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  1. Indeed, but it can also lead to war.
  2. utopia is no place and no place is immune to the problems of polarization.
  3. evolution just explains what happens when inter-generational mutations are entirely random. So any trend of lower body temperatures is an accident, not evolution protecting us.
  4. What makes you think evolution is a thing?
  5. did you notice the car shaped hole in your bedroom wall?
  6. but less easy to understand in a resource rich environment.
  7. philosophically speaking, time is what happens despite what the clock measures. It's a country mile
  8. Indeed, in a world of ever increasing competition, it's important to know what binds us rather than what divides us.
  9. to what end? vive la difference, as strength is often its own weakness.
  10. to be fair, whats the difference? there are...
  11. Why not accept the differences and equality?
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