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  1. True. It shows the possibility and the need for communication. Obviously No. But I can suspect as I can suspect that other intelligent lifes are out there
  2. Yes, we humans communicating throughout longer distances of spacetime (which is part of the Universe). Note: advancement is relative
  3. They are not demanded to be here. Why would they be here? I think there is communication between Advanced Intelligences throughout the Universe. But why they should be anywhere else than their max cloose neighborhood. If teleportation of information would be possible there is one more reason not to move further than it is necesseary. What can and advanced, intelligent race do with more space or matter when they own more than they could ever use. I demand that they exist since the Universe is far too big with trillions of galaxies with billions of starts in them, and most Star with a habitable zone around them. I know how life finds its way in the most extreme envirnoments, so I can not exclude that life and with so many habitable zones around the stars of the Universe, intelligent life, older and more adnvanced than ours, did not evolve.
  4. Yes I can. I pay 100$ for an hour to discuss it. You would have to prove that 1*0=0 (physically as well) Without the physical reality there is no math. Ok.
  5. I always can prove (physically too) that 1*0=1 How can one correct the math if it is suspected to be wrong? How a mathematical theory is prooven? Re-check it's validity in Nature(physics)?
  6. The real proof of Humanities (required) intelligence will be when we can participate in the interstellar/intergalactic communication. I really hope that our advanced AI will be able to help us out.
  7. Everywhere. Yet we do not know the math and physics required to understand what and where they communicate.
  8. So why human regeneration is easy if it isn't difficult and where I can read about successfull human regeneration?
  9. Regeneration isn't a simple process. The body would need to be able to recognize and select the exact genetic information the limb is based upon. The body would need to be able(have the DNA) to activate and execute the limb forming process, which supposed to be a development from an almost embryonic state to a fully evolved human limb. To reach regeneration in humans is very difficult (we are far too "complex"). A limb could be 3D cultured/printed based upon the customers DNA. When the limb is ready reattach the limb to the body. Such surgical processes already developed. We have to wait on technology a bit to have the right legs.
  10. No I do not. Such an operation would require very special circumstances with high costs and no real informational benefit for veterinary science. Knowing the healing potential of animals I do not exclude the possibility that such a well pland operation could not be executed on one of the lizard species. To answer the ops question too many animals would have to suffer for basically no real scientific benefit. My answer were my educated guess.
  11. They will accept and connect to the cutted off limbs if you can reattach the limbs anatomically and on a physiologically correct way. They will grow new limbs if the repositioning is incorrect and the cutted off limbs will necrotize.
  12. Space, time, energy and matter. Can any of those disappear without a trace?
  13. We perform work based on collected and stored knowledge and experiences, which is driving the genetic information based anatomic structure. That stored knowledge and experience could be count as (conscious) energy.
  14. I think to answer the question first we would have to answer: did time start? (I think so) or Time is infinite? (than why the forward pointing function and the measurable information i.e why/how would time tick if it has no start?)