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  1. Neither, the police are quite adept at inspiring violence at an otherwise peaceful protest. Like I said, the difference is the intent on the part of the protester's and I think there's little doubt the Trump army intended violence, when they descended on the capital, because they didn't get their way in the polls; so no, the two aren't equivalent. You can't/shouldn't just dismiss a legitimate protest because some of them defended themselves when attacked. Violence is never Ok, is more of an excuse to deny legitimacy in this context; I have every sympathy with pacifism as an ideal, but then I've never been attacked for waving a banner. The difference is, they used that motivation as an excuse to be violent, rather than a reason to protest.
  2. But it is a discription of us... One imagines...
  3. In answer to the topic title; the difference is intent. BLM had banner's that explained why they're protesting... And the easiest way to discredit that explination, is to provoke violence...
  4. That's really interesting, because there is no evidence in history, that anyone thought the earth was flat; it's a modern phenomena.
  5. Yes, they are; I didn't mention the height of the step. 😉
  6. If they walk backwards from the start (testing at each step, how level it is), until the start can't be seen, then climb one step; then, as if by magic, the start is visible. 🤣 You should read their bible, "Disc World" by Terry Pratchett.
  7. Thanks, glad I asked, shame I don't know any, sound's like it might be quite a laugh. 😆 Off the top of my head, you could mention the test track of one of the German car maker's, it's so long and level you can't see the end, until you climb up an ordinary step ladder.
  8. I have never debated with a flat-earther, I've often wondered how they explain the fact that you can see farther, the higher up the observer? Perhaps you could ask for me, I'd love to hear how they explain it. 😉
  9. Isn't doublespeak a reference to, the other side? If you have just shat on my rug?
  10. Let me ask again, how many people do you know, that would qualify to be in the control group?
  11. Only if you can tell a freedom fighter from a terrorist. He had very specific view's on the Spanish civil war. Yes of course, "but I find very little upside to, you have just shat on my carpet" - Frankie Boyle
  12. Who guards the guardian? As can anyone who is anonymous on social media...
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