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  1. Best you don't try it then. 😉
  2. What do you think? January in 2020 was the month where media start to talk more about virus etc.I don't know how to look at this whole situation, and need your rational look on this. Government doesn't control culture, however much it tries too; what makes you think a conspiracy theory, would have any more success???
  3. I think it highlights the start of the pendulums return swing.
  4. 90% of the children I grew up with, were homed by the state; then the state sold (out) 90% of the home's; in England that's why "big city rent is so expensive"...
  5. Nice post +1 Change what you can, enjoy what you can't... And easily manipulated, when they're not understood... +1 BTW
  6. Shelter is a basic need, and in a just society, rental costs should be affordable for all; before it's subjected to market force's.
  7. LOL +1 I wonder what a job is worth, without a farmer???
  8. I thought I'd said tit-for-tat goes wrong when we demand revenge; and pluck out more than a tat...
  9. Revenge wants more pain in reparation, to compensate for our limited perception of 'their pain'; it's that perception that spiral's down to blindness; not tit-for-tat... Indeed, my bad, I suppose I mean 'natural justice'... A bully doesn't intend malice, at least they're not born that way and they don't see themselves as monster's; but maybe, with one less eye they will see with far more clarity... I absolutely would agree with you, in an ideal world such as Eise suggested; but I don't live there, I live in a world where the criminal is made to pay, with no chance of re
  10. Indeed, There's been a few; Nelson Mandela springs to mind...
  11. Only when tit-for-tat, means two eyes for one...
  12. I'm sorry, it made sense when I was aboard that train of thought, fortunately I managed to jump off... 😣 Isn't an eye for an eye, a perfect justice? For the family??? When is justice only good for you?
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