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  1. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    That seems a bit weird, considering how long ago that was. Certainly, some kind of memorial effort would be good.
  2. StringJunky

    What Love Is

    However deep the affection, we are all passing ships.
  3. StringJunky

    How do you feel about the progress of your life?

    Great expression and sadly true.
  4. StringJunky

    Flight recorders...

    Perhaps the idea will be more feasible with 5G,coming, and bandwidth being less of a constraint.
  5. StringJunky

    Unregulated Wattage

    Yeah, some people have no idea and are literally playing with fire by combining components that can't cope with the loads.
  6. Evolutionarily, If you take one breeder out of the breeding equation you can use them to assist in the upbringing of their siblings offspring, which can significantly improve the survival of the group. That group will carry the genes of the gay individual, and so the gay gene perpetuates. In Somoan culture it's considered a third gender:
  7. StringJunky

    Unregulated Wattage

    How do you mean?
  8. StringJunky

    Unregulated Wattage

    A 'variable wattage' device means it is user variable, not device variable. The same with a 'variable voltage' device. The respective parameters are held constant until the battery can't cope.
  9. StringJunky

    Unregulated Wattage

    Try this:
  10. StringJunky

    Please pray for me:

    He was being humorous.
  11. StringJunky

    Unregulated Wattage

    I think the voltage regulator in a regulated device swaps voltage for current as the voltage drops to maintain the watts. When it drops to about 3.2v the device will shut down to protect the battery. The load on the battery increases to maintain the power.
  12. StringJunky

    You think you've got problems America...

    People made their decisions based on up to 40 years of being in the EU and how they feel it affected them The leavers have as much right to think what they do as you do. I voted to stay and I'm managing to keep objective, I think. It troubles me that people are trying to reverse the referendum because they lost. Nationalism is becoming increasingly prevalent all over Europe, and I think the referendum result here is a reflection of that. The EU has gone far beyond its original remit in 1971 as a trading bloc and people within each member country are becoming vocal about it.
  13. StringJunky

    You think you've got problems America...

    You are assuming it made a difference. I think people felt one way or the other, regardless of any electioneering blurb.
  14. I think it's downhill all the way for the RC church in terms of global credibility and authority. They've lost much of their influence in Ireland.
  15. StringJunky

    You think you've got problems America...

    It's going to be messy whatever is agreed. The losers can't accept we are leaving and it will cause years of problems and loss of credibility with much of the electorate if we don't.