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  1. Good day. Perhaps it does not exist any more; or someone has searching skills I need to learn... Web site contained this tri-part image : [ Image-search was unsuccessful to me. ] Obtained/downloaded ~1995, before existance of internet archives.
  2. Externet


    Do you work ? ---> Pay taxes Do you study ? ---> Pay taxes Did you inherit ? ---> Pay taxes Do you need medicines ? ---> Pay taxes Are you creative ?---> Pay taxes Do you produce ? ---> Pay taxes Do you purchase ? ---> Pay taxes Do you sell ? ---> Pay taxes Are you lazy ? ---> Get free assistance, aids, bonuses...
  3. Hello. This is about mostly unattended plants. Some plants in my yard are grown in containers. The drain perforation is standard at the bottom. Never seen other. Well, usually flawed. Plants get thirsty or die if rain is not periodic enough. Some planters with the drain hole covered or no drain hole can drown if rains too often. Usually flawed. What is your opinion in having about half way on the side of the planter container, the drain hole ? Will not drown; will be harder to become dry as would hold very moist or wet soil at bottom. for a much longer time. Have not tried yet but soon to experiment... after your comments.
  4. Thank you. One more variable that I did not expect added to the table... the combination of different microorganisms.
  5. Clumsy short one-handed video, but may show the sparks when gently squeezed/released. For sure there is no impact action : VID_20211018_163624.mp4
  6. Hi. Bought this over 20 years ago at a 99 cent store just because was different. Took a short video but became too large and refused to insert here. Well, has a squeezable handle instead of an striker trigger as most. Emits several sparks in about 5mm of squeezing; looks like ----> https://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-OPL1-R-Piezoelectric-Kitchen-Flameless/dp/B01MSKDG51 Is there a major difference in operation principle ? Squeezing instead of striking the crystal ? I presume squeezing bends the piezo crystal.
  7. Another name for a similar item. Look at how the handle is secured to the metal blade ---> https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=handsaw medallions
  8. When the items were well made a loooong ago; appear like ----> https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=antique paper binding screw
  9. Please move to trash. Not worth wasting members time. Thanks.
  10. Hi. Received a short conspiratory video from friends in relation to the sunken ship Titanic; where explains that it was not, but its twin "Olympic" after a name swap due to insurance manipulations after the Olympic had a costly accident. Other suspicious actions from owners of the ships also 'exposed' Like the hull was not ripped by an iceberg but a explosion by the stern instead, shown by pictures at the bottom of sea. (?). Do you know of more details or a oscure report to read somewhere ?
  11. Hi. Say in the last 20 years; from computers using 150 Watts and now barely 10; light bulbs from 60 watts now using 9 Watts, televisions from consuming like 150 Watts and now about 12W; refrigerators and water heaters with better insulation, heat pump technologies advancing... Even a few solar panels implemented contribute a bit for less grid consumption. Power plants have increased their generation or decreased ? If increased, should be for industrial/commercial consumption, is it ?
  12. Thanks. Understand the DNS 'directory'. So the external server is the one troubling, not my comfuser... Well, another computer at home running on the same house network did not fail its DNS. 🤨 The image paragraph just before "2.-" below fixed it; but has a typographical error that I caught and corrected. "udo" for "sudo" ---> https://www.cloudns.net/blog/dns-probe-finished-nxdomain-explained/ I was scratching my head if the sharp time of DNS failure had something to do with the service provider...
  13. Greetings. My compfuser stopped navigating the net by 00:00 GMT on 01 Oct. 8 of 10 web sites reported : Few web sites did work and showed up normally. Tried fixes shown on the web that claimed being a simple failure; two did nothing, a third fixed this DNS thing. Am back to 'normal' I do not care what is the nature of the repair; I would like to know what causes such. Was working normal and later, something changed. And I did not do anything or tweaked or downloaded or changed settings. What event caused it, came from where ? Altered my equipment for what reason ? How did it get into effect ? Where did it come from ? On Firefox and on Chrome browsers, same behavior. [Am running Linux] Running
  14. Thanks, MigL. The intention is to be able to fill and empty cylinders with CGGA870 from a CGA850 terminated hose. Cannot rely on someone doing a 4000+psi safe welding. Thinking now on disemboweling/machining threads to the pertinent section of a CGA870 regulator (green) and buying a spare CGA850 valve to join them and achieve your suggestion. Will explore the safety of that; would be a clumsy bulky contraption.
  15. The avatar has nothing to do with it. 😱 Trying to make a coupling disc from CGA870 to CGA850 valves to fill high pressure cylinders. The double sided impression resulting "coin" to be given to a machinist to be replicated in metal. Tried other way with blueprints, and they give up or break my tooling, or claim not to have the proper equipment.
  16. Thanks, gentlemen. The word "wax" does not play well with its characteristics. Will check if the "sealing wax" product available at a nearby "Hobby Lobby" store is hard enough when dry/set and not too sticky when applied as to allow release. ---> https://www.hobbylobby.com/Scrapbook-Paper-Crafts/Card-Making/Wax-Seals/Glue-Gun-Sealing-Wax/p/WS7812
  17. Hi. Those seals in medieval and later documents, is it 'wax'? Seen them in liquor bottles also. They are hard as rock. Anyone knows how to prepare a small amount for obtaining a relief pattern to yield a negative ? Should be not sticky and dry hard. Or any other plasticky modern material. -Image borrowed from the web.-
  18. Sorry, my mistake. It is not "Retainer" it is "Retained" when looking at Profile :
  19. Losing heat by radiation since millions of years ago, can the mantle be just that, cooled slag on top of a molten core ?
  20. Hi. Somewhere shows 'Primate' and somewhere shows 'Molecule' in the user profile. ? What is the current 'ladder' of ranks ?
  21. Thank you, Sensei. Cells alone would give me the perception am after. In panels, there is cost of glass + frame + assembly labor + transport - I prefer to set aside for the moment. Yes, I have on my roof an array of panels; 240V - 4.5KW. Paid ~$450/KW price to public; which should be a manufacturing cost well under half for panels. And about half for cells alone. As a guess, cells should be around $100/KW and a fraction of that, the electrical energy used to manufacture them, but prefer a less guessy figure.
  22. Good day. Read often that manufacturing solar cells (not panels !) is expensive in terms of electrical energy used. Anyone knows figures ? To make cells that produce 1 KW, how many KWh are used at the factory ? (embodied energy)
  23. Thanks. The same type of question for 'determinate' and 'indeterminate' Which I believe pertains to fruiting times. Is there anywhere in the taxonomy clasification list where to learn if a -say tomato- varietal is determinate or not ?
  24. Thanks. Let me check if I understood well. There is no way to learn by the taxonomy of a certain plant, if its seed will produce an exact genetic copy with same hardiness or color or flavor. That name I used in this post "true seed" characteristic am looking for, does not exist in the taxonomy/classification. If I want to grow oranges; I cannot tell from its taxonomy if will have to be grafted or will produce same exact fruit from its seed. I must learn from an experienced expert farmer. Interesting. None of the 8 names at top tell it ?
  25. Some trees/plants are called 'true seed something' grow; as peaches, a seed from the supermarket bought peach will produce a 'true peach'. Some others as avocado, apple, do not yield a fruit exact as its planted seed parent. What is the botany 'category' or 'family' or 'genus' or its 'clasification' name for one or the other ? As to know if one fruit produces exact same genetic fruit; or needs to be grafted ? Which name here explains/defines it ? Example is for pear: Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Tracheophytes Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Clade: Rosids Order: Rosales Family: Rosaceae Subfamily: Amygdaloideae Tribe: Maleae Subtribe: Malinae Genus: Pyrus
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