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  1. Sensei

    Quran is Zionist

    Artificial Intelligence (automatic) computer software translator i.e. Google translator versus human translator.. ?
  2. "Wave function" is term used during discussion of electron cloud around nucleus. In the case of interference, diffraction etc. etc. there is used "the Broglie wavelength". Yes, rest-mass of particle is part of the equation.
  3. The way it is now, is good, IMHO, it's even too tight (there should be given more time for speculators to take a lesson about science). The one who wants to participate in thread, engage in thread, discuss with OP, and try to teach and explain science to layman pet-theory author. Some of them will take a lesson, some other will not. You do not have control over it.
  4. Sensei

    Strange light bulb behavior

    ...I used fixed by me (traditional) light bulbs for months..
  5. Sensei

    Strange light bulb behavior

    ...your apartment must be haunted.. call Ghostbusters.. Not once, I took to hands damaged light bulb and started shaking it watching broken damaged wire inside, and voila, it reconnected (just mechanically).. Light bulb could be used for longer.. It depends on in which place wire broke up. If somewhere in the middle, there is large chance to reconnect them after shaking. When wire is broke up, in low pressure or in vacuum, it shakes by itself, for long long time after event, and can reconnect by itself.
  6. "Free will" of ants can be changed by parasite fungus: "Infected hosts leave their canopy nests and foraging trails for the forest floor, an area with a temperature and humidity suitable for fungal growth; they then use their mandibles to affix themselves to a major vein on the underside of a leaf, where the host remains until its eventual death.[2] The process leading to mortality takes 4–10 days, and includes a reproductive stage where fruiting bodies grow from the ant's head, rupturing to release the fungus's spores." "The changes in the behavior of the infected ants are very specific, giving rise to the popular term "zombie ants", and are tuned for the benefit of the fungus."
  7. Sensei

    just got something cool

    just got something cool slow.... Do you know that there are emulators? Specifically 8 bit computers: (i.e. Commodore, Atari) Specifically 32 bit computers: (i.e. Amiga, Atari ST, Apple) When emulator is running on a modern machine, it takes seconds to load any ancient program, which normally loaded in 20-60 minutes like e.g. Gauntlet on Atari XE from tape thirty years ago. i.e. you will be able to check more programs or games, than on original, because not having to wait so long for reaction.
  8. Sensei

    What Love Is

    ...and man can love other man, and woman can love other woman also.. just nitpicking.. English often it is called "partnership of souls"... or something like that.. alternatives "unending love", "eternal love", "undying love".. "love" between sexual-partners or sexual-partners-to-be is chemical reaction in the brain. The right pheromones matches pattern and voila! You don't have to see partner. It's even used by some (smarter) matrimonial agencies for joining couples if both parties find attractive smell of second side (without knowing anything about them, including photo). But smell of body changes over time.. and start to mismatch with pattern after years of marriage/partnership/relationship.. In such situation better to be the best friend of your partner, otherwise marriage/partnership/relationship can turn to the nightmare hell, and hate between partners will arise.. It's better to split in peace rather than continue living in hell, in a fake relationship, mendacity... Did you hear about husband who killed a wife, or wife who killed a husband.. ? Some said later: "we have not separated, because divorce is a sin"... Astonishing route of thought..
  9. Sensei

    Magnetic Induction: How to...

    If plastic is in metal pot, it should melt if metal is heated (eddy currents) by external magnetic induction.
  10. Sensei

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    @Airbrush Similar accident of "ancient" building in UK was Windsor Castle fire in 1992 " The Private Chapel in the north-east corner of the State Apartments was being renovated as part of a long term programme of work within the castle, and it is believed that one of the spotlights being used in the work set fire to a curtain by the altar during the morning."
  11. Sensei

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    Notre Dame spire had 91.44 meters height.. You don't know whether enough length devices reaching it were available at the place or they had to bring them from other country region..
  12. Sensei

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    It's a very very sad day. Especially sad for the French people. It appears so renovations are typically unintended route to destruction of such historic buildings. It's not the first time to start fire during renovation. So worldwide people should learn from it, and revise renovation procedures and take French lesson, to not repeat it again, in their homeland. Usage of fast electric devices to cut wood or metal on the site (instead of bringing ready element).. ? Created in the cutting process highly flammable gases could gather on the top of roof, just waiting for single spark.. Lack of fire extinguisher for every worker.. ? Better to take more fire extinguishers and not having to use them, rather than have less and need them urgently.. As long as price of renovation is the main reason for choosing an offer from private renovation company, such accidents are practicably inevitable.
  13. in environment free from carcinogenic compounds.... e.g. no smog caused by cars, fossil fuel heated houses, fossil fuel power plants etc...
  14. Sensei

    Identify this instrument...Deflectometer?

    It reminds early version of total station theodolite. From times prior lasers and electronics. Light from some external source goes to inside, and operator of device could see if object inside is illuminated or not. Eventually make adjustments with handles.
  15. If you have article about flu mentioning "severe illness" it means "required hospitalization" (because it is easy to count by people making statistics). I am looking at local government website, where is everything i.e. the number of cases (people who visited doctor at least, so they were included in database, at least), the number of cases requiring hospitalization (aka "severe illness"), number of deaths, in total numbers and per 100,000 people.