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  1. If am average, I care about not being lazy; as I find people's lazyness connects to like ~90% of problems of today. Exception --- I found no lazyness in people that plays with smart phones all day instead of working. They reeeeaaaally work on it. Plus in second place, the pursuit of comfort. Exception --- They feel no discomfort when looking for a way to milk the goverment or institutions on how to get away collecting free money and aids with minimal work effort. Well, that really applies to the paragraph above. and one more, the pursuit of undeserved pleasure. No matter if someone is not successful, their ideal image is seeing themselves lying on a beach with a server bringing a beer, while scratching 'tonsills' all day as a way of life.
  2. One more video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUgajGv4Aok
  3. Enjoy: ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzGCYaJbf0A ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CcgmpBGSCI ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHsXcHoJu-A Not a brain teaser, but a fact.
  4. Diver too. The only way I know of is to not use a wet/dry suit. Weights requiered would be then minimal or null. Which can bring complains of cold instead of weight. And a diver in a proper physical fitness to do the sport/work that is bothered by wearing a weight belt is unheard of 🤫. Attaching weight to the tank instead of waist is not a contemplated alternative. If your aim is comfort and not exactly the weight itself, my 3 hollow belts are filled with lead shot instead of the 'bricks', making then more manageable. Modern ones use removable lead shot pockets, have those too, sewn by me. If any of those are not of your approval, let the weights drop to the bottom of the sea when you climb back to the boat. Buy more for the next dive$.
  5. Really ? How do you know the temperature in hell ?
  6. Images of chondrite apparently recovered somehow from a space probe. (From wikipedia -cosmic dust-) What can the background of the images be ?
  7. Placing the foil on the earth surface will not be restricted to equatorial shading, Will not last much under the wind, will create complains, but will equally shade/reflect.
  8. A 1km2 reflective/shading foil in orbit at 1000km altitude will create the same shade as placing the same 1km2 foil on top of the earth soil at the warmest place or where cooling may be most needed (Sahara?, Arizona?) without the cost/energy of launching it.
  9. Sadly, that depends on each one's taste and opinion... Omitting/changing what in the recipe makes it not a cookie any more ? That brings defining a cookie first...😋
  10. Isn't energy Wattshours or Joules instead ?
  11. What got stuck in its development, what is the bottleneck ? Have heard nothing in almost a decade 😟
  12. Reminder for these days... You are supposed to leave cookies, understand ? COOKIES, not Bourbon !
  13. Stirling engine, Heron fountain, two line stunt kite, Any of these ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC4uU_157oo (Aimed for non-electronics...)
  14. Thank you. Yes, plain vegetable gardening as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, artichokes, melon, cucumber, herbs, a few trees as plum, pear, peach. Donor leaves are maple, red bud, grass and whatever wind brings from neighbors. Abundant worms in soil. Plan is add leaves dust every year if can be beneficial.
  15. Hi. Yes, shredding (milling) leaves to dust (fine powder as flour) and added to soil is the question. Nothing involving composting. No, simply adding the dry leaves as fallen in autumn, milled to dust form to soils being tilled to help fertility, not mulching as soil covering, without any rotting or composting,
  16. Hi, thanks. They never stop flying and ask for daily raking from everywhere else if left on a pile. I do not do compost 😟 This is mostly about beneficial uses and tinkering with milling. 😉
  17. Greetings. Is adding dry, pulverized-to-dust leaves a decent, beneficial way to fertilize soil for growing the same/other species that yielded those leaves ? Is there a non-industrial (not costly as for personal yard use) method to mill leaves to powder by converting/repurposing existing household appliances ? -Perhaps a clever modification for a discarded clothesdryer machine, a blender, a ...- A few cubic metres of leaves once or twice a year should do it.
  18. Thank you for the good effort, Sensei. The original image, is unobtanium in any other format. Probable names associated "airscrew" or "air screw" did not produce results. Will build the device to re-create a picture of it, will yield a much better image than the low resolution of very early digital cameras.
  19. Good day. Perhaps it does not exist any more; or someone has searching skills I need to learn... Web site contained this tri-part image : [ Image-search was unsuccessful to me. ] Obtained/downloaded ~1995, before existance of internet archives.
  20. Externet


    Do you work ? ---> Pay taxes Do you study ? ---> Pay taxes Did you inherit ? ---> Pay taxes Do you need medicines ? ---> Pay taxes Are you creative ?---> Pay taxes Do you produce ? ---> Pay taxes Do you purchase ? ---> Pay taxes Do you sell ? ---> Pay taxes Are you lazy ? ---> Get free assistance, aids, bonuses...
  21. Hello. This is about mostly unattended plants. Some plants in my yard are grown in containers. The drain perforation is standard at the bottom. Never seen other. Well, usually flawed. Plants get thirsty or die if rain is not periodic enough. Some planters with the drain hole covered or no drain hole can drown if rains too often. Usually flawed. What is your opinion in having about half way on the side of the planter container, the drain hole ? Will not drown; will be harder to become dry as would hold very moist or wet soil at bottom. for a much longer time. Have not tried yet but soon to experiment... after your comments.
  22. Thank you. One more variable that I did not expect added to the table... the combination of different microorganisms.
  23. Clumsy short one-handed video, but may show the sparks when gently squeezed/released. For sure there is no impact action : VID_20211018_163624.mp4
  24. Hi. Bought this over 20 years ago at a 99 cent store just because was different. Took a short video but became too large and refused to insert here. Well, has a squeezable handle instead of an striker trigger as most. Emits several sparks in about 5mm of squeezing; looks like ----> https://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-OPL1-R-Piezoelectric-Kitchen-Flameless/dp/B01MSKDG51 Is there a major difference in operation principle ? Squeezing instead of striking the crystal ? I presume squeezing bends the piezo crystal.
  25. Another name for a similar item. Look at how the handle is secured to the metal blade ---> https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=handsaw medallions
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