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  1. off topic, completly unmerited, and not humorous...
  2. dimreepr

    Free will

    it seems that what ever we choose, its both and neither: so I choose to be content with neither and both.
  3. I love a strawman... how is that different from a statute of limitations? the point is, a trial costs, so if they think a commiter of lessor crimes, after a statute of law, be on trial they should pay. But his opinion is...
  4. Even a shit arguement has followers. see what I mean?
  5. do you see your mistake? of course not... did the designer of the Iphone 1 know what the Iphone 10 would look like?
  6. Thats what you want to believe. A bit sad really.
  7. what is better - day or night? is it better if your enemy can see you?
  8. you could read the thread...
  9. The future is easy to dismiss, it hasnt happened...
  10. that’s a different situation... And It doesn’t show why mistermack is wrong...
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