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  1. Are you building a Nautilus machine, or is this to help get you up off the couch?
  2. And that's their perfectly valid opinion, but... ... this is none of their business. People should learn the difference. Conformity is the main driver perhaps, but I think there's also an attempt to eliminate surprises by using a dress code. If your company says it's OK to wear piercings that can be easily removed, SOMEBODY is going to show up with huge dildo studs and gauges that play ice cream truck music. Same reason an HOA has an acceptable paint pallette as a guideline; if you don't, SOMEBODY is going to paint their whole house fuschia. Often, there''s a need to be specific and strict.
  3. Religions often stifle secular education, so perhaps it just took time before people knew better. The more our intelligence increases on a diet of good knowledge, the less we reach for wishful thinking, and the more we require our explanations to be reasonable.
  4. Interesting. Philosophy speaking, do you feel this shows us a way towards enlightenment?
  5. I think you need to give us what you've got so far, because this sounds like homework.
  6. Still, huh? Dude, you are profoundly frustrating in your ignorance. No offense, really, but ignoring that we're talking about only two of a sphere's three dimensions when we talk about the surface is just... ludicrous. You can keep it up, but it's not science, it's not learning, and it's not meaningful in any way. Have a great day, or not.
  7. This is NOT a definition of Humanism I'm familiar with. Humanists favor a focus on the observable universe, its inhabitants, and their behavior over supernatural beliefs and pursuits. Is this a translation issue? Thank goodness stifling scientific truths is like therapy for me. Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.... You do pick up some interesting tidbits now and then though. Oh yeah, you're the one who spent so many pages obtusely arguing that spheres must have 3 dimensions when everybody kept telling you we were talking about the surface only. Shit like that will definitely get you locked down. Nobody has time for that. Nobody.
  8. If you reply to a mainstream thread with an explanation you're still speculating on, you're breaking the rules. Mainstream only in mainstream sections. Unlike a lot of discussion forums, we allow a whole section for speculations, but you have to keep them there until they have some evidential support. You need to persuade people, using the scientific method and reasoned arguments, that your idea has merit. Until that's been acknowledged, please keep your unfounded ideas away from where students go to get explanations they can pass classes with.
  9. ! Moderator Note Moved from Astronomy & Cosmology to Suggestions, Comments, and Support.
  10. Avril just wants everything back but you.
  11. And apparently T felt the need to lie and claim he fired him last night. The way Bolton tells it, he offered to resign last night, and T said, "Let's talk about it in the morning". He has no spine for face-to-face responsibility.
  12. We don't get in anywhere? We spend most of our time? Again, how does it help to mischaracterize the situation? We do progress, we spend time improving, but a LOT of progress is stifled because so many people claim we aren't doing anything, and they ignore the good that IS being done in favor of complaining.
  13. How is it helpful to make such vague and broad judgements against any of the actors in today's world environment? It would be nice if things were so easy to pigeonhole, but most things happen on a spectrum, and most things are much more highly nuanced than simple conspiracy can address. How about drilling down to some meaningful arguments?
  14. So what? Does that mean we can't work towards a better goal? We can set up the world like that if more people thought it was possible.
  15. It's my hope that those folks still love the country, and don't want a POTUS who burns our best spies and gives away our satellite capabilities for no gain. The base may be focused on perceived problems with domestic issues, but I don't think they're as pro-Russian as Trump seems to be. They may approve strongmen, but a traitor is a traitor.
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