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  1. Externet

    Portable Electric Freezer Bag

    Nope. The Peltier heat pump module cools on one side and gets hot on the other. Inside a bag with no air circulation would be just consuming energy and warming everything. Note the commercial units ('cooler' boxes) have a fan/vent to cool/dissipate the hot side, absolutely necessary. And will also need to haul a car battery for it. ----> https://usa.banggood.com/TEC1-12706-Thermoelectric-Peltier-Refrigeration-Cooling-System-Kit-Cooler-Fan-p-936497.html?gmcCountry=US&currency=USD&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgcs&utm_content=zouzou&utm_campaign=pla-usg-ele-diy1-pc&cur_warehouse=CN Last resource, dry ice in your bag.
  2. Externet

    Portable Electric Freezer Bag

    The amount of energy requiered to cool or keep from heat gain your twelve pack may need to haul an automobile battery and a compressor with corresponding evaporator and condenser coils, if not inefficient Peltier cells. The commercial Peltier units are way more bulkier than a twelve pack in a bag, ----> https://www.aosom.com/item/outsunny-33-quart-12v-ac-dc-thermoelectric-portable-cooler-warmer-w-car-adapter-blue~C00-006.html So you are left with chemical freeze packs as an option: ----> https://www.google.com/search?q=freeze+packs&client=ubuntu&hs=Thv&channel=fs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH5dCs5MjgAhXp44MKHfxFBP4Q_AUIDygC&biw=1366&bih=604 Which are 'recharged' at the home freezer and taken inside your thermal bag.
  3. Externet

    Windows light...

    Hi. Is anyone familiar with this animal, is it real, does it work without the vomitive features of Windows 10 ? ----> http://www.getintoapc.com/windows-7-lite-edition-iso-free-download/
  4. Externet

    LCDs vs OLEDs

    1.- The individual LCD shutters are not fully opaque, and are surrounded by boundary gaps -as lines between tiles- that cumulatively leak noticeable backlight, even when made very narrow. 2.- Because there is no backlight-always-on condition. 3.- Liquid crystal shutters twist to direct (funnel) the light normal to screen plus the comment above; Oled emitters are wider angle light emitters. Like opening a window blind compared to a lamp.
  5. Externet

    grams (or kg) of neodymium

    10Kg of Nd with zero magnetism will not be better than 1Kg of strongly magnetized Nd to make a motor run.
  6. Hello all. Would a container like made of a thin flexible material -like silicone- Exposed to sound waves; and a microphone on the cap at the neck, yield louder readings by amplifying all contractions/expansions of the spheric portion into a longitudinal up/down vibration into the neck ? In other words, a microphone in a tube attached to the neck of an elastic balloon; would it behave as a sound magnifier ? Would it be similar to a microphoned hearing funnel ? And the narrower the neck, the greater the magnification ?
  7. Externet

    Tough polymers...

    It is explained in the program, as an structural analogy to rings in a string with capped ends. Well over my understanding, but for those in the field, may be clear. Try to catch next broadcasting/streaming. At this moment, will air in 15 minutes
  8. Externet

    Tough polymers...

    Exploring applications for tires and more; electric vehicle magnets research motor... Perhaps you are lucky catching the next broadcast : ----> https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/scienceview/20190206/2015208/
  9. Externet

    Help me identify this

    Mud dauber nest ----> http://www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_apoidwasps/VaseCellMudDauber.htm
  10. Is there somewhere an audio sample to listen, on how would a melody sound using fitted/added 'quarter-tone' keys ? -Found an article about a composer trying to build a keyboard with such extra keys...- Edited- added: Sorry. Dumb me; should had searched for it before asking...
  11. Externet

    Learning Latin

    What country are you residing ?
  12. My next TV will must have internet browser capability. Most Samsungs 'smart hub' feature such. That way I can receive channels from any country that do live streaming. Usually tune daily to Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, Japan... but at the moment I use a dedicated old laptop that will keep feeding the signals via HDMI until my TV dies. ----> https://wwitv.com/portal.htm
  13. Externet

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    Re-labeling won't work; as there is the duty cycle selection too; shown as 'power level'
  14. Externet

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    "Verbing" ----> the practice of using a noun as a verb. "is standard in English" ----> shows the degree of degeneration reached. Then it is not a verb. it is misused as such. But let's go back to Joules ?
  15. Externet

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    Am not the one to fix the constant degeneration of the English language, nor the blind acceptance by the lamb public with no regulating entity to obey... For sure the entry above is from a dictionary publisher, because there is no language regulating entity. ..."keep re-trying until it is hot." Because time is a wrong setting ? And hot means nothing, as hot for you may be warm for others ?