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  1. You may not intend to be hurtful and cite outliers as an excuse, but it's not a reason. Should we seriously consider this? If it's a reason to be offended, then yes; are you in a position to determine that?
  2. A friend of mine once said "never go to the next lesson, until you've understood the last"; IOW don't rush it, you can only build on a solid foundation...
  3. Indeed +1, it reminds me of "The catcher in the rye" something one has to grow out of.
  4. How often does the written word, confuse the message? Is it so surprising Socrates, refused to write?
  5. He who is without sin, cast the first stone; it's not an internet thing, it's a people thing. "My parent's slapped me and I turned out OK" is oft lamented and seldom understood; my father slapped me once, because I was seriously taking the piss (he sent me to bed for being naughty, but I knew he'd cool down and let me watch my favourite program, so I didn't even put on my PJ's), I understood the lesson. My mother never raised a hand to me, but when she thought I'd nicked a fiver from her purse, she called the police. There's many paths to nirvana, indifference isn't one of them...
  6. We all follow a hero, just don't look to close...
  7. A pain free lesson isn't about insulating everyone from suffering, it's about preparing them to accept their situation, A loving mother will slap the child if it tries to run into the road, and then immediately cover them with kiss'. The balance is love, not tough love. I don't think you're arrogant, I think you're misinformed and operating under that bias; I can't force you too understand the difference, that's the point. JP is trying to force an issue, he doesn't want to understand... I can guess, you had it worse than me?
  8. Because you do listen, and say important thing's...
  9. Indeed; but wouldn't you want a pain free lesson?
  10. Which one of the four is "more than others"?
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