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  1. Search failed...

    Thank you, Is then Term AND Author. Got it.
  2. At ----> https://www.scienceforums.net/search/ At "Search by author" entering a valid username and hitting "Search content" at bottom shows no results, and a message asking for a term. Is that wrong or am doing something wrong ? Or; How to search for all contents of a member in a single forum ?
  3. Search failed...

    There is no search Term field...
  4. Networking settings for an idiot...

    Before I goof deeper; Nothing is Cisco. The router is Dell as linked. "Static routing" for the "static IP"... That sends me to scratch my head Are they same stuff ? The IPV4 I have is always the same, never seen changed, if that is related to that comment so "the isn't okay" should not apply, if I know what am saying... You mention "static "dynamic IP" and later "dynamic DNS"... That sends me to scratch my head Are they same stuff ? It is not what I want, it is whatever has to be for this to work. Will be back... meanwhile spank me for incongruences I may have said. Sensei: Thanks, this is not about what is in the market; it is about network settings for the equipment I have.
  5. To start, cannot even ask the questions properly. The vomitive letter soup and settings list is larger every time I dig deeper. Just let me know what information is needed to ask this properly, brands, models, all needed details. What am after is to monitor my backyard with my smart phone when am away, with a re-purposed retired cell phone as camera for surveillance. The 'camera-phone' application is working. The viewer application works on my smart phone but does not find the camera. The laptop works perfectly well. The 'Gateway' has its WiFi disabled; WiFi is provided by a router and works. All that works may not have the optimal settings, but works. Any very patient expert ?
  6. Networking settings for an idiot...

    Thanks, fiveworlds. 1.- Do not understand "does not like" 2.- The Gateway, or modem or both, or whatever is ----> https://www.manualslib.com/products/Technicolor-Mediaaccess-Tc8717t-4123851.html The IP address is seventysix dot 182 dot onefivefive dot... IPV4 (and unsure if safe to publish the rest)... If static or dynamic or DNS I do not know how to recognize. It is a simple home service, no 'website'. How to make sure ? Router ----> http://setuprouter.com/router/dell/truemobile-1184/manuals.htm Both phones are Android. Renaming the second 1.-, 2.- as 3.-, 4.-; 3.- Will read and be back. Already have installed one application on each cell phone : This----> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BenLin.BLIPCamera.Free If you are using/familiar with another, I could change for better guidance. Perhaps there is better or less complex, but that is what I have. 4.- Is that done accessing the gateway, or the router, from the laptop browser ? or the 'camera' or the smartphone ?
  7. Geomagnetic induction...

    If the earth magnetic field does not spin together with the earth, should cause some induction in wires fixed to earth surface (as power transmission wires, pipelines) and to wiring within a geostationary satellite, is that right ? If the earth magnetic field does spin synchronized/together to earth rotation, the wiring in geostationary satellites should not experience induction from crossing magnetic lines of force; is that right ?
  8. Avocado-thread

    What you are doing in the first picture... With a scrubbed clean and pointy end up seed of a very ripe fruit, half submerged. Do it in darkness and warm temperature near 30C 4+ weeks until sprouts 30cm high. Like inside a closet. Then transplant to soil. It will not bear fruit unless 4+ years pass... in tropic weather, about 5 metres tall. Left unprotected outside, you will be thanked by the squirrells.
  9. Before and after pictures...

    Mount Saint Helena.
  10. Heard a long time ago, that a guy was boiling in water, a mix of good fertile topsoil and packaged gardening soil to sterilize it, then filtered and used that water for hydroponics instead of using commercial 'plant food' products. Does it make any sense ?
  11. Just pictures...

  12. Liquid fertilizer [hydroponics]

    ..."Mineralized fish excrement"... Why saying 'mineralized' ? Sounds like water from a very murky river that has washed / collected nutrients and minerals from extensive areas of soils, and precipitated much of solids should be a good ''soil juice' for hydroponics ? And murky river sediment good for soil gardening. What is "substrate" in hydroponics ? Prefer not to have any excrements for indoors hydroponics even if called composted excrements.
  13. Liquid fertilizer [hydroponics]

    What about not boiling then ? Like soil with all its good and bad into a concrete mixer for a good chunk of time with plenty of water; then filtering the water to remove solids for hydroponic nutrient use ? Seems more natural than packaged chemicals. Unsure if the word 'organic' applies anywhere here.
  14. Liquid fertilizer [hydroponics]

    Thanks. Would the boiling make sense to make a 'sterile soil juice' to avoid introducing bad bacteria at the cost of not introducing good bacteria, nematodes and other beneficial microorganisms in the intention to preserve the entire cultivation from illnesses ? The hydroponic fluid circulates to all plants and containers, carrying an undesirable something could infect the whole operation and equipment... I think. I do not see "the point of using organics" Are the chemicals in normal soiless hydroponics 'organics' ? To me seems more 'artificial' than organics. I usually microwave potting soil to germinate indoors, and never have weeds sprouting. Now in winter dusting off my 'Aerogarden' , triggered this thread.
  15. Geomagnetic induction...

    Thanks again. So the lines of flux rotate together with the earth. Question was triggered by the so called Faraday paradox. And a comment from someone attempting to explain as 'field lines do not rotate when its magnet source rotates along its N-S axis' The -agreed- very faint lines of force from earth should not be much of a trouble to non-geostationary satellites circuitry. But to be considered in sensitive equipment. I read about the multiple failures from tethered satellites, which do cross lines of force at brutal speeds and their many mechanical failures. ----> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_tether_missions
  16. Geomagnetic induction...

    Thank you very much for the response as you always assist to help, studiot. But that is not about the questions.
  17. Sensing coils geometry...

    Hi. A coil of N turns wound on a long spool of small diametre, and another coil with the same number of turns N wound in a short length spool of large diametre. Testing one at a time, which should produce a larger voltage output sensing a spinning magnet several metres away ? Would results be different with iron cores inserted ?
  18. Maaany years ago read about a figure that made sense to me... The delta t from a internal combustion engine related to the ambient temperature its cooling radiator was exposed. Cannot remember now. Was something like outlet temperature minus ambient temperature equals something near constant. Or ambient temperature plus inlet temperature equals a near constant figure. That ideal figure escapes me now... Any light or explanatory link please ?
  19. Temperature differential in IC engines...

    Thanks, Endy. Myself cannot discern how to express it. Too many years ago. Perhaps...The expected coolant temperatures on a properly working IC engine related to ambient cooling air temperature, if that makes sense. Was like... Ambient degrees F + 100F = IC outlet temperature. The "100" here was a fixed number am after, near 90, or 100 or +... ¿?
  20. Is this also mu-metal ?

    Hi all. Magnets inside hard drives are bracketed by mu metal. Is the outside plate seen in some hard drive covers also mu metal ? Like the greyish portion on the cover below: The covers without an attached 'plate', are they usually made of mu metal ? Cover alone :
  21. Is this also mu-metal ?

    Metals found on many probed covers are - aluminium and - other metal, The 'other' there is magnetic and non-magnetic. (Shown on video) The question is if the 'other' magnetic is mu metal. Better link? ----> https://www.dropbox.com/s/rk3kiwycwbkcppn/P1010716.MOV?dl=0
  22. Is this also mu-metal ?

    Thanks. Fully agreed; those strong magnets with mu metal are permeating their own flux properly away from the platter to avoid data loss. I suspect any lining on the covers as pictured is more to prevent nearby speakers, other hard drives and external strong fields from harmful effects. That is the doubt that triggers this thread; could that material be also mu metal ?. How to test ? Visually, they never rust, as the mu metal behaves, and same sheen. When applied a magnet to some covers, they are not magnetic; other covers that have a liner are magnetic only on those areas. Could be non-magnetic stainless. Made a clumsy video, drive at left has a metal attached to top lid (eggy contour) and attracts a magnet. Drive at right shows no attraction. ----> https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=P1010716.MOV
  23. Is this also mu-metal ?

    Mu metal cover/on the cover for 'deflecting' external magnetism from entering the enclosure or affecting data ? Some hard drives have the metal plate underneath, aligned to the platters : On top cover :
  24. Transferring bookmarks to favorites...

    Thanks for your effort, fiveworlds, but let you down. Unable to transfer all the files. Tried a couple more variants/times, only about half of Firefox bookmarks show up on IE11, same as before. On various help forums, found several entries for the same complain of incomplete transfers, and searching if there is a limit? in 'Favorites' files size, an inconclusive answer from Microsoft derailing the question. ¿? I can almost bet the greyout in your compfuser is because you use no other browser in it, just like mine...