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  1. Greatest Possible Beings and Posets

    Hm.. I don't agree with this statement.. You're trying to use mathematics, to classify human-made concepts like "morality".. What is this "morality"? What is this "greater moral" or "less moral".. ? If you will kill bug, are you more moral than if you will kill fish? If you will kill fish, are you more moral than if you will kill cow? How to judge it.. ? What if that fish, or bug, was new specie which (if you wouldn't kill it) evolve to completely new branch of organisms, which would after millions of years become intelligent, create civilization, and start flying to cosmos.. basically replacing humans after e.g. nuclear war.. ? How to convert it (human-made concepts like "morality") to math number (integer? real? irrational?), so you will be able to use comparison operator on them.. ? One of my beloved examples: mass extinction of dinosaurs. From point of view of dinosaurs, it was the end of their life.. the worst est day in their entire history.. From point of view of mammals (at least the one which survived), the greatest thing that could happen. Now, some humanist-religious person would say "thanks God, that dinosaurs died! He/she did it for us to be able to appear on the Earth!".. and it'll be example of anthropocentrism, misconception which is the core of the all major religions of this world, that Earth was made for humans, and source of many modern problems, with e.g. global warming, destruction and devastation of natural environment, etc. etc. The same might say successor of fish, or bug, after millions years from now.. "thanks God, that humans died! He/she did it for us to be able to appear on the Earth!"..
  2. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    I was answering from programmer's point of view, about possibility of implementing the feature, without saying it should be done, or should not be done. The easiest would be of course write feature request to authors of software. Additionally to exclusion of some sections from voting system, there could be added weighting system e.g. each section vote can have different value to overall ranking. Default is 1:1. But we would like to decrease weight of vote in e.g. jokes section for sure.
  3. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Not necessarily actually, if somebody would really really need it. We can generate to temporary buffer (if somebody used e.g. scrambled/obfuscated code) , instead of directly to stdio, and then analyze that buffer, to remove what is not needed. In PHP it's done using ob_ (...) functions:
  4. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    From programming point of view, it would take few minutes to implement: Pseudo-code: if( get_section( $section_id ) != "Politics" ) { add_vote_up_down(); } In other words, if user is in section different than Politics, buttons for voting are generated and sent to forum user. ps. If you want forum developers to implement feature that you need, you just need to send feature-request to them. Without feature-request they have no idea what is needed, and they do what they want by them self.
  5. Arming Teachers

    "Speech is silver, but silence is golden".. It matches almost perfectly each time when Trump is opening his mouth..
  6. It's not equation. It's assignment operator. Programmer can overload assignment and/or copy-assignment operators to implement custom operation executed after assigning something to object. Things that have basically nothing to do with mathematics.
  7. Studiot is not complaining about upvotes/downvotes, but that web browser does not update after clicking button, like it used to in previous version of software, in the past.. We just clicked upvote on his OP, to check it, and verify his findings. And confirmed observation. From computer programmer point of view, typically in such dynamically generated web sites, it's job of AJAX to download new updated page (or just fraction of page), after user interaction.
  8. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    There are revenge downvotes (causing negative feelings), and there are "revenge" (in positive sense) upvotes.. I like more second ones.. but still... they can be (mis)used by some people as a way to manipulate other people.. ("how can you dislike me, if I am 'liking' every post you made?!")
  9. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    They made it on purpose. The more controversial subject, the more people disagree. But there is no other way to share your point of view other way than writing essay in reply.. which brings more ads displayed, the more attention, and it's black hole sucking even more people in wasteless discussion.. etc. etc. recursive loop.
  10. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    FB/Twitter/Google+ are screwed up because of inability to say you don't agree with crap somebody said.. and it gives incorrect impression everybody agrees with it, when there is visible dozen "likes".. and nobody "dislikes" crap somebody said.. Down vote is often (always?) disagreement for somebody said. Without having to write entire essay about why do we disagree, which would be flooded by dozen of posts and basically disappear, in the ocean of discussion..
  11. Multivar equation help

    Why not write C/C++ program? #include <stdio.h> int main( void ) { int counter = 1; for( int x = 0; x <= 15; x++ ) { for( int y = 0; y <= 15; y++ ) { for( int z = 0; z <= 15; z++ ) { int result = x + z - y; if( ( result == 0 ) || ( result == 15 ) ) { printf( "%d. X=%d Y=%d Z=%d\n", counter, x, y, z ); counter++; } } } } return( 0 ); } It generated 272 results, check results.txt in Release folder.
  12. "Ant–fungus mutualism"–fungus_mutualism There are many living organisms like ants which are farmers. They are finding food which their "cows" are "eating", feeding them, and use whatever their "cows" are producing, equivalent of "milk". Other example ant-aphids. "A lichen is a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of multiple fungi"
  13. separating fluorine in freon?

    If you will write entire, step by step, instruction "how to make explosives" in your (hypothetical) science fiction novel, it'll be the bestseller for any terrorist-to-be.. Extracting fluorine from anything, to use it, to make explosives, I would call quite silly idea, as there are much easier ways to make explosives. If you think we will tell you here "how to make explosives step-by-step", you completely lost mind..
  14. Search failed...

    There is Search Term field: You have to fill both, and then press Search Content button.
  15. Original HTML was static, and required to redownload entire page to update contents ("refresh"/"reload"). It causes lost of data entered in forms, heavy data transmission, and other annoyances. But later, there has been added AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript And XMLHttpRequest: It allows website programmers to redownload just part of page. "dynamic web page" reacts for user action immediately, generating content on the fly, or redownloading them asynchronously. Maybe forum software allows enabling/disabling AJAX by admins, and after update it has not been enabled again.. ?