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  1. ..I will add: drivers? Microphone input, can be easily mixed with speaker output..
  2. Sensei

    Epistemological Question

    It's easy to imagine how enzymes were introduced by random mutation to living organisms. If we have organisms without enzymes, it has worser yield of production of some compound, or processing nutrients etc. Random mutation (caused by radioactive decay of C-14 or K-40 etc., or cosmic rays, or radicals etc.) at some point of time, changed RNA/DNA in such a way, that new compound has been produced, compound which was/is accelerating some process, enzyme/catalyst of some sort. It was (and is) useful in getting better yield, so organism with such mutation was more successful in surviving, and spread that mutation to further generations, spread itself around the world. Organisms without mutation died or were forced to move to some niches in environment. If we would make computer program which is going through the all possible states of memory with fixed size f.e. for 256 byte size memory, it's 256 ^256 states = 3.23e+616, one by one, and trying to execute it as program, at some moment, such loop would find some useful meaningful combinations of commands in the right order, doing something for real. It's just a matter of time by otherwise unaware, non-thinking algorithm, to find something useful, and interesting. The all books on the Earth has fixed/limited number of pages, with fixed/limited number of characters used to make them. One could go through the all characters one by one, pages one by one, to fill them with randomly chosen characters. After some time (counted in probably billions+ of billions+ of years) it would get the all books ever written and not-yet-written by humans. (examples of brute-force algorithm, which is very time consuming task for finding something useful from garbage of information) Catalyst is just helping getting better yield. Reaction can be going without it, but at slower rate.
  3. Sensei

    Epistemological Question

    Human, animal or plant is performing previously learned task (or encoded in DNA f.e. reflex action) in specific moment. i.e. escape (action) if there is danger (stimulus). Non-reflex action can be controlled (also by learning and training). i.e. training how to not feel fear at high altitude, training how to not feel natural fear against wild predator animal etc. Chemical compound is going into reaction with other compound, if their molecules hit each other, and other environmental variables meet sufficient criteria. i.e. it happens spontaneously.
  4. ..tell me how to falsify, and will fix the code..
  5. Sensei

    Discussable Topics

    Personally I think the all threads you mentioned are closed too soon.. Members out of timezone of participants of the threads were completely unaware of the threads you mentioned, and could not participate in them in any senseful ways.. Closure of "Neil deGrasse Tyson (...) " thread is premature and senseless..
  6. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    Obvious misspell..
  7. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    @Phi for All @koti I just described how terrestrial material is compared and detected with hypothetical extraterrestrial material. If extraterrestrial material has the same isotopic composition as Earth's, then you detect nothing! If terrestrial material has abnormal isotopic composition than "Earth's average", you are fooled!
  8. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    Phi, you should be knowledgeable enough to know there is just one stable isotope of Aluminum with 13 protons and 14 protons. To confirm extraterrestrial object there is used isotopes comparison method. If there is different isotopic composition, it's at least "suspicious".. which is by some scientists extrapolated to extraterrestrial origin.. f.e. there are three isotopes of Oxygen O-16, O-17, O-18 (O-19 is decaying to F-19). We take Earth sample of stuff, and check Oxygen isotopes. And find it is matching "Earth's average". Take another sample, and find it has extraordinary abundance of O-17 or O-18... Why? Some scientists are interpreting it, that it must be extraterrestrial object, with suspicious isotopic composition, because it does not match Earth's average..
  9. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    ....but remote controlled or automatically controlled flying object can exceed speeds and accelerations possible for aircraft with human being on board.. It does not have to be extraterrestrial at all. ...are you sharing knowledge with chimps.. ? I am still waiting for decoding animal languages by humans...
  10. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens. are waiting for extraterrestrial knowledge given on "golden plate" for you to acquire.. US military officers..
  11. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    Do you think: are you ready for it.. ?
  12. Sensei

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    Extraterrestrial intelligent life forms on the Earth, are like humans in the jungle exploring it. Biologists who want to learn about species in their natural environment. Biologists do everything to cover against being noticed by animals under observation, as it scares them, and changes natural behavior. Humans also tries to keep the last South America tribes unaware about the world..
  13. ..anything remote controlled can outperform airplanes which have human on board.. Human is limiting aircraft because of acceleration. Too rapid acceleration and pilot loses consciousness.
  14. Sensei

    Decoding Secret Message

    I created little .NET Framework app to decipher it and removed "8" from "7482" chunk: Dumt means dumb in Swedish and Norwegian..
  15. Sensei

    Solving the US China Trade defecit

    thethinkertank, it is admirable you want to help solving modern world geopolitical and environmental problems. However your ways to solve them, are completely senseless. You didn't pay enough attention to research subjects you want to address. Which should be essential action. How can US decrease deficit with China? Find something which Chinese people need, produce it, and export it. Hard? I know.. Chinese wages are growing, costs of production of product they sell to the world is growing. The closer they are to western wages, the harder they will be able to sell them. So, deficit problem will solve by itself. There is limit at which cost of components+cost of labor+cost of transportation to entire world will be so close to western prices, product will stop being attractive (at least from price tag point of view) to western customers.