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  1. "Promotion" means (at least to me) "advertisement". Better word would be "acceptance" IMHO. According to: "Article Publication Charges: Publishing under Open Access mode involves a publication fee of US $919." ..and so what.. ?
  2. You just need to attach Bluetooth tag to your keys (5 usd), and then you can use computer or smartphone to locate it. It could be reversed. Write app for Android which will start alert if smartphone is too far from Bluetooth tag like >= 10 m. And nobody will stole your smartphone so easily.
  3. Sensei

    Need Help:Calculation formula

    This this calculator: (searched net for "length of piece of paper rolled") ps. You need also tape thickness parameter..
  4. If there is created Uranium 238, there must be created trace of Plutonium 238, because one of rare decay modes of Uranium 238 is via double beta decay minus. Isotope Uranium-238 Protons 92 Neutrons 146 Mass 238.051 [u] Uranium-238 -> Thorium-234 + alpha + 4.26992 MeV Uranium-238 -> Plutonium-238 + e- + e- + Ve + Ve + 1.14415 MeV
  5. Sensei

    Planets made of gases

    They do evaporate. At the moment with slow rate. When the Sun will turn to red giant at the end of its life, outer gaseous giant planets will receive much more energy per surface area than they receive now, and evaporation will accelerate. Solid inner planets will also evaporate, much quicker and much more violently. It is just a matter of time.
  6. Yes, absolutely. If inner shell electron is ejected, one of outer shell electrons can emit photon and replace it. Then ejected electron might emit photon again, and replace older outer electron space. It was showed in x-ray photon interactions video: Gamma photon with enough energy can disintegrate nucleus, in the process called photodisintegration.
  7. Sensei

    The Climate Change Fraud

    List of tornadoes, storms and hurricanes in U.S. for review: The less fatalities do not mean, they were weaker, just that they passed through smaller villages rather than bigger cities (and people were better prepared)..
  8. Sensei

    The Climate Change Fraud

    The level of damage made to cities is not strictly correlated to strengths and quantities of tornadoes, storms or hurricanes. They can go through sparsely populated area, while their strengths might be extreme. Your conclusions? They had to be weak storms because small damage in $$$.. !
  9. ...or you can use your smartphone as Remote Controller.. ps. "Peel Smart Remote" demands extraordinary amount of unnecessary for this functionality security privileges.. so I disabled this app..
  10. Sensei

    Claims regarding sex and gender

    1 per 1000 is 0.1% not 1%. After summing the largest cases of your numbers, we are receiving ~0.35%. That's 1 per 300 or so. Yes, if these numbers are accurate, there might be even 25-30 millions of people who are neither male nor female. Only extremists conservatives tend to dismiss their existence.. Or even worser, if they are attacking them, killing (like in Syria and in other totalitarian regimes).. in soft version of conservative community dismissing their existence by not allowing them to have their "sex"/"gender" mentioned in the papers. So affected people have to lies in the papers, as there is appropriate field to pick the right option for them.. Somebody who has body of male and feels internally female, finds attractive gender male. Somebody who has body of female and feels internally male, finds attractive gender female. Which results in e.g. excitement and erection etc. Similar like with gays and lesbians. It can be checked even on MRI, by providing photography of naked male/female, and checking brain activity. Similar with gays and lesbians (and pedophiles). Brain activity during MRI can reveal sexual preference of a person.
  11. Sensei

    Simple share point help

    @Silvestru BTW, remember that HTML element can be in multiple classes at the same time. For instance: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .bold { font-weight: bold; } .red { color: red; } </style> </head> <body> <div class="red bold">Example red bold text</div> <div class="red">Example red text</div> <div class="bold">Example bold text</div> </body> </html> Therefor class name cannot have space " " inside. It's used to separate one class from other class when element is in multiple classes at the same time ("red bold"). On your example from screen-shot we can even see that internal <span> tag is using 5 different classes.
  12. Sensei

    Simple share point help

    Reedited.. On his screen-shot sideNavBox is ID not class.. CSS qualifier for IDs would be #sideNavBox Okay. Let's try this instead: #sideNavBox { background-color: red; } or { background-color: red; } This class mentioned in the first post ("menu-item-text") is nowhere on his screen-shot. But there is class with name "menu-item"..
  13. Sensei

    Simple share point help

    How are you interpreting @Silvestru words "Could you please help me change the actual background colour with a similar script? " ?? Example: We have HTML code <span class="menu">MENU!"</span> to change menu text color, you will use CSS: .menu { color: red; } to change background color of it you will use CSS: .menu { background-color: red; } to change both text and background color of it you will use CSS: .menu { color: white; background-color: red; } After rethinking.. maybe you're talking about "border" property in CSS.. ? It's indeed possible to change left, right, top and bottom properties of border. Such "bar" of single color on the currently picked up menu for instance. It's often used nowadays in modern websites. Either left or right and bottom, below some menu item.
  14. Sensei

    Simple share point help

    Try rather: span span .menu-item-text { background -color: red; } The left side of CSS row are qualifiers. There are qualifiers for tag-names (e.g. <span>), for classes (prefix "." (dot) e.g. ".menu-item-text"), and for id (prefix "#" e.g. #myID). You should better read W3Schools
  15. Sensei

    Simple share point help

    In CSS it can be done using background-color property: JavaScript code should call document.getElementById()/getElementsByClassName()/getElementsByName()/getElementsByTagName()/getElementsByTagNameNS() This article has example of how to make buttons that change color of text dynamically if user is pressing them in JavaScript. background-color in JavaScript is called backgroundColor: Actually you have here entire code for setting backgroundColor from button. Click on "Try it Yourself".