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  1. Greetings. Seen often that after dough is left to rise for a long time, is purposedly deflated and put again to a second rise. Why destroying the first rise ?
  2. In the news : ---> https://nypost.com/2023/03/15/pentagon-officials-suggest-alien-mothership-in-our-solar-system-could-send-mini-probes-to-earth/
  3. Hi. It is supplied already painted, I have to choose the color.
  4. My roof is in post #5 at --> https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/where-a-fuse-will-not-protect.182027/ And somewhere else in this forum too.-->post #4 at https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/127669-positioning-of-solar-panels/#comment-1215829 How is your roof ? Edited again... Some text dissapeared while editing, cannot find the original now
  5. Thanks. That particular picture is a metal roof, imitation of tiles or disguised : Am not after painting; but will buy new roof building a house and wanted to decide for a more lasting color... not for the looks but for durability.
  6. Hello all. Noticed red vehicles and items fading their color coatings and rust surfacing earlier than in other colored coatings. Which metal roofing color should last longer from showing corrosion -for equal paints composition- ? -Image borrowed from web-
  7. "What's the major difference between cheap and expensive wine? " Obviously, the price.
  8. Once in ~2005, I bought a dozen bottles of wine imported from Argentina at a $0.99 store in San Leandro, California. Without being a connoisseur, found nothing wrong with it. I wish those would be still available. Would enjoy the most, to see fancy experts tasting wines with labels removed.
  9. There is many toy size / hobby size ones; am looking for something the size of a fist; used in whatever bevel geared mechanism, automotive, gardening, household appliances or any canibalizable from junk yard. Please suggest what could be a donor to salvage a similar one from. These are hobby/tool size, images borrowed from the web :
  10. If the something-impregnaterd felt rings were absorbing something, they would alter their appearance or degrade their effect. It does not happen, lasting years. A battery in the engine compartment is very ventilated and a battery never gets warm. The point of leak yes, may be the poles-to-case joint. As I read somewhere, the inhibiting chemical could be benzotriazole. Interestingly, ibuprofen could be effective.
  11. Yes, and already made/burned the "repair" CD from Microsoft instructions with it. Is that all or I need to create other CDs with contents as different names suggest ? Or the "repair" one is also a 'reload' and a 'reinstall' and a 'setup' and an 'image' and a 'setup' and... ? That is the thread question, a bunch of names for the same use or for different uses each ? Do I need to create a "reinstall" CD too ? And a "image" too ? and a ... and a ... ?
  12. Hi. Got a Windows 10 laptop, an OS am not familiar with for the last 17 years. Trying to ensure re-establish operation when something fails, in order to make a fixing compact disc, found the terms - rescue - install - repair - recovery - reload - image - restore - reinstall - setup - backup CDs. What does each does, or are they the same named different ? Which ones do I need to burn to be safe in the future ?
  13. Your opinion is always welcome. I put these inside an oscilloscope to guess protecting contacts from becoming poorly conductive when the device becomes out of storage back into operation, as I did not know better alternate compound : Intended for automotive batteries. Somehow now unreadable at link in a post above. These are contacting the battery poles, but does not seem the touch is important; just its nearby presence matters. The intention is not about coating contacts, it is about inhibiting corrosion on their nearby surfaces. (Images borrowed from the web)
  14. Missiles or rockets or whatever they are, hope are not armed. Scary stuff. Phiu ! Well, hope the warheads are not in another wagon... or in another train ! 😲
  15. Thanks. Considering temperature at very high altitudes, affecting density. How does it work ? And other than helium, its convenience or not for 'ballooning' use is not only an atom/molecule size but its specific gravity in function of temperature too, right ? So a larger molecule that wont leak trough the envelope + low density at low temperature is convenient ?
  16. Hello. A helium filled mylar balloon, loses pressure as the small He atoms sieves trough any envelope, as far as I understand. Sent aloft, when the He pressure inside the balloon equals the atmospheric, the balloon stops rising, as far as I understand. At certain altitude the differential pressures of gas filling the balloon and the atmospheric outside its envelope, nearly equalizes, reducing the He leak. But there is still some weight of the balloon. Do helium balloons last much, much longer aloft at high altitudes than at low altitudes or there is a factor am not considering ?
  17. Because they wanted the show of $hooting a missile to explode instead of plain bullets to deflate slowly until landing softly from slow leaks...
  18. Greetings. Since high school chemistry, learned the formulas of compounds always using whole numbers. What is this way of subscript ? ---> ...showed that GdSi2Ge2 and LaFe11.384Mn0.356Si1.26H1.52 had TEWIs that were always lower... Never seen before; can anyone explain ? (text copied from a website)
  19. Hi. What determines a big branch off a tree cannot be rooted as a small branch can ? Or can it ? Never heard of being done; every time they use a 6 inch twig instead of a 6 feet long branch. Not being done does not mean to me that cannot be done. Better jump to time stamp 14:20 at ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXVCGk-P-cg In the above video; the branch portion shown could be instead, a complete branch to the end; could it ? Seen stumps sprouting several times. Can a branch be 'attached' there instead ? In other words... cut off a tree flush to soil. Take a branch off the downed tree. Graft it to a root still in the soil. What to expect ?
  20. Good tutorial link, thank you.
  21. Good reading filled with an overdose of links. It will make you crazy or give you light. Or both : ---> http://amasci.com/miscon/whatis.html
  22. Hello. A weather radar operates at location R and emits to/receives and displays bounced signals from snowing points S. Beyond the snowing there is rain or sleet at E or more snow in the same direction. R----------------------S---SS---------SSS--------EEEE---E-EE--------SSS------ > If the radar signal bounces from the precipitation back 'reporting' the signal; how are the beyond places detected, if the outgoing signal is severely attenuated/bounced/impeded after crossing trough large distances with precipitation ? If relevant, take each - as a mile.
  23. Good day. Someone had milk in doubt of being apt for consumption, as 'expired' or kept a while unrefrigerated. Dumped on a vegetable garden soil. Someone had extra granulated plain sugar and spread it on the soil at a vegetable garden. Someone had a flour that did not like and spread it on a vegetable garden soil. Someone had yogurt, or used cooking oil, or orange juice and decided to spread it on the soil instead of the garbage can. What benefit can the plants get from such ? What harm can it cause to the plants ? -nothing composted-
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