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  1. Actually it's easy part. When application is connecting to the server, it negotiates encryption method. So if person is under "legal surveillance" (which the real judge approved! After seeing the real evidences which make crime plausible to happen, not "one big stamp" (quote from "Snowden" movie) ), server set up weak encryption, or none at all, and everything can be caught and decoded.. User is not even aware whether encryption is hard, weak or none.. I am against any type of electronic surveillance. There is no proof that somebody said or wrote words which were delivered through Internet. Anybody can pretend anybody. e.g. I could hack in Swansont, Phi for All, String Junky etc. etc. accounts on this forum, wrote anything on forum, and nobody would notice it's not message from the real member of forum. What is worth such "evidence in the case".. ? Almost nothing. But it's treated as very hard evidence right now! Anybody (hacker, programmer, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, co-worker in office etc. etc.) could pretend, and wrote something compromising (e.g. utilizing moment of distraction of the device owner).. Smartphone localization? It proves that smartphone was in that location, not owner personally of the device! One could "borrow" smartphone (or even make duplicate of SIM!), then commit crime, and return smartphone to owner who will have no idea about the case...
  2. There is limit how many additional electrons can have atom or molecule. After proton-capture or neutron-capture nucleus can become radioactive, unstable, and decay.
  3. It's called Hydride
  4. Collatz Conjecture

    But such input would cause endless loop, which will be instantly visible..
  5. Collatz Conjecture

    To make tiny senseful contribution to this thread, I made quickly C/C++ program to generate Collatz Problem sequence integers. Source code is attached in archive. /* * CollatzProblem v1.0 created by Sensei (c) Aug 2018 */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> void CollatzProblem( int value ) { for(;;) { printf( "%d ", value ); if( value == 1 ) break; if( ( value & 0x1 ) == 0 ) { value /= 2; } else { value = value * 3 + 1; } } } int main( int argc, int *argv[] ) { if( argc >= 2 ) { const char *buffer = (const char *) argv[ 1 ]; int value = atoi( buffer ); CollatzProblem( value ); } else { printf( "Usage:\r\nCollatzProblem.exe [value]\r\n" ); } return( 0 ); } ps. If you want to test also negative integers, add lines: if( value == -1 ) break; if( value == -5 ) break; if( value == -68 ) break;
  6. Force is in Newtons unit. [math]F=k_e\frac{q_1 q_2}{r^2}[/math] Electric field is in V/m unit, or N/C unit: [math]F=q_1 E[/math] [math]E=k_e\frac{q}{r^2}[/math] Vector version of equation: [math]\vec{E(r)}=k_e\frac{q}{r^2}[/math]
  7. double slit questions

    Electron is stable particle in Standard Model. Decay of electron has not been observed yet. Did you mean "recombination of electrons and nucleus" (i.e. deionization, capture of electron by nucleus (to form neutral atom)) instead of "decay".. ? If so, electrons are fired in vacuum, with high enough kinetic energy given by electron gun. They must decelerate prior being captured by some nucleus (to form neutral atom). e.g. when highly enough accelerated particle is hitting fluorescent/luminescent screen, there is emitted photon, and particle is decelerating. Photon can be observed. You should read how CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is designed:
  8. What I meant was that if they would continue catching fishes, generation by generation, their brain would evolve bigger and bigger, as evolution would promote individuals with bigger brain, as they would more easily catch prey and have more offspring. BTW, you should compare e.g. eagle brain size with pigeon brain size, etc. at least in the same division of animals. Your examples are not their staple food, just accidental (except sharks and seals). Sharks have bigger brain than seals.
  9. And so what? If apes in Africa would not evolve to humans, they could evolve to "apes v2.0" and later to "humans v2.0".. Japanese monkeys started catching and eating fishes. That's quite good start. Predators require bigger brain to predict behavior of prey.
  10. How about extending question to "where did monkey exist, outside of Africa, ...."? Howler monkey and few others in Central and South America.. Macaque in North Africa (Morocco) and Asia, including Japan islands.
  11. Conveyor Belt Load monitoring and tracking software.

    Yes. Did not I say it in the first post? I made such application (entire network), for steelworks..
  12. In classic physics there is no electron. There is no quantization of charge e=1.6021766*10^-19 C. Classic physics don't deal with particles.. etc. etc.
  13. Conveyor Belt Load monitoring and tracking software.

    There are existing such applications. How is that different from e.g. video conference.. ? One smartphone/tablet is recording video from front, back or both cameras, and sending through Internet, to yet another smartphone/desktop/FTP server.. Your application would have to be special with unique features for specific client, to be worthwhile purchase.. ps. Don't waste time on asking these "questions". Better buy C/C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python books, read them, and learn programming.. During reading and learning you will see what is feasible to be done.
  14. Conveyor Belt Load monitoring and tracking software.

    I made something similar for company owned by Arcelor Mittal. Single IR camera (worth $3k each) is monitoring single workplace (with liquid metal), it is connected to mini PC computer (something like Mini Mac, but with Windows installed). There is entire network of such setups in the hall. Software installed on mini-PC is taking screen-shot every second, resizing it to smaller resolution, compressing it, and sending through LAN to central computer, where is control application which joins the all camera screen-shots together on single screen to view by human administrator. Display is refreshed every second.
  15. Is this really that bad?

    That reminded me how formula 1 drivers handle it.. They have pipe in helmet and button on steering wheel to release fluid. Google for "f1 drinking system" or so.