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  1. If I would be a rich man I would give my fortune to my genetically refined clone. This is the philosophy forum Strange, here I can not serve you with direct physical evidence sometimes.
  2. Reincarnation is possible for sure. Technically we already could execute that I think. If we have infinite time to reach/solve reincarnation: 100%.
  3. Very true, it needs physical evidence. For me space and time itself, the atoms, electrons, photons, waves are sign of God. For me God=Nature I rather believe, (gives power) than not. I think Pascal sensed that. I need the best physical evidence and I got Nature. I understand how small and simple I am. I understand that I am still Valuable. I have Energy, Matter and Information in Space(Time). Of course they are, it's right there in pascals wager What atheists betting on? It is a bit unclear even I read this forum since a while. As far as I understand they are betting on Nothing when it comes to God. The crazy thing is that the only supernatural I can sense is the sense of Nothing. Space, time, energy and matter free state. 0. God = 0 0,0 0,00. 0.00....0=time
  4. The choice is rather a possibility of life than the purpose of it. I.e something can be alive even it has no choice, for example bacterias. My purpose of life is to understand Nature as good as I can, and positively impact its presence and future. I have already choosen a purpose, I do not want/need to change this one. I wanna know more about Nature. Learning I would call one of the purposes of life.
  5. At least it is true, I am sad you do not like it.
  6. I do not think that a single h atom is alive but I think it is part of Nature.
  7. Who else I could be? My experience and appearance is universally unique. I just can be myself and I think there is a reason to be Me. I am aware of my biophysical values so I call myself conscious. Energy with consciousness. There is an energetic change during death, and we know from the laws of thermodynamics that energy can not disappear from the system. The Energy who I am, will exist further in some form as part of Nature, even my material appearance will be long decayed. Of this I am sure of. I always, wanna be a positive impact on reality. I think my life is a possibility to understand nature (space,time,energy,matter and information) and experience, test and sense its appearance. Who else could I be if not the conscious Me? I am the result of a 13.8 billion years long biophysical process. Time and Space is a reason for me to be. This reason alone is enough for me, to wanna be.
  8. True. Very good insight. Length is part of Space. I thought it would be enough to mention Time, because since a while, for a reason, we use space and time as one physical entity: spacetime. But sure you right.
  9. Selection happens by Time. There is No selection if time does not pass. Than time is a prerequisite of Selection as well. For me your logic is flawed, when you try to neglect time, in a case of a time dependent biophysical process.
  10. Which means that you should fundamentally count with Time as a reason to Evolution to happen.
  11. No wonder as my response was on The difference is that my note makes sense . Without time there is no Evolution(iNow recognize that too), so time has impact on Evolution I.e drives it.
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