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  1. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    only virtual ones...
  2. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    In the land of the free, why are so many in prison?
  3. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Everyone in the west forgets that its tax, that built everything, that made the west great; we reap what we sow... regulations are taxing for a reason...
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  6. Did Christianity start with a real human Jesus?

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    You've been given actual help, but it's all on you to accept it, unfortunately, you expect your problems to be solved, just because you ask...
  8. How To Validate Your Life

    So, who gets to decide?
  9. How To Validate Your Life

    What do you expect if you fall asleep accepting that? What makes you angry? Accepting the bus will be late or expecting the bus is on time?