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  1. Population may grow unchecked, and resources eventually dwindle, even with the best technology, so the human species may not be "annihilated" but reduced to a few million cannibals in a post-industrial apocalypse. A world of cannibal humans may survive us, but would you want to live there? 😲
  2. It makes no sense that they cannot time travel. Is there mind control in the Star Wars universe? Not just the Jedi trick of psychokinesis, but actually controlling others minds? It makes no sense that they cannot control other minds. I can't think of any other things, that don't make sense, that the Star Wars society does NOT have. Can anyone else think of something? I still haven't heard anyone answer this question. I tried, but even my suggestions are probably not valid.
  3. My example is no more "bounded" than a galaxy is bounded. My example is a multiverse of big bangs that are separated by much vaster distances than you can imagine. Each big bang is expanding at billions of times light speed, but they are so far apart that they don't collide (or maybe some do). There is no boundary at the edge of each big bang. There is just a fuzzy region that gets less and less dense, like at the edge of a galaxy, until there is a perfect vacuum between big bangs, for googols of light years. Each big bang has a finite size, although it is expanding rapidly, so you can calculate a center to it at any moment.
  4. Can you think of some things that SHOULD be in the Star Wars universe that aren't? That is because Star Wars is like Pro Wrestling. It creates it's own reality that is obviously fake. It is like a musical, where it is normal for the actors to sing and dance to music at any moment. We recognize that sound is not transmitted through the vacuum of space. But we suspend disbelief. It is more entertaining to have explosion and spacecraft-noise, along with the musical score, to heighten the dramatic effect.
  5. Sorry I didn't read the story before posting. After reading your story, here's what I think. These objects are not hypervelocity brown dwarfs. "Moved fast" is how stars or asteroids are detected, compared to a stationary field of stars. These are new only in that they were recently detected. Their system is a few billion years old. "They found that the T8 object has about 34 times the mass of Jupiter, and the L1 has about 72 times the mass of Jupiter. They are separated by 341 astronomical units..... The system is estimated to be a few billion years old." Remarkable is how far apart they are, 341 astronomical units (341 X 93,000,000 = 31,713,000,000) or about 31 BILLION miles apart. And yet they held together for billions of years.
  6. If technology cannot help us save us from ourselves, then we are in big trouble. Stephen Hawking thinks humanity has only about one hundred years left. https://futurism.com/stephen-hawking-humanity-only-has-100-years-left-on-earth-before-doomsday
  7. If war did not exist, there would be no way to judge if it made sense. Does war make sense? Yes and no. YES, only in that it has always been with us. Few leaders, such as Hitler and Tojo thought it made sense. NO in that, by far, most people hate war. "War is hell" why would most people think it made sense? The question really is "What in the Star Wars universe does not make sense?"
  8. We could see the far side of the moon if we have a number of satellites orbiting the moon. Satellites on the far side of the moon could constantly transmit pictures to Earth via other satellites orbiting the moon and the Earth.
  9. As soon as any star in our galaxy becomes "stationary" (stops orbiting), it will head towards our supermassive black hole at the center. Why is it a NEW brown dwarf? Was it just discovered or did it form recently? Any stars or brown dwarfs that are moving "fast" (relative to the other stars) would probably be stars getting thrown out of the Milky Way by interaction with our supermassive black hole at the center. They are called "hypervelocity stars". But usually the interaction would be a binary getting torn apart, one getting thrown out of the galaxy and the other getting eaten by the black hole. I don't know how BOTH binary partners would get thrown out at high speed. Can that happen?
  10. This statement makes no sense. Sorry. How can something that doesn't exist, something the "Star Wars society DOESN'T HAVE," makes no sense? First you need something that exists so you can decide if it makes sense. Light sabers make no sense. How can light travel 3 feet and stop? Cannons that walk makes no sense. They are massive, walking targets. Any cruise missile, or other guided missile, could destroy these easily. The idea that war will always be with us makes no sense. I'm a Star Trek guy, the premise of Star Wars is stupid. But even Star Trek has recently been dwelling too much on WAR with Klingons, Romulans, etc., in the Star Trek Discovery series. The real title to every Star Wars movie should be "War in Space Forever, part N"
  11. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. "The matches have predetermined outcomes to heighten entertainment value and all combative maneuvers are executed with the full cooperation of those involved and carefully performed in specific manners intended to lessen the "chance" of actual injury. These facts were once kept highly secret but are now publicly acknowledged by both performers and promotions. To promote and sustain the willing suspension of disbelief by maintaining an aura of verisimilitude, the performing company avoids discussing the true nature of the performance in official media...." "Verisimilitude is the "lifelikeness" or believability of a work of fiction....meaning plausibility of a fictional work within the bounds of its own genre (so that, for example, characters regularly singing about their feelings is a believable action within the fictional universe of a musical)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verisimilitude_(fiction) Does this remind anyone of the current state of US politics, "suspension of disbelief"?
  12. It's funny how serious the announcers act. Then at a certain age, fans of pro wrestling realize that is was all fake, like figuring out Santa Claus was fake? How about the rules and the objectives. Can anyone explain these? Is it fair to inflict certain types of pain on the other (fake pain of course)? That is true. It is very difficult and dangerous to throw yourself around like that. It requires hard work and practiced choreography. I must admire the athleticism involved. It is just toooo fake to take seriously, however, I like (almost) all kinds of sports. That is one weird sport.
  13. Any fans of pro wresting out there? Please explain it to me. What are the basic rules? I can't figure out the appeal. It seems absurd and obviously fake. How can you get excited about watching people pretend to try to hurt each other? I'm no fan of boxing, mixed martial arts, or other contact sports that intend to hurt your opponent, either. But at least they are real. Maybe it is better that hurting others is fake.
  14. That is true and I don't approve of that behavior. But in my life it was always fun to see him playing basketball, and expressing his thoughts after games. I have compartmentalized the rape episode. I guess nobody cares, but I sure would like to know how many choppers can park on top of, or near, the Staples Center. Do most Lakers, players and staff, commute by chopper to the Staples Center? My guess is probably yes.
  15. Romney also will vote for witnesses, but Murkowski is undecided. So at best there could be only 3 GOP voting for witnesses. That makes a tie. The judge will not break the tie. Witnesses and documents fail. Who is the 4th GOP senator that will vote for witnesses and documents?
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