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  1. You'll take a cut in celery for re-using a vegetable, but you've bean a good sprout, so we won't beet your gourd or squash your melon. Dads are rad! Or rad-ish....
  2. Their lawyers claimed they're referring to "the cherries" they use in the "combination of five fruits". The amount of cherries you get is half of one. It's like Flip Wilson's All-You-Can-Drink-For-A-Dime Lemonade Stand. You already had a cup? Well, that's all you can drink for a dime! How corny! I'm sure there's a peas full resolution for those that carrot all. Lettuce stand together in hominy!
  3. To be fair, my mom bought Del Monte fruit cocktail, and they showed you exactly what you were getting: One measly half of a maraschino cherry! And you're right, it was a prize and it NEVER went into the stupid Jello.
  4. Not sure either of my folks would have allowed a meatless meal on their dining table. But mom did have a recipe for beef and barley soup that she must have gotten from the Depression. She'd shred a small part of a cooked roast and then MINCE the beef to slivers. Good soup with lots of veg, one of my favorites, but the beef was practically an illusion.
  5. Dividing countries and making them vulnerable to internal strife and civil war helps those who thrive on chaos and uncertainty. Getting your enemies to decimate themselves before you invade is sound strategy, and it's worked for a long time, so long that it's part the narrative in many of our stories. We've all seen how division among the heroes makes them ineffective against the villains, and it's only when the good folks put aside their differences to work together that they can achieve victory. I truly believe most humans just want more stability and predictability, and the prosperity we sense is possible without so much chaos and misery. Extremism is exhausting and incredibly expensive, and we really don't deserve this kind of treatment from ourselves. Most people are far too awesome to be acting this way.
  6. I normally enjoy pairing bitter and sweet, but I find nothing redeemable about this combo. It sounds absolutely vile. My mom used to put canned fruit cocktail (Depression-era folks LOVE canned food) in jello. Iirc, it had pineapple in it, so they must have done something to it in processing. I don't remember her having any trouble with the Jello setting up properly.
  7. My mother used to make jelly this way and it was tasty as well as having a pleasing texture. But in between her limited canning seasons, she bought a store brand jelly that was so stiff it ripped the bread when you tried to spread it. It tasted of grapes and children's tears. Ah, I forgot about how teeth can break down Jello viscosity! The culprit is one of your school's second grade teachers! I remember my eighth grade English teacher drawing a couple of stick figures holding a circle with a dot in the middle of it between them. She asked me what it was, and when I couldn't guess she said it was "two men walking abreast". Of course, this calls for my only jelly joke. In the midst of the Y2K panic in 1999, the KY Jelly company announced it was Y2K compliant. They called it Y2KY Jelly, and it allowed you to put all four digits in your date....
  8. I can't remember which aunt used to shred cabbage & carrots into an orange Jello mold for reunions, but she's dead now, so it's clearly something to avoid. I'm with you though, a Jello purist. You can get the fruit flavors many other places, but the texture of Jello was unique growing up. Even grapes or berries or pineapple meant you had to chew rather than reduce the gelated solid to a liquid using friction, heat, and pressure from your tongue. Proper Jello isn't eaten, it's sucked until you can drink it.
  9. And the title is incorrect, btw. Jello in the USA has NOTHING to do with jellies, jams, or butters. It's a gelatin dessert eaten by itself with a spoon, sometimes with whole fruit or veg inside. It's stiffer/wigglier than any jelly, has less sugar, and you don't spread it on anything. OTOH, you can eat half a cup of it for about 80 calories.
  10. Empathy is defined by its use. Do you know anyone who is especially empathic who doesn't use it? Do you know of any times when empathy isn't needed? I think your statement is meaningless in this context, something you felt compelled to write that seemed relevant at the time. Yes to sensing the weather, I don't know what you mean by "directions" (and how they can be heard and smelled), no to hearing and smelling people's expressions (if you mean the expression on their face). I envy your time spent with them, but I don't think you've observed them well, BASED ON WHAT YOU'VE WRITTEN. Then it's barometric pressure, or some other sensory process (although I still think your horse is hearing thunder that your ears haven't picked up yet). It isn't some magical "empathy" horses have. They have a remarkable sensory suite, but it's not supernatural. No effect on using an average smile per day metric. I don't understand why you bring it up, other than really wanting to have superpowers. No. Scientific theory represents our best supported explanations for various phenomena. Science "proves" nothing. Science can disprove, or falsify an explanation, but not prove it's true. Our best explanations are theories backed up by mathematical models and mountains of supportive evidence, and they're constantly updated with the latest information. Personal experience isn't interesting to science, since it's subjective and biased and untrustworthy. When enough people think they have supernatural mental powers, it gets tested, and none of the experiments show anything more than the normal ranges of human capabilities. And no matter what you may think, your brain/mind is very much part of the physical world. I'm sorry that your brain isn't special, but don't forget that you're human, and that already makes you part of the most intelligent species on the planet.
  11. It's also not the brave stance many think, but just the opposite. It's a cowardly retreat from brave, innovative behaviors that gave us virtually everything good we have now. We KNOW how much we can accomplish by embracing others and joining their knowledge and efforts with our own. Tribal behavior no longer suits the intelligent, cooperative, communicative processes we've developed. Fear of change is powerful, and accelerated change on a global scale is daunting to many. But we need oversight more than we need tribal mentality pumping the brakes on our society. We can handle the advancement as long as we keep developing the right tools and rules to keep pace. I want to belong to the group that favors the traits that sets us apart as a species. We'll stay "pure" as long as our members react with their brains more than their brawn, and since the whole species is capable, you won't get ostracized as long as you're human. We are H.
  12. ! Moderator Note The goal HERE is to discuss science, HERE. Please post your ideas on site rather than trying to take the discussion somewhere else.
  13. Who is? Any evidence for this? Science discussion forum, you know. What? Why don't we need empathy/intuition anymore? Do you have any evidence that "it's going away"? Do you have any evidence that empathy is not being selected as a favorable trait? You can't just make this up, you know. This isn't correct. A horse has better hearing and smell than humans, so it often seems like they sense danger before the rider can see it. Incorrect again. If there were ANYONE that could demonstrate supernatural ANYTHING with 90% accuracy, it would be more than luck, and it would be documented, and it would be part of science. What it is is bullshit, and NOBODY has ever been able to support these types of claims. If you understood evolution, you'd know that it wouldn't take very long for a benefit like that to sweep through a population. If being super empathic was a heritable trait, they would be more successful and spread it through populations over time. Oh yuck. That's like a vague horoscope scam. People smile 20-50 times a day.
  14. We're getting our information from too many unvetted sources, so people aren't on the same page wrt what's happening in the world. There's no national narrative to guide folks away from unreasonable stances. Poorly informed people make poorly informed decisions. Part of the problem, imo, is using subjective terms like "reality" or "truth". Part of the problem is people defining reality however they feel like. Science is interested in the natural world, but whether that's "reality" or not I couldn't say. It should be enough that it's what we observe. Also, there are lots of folks who are basically human trolls, and they say outlandish or unreasonable things because it drives others crazy, and that's what they really want. For some, going viral is the only justification for anything.
  15. This is a discussion site, and all you're doing is ranting. You aren't listening to anything else being posted, only yourself. This is supposed to be people talking around a table, and you've jumped up on top of it and started screaming about a long list of disconnected topics. You either need to go somewhere else and start a blog, or stay here and DISCUSS SCIENCE! Otherwise, we're going to get pretty tired of your ceaseless, meaningless, unfocused whining. Oh wait! Too late! What do you say, should you stay or should you go? We'd like you to stay but not if you're going to be this vague and unclear.
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