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  1. Then you should express your thoughts in a more detailed and less ambiguous way.. Everyone on the forum wishes that..
  2. ..starting programming with JavaScript is one of the worst decisions someone who wants to learn programming can make.. Web browser + NotePad = you don't have a debugger, documentation, completion, errors and warnings are hard to get, you don't have the tools a newbie should have.. Your whole post is silly.. and childish...
  3. Farmers producing (more profitable) biofuels don't produce food. Crop acreage is fixed. This raises the price of food for people. Biofuel can be produced by (GMO or not) algae or microorganisms, directly from CO2 and H2O with sufficient solar energy.
  4. Nof Internet? Computers? Phones? Scienceforums.net? You've got to be kidding.. Survival in cyberspace is more challenging..
  5. The problem is that you started this thread in a childish way.. for such paraphrasing you need to have enough reputation points. Going to the Moon was a far easier.. Sometimes fighting with physics and engineering issues is easier than fighting everyone on the planet, politicians, businessmen from coal, oil & gas industry, employees from oil & gas industry, miners, farmers, people loving fossil fuel driven cars (even if they have never seen or driven an electric car), etc. etc. Good video. 13m. Summed up the energy industry. To stop being a selfish bastard would be a good start.. People (and countries with net exports of these commodities) who want to maintain the status quo in the coal, oil and gas industries, directly or indirectly, are the biggest blockers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Après_moi,_le_déluge
  6. If your definition of an "energy crisis" is similar to Wikipedia, i.e. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_crisis Energy crisis indeed happens every a couple years, on a small scale, in different countries. We can see them on charts as peaks in oil, gas and coil prices. Countries that lack natural resources, mainly fossil fuels, are particularly susceptible to this. The key is dependence on other countries and their willingness (or not) in delivery the goods. Rising coal, oil and gas prices on world markets cause secondary waves in completely different areas of such a country's economy. COVID-19, War in Ukraine, Israel vs Palestinian conflict, conflict in Yemen, all them causes more or less visible disruptions in transportation and production of oil and gas, and transport of other goods. Modern food production costs rise with the price of fuel, transportation costs rise too. This leads to a loss of customers and can result in the bankruptcy of otherwise good companies.
  7. p+ + p+ -> D+ + e+ + ve + 0.42 MeV (average half of it goes to positron and half with neutrino) i.e. 0.42 MeV = 420 keV from initial 938.272 MeV/c2 x 2 = 1876.544 MeV/c2 (~ 1.9 GeV/c2) 1876.544 MeV / 0.42 MeV = 4468 x as much... @Mordred Neutrinos with higher (kinetic) energies are emitted in rarer situations (compare the amount of hydrogen and helium with all other elements).
  8. I don't think so. It is not immediately rewarding project, so you invest a lot and then have (hypothetically) hundred or thousands years to get a return from an investment, so not interesting from commercial POV for a human being living here and now.. just like fusion.. Put thousands of satellites around the Earth that deliver Internet to customers, and they will pay every month for Internet (have you seen how much Elon demands? I paid less in 7 years than he wants in a month ). Put thousands of satellites around the Sun (or around the Earth) that deliver power to spacecrafts and/or Earth and how do you get a return on investment? This energy would be most optimally used to build even larger facilities in space, instead of delivering it to Earth. In capitalism, everything revolves around money. If you have money, you fly to the Moon or Mars. If you don't have money (but you have knowledge and know-how), you don't fly to the Moon or Mars. Silly. In fusion, one does not know when it will 'click' and 'the light at the end of the tunnel' will appear.. For eventual investor, with energy from the Sun delivered to satellites around it, it would be easier to estimate when they will pay off, than from nuclear fusion.
  9. ..it has already gone through the fusion and supernova explosion stages at a distant time > ~ 4.5 billion years ago.... It's just debris/dust from supernovae et al.
  10. The same can be said for putting solar panels around the sun and harvesting all the energy from it ("dyson sphere").. ps. For dimreepr to create a Dyson sphere would be an even bigger waste of money..
  11. I don't see any description of the device in your post. You need to be more clear/descriptive.. Do you have any idea what kind of nuclear reaction occurs during fusion? i.e., what fuel is used, what is the power output, what is the energy released, etc.?
  12. It is not a "rubbish device." It is used to keep an aircraft in flight in rare situations with overweight, oversized and over-powered engines. Which malfunctions under rare conditions in which pilots must take control of the entire aircraft. But they were not taught about the existence of this device, so they could not react properly at the crucial moment, so people died. They had just a few seconds to figure out what is happening, and act accordingly. The autopilot takes data from sensors. Just like a human. If the sensor malfunctions, and the weather is bad, such as nighttime, with no external light sources such as stars, sun, city lights, the understanding of the situation (position, altitude, aircraft rotation) is disrupted, both for the human and the computer. Hence the disasters. Pulling back the stick when you don't have lift is a recipe for disaster. You need the correct data from sensors or daylight to know if you have no lift force. Many disasters have happened simply because pilots thought "pulling back the stick" was a good idea in their situation. Understanding the situation is most important. Therefore, sensor redundancy to be able to determine which sensor is malfunctioning. One sensor may be malfunctioning, two sensors give different results, one gives bad results and the other gives good results, which one is correct? Three sensors, one is defective, two are unlikely to.. at the same time (unless they share the same wires/computers, etc.).
  13. This is what you are wasting..
  14. If you are addicted to TeX maker, you can simply use VirtualBox with a version of Windows that worked well with it. This way, I run Windows only apps on my Linux machine. Update, downgrade, figure out. It seems to be still supported, open-source, and cross-platform app.. Such an application shouldn't have any problems with Windows security and firewall, as it doesn't need any such actions to do its job. Did you download it from the authors' site and not from a third party website?
  15. Australia must continue to mine Uranium because it is needed to produce fusion fuel. Human thermonuclear fusion is a D+T reaction. It is an atypical reaction in the Universe/stars. But it gives much more energy than the typical H+H path. Uranium is needed to create D and/or T. or an alternative path. It is not possible to produce tritium in advance, since its half-life is 12.32 years. If one wants to have fusion reactors, one must also have traditional nuclear reactors and Uranium mines.
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