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  1. On the subject of dose, I saw this recent paper that suggests the severity of the outcome may be tied to initial viral load:
  2. Could it be East Germans are more likely to snitch on their neighbours and so there's more paranoia there?? Your post reminded of this Reuters article I read today: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-germany-denunciati/germans-snitch-on-neighbours-flouting-virus-rules-in-echo-of-the-stasi-past-idUSKBN21K2PB It's a WAG on my part but it seems plausible in a casual way.
  3. Because he wants to know. People ask stuff because they want to know.
  4. As does any person that understands the current science. Spermatozoa and ova are not 'individuals' in the commonly used sense.
  5. You are endowing entities with a property which don't have the equipment to support it. Their behaviour will be wholly biochemically predetermined.
  6. Ancient air pollution, trapped in ice, reveals new details about life and death in 12th Century Britain. In a study, scientists have found traces of lead, transported on the winds from British mines that operated in the late 1100s. Air pollution from lead in this time period was as bad as during the industrial revolution centuries later. The pollution also sheds light on a notorious murder of the medieval era; the killing of Thomas Becket. Becket, though, had other plans. Henry's growing irritation with his Archbishop led the King to reportedly utter the infamous phrase: "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" Unfortunately for Becket, a group of knights loyal to the King decided to make Henry's wish come true. Becket was beheaded in a brutal attack at Canterbury cathedral on 29 December 1170. Now scientists have found physical evidence of the impact of the dispute between Henry and Becket in a 72-metre-long ice core, retrieved from the Colle Gnifetti glacier in the Swiss-Italian Alps. In the same way that trees detail their growth in annual rings, so glaciers compact a record of the chemical composition of the air, trapped in bubbles in the yearly build-up of ice...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52095694
  7. Practice and let neuroplasticity do the rest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroplasticity
  8. The trick is not to buy one too big. I'm not freezing stuff for when Armageddon comes.
  9. Besides pro astronomers on the case, I'm sure there's plenty of keen amateurs interested in them as well. It would be impossible to put a plug on it. Not that I think NASA or ESA would suppress anything. They are scientists, not politicians.
  10. I think it's human nature to blame something about oneself that can't be changed for ones lack of progress in some aspect. I gave my deafness more weight than it deserved, in hindsight.
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