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  1. Scientists have no interest in proof (which is unattainable), but rather describing behaviour of things and utility of ideas.
  2. StringJunky


    Yes, this is true. My grandad always emphasised understanding principles more than facts.as being more fruitful.
  3. StringJunky


    Yes, engage more senses to the task.
  4. Bespoke medicine is an aspiration that is not yet a reality.
  5. Probably 'all that exists'. Pantheism, probably.
  6. A clear retelling of the US COVID19 story. What shines through for me is Trump's narcissism and trying to control the narrative. I hope the CDC's standing can recover. Their online submissions, on lots of medical subjects, have been an ongoing, trusted resource personally.
  7. Been on it, on and off, for years. Give it another two weeks you should be more even in your mental state. It does throw you around at the start.
  8. It's certainly not based on commonsense. They are like the Moonies.
  9. The hypothetical 'We', just like the hypothetical 'One'. "If one...". I would imagine your brain inserts depth information sourced from memory, just as my deaf brain constructs and fill;s in the missing parts of words so that they are intelligible.
  10. Look up 'psychosomatic illness or disease'.
  11. What we can know is limited by the apparatus available to us, which includes our senses and what we can engineer.
  12. Thinking that myself. Reading your link he does seem more erratic than before.
  13. To have a meaningful discussion in the other subjects, one would have to agree term with others , or define them if one is writing. No assumptioons should be made that terms are commonly understood.
  14. It speaks volumes that McConnell won't visit the White House as to the lack of coherent covid protocols within this administration.
  15. WRT: with respect to. As to your question, I don't really know. Depends if your belief is based on objective data or intuition. That falls within the scope of the 'Determinism vs Non- Determinism' argument, I'm thinking.
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