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    Management Information System (MIS)

    #1 and #4 are asking for your opinion, so you need to answer those to the best of your knowledge. #1 is asking if you can complain about privacy regarding information you've uploaded about yourself. Some might say if you want to keep it private, don't post it in the first place. Others might say you should expect a certain amount of privacy regarding your sensitive information no matter where it's posted. How do you feel about it? #4 is asking if a picture of the front of your home for anyone to see is a breach of your normal privacy. Some might say it makes it easier for a thief to research how to steal from you. Others would say the thief could just as easily walk up to the front of your home and see the same thing, so it's not a privacy issue. How do you feel about it? I don't know enough about FB and Google to help with #2 and #3.
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    Certainly, but it's also something I feel we need to overcome as our societies grow to encompass more peoples. I'm not against competition, but professional sports often display a corruption of the ideals of fair play, sportsmanship, and athleticism. I find the parallels with modern business alarming, and I wonder if the two don't help reinforce one another's worst habits. But I don't think this line of thought is consistent with the spirit of the OP, so it should be pursued in its own thread, if at all.
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    I stopped watching baseball when the player's union strike caused the World Series to be cancelled in the mid-90s. I stopped watching basketball when some of the players claimed they weren't role models for children and could act any way they wanted to. I stopped watching American football when my team's owner threatened to take the team to another city if we didn't build him a new stadium with taxpayer dollars. At that point, I was 200% done with their shit. Personally, I dislike the emphasis on individual superstars in team sports. I dislike the win-at-all-costs mentality of professional sports (cheating, doping, etc). I think it's led to the acceptance of unnecessarily high levels of aggression and corruption in other areas of our lives, most notably business and finance. It also supports tribalism and violence against those who aren't part of your group. As the OP mentions, some sports are so violent it's causing medical conditions in the players, especially amateurs trying to emulate the much better protected pros. I haven't watched professional sports in 15 years. Instead, I joined a great science discussion forum, and I've been reading and writing and learning ever since.
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    Is this sensationalism?

    Do you think this is an accurate or descriptive way to depict those concerned with climate change, that they march behind some kind of popular banner? I've looked into climate science and read enough expert findings to trust that we need active measures to reduce the impact of what humans have already done, and I really don't need somebody to raise a "banner" to follow. I suppose I resent such an image because it implies a kind of mindlessness, a willingness to follow a piece of cloth rather than an ideal you've researched and followed to its conclusions.
  5. Phi for All

    Is this sensationalism?

    That's not how I read the article. You make it sound like blackmail, but the concern seems to be more about what kind of natural disaster-filled world they'd be bringing children into. Many women made the same choices during the Cold War, thinking they didn't want to burden children with an irradiated, post-nuclear war landscape.
  6. ! Moderator Note Samantha ended up being a sockpuppet of other accounts that joined just to complain we aren't doing it right, and our rules are fake. Since they've been banned, I'm going to close this. For what it's worth, outside of medical advice, I don't think there are any issues we can't discuss within the framework of the site's rules. Introducing such issues into somebody else's thread will always be treated as a hijack, so make sure to start a separate thread. The moderators, if given some notice, can help you keep a discussion on a narrowly focused track (which should be firmly expressed in the OP). It's often necessary when discussing controversial or emotionally charged issues. We can also help keep a leash on semi-professional agitators like Samantha Priss/Taxonomist/The Operator and keep them from tracking mud all over our house.
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    Is Born's rule verified

    ! Moderator Note Thread closed.
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    Is Born's rule verified

    ! Moderator Note That's not going to work here. If you want to take other people's time to discuss science, it needs to be mainstream science, and if you introduce any speculations they need to be accepted by everyone, and yours are NOT. Further, you've been asked questions, and had misunderstandings pointed out that you aren't "dealing" with. Please go back through and correct the mistakes, negage with the other posters, and adjust your ideas accordingly, otherwise I'll have to shut the thread down.
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    Is Born's rule verified

    ! Moderator Note It is most certainly NOT a theory. A theory is NOT a guess. A theory is the best current explanation we currently have for a particular phenomenon. It's the best science has to offer. Does that describe your paper? NO. You don't need to respond to moderator notes, you just have to follow the rules mentioned in them.
  10. And then want to claim they're the victims of prejudice. It's so SAD!
  11. It's a really good thing you discovered this before you wasted a lot of time here! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck elsewhere.
  12. I couldn't find that. Rule 2.1.1 states: "Slurs or prejudice against any group of people (or person) are prohibited." If that happens in a thread, the member gets a warning. If it happens a lot in a thread, or if the OP is the one expressing bigotry, the whole thread gets closed.
  13. Some call them "spurious reasons", others call them "the rules you agreed to when you joined".
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    Is Born's rule verified

    ! Moderator Note This is a speculative work in itself, so you can't use it to support further speculation. You'll have to have this paper discussed in a thread all by itself.
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    How do I close my account

    ! Moderator Note Enough said. Thread closed.
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    How do I close my account

    Banning is for rule-breakers. Is the site taking up too much of your time, and you want to do something else? His name is Robittybob1, so that's why your search came up empty. He posted in this thread a few weeks ago:
  17. Since vegetarianism is well-known, can I assume you include eating plants as cruel (to the plants)? I think, at some point, you need to recognize the necessity for the biological process of nourishment, and resolve to minimize the cruelty involved in your eating behavior. Honor the meat by preparing it well, thank the plants for sustaining you. Make the very necessary process meaningful for yourself. Your present perspective can never be positive. If you look at natural nourishment as cruel murder, you're going to make yourself sick.
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    Why do rockets work in space?

    Do you need more than what swansont and Janus provided?
  19. Phi for All

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    Why would they be? Progress seems to be "the road" and success seems to be "the destination". It's important to acknowledge both.
  20. Phi for All

    Essay about General Relativity

  21. Phi for All

    Banned/Suspended Users

    franco malgarini has been banned for not obeying our advertising rules, and for not listening when warned that he was breaking our advertising rules.
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    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    I was talking about life progress. Success is yours to measure for yourself, and might reach a plateau where you're most comfortable. Progress, to me at least, is an ongoing process of accumulating knowledge through learning and experience in order to best adapt your behavior to your environment (and perhaps vice versa) and improve the outcome of your endeavors. You never know what passion a human is going to stumble upon as they try to figure out what "anything you want" should be. Passion is probably more closely tied to progress (and success maybe) than talent is.
  23. Many worldwide are pushing an anti-intellectual agenda, seemingly to make the average person mistrust educated people. Claiming the textbooks are wrong is one of the main themes to this propaganda, so I hope you aren't a part of this. Personally, I think it's part of a movement by the oil & gas industry to deny climate change by calling all our knowledge/expertise into question in order to delay phasing out fossil fuel use.
  24. Phi for All

    Are Humans Aliens of this Planet?

    We have a richer, denser, higher level of intelligence than most other animals. We don't have rows and rows of replaceable teeth. We don't have razor sharp claws. We can't flap our wings and fly. All animals use their talents to adapt to changing environments, and our intelligence coupled with some other skills (cooperation, communication, too use, for instance) allows us to be this "different". As vertebrates, our ancestry goes all the way back to tiny little fish that were the first creatures with skeletons on the insides. We've diversified much since then.
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    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    When you lumped yourself in with the OP by claiming Royston's narrative might be what vexed you at the start. I suppose one could read that you were claiming Royston had talent you lack, but I didn't. Does not being as talented change the necessity of trying to better your situation? Don't you still have to be the person in charge of driving your own progress, even if you get help from others?