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  1. Hi. Can you instead of comparing the cost$ for time lapses, tell/compare KWh of consumption for the lapses ? My local energy is supplied typically by gas and/or electric. Eliminated the gas years ago and am using electric heat only, because the gas company wanted to charge a monthly minimum even for zero consumption to 'maintain' the account during ~8 not-cold months of the year. So kicked them out in 2016, not willing to 'maintain' their pockets besides peace of mind with no gas in the dwelling. Make sure you are not in that kind of trap, or utilities 'policy' changes. (
  2. I would explore routing/passing the water mains into a radiator inlet inside your apartment and returning its outlet to the building supply. You would be extracting only its coolness. Enclosing the radiator would limit how much cold you get. Adding a fan trough the radiator would increase the cooling. Main water into building >---------------------------------------A cut B---------------------------------->building supply Insert a radiator inside your apartment between A and B; and wear a jacket. A window air conditioner is an alternative that can cool the who
  3. Remember dealing with the Réaumur scale in high school, the equivalent formula was dividing by 4. But was never taught about Rankine.
  4. And maaaany more oddities in USA as the ounces, feet, inches, gallons, pounds, furlongs, fathoms, knots, MMDDYY, small, medium and large; twin, queen, full, king , AM/PM, acres... They just missed to drive on the left lane 😊
  5. Welcome. What is the temperature of the water mains supply in summer; and the temperature of any ground source water well available to tap in the vicinity ? Are you allowed to install a 'window' air conditioner ? Are you allowed to glue styrofoam on your room interior surfaces ? This has to be near 100 euros
  6. Thanks. Now am done scratching my head... If Betelgeuse explodes tomorrow, its 'little bang' will spit matter expanding in all directions away from wherever in the Orion constellation it is today. That will be its point from where it expands. How does the "All points" refer to it if you are observing it from planet earth or observing it from Antares at Scorpius ?
  7. Hi. Where in the universe is the point all galaxies, planets, celestial bodies are moving away from in their expansive motion ? Is that point consistently the one and only same for all constellations ? Is there any curving/bent trajectory ? Am sorry for the poor wording.
  8. Hi. These are double pane windows from 1990 in excellent condition for their age. Their poor design conducts the frame cold from the outside to inside. Adding a 'storm' window would be on the exterior as far as i know; not preventing much of the outside cold to reach the frame. If investing on them would give a cure am not against the cost. What am against is investing for no improvement. I have laid a towel strip on the sill and collects the running moisture and improves the problem with the towel treated with bleach, ammonia, vinegar... The nature of the towel wicks and evapor
  9. Thanks gentlemen. I did try single sided adhesive 3mm foam on the inside window frame as insulation coat, not that brand; did not stay stuck to the aluminium 😤 Keeping the area dry is much easier typed than done. A dozen windows of ~2mx1m in half a dozen rooms... A brand of bleach left crystals after spraying dried and prevented the mold for a lot longer, but not the condensation 😞
  10. Greetings. Aluminium windows of goofy design transmit/conduct the sub-freezing exterior to the frame interior causing condensation and mold. Applying chlorine bleach kills the mold instantly; but would like opinions on a powder/solid 'chalk'/drying film spray applicable to the frame to prevent long term the mold from forming.
  11. Thanks, gentlemen. Revisiting the basics of the thread; - The photovoltaic generation (~3KW) to be used solely for dwelling heating day and night, no cooking, inverters, lights, grid feed... If appears makes no money sense; OK, that is not a purpose of the discussion. - The preference to not use batteries is because of added cost, maintenance, fumes, weight, and they are not storing heat. And if lately is sunny and batteries got full charge, today is not cold enough, why 'waste' the irradiation as batteries cannot store more beyond full charge state ? An extra barrel of water 'inl
  12. Doesn't the inclusion of batteries introduce more losses in charging, discharging, maintenance, shorter life and wallet losses ? Seems that if what is wanted is heat; then make heat directly from photovoltaics. Heat leaks/losses of a hot water reservoir are still providing heat inside the dwelling as intended. ======================================================================================== Ken : Important charts if this is what you are after : Deeper than 10m, soil temperature is stable; and temperatures likely to find at certain dates by depth in order to harvest i
  13. Thank you. Electric powered hot water reservoir circulating into a radiator inserted in a dwelling HVAC ducting for heating in winter. No other use. Over half the power generated during sunlight hours to be used for night time circulation. [3Kw of zero cost panels array on hand ]
  14. OK. Are you after that exact piece of equipment or something similar that can perform the transfer of fluid by electric driven piston ? ----> https://www.terapump.net/product-p/trpmw100.htm ---->
  15. Welcome. What is the action it performs ? Electrical input to linear servo output ? Anything hydraulic in it ? Purely mechanic ? Size ? ¿? Something similar to ----> https://www.amazon.com/Detroit-Axle-Complete-Electric-Steering/dp/B01CKKBDSU ----> https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/rack-and-pinion-assist-electric-steering-kits
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