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  1. Is it your choice to be in the high risk category? People don't choose poverty or to have alcoholic parents and kids in care don't choose to be on the streets as an 18th birthday present and people only decide to go hungry when theres a lack of justice (hunger strike, food banks etc). Indeed, you should move to Finland, they're a little less judgey. Begging is frowned upon in the UK, because they're making profits while having a home or they only spend it on booze and end up taking taking an NHS bed, which I pay for, from a member of my family (Daily Mail BS) You should also read that Finland link. Gee Koti, since this is not in the lounge (or joke) section, you could also go with not replying.
  2. You're going to have to define intelligently in this context.
  3. Exactly. Point well missed. FFS we're not special, in any way, we're just an expression of life, but given enough time we won't be.
  4. I'm sure T-rex didn't imagine it would evolve into a humming bird.
  5. I don't think you appreciate the concept of time scales, or evolution for that matter; I can predict bacteria will develope anti-biotic resistance over a few days/weeks/months/years because I've seen it in the lab/news. But let's shift the order of magnitude appropriate to humans, can you predict human survival over the next century/millenia/etc?
  6. You're leading me down a tunnel with this, but if I had to pick one, my right to be alive; is more important than your right to kill me.
  7. Probably wind, but who could deny that smile???
  8. There is no pefect system to supply power and sustain life, if everyone wants a hot beverage in a room that defies the heat of providing it.
  9. Well yes, providing you know what weapons to plan for. This thread reminds me of this:
  10. It's like the Falklands war and the exocet missile, we we're lucky to survive a relatively cheap weapon, the problem is, that weapon only works once, but again that weapon wasn't actually cheap.
  11. But the attack on the Saudi installations was, in all probability, Iran; a nation state, so there's no reason to think the weapons were cheap.
  12. We've also potentially fucked up our planet (for us to live on) all of which is irrelevant to the topic..
  13. Many animals have culture and even regional accents; every spectrum has extremes, and while it may make them unique it doesn't make them any more special than any other participant. Besides, how does this support the OP?
  14. Then let me ask you this... Can someone without food justify stealing a pie?
  15. Bullies create bullies I remember a story I heard, again on the BBC, about a child who was relentlessly bullied over years which culminated in him being at the bottom of a ravine, his last memory (for the next few days) was of his attackers urinating on him; if you had heard this story before you heard of his later crimes, would his justice be different? Justifiable is a very different word.
  16. What makes human beings different from other animals? Don't be so arrogant... It's Intelligence that leads to innovation, much like it does with other animals; is a corvids evolution dependant on the tools it uses, or it's intelligence? That's the first sentence you've written that may be true, but then no-one here has disputed that. Correlation does not imply causation.
  17. Punishment for the previously punished? or Revenge for the victims of the previously punished? Or???
  18. Thanks for the clarification, perhaps Mars was never warm and balmy by Earth/Venus standards, but the evidence suggesting liquid water did exist on large parts of Mars suggests it was warm enough, at least seasonally, that the whole planet was not icebound throughout its history.
  19. Equal opportunities for all is unrealistic as a solution, since we're not all equal, both metaphorically and litterally. INow and Zap and CharonY are suggesting equity for all, which only seems unrealistic, because we're currently afraid it's not economically viable; much like immigration (kinda full circle)... Only room for one crusade per thread.
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