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  1. capillary pump

    Isn't the limit set by gravity i.e. the weight of water vs the vacuum above? The thinner the tube, the higher the water can rise for a given vacuum. Edit: Further down my link:
  2. Electrical Energy

  3. capillary pump

    I think the surface tension of the water column at the top of a capillary (xylem) will act like a solid piston head and the negative pressure above it is enough for that column to rise to fill the void. The xyla (?) are only microns in diameter. The xylem will have evolved to have a diameter that is optimal for the surface tension of the water and the height of the plant/tree.
  4. capillary pump

    The xylem tubes (water carriers) are narrow enough for transpiration from the roots to the leaves, by negative pressure due to evaporation in the leaves, is sufficient.
  5. Presidential Alert system

    "Hello, Big Brother here".
  6. humanity goal

    All I can think is that, in the absence of a unified aspiration, we can only look for our own.
  7. Truth About Corners

    Thank you, gentlemen. I think we've had variants on such ideas from such-type persons here on occasion. One knows not what lurks around them.
  8. Difference Between Evidence and Proof

    You've thought about this more than I have. I need to up my game.
  9. Truth About Corners

    Now you've got to tell me about Time Cube.
  10. Difference Between Evidence and Proof

    Isn't a proof an argument that can't be contradicted? Whatever path you take, you always end up in the same place.
  11. Difference Between Evidence and Proof

    A proof will never change. Evidence weighs on the balance of probabilities that can lead to high confidence but always leaves the door open.
  12. The Collatz Conjecture has been proved. What next??

    From what I've read, the conjecture has been proven to be undecideable under the current paradigm. It needs new maths that doesn't currently exist.
  13. Presidential Alert system

    Yes, on the Reuters site I often read along the lines of "President Trump accused Mr X of... without evidence"
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    The nicest sort.
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, I googled her. She's my generation.