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  1. Thanks for your meaningful comments. But the problem is, my family members do not feel me no matter how hard I have tried to explain things to them, I know them well, they will never feel me. I have given up. I had regular sessions with a few counselors who were psychologists, I got some temporary relief, but it did not last long. I talked a lot and I talked too much. I think it's time to do something rather than just talk. Or is there any superfood (that should be natural) that will potentially improve one's emotion?
  2. Now, I decided not to wash my sneakers but only use a damp cloth to wipe its surface when it gets obviously dirty. I hope it is the best balance among all other considerations.
  3. Hi all. Is the answer to my question positive? i.e. A little bit more for the cousins on the mother side?
  4. It's said that we share a little bit more DNA with our mother, compared to our father. Does it also mean that we also share a little bit more DNA with cousins from our mother side, compared to our father side?
  5. Did you mean since the car surfaces are usually roughly finished so light is reflected at a lot of angles so the intensity is largely reduced at any particular angle, and the likelihood of causing retinal damage or eyes is when a lot of light is focused at one angle?
  6. Sorry, what is grazing incidence? And so did you mean even if I believe that the reflected light from the glass cover of the headlight is strong, chances are it's completely safe even if I stared at it directly for a few seconds?
  7. I have never lived or been to anywhere with a large area of snow, did you mean the image of the whole sun can sometimes been seen on the snow surface? What if a particular angle of a car where the reflected light is particularly strong? Which usually happens when the light hits directly on the glass of the headlight and reflects.
  8. We know that direct sunlight is dangerous to eye without any doubt. It's also widely said that reflected sunlight is also damaging, within a fraction of second. But I also find an ophthalmologist, whom I believe that it's verified, suggesting that there is no risk from diffuse, reflected sunlight. According to the link below https://www.aao.org/eye-health/ask-ophthalmologist-q/is-reflected-sun-light-dangerous What's going to be true? Is there any risk if I stare at the reflected sunlight from car for a few seconds?
  9. 6 balls are drawn from a total of 49 balls randomly. Order does not matter, as long as 6 balls are matched, first prize is won, what is the probability of winning the first prize? Another question is horse racing. For certain three matches, which may have 10 to 14 horses in total, different horses may have different conditions and abilities so the winning odds of each horse may not be as simple as 1/10 or 1/14. You choose three horses from each of the three matches so you are choosing 9 horses in total, if all 9 horses in three matches finish for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, order isn't counted, i.e. ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA don't matter.), then you win the jackpot, what is the probability of winning the jackpot? Since number of horses in a match may vary, conditions of horses in a match may vary, I'd like to know how to work it out, rather than the final answers alone.)
  10. kenny1999

    Hair Loss

    I strongly believe that male pattern hairloss is purely genetic, some businessmen like to connect it with other factors like stress, diet or hair treatment products but that is not true. I have been observing hairline and hair quality of many people for a long time and I find that different people could have really different hair quality that do not seem to be affected by any environmental factor. For example, my uncle who is not blood-related to me has four brothers and he is stressful and unhappy all the time, he is over 60 now but his hairline is still nice and perfect and all his brothers don't have any sign of hair loss. My father has lost all his hair and his brothers are all bald, my hair loss started when I was 25.
  11. I was first impressed by this phrase seen in the status of one of my friends, and the I only get to realize today that it is a name of a book. Do you recommend this book? Where to buy? By the way, where do you guy buy books? Is Amazon Kindle already the best source with the best book reader?
  12. How about if they are not metals, but two different materials?
  13. I know that atoms or molecules near the surface of liquid or water may absorb from or lose its molecules/atoms to the surrounding. Does it also happen to solid? When two solids of the same kind or different kinds are touched, pushed, or rubbed against each other, could they exchange their molecules or atoms at the touching surface? Thanks for the concept.
  14. What will you guy do if you find dead bodies of household pests e.g. roaches, flies, left on your ceramic or stainless steel dish plates? For some reasons I left home so urgently and had no time taking care of the hygiene, and only came back after about a year. What I can think of now is to first rinse with dish-washing detergent and water and then rinse with boiling water. Anything else I can do more to clean up these dish plates?
  15. Hi everyone else, please read what I am looking for carefully, I am only looking for a tool that will help record what I have done to my files, it is just like an activity log, and there is totally nothing about hacking or spying as slandered by someone with malice in mind.
  16. I mean I'll be able to get a text file that will show the log of any action (e.g. create a new file or folder, cut or copy to paste to a new destination, rename a file or folder, edit or delete a file, etc.), with the corresponding timestamps showing when it was done.
  17. For example, when I create a new file or folder, it is logged, when I delete a file, it is logged, when I edit a file, it is logged, when I rename a file, it is logged, when I cut and move a file, it is logged, when I copy and paste a file, it is logged, anything altered is logged. Of course, the corresponding time is necessary. It will be great if it can automatically delete the old log after a specified time, e.g. 7 days, 15 days etc. Log with text is good enough, recording screen is costly, which will take a lot of time to watch and a lot of space to save. Is there such tool?
  18. Spray it onto the surface of shoes for once after it is newly bought then it will last a lot longer right?
  19. No any professional cleanser is needed for most sneakers right? I have been thinking about if they are really useful.
  20. Some told me that sneakers shouldn't require any delicate cleaning because it is supposed to get dirty, inside and outside, washing with water may even wear it faster. Some said that with proper methods of cleaning which usually involves regular use of professional or special cleansers, life of sneakers will be largely extended. In fact, I think any shoe should be cleaned but I don't think that it is good to throw them into washing machines, at least, I have not and I will not risk doing this. Generally speaking, how to clean sneakers and how often should I clean them?
  21. I think those water absorption values are not about the perfectness of the surface of the materials. It's like for the most inert compounds, there is no actual zero reaction rate, but the reaction is going to be extremely slow which makes it virtually unreactive.
  22. Plenty of such information if you simply do a search on Google with keywords, "water absorption rate polypropylene". One example: https://omnexus.specialchem.com/polymer-properties/properties/water-absorption-24-hours#Values
  23. Nope, I am not talking about cracks or imperfect surface, I mean scientifically there is also a very low absorption rate for kinds of impermeable materials e.g. polypropylene, glass, even if it's made and finished perfectly. How could that happen?
  24. I understand, but for the material that we know that they are highly impermeable to water, e.g. plastic, glass, but they still have very low water absorption rate, how do those water molecules penetrate into the material?
  25. Hi, I thought about starting a new thread but I think it's the best to continue my question and the discussion here because it's very much related. I just happen to know that everything, even if it's logically considered to be resistant to water, e.g. polypropylene, chances are it would absorb some water over time. In that case, suppose I have got some very dirty water (e.g. filled with all kinds of dirty stuff, rotted food, bacteria, or even urine etc) that stays in a polypropylene container for a very long time, would the container absorb some of those dirty water over time and make it less safe to use even if the container is later on thoroughly cleaned, washed and rinsed with kitchen detergent and water? The same question applies to other commonly used materials for dishware and cookware e.g. ceramic, stainless steel, etc.
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