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  1. Thanks for posting this! Now I can post a few Bible verses I compiled that make Trump look like an Antichrist. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck, errr an Antichrist! ANTICHRIST: He is called “the little horn.” – Daniel 7:8 The word “Trump” appears twice in the KJV bible as an abbreviation of “trumpet” or “little horn.” The little horn has “the eyes of a man and boasts great things.” He will come in his own name and be accepted - John 5:43 He has the mouth of a lion – Rev. 13:2 He is arrogant, shall exalt himself above others – Daniel 8:25 He is extremely boastful with a “mouth speaking great things” – Daniel 7:8 He will throw truth to the ground. – Daniel 8:12 (30,000 false or misleading statements while in office.) He will deny the Father and the Son - 1 John 2:22 He said he does not seek God the Father's forgiveness, thus denying the need for God the Son as savior. (BTW: God the Father wanted his Son to suffer and die to please HIMSELF! That is what a sacrifice is for, to please God the Father.) He will be a vile person – Daniel 11:21 He will honor the God of Forces, and "a god his father knew not, he shall honor with gold, silver, precious stones, and other pleasant things.” – Daniel 11:38 He is connected to gold – Rev. 13:18 King Solomon became obsessed with gold and pagan gods during his later years. Trump’s obsession with gold and “pleasant things” is comparable to King Solomon He will have a “covenant with many for one week” – Daniel 9:27 He will disguise himself as an “angel of light” – 2 Corinthians 11:15 He masquerades as a force for good, and defender of Christian values, but in reality, defending only HIMSELF. He is named “the Lawless One” – 2 Thessalonians 2:8 Trump considers himself to be above the law or a law unto himself. There are many examples of him skirting the law and able to avoid repercussions. He said “I have the right to do ANYTHING I want as president, but I don’t even talk about that." HE DID TALK ABOUT THAT! He does as he pleases – Daniel 11:36 “Then the king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt himself and boast against every god, and will speak dreadful things against the God of gods; and he will be successful until the indignation is finished” – Daniel 11:36 NASB He “shoots from the lip” not caring if he’s politically correct, or who he might be insulting, or even if what he says is true. He works deceitfully – Daniel 11:23 “He shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up and shall become strong with a small people” and “Through his cunning He shall cause deceit to prosper under His rule” Trumps deceptiveness was so pervasive that even his own attorneys testified they would only meet with him in pairs to prevent him from give them 2 different versions of the same story. He understands dark sentences or sinister schemes – Daniel 8:23 “A king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up” He is a master of intrigue and machination, which is scheming or crafty action, to accomplish an evil end. He attains the kingdom by flattery – Daniel 11:21 “And in His estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but He shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries or smoothness, slipperiness, or fine promises (e.g. Mexico will pay for the wall). Scheming with a small group of people, American Nationalism, or Christian Nationalism, serves Trump in his quest to regain power to use as retribution upon his enemies. He will amaze the world – Rev. 13:3 He steals headlines daily, by one outrageous comment after another He will succeed in all that he does – Daniel 8:24 “His power will be great, but it will not be His own. He will cause terrible destruction [Covid mismanagement] and succeed in whatever He does [The Apprentice]. He will destroy the mighty men along with the holy people.” Trump has attained everything he wanted through devious means. The world considers him a great success. He will never stop until he regains power and takes revenge on his enemies. I remember a quote that said that if a man rapes a woman, it's ok, all he needs to do is pay off the father and marry the girl, and take care of her for the rest of her life!
  2. Interesting question. I asked ChatGPT and here is what they say: "The moons of Jupiter have much thinner atmospheres or no significant atmosphere at all due to factors such as their smaller sizes, weaker gravitational fields, and closer proximity to Jupiter, which subjects them to intense radiation and tidal forces. These factors prevent them from retaining substantial atmospheres like Titan."
  3. Why does Titan have such a dense atmosphere? Google says: Abundant Nitrogen: Titan’s lower atmosphere is primarily composed of nitrogen (about 94.2%), which contributes significantly to its density 1. Nitrogen molecules are relatively heavy and tend to remain close to the moon’s surface due to its gravity. Methane and Hydrogen: Alongside nitrogen, Titan’s atmosphere contains methane (approximately 5.65%) and a trace amount of hydrogen (about 0.099%) 1. The extreme cold temperatures on Titan allow gaseous methane to exist in the atmosphere while liquid methane pools on the surface 1. Retaining Atmosphere: Titan’s gravity is strong enough to retain its atmosphere more effectively compared to other moons in our solar system 2. Unlike our Moon, which lacks a substantial atmosphere, Titan’s colder conditions help slow down gas molecules, making it easier for the moon to hold onto its gases 3. Heat Liberation: Over time, heat from infalling objects and the decay of radioactive elements within Titan’s rocks liberated much of the trapped gas, creating the dense nitrogen-rich atmosphere we observe today 4.
  4. What caused the bridge disaster? The fact that a SINGLE support was so vulnerable to large container ships. After giant container ships started going under that bridge, they should have built up a concrete island around the single support so that if a ship crashes into the support, it will crash into concrete surrounding the single support. Pile up concrete blocks all around the single support, and pour concrete on top of it so there is a smooth, gentle slope, that will stop the giant ship before it can reach that single support. Thank you. Great, you noticed the structural deficiency. No mention in ANY news about this that I've heard. I posted before I read what you wrote. Thank you.
  5. Ok then, skip the burning part. Just starve them out. Japan has always been a resource-poor nation. Everything needed to be imported. How long could they endure living without everything they need and cannibalism? If hindsight is 20/20, then the A bomb did not need to be used to force Japan to surrender. And the US could have stalled world progress towards nuclear bombs, such as cutting off the supply of uranium to other nations. Most nations would wonder "Why is the US buying up the world's supply of uranium?
  6. Thanks! That is the best explanation why the expansion of space is not comparable to an explosion. My favorite question is, what is the probability that the big bang expansion we can see, within a diameter of under 100 billion light-years, is likely to extend to infinity, assuming a flat, totally non-curved, space? I would bet on a zero probability.
  7. ALL the polls show Trump beating Biden in 2024, however a close race. Get ready for a Trump presidency. 😟 2024 Presidential Election Polls: Biden vs. Trump - 270toWin
  8. So, what you are saying is that the Soviet spies, who were inside the Manhattan Project, took such good notes that they were able to spread the word to their own country but also spread it to the world, even to Pakistan and N. Korea? Pakistan and N. Korea were able to skip a Manhattan Project because they knew so much about the US Manhattan Project? Japan was totally cut off from all supplies by US submarines and air force. Japan would grind to a halt within a few more months. The US had plenty of incendiary bombs and B29s to systematically reduce Japan to totally helpless and starving. There would never be a need for the US to attack Japan with amphibious landings and therefore no 1,000,000 dead US soldiers. All the US would lose is a few more B29s. What is sad? My own naivete that the US could stifle any progress world-wide towards other nations rediscovering what the US had discovered in the Manhattan Project? Please excuse my naivete, since I am not a science expert. Are experts the only ones who are allowed to post here? Well please excuse me for not being a science expert.
  9. So that means the US did so much work, and spent so much money, to prove the bomb was possible, but once the word gets out how to build it, even a poor country could build one.
  10. Very interesting. I like your explanation. Then you said that "something" maybe some kind of sub-nuclear particles possessed the energy. Let's work backwards. Now we have matter. Before that, matter was in the form of energy, sub-nuclear particles possessed energy, and we don't know what was between that and the start of the big bang. Right?
  11. The world's physicists were not aware of the bomb test success. Physicists cannot build a bomb. It takes a Manhattan Project. The test could have been covered up and the US would get into an intelligence operation to prevent other nations from developing the bomb. Besides no other nation had the money for their own Manhattan Project. Are you aware that the project was secret? Or were the Soviets already inside the Manhattan Project, taking notes, before the A bombs were used on Japan? Maybe the Soviets already knew how to build the bomb and did not need to spend on their own Manhattan Project?
  12. Yes the GOP CAN win in 2024. The Trump Cult works! "The people following Trump see him as a king Cyrus figure, not a prophet. He is a sinful king that God supposedly uses. Putin is at the top of puppeteers of the Cult of Trump. Trump is a weapon of a foreign adversary to usurp America. Putin has an agenda. The Soviet Union fell and Putin is committed to helping America fall. Putin has used religious right activists at great psychological advantage because of our ignorance of the fact that psychological warfare is being waged on us. Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon are part of this. It is warfare aimed at causing confusion, uncertainty, doubt, overwhelming people, attacking experts, attacking science, attacking institutions. Because if you disorient people enough, they are going to be responsive to certainty of an authority figure who says “Trust me, I’m going to make America great again.”
  13. Please explain why. You believe that the existence of the bomb could not be covered up? Why not at least stall such a bomb to the rest of the world?
  14. Thanks for your explanation. But what if the "surface" or skin of the balloon, had a thickness of over 100 billion light years? Then the expansion would resemble what we can see, no voids would be seen, and we would not know the direction of the expansion. Are you suggesting that the big bang was not an expansion of energy? First there is energy. Much later, after it cools down, a huge amount of energy congeals into a small amount of matter, E = mc2, so E/c2 = m.
  15. To show off to the world what the US could do? Japan was already beaten. We also found out that the Nazis never developed anything close to an A bomb. Japan was already totally cut off from the world by US submarines and air force. No more imports so they were on the verge of starving. They were also having their cities systematically destroyed by huge B29 incendiary strikes, like the one that killed 100,000 people in Tokyo IN A DAY. All that happened by using the A bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was to REVEAL to the world that such a weapon EXISTS. What they should have done, IMHO, is realize that nobody needs to know about IT, and that IT should be covered up so nobody else can create an A bomb. There should have been a HUGE, Manhattan-Project-sized, intelligence operation to do everything we can to make sure that no country can create such a bomb, except for the US. The US would TRY keep the A bomb a secret as long as possible. That would have saved so much money. Of course you can't keep something like that a secret forever, but at least stall it as long as possible. Or is this a naive proposal?
  16. Yes, and the big bang was a rapid expansion of energy that cooled and condensed into matter. Can you describe this more? It is hard to imagine how more than one infinite universe could co-exist in a natural way. We may arbitrarily divide an infinite universe into any number of sections, each section extends to infinity in one direction, but that is not natural. How can a finite-sized universe not have a center or edges?
  17. "Daylight saving time was first introduced in the United States in 1918 under the Standard Time Act as a measure to save on fuel costs during the First World War by adding an extra hour of sunlight to the day.... "In 2005, Congress amended the Uniform Time Act to expand daylight saving time to the period in effect today: Starting on the second Sunday of March and ending on the first Sunday of November, according to the Congressional Research Service. This move was again for energy saving purposes. "A Department of Energy study following the amendment’s implementation found the extra four weeks of daylight saving time saved around 0.5% in total electricity daily in the U.S., equaling energy savings of 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours annually." Who invented daylight saving time? Time change purpose and origins (usatoday.com) I don't care which one, standard or DST, just stay with one. Anyone in favor of continuing to change the time twice every year?
  18. What is the evidence that the big bang was not an explosion? What is the likelihood that the expansion we are able to see continues to infinity (assuming a flat universe)? I propose that even scientists are not comfortable with very large numbers. The number of Planck volumes in our observable universe is less than 10 to the power of 200.
  19. You sound so confident. I don't think anyone knows if the big bang was an "explosion" or not, and we don't know anything about a pre-big bang vacuum. With eternal inflation those don't work. With a multiverse of universes what do you find between universes or big bangs? They call it the "bulk." Is that a vacuum? What we call THE universe may be only ONE region of expansion and we like to project that to infinity because very large numbers are beyond us. What does our big bang look like Graham's Number of light years away? We don't have a clue. We don't know if the "big bang" happened LITERALLY everywhere. We think the OBSERVABLE universe (big bang) began as a tiny dense region. Light has a fixed speed THROUGH space, but we don't know how fast light moves far beyond our observable horizon. Cosmic inflation is much faster than light speed. Everything you are talking about refers to our observable region of our big bang. There certainly MAY be a central region of our observable portion of our big bang.
  20. Here are a few of mine: 1. "SAGITTARIUS A STAR" This title bothered me for many years until I figured it out. Why do they call a supermassive black hole a "STAR"? Black holes are NOT stars! Then I finally realized it means "Sagittarius A ASTERISK." That is dumb. Call it "Sagittarius A Hole". 2. Why not call: Dark Matter = Unknown Gravity? Why not call: Dark Energy = Space Energy? Because no can do, we must stay with the original racist terms. 3. Why RPMs? That means either "revolutions per minute" or "rounds per minute." Call it something people, such as I, can relate to. Say "RPS" or "revolutions per second" and "rounds per second" to save your reader from the doing math, dividing by 60, to figure out how fast that is. A second is very easy to understand. A minute is way beyond comprehension, unless you are a science expert. Don't get me started with "megaparsecs" or "astronomical units" when you could easily use "light years" or "light days" or "light minutes" which are FAR EASIER for most people to visualize. 4. Pedestrians who leisurely cross the street paying no attention to cars waiting for them. Any others?
  21. In a multiverse model there may be multiple, or an infinite number of, big bangs. In that case each "universe" is finite in size, has a center, and edges expanding outward. The outer edge may have ANY shape and be moving at ANY speed since the edge is not constrained by space as it expands into the "bulk." "In the bulk model, at least some of the extra dimensions are extensive... and other branes may be moving through this bulk." Brane cosmology - Wikipedia
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