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  1. Just ... NO. Sheesh. It proves no such thing. I don't know how my name got entangled here, I just want it on record; I'm not that deluded...
  2. LOL, I almost gave that a +1... Just because satire is a thing of the past...
  3. I just negged that, because I can't be bothered to argue... And I love to argue... 🙄
  4. All we know is, we have a community that seems to have avoided contamination. And since this pandemic has been called "the rich disease", it's perfectly plausible that a poor community has not been in touch with a rich one...
  5. No, it tells us that privilege is real, the subjective part is how the privileged perceive a threat...
  6. Then you're going to have clarify your point in much more detail. Any reservoir that contains legionnaires disease, is a source of infection.
  7. Nor me, poor white trash, but I just deserve the same.
  8. No, we just get examples of magic over science. And I'm, possibly, your best advocate for the benefits of religion, on this site.
  9. If the cops in the US weren't "taught/trained" to be afraid that every single person on the streets is carying a gun this whole situation would be completely different. (FTFY) De-escalation training has been shown to reduce death, in both the police and the public. https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/12/police-gun-shooting-training-ferguson/383681/
  10. Except you kind of are, and you're off topic. If the protestor's are willing to face a foe that has a track record of openly killing people, with a leader who is actively encouraging them to do so. I don't imagine the prosect of a cold, possibly worse, is much of a deterant.
  11. Imagine that, a government trying to improve it's situation while hiding it's failures. Yes, he found the perfect place to hide his failures...
  12. They're the same, the only problem is when spiritualism is mistaken for magic; for instance quarantine and the magical 40 days spent in the wilderness.
  13. We can prepare for the worst, or stop doing shit to the planet, and hope for the best.
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