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  1. That is similar to what happens to a binary star system that is orbiting, and gets too close to, a supermassive black hole. The pair gets torn apart, one crashes into the BH and the other get shot out of the galaxy.
  2. Thank you MigL. That's what I call an answer! You get +1 for that. 🙂
  3. Please quote the post where I promote police violence. It is not easy to track down "Thursday." You think I'm a Trumper when I have always been a very vocal never-Trumper. Please give me some other examples of my posts that make me sound like a Trumper. You are not a very good judge of personalities. I've known you, thru your posts here, for about a decade. We both started posting here about a decade ago. After a decade of posting, you think I'm a Trumper. 😄
  4. It didn't work on Jan 6th, I hope they get it right this time. Now they have experience. 🙂
  5. When was the last time I promoted police violence? Something I do often? I'm not promoting anything, wise guy. You make it sound like I'm arguing a view point for a violent confrontation at the Capitol, but I'm not. I'm brain storming. What's your plan for defending the Capitol? I already revised my plan. Have the same kind of fencing as on Jan 6th (that won't hurt anyone) but fasten the segments together more securely so the rioters cannot pull them apart and club the cops with them. Anyone who jumps the fence will be zip tied and put in the paddy wagon. Even peaceful protesters are routinely zip tied and taken to the police station to be booked. It's called "good trouble." Anyone think the rally on Sept 18th will be as big or bigger than Jan 6th?
  6. That means that since I am not an expert I should go away. Thanks pal. I'm not trying to argue I'm right. I'm asking how do they know what they say they know? They say "there can be no center or edge" to what we see as the big bang. I still haven't seen a coherent answer. Nobody is sure about anything beyond the observable universe. I'm asking for your best guess. I'm no expert, so I'm asking. Can you answer my questions? Einstein said something like "a good scientist should be able to explain their work to a child" basically. At least lead the child in the right direction. I have not seen the direction yet.
  7. Agreed, there were a number of pivotal things during the war that miraculously saved the allies. It looked like divine intervention, or good luck.
  8. Ok then, have that flimsy fencing that was there on Jan. 6th. Just attach the pieces together more securely. Anyone jumping the flimsy fence gets arrested. Also have many more cameras, cops, and paddy wagons. I don't know the DC area and thought you could put road blocks with check points on the streets leading to the Capitol building. Is there a lot of wide open space around the Capitol building?
  9. Thanks for answering the questions. Please try to answer this one more time, because I can't find the first answer. The universe is homogenous and isotropic for a volume less than 100 billion LY in diameter. How do they know it must be that way to infinity assuming space does not curve? Observations show that the universe is flat or so slightly curved that it is undetectable. Interesting in the Hawking interview Youtube I posted above, Hawking never mentioned a flat universe. He said it was always curved, but in a way unimaginable. So if you travel in a straight line from Earth, you will necessarily return to Earth after curving around the universe. That would mean the universe is not infinite in size. The question is how far is the finite loop around the universe? It must be further than the edge of the observable universe, because they have not detected the same configurations of galaxy clusters looking both directions.
  10. I'm a big fan of the history of WW2. Recently I saw Fury for the second time and think it is a great movie and recommend it to anyone interested in WW2. There are a few problems I have with the film and wish it could be redone. The ending was wrong, along with a few other things. I became obsessed with this. So I set to formulate a plan for a disabled Sherman tank, and only 5 guys, to defend against an attack by 300 SS troops on the supply lines for a division of US troops. I became emotionally involved with my plan. I'm good at visualizing things. The mission was of great importance so you have to give your life for it if necessary. The movie could have been so much better. I would like to know what anyone thought about the movie and my plan. What would YOUR plan be if you were the commander a disabled Sherman tank in this predicament? At the end of the movie the gunner “Bible” asked the tank’s commander Collier "What is your plan?" The only “plan” that Sergeant “Wardaddy” Collier had was play dead until surrounded, then shoot the first German to open a hatch, throw a few grenades out the hatch, and open up with only the bow 30 and the cannon. Turns out it was a stupid plan. A tank commander as experienced as Sgt Collier (N. Africa to Germany) could have done better. He should have planned to fight for less than 10 minutes using all 4 guns, and many grenades, then escape running the other way, under cover of smoke grenades. Patton had ordered tankers to improve their frontal armor, which Fury did NOT. They had 3 flimsy logs hanging from each side. What they needed to do was kill about 50 - 100 enemy and seriously injure another 50 - 100, and disable all vehicles, to cripple the Nazi counterattack against the supply line for a US division of 10,000 troops. In the first few minutes of the ambush, they could inflict enough damage. The biggest worry to the tankers should be a great number of soldiers carrying panzerfaust anti-tank rockets, which had a range of 30 to 60 yards, depending on the type. Also, tankers should know that a grenade is an ideal weapon to defend a tank against infantry. Just throw grenades out the hatches. Everybody outside is in trouble. They should always carry at least 100 grenades and 50 smoke grenades to cover retreat. The tank should have thicker timber logs hanging from the sides. These logs serve two functions. They stop panzerfaust rockets and they are used to cross deep mud. They should also have reinforced their frontal armor using sand bags, tank wheels, and metal plates, tied or welded to the hull. They should have stacked sand bags in front of both top-mounted machine guns. Leave all the hatches wide open, like any survivors are gone. This is critical to the success of their ambush, for the enemy to let their guard down. The 76mm was previously elevated and carefully sighted down the road, then the turret turned away to not appear as a threat. The tank looks very dead from a distance. The enemy may stray too close and bunch together, to view the apparently dead Sherman, to their peril. Since the crew will exit the tank through the belly hatch, they should put debris, timber or rocks, in front of the tank to conceal the view under the tank. Since the tank is facing the approaching enemy column, they want the enemy's view under the tank blocked. Ellis is ready to fire the bow 30, Sgt Collier is inside the turret, ready to pop up and fire the top 30 from behind sand bags, and Gordo is hiding behind the turret ready to fire the 50, also behind sand bags. ALL ammo cans are close at hand next to each gun for quick reloading. Bible is ready to sight and fire the 76mm as quickly as possible, firing one high explosive (HE) shell every 5 seconds, angled down at close range to throw shrapnel, rocks, and dirt at the enemy, firing continuously for about 3 minutes (36 shells), HE shells to disable vehicles, decimate troops, and destroy supplies. The plan for the cannon, after disabling all enemy vehicles, focus on ONE side of the road, while the 3 machine guns sweep the other side. That way the cannon doesn’t waste time traversing left and right, allowing a higher rate of fire, into the same spot, as the enemy scatters off the road, running INTO the cannon fire. The cannon fires 5 shells at the same spot, just off the road but in front of the enemy, to create a shot-gun effect. The cannon firing low to blast rocks and dirt, along with shrapnel, at the enemy. The crew will try to keep the enemy in FRONT of the tank, at a distance, to prevent the enemy flanking left or right for 5 minutes. When the SS column reaches 5 or 10 yards away, Gordo is hiding behind the turret, and he starts lobbing grenades as fast as he can, one grenade every 4 seconds. He is protected behind sand bags stacked in front of the 50 cal. They have several buckets full of grenades handy behind the turret, and a bucket full of smoke grenades. When the first grenade explodes, that signals the 30 cals to open up. After Gordo throws a dozen grenades, he also opens up on the 50 cal. Three machine guns and a cannon, firing continuously for 3 minutes should do the job to cripple the counterattack. For a few precious minutes the enemy will be too busy running and dodging bullets and grenades, so they cannot effectively return fire, but only for a few minutes. Ellis continuously fires the bow 30, and Gordo and Collier continuously fire their guns. At the same time, Bible is firing the cannon with Grady reloading as quickly as possible. The first minute is most critical because the enemy will quickly spread off the road and make harder targets. The crew needs to inflict most of their damage in the first minute. They need to kill or seriously injure all enemy close to the tank, and avoid being encircled by panzerfausts. After several minutes of continuously firing several cans of 30 caliber ammo, Sgt Collier drops down into the turret and all the way to the floor, and exits through the floor hatch. He crawls on his belly under the tank to the rear to get up and cover Gordo who is firing the 50 cal. Collier has his assault rifle, all his side-arm ammo, and a few buckets full of grenades and smoke grenades to cover their retreat. Bible fires the cannon for another minute or two, with Grady reloading. After firing 40 or 50 HE rounds, Bible fires a smoke shell at point blank range to signal retreat. Then Collier and Gordo starts lobbing smoke grenades from behind the tank. Bible and Grady drop to the floor to exit through the floor hatch, crawling to the rear with their side arms and ammo, while Ellis and Gordo continue firing. After a few minutes of continuous firing, Ellis is the last to exit the tank through the floor hatch. Gordo continues firing the 50 cal, with the other 4 crew covering him. Then Gordo jumps down to the ground to shelter behind the tank with the other crew. They all throw smoke grenades to cover their retreat. After it gets smoky, each crew throws a few more grenades far into the smoke screen, so the enemy stays flat on their bellies and heads down. The ambush took under 10 minutes. All surviving crew take their side arms, all their ammo, a full canteen of water, and run like hell, zig-zagging towards the tree line. They split up with the plan to converge somewhere safe in about 15 minutes. The enemy will be so stunned from the intense punishment, they may not even send a pursuit squad, but are forced to attend to their many seriously wounded. If a pursuit squad is sent, they make an easy target for ambush. The SS attack on division supply lines was disabled by the heroic crew of Fury.
  11. Fencing only to channel people through checkpoints with metal detectors, where they are identified and searched for weapons. Like getting into Disneyland. Several checkpoints, one on each street leading to the Capitol. Sept. 18th will probably be hot, so maybe more people won't wear masks, agreed. On Jan. 6th many people were wearing masks, helmets, goggles, hoodies, everything to conceal identities. Yet hundreds were identified. There were a number of cameras on the 6th, have more cameras for the 18th. Does anyone think Sept. 18th will be as big a crowd as Jan. 6th? My guess is no because of the many arrests on the 6th, and there was a lot of hype for the 6th we don't see now. And you don't have Trump directing the crowd to the Capitol saying that he was coming with them. They believed him, so they were emboldened. They thought Trump would be there like Moses to part the Red Sea, and all the cops would join the Trumpers into the Capitol to overthrow the election and do whatever else they wanted to do. When they realized that Trump was not there, it didn't matter because they really like the guy.
  12. I asked 7 questions in my post. I love astronomy and cosmology and try to watch every documentary that I can. I sincerely seek the truth. I just have a few questions and so far nobody wants to answer them. 🙂
  13. Yes, I see what you mean. To announce to the rally-goers that crossing a certain threshold is illegal and they will be arrested, and there is no fence to stop them, it will look like entrapment. I guess they better have a fence, but the same amount of fencing as the Jan 6 rally? I don't think as many people will attend this one, and they won't be as aggressive, considering they don't have Trump egging them on, and saying "I will be there with you." Then he goes home and watches it on TV. Maybe they don't need as much fencing and maybe no razor wire? I am sooo not a Trumper.
  14. Why can't homogeneity and isotropy vary or end, over great distances? We can see only about 46 billion LY. Compared to infinity that is tiny. To say the universe has no center and no edge is an assertion that carries baggage. Why must we assume that homogeneity and isotropy continue to infinity? All we can see is a tiny fragment of the universe, the observable portion. Why must we assume that a trillion light years away the universe looks the same as here? This is all assuming no curvature of space. If space is curved then does that mean it has a finite size since the universe would be the distance traveling from Earth curving back to Earth? That distance would be finite. Did you see Neil deGrass Tyson interview Hawking? This is a wonderful episode of Star Talk, even has Michio Kaku. When asked about before the big bang Hawking said something like "Nothing was around before the big bang. Space and time together form a space/time continuum which is not flat but curved by matter and energy." Here is the Youtube of the interview. Advance to 14:36 to hear Stephen answer this question: Hawking doesn't think the universe is flat and extending to infinity, but rather curved. Does that mean it is impossible to travel in a straight line to infinity, or must you necessarily return to your starting point no matter what directions you travel? Is Hawking guessing? But there was something around before the big bang, the potential for a big bang.
  15. Yes, that is what I meant. Can titles of discussions be edited? If so moderator please correct the date for the next Capitol rally to Sept. 18th. Is there a way to identify the rally attendees better this time, just in case they commit crimes? Could they pass thru a checkpoint where they remove any mask for a minute to be photographed or identified? Because the previous rally was a riot.
  16. Yes, so the idea that there is no edge or center to the universe seems plausible because we don't know. But it is no more plausible than a big bang with a center and edges.
  17. If they put up fencing around the Capitol again, that will prevent the Trumpers from entering restricted Capitol property. Instead the Capitol police should set up an ambush with no fences. Warn them that they will be arrested if they enter restricted grounds. When they do enter restricted grounds, they are surrounded by thousands of cops who pop out of nowhere, zip tie, and arrest everyone who defied the warning.
  18. We don't know. This is only a thought experiment. This is only IF you could travel extreme distances in a second. It is possible that the universe does not remain so isometric and homogeneous at great distances as the observable portion does, such as trillions or googols of light years away. This is assuming it does not curve back on itself. For that reason it is wrong to say there is no center or edge to the universe (big bang). We don't know either way, both are guesses. How do you know the universe is isometric and homogeneous very far beyond the observable universe?
  19. If big bangs are finite events, the edge is simply where you don't find any more galaxies, if you could travel so fast to reach the edge. The way to find the "edge" is simply travel in a straight line. But that assumes the big bang doesn't curve back on itself, which makes everything more complicated. If the big bang is a finite event, there could be a theoretical center of the big bang (universe).
  20. I've seen animations showing a multiverse of big bang blobs drifting in the bulk, or budding off another universes. Expansion happens, but if the multiverse model is correct then you will certainly have big bang "leading edges" expanding away from a center region. Each universe will have a center and edges. Beyond the edge of a universe is simply the absence of matter or energy until you reach the next big bang. I don't have any problem with infinity. People who say there is no center or outside the universe are WAG'ing. They are assuming that there is no multiverse. That is a WAG. I just reason there MAY BE higher levels or organization, rather than supposing the universe is the final structure with no center and no edge. You don't know that. Just like particles get smaller. You can split atoms into smaller particles. You can split protons and neutrons into quarks, etc. This is a WAG, but guessing is all we can do beyond the level of observable universe. Solar systems Galaxies Galaxy Clusters Galaxy Superclusters Universes Multiverses "The multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes.[a] Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes", "other universes", "alternate universes", or "many worlds". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse Here are universes, with centers and edges, drifting in the "bulk." https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=JThPqP%2bp&id=5B5387756B7B47E7448D1B75D5D0B27B53755333&thid=OIP.JThPqP-psD4jPsTwZZePKwHaEK&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fwww.sciencenews.org%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2019%2f09%2f101219_ts_reviews_feat.jpg&cdnurl=https%3a%2f%2fth.bing.com%2fth%2fid%2fR.25384fa8ffa9b03e233ec4f065978f2b%3frik%3dM1N1U3uy0NV1Gw%26pid%3dImgRaw%26r%3d0&exph=580&expw=1030&q=images+of+multiverse&simid=608023659644742442&FORM=IRPRST&ck=CA24EE2BDAEC178A07CE1562E97E8825&selectedIndex=42&ajaxhist=0&ajaxserp=0
  21. I really want to know where exactly I went wrong with my WAG. So I separated my points so anyone can easily address them and enlighten me to what is true and what is WAG. Please be specific and not just ridicule me as a WAG. 1 Our big bang may either be finite in size or infinite in size. 2 All we know about "the universe" comes from our view of OUR big bang (observable universe 92 LY across). 3 There could be other big bangs or even a multiverse of branching bangs. 4 We call our view of OUR big bang "THE universe" but our observable universe is only local and tells us little about what is beyond. 5 So it seems like what we witness (big bang expansion) is finite, because the difference between finite and infinite, IS INFINITE. 6 Infinity is a tall order. Even though it COULD be infinite in size, more likely it is finite in size. There could be a region trillions or quadrillions or googols of light years away where there is simply no matter or energy from OUR big bang. That would be the rapidly expanding edge of our big bang.
  22. I also would like to hear you explain the difference between these. What is "all-over inflation"? I've Googled it and wiki'ed it, and still can't find it. Is it a WAG?
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