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  1. A self-driving car is totally different. It has a camera on top that is spinning around watching everything, ALL the time. A person remotely controlling the car cannot possibly be watching all around the car, and integrating: inertial navigation, GPS, radar, video, and lasers. Is there really a car that can be remotely operated? If so, it would be using one camera, or several? I don't think it will be as safe as a self-driving car. Is there a way to have a human participate in navigation? "Each [self-driving] car is equipped with an inertial navigation system, GPS, radar, video, and laser rangefinders. The vehicle leverages information gleaned from the inertial navigation system — a device that accumulates errors over time — and the GPS to determine where it is located and then uses the sensor data to further refine its position. From these data inputs, the car builds a three-dimensional image of where it is located." https://www.dummies.com/consumer-electronics/how-does-a-self-driving-car-work/ I don't believe a human can do all those things at once.
  2. Does your theory mean that during the late heavy bombardment, Mars received a proportionate share of water-ice that turned Mars and Earth into water worlds. But Mars froze over forming a shield over the surface, allowing liquid water to flow under the ice shield. When Mars lost it's magnetic field, the solar wind began to blow away the atmosphere and also blow away the ice shield. Then, like a thin egg shell, the ice covering cracked and fragmented allowing the liquid water under the ice to freeze and the inner and outer atmospheres to mix. Then most of the water-ice was stripped away by the solar wind.
  3. So if the IRS found irregularities in Trump's income taxes, since they do audit his income taxes every year, they would bring the case to AG Barr right? Then Barr could say to them "Thank you, I will handle this, now go audit someone else." Then Barr puts the report in his safe and we never hear about it. Would there be an IRS whistleblower if that happened?
  4. Let me know when they find an Earth 2.0 that has about 90%G surface gravity. That will be exhilarating to feel 10% less heavy. Every load you carry is 10% lighter. Also I would like a sun-like star and a big moon, and a big guardian Jupiter.
  5. I heard the IRS audits ALL presidents income taxes, ALL years they are in office. Is that true? If that is true then, since so much has been made in the media about Trump's tax-avoidance schemes, suspicion of money-laundering for Russian oligarchs, and other questionable practices, would the IRS NOT have taken an extra close look at Trump's income taxes? If they found irregularities, would we learn about that?
  6. Interesting, you made a good case for Mars as an ice world. I've never seen that suggested in ANY TV program I've ever seen on the subject "history of Mars." Funny, after posting above, I googled "was mars an ice world" and the first item on the list was your OP!
  7. Instead of gerrymandering, use mathematical models with constraints on shape. A district cannot have an unusual or lob-sided shape. They should be more compact.
  8. I'd go to Teagarden b because the gravity would be only 5% higher than Earth. I can't imagine stepping out onto a planet that has even 20% higher gravity than Earth. That would be very uncomfortable.
  9. Is everyone here in agreement that gerrymandering the House, filibustering the Senate, and the Electoral College should be abolished?
  10. From my experience, one of the most important things in maintaining a job is to not allow your boss to know you don't like them. I learned to fake it, and act like everything was hunky dory. I returned to art because I got interested in big-wave surfing. I could not believe the public's general lack of interest in such an interesting sport. More people are interested in pro wrestling or auto racing. I felt compelled to record historic events. Art was always fun, but I needed a subject of interest to get back into it.
  11. Good point. Suppose that each state is given as much representation in the House based on how much they contribute to the other states and the nation as a whole. States get credit for how much they contribute to the nation. If they supply the nation with food or anything of measurable value, they get credit for that in having more House members.
  12. When someone tells you that you can do anything you set your mind to, IT IS NOT TRUE. For every successful person who made it big in life, there are many, many others who are just as talented and work just as hard but they were not in the right place at the right time. They could not practice football, or whatever their love, because they had to GET A JOB ASAP. I'm not smart or successful, but I wanted to be an artist. Well it never happened even though I tried. I had a good start since my dad was a high school art teacher. I majored in art in college and it took 7 years to complete a 4-year degree, because I was having so much fun while I was in college. I even found a job in art while I was in college, as a production potter. I got good at making pottery on the potter's wheel. I spent a lot of time making artwork that I sold for a few dollars in student art sales. But my time was worth only cents per hour. A few years later I found a job as production potter. It's a lot of fun, but after you do it every day all day you realize you are doing "stoop labor" very much like picking vegetables in the field. I was paid a whopping 10 cents per pound of clay I made into pottery. Then I found another job as production potter at the biggest ceramics shop in Socal, Epoch Ceramics in Compton, CA. I took the bus to work which took about 1.5 hours each way. My best day at ceramics was in about 1977 when I threw 500 pounds of clay in one day. That was 100 pots 9" high and 12" wide. They all had to look the same. This shop was paying 15 cents per pound of clay. So when I set my record, I earned 500lbs x $0.15(USD) = $75. And that was from working REALLY hard. That job lasted only about 4 months until I quit and went back to school full time to get my art degree. When I got my BA in art I searched for a job in art and could not find one. My friends had jobs and I needed to find a job ASAP so I could hang out with my friends that had jobs. So I had to take the first offer I got and that was as office clerk for an insurance company earning $750 per month. That was challenging to work at a desk 40 hours per week. I found another clerk typist job for another insurance company and it paid better, $900 per month. So I worked at that for 4 years, but during that time I met my wife who was a nurse. She was earning twice as much as I did. After 4 years working as clerk-typist, she encouraged me to go back to school and study accounting, since she thought I was good at math, and she could support both of us. It was fun going back to school. I had more self-discipline and was able to study and get A's in accounting. I got my BS degree in accounting and found a job rather quickly as an auditor for the US Dept of Education. I was in the CPA review course when I met Nora, who would become my new boss. She encouraged me to apply for a job and I got it. It only lasted 10 months because I hated driving so far to audits, and Nora had become bitchy. I worked at a number of jobs in accounting and bookkeeping, also working temp as an accounting clerk for $9.00/hour in 1993. My final job was 12 years as bookkeeper for a Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA. I hated my boss. He was very much like Trump, arrogant and irritating. Now I'm retired and having a great time! I LOVE RETIREMENT! Now I can do artwork just for the hell of it and I don't need to sell anything. I'm just finishing my 1/32 scale model of an SBD Dauntless dive bomber. It looks great! In retirement I became a kid again. Now I paint big pictures (30"x40" and 20"x30") of famous big-wave surfing scenes. I use an airbrush, that's how I took the name Airbrush. (99% of the painting is done with a bristle brush and only 1% with an airbrush.) My web site is "biggestwaveseversurfed.com" which will take you to fineartamerica.com.
  13. In 2012 Trump tweeted that Obama would start a war to stay in office. If he thinks starting a war helps presidents stay in office, it should worry us. "President Donald Trump, who has continued to ramp up the rhetoric against North Korea, tweeted in 2012 that President Barack Obama will “have to start a war or major conflict” to win a second term in office because of his bad poll numbers. The tweet is earning attention in light of Trump’s own poor poll numbers during the ongoing dispute with North Korea. “Polls are starting to look really bad for Obama. Looks like he’ll have to start a war or major conflict to win. Don’t put it past him,” Trump tweeted on October 17, 2012. https://heavy.com/news/2017/08/trump-twitter-obama-north-korea-war-poll-approval/ Trump's attitude to the presidency has evolved over time. At first is was a publicity stunt for attention and notoriety, he never really wanted or expected to win the election. After he won the election he immediately complained that the job was hard, he thought being president would be easier (than his current job, boss of a private enterprise with unlimited powers.) How naïve or delusional can anyone be? That is when he set his "executive time" for watching Fox News everyday. Trump rapidly got used to the constant, wide-spread, attention, more than he had imagined. He simply got addicted to the constant attention he was getting, every day, all over the world. His dream of constant attention has finally come true. Now he wants to be a dictator and stay in office the rest of his life. And for someone with such a high level of narcissism, when his life ends the world might as well end. How much time does he have left? That is how long the earth needs to be around for his entertainment.
  14. That's right, 2 x 50 = 100. My error.
  15. Every state of the US gets 2 senators, no matter the state's population. I guess this is to protect against a tyranny of the majority. California has 68 times the population of Wyoming (CA 39,557,000 to WY 578,000 in 2018), but they have EQUAL representation in the senate. What I propose is a slight proportionality modification. The 5 most populous states (CA, TX, FL, NY, PN) each gets 3 senators, and the 5 least populous states (WY, VT, AK, ND, SD) each gets only ONE senator. The total number of senators remains 50, just a little more proportionately (and fairly) distributed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_states_and_territories_of_the_United_States_by_population
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