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  1. In a multiverse model there may be multiple, or an infinite number of, big bangs. In that case each "universe" is finite in size, has a center, and edges expanding outward. The outer edge may have ANY shape and be moving at ANY speed since the edge is not constrained by space as it expands into the "bulk." "In the bulk model, at least some of the extra dimensions are extensive... and other branes may be moving through this bulk." Brane cosmology - Wikipedia
  2. Conditions on Earth are changing faster than people's minds change. It takes generations for significant human changes. We don't have time for that. We need to adapt quickly or self-destruct.
  3. Most of this is beyond my understanding. "Time and energy are Fourier conjugates (or more generally, spacetime and energy-momentum) and cannot exist in the physical reality without each other. In other words, GR states that spacetime is the field produced by matter just like the electromagnetic field is produced by charges. Vacuum solutions are unphysical, they don’t exist in reality. Their flaw is that the equations are solved without realistic physical initial conditions. This approach and resulting solutions are physically meaningless." But then there is also this from the same source: "No, general relativity doesn't make any claim as to whether matter must exist or not. In fact, the simplest of the solutions to the Einstein equations are vacuum solutions. For example, the Kerr-Newman blackholes and their special cases such as the Schwarzschild blackholes and Kerr blackholes. The dimensionality of spacetime is still 4D in these solutions with one dimension being time-like." general relativity - Does Time Require Matter to Exist? - Physics Stack Exchange
  4. I was wondering if time can exist without matter? This is what I found: "GR states that spacetime is the field produced by matter just like the electromagnetic field is produced by charges. Vacuum solutions are unphysical, they don’t exist in reality." Does that mean that if the big bang has a finite size, the outer 3d limits of the expansion could be expanding at ANY speed (assuming there is no infinite speed), and beyond that limit could be a region of no matter and therefore no spacetime, just "space" if you will? No more spacetime, just space, until you encounter another big bang coming from another direction? I thought one way to explain an accelerating expansion of the universe is our observable universe is located inside a great void, like a bubble surrounded by unimaginably great masses pulling our region of spacetime apart from all directions.
  5. How can one assume that photons have any mass at all? I thought photons were energy and that is why they travel the speed of light. How could any mass travel light speed?
  6. Yes, "woke" as opposed to unconscious. Dictators thrive on unconsciousness. The level of mind-control is astounding. Time to vilify education and awareness. So GOP voters will CLAIM items of interest because they can't state the truth, that they are simply enthralled by an entertaining celebrity, who struts around like a pro wrestler, and cracks wise about the evil other party. If TFG were to state "inflation is not an issue, and the thousands at the border is nothing, and wokeness is no big deal" his cult of personality will turn on a dime to not care about those things either. They can't be deprogrammed because their source of news is narrow, by choice.
  7. Topics of most interest to GOP voters: 1 Controlling Inflation - 53% US inflation has been trending downward and GOP need to be made aware of this. Unusually high worldwide inflation followed the Covid pandemic broken supply chains. Worldwide inflation averaged over 8% for the year 2022 (US averaged only 6.5%. US averaged 3.9% for 2023 so far, and down to an average of 3.3% over the past 6 months.) Inflation Rate - By Country (tradingeconomics.com) Historical Inflation Rates: 1914-2023 (usinflationcalculator.com) 2 Controlling Immigration - 36% 3 Fighting Liberalism & Woke Agenda - 25% 4 Able to Beat Biden - 25% "Of the topics that we asked about, [GOP] voters were most concerned about “getting inflation or increasing costs under control” (53 percent of respondents selected this issue),...Other issues that were top of mind for voters were “controlling immigration” (36 percent), “someone fighting against liberalism and the woke agenda” (25 percent) and “ability to beat Joe Biden” (25 percent)." Republican debate highlights and analysis: Fiery faceoff on Trump, Ukraine and more - ABC News (go.com)
  8. "If you 'looked' far enough away, you would 'see' the back of your head." But would you see your back only if you looked in ONE direction, or every direction? Would all straight lines of sight circle around to you from every direction?
  9. Trump will win in 2024 IF Biden does not deal significantly with the border issue. If Biden would deal with the border, that will neutralize the GOP's biggest weapon against him. Or they will call him "Open Borders Biden."
  10. There are many functions that head for infinity as a numerator approaches zero. Try to apply that math to the actual big bang. Look at the biggest picture possible, the observable universe. It resembles a homogenious sponge-like structure of galaxy clusters. If you had to bet on only one or the other, what would you bet on? 1 That homogenious, isotropic structure extends like that all the way to infinity? Or 2 That structure changes over distance, becoming scarcer or denser?
  11. This is what Trump plans for his enemies. The Capitol police were physically abused by his mob for being "so bad and so evil" for defending Trump's enemies INSIDE the Capitol! Is this respect for law enforcement? WHO exactly are "so bad and so evil"? Earlier he said "Move the fooking mags, let my people in! I don't care if they are armed! They are not here to hurt me!" (They were armed to hurt Trump's enemies, which is ok.) "I know your pain. I know you are hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side. You have to go home now. We have to have peace....This was a fraudulent election...Go home...We love you. You are very special. You see what happens. You see how others are treated that are so bad and so evil [WTF?!! Who is so bad and evil? The Capitol police? He was actually implying "look how my enemies SHOULD be beaten with poles!!] ...But go home in peace." Unidentified female rioter "We need weapons! We need strong, angry patriots!"
  12. This is an interesting explanation. Thank you. Can anyone state this in terms more understandable to non-experts? What are "killing fields"? How many geometries can a region of the universe have?
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