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  1. Arming Teachers

    How can one make satirical that which is already satiric? Catch 22 springs to mind...
  2. Arming Teachers

    Arming teachers is never the answer if we can't trust a cop/wannabe to fire a gun even in hiding. If we can't trust a big strong policy type guy why trust a wimpy teacher type guy if he only jumps in front of a bullet rather than a building.
  3. Gun control, which side wins?

    There are always sides, however benign and well-thought-out the regulation, the only real difference is when they aren't well thought out or benign, there are no guns to take revenge on the pricks...
  4. Gun control, which side wins?

    Do I have to quote you?
  5. Gun control, which side wins?

    It's about which side will pack the biggest political punch, after all, there's no-one more determined to end smoking than an ex-smoker. It was a throwaway line with a satirical twist about which side wins; when only one side can ever really win.
  6. The definition of nothingness exactly

    That seems such a shame, you'll never learn anything.
  7. The definition of nothingness exactly

    Come on guys that's gotta be worth a lol at least
  8. The definition of nothingness exactly

    Oh, come on, at least try to keep up... No-one can ever know because we literally can't see that far back...
  9. The definition of nothingness exactly

    Is that a joke??? I'm not sure but I want to laugh...
  10. Yay, GUNS!

    Who knew which side would start?
  11. Yay, GUNS!

    No, his intention is honorable, unless he gets really close to what he's aiming at.
  12. Yay, GUNS!

    TBH I thought that too, he needed to cut through near the trigger to render it useless.
  13. Yay, GUNS!

    That's a great idea. My words can only ever be empty. But if everyone just chopped one of their guns (even if they just bought another to do it) and #metoo maybe there would be enough political pressure to at least ban this type of weapon; a good start and who knows what may follow.
  14. Yay, GUNS!

    Puzzled me too.
  15. Yay, GUNS!