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  1. Good day. Typical image from the web on automotive battery. Cleaning with wet hot baking soda is effective, the something-impregnated felt disks work well, What household product is also effective to keep the corrosion away ?
  2. With a couple of decades in my head on a simple turbines system that does not much to the environment; found that little people like me has no opportunity to propose/expose to the big shots how to generate energy at Gibraltar, Japan, that Canada place... Tidal currents are a proper response to clean energy.
  3. Thanks. zapatos; your link does not touch the thermostat subject and seems ends pushing for a 'stop leak' product. Intoscience, please allow me a few days to respond. 🥺
  4. Greetings. Am curious about a formula 1 racing engine. How is the engine coolant thermostat ? No guesses, please.
  5. Repeatedly see illustrations on how extensive the ice age was thousands of years ago, covering to about 45-50 0 lat.N and beyond. But never see the same depicted for southern latitudes. How was the equatorial climate and temperature then ? And the equatorial flora + fauna did adapt and evolved in such 'short' amount of time to now tropical temperatures ? Or was the temperature gradient such brutal from the icy edges to equator ?
  6. Greetings. A hose/pipe/tube is friction push-inserted into a vessel tight hole. Transport yourself to the interior of the pressurized vessel. You can see the inserted pipe end that supplies the pressurized -say air-. There is in-diameter and out-diameter, corresponding to inside area; outside area, and the smaller torus area from the pipe wall. What is the force the air pressure in the vessel pushes the pipe out towards unplugging it ? ---> force = pressure / area Which is the area to consider ? inside, outside, torus ?
  7. Good day. Have never seen otherwise than the barrel tip rising when a gun is fired. There is other orientations that do not happen, as sideways, downward... Perhaps is different in artillery but; why is the typical recoil producing that upwards motion ?
  8. Thanks, fellows. 1.- From what I read, sugar mash does not produce methanol. There is a contrary opinion above. THAT is why I created the thread, to find science facts, not hillbilly tales. 2.- As the topic may infringe in legality; please close the thread if deserved. I do not want to be the cause of trouble. Edited, added : Post #2 clearly says to avoid 120F. FOR WHAT ? making the mash or distilling ? THAT is what pisses me off from youtubers and brought me to a science site with sharp people.
  9. Hello. When preparing a fermentation mash to produce/distill ethanol, is the yeast just acting doing its pissing and farting or also reproducing ?
  10. Good day. Never done it; never seen it done. Read a lot about safety and many other details and would like you green light on the video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D070-PHjDLM&ab_channel=HowtoMoonshine in case something is missing ! Have that countertop 'air distiller' shown, with differences: Added a digital temperature control; and the lid internals is plastic instead of another models being stainless. In my ignorance, a sugar mash is the safest for beginners on this machine. Am ready to start preparing the mash one of these days, after your blessings.
  11. A magnet moving, spinning of vibrating can produce a sound from its field inducing action on a nearby ferromagnetic item or other magnet but the sound is produced by variation of its force field acting upon something else or itself. It is not the magnetic field emitting the sound. The faintest sound I heard is a reed switch when a magnet got nearby.
  12. How energy and cost demanding is the process to recycle spent or failed lithium batteries to recover lithium into manufacturing new batteries ? From years of experience, only about 25% of lithium batteries get spent; most have a single cell failure that forces discarding the whole relatively good package. Is a non-spent cell from such pack yielding better/more/easier recycled lithium than a truly spent one ? What compounds are not recoverable into lithium in a spent battery ? Does a failed cell contain 'better' lithium than a 'spent' one ? What about when recycling new unused/obsolete cells ?
  13. Thanks gentlemen for your responses. I have it clear now. The linked volumetric table suggests water and iron as good simple-to-implement candidates. Will then store heat in one of them and set the heat release speed as needed by covering with more or less insulating material.
  14. Hello. What is the table I should look for to find which materials have the capability of holding/storing more amount of heat ? I do not care how fast they conduct the heat if their parameters are related; and what is it called ? specific heat ?, density ? specific gravity ? , heat conductivity... Example : 1 Kg or iron at 100C or 1 Kg of water at 100C or 1 Kg of concrete at 100C or 1 Kg of wood at 100C... And does it go by mass, or by volume ? As in 1 litre of iron, 1 litre of concrete, 1 litre of water instead ... ?
  15. Thanks. I already have all those, and range, and appliances plus 9KW electric forced-air heating system for the whole house. My electric energy bill is $0 monthly from a 5.6KW solar system. The original post above is only for 3 surplus panels to add heat; do I heat air, water, stones in water or metal in water or something else? for late night heat emission ?
  16. Good morning. Had 3 spare solar panels dormant for months; decided to put them to work for helping heating the house instead of sheltering spiders in the basement. Panel1---panel2---panel3-------------hotplate stove Panels are 40VDC / 400Watts each; the series yields 120VDC capable of 1200Watts at full insolation. Yes, the 'burner' gets very hot and has to be contributing warmth into the dwelling. Now; is it better to warm the air during daylight or put a pot and heat water (or rocks? or junk metal?) lasting more time into night time ? What would you do ?
  17. Hi. What is the typical current allowance you would give to a 10 year old these days ?
  18. Hello all. When the switch is on, 10 Amperes flow trough it. When the switch is turned off, there is arcing between its contacts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added resistor to circuit, consumes 0.025A tiny current. When the switch is on, 10 Amperes flow trough the switch. When the switch is turned off, is there arcing between its contacts ?
  19. Hi. Try deleting items in the recycle bin that qualify. Delete temporary files. Shut off WiFi and plug the ethernet to evaluate difference. Check all the installed RAM memory reports complete. Check available unused space in the hard drive.
  20. Would this put to spin fast be able to carve silicone in your opinion ? [ hypodermic - injection needles ] Or a U gouge chisel ?
  21. Thanks, gentlemen. Can anyone please translate what is called a 'needle' here ?---> https://vimeo.com/236164661 Seen rubber stamps made with a pinkish very soft rubber... how are they made? Casting or carving ?
  22. Hi. Any methods for milling channels in silicone rubber that you may suggest ?
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