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  1. LOL... much less intimidating...
  2. By the army of the righteously indignant.
  3. Inevitable is a strong word in this context, tolerate would seem much better; if you want to avoid polarisation.
  4. dimreepr

    Mizuno Seeks Replications

    I enjoyed my free meal but it did repeat (I suffered).
  5. You can't force people to agree with you, your only options are: You can coerce/threaten them, as is your preferred method, but then you're no better than those you despise; and they will despise you right back. You can shame them, but that only works when they understand why their views are shameful. (edit) You can forgive them it really 'helps', with the following. You can persuade them, teach them why their views are wrong. However noble your cause, without an ethical approach you'll do more harm than good.
  6. Do we? It seems we mostly imprison people through fear of potential actions rather than actual ones.
  7. dimreepr

    Exoplanets (split from Science videos)

    Or the beginning of the end...
  8. It doesn't really matter. News is just news, good or bad is a matter of perspective... Time will tell.
  9. Let me guess, the muzzies are??? Indeed it is. He forgave them... Genius... For justice to be justifiable we need to acknowledge where freewill starts and ends.
  10. Stop talking and start listening. I'm not Martian.
  11. It's always different, if you're on the other side.
  12. Tell that to Nelson Mandela... What's your version of justice?
  13. Because that's why people don't respect those that do...
  14. dimreepr

    to make green

    As iNow points out, we can plant tree's (and should); what we can't know is, if they'll grow. Geoengineering is possible on a very tiny scale, hydroponics etc... What we can't predict is where to place them/it.
  15. dimreepr

    Today I Learned

    It's not even in susurration.
  16. dimreepr

    The case for reparations

    There's always pitfalls/mines, but they're always discoverable and easily avoided; if you want too...
  17. dimreepr

    Is my dad my real dad

    Thanks for backing me up.
  18. dimreepr

    Is my dad my real dad

    You're new to this forum so I'll give you some slack, but when you see a post like this: Don't feed it.
  19. dimreepr

    Is my dad my real dad

    Please elaborate, I see no evidence for this assumption.
  20. Is it though? The evidence suggests we either rot or burn...
  21. dimreepr

    The case for reparations

    Then we'll need to level that field: better schools, less persecution and imprisonment, less poverty, etc... To what?
  22. That's true but not in the way you're suggesting.
  23. dimreepr

    The case for reparations

    So, lets do something???