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  1. No-one doubts the planet will survive, so unless you're suggesting AGW wiil be a walk in the park for humans, it both undermines the seriousness of AGW and is completely off topic. Instead of blindly swatting at my arguments, why not answer a serious question "What are the benefits"?
  2. No, it just illustrates the time it took to change...
  3. Since you're attacking a claim you say I claimed when I haven't claimed it, I'd say strawman is pretty darned spot on. Survival, without shop's, is notoriously difficult; there's a whole television genre based on it. I wonder how long we would survive if all the shops ran out of food? Much of the alarm is about our future ability to keep the shops stocked. OK, what are the bennefits? Bearing in mind that there aren't too many scientists saying "don't worry, there's a good chance you'll end up with an ocean view"... No, wait... I see your point, It really is a conspiracy...
  4. I love a strawman, it interests me; why do you want to be right?
  5. That seems diametrically apposed to your OP; can we take it that you have learned from your mistake?
  6. Nice post +1 You're a lucky guy, most neurotypical people don't know themselves that well.
  7. I will toll your bell with love and kindness... 👌
  8. I'd love to take the credit, for such wise word's... So thanks, and don't forget the +1... 😇 PBS, Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  9. 'There 's not one atom of yon earth But once was living man; Nor the minutest drop of rain, That hangeth in its thinnest cloud, But flowed in human veins; And from the burning plains Where Libyan monsters yell, From the most gloomy glens Of Greenland's sunless clime, To where the golden fields Of fertile England spread Their harvest to the day, Thou canst not find one spot Whereon no city stood. 'How strange is human pride! I tell thee that those living things, To whom the fragile blade of grass That springeth in the morn And perisheth ere noon, Is an unbounded world; I tell thee that those viewless beings, Whose mansion is the smallest particle Of the impassive atmosphere, Think, feel and live like man; That their affections and antipathies, Like his, produce the laws Ruling their moral state; And the minutest throb That through their frame diffuses The slightest, faintest motion, Is fixed and indispensable As the majestic laws That rule yon rolling orbs.' Another one from PBS...
  10. If you're bovine the answer is a little more straightfoward.
  11. An anology is a way to relate one language too another (to explain why a wolf howl's, in human) it's not an explanation in and of itself (unless you speak wolf)... 😉
  12. dimreepr

    Clap for Boris?

    I'm not sure you get, why it's important... 😉
  13. Indeed, South Korea never did shut down; even my friend escaped with his life...
  14. dimreepr

    Clap for Boris?

    In a way, I hope he's right... If balance is the goal and this is the extreme, the pendulem is so much closer...
  15. That's a long winded way to agree, kudos +1... 😊
  16. But there is ying and yang, in which both do both...
  17. So think for yourself; is it more, or less, likely that you know more, about something you haven't studied, than an expert in the field? There is a right answer. 😉
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