that seems worthy. The really difficult part is uniting as a species before we attempt this. If we still think in partisan terms about our goals in space, I think we're in for some major woe and misery. I'm not sure how to get us all thinking about ourselves as intelligent, cooperative, communicative humans from Earth trying to do the outrageous collaboratively. Maybe that's our first goal, realizing how much smarter we are together. Embracing the diversity is the genetically intelligent thing to do.
  2. How can it be that we can still see the CMBR?

    ! Moderator Note This strays significantly from mainstream physics, so I'm moving it to Speculations. Please provide some evidence to support your explanations and arguments. This will help raise them above mere guesswork.
  3. Truth About Corners

    But when tiling a house, subflooringly, it's important to corner registers. And after grouting the flat surfaces, corners are much more fun since you get to take out your caulk and get lost in a spiralling rhythm. You don't want to know the truth about corners.
  4. What Force Is Required To Bend Mild Steel?

    The sheet will stretch, so you need to calculate the bend allowance.
  5. Presidential Alert system

    You're looking a great deal farther down the road than he usually does. He prefers a crystal ball to binoculars. Everything he does is to make "now" great for himself, which he thinks automatically makes it great for you too. It seems totally in character that he would assume you'd be honored to have a free message from T himself. When I saw the title I was kind of hoping that this thread was going to be about a new Twitter Defense System, a sort of anti-tweet lie detector for reasonable people.
  6. Florence the Hurricane

    ! Moderator Note I split your post about Typhoon Manghkut to its own thread. Please use that to discuss this different storm in a different part of the planet.
  7. Difference Between Evidence and Proof

    You say this, and yet I doubt your sincerity. You still seem to rebel against the idea that "proof" isn't what science is looking for. I think you still believe this: I've lost track of the number of threads where people explained the reasoning behind theories and why the methodology looks for the best supported explanations, and yet you opened this thread to repeat your belief. You seem to really want to believe things can be proven. Maybe you could explain why?
  8. Presidential Alert system

    Terrorists want to make Americans forget about the landslide victory over Clinton, and the record-breaking inaugural attendance. Great new system for reaching out each week to remind us. Make America Gag Again!
  9. Gun Control - Topic

    I missed where iNow insulted your character. Perhaps you're being a bit thin-skinned for science? Expressing his opinion that certain of your behaviors makes you look foolish is hardly a personal insult. A character insult would be to call you a fool. His comments have been in the spirit of "Attack the idea, not the person" that we try to adhere to on these forums. I explained why there was nothing objectionable, and the mods here try not to make judgement calls on posts in threads we're involved in as a member. See how you changed iNow's words into a personal insult, and made it worse by using fake quote marks, like he really said that? He was commenting on your arguments and behavior, but you've made it personal. It's possible to do something foolish without being an overall fool, you know.
  10. about veganism

    I don't know about wasting the land on these things, but you've got a good point. Obviously grapes, canes, beets, and feed grains can't be grown on scrub land. I like the argument that sugars, alcohol, and dairy are health risks just like eating meat, but at least free-range meat takes advantage of land the others can't use.
  11. Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    I think Trump's baloney brain is being used. Putin is using him to destabilize those countries allied against Russia. The GOP is using him to cherry-pick their agenda from his craziness. And those who benefit from moving the economy towards more capitalism, aka extremist capitalists, are using him to rob riches they aren't really entitled to. None of these folks are known for integrity. It's not even on their radar, except to claim they have it and their opponents don't.
  12. Moving clocks.....

    Add climate change deniers, creationists, and perpetual skeptics to that list. Most cranks haven't fully explored the theories they seek to overturn.
  13. Gun Control - Topic

    OMG, you're on a science forum. Expect to have small mistakes/misconceptions corrected. When you're trying to persuade people, your argument is a path that should be kept clean. If someone takes the time to pick up a bit of litter, perhaps thanks is in order. Personally, I think misuse of quick labels by the media has kept many important issues muddled in the minds of many Americans. They allow people to generalize a topic that's increasingly complex and frustrating. Gun control isn't helped at all with this kind of treatment. We need to stop thinking in terms of black/white, red/blue, lib/con, right/left, because it seems to reduce us all to alive/dead.
  14. Can science prove God ?

    Then you need to stop using the word "proof", because that's exactly what it means. There is no evidence that does more than support an explanation, and science looks for the preponderance of evidence rather than "proof". Also, the 4th choice should be "... is something science isn't designed to explain." The existence of god(s) is outside of natural examination. Science needs observation and predictability, both of which god(s) lack.
  15. Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    Interesting that Giuliani released a statement: And minutes later, the WH legal team went in and removed the last seven words. Look for them to call him a liar if he does tell the truth.