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  1. Maybe you would like to rephrase it to "does quantum physics in lab operate on too large energies to be able to detect so subtle things like gravity?"..
  2. Depends on the particle. Neutrinos don't. Google for "Photon-neutrino scattering".. Google for "Photon-neutrino scattering" (to limit just to CERN). 21k articles.
  3. Collapse of civilization can cause lost of knowledge. It's plausible. It happened couple times already. They're known as "dark ages", Greek dark ages, because there is no written records (or in very limited quantity) what happened in that times.. Information from ancient times, and history were stored traditionally on stones (it can survive quite a lot, but has limited capacity and quantity of copies), later replaced by paper (quite vulnerable, won't survive inappropriate environment, too large humidity etc. but can be used to heat room in cold winter..), now we have digital data stored on tapes (you can't even read tapes from '80 years the most likely), data stored on CD, DVD, Blu-ray.. They are practicability not readable without enormous amount of knowledge and/or device designed to read them, thus way far more vulnerable to be lost (by which I understand "unable to be read/understood/decoded anymore") in the case hypothetical collapse of civilization.. Store data in PDF, and imagine that you have no PDF reader anymore, and you're pretty much screwed... It's pretty hard to decode file-format, it can use different compression algorithms for different object streams (I wrote (pretty basic) PDF reader, terminology from file-format specification). It can have embedded image files (from scanner). Language of human evolves with time. Introducing yet another way of losing data because inability to read even not compressed raw text, in in the future, unknown language.
  4. There can be created (or modified already existing one) electric tractors.. There can be made tractors using ethanol/methanol as fuel, which can be produced from remains of agricultural production even by farmers by them self and being self sustainable. Collapse of civilization does not necessarily means immediate lost of knowledge. Knowledge will be the most valuable thing you can have.
  5. These people are mostly not interested in politics. They knew him only as celebrity, as TV presenter, as businessman, and judge him from this side..
  6. A centre of mass of the Universe.

    Not only. Two stars are made of matter in plasma state. And there is center of mass of binary star system. There is center of mass of Solar system etc.
  7. Movement

    What does it mean to you "move like particle"... "move like wave"... ? Matter-wave (aka "Broglie wavelength") is calculated from kinetic energy/momentum of matter-particle. Photon-wave is calculated from energy of photon particle [math]\lambda = \frac{h c}{E}[/math] From cumulative interactions between particles there is produced wave-like pattern effect like in interference or diffraction.
  8. Why mass of electron and proton particles are what

    Proton is stable only when it's free particle. Two (or more) bound together protons, e.g. extremely unstable nucleus of Helium-2, can decay via beta decay plus, emitting positron and electron neutrino, and release energy in this process. [math]_2^2 He^{+2} \rightarrow D^+ + e^+ + v_e[/math] If you're more interested read Wikipedia article about beta decay plus (aka "positron emission"): This decay mode is allowed only in proton-rich unstable isotopes. Protons fuse together, creating bound to nucleus neutron(s). Nucleus can be destroyed (e.g. photodisintegration , artificial induced radioactivity ) and it will liberate free neutrons (or protons, or other particles). Newly created neutrons can be e.g. captured , scattered , or decay . If we will replace proton by antiproton, and try to fuse them together, we should get exactly symmetrical reaction i.e. [math]p^- + p^- \rightarrow D^- + e^- + \bar{v}_e[/math] (prior fusion you had proton (or antiproton), after fusion, you don't have proton (or antiproton) anymore! There is bound neutron/antineutron instead) It's important, to explain why and how, there are formed chemical bounds between different atoms. e.g. why there is H2 molecule (not H alone), why He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe are monoatomic gases, etc. etc. Elementary charge (e) is also quantum number.
  9. Croatian Toponyms

    Are you expert in this specialized field by yourself.. ?
  10. Why mass of electron and proton particles are what

    You used here -M and +M.. Does it mean negative mass and positive mass.. ? Antimatter does not have negative mass.. For example, if you have typical pair production, energy of gamma photon is 1.022 MeV prior pair production, after we have electron with rest-mass 510998.928 eV/c^2 and positron also with rest-mass 510998.928 eV/c^2. Sum of rest-masses of particle and antiparticle, multiplied by c^2, is equal to energy of gamma photon, prior reaction. If rest-mass of antiparticle would be negative, sum of their energies would be equal to 0.
  11. Why mass of electron and proton particles are what

    It was annihilation channels of proton-antiproton at rest prior annihilation. Rules of speculation section of this forum is that the only creator of thread is speculating, and the all other members of forum are using well-tested mainstream physics to answer questions and point out any problems. If somebody would start debating, it could be treated as thread hijacking, if he/she will be making his/her own model of sub-particles (building "bricks" of regular particles). We should start from: - what are charges of your sub-particles? - what are masses (rest-masses?) of your sub-particles? - what are other quantum numbers of your sub-particles.. ? - what are other properties of your sub-particles.. ?
  12. Verifying Digital Clock Accuracy

    Make computer script. It should connect to atomic Internet clock (google: "atomic internet clock time" e.g. or "International Atomic Time"), and at the same time take local computer clock, and store them somewhere, then wait quite a long period of time e.g. 24h and repeat readings. If they are different, you will be able to calculate loss per day, loss per hour, or loss per second.. Computers/smartphones/tablets can be manually or automatically synchronized to "time servers". Google "how to synchronize time server android" (or replace Android by other OS name).
  13. UV Radiation

    We have too little data to make any judgment. That's why I asked to use IR camera to check temperatures inside house and outside, in the worst cases.. It's plausible. John Jeffkins didn't say which country, which state, he is living.. Something which works good in Canada, or Europe, not necessarily will work in Florida or Texas, or Mexico etc. etc. But how manufacturer will learn about it.. ? The most likely only from customers experiences.. That's what I said in the first row of my the first reply "I agree. There is too few UV photons alone to cause such effect.".... That's wrong. Because you would truly understand the nature of the problem. And be able to prevent in the future.. or even warn other customers to not make the same "mistake"... You might not need any refund.. any new door.. simply you might just need transparent paint, which will reflect more photons, which will prevent from heating it up..
  14. UV Radiation

    I am surprised by your comment. I was simply honest.. Don't you like honest people? what are your expectations from manufacturer of the door.. ? Questions what do you want from manufacturer are insulting you? How come? It appears so you want something (some action) from manufacturer, and they have no idea what do you want from them, and they have no idea how to fix it (probably never had such customer, search the net if somebody else complained prior you!).. (or they have exact idea that their door is crap product, and simply lying to you... but still there are questions: what do you want from them? what action? return of money? replacement?) Sorry, honestly, but nobody will do this investigation for you..
  15. UV Radiation

    I agree. There is too few UV photons alone to cause such effect. Surely color of paint can decrease warming effect of the Sun, if you will use whitish (reflective) colour... It will be probably pointless. Because what do you expect? Replacement? Replacement to the same color door the most likely will end up the same effect as you have already.. Replacement to different color door? White? (It probably won't match other elements of house) Return of money? And then what you will have instead of door? There are paints which can change characteristics of how much surface is reflective or transmissive. If you could get access to IR camera, you could measure temperature of your door.. then paint a bit of it with some reflective (transparent) paint, and compare the next day whether that area has smaller temperature (on IR camera screen!)..