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  1. Just observe a ship going out to sea. You will see the lower part of the ship disappear first, then, the mast or chimney. It is the reverse of this sequence if they coming in from your horizon. It is as though they are going over a very round hill or mound.
  2. Change your behaviour and thinking in a consistent way, you will eventually hardwire your mind to the new pattern. Nerves that engage in cognition and behaviour are highly plastic in their formative patterns and can form new permanent pathways if a stimulus is consistently applied over time. That's how we learn and remember things.
  3. Women are not from Outer Space. Think of them as people, not objects.
  4. I don't think it's any different to saying 'anti-Muslim'' or anti-Christian'. If you look over a couple of millennia, the statistical odds of finding periods of focused, systemic persecution for any specific group are pretty good. It's much easier to find data to support a historical narrative if the timespan is long enough. Deliberate cognitive bias on the part of pro-Zionist historians, methinks. Edited to add: If I focused your attention on only the periods I was persecuted, omitting intervening periods of calm, I can make it appear that I have been continuously persecuted. This is the mirage they have managed to communicate, and very effectively.
  5. Ka-Ching! Few can resist it, especially politicians who need funding.... by the likes of AIPAC, as an example.
  6. Difficult because they had already inextricably embedded themselves into the UK/US corridors of power in the 50 to 60 years before the 1948 extermination of the non-compliant residents of Palestine. Prominent non-Zionist Jews that resisted were assassinated on the way as well prior to that day.
  7. Anti-Semitism, as a concept, was invented by Zionists around the late 19th century. Prior to that, native Palestinians, which includes Jews and other denominations, got on just fine as a collective. It was necessary for the Zionist-aspirants to create ethnic/religious conflicts in order to achieve their mono-cultural, exclusionary, fascist goals.
  8. Some are, some aren't. I suppose the alloy mix changes periodically with new editions. The bimetallic ones are fairly weakly attracted. Generally, the coppers that attract are very hard to pull off. It It might be a security feature by the Royal Mint to mix up each yearly edition in terms of magnetism to combat counterfeits. I doubt the bimetallics could be pulled in from a water as it's too weak. There may be magnetic 50p's, but not in my change
  9. @KJW Is this the paper you looked at? The novel family of transcendental Leal-functions with applications to science and engineering - Leal et al https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405844020322611 Full pdf link is in there to the paper.
  10. LOL! It's interesting how much low value coinage gets thrown into lakes. I suppose people are seeing how many skips they can get a coin to do across the surface.
  11. Yep, they are very strong. I bought one for magnetic fishing. When attracted to something they slam HARD!
  12. Perhaps experiment with different colour backgrounds in your visual field when you need relief. It doesn't solve the problem but might give you a rest to look at if you can find a background colour that seems to attenuate the effect. If I look up at a blue sky, I see all sorts but mainly faint capillaries interrupting my vision. Some people call them 'worms'.
  13. So would you be if you inherited $350m from daddy.
  14. I imagine the expensive ones are human-sourced and cheaper ones probably synthetic.
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