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  1. If everyone wins, what's the point of playing...
  2. Because women want to play and people want to watch. It's you that doesn't seem to get it, sport is a story and jeopardy is what pays the bill's; the FA cup for instance is open to every team in the country (ignore the gender), a non league (semi-professional) club will occasionally (by which I mean every year) win against a club 100's of place's above them, sometimes they do it twice (by which I mean nearly every year); the press descend and suddenly everyone is more interested in them than they are in Liverpool or Manchester united, the best pay day in Forest Green Rover's history and as a fan, I remember that year; I can't remember who won the cup though...
  3. All I'm asking is, why is it important to you?
  4. If I win with a lucky shot, it's down to my dedication (the more I practice the luckier I get); if you win with a lucky shot, you took an advantage (and that's not fair)...
  5. What stage of understanding are you?
  6. Have you ever tried to wake yourself (and no, I don't mean did you set your alarm clock.)? You can consciously attempt to become unconscious; but what you can't do, is flip a 'sleep/awake' switch.
  7. All sports are run by arbitrary rules/line of demarcation, besides this is getting way off topic; my point is no one complained about a trans man playing with men, let alone threaten to kneecap them for wanting to play. I can't see why, all that's been suggested in this pregnant and well overdue thread is, lets find an arbitrary line/rule that let's anyone who wants to play, a chance to win and be cheered appropriately; like you would want if you ever find yourself in a similar pair of shoe's. Exactly... 😉 Even if it's spherical and in a vacuum?
  8. define important...
  9. Today you learned to be content with being wrong, or at least to accept the possibility; a great day
  10. I imagine it's something like, can I honestly say my veiw is not selfish... 😉
  11. Actually tennis is a prime example of how it could work, every professional tennis player gets paid despite their gender; with that as a given, every player is paid due to their presence in the sport; with that as a given, it's perfectly possible, for a woman who breaks into the top 100 to be paid more than the number 1; sport is just entertainment, it's like an improvised play/soap opera. Why would anyone get angry/threaten to harm/kill 'Dirty Den', he just wants to do what he's good at and get paid enough to live... Women are generally better at acting 'all innocent' grrr 😒
  12. How dare you, my mother was born in Miserden.
  13. In this case RG was aiming the joke's at the raving trumpist, the very people who stand up and applaud, whooping and whistling, but not laughing...
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2022/may/25/ricky-gervais-netflix-special-condemned-by-lgbtq-groups-for-anti-trans-rants-masquerading-as-jokes I've watched this lecture ("and it is a lecture" - Ricky) twice (because it's very funny and philosophically sound, I highly recommend it), at the beginning he said something like "a lot of people won't get the irony of my lecture" as exemplified by a friend (who's a raving trumpist), who commented on the article "Bloody snowflakes, he's exactly right" and some people in the LGBTQ community (who are raving 'snowflakes')... Indeed, but it does mean that segregation is entirely arbitrary, because women and men are clearly able to play with each other (pun intended 😁).
  15. I was wondering how much older we'd need to get for the stagnation of 'our' society to occur/be assured? I just needed the help of all the poster's here to focus my question (because I'm not the sharpest tool in the box, hence the simple start).
  16. This is an interesting article. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-06-07/emily-bridges-had-physical-threats-after-pms-trans-participation-comments?fbclid=IwAR3Tw8hkw90KofdWb9kZJPRydNwrfErnQEl0GtMVKn_pMT1bOyXnAice6F8
  17. Indeed, they could live for a thousand year's and still be dead chuffed with their new fangled technology.
  18. Exactly, that's why we need more guns to prevent death by guns...
  19. The drone's would do what they're programmed to do, trudge slowly to the next village, like our Voyagers that, in 50+ year's have only just left the very small village; and the next village is fucking miles away... In the meantime the Lax that sent them are dead.
  20. It was something explored by Isaac Asimov in his foundation series. As we get older we tend to get more conservative in our outlook, I think it's clear that an aging demographic has an effect on our society, and that's just a 50 year average age increase. Isaac was suggesting that an increased average age (300 year's in his world) would slow down the progress of society to the point of stagnation.
  21. Then we differ in our definition of need...
  22. Why do they need a transmiter, a tv or a vacuum cleaner (Is a better question)?
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