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  1. Indeed, but still we try...
  2. It doesn't disqualify consideration, but it might (probably does) disqualify our understanding of that entities consciousness; I can't even understand a fellow human, who chooses a different side to me, I can sympathise and accept their arguments because we share so many relative experiences of what it means to be man; that doesn't mean I understand what it means to be woman... Probably not now, but how can we tell when that line is crossed?
  3. No, but I can suggest a path to the right answer...
  4. Do you not see the problem with that logic? Indeed, and my answer pertains to grip in the corners... 😉 F1 struggle's with that question, every day...
  5. If we didn't have star's, how would we know where to go??? A map, is just a guide; why not plant this question in the religious forum?
  6. Any awareness of what is consciously decided has to be considered; be it be a bee or the internet. The problem is, how can we consider either, since we're neither...
  7. Then we're on the same page, at least...
  8. How many Fukushimas does it take to end the world?
  9. What consciousness seeks it's own end? It can be argued, that currently the internet does...
  10. Isn't that the Gaia hypothesis? How do you measure the awareness of a bee? To understand a consciousness, you have to walk a mile in their shoe's; all I know for sure is, I'm conscious and I'm aware of that and my mate agrees... 😉
  11. "A tank has such good traction (grip) that it almost never gets stuck. In a tank grip alone is good enough." Indeed and that's the reason why I included it, it has no differential. The only reason to include a differential, however sophisticated, is to go around corners quicker and easier. "Grip alone is not always the answer." To what, automotive, question?
  12. And you wonder why I want to get off this merry-go-round?
  13. Do you mean eat? because, by eat we have a different perception... Indeed...
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