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  1. I think you are dead right. I've wanted to get into microbiological processes in commensal bacteria and how they interact with the body processes only to find myself severely wanting in the necessary chemistry knowledge. Chemistry is to biology what maths is to physics.
  2. Here's a process with iron salts and how-to: http://www.alternativephotography.com/photography-with-iron-iii-salt/
  3. I think this is the phenomenon. There's a simulation on the page - Click link under quote:
  4. If I didn't know I would say she was of hispanic heritage.
  5. It seems, it's mainly the physical state they are sticking to; syrup. They could call it 'High Fructose Corn Sugar (Syrup)'
  6. There are lots of things that are just manifestations of a mind, like the colour pink, gods, aether etc and we can distinguish whether something is real/physical by whether it is measurable or not.
  7. If it's measurable it is 'real' in the physics sense... I think.
  8. But at what point will the Republican-controlled Senate or Supreme court turn on him? It seems they can overrule everything.
  9. It's caused by greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere. You lose the point of my post, namely that it was aimed at cynic. .
  10. Explain this one away: https://climate.nasa.gov/causes/ You would expect to see the two rise and fall with each other.
  11. It seems odd to me that deniers don't see the very clear trend in increasing carbon emissions not that long after the industrial revolution started.
  12. I would guess the Iranians don't have radar systems that can discriminate between friend and foe as well as the US systems and made an operator interpretational error.
  13. You'll hold the applicator and apply it a certain habitual way and after a while it will contour to that routine
  14. He's saying all the data we receive is through photons.
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