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  1. Hi. News report it is coming with lunar rock samples and will land in Australia in few days... Also, Japanese probe heading back to earth with hopefully samples from meteorite on board.
  2. What are the requirements to receive the vaccine ? Do recipients need to not be infected or tested negative for the virus ? Do recipients need to not have antibodies for it ? Do recipients must be healthy or not hospitalized with other illnesses ? Is that depending on the vaccine manufacturer like each manufacturer having their rules ? Will a certificate be issued to the recipient as to allow travel ?
  3. Several recent hurricanes in the region contributed to the failure. Earthquakes helped too; 'Maria' hurricane in 2017; In August 2020 a suspension cable broke starting the end : 7 November 2020. The broken cable shown hanging down :
  4. On the news, a monolith someone had fun placing in the desert, worth spending a couple of nostalgic minutes...
  5. Solar heat collector: I do not know what a 'halfpipe' is, but a whole pipe for sure works for well under $800 unless you go lenghty big diametres. Irrigation pipe is not expensive. Place under a clear plastic sheet/box/film so wind does not takes away the heat collected; or/and recirculate to a storage tank in basement. Maintenance is near null.
  6. Thank you. Found some reading on the photons subject. Believe there is no such thing as half a photon, right ? ----> https://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Quantum/see_a_photon.html#:~:text=Since only about 10% of,actually required at the receptors.
  7. The time for visual persistence is typically taken as 1/30th of a second; what is the minimal time a light should be on to recognize its brief presence ? Example, a high speed mechanical shutter wheel in front of a light source. (Or a pulse on LED) The light passes a slot to the eye for one millisecond. Probable visible. What if one microsecond ? Would that time be long enough to be detected by the eye ? Is there a name for that 'time sensitivity' ?
  8. Externet


    Hi. A just born millipede has less legs count and new ones are created with age, or at birth has the full count and legs grow larger with age ? 🙄
  9. Greetings. Do you know of a simpler simulator program on the web to find times a model submarine takes to sink to bottom of a reservoir; and time it takes to reach surface from bottom when its buoyancy is changed/controlled ? Thanks
  10. Greetings. When I walked on the Galapagos glasslike volcanic soil, nothing grows on it, perhaps saw a lost lizard. How many centuries takes for that soil to turn to the "great soil of volcanic origin" often described covered by lush jungle vegetation ? How does lava converts to fertile soil ?
  11. Hi all. Which is wrong ? 'Door' or all the others ? door is not pronounced as poor book wood root tooth cook boost doom roof good hood cool food loop mood boot soot school And 'here' and 'there' ; differ by the added 'T' with a substantial pronunciation difference, being actually more like 'der'. (another silent E.) 🤔
  12. Excellent, gentlemen, thanks. Now am more convinced English has really absurd rules. 😮 A silent ending 'e' changing the sound of a previous vowel. It shows there is no language regulating entity. 😮
  13. Words like like blue orange there voltage George tube range and hundreds more, to the point of boring overdose. With all the passion for shortening writing in english, why is the silent e not eliminated ?
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