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  1. Human imagination created gods. Gigazillion mankind-hours of praying have not produced any response from gods and will never happen, neither 'punishing ethical transgressions'. Surprising is that took an international research team in 'complexity science' to determine it.
  2. Big or small gods cannot give birth to complex societies. Gods do nothing; have never done a thing, never will.
  3. Externet

    Capacitor Powered Drones

    What is the flight time you used in your calculation; or the desired flight time ?
  4. A report on cellulose nanofibers... Someone may enjoy it. Will be available a week. ----> https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2015181/ Edited - If does not work, try ----> https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/program/video/scienceview/?type=tvEpisode&
  5. At about first grade, I learned to write the lower case alphabet as Then, the books I had to read had these different : a, f, r, s, z When did fonts became such ? I thought it was with the invention of printing; but looking at manuscripts from before, they are there, as handwritten. Is there two kinds ? Manuscript and printing manuscript lower case ? Look at 'proper' r, a, s, f, here : For s, interestingly, "colonies solemnly" differ. But the r from Morris differs... It was mixed then. For a, seems in the 19th century someone decided to make it different: And the r here : and this is also a g :
  6. Externet

    Reasons to not implement gravity on ISS ?

    Thanks. I meant an 'end?' module at ISS, not the whole thing... Perhaps only a 10m diametre attached 'wheel', where personal hygiene, exercising, and other convenient activities could be conducted better in gravity. Yes, the whole thing spinning would be counterproductive when so much experiments there are aimed to evaluate the microgravity effects. The whole thing turning would imply solar panels also turning/tumbling for keeping proper alignment, getting too unreliably complex. Would gyroscopic effects be a problem ?
  7. That 2001 movie and its turning module to make gravity seemed within reason... Why has not been pursued ? No need for it ? Cost ?
  8. Externet

    Flight recorders...

    Thanks. Any loss of electrical power can be dealt with a built-in battery pack energizing the emergency data transmitter, updating data every such seconds, as being obtained/refreshed. The sequence of normal contact during initial part of flight followed by lack of contact should trigger the emergency transmission dumping all data on backup battery power. Unsure if sudden catastrophic events would be registered on the recorder either. Nothing to record if all wiring/components become instantly dismembered. (collision?) Not implementing such system smells more as being held by some non-technological reason. Electronic technology is there already, probably can be implemented by some commands from a key console/programmer somewhere. A common Whatsup message takes seconds. Cell towers '911' call could have a 'thumb drive' to capture the data, until satellites are completed. Cell telephony towers are reachable and abundant except over seas, where well, the flight recorder is the backup. If there is something saved and recovered.
  9. Externet

    Flight recorders...

    Hi. Would it be much better that flight recorders (black box) spit out their data contents instantly at any and every anomaly via radio to nearby receivers and kept there for evaluation instead of searching, recovering, battling time in a hurry ? I suppose emergency channel receivers are on all times at airports. It is century 21 !
  10. Externet

    how do i find someone based on ip adresses.

    Try whois : ----> https://www.lookip.net/whois/ There may be other ways or sites.
  11. Externet

    Crossing yeast purposes or uses...

    Have yeasts that are used for making bread, been used for making cheese, beers/ethanol and other products, and viceversa; or do not always work well outside the 'customary/intended' application? Are several different yeasts ever used simoultaneously combined at a variety of proportions to produce something ?
  12. Is it around 360 earthly hours from dawn to dusk or I have it wrong ?
  13. Externet

    Portable Electric Freezer Bag

    Nope. The Peltier heat pump module cools on one side and gets hot on the other. Inside a bag with no air circulation would be just consuming energy and warming everything. Note the commercial units ('cooler' boxes) have a fan/vent to cool/dissipate the hot side, absolutely necessary. And will also need to haul a car battery for it. ----> https://usa.banggood.com/TEC1-12706-Thermoelectric-Peltier-Refrigeration-Cooling-System-Kit-Cooler-Fan-p-936497.html?gmcCountry=US&currency=USD&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgcs&utm_content=zouzou&utm_campaign=pla-usg-ele-diy1-pc&cur_warehouse=CN Last resource, dry ice in your bag.
  14. Externet

    Portable Electric Freezer Bag

    The amount of energy requiered to cool or keep from heat gain your twelve pack may need to haul an automobile battery and a compressor with corresponding evaporator and condenser coils, if not inefficient Peltier cells. The commercial Peltier units are way more bulkier than a twelve pack in a bag, ----> https://www.aosom.com/item/outsunny-33-quart-12v-ac-dc-thermoelectric-portable-cooler-warmer-w-car-adapter-blue~C00-006.html So you are left with chemical freeze packs as an option: ----> https://www.google.com/search?q=freeze+packs&client=ubuntu&hs=Thv&channel=fs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH5dCs5MjgAhXp44MKHfxFBP4Q_AUIDygC&biw=1366&bih=604 Which are 'recharged' at the home freezer and taken inside your thermal bag.
  15. Externet

    Windows light...

    Hi. Is anyone familiar with this animal, is it real, does it work without the vomitive features of Windows 10 ? ----> http://www.getintoapc.com/windows-7-lite-edition-iso-free-download/