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  1. Why would we consider what the opposite of random means? When random + time, makes so much sense?
  2. Just to be clear, I reported my post and requested it be split off. But as to the connection, I think shariah compliant investment policy has a lot to teach America's bank's. That's a cheap shot, you know I struggle with eloquence. However I do note, you offer no actual arguement to my point. Beware of bias, isn't that a scientific mantra?
  3. It's very tempting, to imagine big is better; when big often wins. Battleships are just bigger target's...
  4. Knowledge and understanding are intimately connected at every stage of life; the problem seems to be that delayed gratification is understood to be far better...
  5. What you're describing is that magical moment (enlightenment) when we understand the point of life; most religions are based on the person who could articulate that understanding to other's. You're putting the cart before the horse, by assuming an NDE taught you, IMO religion's were never intended to teach about a magic moment. Then you didn't show it well enough; if teaching is your purpose, you need to learn why... 😉
  6. What I mean is, when we think we understand something, we tend to dismiss any knowledge/information that contradicts that understanding. That's why I asked for it to split. That's why I adjusted his statement, and I didn't heap scorn on Koti; I tried to teach him why the adjustment was necessary.
  7. I think it's more accurate to call it a lesson learned. It may take many lesson's, to reach understanding....
  8. Only if you spend your life in useless pursuit's... 😉 For instance, looking forward to a perfect holiday, and having it spoiled because of a stain on the lawn?
  9. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but shouldn't the term be "overcoming the curse of understanding"; for instance "tying the knot, and untying the knot." is just reinforcing knowledge, not understanding...
  10. Have you read the previous 6 page's of this thread? Because we seem to be going round in circles. The only purpose of life is to live and that's only on an individual bases; the universe expands but that's not it's purpose, it's merely the stage for you to find your purpose, much like religion/culture. An NDE is also a personal experience, there was nothing magical about mine. Gathering knowledge doesn't automatically confer understanding,
  11. Then you'll never be content with what you find.
  12. Humble, is part of the question; not the answer...
  13. Socrates, understood that you know nothing and asked, why...
  14. I only hope, you're content with that
  15. I didn't quote the philosopher, I quoted the question... You don't seem to know the difference between an Ant and a Bee; no wonder you don't understand.
  16. I'm not sure of your meaning, please elaborate. As to the Nietzsche quote, I'm content with what I've found. 😉 You can see intelligence in an ant hill too, we can explain why... The hive's purpose is to make Bee's.
  17. "Should academic research establishments be political?" That's like asking "Should we support a crusade?" and not asking why...
  18. And sometimes it is, how else do we evolve? In answer to the topic title, only my fridge is hardwired... 😉
  19. Only to oneself... What if you rely on the charity of other's? Having faith that tomorrow will provide...
  20. Isn't an excellent argument, we are here to think about it?
  21. Indeed, that's the purpose of this entities existence... 🤣
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