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  1. Scientists who found a new unknown element in the Sun's spectrum did not yet know about fusion. The name was given only because it was found on the Sun (its spectral lines).
  2. "Everything is spinning down".. what an inappropriate/non-scientific choice of words.. Everything goes from a higher energy level to a lower energy level. Decay energy is used to create new particles of various kinds depending on available energy in CoM FoR. The most common particle is the photon (layman version "light"). Spinning object has more energy than non-spinning object. e.g. spinning flywheel vs stationary flywheel. Friction (interaction of e.g. spinning object with something else, which might be even a cosmic ray in vacuum) decelerates the one which has more energy and accelerates the one which has less energy prior interaction.
  3. What sockpuppets do? Follow strings.. If he is nominated by the Republican Party, the next presidential election will not be Republican Party vs. Democratic Party tournament, but pro-V.P. or anti-V.P., pro-totalitarian-regime or anti-totalitarian-regime..
  4. Dyson sphere.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere The efficiency of the solar collector is 75%. e.g. instead of heating water with gas or electricity, you can have hot water for bathing or showering without energy costs.. but you have to take a bath at the right time of the day, not at any time.
  5. Not really.. "God's will" The destruction of the pipe makes it impossible to blackmail Europe by closing it and reconnecting it, at will.. so, it is gone, for real.. "God's will"
  6. @paulsutton"This periodic table depicts the primary source on Earth (...)" ... Helium on Earth is formed by radioactive decay, alpha decay..
  7. ..and I was talking about you making measurement of volume, thus indirectly measurement of mass, which you can gain using your technology.. If an engineer has a device made of, say, iron, with a density of 7.87 g/cm^3, and changes it to a magnesium-aluminum alloy, with a density between 1.74 g/cm^3 to 2.7 g/cm^3, he will immediately gain 3-4 times, for example, the device mass will drop from 1,000 kg to 220-290 kg. Show how much you can gain using your technology.. The air between the elements will weigh more..
  8. @StringJunkyUS military, politicians and media, use the word "neutralization" instead of "murder"
  9. Air has density ~ 1.29 g/L, Hydrogen has density ~ 0.09 g/L, Helium has density ~ 0.18 g/L. i.e. they are all >> 1000 times less dense than regular solid matter. Magnesium (the lightest structural metal) has density ~ 1738 g/L, Aluminium has density ~ 2700 g/L, and other metals even more.. Mg-Al alloys are used in engineering where low weight is recommended. How much volume do you want to convert from air to Hydrogen and possibly to vacuum? Try to calculate this based on the size of the device.. Multiply by above numbers and you will calculate possible gain.. and rethink if it is all worth it. IOW, what is so revolutionary about making balloon or airship?
  10. Gamma photon(s) can be emitted by the nucleus, and X-rays and UV photon(s) can be emitted by electrons transitioning to the ground state of the daughter isotope. The 1s orbital is vacant, so further electrons will have to decay via photon emission to reach their final states.
  11. Sometimes this is the case. If the exclusive mode of decay is electron capture, then a fully ionized atom cannot decay because there are no electrons in the shell(s). Beryllium-7 is an example of an isotope that has a slightly different half-life when metallic than in compounds. https://www.google.com/search?q=Beryllium-7+half+life+change
  12. If the Russians send new soldiers (>= 300,000) to Ukraine, it's high time to close all borders, with literally everything.. forever.. destroy bridges, just in case, etc.
  13. Mods, please, rename user account to "galactosedestroyer"..
  14. Make a document, print it out, and place in toilet in visible place from WC..
  15. Google does the conversion, you don't have to visit any website.
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