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  1. Distinguishing between HSS and Tungsten Carbide

    Cheers. I know carbide is harder and more expensive. I've ordered from two different sources. I suppose i'll find out from using them.
  2. I'm currently looking into and buying machining burrs and cutters. It seems some sellers pass off HSS as TC. Do TC cutting/grinding tools have a particular colour or texture to them?
  3. Should I be worried? Chemicals Question?

    If a chemical was that carcinogenic that it could commonly cause cancer with one application, or even a few,, it wouldn't be on sale to the general public. That warning is only really only pertinent to someone who may use it on a daily basis for a prolonged period as part of their work i.e. an industrial-level exposure. Given that it causes irritation, I don't think anyone is going to get it on them more than once or twice. Forget about it and carry on with your life.
  4. I think the "few" are actually many in the US :
  5. Non-unifying Geometrized Newton-Cartan Gravity

    That's what 'structure' means in science: composed of other discrete entities?
  6. The North Korea Problem

    As far as NK and Tehran goes the US is looking like an arsehole and can't be trusted. All of Tehran''scomplaints and accusations atm are entirely justified. I'm not surprised KIm's pissed off, with all the bragging and posturing that Trump and his flunkies have been doing. You've got a real bunch of amateurs governing your country... don't they even realise all their adversaries read what they say in the news?!
  7. Non-unifying Geometrized Newton-Cartan Gravity

    Yeah, my mistake for forgetting a photon is not a little ball.
  8. Non-unifying Geometrized Newton-Cartan Gravity

    if a photon has a magnetic component and an electric component, isn't that a structure comprised of the two?
  9. It's a confirmed concept;–Keating_experiment
  10. Laser protection goggles and their colors...

    I think what you are paying for is testing. You have to pay people to check that things do what they are meant to do and that is reflected in the price. In general, you can't leave safety equipment to the pile-em-high-sell-em-cheap outlets.
  11. Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    It's like they''ve got an eye on their own future financial interests when they eventually leave their position... ''feathering their own nest'' as my grandad used to say It's appalling the depths that people will stoop to, to enrich themselves... even at the cost of peoples lives.
  12. Laser protection goggles and their colors...

    Right. Cheers.
  13. Woodworking: Amateurs, Craftsmen, & In-Between

    It's a good thing that you thought about that because flatsawn will move more than quartersawn,