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  1. Is plastic e.g. polyproylene, polystyrene etc mostly inert to most substances at room temperature? I only know that plastic does not like heat.
  2. under the condition that they are not allowed to talk so that you don't know their accent. Is it possible to make a promising guess through their biological appearance i.e. not their dressing style and what would that be?
  3. What's usually the major difference? Could cheap wine be made through less expensive processes or costs so that the wine is less beneficial or even more damaging to health? I understand that wine isn't generally considered to be good for health after all.
  4. I really wonder if there is any street camera in those African countries to look at the people around.
  5. It's easy to name a few powerful countries on the earth from the Google search that they have the most cameras in their countries. However, I can hardly find out any information about which country in the world has the least survelliance by all means, e.g. cameras in the street, surveillance on the internet activities.
  6. because they should also experience enough dry air and nose pickling.
  7. Only the specialist gave me a simple treatment and asked about my medical history and family history but I wasn't given any comment on whether it is common for an adult. Asking many non-doctors will certainly help, since none of them said that they had nosebleeds, it suggests to me that dry air and nose pickling shouldn't be the cause of nosebleeds.
  8. Dry air, nose picking are common conditions that happen to almost everyone if these are considered to be the common causes of nosebleeds in adults. What's the problem of asking many people for reference while at the same time I also saw a doctor and specialist? My nosebleed doesn't happen every day, but it happens once every a few months, without any immediate cause I can think of.
  9. Did you mean nosebleeds in adult are common? or at least, not uncommon? As I said, my nosebleeds happen at random times of a year, so I think dry air shouldn't be a cause. Sometimes I am outside for a whole day in the dry wind but I don't have any nosebleeds, but sometimes when I am indoor I could suddenly have nosebleeds.
  10. As far as I remember, I did not have many nosebleeds when I was a teenager. But since 10 years ago, when I was 24, I first started to have nosebleeds which are usually spontaneous, I cannot remember if my nose was once injuried, but even if it was, it shouldn't be anything serious because I never saw a doctor for nose injury. 5 years ago, I saw a doctor, I was advised to a specialist where some simple checks and treatment were done and for the next five years, I didn't have any nosebleeds until recently, it comes back again. There is no pattern for my nosebleed to happen, it could happen in the spring, summer or winter so dry air shouldn't be a reason. Yes, I like picking my nose but I just do it gently and normally. However, I have asked many adults, none of them said they had any nosebleed after their teenage. A registered nurse from a reputed site told me that if it was an ongoing problem of several years, unlikely anything serious because more severe symptoms should come up soon. Could nosebleed have no cause but it just happens to an adult? But I have really asked probably more than 100 adults and NONE of them told me that they had nosebleeds.
  11. Not really a big question. I am only asking for what kind of paste/oil is advised to be used with a piece of wood with unfinished surface
  12. Yes, I have a piece of unfinished wood that I really care and have to be used frequently. However, I don't know exactly what kind of wood it is, what is recommended to apply (and is it difficult?) that should do it for most different woods?
  13. Some products made of wood are finished with a shiny wax coating that I think it's perfectly fine to wipe them clean by water or other cleansers. But we know that there are also some other products made of wood but they are seen to be without any coating. Is it good or bad to clean such wood products without coating? Could the chemicals slowly get inside the wood can age or wear it faster?
  14. We know that convex lens converge light at a point, Is there any other shapes that could also converge light? What if a convex len has only one side circular while the other end is flattened, when the incident light enters the circular side, what will be the transmitted light?
  15. Am I asking you? I didn't even know you exist, and your "wife and children". That I am asking questions here is none of your business.
  16. But what's the difference between the 99% one and the 100% one? The 100% one is almost double the price of 99% one for the same amount of net weight under the same brand.
  17. I can see that a famous chocolate brand Lindt has released three different rates of chocolate and their prices have quite a big difference. The 100% one is the most expensive, while the 99% one is only a fraction of the price of the 100% one. I can guess that reaching 100% for anything may take more processes so the price is much higher but what is the reason of having pure 100% chocolate? Does it have better taste? What is the difference in terms of the health benefits among the three types of chocolate? Is such pure chocolate only good for health with little or no adverse effect? My common sense is normally any chocolate shouldn't be good for health.
  18. I have been trying to roll my tongue for a long time but I can hardly roll any. Although it is not related to genes, is it unlikely for someone to practise rolling tongue if they are not able to do it on day 1?
  19. Can isopropyl alcohol alone keep away household pests e.g. cockroach, rats, worms and other pests commonly found indoors? Do they fear alcohol? I don't like using pesticides but I like using 75% alcohol to clean things.
  20. On Google, there are two contradictary answers. One is purely genetic so if you don't inherit some genes you can never roll your tongue no matter what. Another answer is one can learn and practice to roll their tongue even if they are born to be a non-roller. Which one is the fact?
  21. I have been hearing about air pollution, global warming, ice calving, running out of fossil fuels in hundreds of years. In fact, a few hundred years is only a very short time in the hisotry of our earth and humanity. Is the world really doing something practical rather than endless meeting and discussion and putting off things? Just take global warming as an example, is there anything actually done to stop or even reverse the damage?
  22. In other words, is there any objective test to find out the problem or differencce of a patient from blood test, CT scan etc rather than assessment by a list of questions or symptoms that we cannot objectively measure or see e.g. feel nervous, feel sad, feel bad
  23. Hi. In other words, the most probable kind of tetanus shot I received three years ago should be still good today? (i.e. one shot only, no known tetanus vaccine record in their computer, no tetanus vaccine received in the last 10 years before that one) Because I wasn't concerned and I didn't ask about what it was at that time. I have never seen about 30 years on the Google results, unfortunately. So yes there are too many different numbers which are really confusing.
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