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  1. The bitumen is off-gassing the solvent. Just been talking to my neighbour who has done this and noted the same proble. He was using the right stuff though. He suggested painting over the bitumen with cellulose-type car paint. Apparently the paint dries off quickly and sealed in the smell. He overboarded after that but said doing the painting helped.
  2. A cult of personality pervades the party atm. I thought the insurrection might pull the more sensible GOP members out of it but, it seems, political survival matters more than 'doing the right thing'.
  3. The acid decomposes on heating to hydrogen fluoride gas, which then forms hydrofluoric acid with any moisture on your body it comes into contact with. Injuries will be as for exposure to this acid. https://ehs.princeton.edu/book/export/html/197
  4. Looks like the GOP top brass need to impeach and ban Trump to get him out of their hair.
  5. Hi Isabelle, you will need to show what you know about this question and where you are stuck.
  6. If you expose frozen chips to air, more moisture will condense on the chips from it. Every ml of water condensed from the air adds 1g to the chips.. The chips, after baking, lose moisture, which concentrates the calories, so if you now weigh 100g of baked chips there are more calories.
  7. It doesn't just pinpoint the page but may show the desired contents on the search. If I put "pounds to dollars" in Google an inputable convertor app will show directly on the page first, then lists other conversion websites. These are just examples of the pernicious takeover of information and services by these companies. I can't even tell what a sponsored ad is anymore on their search pages... this shit runs deep.
  8. If the actual information you seek is in a snippet on the search page, will that reduce the potential traffic to that site a person intended to visit? If a dictionary definition is searched for and it's there on the search page, is the dictionary website put out of pocket?
  9. All free sites generally rely on ad revenue, and the likes of Google prevents that exposure by removing the need for searchers to go to a particular site.
  10. Just seen the video of Fauci. Nice to see him happy, after being sidelined for so long. Makes me realise better how damaging Trump and crew were.
  11. Unless the FAANG groups create the news infoirmation, it will be much reduced. As you say, there would need to be a new system. With the transfer from B&M sales to online sales, the goods are still available... would it be in this scenario i.e. would the same level/variety of news be available? My feeling is they will bias the news to subjects that are the most viral and lucrative... as they do now.
  12. Google isn't just a search engine, it collects and monetizes information, just as the other big names do. They are all in exactly the same game. Whether they are a "search engine" or "social media site", it is just a front to that goal. If they are complicit in harming the financial health of media/information creation sites, they need to pay for it. If they starve those original content entities of income they will have to create the news... even more monopoly. In that direction lies commercial tryanny.
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