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  1. Dropping out of highschool

    That's the other side of the door if you want to be a builder.
  2. Dropping out of highschool

    That's the problem with a polarised attitude, one doesn't know which is which...
  3. History Section

    history is on your side...
  4. choose gender option

    how does that work when you have no idea who it's used against.
  5. choose gender option

    It's a mystery... if it's an option
  6. History Section

    I prefer this
  7. Or https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cheryl-g-murphy/why-do-i-see-patterns-when-i-close-my-eyes_b_7597438.html https://zidbits.com/2013/03/what-are-the-colors-you-see-when-you-shut-your-eyes/
  8. virtually no difference for the rich and the poor don't matter.