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  1. Computer Science Homework Question

    I hope so you (and everybody reading it) understand it's not the real machine code/assembler, but just fake machine code (aka "pseudocode"), made just for purpose of exercise..
  2. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    Let's be absolutely honest, (unfortunately) conservative America is not ready for women-president.. H.C. has some (unpleasant) history behind her.. I nominated Michelle Obama for president but according to her husband speech released couple days later, she refused..
  3. Computer Science Homework Question

    What machine code/assembler conditional branch instructions do you know.. ? ps. People reading this thread and seeing your screen-shot have no idea what has been shown in Section 5.2.4...
  4. Taxes and import tariffs are not paid by importing company, but by regular customers (US-customers in the OP case).. as they have to pay difference in price.. Some politicians are lying people (or not knowing what they are saying), honestly saying that they just increased import tariffs on goods... and these people starts clapping their hands.. apparently without even understanding what they just said to them (that they will have to pay more for these goods).. That's example of that everybody lost mind on this planet..
  5. Trolls, crackpots, etc. will ignore any such advice, so you're just wasting time thinking about it.. I like particulars, given straight away, without over bloated and cloudy introductions. Straight to the point. I noticed it's hard for humanists who think about themselves as intellectuals. They want to write entire essay (usually about subject they have no idea about).. If post is too lengthy, thread is too large, I am simply ignoring it. And I am advising it to you too. Get e.g. Arduino, try making some device e.g. remote controlled irrigation for your home plants (the thing that will save you even more time every day), or whatever instead.
  6. Any creative smart suggestions ?

    It's called "360o protractor". Do you have (or access to) 3D printer.. ? If you would print protractor-gear, it could be rotated by e.g. servo/stepper motor. It would be easier than cutting little teeths in existing protractor.. ..or you could glue gear from Arduino sets, on the top, or the bottom of protractor.. and servo (with attached yet another gear) would be able to spin it. Somebody with 3D printer could print new case for compass (if there is not enough space).
  7. Because it's not scientific question.. ? ..and insulting.. ? Some individuals are extraordinary intelligent. Some individuals are extraordinary strong. Color of skin does not matter. Proper nutrition during pregnancy, proper nutrition during childhood, intellectual exercises and physical exercises during childhood and life... that's what really matter.. People ("pseudo-scientists") who were making comparison in late XIX and early XX century, were trying to compare healthy, rich, after higher education, properly fed at any stage of development people, with poor, uneducated, hungry people from other continents..
  8. Cats in Ancient Egypt

    Cats were useful for humans, because they were limiting population of mice and rats which consumed grain storage of Ancient people (after invention of farming). Cats were helping Ancient Egyptians to survive, fighting with mice and rats plagues.
  9. Design a custom knife

    "Custom made thing" means it is made by you or made specially for you. Thing that is not available in retail shops. e.g. custom car, custom software. They're often very special, with unique in the world features.
  10. Stuck on computer's login screen

    Old license key is invalidated, new one is given instead. There is no free license, if older one stopped working. Whether license key is valid is checked through Internet. If license key has been invalidated, license server will tell application "it's invalid license", and application won't run. Applications very often are tied to the single hardware machine. It's typically done using MAC Address of built-in motherboard Ethernet/WiFi. They're practically unique in the entire Universe. Attempt to use the same license key, on different machine (i.e. different motherboard with different MAC Address) will fail (which is problematic after upgrade of machine, there is need to contact company to issue new license key). Some people, who are little smarter, even buy 3rd party external Ethernet PCI cards (even though they have one built-in motherboard). It allows them just to plug old card to newer hardware after upgrade and continue using application without having to contact company which made application. I received dozen of licenses NFR (Not-For-Resale) for free. From many application producers. You just have to sign-in as 3rd party developer (aka "partner") of some application. The smaller company, the smaller is their market share, the most likely you will get free license NFR. Obviously, you have to be computer programmer willing to write extensions for their application.. If license key is checked through Internet each time application is started, they can invalidate it at any time anyway. If company would find license key has been stolen (i.e. too many machines are trying simultaneously connect to license server from various regions of the world), it's invalidated, and nobody (with the same license key) can use it anymore.
  11. Stuck on computer's login screen

    It's common practice these days. Especially if app is requiring Internet connection to start up. During start up it sends license key details to the central server which verifies whether it's valid or not valid key, and allows/disallows starting it up.. Basically older key is invalidated, and new key is validated.. If you would try to run app using older license key, it would not run anymore.. ps. I prefer apps which can be start up off-line.. ps2. If company is gone, if central server is shutdown, or there is no Internet connection, application might be unable to run anymore.. (and you would have to make fake HTTP server, which will pretend central license key checking server of company to bypass it)
  12. The science is clear:

    Absolutely. That's why I want everybody to have solar panels on the roof, and walls, of each building, each house. Roof tiles which are absorbing photons. Now they can even be indistinguishable from regular one. Musk makes them. But they should be at fraction of his company price to become worldwide popular. Roads which are absorbing photons (and transferring electrical energy to vehicles flying slightly above them, to not waste energy on friction). etc. etc. Farmers should transform to engineers and build hermetic farmer's skyscrapers which will create optimal environment for plants inside of them. Use hydroponics to limit water usage. Produce ammonia from air and water and solar energy for themselves.
  13. Vintage vacuum toy...

    We're now in 3D printing age.. If you know dimensions (they can be established from e.g. size of the button), you can always 3D print it.. or reverse form with slightly higher dimensions, and use as form for casting..
  14. computer science

    It's simply result of how large is market share of each platform. 88% for Android. In my reply, I was concentrating on languages which have the largest market share, and thus the largest impact on human life (at the moment). I guess that depends on size of memory you have in embedded system. When you have plentiful of memory available you can use higher level languages, which can overbloat compiled code.. but if you're running out of memory, better optimize it by hand.. On Arduino we use C-like clone language. Sometimes I am surprised how big compiled output is (the biggest was on "wemos d1 with wifi" (Arduino-clone).. which at the same time had the largest amount of memory... (it can be programmed remotely through WiFi without plugging it to the computer) ). I believe so, intelligent and competent assembler programmer could optimize its size, better than C/C++ compiler, as I used to in early '80 and '90 years, when we had very tight limits on 8 bit microcomputers. While watching compiled and disassembled C/C++, sometimes I want to facepalm, what compiler did.. In '90 not once we were writing to C/C++ compiler-author that his compiler is generating the wrong code in some circumstances (especially when optimizations are turned on).. Today it's not possible because they're unknown by name, too quickly changing jobs, behind wall of incompetent managers and staff who prevent direct contact with developers etc. etc.
  15. computer science

    We could classify them by hardware and environment. 1) Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches etc. Majority Java. Minority C# (Unity, Unreal game engines scripts). Minority C/C++. 2) Windows, Unix, Macintosh, development for individual retail clients C/C++, C#, minority Java 3) Servers Majority Java, C/C++, Perl, Python 4) Web development PHP, Javascript, Java, minority C/C++ (CGI and custom Apache/HTTP server modules). 5) Hardware, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, IC Assembler, and bit of C/C++.