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    The Border Wall or Fence

    The US govt is shut down over the semantics of what the US needs on its' southern border, a wall or a fence. Or border security technology and additional personnel? Trump had said he insisted on a " concrete wall" not a fence, but recently he thinks they are the same. So my question is about the $5 billion he demands for his "wall" does that mean he wants to begin a project of REPLACING the fencing that is already there with his "steel slats" see-thru "wall". Does he want to tear down the inferior fencing and replace it with his super steel slats? What I would suggest is they install total surveillance along the border to find out EXACTLY WHERE the most people are crossing illegally, and increase security in those places first. Then keep watching and determine where they NEXT are crossing illegally and then address those weaknesses, systematically, step by step improvements.
  2. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    After giving some thought to exactly what the leaders of our country, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, mean by " W A L L , " I realized that "wall" means that which is not there already, which is fencing. Even the very tall steel fencing near San Diego, is not "wall." This implies that fencing is not good enough. But "wall" now means steel slats. This also implies that the current scrap metal fencing needs to be replaced with steel slats. Those media presidents have never explained how a "wall" (which means steel slats) is superior to the existing scrap metal fencing. When Trump visited the "wall" samples near San Diego in March 2018, he interviewed a border patrol expert who stated the current fencing was 95% effective. Then Trump said that the fencing was "not doing the trick". At that time the number was $25 Billion for a "wall." Trump went into great detail how the current fencing has holes cut through it, which later gets repaired, how it "doesn't look so good." The fencing does not look pretty enough to him so it should be replaced. This means it is worthwhile to replace the 95% effective scrap metal fence with steel slats which will improve border security to 99% effective. “There was effectively no border in San Diego,” said Scott. “It was a chaotic situation,” adding the current fence, made of scrap metal, has at least helped in deterrence. “It changed our environment. We decreased illegal cross-border traffic by 95 percent.”President Trump said the new wall will improve the Border Patrol’s ability to secure the border even further. “When we put up the real wall, we’ll stop 99 percent, maybe more than that.”
  3. "The Inner Horizon of a Black Hole is a very chaotic place, matter falling into the black hole after crossing the Event Horizon, collides with matter being flung outwards by the centrifugal force caused by the Black Hole's rotation...." When I googled about this subject (black hole interior) I found this on "Quora". Anyone familiar with Quora? How could matter be flung outwards against the much stronger force of gravity pulling it into the singularity?
  4. Let's make a distinction between a solitary black hole with no matter inflow, with a feeding black hole. The non-feeding black hole is just empty space inside the event horizon, no atoms, all mass is concentrated at the center, the singularity, which has no diameter, so it has infinite density. All is quiet inside the black hole, and there is no temperature. But when matter enters the event horizon all hell breaks loose. The matter is accelerated to light speed towards the center, all trying to squeeze into zero space, which compresses it creating higher temperatures just inside the event horizon than outside, because the matter would be bouncing off itself at near light speed in a "hot witch's brew." Why not?
  5. If I remember correctly, a documentary about black holes suggested that just inside the event horizon are the most violent conditions in the universe. The black hole totally encapsulates that chaos, nothing escapes. Would that not also be the hottest place in the universe?
  6. Airbrush

    The Slick Sales Pitch of Trump

    Recently the favorability of Trump has risen. Trump's success can partly be attributed to a large number of Americans that can be enamored, and therefore conned willingly, by a good, SLICK, sales pitch. Many Americans don't see his mannerisms as obnoxious. They are attracted to that brash, combative style, a "street fighter" who fights back. SALES is a major part of the American economy. There are many people in sales. Their commissions depend on how good they are at pushing their product on someone. A good salesman can sell ice cubes to the Eskimos. Many salespersons must admire an expert salesman. People really like to hear an upbeat, brash, carnival barker who is clever enough to keep repeating his pitch, just in case someone wasn't listening carefully. Therefore he successfully leads people into his delusions like some kind of Jim Jones.
  7. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    TV debates on these vital issues. Wherever there are apparent discrepancies in FACTS, both sides of the issue should get together for televised debates. Then the public vote on the issue like on "Dancing With The Stars."
  8. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    From link above: Border apprehensions in 2017 were about 130,000 (356 per day), and in 2000 apprehensions were 1,600,000 (4300 per day!). Does anyone know how many illegals successfully get across the southern border in any year? Is there an estimated percentage of how many get across per total number that attempted crossing? I think I heard that as the border gets more controlled, the migrant workers that for decades (or hundreds of years?) go BOTH ways across the border, following seasonal work, more of these migrant workers will be trapped in the US that would have gone back south. Is that true? Why does nobody mention that the Canada/US border is longer and less protected than the southern border? That border would be a favorite entry into the US for terrorists and criminal gangsters. Also thru the southern border, TUNNELS are a great way for terrorists and gangsters and drugs to enter. Is there technology that can drive along the border, at a good speed, detecting voids underground, thus detecting tunnels?
  9. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    The question I've never seen answered is what exactly does Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter want to do with $5 Billion for a "W A L L"? What does their "wall" mean exactly? Is that just the first installment for a 30-foot "wall" that should cost a total of about $50 Billion? Does it include tearing down the tall steel fencing that already exist to replace it with the new improved "steel slats"? Trump already admitted when he visited the wall samples that the current fencing between San Diego and Tijuana is 95% effective. Why not just extend that fencing that already exists for another 100 miles? There is a lot of terrain between the US and Mexico where a wall is impossible, such as along the Rio Grand in Texas, and mountainous or hilly areas where a wall won't work at all. That is where you cannot have a "wall" but rather you can have more technology and patrols, which is what the Democrats want. Before building anything else there should be a complete survey of the border to see exactly where illegals are streaming across, and that is where you improve security. That survey alone may disprove the so-called "crisis" at the border.
  10. Michel, very interesting. Could you tell me how you were able to insert your hand-sketch in your post? I'd like to try that.
  11. Airbrush

    My Dog Saved the Life of a Mouse

    However, not intentionally, but this is how it happened. Our new dog was about 8 months old, a 15-pound Chihuahua-mix. She rarely barks but I heard her barking in the back yard. She was excited that a mouse was stuck in muddy water in a 2-foot by 2-foot planter that I was planning to transplant into. After a rain the soil was like quicksand and the mouse was trapped in it. I scooped the mouse out of the mud with a smaller plastic pot and dropped it on the dry concrete. It was shivering as though close to hyperthermia from being stuck in the cold, muddy water for I don't know how long, maybe many hours. I closed her doggie door and we stayed inside until I checked on the mouse an hour later. The mouse was grooming itself and still shivering. Then when I checked on it an hour later it was gone! That mouse must have learned to avoid this back yard, thanks to my dog. Does anyone want to recall an experience with a pet that made you think "hmmmmmm"?
  12. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Good one also. You get a plus one for that! Now I was thinking about the proposition that criminal gang members are gushing across the inadequate border fencing. Are the criminal gangs not well-financed? Would these gangster/drug-dealers (or ISIS and terrorists) need to WALK the length of Mexico to get here? Would they need to climb over razor wire? They would probably fly here in a plane first class, or ride in a boat or submarine, or their choice of hundreds of tunnels because they have drug money to spend on transit. Right?
  13. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Excellent explanation! You get a plus one for that. Now if the democrats could just memorize what you wrote above and repeat it every time Trump and company cry for the W A L L . But alas, the Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get.
  14. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    So the thing that is immoral is a big, beautiful border wall, a "great wall." The moral thing is just improve security, surveillance, and patch fences when need be. To glorify the idea of a big, strong, powerful, massive, beautiful, 30-foot, see-thru, steel slats is going too far. Sorry about my childish retort, I'm playing the role of devil's advocate right now. I want to hear your arguments in favor of LESS border security, or just leave the border as is?
  15. Airbrush

    The Border Wall or Fence

    So what can we do instead? Should anything be done? Is the southern border secure enough already? What is immoral about border security? Should we remove the fencing and security that is already there?
  16. Don't miss this on new years day! You can watch it on "At 12:33 a.m. EST (0533 GMT) on Jan. 1, New Horizons will zoom past the small object Ultima Thule, which lies 1 billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) beyond Pluto"
  17. Airbrush

    Is it being childish or just business?

    It is personality disorder. People keep forgetting this because most people are not narcissistic to such a degree. For a person with severe narcissistic personality disorder, nobody else really matters, not even their own family. Short-term personal gain is ALL that matters, and no worries about climate change or future war, because he will not be around to suffer thru it, and to hell with everyone else, including his own grandchildren.
  18. Airbrush

    The North Korea Problem

    Although I haven't heard this in the news, I am making the educated guess that North Korea has had all the time they need to set up thousands of artillery pieces all along their side of the border pointed directly at Seoul. If we do anything to destroy their nuclear program or long-range missiles, they can press a button that will rain down total ruin on the city of Seoul, completely destroying it a few minutes. Am I wrong? Anti-missile batteries can't do anything against artillery shells. Maybe it's time to relocate Seoul and its occupants to the southern tip of the peninsula.
  19. Airbrush

    What are your opinions on the concept "Time Travel"?

    If anyone had the ability to time travel they could acquire great wealth and power. They could maintain their wealth and power because they could always hide what they were doing by going back in time and removing evidence. They would know exactly what is going to happen and react accordingly. Maybe aliens from UFOs are time travelers. Did anyone read any books about the Montauk Project? If so do you have an opinion about them? I read a few of them.
  20. Airbrush

    Collusion with Russia

    That is similar to "projection" in psychology. Trump always calls Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary" or just plain "Crooked" because he knows he is crooked so he denies that within himself and he feels compelled to constantly, publicly attribute it to someone else, especially his main opponent.
  21. Airbrush

    US troops withdrawal from Syria

    Trump often makes dramatic announcements that he either reverses or it just never happens. How sure can anyone be that the troops are actually pulled out of Syria?
  22. Airbrush


    "...Proponents of one or more of the multiverse hypotheses include Hugh Everett,[23] Brian Greene,[24][25] Max Tegmark,[26] Alan Guth,[27] Andrei Linde,[28] Michio Kaku,[29] David Deutsch,[30] Leonard Susskind,[31] Alexander Vilenkin,[32] Yasunori Nomura,[33] Raj Pathria,[34] Laura Mersini-Houghton,[35][36] Neil deGrasse Tyson,[37] Lawrence Krauss, Sean Carroll[38] and Stephen Hawking.[39]"
  23. Airbrush


    The multiverse idea is simply the next logical step in cosmic organization. 1 Solar systems, 2 galaxies, 3 galaxy clusters, 4 galaxy superclusters, then what comes next? Big bangs separated by vast distances? 5 a multiverse of big bangs. Then 6 a multi-multiverse of multiverses? If there was no multiverse then does that mean the big bang is the entire universe?
  24. Does anyone know how anyone can vote twice? I have always voted by mail, here in California. No way I could vote twice. BTW, why do many people need to stand in line for hours to vote? Something is wrong with their state. Anyhow, what is it like to vote at the poll? Do you prove your identity, then they look up your name on a list and check you off the list when you vote? Then how can you vote twice, if your name is already checked? Trump claims that people vote then go out to their car and change their appearance and then go into the poll and vote again. Then the dems just say that is ridiculous, but don't explain how it is not possible to vote more than once. So Trump wins the argument, as usual, because he successfully planted the seed, the idea, of people voting multiple times (I suppose only dems do that) and nobody that I have seen in cable news has challenged his outrageous claim, except to scoff at the idea.
  25. Airbrush

    Voting Twice in the Midterm Elections

    If someone could be registered in two separate voting districts, why isn't there a way to catch that? How about comparing the voter lists for all voting districts in the nation, by running them thru a computer program, to catch duplicate identities? "Nothing would prevent you from trying" to vote both in person and with an absentee ballot? How about a big sign posted at the entrance to all polling places that trying to vote more than once is voter fraud, which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison AND a fine of $10,000, for each act of fraud? Also it is a crime that is documented with your identity(identities) attached to evidence for the crime(s).