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  1. "Due to differential heating, it was argued, a tidally locked planet would experience fierce winds with permanent torrential rain at the point directly facing the local star,[21] the sub-solar point. In the opinion of one author this makes complex life improbable.[22] Plant life would have to adapt to the constant gale, for example by anchoring securely into the soil and sprouting long flexible leaves that do not snap. Animals would rely on infrared vision, as signaling by calls or scents would be difficult over the din of the planet-wide gale. Underwater life would, however, be protected from
  2. Sorry that was not my intention. I mean getting better for you may be just improving something inside your own home. Anything about your daily life. Or cooking something better. Exercising to be more fit. Exercise your memory. Remember the year of important events in your life. Or saving time by not watching commercials on TV, but change the channel so you never need to look at commercials you don't like, too much. But be careful, you may forget to return to your original channel in 2 or 3 minutes! Watch YouTubes about science. I like YouTubes about astronomy and cosmology, and
  3. Are you sure you are already good? "Getting better" can mean adapting and surviving to pass on your genes, incorporating advantageous mutations. However, you may be the exception to the rule. Are you SURE there is nothing in your life that can be improved a tiny bit through your own effort? Maybe in a few decades you will think of something. 🙂
  4. Maybe in the "margin zone" of a tidally-locked, Earth-like planet in the habitable zone, there could be VALLEYS that provide protection from the winds that make Earth's hurricanes and tornados look like summer breezes. In those valleys there could be water and an environment where simple life could evolve to more complex forms. But such a harsh environment would be a challenge for intelligence to evolve.
  5. Last night Science Channel's "How the Universe Works" addressed the potential for life evolving on a tidally-locked planet in the habitable zone of a red dwarf star. The "margin zone" of a tidally-locked planet is blasted with constant hurricane winds. So I think finding complex life, much less likely intelligent life, is not likely because of the high winds between the day and night sides of a tidally-locked planet near a red dwarf. "Rare Earth" now seems more likely.
  6. Because 75% of stars in our galaxy are red dwarfs, they seem like a good place for life to evolve in their habitable zone. The problem with red dwarfs is they have gigantic flares that would be deadly to life in the habitable zone. Also planets close enough to be in the habitable zone would be tidally locked. What about a tidally locked, earth-like planet? I've never heard this before, but what if life could thrive just out of reach of solar flares? Suppose life could evolve just "over the horizon" of the solar flares? The day side is too hot, the night side too cold, but the margin zone
  7. Today Perseverance should be landing on Mars at 3:55pm Eastern Time, or 12:55 Pacific Time.
  8. Someone must start a topic about Rush Limbaugh and his enabling of Trump. I will later, not to change the subject here. "His final words on his radio show were, “Well, my friends, that’s it. Yet another excursion into broadcast excellence in the can. Enjoyed being with you today, always do. And look forward to the next time. Thanks to Mark Steyn who has been in standby mode all day. Wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go today and then each hour I had to assess. But we made it. Thank you Mr. Steyn. See you all next time.” However, Limbaugh would never appear on the radio again."
  9. So the consensus is that the big bang is infinite in size? Have you ever heard of "eternal inflation"? There is no telling where is expanding from where. One expansion (big bang) could crash into another. All that learned minds know is that our observable universe is expanding in every direction. "According to eternal inflation, the inflationary phase of the universe's expansion lasts forever throughout most of the universe. Because the regions expand exponentially rapidly, most of the volume of the universe at any given time is inflating. Eternal inflation, therefore, produces a hypo
  10. Assuming the big bang that we can observe is infinite in size, and is the entire universe, is also speculation.
  11. But if the big bang is not infinite in size, then it has a finite size, and even if expanding at a mind-boggling rate with an irregular shape, a center of mass could theoretically be determined. The universe, or multiverse, could be more than a single big bang.
  12. All of the galaxies in our supercluster, not only the local group, are ORBITING each other. Some are even moving towards each other, such as Andromeda and the Milky Way. One of the biggest misunderstanding in cosmology is: due to dark energy, galaxies are ALL moving apart. ONLY superclusters move apart. All galaxies inside the supercluster are gravitationally bound forever, and will eventually merge together into one giant galaxy, then one giant supermassive black hole, right? "Larger black holes of up to 1014 (100 trillion) M☉ may form during the collapse of superclusters of ga
  13. Trump may continue to have rallies and interviews on Fox News, just for fun, but in 4 years he will probably be too tired to run for president. He admitted that he thought it would be easier to be president than a professional playboy / private business owner. Then the rude awakening that being president is a pain in the a$$. Don Jr. may have the spunk to run for president, just for the hell of it.
  14. Who you gonna believe, 60 courts of law, including the supreme court, that saw ALL the fake "evidence" or one con artist that lied and exaggerated for 5 years? This shows that many people are suckers who believe what they WANT to believe. That is how religion works. The way to lie BIG is pick a lie that many already want to believe, then keep repeating it every day for years.
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