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  1. You can find a lot of information on the web, not necessarily verified, but they are about health risks of synthetic leather. On the other hand, most leather products (whether they are synthetic or real), sometimes they can give out unpleasant odor, this is what we can easily find. I cannot avoid using synthetic leather, at least at the moment, I am not looking for comfort, but looking for the truth. If it is really that serious, I will stop using it.
  2. 1. How many types of man-made leather (for clothing) ? 2. Do they often have fairly the same composition but only a slight variation? Or could they vary a lot? 3. I have been hearing that man-made or faux leather could be hazardous to health. 4. Are the risks due to the chemical itself or other chemicals / addictives used in the manufacturing process? 5. Do the risks naturally exist because of the nature of the chemicals itself or do they only exist if it's manufactured by inappropriate or illegal process? 6. Is there any sign that we can determine if it's a "risky" leather? M
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