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  1. That "Eureka!" moment is oh so sweet and not limited to science; the problem is, so few, if any, of our contemporaries understand "the joke"...
  2. As are you... It's not. Then WTF are we talking about?
  3. You should really stop digging...
  4. The question's that have yet to be addressed, in this thread, are: The psychological damage, of being a mother, before one is capable. The psychological damage, of killing one's offspring, because one's not ready. And the psychological damage, of not killing one's offspring, because society demands it.
  5. Maybe you should consider the option to stop diging, given Rachael's success.
  6. You're changing the goalposts, your assumption was based on strength not fitness; why can't a woman be as fit as a man?
  7. https://www.thejockeyclub.co.uk/aintree/events-tickets/grand-national/about-the-event/previous-grand-national-winners/rachael-blackmore/#:~:text=Rachael Blackmore rewrote the history,win in the iconic race.
  8. Is that a male horse or a female horse or a horse that's unsure?
  9. Indeed, but I just extended the argument, I haven't ridiculed it... I haven't said it has, but surely it's clear that such thinking can lead to law's that train the young, the Hitler youth for example... Every slope leads to the bottom, not every argument does...
  10. I didn't twist your statement, I extended it to show where a conservative mentality could lead; and given the propensity of the elderly to become more conservative in their thinking, it's entirely reasonable to exclude them from a conversation that's got nothing to do with them; they've made it to retirement and their future entirely depends on how the youth are shepherded...
  11. The very definition of an unworkable philosophy Indeed, but I was following beecee's logic, as in, if society dictate's it's needed to allow society to work properly, then it's not unreasonable to show where that slope may lead.
  12. If society "dictates as a social necessity in all walks of life" then surely it would be illigal to refuse to drink alcohol.
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