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  1. humans

    i have came to the conclusion that humans are only this way so that we could have the intelligence that we have
  2. humans

    thank you guys for helping me with this I understand now.
  3. humans

    ok how?
  4. humans

    they cant control the release of their venom yet and they could im just talking about how we are comparatively weak to other animals that can kill us in an instant we could have evolved with fangs and claws and things like that but instead we have intelligence on a planet where no other creature can do the things that we do it was a miracle evolution and i just want to understand why.
  5. humans

    i said now not in my overall research just now and tiny baby rattlesnakes can kill multiple elephants with one bite and would have no problem taking us down meaning our size does not matter
  6. humans

    a lot of species i can name about 50 now
  7. humans have evolved to be soft-skinned have no way to defend themselves (claws horns, etc.) and we cant climb trees like monkeys we don't blend into our environment the only good thing is that we are smart and barely even that anymore considering whats going on in the world so why did we evolve like this and only us
  8. African frogs

    can they change from male to female? and is that considered asexual?
  9. does anyone know how African frogs can change genders and how they evolved this way?
  10. God and the Big Bang

    i hope that science and religion don't end up together then its all going to be wonky from then on
  11. Designer baby's poll

    yea but i mean on a much much larger scale.
  12. time?

    im not talking about the science of time rather the Philosophy part of it everything that is a measure it both like the speed of something or the distance between things. everything is real and a concept at the same time
  13. Designer baby's poll

    zapatos would you explain your answer to the poll
  14. time?

    yes and I'm just trying to think about how one could travel time and your right space is not material thing rather the distance between things. I still think that time is a concept that only comes from having a mind like humans or certain animals also you can be unaware of time which is another weird thing about it
  15. time?

    so is time a concept or not because you will never be able to travel time from my understanding of it because time is not a material thing and therefore you cannot travel it. right?