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  1. Joigus In twenty five years, I will have possessed 14 cars. If you notice, it is from the perspective of the future and looking back.
  2. I'm sure you will crash in some way. You may not get physically addicted but could well get habituated into being compelled to keep doing it.
  3. A bureau. I can just picture those securing the curved brass tracks having them on the drop leaf door.
  4. The raised section the threaded part stands on suggests it fits snugly into the same size groove. Maybe a sliding locking nut.
  5. They may arise with a trigger, like a smell, piece of music etc.
  6. Nice condescending style. I always forget to avoid issues of racism and feminism here. It always ends the same. Sorry guys, I'll stay out.
  7. Still thinking about it, although I'm not religious.
  8. But that's not the way it goes between more distant social relations, is it? We can all find a data point of one.
  9. So why can't white people use it in the same context?
  10. I find it perplexing that some/many black folk refer to themselves as "Nigga"; they aren't helping themselves if they want words like that to disappear from the 21st century lexicon. Many blacks have straight blond hair and yet call out white folk for 'blackfishing' (cultural appropriation) when they braid theirs. I read thiis morning Nicki Minaj had to defend a white co-singer for blackfishing. First thing to do is to check for hypocrisy.
  11. I'm not sure conspiracy threads are allowed. Anyway:
  12. I think you just need to lower the resolution of the image - downsample.
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