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  1. Majority of the existing isotopes are radioactive. Only a small fraction of all isotopes are stable. Uranium has two isotopes with relatively high half-life U-235 with ~ 704 mln years and U-238 with ~ 4468 mln years. Uranium is widely present in the Earth's crust (2 to 4 parts per million). During Uranium fission there are produced much faster decaying isotopes. Some radioactive isotopes are even part of living organisms body, including you. Carbon C-14 with half-life ~5760 years and Potassium K-40. If Carbon C-14 atom is becoming part of DNA/RNA or part of living cell, decay of it may cause damage of DNA/RNA or damage of cell. The result is mutation, damage and in extremity cancer. Carbon C-14 is created day-by-day by cosmic rays in the upper region of Earth's atmosphere. Check natural decay chain of U-235 and U-238: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decay_chain#Uranium_series Check Uranium U-235 fission chain https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-235 e.g. U-235 + n0 -> Ba-141 + Kr-92 + 3 n0 Notice that free neutron is causing Uranium 235 to break apart. But new free neutrons are created by this type of reaction. So if newly produced free neutron will hit yet another Uranium U-235 atom, entire process will repeat. Situation when it happens spontaneously is called a critical mass. Different fissile isotopes require different critical mass. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_mass When free neutron is captured by otherwise stable isotope it may be converted to unstable isotope. Object becomes contaminated. Check Uranium 235 fission products decay chains: "Ba-141 decay chain" and "Kr-92 decay chain". They (and the rest of fuels) are the so-called "nuclear reactor waste". Some of them easily dissolve in water, e.g. Cesium, that a living organism can consume. Some of them are replacing Calcium in bones, e.g. Barium and Strontium, which may lead to bone cancer many years after being contaminated.
  2. Let me reply with a movie clip.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZEJ4OJTgg8 "we are borg, resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg
  3. In an experiment with a cat, a radioactive atom is used that decays at a random moment.
  4. IMHO Schroedinger was trying to point out that quantum theory is probabilistic. There is nothing unintuitive and strange in randomness. Lack of randomness would mean absolute determinism i.e. events would always go one way at precisely defined moments. That would be damn boring Universe. Like playing chess always one fixed way.
  5. Sensei


    Leonardo DiCaprio is much more. He is my climate change ambassador: https://www.climatechangenews.com/2014/09/17/leonardo-dicaprio-appointed-un-climate-ambassador/ Actor just play a role..
  6. Sensei


    Why do you think it was a bad movie? I liked it... Character played by Leonardo DiCaprio says about 50% commission from penny stocks trading.. As a somebody who has years of experience in stocks.. here we have stockbroker's commission less than 2% even if you order stocks by phone. With on-line trading it can go very low, to less than 0.25% the last time I purchased stocks (when you're doing day-trading i.e. buy and sell in the same day). Movie presents past times '90 or so.. I even wrote application (actually two) for calculation stockbroker's commission (it is added during buying and during selling, with minimum on the both), to tell me when stocks will be worth selling (i.e. enter amount and stock price, output with commission, enter current price, output with commission, calculate final-sell-price minus final-buy-price) People/companies with high volume (i.e. VIP) can negotiate custom stockbroker's commission fee.. This movie is about how salesman of whatever can manipulate weak mind people..... Now you have POTUS-world-gun-salesman/peddler... Peddler with airplane. ... in that statement you are right ... most people only think of money, how to get it, etc etc. etc.
  7. 1) there is no single unique design of mask on the world. Don't compare apples to oranges. 2) medic is healthy. Fair test should be performed on somebody with breathing problems. e.g. stuffed nose. 3) medic is performing test in just a couple seconds. Such test to get more precise results should take hours. 4) medic has no beard. If you have longer beard and wear mask after 5 minutes you will have dizziness. 5) his heart started beating faster by 5.4%. when he started test it was 74. At the end it is 78. Why do you think so? Because organism noticed lack of Oxygen and increased rate of heart-beating to counter it.. He should perform a much longer test and just fast rewind video. Put data on graph vs time. 8h+ time of experiment not just 70 seconds.. 6) medic should show what happens if access to air is completely shutdown e.g. what will happen after covering nose by hand and what Oxygen level will be on the screen.
  8. No. You had to see it in COVID-19 mega thread and you forgot, because I mentioned it in February 2020. "Have you seen videos with people losing consciousness on the street and failing and lying down on the ground?" https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/121314-corona-virus-general-questions-mega-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1132907 ...there are even CCTV videos and recorded by smartphone and uploaded to YouTube videos made in January 2020 with people laying on the streets.. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10808633/coronavirus-wuhan-zombieland/ It is now hard to find specific material because net is flooded by articles about COVID-19.. Are you making conspiracy theory that people made these videos with actors and actresses? And they hired medics with entire ambulance just to make "viral video" to spread misinformation.. ? Medics on these videos wear full uniforms with masks, the same as used during COVID-19 pandemic. Medics don't go with full uniform with masks just to car accident as article suggests. Linked by you article may be exactly example of misinformation, to make people doubt everything what they see, and hear, including videos. (in era of A.I. generated Deepfakes and future, it may be a good idea.... poor humans... future does not look bright) CCTV/smartphone videos compilation is even in your own article: I will repeat, once again, China government in January 2020 ordered the all people to wear masks. If somebody had problems with breathing due to illness which was not diagnosed yet, and was forced to wear mask which even more limited access of Oxygen, could lose consciousness.. That situation happened in early January China, before permanent lock down.. "Losing consciousness" is not "symptom of coronavirus", as you, and link that you gave above suggests. It is result of wearing all day long masks (at work and way to work and back, in the all public places) which limits free access of Oxygen.
  9. When you have COVID-19 without symptoms, without any visible signs, you are lucky.. for now.. but when you have it for real the first symptom is unbearable tiredness.. You can sleep for 8, 10 or 12 hours, wake up, sit on chair, and after 5 minutes of sitting you have thoughts that you are so tired of sitting, just literal sitting, not doing anything, for these 5 minutes, you have thoughts that you have to go back to the bed.... Your organism has too low Oxygen.. Wearing masks on the face of such person even more decreases free access of Oxygen. Therefor people in China were literally losing consciousness on streets and laying down in subway.. Massive amount of people losing consciousness, counted in tens and hundred people per day terrified ordinary people and Chinese government to the level not remembered for hundred years or so..
  10. ..I am fighting with them all day long..
  11. ...we have enough of members not bothering about non-empirical evidences.. they end up in Speculation part of this forum.. and then in Banned part.. ..how so.. ? You're mortal entity with limited amount of time here on the Earth.. and you spend it on asking and trying to answer questions you cannot get answers (which my post was about)... Entity living in where it is living is able to examine only place where it is living.. You cannot examine places which you don't live... You cannot prove or disprove places where you are not living.. By "true knowledge" I meant "empirically verifiable knowledge".. Why to waste time of (limited) human life time on things which are not verifiable.. ?
  12. ..if we take your words seriously then mathematics is religion e.g. 2+2=4 ... ? "to be, or not to be".. isn't Boolean either.. ?
  13. Philosophies distract people from true knowledge and waste their time which they could spend on studying subjects that can be verified experimentally. e.g. discussions about paradoxes. It's a kinda like programmers talking about infinite loops and endless algorithms. It is better to concentrate on feasible topics than on impossible to complete.. ..my speech shows my pragmatism..
  14. Do you realize that you can download and install software simulating flow of fluids around geometry that you will make to check out how much you will gain (if anything)? e.g. https://www.autodesk.com/products/cfd/free-trial This way your posts would look much more professional if they will include recorded animation of simulation uploaded to YouTube with comparison of various designs..
  15. There are many examples of animals which evolved independently, from different branches of evolutionary tree, which are very similar, at least from POV how they look and behave. Example: birds, pterosaurs, bats. Re-making true dinosaur (or extraterrestrial animals, including intelligent one) is plausible.. because you can go through the all possible combinations of DNA in a loop, run simulation of animal inside the computer (or rather network of supercomputers), and sooner or later (rather later) you will find the right combination of DNA which will match (but you will have problem of knowing it really does match perfectly.. that is another problem). So, better find damaged DNA of dinosaur, in amber or so, then run simulation in a loop, to find missing parts which will fit and work and simulated animal will be able to live inside of your simulation (to verify it is promising DNA sequence for later tests and uses)..
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