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  1. Underdetermination in Science

    “We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” - Heisenberg.
  2. Pronunciation of fungi

    But they were carried by the invaders as part of their language. Anyway, Fowler's says it's fungai, funjai or funguses.
  3. Pronunciation of fungi

    Correction: we were invaded and those languages were forced on us, one way or another.
  4. Has science failed to recognize morality as lifesaving?

    Ethics - The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group or culture. Morals - Principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. While morals also prescribe dos and don'ts, morality is ultimately a personal compass of right and wrong. Your source just conflates the two. We don''t have 'committees of morals', we have 'ethics committees'... do we not?
  5. Has science failed to recognize morality as lifesaving?

    Yes but your moral compass may diverge from that. Ethics are a matter of consensus whereas morals are personal.
  6. Has science failed to recognize morality as lifesaving?

    Ethics is what society says is right or wrong, and morals are what you think is right or wrong.
  7. Would appreciate feedback quadrilinear interpolation

    It looks more like someone trying very hard to sound clever...
  8. Disappeared Argentine Submarine

    i wouldn''t have thought it would be wise to go below periscope depth and have to use the batteries for propulsion and energy needs when water shorted a battery earlier.
  9. if I do it online I have an emailed payment card receipt, paypal receipt (usually) and site receipt; 3 records.
  10. Disappeared Argentine Submarine

    That's how I see it. The boat lost its buoyancy control and the hull then failed somewhere around its absolute maximum depth limit.
  11. I always thought the jargon was necessary in papers to to keep them as physically compact as possible. I would imagine, in general, any particular novel research is too specialized for the lay reader anyway, so converting it into everyman language is a waste.
  12. The problem is that the collective societal memory of the scourge that these diseases were is slowly being forgotten. Not many people have direct memories of the problems and extent of these diseases. To many .people below a certain age, the purpose of vaccines is just an abstract concept for which one can choose to have or not with minimal consequences. The vaccination programs have become victims of their own success. I am reminded of the saying "Lest we forget"... history will repeat itself.
  13. Reduce diameter of shank

    Very nice. Yes, sometimes you just have to slow down your mind enough and look more intently to do the job properly. Precision and haste make poor bedfellows.
  14. Which drug will enable us to live till 120?

    There's no shortcuts. Live healthy, don't take risks and hope you''ve got the genetics to support that length of life.