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  1. StringJunky

    A small problem with the whole of physics

    Invoking magic is not a substitute for not knowing yet. Why must we have all the answers right now? Just because we don't know now doesn't mean mean we never will. And you're talking bollocks with not an iota of substance.
  2. One wants to be a willow that bends with the conditions and not a mighty oak that breaks in storm. Moral: Better to be flexible than stubborn.:D
  3. StringJunky

    Collagen gel for felt stiffening

    PVA stiffener might be more free from white marks.
  4. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    One could argue; How do I know you are sentient? You could be emulating the behaviour of a sentient being. If we are the sum of our behaviours then so is an AI, if it performs as we do. I know we have agreed on this before.
  5. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    There is a continuous transfer of electrons in either and it's actually electrochemical in organic substrates. By 'information', I mean the pattern of the impulses.
  6. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    Yes, electricity is the medium upon which information is conveyed and they both have that in common; only the generation of that electricity is different.
  7. StringJunky

    Gravity (split from Infinite gravity)

    Science is 'How?' and Philosophy is 'Why?'
  8. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    Munchausens syndrome by proxy. They surreptitiously make people ill then try to make them better, ultimately with the aim of making themselves look heroic to others. Sound like Donald?
  9. It seems water droplets are not selective for just scattering blue photons like the smaller gas molecules and will scatter all wavelengths. Yeah, they probably contribute to blocking. I'm sure swansont can elaborate on this.
  10. Looking at Earth from space, the photons reflecting off the land and sea back at the camera in space overwhelm the effect of the Rayleigh scattering of photons in the atmosphere that normally makes the sky/atmosphere look blue. We can also see the effect in the blue seas. When we look out towards space from Earth in the day, the Rayleigh scattering within the atmosphere dominates over the darkness and light of the more distant stars and thus looks blue. Contrast plays a part too, as already mentioned.
  11. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    I''d be more inclined to go with the military assessment because they are hands-on.
  12. StringJunky

    Off topic (from Hey guys)

    They joined last Sunday.
  13. StringJunky

    Split from AI sentience

    Which I think suggests it's an observer-dependent phenomenon and probably why it is difficult to objectively pin down and describe quantitatively..
  14. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    To attack/change the Republicans you need to be one. As someone once said to me: If you want to change the system, you've got to be the system.
  15. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    It has clearly sounded alarm bells for the Democrats as well, and they are obviously doubting the substance of any military threat from Iran, going by this Japan Times article: Nancy Pelosi warns Trump against declaring war with Iran as Democrats demand info