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  1. Good day. Clearing the snow off my panels on he roof as it will be sunny the next week but still under 0oC and I wanted them generating, got curious... Sun does warm up solar panels, no doubt. Ambient too. But is panels heating only product of the solar radiation + environment or the panels themselves add warmth by the current produced ? In other words; a solar panel that has reached its temperature plateau under the sun while disconnected (no current flowing); it will increase its temperature when connected to a load and current flows, right ?
  2. Frequently I encounter situations I cannot discern. Example: Touching the volume knob on a "smart" phone device, the screen shows an interactive icon among other things... Is that telling me that the bell is off or is it a button to turn the bell off ? How to know what these "intuitive" icons mean ? There is nothing that helps identify it as a button nor a signal. Do I need a second brain transplant ? Does it happen to you too ? How do you resolve the doubt ? What is crooked in my thinking ? Is implementing these things a product of intelligent or idiots designing operational interfaces ? Are these meant for intelligent operators or for idiots ?
  3. Surprised I did not know these existed and I have been well into the recording industry since young. Anyone knows about them ? At a local recycling store, saw this. Compared to a normal 12 inch 'long play' on the picture :
  4. Hi. Magma is supposed to be in underground chambers and branches that may or may not be some day expelled by eruptions. Petroleum is supposed to be in underground chambers and branches too. I have never known of a reported volcanic eruption that the magma flowed/passed trough into a petroleum deposit and both ended on earth surface as a fiery explosive combustion from hydrocarbons fuel + heat + fire + oxygen. Is there a reason why such coincidental path event does not happen ? 😱
  5. If am average, I care about not being lazy; as I find people's lazyness connects to like ~90% of problems of today. Exception --- I found no lazyness in people that plays with smart phones all day instead of working. They reeeeaaaally work on it. Plus in second place, the pursuit of comfort. Exception --- They feel no discomfort when looking for a way to milk the goverment or institutions on how to get away collecting free money and aids with minimal work effort. Well, that really applies to the paragraph above. and one more, the pursuit of undeserved pleasure. No matter if someone is not successful, their ideal image is seeing themselves lying on a beach with a server bringing a beer, while scratching 'tonsills' all day as a way of life.
  6. One more video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUgajGv4Aok
  7. Enjoy: ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzGCYaJbf0A ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CcgmpBGSCI ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHsXcHoJu-A Not a brain teaser, but a fact.
  8. Diver too. The only way I know of is to not use a wet/dry suit. Weights requiered would be then minimal or null. Which can bring complains of cold instead of weight. And a diver in a proper physical fitness to do the sport/work that is bothered by wearing a weight belt is unheard of 🤫. Attaching weight to the tank instead of waist is not a contemplated alternative. If your aim is comfort and not exactly the weight itself, my 3 hollow belts are filled with lead shot instead of the 'bricks', making then more manageable. Modern ones use removable lead shot pockets, have those too, sewn by me. If any of those are not of your approval, let the weights drop to the bottom of the sea when you climb back to the boat. Buy more for the next dive$.
  9. Really ? How do you know the temperature in hell ?
  10. Images of chondrite apparently recovered somehow from a space probe. (From wikipedia -cosmic dust-) What can the background of the images be ?
  11. Placing the foil on the earth surface will not be restricted to equatorial shading, Will not last much under the wind, will create complains, but will equally shade/reflect.
  12. A 1km2 reflective/shading foil in orbit at 1000km altitude will create the same shade as placing the same 1km2 foil on top of the earth soil at the warmest place or where cooling may be most needed (Sahara?, Arizona?) without the cost/energy of launching it.
  13. Sadly, that depends on each one's taste and opinion... Omitting/changing what in the recipe makes it not a cookie any more ? That brings defining a cookie first...😋
  14. Isn't energy Wattshours or Joules instead ?
  15. What got stuck in its development, what is the bottleneck ? Have heard nothing in almost a decade 😟
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