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  1. They are far more of a threat if they're hungry, the only question is, who's the enemy: If we're the one's that squeezes the economy to the point of hunger, there's nothing easier for the leadership than to point the finger and cry enemy, because they'd be right and the people can see it. If we're the one's that gives them a sandwhich, they'd still be hungry but with the knowledge of who tried to help. Even in china, some of the people know what's killing them. Luckily, every pawn on the board can become a threat to the King, what they truly believe depends on what side of the board they're on. Even luckier, we have journalist's who will swim in the rankist shit pit to sniff out the truth and wisper it to every pawn that will listen. Fortunately, it's profoundly resistant too.
  2. But that's my point, if we squeeze to hard it's not them who suffers, it's just the pawns and the more pawns we feed/keep onside the better our chances. That's the equation they (hitler, stalin, putin et al) don't understand and why they always fail, they don't think they need pawns, so why protect them. Both sides use propaganda in the theatre of war, historically, the trick to telling the good from the bad is, who started it. So, unless you have extraordinary evidence to present, I'm just going to ignore you... 🤒 People only "go" to war for one reason, they're being attacked... The excuses for "going" to war, are many and varied...
  3. We have to be just as careful with economic warfare, too much pressure (we force them (and potentially us) into taking sides because of empty belly's and/or a less comfortable life) has a habit of backfiring. If we hand out more sandwhiches than bullet's, eventually we'll have more live allies than dead friend's...
  4. I'm not saying he shouldn't be held accountable, I'm saying we personally (as a country) can't do it. So, given that; shouldn't we at least give trying to understand him a go? And let the diplomats take it from there. That would be my definition of military intelligence...
  5. I wasn't there when he met his end, so I can't rate his dignity in the face of death; is it bravery though? Being brave is about doing something, by choice, that you're afraid to do; he just put on a brave face about something he couldn't control, and that's just acting. So no, it doesn't follow that he wasn't a bully. No, he was just a frightened little boy, who was taught to think like that... Isn't that the MO of a bully? This is an interesting question, who's feeding on who? I think he should be given, back, enough money to live on; and what if the bookie is Trump? My point is, "war is bad-mkay" which costs more than just lives and if you want to stop a war (which no one's ever won or lost), first understand your enemy opponent, second scare persuade them enough to stop.
  6. A neg seems inappropriate in this context: Imagine Putin as a scared little boy, why wouldn't he think power trump's fear; my mate is bigger/biggest and stronger than you... Every bully is a scared little boy; and every man knows, you can't douse a flame with fire...
  7. How about fear? Is that a mental illness? If someone like Putin learns to fear, is he mental or ambivalent?
  8. Hunt for the Wilderpeople A witty examination of us and our world today, also Perfume, although the book goes into much more detail, which explains it much better...
  9. You need to get a perspective, our common ancestor used to eat slug's, which is the worst kind of burger; the only pattern they examined was not found by looking to the star's...
  10. What's really scary, is how easy it is to be made scared of a label 'fundie christian', 'musies', 'buddhist' et al; and the Armageddon we're persuaded to unleash on "THEM" to protect ourselves. Which leads to another interesting question, why does a prepper, prepare? They're wealthy enough to store food, build extra shelter and spend so much time "training", that it seems illogical that they wouldn't actively seek the disaster they seek to avoid...
  11. Who knows??? But it was the same question deliberated after WWII and we know where that lead; eventually everyone sees who the arsehole is... Politics is never a binary question, how can it be when so many people are involved? Indeed, but equally there must come a point when it's prudent for him to do so, that comes with every conflict; win or lose...
  12. Indeed... What makes you think that a pacifist doesn't fight?
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