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  1. No. Here I think we have the novice's attempt to establish a universal time and single frame. The 'second' is different for the emitting source and the receiver because of their relative velocity places them in different intertial frames. You must choose one to measure in and then you will see that the time rate of energy flow difference is compensated for by the difference in their 'seconds'.
  2. This response alone would be enough to put you on most people's ignore list. But thank you for your response (2) which told me something I didn't know. Butthe Wiki article did not explicitly state there are more viruses in the ocean than not, just that there are a lot of them in the ocean. Since many human viruses are carried in the bloodstream, I am not suprised to find there are viruses in the ocean. Have a nice day.
  3. You might like to consider devising an experiment based on the response to streams of alpha, beta and gamma rays to electric/magnetic fields. http://www.passmyexams.co.uk/GCSE/physics/properties-of-radiation-magnetic-field.html
  4. Well the complex plane and a (possibly) sphere are 'objects', but a mapping is not. And the two objects are 2 dimensional objects, not counting the 'point at infinity'. So you appear to be suggesting that 3 (or 4 if you include time) dimensional 'particles' are made of 'a mapping from one two dimensional space to another'. How does that work?
  5. Fine words, do you know what they mean? If so what what sort of Riemann Sphere?
  6. Yeah +1 Ouch my ears. 😬 Most viruses are marine ? please explain further?
  7. I knew there was a special term for this type of device. I looked it up and they are called 'Electrode boilers' Note They are AC only, single or polyphase. They are used for generating steam as well as just heating water and are usually operated well above atmospheric pressure 10bar being typical. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrode_boiler You would not use this method to heat a cup of water.
  8. Wa..al thaar ya go! You knew about it all along. I hadn't heard (pun intended) about the shepherd's story, but it makes sense. +1 That must be the explanation for all those piles of old stones knocking about on Salisbury Plain. Now I know why they built Stonehenge. My neolithic reference was actually to what are called 'tally sticks'. These have been found and studied and performed a similar function. And yes, one-one correspondence is an incredibly powerful mathematical tool. Not only does it underlie set theory, both finite and infinite, but it also underlies other parts of maths. For example similarity transformations. And shape in general. It allows you to see that apentagon is not a hexagon, for instance. Shape is a fundamental mathematical notion, that exists quite independently of any number system or measure.
  9. I didn't make any such claim. I said that numbers are not fundamental to Mathematics. We now know plenty of mathematics that the concept of number doesn't come into. Nor did I say that they can be deduced from anything simpler (although in fact there is a route to numbers as well as some set theory from simpler and more fundamental ideas) What do you think humankind did before numbers were invented/discovered ? Here is a number system, adequate for the people that invented it, (though I would guess that most if not all Australian Aboriginals can now use our modern one). One ; Two : Many. But there were simpler systems still. From your attidude I am getting the vibes that you do not wish to know about these. I already referred to these neolithic systems.
  10. +1 You have said that before in this thread and already been told you are not correct, and even given examples. It is evident that you do not wish to address anything that disagrees with your unsupported viewpoint.
  11. I don't see any relevence to anything in your opening assertions about counting here. You offered a link to a particularly elementary introduction to linear algebra specifically stated to be for non mathematicians, quoting results that are not part of the axioms of a linear space. How are the standard axioms of linear algebra and vector spaces circular ?
  12. Excellent question from taeto there. +1 Thank you for replying to my question. However I must disagree with your answer. There is a more fundamental process in Mathematics than counting. As evidenced by relics that archaeologists have discovered this goes at least as far back as the stone age. It was also in use into the 20th century, as evidenced by instructions to land surveyors performing chain surveys. I hinted at this in my first post.
  13. I note your statement could itself be considered 'circular' since it uses a mathematical notion (circular) to describe something 'more fundamental'. What do you think 'the fundamental ideas' of mathematics are? Surely in any system of mathematics you introduce 'fundamental ideas' , often called axioms, and the important thing is that they are consistent with each other. Where is the circularity in that?
  14. I don't worry. I just happen to know that the UK regs offer substantial advice on just the subject you are asking about. I would have to dig out the detail, but I would expect for commercial reasons any company to do the due diligence themselves.
  15. I see you are still interested in this subject. I don't know where you are in the world, but the UK wiring regulations has a section on such direct water heaters. They are used in large scale heaters. I would advise any company manufacturing these to read the appropriate section.
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