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  1. Thanks. But the U.S. efforts to purchase the islands started by 1867; well before Germany posed a factor.
  2. Hello all. Politics is not something I comment; but found interesting that U.S. already bought from Denmark the Virgin islands not too far ago, in 1917 and paid 25 million in gold. With such antecedent, all the noise generated is showing some historical ignorance... If it is a government thing or a presidential personal pursuit, I do not know.
  3. Hi. As am taking blood thinner medicine and often get skin cuts; I would like to know if there is one styptic pencil preferably made without aluminium. Do you know ?
  4. Hi. Evaluating to use ClamAV from a CD if possible, without installing. Is such thing possible ? How to download-burn a CD and use it perhaps once a month in my Ubuntu Linux machine. It may not make much sense; but that's always me. Found not much in the user manual for Clamav.
  5. What counts is to work. The only activity that can sustain people. If everyone in town wins a share of the lottery; would be a disaster. Everyone with money in their pockets, nobody wants to work for it. Where to buy bread, to have your vehicle repaired, to get cure from a doctor, to learn a profession, even to get buried ? The baker does not want to work because won the lottery, The mechanic does not want to work because won the lottery, The doctor does not want to work because won the lottery, The teacher does not want to work because won the lottery, The robot builder does not want to work because won the lottery, And zillion more activities part of our daily lives. And nobody in town can even celebrate the lottery won with a beer because the brewer has enough money after winning the lottery. Why work then? Now you know. It is not money. It is to have work.
  6. One way to survive can be to work at a factory that builds robots.
  7. Hi all. Aired today, minutes ago. Perhaps deserves a sub-forum here as "Technology news" Create if deserved for such topics, as there is a thread somewhere asking for adding other sub-forums. ----> https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/ataglance/449/ Edited... what is proper English for the title ? 'Assistance to blind' or as posted ?
  8. Hi. These single-hose 'portable' airconditioners... how can they cool any room at all ? The hot exhaust expels the heat from its condenser cooled by the room air cooled by the evaporator + the heat extracted from the room air by the evaporator + the building heat entering the room under the door and leaks + the compressor heat. Can someone explain ?
  9. This is new for me, dropped my jaw as never seen before. Enjoy ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQMYpzbQIDA
  10. From what I learned, fiber is the non-nutritional part of foods that end taking part of the bulk of stools. With some seen emphasis on the importance of fiber intake; does it mean that poorly nutritional foods are also good to have ? How does it work ?
  11. Correct. I have 5 like that one. But the animal in question has the cross 12 that slides along 10 in direction A<---->B depending on the wind force to dynamically alter its shape :
  12. I enjoy MOM from US, and 'Somewhere street' on NHK.
  13. Thanks. 10 and 8s are joined at a cross 12; which puts them all at the same side. Another (reverse?) of the drawings shows dotted for all 8, 10, 12 Other kites of similar construction do have them as you say; 10 on convex, 8 on concave sides. Edited : Does dihedral (as described type of kite) implies the convex side faces the operator of the kite ? Which puts the spar members on the concave / far side ? (then, seen by operator like the photo on fan)
  14. Sorry to bring such simple minutia, but am confused. Got a kite for my daughter and cannot figure out how it goes together (no instructions) The drawing shows all the spars 8; 10 at the concave side ¿?. But there is two holes passing the strings 51, 51' trough the sail. Pictured hanged to my ceiling fan to show better, with bridles 47s ans 51s hanging. Element 37 not attached. Not shown spars are on the top side. The drawing source is ----> https://patents.google.com/patent/US4815681A/en as I saw such printed on the sail. How does it go ? Spars on convex or concave ?
  15. Ask the genius who wrote that instructions on how to prevent the 5000V to go to ground in short circuit. And you do not 'add' voltage, you apply voltage.