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  1. Fox News Watch

    It looks bad from the other side of the pond too.
  2. Fox News Watch

    Very much so and i hope America suffers and learns a lesson from all this. The 2019 is going to be a tough year for everybody when all the effects start to show in earnest. I hope Trump gets busted before then.
  3. Mostly, we use computers rather than think about them here. The only time they get mentioned is when they aren't working, hence all the 'repair' posts.
  4. How are galaxies expanding along with space time?

    I think early versions of joined words have hyphens and then eventually it disappears.
  5. Bicycle transmission...

  6. Bicycle transmission...

    If you covered up the drivetrain it would keep clean longer.
  7. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    Don't forget the FBI is a foe too.
  8. Time and space

    'Nothing' is an accounting word; not a thing unto itself.
  9. Time and space

    There's no such thing as completely empty space, so that's moot. Volume is a function of 'things', even if it's just an ensemble of virtual particles. You might as well say 'nothing' exists.
  10. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    ""There is a growing consensus across the land tonight ... that the president threw the United States under the bus," said Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts."
  11. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    Way to go to publicly dump on your security forces with ones 'arch enemy'. As Alice said: "Curiouser and curiouser".
  12. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    I mentioned that one because Trump's current pick is known to be anti-abortion and would probably swing any future contest.
  13. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    OK. What do you think will happen with the abortion situation and Roe vs Wade? Will it be cast aside?
  14. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    Does the US court use precedent as its driver or the personal opinion of a judge? I think a lot of UK cases, where there is precedent, will look to that.
  15. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    In the UK, there seems to be only one judicial philosophy and they all speak the same language. I'm open to being corrected. i think in time, some of your judges become above partisanship, as witnessed when they vote with the other side. Your judges are clearly chosen for how they might benefit the government of the day and that particular politic into the future.