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  1. According to Bill Maher there was a study in China that out of 7300 cases of Covid transmission only ONE was outdoor transmission. That means that 99.999% of Covid-19 transmissions occurred INDOORS in China. Yes and the indoor spaces may become ghost towns. The economy won't recover until consumers have the confidence to enter INDOOR spaces. "Build it and they will come" unless consumers are spooked, then they won't come. The USA economy is mostly consumer driven. "...In a study published by the City and Environment Interaction journal, scientists.... argue that the lack of adequate ventilation in many indoor environments -- from the workplace to the home -- increases the risk of airborne transmission of Covid-19. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/05/200528115750.htm
  2. Any volunteers for this analysis? "Step right up folks! Come into my new business (restaurant, offices, stores, markets, Disneyland, etc.) and enjoy AAR (accelerated air replacement). My competition has poor, weak A/C that just pushes the air with virus around for an hour before it finally slinks out the ceiling. That gives you plenty of time to get infected right thru your cloth mask. My business, however, has fresh air ALL THE TIME for you to enjoy! We have extra powerful fans to move the bad air out and good air in."
  3. This sounds like a great idea! All you need to do is grind them up and make them taste like something we are familiar with. However, the idea of eating any insect creeps me out totally.😲
  4. Here is the basic definition in Wiki: "Junk food is unhealthful food that is high in calories from sugar or fat, with little dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, or other important forms of nutritional value.[1][2][3] Precise definitions vary by purpose and over time. Some high-protein foods, like meat prepared with saturated fat, may be considered junk food.[4] The term HFSS foods (high in fat, salt and sugar) is used synonymously.[5][6] Fast food and fast food restaurants are often equated with junk food, although fast foods cannot be categorically described as junk food.[7][8][9] Most junk food is highly processed food. Concerns about the negative health effects resulting from a junk food-heavy diet, especially obesity, have resulted in public health awareness campaigns, and restrictions on advertising and sale in several countries." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junk_food I think that healthy foods can be enhanced to such a degree that it is so delicious that it is hard to stop eating. Obesity may be the result of people eating too much of the wrong things. I like all kinds of food, good healthy food and I also like some junk foods. But I always try to minimize the junk in my diet and maximize the water (drink lots of water) and SIMPLE healthy foods. Even food that seem harmless to many may be deadly to some, such as peanuts. In the same way, I think, that people may be unknowingly eating stuff that is not good for them. People will suffer until a doctor asks them what they have been eating and tells them to correct their diet. Many may not listen to their doctor. I prefer simple foods because I won't eat too much of it. What do you think? If people ate correctly (a tall order) and exercised, they could be much healthier and have better immunity to disease. If people ate correctly there would be less obesity and more immunity. Maybe many of the people who didn't suffer much bad effects getting infected by Covid-19 were healthier eaters? We could potentially save trillions in medical expenses, if people ate right.
  5. Yes, all we need is "herd immunity" after 60% to 70% of people gets the virus. But that requires many MILLIONS of deaths in the USA alone, to achieve that. You may survive, but I may not. BTW I am 65 and I jog 2.4 miles almost every morning in 24 to 27 minutes. I adhere to a strict diet. I haven't had a cold or flu in decades, and yet I am worried. It is a miserable death to slowly suffocate. Sure, let's just adapt! More attention should be given to people improving their immunity through healthy living habits. Tax junk foods. Subsidize healthy foods. Food is medicine. Immunity to viruses hinges on HOW we eat.
  6. If you enter a building wearing your mask you may get infected right thru the mask! All it takes is one infected person blasting out their "mist" which may linger up to HOURS. If the building had the power to move air up and out (ANY indoor space), you CAN remove the virus from the air. If you don't remove the virus from the room, you will get infected, good luck.
  7. "In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in static pressure or a decrease in the fluid's potential energy.[1](Ch.3)[2](§ 3.5) The principle is named after Daniel Bernoulli who published it in his book Hydrodynamica in 1738.[3] Although Bernoulli deduced that pressure decreases when the flow speed increases, it was Leonhard Euler who derived Bernoulli's equation in its usual form in 1752.[4][5] The principle is only applicable for isentropic flows: when the effects of irreversible processes (like turbulence) and non-adiabatic processes (e.g. heat radiation) are small and can be neglected." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli's_principle Can anyone translate this into common English? How does this disprove my idea of accelerated air replacement (AAR) without a wind tunnel?
  8. Now I want to see her lip sync Trump's bizarre rant at the CDC in March, when he told us about his "super genius" uncle and the "beautiful Covid-19 tests" and how "Every one of those doctors said how do you know so much?" and Trump "really gets it." https://www.salon.com/2020/03/07/7-disturbing-moments-from-trumps-visit-to-the-cdc_partner/
  9. '...the mass is 6.5 billion times than our sun. It’s the biggest black hole that we have ever known!" Check out this list of "ultramassive black holes." TON638 is estimated at 66 billion solar masses. There are about 30 on the list that are at least 10 billion solar masses, which makes them "ultramassive." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_massive_black_holes
  10. No because the air can move much faster thru the vents than it moves thru the room. The air flow can be adjusted by fan speed. You may want to have a wind tunnel after the people are gone, you just turn up the fan speed and empty the indoor space of bad air in a short time. Then during work hours the air is moving upward at a modest speed. If 2 mph blows a skirt up, (it won't unless the skirt is made of tissue paper) then turn it down to 1 mph. The adjustable inlet and exhaust vents push as much air as you need for a modest upward flow of air. With Mr. Bernoulli's speed and pressure, air moves faster thru the vents than thru the room. To compare bad air that lingers in an indoor space for hours because of a few tiny vents which is the current norm, compared to rapid air replacement thru more powerful, adjustable air-flow vents in a few minutes it not a "hand-waving" argument.
  11. Air moving upward at 2 mph is equal to about 3 feet per second. Will air moving upward at 3 feet per second blow a skirt up? I doubt it. The idea is to not allow the virus float around for hours or even minutes indoors. If you can move air up over people's heads in a few seconds I suppose that decreases the risk of getting infected.
  12. The disinfectant vapor could be as harmless as Lysol. Consideration should be given to any fabrics or porous surfaces in the mass transit vehicle. Ideally, the car should be designed for sanitizing every night. There should be no fabrics and no porous surfaces. A crew of workers on the outside unscrew the 12" vent cover and attaching a 12" hose to pressurize each car or bus with some kind of gas Pinesol. Like the amonia they mop the floor with late at night before closing at diners? This gas will quickly permeate every tiny pore and crevice in a few minutes. All surfaces will be sanitized. After that they open an exhausting vent and replace the gas intake hose with a hot air intake hose to blast out all the disinfectant gas from the car. This is all done in minutes per car. This would be more effective and efficient than hand wiping. Any indoor space can be disinfected by a gas each night. Then the harmless gas is rapidly vented.
  13. Thanks for the correction. That means in a room 10' x 10' with 9 exhaust vent fans, 9" radius each, in the ceiling you will have 3.14 x 9^2 = 3.14 x 81 = 254 square inches/144 = 1.77 square feet of venting area per vent, times 9 vents in the ceiling = about 16 square feet of venting area per 100 square feet of indoor space. Don't you think the air is passing through such a broad exit it can move at 2 mph? Then you have whatever number of intake vents you need to equalize the volume of air being sucked out the ceiling through 16 square feet of venting area per 100 square feet. I just thought it would be more comfortable working with a cool breeze on my ankles. The more floor vents you have the more air you can move without blowing skirts up. Just adjust the air inflow fans speed, size, and number to achieve moving air upward at 2 mph.
  14. Please explain what you mean. I thought a circular venting area would be pi X diameter. What's with the "squared /4"?
  15. Sorry for the miscommunication. My intention was to say that when someone sneezes, with AAR the water droplets will be lifted over people's heads in a few seconds, removing most threat of infection. It will actually take minutes for ALL that air to travel out of the ceiling suction vents. But remember in the 10' x 10' room you have almost half the ceiling area (42 square feet) is venting used air. Lots of air can move out at a slow speed. You can have fewer intake vents blasting air into the room along the room's perimeter near the floor. These can match the same air flow as the exhaust vents. People may experience wind blowing near their feet, but it won't blow skirts up. Also when we sneeze at 100 mph the droplets will not bounce off the walls. The droplets meet air resistance that causes the mist to mushroom into a larger area so air resistance increases even more with distance from the sneeze, decreasing droplet speed dramatically, slowing the mist to well under 100 mph. "The lighter droplets are deflected [upward] over the heads of people after the sneeze droplets travel about 10 - 15 feet" by the upward motion of air moving 2 mph. As to the size of the rooms, I'm thinking of AAR for larger, commercial spaces like hospitals, warehouses, offices, factories, businesses, or the homes of the wealthy.
  16. A large area of small fans do not inherently give rise to different flow rates than a large fan. You can have one giant fan moving the SAME amount of air as many smaller fans. I only thought it would be impracticable to build such a large fan. Cheaper to use a number of smaller ceiling-suction-vent-fans. The speed of air will be greater near a nozzle constricting the area that the air is passing thru. For example, if you have a room of 100 square feet (10' x 10'), you can have about 9 ceiling vent fans with a diameter of 18 inches or 1.5 feet. Area of each circular vent is PI X diameter (3.142 x 1.5' = 4.7 square feet per vent). Times 9 ceiling fan vents (9 x 4.7 = 42) square feet of vent area. That means almost half the square footage of the ceiling will be venting area circles sucking out the used air. With that much venting area you can move a lot of air slowly. You can have air entering the room faster around the perimeter near the floor. What is a "WAG"? You are misunderstanding my proposal. Air is not "only around for a few seconds." In a few seconds the droplets projected from a sick person will float above the heads of people. It would take several minutes for all the air in the room to be removed. I have never heard of AAR (Accelerated Air Replacement) have you? Did I just invent the term? In the future engineers will be considering AAR in new construction I suspect.
  17. False. 100 mph only near the sneezing nose or coughing mouth. After a few feet the water droplets slow down RAPIDLY due to air resistance. Heavy droplets fall to the floor in one second. The lighter droplets are deflected over the heads of people after the sneeze droplets travel about 10 - 15 feet. I have seen high-speed video analysis of droplet projection from coughing, sneezing, or shouting. The droplets do NOT travel across the room, only about 15 feet. Even if they did travel across the room, it would not matter since the bad air would be over people's heads in seconds. After only a FEW seconds of AAR (Accelerated Air Replacement) the strong suction fans in the ceiling will suck the air upward at about 2 mph. If you have enough fans, of adequate diameter, sucking air out the ceiling, turning at the proper rate, you can adjust the vertical air flow so all the air in the room leaves in a few minutes without a wind tunnel. You can move the air in a vertical direction over the heads of people in a few seconds. Also, you can catch Covid-19 by droplets reaching your eyes! So you need eye protection as well as an N95 mask.
  18. Not the same area. By having many fans you can increase the total area of the openings that the air is passing thru. That slows down the air flow even though the same amount of air is expelled. You could also have one giant fan the size of the ceiling turning slowly, pushing air out a giant hole 50 feet in diameter, but that is not practical for construction.
  19. Air moves faster through an air duct when you constrict the duct. Water flows faster out a hose when you constrict the nozzle. Having many smaller ceiling vent fans EXPAND the size of the exit. When you increase the size of the exit door, more people can flow through the door walking, not running.
  20. Exactly, that is why I have a problem with my original title, since A/C is not the issue. The issue is moving bad air out of the indoor space and bringing fresh air in. It has nothing to do with A/C or filtering or treating air. You don't need to filter or treat fresh air from outdoors. Any volunteers for math modeling? If you have many vent fans sucking air out the ceiling (like one fan per square meter), rather than one big fan that creates a wind tunnel, you distribute the motion over a greater area, increase the area of the air moving upward and out the ceiling. Therefore no wind tunnel. This will be better than nothing in a world where deadly pandemics can pounce on us at any time. A fan is not a very expensive, or sophisticated device, but installing so many of them will be more expensive. Will such installation be prohibitively expensive?
  21. If you have about one ceiling exhaust vent per square meter of ceiling area, and have a fewer number of fresh air inflow vents near the floor, you can make the air move upward at a modest speed, not a "wind tunnel," and not move it "around." The heavier droplets and lighter droplet should separate quickly. The idea is to suck the bad air up and out the ceiling before it can infect someone. Personal protection of a mask, except the R95 mask, does not screen out virus in the air. It primarily prevents the wearer from spreading droplets. Personal protection is known to work and having better air replacement in public indoor spaces also could work. Hospitals, factories, warehouses, any kind of work spaces, would benefit from having steady air replacement. Companies can boast of how high their air replacement is to attract workers. Any businesses can boast of having accelerated air replacement.
  22. Yes but we need to be prepared for diseases that are transmitted through the air. We were not prepared. 😲
  23. Covid-19 is like a dress rehearsal for even more deadly pandemics. Covid-19 is bad enough, but in the future you may have more contagious and more deadly viruses escaping into human society. In such a world you better have good AHC if you want to do things indoors. Either that or "herd immunity" after tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of deaths. How fast the air is replaced in a room, warehouse, or sports arena depends on the NUMBER of exhaust and intake vents. If you have only a few vents there will be "wind tunnels." But if you have MANY vents to exhaust and intake air, you distribute the wind tunnel effect so the overall effect is a slow upward motion of perhaps a couple of miles per hour. Maybe that is fast enough to move the air upward. In a few seconds the virus-air is already above the heads of people, and moving upward. As the warm air moves upward it accelerates evaporation of water droplets, making them lighter and thus maybe not hang around so long. The lighter-weight and heavier-weight droplets may get quickly separated. Maybe the heavier droplets will fall to the floor and the lighter droplets carried upward. 😃
  24. Hahaha, very funny. The "car cleaning" takes place between 1:00am and 5:00am when nobody is aboard. Just hook up the disinfectant hose to the car or bus. Pressurize with disinfectant until virus is dead. Then evacuate the car with 2 hoses, blast warm air into the car, exhaust air exits from the opposite end of the car/bus.
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