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  1. Can you say anything about the probability of the "universe" being finite or infinite in size? Does it seem more likely to you that it would be FINITE in size? It seems to me, that what we can see does not reveal what it far beyond. Probably the universe does not look quite the same here as it does a googol light years away, it seems to me. It could be doing things other than only expanding. Or do you think it is a coin flip whether it is actually infinite or finite in size?
  2. We always hear that the big bang started from a tiny point, smaller than a proton, that experienced cosmic inflation and expanded many times the speed of light for a tiny fraction of a second. Oh, I see, that was only the observable portion of the entire universe. Considering that anything finite can never expand to an infinite size, does that not indicate that the region of the universe we live in is probably not indicative of our universe out to a distance of, for example, a googol light years? Or Graham's number of light years? It would appear that our universe probably has a finite size. Or maybe it has reached infinity through some means we don't understand? Was the beginning of the entire universe not a tiny point, smaller than a proton, but for the universe to be infinite in size, the beginning had to be infinite in size, which doesn't make sense.
  3. What about the 2024 election? I had a vision there was trouble, but I didn't guess who was the victim Warning, warning, it was a warning, we are living on borrowed time
  4. All we know is the universe was denser and hotter near time zero. We don't know it's shape, or if it was a point, or a sphere, or jagged and irregular as a lightning bolt. If the universe is currently infinite in size, then it was also infinite in size at the start. Something finite in size cannot grow to an infinite size. That's why it seems more likely that the universe is not infinite in size. Only the observable universe was a tiny point near time zero.
  5. I always loved math. I like to calculate while I jog around my neighborhood almost every morning. I know the distance is 2.4 miles or 4 km. I know where the quarter distance is, half distance, and 3/4 distance. At one quarter I check my time and calculate my pace by multiplying my time by 4. At the half distance I simply double my time to get my overall pace. At 3/4 I have a list that tells me what my final time will be at current pace. Each time I compare my actual pace with what I forecasted and see how accurate my forecast is. It's fun!
  6. That sounds like a good idea for capturing carbon. I had thought there could be a way to make desalinization economical enough that we can convert desert into lush rain forests to accelerate carbon capture. But these natural methods seem too SLOW. So, is there a way, after energy becomes dirt cheap thru fusion reactors, to simply build a large number of machines that can pull the carbon out of the air faster than nature can? The only limit is energy and the materials to build carbon capture machines. When you say "carbon capture" does that mean separating the CO2 into carbon and O2? Or does it mean pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere and storing it under ground? Will the day come when earth vegetation gets so accustomed to high CO2 in the air that when we finally, thru technology, pull huge amounts of CO2 out of the air, that plants will suffer because they had evolved and adapted to high CO2 atmosphere?
  7. Was the Titan sub descending too fast? Did anyone check out this Youtube transcript? Authentic or fake? Did they implode at about 9:47? Was the crew in panic mode for about 20 minutes? According to the transcript, at 9:28 was the first alarm: "We're noting an alarm from the rtm." Last message from Titan at 9:46am: "...reading red on the A power bus. I switched to B. at 3457m more sounds aft"
  8. What is the most cost-effective way to cool a home? We live in very hot climate in this Socal valley. We had many days over 100 F and days over 110 F. We have 2 large evaporative coolers, many electric fans, and central A/C. We are able to stay cool on the hottest days using just our 2 evaporative coolers and maybe a couple of hours of A/C on the hottest days. It seems we are saving energy by not using A/C all day, but rather using most evaporative coolers? Should energy companies be encouraging customers to use evaporative coolers?
  9. Good observations! On the brighter side, in Georgia it appears that 2 Trump conspirators want an early trial. It will be televised with witnesses and evidence against ALL conspirators, especially the ring-leader, Trump. Then the facts may finally be known. Then maybe enough independents and Nevertrumpers will face reality and go out to VOTE.
  10. A hung jury is very likely in GA, given the dedication of the MAGA cult members. They will crawl on their hands and knees, over a mile of broken beer bottles, to hear his Zingers. At least one will crawl onto the jury.
  11. Al Capone and Jeffrey Dahmer may have had "good intentions." Being "the devil incarnate" is not the point. Trump, as a master-manipulator, with 14 years of experience as a TV star, identified a voter base, but ran for president as a publicity stunt, just an item on his bucket list of self-service. He was not expecting to win in 2016. In 2020 he was only 44,000 votes away from tying Biden. In 2024 he is running (running from the law) as a last resort to avoid criminal accountability. If he wins he goes free. If he loses he may lose his freedom.
  12. Let's see if the GOP debate or Tucker's interview of TFG has any influence on the polls. Recently I saw a poll that said basically 2/3 of Americans don't want a clown for president. But what about the electoral college? Still a coin flip. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they won't support Trump in 2024 (usatoday.com) "President-elect Joe Biden topped President Trump by nearly 7 million votes, and 74 votes in the Electoral College, but his victory really was stitched together with narrow margins in a handful of states." "just 44,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin separated Biden and Trump from a tie in the Electoral College." Biden Won By Narrow Margins In Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin : NPR
  13. The 2024 election is still a coin flip who wins. Biden and Trump have been polling almost even lately. All we can hope for is that the facts of his recent indictments for serious crimes will come out in public enough to impact enough independents in time for the election. Biden could win 2024 popular vote by 8 million and still lose due to the electoral college.
  14. Stephen Hawking used to say humanity had another 1,000 years. However, shortly before he died, he changed his prediction to 100 years. But when he says we need to colonize another planet within 100 years that seems impossible. How could a colony on Mars be self-sufficient within only 100 years? Doesn't make sense. Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years to colonize a new planet—or die. Could we do it? (popsci.com) "Could we do it?" No we can't.
  15. If the center of OUR galaxy had an active quasar, that would make it even worse for life in the central region. But you don't need an active galactic nucleus to suppress life. All you need are plenty of supernovae going off, and that is what happens in the dense regions of any galaxy.
  16. The info is already out there, but AI makes it easier for ANY evil person to succeed. It takes an evil GENIUS to figure it out without AI. Evil and genius are not common qualities in a single person.
  17. Evil people can ask AI how to assassinate someone, make a dirty bomb, or commit the most heinous crimes. Maybe that is where controls kick in restrict freedom to do evil.
  18. Very interesting, thanks for the info!
  19. "Trump wanted the department to act because it would give legitimacy to his claims that the election was stolen from him, the panel said. In a Dec. 27 call with acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Donoghue, Trump was not interested in the actual results of a DOJ investigation, Donoghue said. Rosen told Trump the department could not change the outcome of an election. “He responded very quickly,” Donoghue said. “And he said, essentially, ‘That’s not what I’m asking you to do. What I’m asking you to do is to say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.’” "These handwritten notes show that President Trump directly instructed our nation's top law enforcement agency to take steps to overturn a free and fair election in the final days of his presidency," Maloney said in a statement. READ: Notes from December 2020 phone call between Trump and Justice Department officials | CNN Politics
  20. Wow! I never realized that a geostationary orbit was so high an altitude. 35,800 km means over 22,000 miles high, which is almost one tenth the distance to the moon. Anyone have an idea of how many geostationary satellites the US has hovering over North Korea?
  21. It seems like a fool's errand to try to prove that Trump knew he really lost the election. He will NEVER break character about the 2020 election. He is someone who "does everything right" and never "did anything wrong."
  22. I wish you could explain this a little bit more, because I don't understand your point. A geostationary satellite is moving a little faster than 1,000 miles per hour, because it is covering a little more distance than the ground that it hovers over, and the ground is already moving 1,000 mph. "Ground speed" is never zero in my understanding. But I am not an expert.
  23. Interesting question. The Earth rotates about 1,000 miles per hour at the equator. According to Wikipedia the Moon's average orbital speed is about 1 km/second, or 2237 miles per hour. So, the Moon's orbital speed is a over twice as fast as the Earth rotates. That is easy to understand and remember. Moon - Wikipedia
  24. Yes, the simulation above shows the prevailing theory. Theia, a Mars-sized object, grazed the Earth and much of its' iron core joined the Earth's core. The Moon has a small iron core and is mostly mantle, made of crustal material very similar to Earth's crust.
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