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  1. PDF contains text and images. Start from making sure your text is really text, not image. e.g. some people scan paper documents and output from scanner (images) are put as is inside of the PDF document. To handle images there is needed OCR. Completely different procedure. Also text can be in several columns. Attempt to OCR will result in having couple words from each column mixed each row! Find some example here and copy and paste it for a start: https://www.google.com/search?q=python+extract+text+from+pdf This is what ordinary layman would do. Programmers write scripts which will automatically extract needed data. Manual extraction of data from thousands files would take months or years of work. In some not computerised countries and companies, people still work that way in offices. That's bizarre. And results in waste of human resources, ineffectiveness, inproductivity of company, office or government. Inability to compete with the real world were such job is done by programmers. Programmers wanting to extract data from documents have different than amount of information, problems like damage of character encodings (it doesn't bother much UK, US, Australia and Canada programmers, but the rest of world indeed), text in scanned images, text in columns, incorrect recognition of the letter by OCR etc. etc.
  2. They will rather send a Tesla. "First Tesla on another planet".. Actually they could do this (launch a rocket) this week..
  3. Depends on what do you mean by the "structure fundamentally similar".. ..you should search for articles on comparing MRI scans of twins..
  4. Bluetooth works reliablely only a few meters. If you run app in continuous BT discovery mode the all other devices with enabled BT will be captured (unless they have disabled BT, or enabled airplane mode). So app knows which devices (and indirectly which people) were around you (and their phone's BT MAC addresses). And if person is ill the all people with close proximity (5-10m) will be identified (if government app would send MAC address to central server). The problem with this method is that the all people have to have smartphone, and all have to have installed application, and must have battery fully charged, and never exhaust it.. continuous usage of BT drains battery very quickly. To make application work, device can't go to sleep mode. My device especially not liking WiFi, and GPS, but BT is third to drain battery.. Obviously there is (well deserved!) reluctance from democratic countries people concerning about their privacy. Therefore even Android app which asks for Bluetooth permission also requires coarse location permission, since Android v10, fine location permission, and since Android v11, background location permission. As a side note, if you have WiFi turned on, Hotspot mode or not, MAC address can also identify your device (it is unique in the world). But WiFi and BT have different MAC addresses. So, entire idea of usage of BT could work only in totalitarian country, like North Korea etc. (if they would have electronic devices and electricity all day long)
  5. Fast neutrons (with higher kinetic energy) can destroy nuclei i.e. split it to clusters. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_decay Search net for "fast neutrons induced cluster decay"
  6. The answer for your initial question is:
  7. I have extension to your teaser: Make 0 using once each 2, 11, 13, 17, 19, 101 with only + - x / ( ) as Operators.
  8. If creators don't want their articles to be listed by search engine, it is easy: 1) don't buy ads to advertise your website, and 2) edit robots.txt file to reject search engine crawler: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/robots/create-robots-txt The first example on the page is how to disallow Google crawler to scan your website. Copy'n'paste to your website, 5 seconds of work and ~24h delay (till crawler notice change) and you're gone. More and more journalists release articles behind paywall. Does Google or any other search engine owner pays to skip it? Nope.
  9. Politicians, and generally people around the world, have completely lost their minds... The idea that the search engine has to pay content creators is totally bizarre... Money goes exactly the reverse direction! Content makers pay Google to include their website and promote whatever they sell to the people! If person goes to shop to get something from the shop, person pays shop? or shop pays client to get it? Farmer pays clients to buy his/her products? or clients pay farmer to produce food? Australian politicians are: 1) idiots? 2) have no idea how IT works? 3) both.. ? 4) bribed/corrupted by local IT companies which make local search-engines.. ? so entire regulation is just to shutdown foreign IT companies and promote local search-engines instead.. ? (if 4th is the answer, local search-engine IT companies won't pay the content creators as well!) Australian politicians apparently think that shop should pay clients to get their stuff from shelves.. Instead of "talking with lawyers", they should talk to computer programmers first.. I believe so that any senior IT engineer in Australia is having facepalm on his/her face hearing it.. as least should have.. The search-engine has forever an ongoing auction of websites. There are hundred millions or billions websites and their pages around the world, and each of creator wants to appear as close as possible to the top of list of search results, because end clients read just the first page (rarely more) of result.. They (creators of content) pay Google (or any other commercial search-engine) to be on the top of list! There is limited space and everybody wants it. Creators pay Google, not Google Pays creators! Water does not flow uphill even on the opposite side of the Earth.. Australian politicians apparently think it does.. Bizarre.
  10. Even if phone would be made of radioactive materials like Uranium or Plutonium it is extremely unlikely they would cause brain tumour (chances like one to trillions) 1) radioactive particles have barrier of skin and skull 2) people don't hold phone 24/7 close to their head (count how long per day you phoned.. you have it on calling reports from your provider). UV light from from the Sun (having hundred thousands to millions times more energy than microwaves used by cell phone) don't cause brain tumours. It causes skin cancer. Why? Because particles can't penetrate and reach brain. However there are some quantum particles which can penetrate, but they are extremely powerful primary and secondary cosmic rays and free neutrons.
  11. 60 Hz is AC frequency in USA and couple others countries where is used such standard. In the Europe there is used 50 Hz AC. LED uses DC mostly. 230V/110 VAC is converted to 5-12 VDC first and no more pulsates. Frequency of photons have nothing to do how energy was delivered. You eat food and you are emitting photons in MW and IR spectrum visible by IR camera. BTW, try recording light bulb by smartphone camera with enabled 60 fps mode (or more) and you will see these pulses. Human eye is unable to see it because they are too fast. 60 Hz means there will be 120 pulses per second. Light bulb emits light no matter in which direction electrons fly.
  12. The largest known primes are Mersenne primes. You have no idea where are non-Mersenne primes prior it..
  13. You should start by taking a photo from the microscope and attaching in to your reply. Maybe someone will recognise the microorganism. Print it out and find veterinarians as well. Bresser with LCD is quite nice: https://www.google.com/search?q=bresser+lcd+microscope
  14. Any object emits photons with energy depending on temperature (blackbody radiation). But if temperature is equal to environment, object receives (absorbs) similar amount of energy in photons (and other ways) as it emits therefore illusion of lack of radiation ("equilibrium"). But if you will put object with room ambient temperature to e.g. refrigerator it will be emitting more than receiving back and cool down even more. Turned off smartphone, or totally broken smartphone also emits radiation. If you would put it in refrigerator and observe by IR camera you would see the difference (photons in IR and MW spectrum) and how it slowly goes from ambient room temperature 20-25 C to below 0 C, emitting less and less energetic photons. You could repeat with even lower refrigerator temperatures with liquid Nitrogen and get to even lower energetic photons from blackbody radiation.
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