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  1. Trump Suggests "Animals" are Despicable

    This is how Trump explained the strange jacket Melania wore in his Tweet, when she went to visit the children (animals): “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” Trump wrote. Let's analyze this tweet. Trump said it "refers to the Fake News Media." So that can only mean, in my mind according to standard English usage, that Melania is saying: "Hello news media. I really don't care about the migrant crisis on the border, do you? (I'm just going through the motions for appearances)." How could it mean anything else? Trump, however, is claiming it means "Hello news media. I really don't care about YOU, do you?" This makes no sense at all. Of course the news media cares about itself. The tweet can only mean what she does not care about the children (animals) in cages. So, again, Trump twists himself into a pretzel trying to explain something, and failing miserably.
  2. Fox News Watch

    I don't think I WANT to be outraged. When Obama was president I had many better interests than politics. Obama seemed reasonable, educated, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and articulate. He voiced my own feelings and thoughts. Because now daily I hear thoughtless, even insane comments from Bozo the Clown, so I am just hoping Bozo reaches his tipping point and causes a blue wave in the midterms. I am hoping that the migrant crisis on the border of the USA and Mexico will be Trump's Katrina disaster. I am hoping for Mueller to have something to say before Sept 1st. I am hoping for impeachment.
  3. Fox News Watch

    In my retirement I spend many hours every day watching cable news. I usually prefer MSNBC and CNN. If there happens to be commercials on both of these then I take a brief look at Fox News or Fox Business News, for as long as I can stand it. I want to understand the "other side". Sometimes I see a story on Fox News that I don't see on CNN or MSNBC, so I question it. I want this discussion to be what you gathered at Fox News and your reaction to it. Recently I saw Fox News talking about the new TIME magazine cover with Trump looking down on that little girl that has become a symbol of the brutal separation of kids from parents at the border, and he is saying "Welcome to America." Fox said this is an example of FAKE NEWS because the little girl on the magazine cover was eventually actually reunited with her mom. Is that true? I thought the story may be substantially true, just not absolutely true, which I don't believe is fake news, because the story is in essence TRUE but this little girl would not be the best example. Another Fox News story is that AG Susan Rice was aware the Russians were messing with the US elections, before the election, but she told her team to STAND DOWN because they thought Hillary would win the election. So she and Obama are responsible for not stopping the Russians, not Trump. Could anyone share about these stories, or can you tell us some more Fox News stories that you think are not true? If you are a fan of Fox News please share what you think is fake news on CNN or MSNBC.
  4. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I watched Mexico beat Germany 1-0. That goal by Lozano was a great shot!! The news reported a minor earthquake which was caused by Mexicans jumping up and down after the game ended! Does anyone bring their soccer ball to the park to kick it bouncing off a wall? That's what I do. A half hour of kicking penalty kicks, then a half hour shooting baskets, then an hour in the swimming pool!
  5. So who's going to win the world cup?

    It looks like there are 32 teams qualified for the world cup, and my own country USA did not qualify. How embarrassing!
  6. Does the Oort Cloud protect us?

    Oort Cloud objects are so rarified that a brief random blocking of light would be ignored, it could even be a rogue planet. Astronomers only pay attention to transits caused by constant periodic dimming from exoplanets.
  7. Star Trek vs Star Wars

    Thanks for the topic "Star Trek Vs Star Wars"! I was thinking of posting the EXACT same subject title years ago, but quit when I got tangled up when I tried to write it out. By far...... Star TREK is vastly superior to Star WARS. I remember when the first Star Trek episode aired in 1966, just after the advent of COLOR TV. I LOVED IT until the bitter end!! We had great hopes for the series "Lost In Space", but it turned out to be a dumb series about Dr. Smith getting into trouble, needing to be rescued in nearly every episode. Star Trek was about space exploration, real science " go where no one has ever gone before!" Star Wars has nothing to do with space exploration or real science. Star Wars is a dumb series about fighting wars in space forever using the stupidest weapon ever imagined, the Light Sabre. Using the word "Wars" in the title is lame as hell! How about the title "War In Space Forever"? Like Carl Sagan pointed out real "Star Wars" is unlikely. When the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977. I went to see it by myself and had become so disappointed by the time those 2 robots landed on the sand planet, and their stupid conversation, made me so bored that I walked out of the theater. Ok..... Star Trek is not perfect, the idea of a transporter seems beyond impossible.
  8. "Animals" is the worst thing Trump can say about any group of people. He calls the gang members of MS-13 "animals" because they torture, kill, rape, and other terrible things that bad people do to innocent people, AND they are Latinos. But, strictly speaking, this assumes that "animals" in general are despicable. Calling a group of people "animals" sounds Nazi. When I go down the list of animals that I am familiar with, there is a long list of LOVELY creatures: dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, rabbits, horses, deer come to mind when I think "animal". Trump loves to eat meat. Are those animals that give up their lives for his pleasure despicable? Trump must be thinking of animals that are man-killers, lions, tigers, crocodiles, any dangerous animal. But even they are ONLY doing what is natural in their environment as humans continuously encroach on their natural habitats. Trump needs to come up with a better example of what is despicable. Maybe he should call MS-13 gang members "despicable" (deserving of hatred and contempt)?
  9. Fructose's fat (overweight causes). Starches too

    Exactly. If we feed our body efficiently, it will function optimally. If we eat as a means for merely entertainment, and not fuel, then the more food means more fun, however more fat.
  10. Earth has plate tectonics which brings heavy elements to the surface. Mercury and Mars don't have any of that, and I think Venus has very little surface recycling. For a planet to be habitable may require plate tectonics to bring the heavy elements necessary for life to the surface, if I remember correctly.
  11. Origin of your UserName?

    Thank you too Zapatos!
  12. Origin of your UserName?

    Thanks for the kind words dimreepr!
  13. Origin of your UserName?

    My hobby in my retirement is painting big-wave surfing scenes. I haven't made hardly any money from it yet. When I started using an airbrush it gave more realism to my pictures. My avatar photo, by Robert Brown, is famous, a giant 77-foot wave ridden by Mike Parson at Cortes Bank (100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA) on 1-5-2008. See the actual photo here and read all about it: But the problem with that photo is the smaller wave in front of it blocks our view of the trough, so for my painting of that same wave I removed the wave blocking our view of the trough: See all my artwork at "" which takes you to this web site: Recently a new world record for "biggest wave ever surfed" was established at Nazare, Portugal on 11-08-2017 by Rodrigo Koxa at 80 feet tall. What about Ken Bradshaw's 80 footer at Log Cabins on 1-28-1998? Well, that was not photographed, only some grainy video was shot from a mile away. The video of the new world record is not much help because you can hardly see what is happening:
  14. The Slick Sales Pitch of Trump

    PROVE that "everyone in politics lies constantly." The big "lie" that Obama told was that if you liked your doctor, with Obamacare you can KEEP your doctor. Fox News kept repeating that SINGLE "lie" [or falsehood] for years, because that was the ONLY "lie" they could think of. With Trump, the con artist, the hyperbole-salesman, there is no comparison, a THOUSAND times as many lies or falsehoods as Obama or any recent president. That is a false equivalence. "Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech.... In poetry and oratory, it emphasizes, evokes strong feelings, and creates strong impressions. As a figure of speech, it is usually not meant to be taken literally."
  15. Delivery of Nuclear Weapons

    North Korea has an unknown number of nuclear bombs. They are desperate for money. It is likely that North Korea would sell a nuke, that is ready to explode, to a terrorist organization for enough money. The terrorists deliver the bomb to the middle of New York City in the back of a truck. When it explodes it vaporizes all evidence of its' origin. How would we ever know that North Korea provided the bomb? Of course the terrorists could snitch on Kim, but why would they?