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  1. Planets Magnetic fields

    This scientific method of yours came up with the answer of phenomenon. That is not a scientific answer. All of you believe because the numbers hold up. Well I don't understand this comment, sorry.
  2. Design a custom knife

    In the days when we had an engineering industry, one of the first things an apprentice would make would be as scraper out of an old file. These days files are often case (surface) hardened so grinding of the teeth removes all the suitable hard steel.
  3. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    As you will. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to make post #50 in this thread, where I want to claim a record for my thread. We have reached a half century without anyone falling out, despite some disagreement.
  4. Nice to know that those with greater depth of knowledge of these matters than mine have my back.
  5. Design a custom knife

    Any sign of Anne here? You say you want to make a knife. The important thing is to get the blade or at least the edge hard enough to take an edge. The harder the steel the more brittle it is in general. So quality tools and equipment are subject to particular heat treatments during their manufacture. Are you prepared for this?
  6. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Well perhaps things have improved, I'm glad to see that.
  7. Be aware that wtf was refering to the rationals (symbol Q) not the integers or natural numbers, (symbols Z and N respectively). Although the rationals are countable they are also dense, which the integers and naturals are not.
  8. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Hi again to both of you. So when they went to rescue Mrs Smith from her rooftop in the hight of floods. Why did they need to be encumbered with automatic weapons? Was she really such a threat? If they went out to say Haiti or Indonesia or somewhere and had to roll their sleeves up and work alongside the relief agencies pulling people out of the wreckage, I bet I would see them on TV with their guns slung over their shoulders. Peacekeepers in Bosnia were not so well armed (though they needed them there)
  9. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Yes that was the theory when the Tories got in. But since then we have had Offcom and OffGen reorganised, with new toothless regualtors created. We have had many changes to the Building regulations, again with new regulators (some under Offgem Or is it one f I'm not sure? I know they wasted nearly £10k of my money) And as a regular listener to You and Yours I am often hearing of similar stories with other regulators that usually don't concern me, mostly in the financial sector.
  10. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Sorry to both of you. My mistake. However the question, if their main activity is disaster relief, what do they need guns for still remains?
  11. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    But you did make an unfair comparison concerning curfews. Depends if the disaster relief is helping or shooting people.
  12. Planets Magnetic fields

    So here is your introduction to the Scientific Method. You have thrown out (postulated) some unsubstantiated claims about a relationship between planetary atmospheres and any magnetic field that plant might have. So what does a Scientist do? He goes and finds out some facts and figures and looks at them to see if the agree with or disagree with his postulate (hypothesis). So I will start this process off with a recent table of magnetic information (2003 Tufts University / Cambridge University) Note Mars and Venus are dealt with in the footnotes. I will then leave you to obtain corresponding atmospheric data to link up with these figures.
  13. Planets Magnetic fields

    True, but then the magnetic field of every planet is unique. Do you have any evidence to support this claim? Perhaps now is a good time to introduce you to the Scientific Method
  14. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    The C & A act refers to specific named individuals (sometimes there may be more than one) not indiscriminately to whole communities. The last time that was done was in the Irish troubles and took long debate in Parliament. But curfews was only one example that sprang to mind remembering the recent storms in the US. We also have nothing equivalent to the national guard ot each state of the US. Can't agree with you there. Ove ther entrance to the County Distirct Hospital are inscribed the words Built With Public Subscriptions. What taxes built the great Quaker companies of our past and their towns and cities - Cadbury's, Frys, Clarks, ? What taxes sent the Pilgrim Fathers to found America?
  15. Cardinality and Bijection of finite sets

    No the problem I have is that it feels more like I am negotiating Brexit with the intransigent EU than having a discussion about Mathematics. Success in Mathematics is about following the rules exactly (whilst hoping those rules ahve been properly set up in the first place) Not only are you not following them, you have been hiding that fact.