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  1. Losing heat by radiation since millions of years ago, can the mantle be just that, cooled slag on top of a molten core ?
  2. Hi. Somewhere shows 'Primate' and somewhere shows 'Molecule' in the user profile. ? What is the current 'ladder' of ranks ?
  3. Thank you, Sensei. Cells alone would give me the perception am after. In panels, there is cost of glass + frame + assembly labor + transport - I prefer to set aside for the moment. Yes, I have on my roof an array of panels; 240V - 4.5KW. Paid ~$450/KW price to public; which should be a manufacturing cost well under half for panels. And about half for cells alone. As a guess, cells should be around $100/KW and a fraction of that, the electrical energy used to manufacture them, but prefer a less guessy figure.
  4. Good day. Read often that manufacturing solar cells (not panels !) is expensive in terms of electrical energy used. Anyone knows figures ? To make cells that produce 1 KW, how many KWh are used at the factory ? (embodied energy)
  5. Thanks. The same type of question for 'determinate' and 'indeterminate' Which I believe pertains to fruiting times. Is there anywhere in the taxonomy clasification list where to learn if a -say tomato- varietal is determinate or not ?
  6. Thanks. Let me check if I understood well. There is no way to learn by the taxonomy of a certain plant, if its seed will produce an exact genetic copy with same hardiness or color or flavor. That name I used in this post "true seed" characteristic am looking for, does not exist in the taxonomy/classification. If I want to grow oranges; I cannot tell from its taxonomy if will have to be grafted or will produce same exact fruit from its seed. I must learn from an experienced expert farmer. Interesting. None of the 8 names at top tell it ?
  7. Some trees/plants are called 'true seed something' grow; as peaches, a seed from the supermarket bought peach will produce a 'true peach'. Some others as avocado, apple, do not yield a fruit exact as its planted seed parent. What is the botany 'category' or 'family' or 'genus' or its 'clasification' name for one or the other ? As to know if one fruit produces exact same genetic fruit; or needs to be grafted ? Which name here explains/defines it ? Example is for pear: Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Tracheophytes Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Clade: Rosids Order: Rosales Family: Rosaceae Subfamily: Amygdaloideae Tribe: Maleae Subtribe: Malinae Genus: Pyrus
  8. Let A.I. decide if should be considered an invention. 😐 And see what happens.
  9. Sadly, it is reality. My father used to say "That is a fireman idea" when it was not bright at all... and I have seen it proven several times.
  10. Were the slaves from Africa centuries ago bought from their tribes, voluntary emigrated or abducted ? All the above, none, or how did it work ? Conquerors just disembarked as planned business and captured whoever found fit and force taken to Americas/elsewhere ? Were violent conflicts capturing them ?
  11. So far, it has been a disaster financially and productivity and durability. (not in English ! --> https://www.elespanol.com/omicrono/20190725/primera-carretera-paneles-solares-mundo-desastre/416459279_0.html [ Orne, Tourouvre-au-Perche, France ]
  12. We used ozone and ion generators to diminish smoke smell in expensive electronic equipment victim of nearby fires. But is a several days/weeks treatment, not hours. There should be other recommendations from experts in the field. Better done when no people present.
  13. Testing double use for the road. The intention is to not use farming fields. Do not know what to comment. 😐
  14. Good day. Please move to another section as deserved. Conquerors, migrants, as in the 'discovery' and settlement of Australia, America, Oceania, Africa as by europeans half a milennia ago was reported as finding savages, uncivilized tribes, with poor justice practices, perhaps ignorants surrounded by gods, myths... Is there any recorded opinion as what did the conquered tribes and civilizations thought of their conquerors and their guns, riding horses, methods of building dwellings, transportation using wheels, tools, clothing, writing, inventions... ? What did those tribes think of their conquerors ? Those currently isolated amazonian and other tribes, what do they think of the civilized ?
  15. Justice is the constant, permanent imparting to every one what they deserve. My english could be better. If you get the idea, improve the wording/phrase.
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