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  1. Hi, sci-man here and i was just wondering why there isn't a write your own option for your gender when you make your profile. i understand some people might not be appropriate but non the less i still think it would be a good thing to have. is this a good idea or no? answer the poll
  2. Can you solve this puzzle?

    maybe they are coordinates???
  3. closed timelike curves

    oh yeah i forgot about that opps... lol
  4. using crispr to make new plants

    If someone where to use crispr to make a new plant species driving from a tough desert plant that doesn't need as much water as most plants and splices the genes with underwater algae found in the 'Abbisle zone' in the ocean could they also increase the metabolic rate to match the input and output in oxygen and co2 in a human could it work as a rebreather if used properly and contained the correct way this is an idea that I've run by a friend and we've been taking this more seriously than most ideas before it we think that if all goes well we could patent this. i do realize how much the metabolic rate would have to increase to match the breathing of the average human and the nutrients needed to support this plant with the metabolic rate so increased. if anyone could help with this then that would be most appreciated thank you very much- Sci-Man
  5. closed timelike curves

    does anyone know of a model for how much energy it would take (theoretically) to bend space-time and anything else on the subject? - Sci-Man
  6. sphere and light

    i was just confused haha
  7. sphere and light

    so this would not work then? or it wont be as powerful as i hoped
  8. quarks?

    What are quarks? How do they work? do you think that there is something that makes them up?
  9. how could the big bang happen?

    ok so the big bang could have been a random thing that happened and could destroy our universe if it happens again cool.
  10. sphere and light

    if someone were to create a perfect-ish hollow sphere that was about a foot wide and was super reflective on the inside and they put a light like an led bulb or something inside of it then closed it what would happen? my hypothesis is that there would be a lot of heat with the light bouncing around so much. what would happen if you increased the size or decreased the size of the sphere its self including the size of the hollow area inside? thanks for reading and thanks if you comment too!
  11. how could the big bang happen?

    ok but how could something exsist before anything was made due to TBB
  12. I need help

    i just wanted to say thank you all for helping me out with this and also that i have decided not to go to nasa or be a navy seal but i will go into a different field of work that involves science
  13. Hi, I'm just wondering how the big bang could have happened if there was nothing before it in the first place? what I'm told happened was this below that is bold and underlined. The current leading theory states that the universe expanded incredibly rapidly in a very very short space of time, due to a process called cosmic inflation. This theory made some predictions which have since been borne out, eg by some features of the cosmic background radiation, and so it’s a strong, widely accepted theory. That begs the question “Well, what inflated?”, and that is a good question. We’re not quite sure. But, it seems that there was something there before, that dumped a great deal of energy (for some reason), and that triggered a short runaway expansion of a small part of space into the much much larger part of space which made up the very early universe. Then, the inflation chain reaction stopped, and the universe continued to expand just due to the fact that it was incredibly hot and dense, and that’s what hot and dense things do if they’re not contained. so how could this have happened then if everything came from nothing then it doesn't make sense now does it? So there had to be something but as I stated earlier how could something exist before anything was created???
  14. humans

    yea the dolphin thing was a joke tho haha