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  1. It's all too easy to just predict history, and that it will repeat itself, all I've got to do is make them, similar...
  2. You could always buy cider, then freeze it. This is a strange thread, is 99% alcohol a reasonable replacement for a dubiosly labelled 100% alcohol?
  3. I knew this was coming and I largely agree, except for what Phi just said... +1 BTW.
  4. Nostradamus is still the master.
  5. Let's hope, for y/our sake, they fail.
  6. But that's not true of national insurance in England, which is the context of my post. I dialled it back... See above... My point is, Insurance is only really socialist when it's in the public sector, because when it's in the private sector it's automatically biased. It's like privatising the utilities; it can't be safe to monitise water.
  7. dimreepr

    Canadian Protests

    I thought I had, but if you mean. Then ultimately we all do...
  8. Sensei is undoubtably educated and intelligent and normally a measured poster, so the word hysteria seems valid, or maybe panic.
  9. dimreepr

    Canadian Protests

    There is no line, you may as well ask, where is the ball...
  10. Don't feel guilty for an act of kindness, even if does go wrong (which you'll never know); if we all did that, it can't go wrong... 😊
  11. Maybe anti-socialism is a little strong, but most important insurance is, or almost, mandatory and that means we're in the grip of the invisible hand which is fundamentally in the private sector. As I said earlier (I think in this thread) a tythe is, I think, the ideal in terms of public ownership of insurances as there's a disconect between the money paid and the potential benefit received; one is in need and there's no one argueing "you can't be payed because it was an act of god, or...". And the house wins...
  12. The thing is, I remember the path and, with a map, I know where it's going. The sun shone for all of our yesterday's and will shine for all of our tomorrows (at least a few billion of them).
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