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  1. Hey !... I just drank a bit of Marilyn Monroe bathwater... tasted much better than dino pee.
  2. Lights can be the fire from exhaust of turbines if you marry a Few $ modern controller ----> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32800900448.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4c215d00OwAV4V&algo_pvid=853c72ae-6fc1-4ece-8745-b9e20f314347&algo_expid=853c72ae-6fc1-4ece-8745-b9e20f314347-18&btsid=d0e2a804-f916-4e48-9a2b-c5d17ee4760f&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5,searchweb201603_55 With a -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AglD7FnKIeE
  3. Unless the lights are a byproduct emissions of operational something else going on...
  4. Thanks for your very interesting responses... Perhaps I was relating banking to an infantile concept of safe-keeping only. If documents were at a certain point issued as certificates of deposit, that could equate as modern banking. So previously, probably currency coins were buried in castle basements or hidden/guarded chests as safe locations. And coin payments for services not often needed as slavery/trading was more the norm in non-business conducting castle locations. So the castle cook worked perhaps for the salary of enjoying a plot of land granted/loaned to his family ? Same for the peasants supplying food, guarding the castle.
  5. In medieval times, those lords/nobles building their expensive castles using many workers during extended years... Where did they keep their coin? currency to pay salaries ? How were their funds originated and replenished, likely ? Inherited, taxing neighborhoods, what sorts of big successful businesses, commerce, were conducted from those often remote castles... ?
  6. Hi. On the right side transformer, the lines of flux by the 'E' of the word CORE, repel themselves as split. Does this repulsion at that point 'E' shows in any different (form of magnetostriction?) , or affects anything ? -Image borrowed from the web-
  7. Hi. Is this for all cells currently on market or only for a newly developed chemistry ? Until now, the heat while recharging was counterproductive for the cell. And risky. ----> https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S2542435119304817
  8. Shown on some reports of third world innovative diy gadgets, they have a led lighting a water filled soda bottle. (This is not the 'skylight' similar approach that funnels sunlight and rain leaks into a dwelling) How does the addition of the soda bottle optical losses improves illumination than the bare led alone ? The difference I see is it creates a non-point of light emission by being a bottle-sized body of emission with some according gentler pupil reaction. Now, the "old" battery mentioned. Why old ? Next, about the skylight bottle. Why is it perceived better than a transparent piece of roofing ? Is it from the strong habit in modern offices/homes to cover windows with draperies and then turn on the lights ?
  9. When a person dies, the loss of the knowledge is what bothers me the most. All the learned and experiences that took a lifetime of effort to gather, gone to waste. With no chance to transfer to a young person. Invent one like this that works...
  10. Thanks. The old testament is too fictitious to care about. The new is more historic. Curious about how deep under the Vatican basements are forbidden-to-divulge ancient texts kept, and the surprises in them...
  11. Whenever the Bible contents was decided; was there a choice of ancient manuscripts or versions from where material was chosen discarding other not-preferred sources ? (or a mixture of sources) Is there somewhere access to such not-used text sources translated to any modern language ? Example: If there was a historical version on how tall was the cross that the skinny guy was crucified; is the height not mentioned by considered irrelevant ?
  12. Hello iNow. 😫Cloud and streaming... So you need a compfuser on an internet provider, and applications, antivirus and more to listen to your music which is not much yours...🤮 And among the cloud = populated by crooks chasing how to make easy dirty money... What is the origin of this? Laziness to keep file records, photo albums, music media,...?
  13. Hi. In another thread, surfaced the trend that there is no compact disc reading/saving devices for personal files in the 'modern life' Noticed from a while ago, that many computers do not have a built-in CD unit any more. What about home stereos, car stereos; do they lack the CD now ? From 8 track to cassette to CD to MP3 to nothing. Where do modern people keep their music, videos, movies, photograph albums, personal files, documents, archives ? I would not buy a computer without an optical drive 😯
  14. Thanks, zapatos. Your link and quote shows some light at the end of the tunnel; will explore deeper : When am gone, cannot tell anyone where documents are kept nor safebox combinatons. And to update such document, you must access the original every time there is a sale/new purchase or change in plans. But a new CD can be made with the changes, being the last-dated the valid one.
  15. Yes, I think that "Docusign" is one of the applications I used in transactions, and other on an internet auction. And agree, electronic documents for real estate, trusts, tax forms may differ...
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