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  1. The Eternally Radiant Shapelessness

    Who said that...
  2. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    I changed my post and forgot to change "we're all" to "you're". A minimal impact on the environment would make the search more difficult.
  3. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    I think we're all assuming that (possible) industrial civilisation would follow the same destructive path that we are. A slightly different mindset could result in a civilisation that had a minimal impact on the environment.
  4. Neanderthal Rights

    Yes, I know, but it was an opportunity to expand on my point (I agree on the weed exemption ). BTW my tongue was firmly in cheek.
  5. Neanderthal Rights

    I think you're probably right. Nevertheless, a valid question I think.
  6. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

  7. Neanderthal Rights

    Well, clearly you do. Since most herbivores are considered lunch, it's reasonable to assume their ethical code would be OK with killing those that put them on the menu.
  8. Neanderthal Rights

    Indeed, but that's because they assume the moral high ground due to their conscious choice, why would a natural herbivore assume the same?
  9. Neanderthal Rights

    I'm not sure there are different types of consciousness, levels yes (but that's another question), but what if Neanderthals were naturally herbivorous and perhaps a third equivalent hominid that was carnivorous, how would their ethics differ from an omnivore?
  10. Neanderthal Rights

    "Time for bed"
  11. Neanderthal Rights

    Maybe, but that's not the question you asked:
  12. Neanderthal Rights

    Now, that's off topic.
  13. Neanderthal Rights

    On topic, this is an ethical question that existed throughout history.
  14. Neanderthal Rights

    Does it matter?
  15. The North Korea Problem

    Only if he can keep his finger off the trigger, so no.