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  1. This is two different questions, bc nothing happens in a vacuum (ironically).
  2. From your link: Imagine if you could talk to an albatross directly? Would that mean you understand what is so sexy about Tracey Albatross? Even a quantum leap in the number of electrodes per neuron, 1-1, IOW, this is the neuron that went "phoar"; wouldn't explain why it thought a sexy thought. Well, I know I am bc I just had to walk to the shop to buy what I need to eat and drink today, I can reasonably assume the human shaped entities I saw doing the same, were as conscious as me; IOW I understand what it feels like to be a human bc their neurons fire in a similar way to me. From your thread: Perhaps, when we understand our own consciousness, we'll have a chance to understand what it feels like to be an albatross; only then could we have a guess at if a machine is conscious.
  3. I dare say they'll expect it, till the day they can't, then luxury takes on a whole new meaning...
  4. But they aren't excessive, especially now, after decades of the same mantra; it has become a cliché, because people want to believe that any extra cash in our pockets will help us, in some way; growth is not just a math/cash problem. Of course not, they think they can survive it, for a number of reason's but mostly, bc they won't be around to see it; politics 101, don't be around when the miden hits the windmill...😇
  5. The idea that taxes can't solve a problem is demonstrably stupid, who payed NASA to go to the moon; and what was cut that stopped regular visit's? When are we (by which I mean people like you) going to realise that cutting taxes to promote growth is beyond naive, it's fucking insane; it's like the funnel of acceptance, that's taught to salespeople/banker's, "the magical cornucopia of plenty, where money is edible..."
  6. dimreepr

    Political Humor

    I get the joke, but I can't help but think that even geoff norcott would say "hang on a sec, what fire??? They not in the building yet...".
  7. Indeed, since it's not even a tangent of the topic at hand.
  8. Indeed, hubris seeds it's own demise, Trump is just a symptom of a deep seated disease.
  9. The real hubris of America (among others), is thinking that some people don't deserve a vote; I think populism would work fine if the populous all had a say. All democracy requires to reveal the truth of society, is everyones voice, not just those of us that think/assume we know better.
  10. Ultimately, it's Walt Disney's fault, for making us cry when Bambi's mum was killed; he greated the algorithm. That ignores the nuances of life, in favour of a cute picture.
  11. I can only imagine that he got hard... Which seems unlikely...
  12. Indeed, "cometh the hour cometh the man", all we got to ask ourselves, is this really the hour; or is it sometime next week?
  13. What makes you think space-time has a density? Fabric is a poor word to choose, it only explains things on one level, thereafter it's a hindrance to understanding; imagination only work's to expand our understanding, when diving from the right platform...
  14. The Judean peoples front... Fuck that...
  15. I'm a 'they' to you bc we don't agree... Seems like a fatuous reason, given that we are both human, and I'm going to assume male...
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