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  1. If Biden/Harris get elected, since Biden will probably not run again in 2024, Harris would have a clear path to the presidency in 2024. All Joe and Kamala need to do is play their cards right, use a poker face, and WIN.
  2. People will yell crude references to sex acts out of anger. What does sex have to do with anger? 😲
  3. When I heard that Kamala Harris was selected for VP my feeling was profound satisfaction. I think she is a good choice. I voted for her as AG for California and also for Senator. When I watched Biden and Harris last night giving their speeches I was very happy with the performance of both. Harris had a good mix of smiles (not the extreme gaping smiles of H Clinton) and also the sober, severity of a prosecutor, which is exactly what Dems need to back up Biden. Interesting Trump called Harris "nasty" 4 times yesterday, even called her "extremely nasty." According to my dictionary nasty means "unpleasant or disgusting; spiteful , violent, or bad-tempered; dangerous or serious." He also called H Clinton nasty. Did he ever call a man nasty? From Merriam-Webster NASTY: "disgustingly filthy, physically repugnant; indecent, obscene..." I don't really see ANY of that in Kamala Harris. That looks like blatant projection by Trump.
  4. What does "stitious" mean? If speciation occurred in the female parent, was the female parent not a chicken at first, but after the critical mutation occurred which resulted in a true chicken, the parent changed into a chicken?
  5. I voted for Hillary Clinton because I felt she was VERY qualified to be president. She really scraped her way up as a lawyer. She lost her election by a slim margin. I don't want Biden/Harris to lose by a slim margin. It will help them WIN if Kamala, a super-great choice to prosecute Trump every day until the election, will follow more the Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel school of subdued expressions, rather than the all out, cut-loose, big toothy grin and bulging eyes of Hillary Clinton.
  6. There was a mutation in the egg which was laid by a "chicken-like" creature, which was a different species. That is why the egg was the first of its' kind, it was a "chicken egg" laid by a creature that was not a chicken. Speciation occurred in the egg.
  7. My advice for Kamala Harris is to control her facial expressions. Hillary Clinton lost her election by a slim margin. Hillary had a very quick and easy BROAD smile. By "broad" smile I mean the toothy grin of a first grade teacher, the first day of class, with eyes bulging out. It does not look presidential for independent voters. If Hillary had controlled her facial expressions, like a Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel, she would have won her election. Kamala please do not smile too broadly.
  8. The chicken egg came before the chicken, because the egg was laid by a creature very similar to a chicken but different enough to be a different species. The mutation occurred in the egg creating the first chicken. Therefore the chicken egg came before the chicken.
  9. We are HOW we eat. HOW we eat includes all kinds of things, such as WHAT we eat, how MUCH we eat, what COMBINATIONS of foods we eat, how OFTEN we eat, how much WATER we drink, how much we EXERCISE, our HEREDITY, ETC ETC.... Gregory Isaacs passed away in 2010 at the age of 59. Sing on cool ruler! We "wanna go home."
  10. Airbrush

    Voting By Mail

    For 1/3 of Americans, entertainment is very important to come from their president. Their favorite entertainment, besides pro wrestling and Nascar, is watching Trump bashing Dems, the cruder the humor the better. I will never forget the big, long-lasting grin on Maria Bartiromo's face while Trump battered "Crooked Hillary" calling her a "nasty, nasty, woman" at the WH Correspondent's dinner. Don't forget the 1/3 have been suffering for 8 years of Obama's tyranny, which to them was a never-ending nightmare, which is not entertainment. Trump was the perfect "anti-Obama" at the perfect time. Since the 1/3 really like what Trump is doing, they are with him all the way. They also probably like his looks, WWE swagger, and incessant sarcasm. I think you are correct about "mail-in voting false flag operations" leading up to the election. There may be fraudulent ballots manufactured and ALL blamed on Dems.
  11. "Children are strong and powerful" - Trump "Putin was strong and powerful" - Trump The building is high and tall. The sky is up and water is wet.
  12. How is it true for a universe that has a finite size, finite length, width, and height?
  13. That is only true if the big bang is infinite in size. That is the only way it can reach ALL SPACE. If eternal inflation and the multiverse theory is true, then each big bang, or "budding universe" has a finite size and therefore has a center point. Since your topic title is empty of any clue about it, I would suggest a more descriptive title, such as "Location of the Big Bang."
  14. What wrong use of commas are you referring to? Please explain since I didn't notice the error. Maybe I was making the same error.
  15. "In late 1958 to early 1959, it was realized that the smallest practical vehicle would be determined by the smallest achievable bomb yield. The use of 0.03 kt (sea-level yield) bombs would give vehicle mass of 880 tons. However, this was regarded as too small for anything other than an orbital test vehicle and the team soon focused on a 4,000 ton "base design". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Orion_(nuclear_propulsion) The smallest achievable bomb yield is given at 0.03 kt, which means 30 tons of TNT per bomb. The Davy Crockett yields 15 tons of TNT and the bombs weigh only 51 pounds rather than the 6" diameter 300 pound bomb pellets. Maybe the Davy Crockett is newer technology? The 880 ton vehicle was considered too small for interstellar travel. Maybe a smaller, less costly vehicle, maybe 100 tons, could achieve 10%c and also decelerate upon arrival so the probe can study the alien solar system for a long time? "Dyson calculated that the properties of available materials limited the velocity transferred by each explosion to ~30 meters per second independent of the size and nature of the explosion." Does that mean that each nuclear explosion accelerates the vehicle by another 30 meters per second? The article mentions a pusher plate miles across. Could a pusher plate be a thin metal foil stretched across a web of supports so it could by miles across and yet not very massive?
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