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  1. Arming Teachers

    Again I totally agree. I'm NOT in favor of gun ownership. I'm just trying to explain the reasoning behind SOME people owning A gun (not a collection of guns). When the cop told me I should have A gun, when I reported an intruder, that was not enough to motivate me to buy my shot gun. My real motivator was the first Terminator movie. The hero used a shot gun to defend against a robot from the future. I suspect a lot of folks buy A gun because of the thrill (that I experienced) of owning a real fire arm. That was in 1984 when I was 30. I'm not proud to own a gun, it is stupid. I just don't want to dispose of it. If the government told me to surrender it, I'd be glad to. Does anyone else have A gun they bought for the THRILL, but really don't think about using it? As for collecting a number of guns, I can't figure that out. Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear [single shot muskets] shall not be infringed." What gun owner thinks they are a member of a "well regulated militia"? The 2nd Amendment sounds absurd in light of modern fire arms.
  2. Arming Teachers

    I agree, however having a loaded gun hidden near your bed is much handier than scuba gear for a potential drowning accident. If a teacher already has a pistol and is already expert, of sane mind, and can pass a test, they should carry the gun in a holster during the school day. The problem with this is there are probably very FEW such teachers.
  3. Your theories on anti-matter?

    Do we know that the big bang created the SAME number of particles as anti-particles? From the Science Channel docs I've seen they don't mention any issue about that, only that for a given number of matter particles, there were fewer anti-particles created at the big bang. So when annihilation occurred, there remained no anti-particles but only matter particles.
  4. Arming Teachers

    That is true, but many Americans feel they need a last resort in case they know someone is trying to get into their house, and they would have at least a fighting chance to defend themselves. I think arming school teachers is complicated and problematic, but if a veteran or x-cop is now a teacher, and he or she is expert with a gun, and passes some tests, let them keep it in school, but it should be on their body all day. What good will it do if it is locked up and it takes too much time to access it? The long-term solution is improve school security (as well as malls and other crowded places), guards, cameras, and restricted access to the campus (or mall). Raise the age for any gun ownership to 25, improve background checks, report crazies, and ban all weapons of war. I lived in a bad neighborhood and experienced an intruder trying to enter my bedroom window at night. Not a smart guy because he was entering my apartment just a few feet away from where I was sleeping. He had already removed the screen and I confronted him by saying in a loud, angry voice "What do you want?!!!" He dropped the screen and ran. I'm glad I didn't kill him. I called the police and an officer came over and took my report and advised me that I should have a gun. He said I should wait until he gets inside then "blow him up". I do have a shot gun hidden near my bed, and my wife and I don't have kids.
  5. Your theories on anti-matter?

    What do you mean by "that isn't what it says"? What DOES the link say/mean? I don't know what you mean by it is like saying "Why couldn't 1 billion [antimatter particles] minus 1 billion and 1 [matter particles] equal zero? That question makes no sense to me. What point are you trying to make? You know a lot more about cosmology and other sciences than I do.
  6. Arming Teachers

    The thing about guns (and bombs) is how they make killing people sanitary, compared to mass murder using knives, swords, or clubs. It is so much easier to shoot at people from a distance than to get up close and personal with a knife or baseball bat. Also in movies and video games the good guys usually solve problems by shooting bad guys with assault rifles, not using knives and baseball bats. Anyone know the percentage of mass shootings that are from shot guns? I've never heard of it, but maybe it is a thing. It seems to me that a shot gun is best for home defense. Home invasion is usually not many attackers. An assault rifle is designed to kill the maximum number of humans as possible, in the shortest amount of time. Why do you need an AR-15 for home defense, because you need to be ready to defend against a dozen or more attackers?
  7. Your theories on anti-matter?

    Extract from the above link: "...A coin has a 50-50 chance of landing on its head or its tail, so if enough coins are spun in exactly the same way, half should land on heads and the other half on tails. In the same way, half of the oscillating particles in the early universe should have decayed as matter and the other half as antimatter." I don't understand why they suppose that EXACTLY half the spinning coins should end up heads and exactly half should end up tails. That is not how probability works. Is it so hard to imagine that a billion atoms of antimatter annihilate against one billion AND ONE matter atoms, leaving a tiny majority as matter? In that case the universe would be about one billionth of the amount of matter and antimatter that was originally created in the big bang.
  8. Arming Teachers

    Does anyone know if the shooter was wearing body armor? The security guard who stayed outside probably heard the sound of an assault rifle with a muzzle velocity 3 times his 9mm pistol. What teacher, let alone a security guard, is going to attack a shooter with an assault rifle, using a pistol?
  9. You say "possibly react at the same speeds" as water-based life. What kind of probability do you think? My guess is a low probability, and for that reason water is really the primary factor when looking for ANY kind of life because of the higher probability. Astronomers say "follow the water." We may find some weird simple form of life on Titan in liquid methane, but scientists will be more busy looking for life inside of Mars, Europa, and Enceladus, and when it comes to exoplanets, they will focus attention first on planets within the habitable zone of liquid water. They have not even planned any mission for exploring the methane lakes of Titan.
  10. Arming Teachers

    Anyone know easy it is for a non-student to get onto a school campus, such as the Parkland FL school? Why don't outsiders need to pass through a gate where an armed guard asks them what are they doing there if they are not a student? Also, any "soft" target, such as a school, or a large shopping mall, or any large group of people, there should be limited access and exits so that anyone suspicious can be stopped for questioning. There could be video cameras watching and recording the perimeter. One guard watches the monitors while an armed guard patrols the perimeter. Then after a few hours they trade places. I am in favor of banning all assault rifles, or any gun that fires too rapidly. For home defense or hunting you don't need an assault rifle.
  11. How can you say "react at reasonable speeds" at such extremely low temperatures? How does complex life evolve in such cold solutions?
  12. The other liquids (ammonia, methane, ethane, nitrogen, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, silicon dioxide, etc.) are liquid at such low temperatures that any molecular motion is S L O W. Life would develop much slower, and complex life would be less likely, and intelligent life seems an absurd idea. Liquid water works faster and better. Look for the water.
  13. Is the Universe infinite?

    Would such a sphere have a finite diameter? If it did then you can calculate a finite distance you would need to travel in a straight line before you return to your starting point. Then you would also be able to calculate the path you could take to not end up where you started from but rather tangent off the sphere at the necessary angle to leave the surface of the curved, finite everything.