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  1. This OP is just a hypothetical discussion initiated by Charon for SFN members and not an active policy. Although I agree with the essence of your thoughts regarding the US establishement and Israel, it is an unnecessary distraction in this discussion.
  2. The warm seeas, above 13c, have thermoclines, which is an intermediate temperature layer that prevents the nutrient-laden deeper water mixing with the upper layer where the photosynthetic marine life is. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/thermocline.html
  3. I think that how long ago an event appears to be is based on the degree of diversity or originality of experiences since that event. If you 9-to-5-it everyday day with little change, then you have less events in between to create a sense of much time passing. You ignore the experiences that are repeated when creating this sense of time-distance. When you are younger, the proportion of original experiences to routine experiences is much greater and therefore time seems slower.
  4. Who said anything about thinking with them. You need to stop listening to JC and think for yourself.
  5. Is that all you can pull up... his private life?
  6. I would ask myself , if I was an Ordinary Joe, whether I had issues with paranoia.
  7. You could get a burner on a long lance. You just need to cook the weeds enough to destroy the enzyme processes in them, not burn them to a cinder
  8. Are notions of size and having a discrete existence, i.e particle-like, meaningful at that level when things are actually excitations in fields?
  9. I've no idea. i just know the idea exists.
  10. Some things, like time, seem to be defined by their effect i.e. time affects clocks, or spacetime affects the passage of freefalling objects, which is known as gravity. There's the graviton mechanism (to be confirmed) and the spacetime curvature mechanism.
  11. It seems to me gravity could be called 'freefall curvature'.
  12. That reminds me of: You see what you want to see and ignore the rest.
  13. I can't push your sarcasm back into the screen. :D On the subject of beauty, I find myself not aligned with a lot of modern examples of it. Is this me getting old and have now-fossilized ideas of what represents a beautiful looking person.
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