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  1. I think this incident in particular highlights the seemingly common habit of police unnecessarily escalating routine traffic situations.
  2. OP: In the useful life of the device, I doubt it.
  3. Theoretical range for nuclear propulsion is 150-350 km/s*. Did a quick calc for travelling to Proxima Centauri at the maximum speed and turned up a figure of around 5815 years. I wouldn't call that a reasonable time, and that's with technology that's still a pipe-dream. That's just 4.37 LYRS covered. * https://www.iter.org/newsline/-/3303
  4. But it's necessary technology for interstellar distances to be traversed in reasonable time.
  5. It is reasonable, I think, to think life of some form exists elsewhere, but just a WAG to conclude they can travel between stars. The rate of evolution may limit how far an organism can develop at this point, anywhere. You work with the physics you know... you are ssuming they have near-luminal travel nailed as well.
  6. That could be it and my memory has altered it.
  7. A slight digression: I read years ago a pilot ejected from an EE Lightning jet that wasn't fitted out for him and he lost his legs because he was too tall for it.
  8. Yes, women, being typically shorter, apparently handle high g's better than men.
  9. Ordinary electrical resistance is a source.
  10. AFAIK it only pertains to the US government wrt its citizens.
  11. Here's the Global Trends website for the report: https://www.dni.gov/index.php/gt2040-home/introduction
  12. You know better than I do. I just looked to see if there was such a thing as terahertz sound.
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