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  1. He's more naked in his ambitions now. Tin Pot Dictator, Ahoy!
  2. If we assume his strongest fans are on Truth Social, he has 607 000 monthly users that might be sucker enough to pay $1650 each to clear a billion debt. I doubt it though.
  3. IMO unless you get it straight from the roasters, they are pretty much the same. A bit like the difference between getting bread straight from the bakery and off the shelf. The smells that make coffee and bread exceptional are short-lived.
  4. Just her presence in the political limelight is diverting attention and money off him. She's an asset to her opposition.
  5. I see where you are coming from. In your mind the numbers won't compute. That's how I'm feeling about Trump and his ability to find the money he is increasingly liable for, as an example. At the end of the day, the prevailing resource availability sets the limits at what can be realized.
  6. The 2020 GOP presidential election spend was $793m. With inflation, let's say it will be $1B this year. The GOP will have to find the $1B plus his court fees, which are nearing half a billion already. He could easily clean up an election years worth of revenue. Can his fanbase support that?
  7. If I were Trump's opposition, my attack ads would be on how much Republican-base money is being diverted away from actually getting the party back in government.
  8. But you don't have sex in the shop, amongst other things. In the public space, there isn't lot we can do, but in my home they can fuck off. Any government part of 3 Eyes, 5 Eyes spy rings, whatever, can employ one of the other co-miscreants to infiltrate and do the dirty work for them. They also send legal notices to comms companies saying to the effect; "We want to spy on this person and you are legally bound not to notify our targets." Proper Orwellian. We are no longer in the realm of personal paranoid fantasy that requires unattainable technology. One would be naive to think they aren't trying every trick they can. Have we noticed how many of these "traitors" seem to uniformly land with illegal porn or rape charges?
  9. It''s Weeping Angel. To get you started: https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/25/15421326/smart-tv-hacking-cia-samsung-weeping-angel-vulnerability
  10. I'm in the market for a tv, so this stuff is high in my mind atm.I have read to avoid using the in-built wifi, primarily because tv manufacturers only issue software updates for two or three years.
  11. It's real enough. Just look at the spec of a modern tv. Our dear respective governments conceived of Fallen Angel around 2017, which was an exercise in remotely accessing and controlling smart tv's. The brave insider who shared this is now doing 40 years for treasonous acts in the US. The actual outcome of the exercise, is irrelevant in my eyes, as it clearly demonstrates our governments have the proactive intent to undermine whatever privacy we have left.
  12. Some TVs have 5 or more microphones in them, listening for keywords. Ditto other devices.
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