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  1. Was going to take a picture at the tree outside, but found the same on the web... Blooming starting and seed pods still there... (Cercis canadiensis)
  2. Thanks, StringJunky. Stratification, scarification, chilling... understood. Will check. I was reading today the instructions to germinate something else... "Collect the pods in autumn, put in the freezer for so long, then moist them... " Doooh ! assuming too much. What if you collect the pods from the tree in March ! They spent the entire winter doing the stratification the natural way, and no brains to consider such by the 'expert' instructions...
  3. Hi. Often, from the "Activity" tab; I get some prompt to join a subject. Such subject that I have never participated, nor from a member I had contact before, nor from my interest at all. Sample : Why the "Reply to this status" shown below ?
  4. Hi. If reasonable efforts to germinate seeds result in nothing, is it commonly due to the seeds being from a hybrid plant ? Should that be the reason ? Seeds with zero origin information : Not germinating when following instructions from expert/successful growers-
  5. Hi 13mh13. Let me know whenever you reach a tenth of the reputation points that CharonY has. Points given for a reason from knowledgeable respected members.
  6. Hi. Thanks. From unbagging the items brought from the supermarket/pharmacy last shopping day, as an example. And you were very cautious of going shopping without the phone -yes, sure-🥴
  7. You just washed your hands again, and you feel like a good person doing it. Immediately you grab the phone on one hand and the tv control on the other, to stay on top of the chats and news as the confinement is too boring. Those items, with all the hand prints and mouth sprays exactly as before washing your hands. What good did washing the hands if everyone has no gonads to live without a phone on your face day and night asking when will this illness chapter end ? Then starting to complain that you ran out of masks and you need to go to the supermarket. The stupid all-disposable habit does not allow to wash or disinfect or dip in acetone, alcohol, whatever the masks, but keep asking when will this illness chapter end ? 😒
  8. Hi. Thanks. Would like to mention a product that works very well : And another method I found: Using the adhesive side of adhesive tape, duct tape, any tape to lick/lift the unwanted residue needing removal from an object.
  9. Hi. Two years ago, I bought three styles of respirators, to evaluate installation of microphones for certain projects. Found this one as leftover behind my spider webs ----> https://www.ebay.com/itm/264540251953 And wonder if being for painting, carpentry dust, fumes?... could be used for microorganisms. It only filters during aspiration; at exhale disc valves open freely the flow towards ambient. The filtering cartridges are removable/replaceable ----> If they are soaked in ethanol (and dried!) as for periodic desinfection; would they still be safe ? Same about the coffee filters and other paper/fabric ones if shortage pushes to reuse them.
  10. Greetings, hoping it is a good healthy day for all. Quarantine and isolations appear not reflecting the number of reported new cases. The isolation should work; The quarantine not; because quarantine is a truncated isolation and 'discounted' to fourteen instead of forty days (if any works). The next day after quarantine has elapsed, a person is in the exact risk situation as before day one, if not more as surrounding infected population will be more. If an entire country gets rid successfully of the disease; a single infected person anywhere else in the planet can start it all over again. What are you planning for the moment you get infected, what will be your actions ? Been a pleasure to mingle with you all at ScienceForums BC -before Corona-
  11. Good day again. A couple more... - What percentage of covir19 infections belongs to the age group of -say under ten years olds- ? if such is known. - Heard from a medical professional : "No need to test if you have influenza, you would hardly get Corona" Can someone explain ? That sent me way back to the years of Interferon...
  12. Good day to all. A couple more questions... Is it known if a patient that survives this new virus, remains immune to it or can contract it later again ? What happens to donor antibodies on a blood transfusion into the recipient patient ? Die, stay or start renewal/multiplication ?
  13. Thanks, gentlemen. Searched with not enough success... Is there any commercial/municipal radioactive treatment for potable water ? Seen it is done at some food packing factories, but the web mentions mostly the reverse, removal of radiation contaminants from water. And what would such ionizing irradiation get rid of in water ? How does the medicine industry purifies their water for manufacturing/research purposes ?
  14. Hi all. I see the act of installing filters to improve drinking water a double edge sword. It may stop some microorganisms, minerals, debris, perhaps toxins from drinking. But right now and during all the time you are not serving a glass of filtered water, inside the filter there is a multitude of undesirables that were previously captured and held in, as intimate soup with the water for the next glass you will serve. Water that can be in a reasonably good condition being forced to pass trough the rotting filter accumulations. What are the alternatives ? What process to improve drinking water for better and more convincing methods that does not use filters ? Ultraviolet? Boiling? Chemicals? ...?
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