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  1. Hi. The news reported three hostage israelis killed by 'friendly' fire by mistake. If they were hostages, how come were they not in captivity, found by israeli soldiers ? Do you know details ?
  2. Thanks. No, stands alone. 10 to 270 degrees; 10 degrees/second; 30 seconds, no load (no torque). 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. No.
  3. Thanks. Yes, a servo does work but strongly prefer something electronically simpler as geared motor with no circuitry as will have to work in corrosive hard-to-reach enclosure and no stepper motion but analog smooth.
  4. Thanks, +3 I will aim then to just above threshold current and care on heat dissipation.
  5. Hi all. Trying to find in the market a motorized mechanism that sweeps an angle of chosen magnitude; can be even a toy or toy part. There has to be something available. Ideas please ? Wheel W turns pushing and pulling a link L that moves forth and back a part continuosly sweeping an angle A. + are pivots. Varying radius R changes the angle A swept. There may be dozens of different approaches, sketches to produce the same.
  6. Greetings. When a LED specifications shows a 30 milliamperes maximum current and is driven to a third as 10 mA or even less, the life expectancy is considerably extended and its behavior as a panel indicator is still fully useable. Is a laser diode with a maximum current specified as 30mA also perform as a beam emitter at a third of the current (10ma) or less; or lasing is impaired and there is a minimum current needed ? What is the term specified for the current that starts to produce lasing ? If a laser diode is needed in operation 365 days non-stop; would underpowering it extend its life equally as happens with a LED ? What type of visible light laser construction could last emitting a beam for not less than a year ?
  7. Greetings. Looking at a city map, showing typical streets and intersections... They are not always aligned east-west or north-south. How to find their heading ? Is there any tricky right click-alt-ctrl ??? to draw a line along the desired path and get a reading ? Example: Is that 'Johnson street' N25E ? or what is its orientation ?
  8. Did not know it existed, never heard before. And always preferred the original versions. Until this one : ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCNIrP3UHz4 Enjoy.
  9. What is this ? A marketing joke, an illusion, a trick ? How does it work, if works at all ? ---> https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home-products/g27471828/best-cooling-blankets/ and at many other sites
  10. Clearly foggy. So the image at post #1 can be any root that received a 'feral' or 'ancestral' grafting. Or can be a natural never-grafted grown up germinated from a forest unattended tree, or rooted twigs from an undefined backyard tree, or can be whatever the seller thinks correspond to the name 'heirloom' . +1
  11. Hi. From what I learned; sowing a seed from a fruit does not imply the new tree will yield an equal 'quality' fruit as the parent produced. I think the trees that grow from dropped seeds/fruit naturally germinated in the forests fit the same process as above. Is that called 'heirloom' ? Does it mean the naturally germinated trees = heirloom would likely be hundreds of varieties deviating from the parent ? Does it happen on all plants -say beans, onions, strawberries- or is it restricted to some clade/family/genus...? Will fruits from these be all equal or same as their parent if all seeds came from same single fruit?
  12. Hi. Metallic wares will be safe for food use after visiting an oven at 200C+. Then boiling water poured in wooden/plastic wares for a while should produce same results. Discard whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. Nothing survives in plain gasoline either, with no need for a match... Odor would take several days to fade.
  13. Thanks. Would the ratio of pistons give me that ? Assuming 40 poundsfoot force as you mention, -if that is the typical operation force for a 1 foot long lever- (or torque?)... would the ratio of pistons also give me the force ? The pistons area ratios is 113.1 to 2419.2 = 1 : 21.4 Similar sized jacks seen on the web are rated 20 ton. If that means tonnes I do not know
  14. Hi. Have a biggish hydraulic jack with no markings. Looks like the image below. Its pumping rod diameter is 12mm, its piston is 55.5mm I do not know what is the typical operation pressure of these things, or the typical force-length-leverage applied to the lever that plunges its pumping rod. How do I calculate its rating ?
  15. Greetings. From corn flour, or tapioca flour, or wheat flour... ; can you obtain their 3 respective starches ? How is it done ? I read "Flour contains high levels of starch, but starch does not contain any flour" OK, fine, no problem. Also read all starches are very simple and the same. Does it mean the starches 'extracted' from the different flours mentioned above are equal ?
  16. From the separate warm place for rising, moving to the hot oven; will get shaken too. Nice details I did not know. Thanks MPMin and mistermack MPMin: Am an idiot for breads but the champion for cakes in the microwave oven. Really.
  17. Greetings. A plain young single apple tree not supposed to self pollinate; receives in some branches, a few grafts from cuttings of other apple varieties which are good candidates for fruiting. Will it work for pollinating the single tree itself instead of need for a compatible orchard around ? Would it also happen among/between the grafted branches ? Is that called 'cross-pollination' ? Is there a preferred season for grafting ? March ?
  18. Thanks. I do no not understand why baking, boiling, firing and more cannot be other wider methods of cooking.
  19. Hi. Choking a carburetor to start an engine increases the fuel amount or ratio to air. It is done because the ambient air is cold or because the engine metal block is cold ?
  20. What differs if baking starts in cold or pre-heated oven ? Besides time taken to be done ? Ending 5 minutes earlier or later- But what about results ?
  21. Do you add spices to your food before cooking/grilling/frying or after ?
  22. Here we go. Auto workers to strike; demanding more money for less days of work. Who wins? The orientals selling more cars. On other areas, the Hollywood crews, truckers, airlines coming among too many others. All will dance and party when bigger salaries are obtained, spread in the following years, as to constantly pushing inflation instead of a single hit, making the cost of living impossible for the retired. Everyone else will push for the $ame treatment. All workers in every field, as if someone else did, me too !! The plain citizen paying. What is $100 becomes $200 and the increased salaries return back to the same bitter flavor with the lack of respect to the currency. What is the result ? -Same with bigger figures, as been for many decades. Decades of non-stop raising costs as the easy way to do it instead of lowering costs. Noooo, that is too hard; keep doing what is easy ! Next we will pay $50 for a pound of chinese ground beef. We already have chinese apple pie and orange juice, right ?
  23. Thanks. What about batteries; would them last a dozen years ? Fukushima was a dozen years ago; would that be a reason to dare disposing that spent? tritium now, from its little use remaining ? ---> https://www.ebay.com/itm/185770017355
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