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  1. Sadly, a mirror is less effective with ears...
  2. You've gotta drop the bad guy inference, when talking about justice; it's politics that muddies the water's of mitigation, for instance, repentance can be spun to be either/neither depending on the political will of the time... Crocodile tears, comes to mind...
  3. I doubt the politicians will ever accept such a subtle distinction.
  4. A society has no choice but to accept that we all have free will, to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore society has to design a means to assess an individual's culpability, the mechanism we use for this is a court (a body of people presided over by a judge, judges, or magistrate, and acting as a tribunal in civil and criminal cases). It's not pefect but it's the closest we can get to justice. While the police and the prison service's should treat everyone in the same way, as if they aren't culpable.
  5. He'll do anything to win, I'm just glad I'm not related...
  6. Free will has to be a given in any society, other than a philosophical salon. In a well balanced society, things like poverty, up-bringing, mental state etc... is adressed in the courts via mitigation, and ignored by the other two branches of justice.
  7. The very definition of a non-sequitur and trivially wrong, since I did/didn't... Indeed, but first we must agree what an axiom is; for instance 2+2 could equall 22, where as an object that has four equal side's and 90 degrees in one, is a square...
  8. That's just broken my irony meter, unless I'm mistaken, you've just accused scientists of being square... 😆
  9. I think you have mistaken astrology with astronomy, not the first time you've gotten confused in this thread.
  10. That's like saying, hay-fever is due to the number of people wantonly breathing in pollen.
  11. Was the A-bomb beneficial? It did end one war (with much suffering), but inspired another (with much suffering). An axiom is always true, so not really applicable here... No, I'm suggesting enough fruit was shared to ensure next year's harvest.
  12. Show me a story that's not relevant to the real world. Perhaps the "good" was in that there was not enough fruit for all and no means to assure equitable distribution; do you know what comes next???
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