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  1. Hi. Enjoy ----> https://www.google.com/search?q=ausangate+painted+mountains&client=ubuntu&hs=mXN&channel=fs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiF0tKB0O_cAhUV8YMKHePbAx0Q_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=549 ----> https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/31/rainbow-mountains-china-danxia-landform_n_3683840.html Please move to 'Lounge' if deserved.
  2. Changes in Google search ?

    Thanks. Those settings for cookies and temporary files were already set to 'discard' in other OS settings for all websites and sessions. (Running Ubuntu 18.04 + Firefox 61)
  3. Changes in Google search ?

    Thanks, Sensei. Good explanation, but does not work for me, at least yet. Cannot get it in french/for France, nor the 'Parametres de recherche' show. Perhaps my default search engine would have to be Google for that. Will explore further. Never had to do any private window before.
  4. Changes in Google search ?

    Sometimes I search using Google when after things within foreign countries. Like google.it; Google.es; Google.fr; Google.uk There was a selection for results only for that country, now there is only a selection of language (if that much). Do you see the same ? You Google users and experts, do you know how to select results only from the country searched ? Example: if you know french, look for antiques boutiques in Montmartre ----> https://www.google.fr most results are in English. It used to be all results from France only, in french, selectable. Is this the result of tracking, location and personal data collection ? Edit: Checking my own link above; minutes ago was in french. Now is in English.
  5. HELP! Infrasound detector antenna

    Welcome. The antenna would be called a microphone. Perhaps metallized PVDF film, low pass filtered amplification. Held to the rim of a drum or alike ring, and in a very quiet location. A piezofilm speaker could be used as microphone ----> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=pvdf+film+speaker&t=canonical&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images
  6. Hi. A SHAME : And it is not the first time I see this. They are capturing babies, well under reproduction age, leaving no hope to future populations . With a third of contents being cheap oil. Remember when there were two to three tightly packed. Like 15 now. [Product of Poland]
  7. Perpetual motion engines.

    OK, Brett. Those are the would be. What are the is ? - Define perpetual. - How many have you sold ?
  8. Governor spring and linkage...

    Small engines like Briggs Stratton may have a governing linkage for steady rpm on certain applications. Seen several implementation ways, but my mower has a weak spring paralleled to the rod, both attach to the same points. How do they work? Makes not much sense seeing such configuration, but there has to be a detail/reason am missing. Is it related to avoid speed 'hunting' or steadyness ? [The choke has nothing to do with the subject] The rod often runs inside spring. The anchoring is slightly different here at the right side lever, attaching to apart holes, which may show more logic : -Images borrowed from the web-
  9. Pocket transistor with headphones interface.

    For the finances side, You have to compete with the $1 radio that includes earphones and light. Price to public=$1 The store profit is around $0.50 The manufacturer cost in design, parts, assembly labor is around $0.25 to make a $0.25 profit. There is also shipping, marketing, packaging costs. ----> https://frrl.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/a-fm-radio-for-one-dollar-how-is-this-possible/ If you want to earn $100 daily selling radios, at a $0.25 profit each, you have to sell 400 daily.
  10. Mars: huge underground lake discovered

    Still have to find out what chemicals are dissolved, what temperature has, and zero sunlight...
  11. I have to toss a couple of things to the table... Blood in contact with air promotes coagulation. That cannot be good. Air embolia is neither a good thing... ----> https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/air-embolism/
  12. Thanks, StringJunky. Am referring to bubbles traveling by the hose into the body. Perhaps there is different kinds of bags or equipment. With the dripping chamber or not.
  13. Visiting patients, seen several times that nurses pay no attention to bubbles flowing into intravenous fluid hose. Verbally spanked several occasions the nurses in charge, like they do not pay attention nor care about this. How dangerous is it ? I do not know if is because some fitting is not tight, or else. What happens with bubbles flowing into narrowing arteries ?
  14. Can a higher blood pressure fight better a forming arterial clot pushing more blood trough the narrowing to keep tissues downstream alive ? Or, can 'healthy' low blood pressure contribute to death of downstream tissues because does not push enough blood trough a forming clot ?
  15. solutions to overpopulation

    Solution to overpopulation... Compensation has to be the key. Allow benefits / less taxation / incentives / health care / access and preferences to housing programs, employment, pay raises... to families with less children. Instead of punishing families with too many children.