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  1. Who taught you morality? We're not born with a prejudice...
  2. I have learned that you're capable of a much better explanation.
  3. My mistake... But the point being made is, we know before we learn...
  4. Indeed, they were often written to teach. That's not what I claimed.
  5. If we already know stuff, what's the point of books?
  6. There are a number of manuals on the subject and while the adherents mostly claim them to be the source; I'm not convinced they were written with that intent; and TBF we have yet to pen the latest iteration...
  7. Given the correct context, the negatives are just as important (Ying/Yang) Wouldn't you prefer the devils didn't exist?
  8. The problem's are orthodox, just believe the bits that enhance your moral code; which, if you truly believed would include all the bad shit... If karma teaches us anything, its that belief in karma is key to the function; for instance, if you believe the bad guy will sufer without your intervention, your free of suffering...
  9. And you think politics is easy?
  10. That certainly seems like a simple answer...
  11. There is no simple answer, money is what?
  12. Yes, but it's not womens work...
  13. We just need to accept women and men are equally important (in all their guises); not whether some women seem more masculine than some men or some men are more feminine than some women, that's a pointless dead end.
  14. dimreepr

    Bob Lazar

    No it doesn't, it's just fanciful speculation (magic).
  15. Ever thought of ignoring the shit that hit the fan in favour of focusing on the shit you're about to step in???
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