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  1. Bollocks. Anyone can use calorimeter to measure amount of energy required to melt piece of ice..
  2. Ice is an exception to this rule. Water in solid state has smaller density than in liquid state. Sorry, could not resist..
  3. Photons are emited by matter and eventually absorbed by matter, reflected or diffused, or refracted. There are other types of interactions at higher energies.. Blackbody radiation depends on temperature of body. Not always, but usually. There are also rare up conversions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon_upconversion https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-photon_absorption It is simply a matter of probability. To upconvert there are needed two or more photons with lower energies to be absorbed in very short window of time, in the right moment.. To downconvert there is needed just one photon and it is spontaneous process. Throw a dice to get 1 of 6, versus throw two dices to get 1 and 1 in single shot. There is 6 x 6 = 36 combinations.
  4. Mass is physical property. Sum of masses of the all particles added together. Volume is physical property. Space used by particles by themselves and space between them. One can use weight to measure mass. Then calculate or measure volume. Divide them both to get average density. If you have volume and know average density (e.g. from tables) you can calculate mass. It is often used tool. If you have mass, and know molar mass, you can tell quantity of particles or molecules (in uniform substance like distilled water). Is it not the basics that you should learn on physics and chemistry lessons?
  5. I am using my balcony as refrigerator during true winter (hard to get one these days).. After shopping e.g. beers and meat land on my balcony (there is -5 C at the moment). Before refrigerator has been created people used ice houses https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_house_(building) which costed nothing to operate except a while of work to gather ice. ps. Typical house electronic and electric devices are not designed to operate in cold and/or humid environment..
  6. Consequences of global warming will be massive starvation, wars for water and food, increase of food and water prices, massive emigration of billions of people living on lands affected by increased temperatures to more moderate temperature regions (Europe, North America and North East Asia). Death of sea wild fishes and sea living organisms (plankton does not like higher temperatures and it is primary food source of the all sea living higher level organisms). Oxygen dissolves less efficiently at higher temperatures of water. Sea living organisms have no time to adjust for lower concentration of Oxygen, so many species will extinct. People relying on sea living organisms will be starving or will have to switch to other food sources even further increasing their prices. And so on, so on..
  7. This is timelapse video made from photos taken by satellites for forty years. Snow and ice, white surface generally , is reflecting sun light. Water absorbs light and gets hotter. So the less snow during winter on poles and land (mostly Northern Hemisphere) the higher increase of temperatures and the Sun is start adding its brick to human made global warming.. There is many such correlations accelerating global warming. ..sounds like you don't want to ask questions and learn..
  8. Did you see video from my previous post? Global warming means change of global maxima as well as global minima from moderate to more extremes. For example in the case of United Kingdom temperature will drop and UK will have colder winters than now. Don't be fooled that it's sign against global warming! It will be result of global warming.
  9. They are made to fool people and earn money on ads..
  10. In classical physics there is not boundary where force is literally reaching absolute zero. Equations just follow inverse-square law, or inverse-cubic law, etc. and vice versa in the other direction. That is often pointed out argument, by some people on this forum ("antiscience crackpots"), against quantum physics i.e. "why electron does not fall to nucleus". Energy is property of particle. Kinetic energy of particle or molecule, rotational energy of particle or molecule, is "lost" during collision with other particles. "lost" means that other particles will be created, which will carry on that energy away of place where collision happened. i.e. accelerated electron by electron gun, toward e.g. phosphorescent screen, will lose its kinetic energy after collision with the screen, and new photon(s) will be created which will carry on that energy away. Feature which was used in early CRT old TVs. Essential potential energy of particle ("mass-energy") is converted to kinetic energy of newly made particles during annihilation with antimatter (electron and positron). In the case of other particle-antiparticle pair annihilation is much more complicated (part of energy converts to rest-mass of newly created particles e.g. meson PI). Part of mass-energy of nuclei (or nucleus) is converted to kinetic energy of newly made particles during fusion, fission and radioactive decay.
  11. Concrete does not trap much of water *). But in urban areas it causes water to quickly flow to rivers disallowing to be absorbed by soil. Accelerated rate of flow of water might cause flooding even in places hundred kilometers away, as river water level is unnaturally raised up. Simply saying water is too quickly finding path to rivers. In older times the rivers used to meander. But it was taking large of areas of countries, so people started "straightening" rivers, to gain fertile areas around rivers, which used to be muds and swamps, for agricultural production. https://www.google.com/search?q=straightening+rivers "This straightening causes the streams to flow more rapidly, which can, in some instances, vastly increase soil erosion. It can also increase flooding" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_engineering Read instruction of making concrete (there is mentioned how much of water you have to add to cement), and multiply by worldwide concrete production (search net for both information). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water–cement_ratio *) ~35% according to the above article.
  12. "Weather satellites have been available to infer sea surface temperature (SST) information since 1967, with the first global composites occurring during 1970.[9] Since 1982,[10] satellites have been increasingly utilized to measure SST and have allowed its spatial and temporal variation to be viewed more fully." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite_temperature_measurements Comparison of temperatures collected from satellites and ground monitoring stations: There is no need for specialized weather satellites to capture photography of Arctic, Greenland, Antarctic etc. etc. and to make timelapse video from forty years: ...or measure the amount of land that has turned into a desert during the last forty years... ... or measure the number of forest fires (and area) during the last forty years.. etc. etc.
  13. @BorisBoris Multimeters, oscilloscopes and electronic/electric devices used by electricians are typically measuring frequency of alternating current (AC) or pulsing DC. This formula tells how much single photon has energy.
  14. Media journalists abuse words like "crisis" to have catchy title for an article, so people will visit and read their article. It is similar to the words "professional", and "intelligent" in advertising materials. Just yet another clickbait. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clickbait
  15. Therefor scientists (cosmologists with computer programmers together) are making simulations... 1) change code of simulation. 2) change constants and/or variables. 3) rerun simulation on supercomputer cluster . 4) compare results of simulation with results from Hubble and other telescopes. The example of delay of photons travelling from supernova versus neutrinos (which arrive hours or minutes earlier) suggest that similar delay should be from light from distant galaxies. I would start from placing these delays on graph with distance to supernova (measured different methods) to check how delay varies with distance. If data will be consistent later it could be used as method of estimation of distance to supernova just from delay.
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