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  1. Arming Teachers

    I think it's utterly disgraceful the way Trump is talking about him. This guy is probably going to be affected for the rest of his life without that coming at him as well. I think his inaction illustrates what most people would do without the kind of stress-tolerance training that armed response units have. If an ordinary policeman acts likes that, what is a teacher going to do?
  2. Rotation - is it absolute?

    Acceleration is a vector i.e it has two components consisting of magnitude and direction. It should be clear , because the direction is always changing in that situation, that the frame is accelerating and not inertial, which requires that there be no acceleration.
  3. Looking for science web sites

    i think the maths and science on wiki is usually pretty good and one can always check the references in the lower half.
  4. Scientific Method in climate science

    Is putting numbers to something not quantitative?
  5. Arming Teachers

    Aww c'mon, a kid's gotta have some fun.
  6. Here's a Nature article on the three main hypotheses,of which, CharonY has already mentioned one:
  7. Arming Teachers

    Because there's no compulsory registration, there's a fair bit of latitude in the numbers. the high bar seems to be 40%. Even so, this should be focussed on, rather than absolute gun numbers, because it shows the degree of influence of a minority of the population. The distinct majority of American households don't feel they need weapons; the NRA are not speaking for the majority of Americans.
  8. Arming Teachers

    Yes. Even our ARU's won't mess about if you don't respond to an order swiftly. I think that's the reality of weapons and if a highly trained officer doesn't have much room for manuever, how can they expect teachers to behave better..
  9. Arming Teachers

    The only people that can do the job with a cool head are armed response units that are routinely conditioned to situations like that.
  10. Arming Teachers

    Of course. The NRA's position is to throw more weapons at any problem that may appear.
  11. Arming Teachers

    People are not one or the other, they are a mix of positive and negative traits and any number of things can tip the balance. i suspect a lot of killings are out-of-character actions due to a perfect storm of events in the perpetrator's life. It's not too difficult to lose ones sense of proportion. Sometimes we need to protect ourselves from ourselves and make the things that may harm us, and those around us, a bit more difficult to reach in the heat of the moment.
  12. Arming Teachers

    They seem to forget good people can become unhinged people at any time. Arming more people just increases the likelihood of more deaths. Guns make killing more likely to happen because it's so easy to do.
  13. Yay, GUNS!

    Apparently, he has the 2nd Amendment tattooed as well, so that's quite a substantial gesture. Yes, buying them back would be better but that's a good symbolic gesture that people can doif they can afford to financially.
  14. I was thinking about all the vaccine shots one typically has throughout ones life; its quite a few. I've fairly recently had a pneumonia shot and flu shot and it won't end there. I think, ultimately, vaccines are the price we have to pay for living in such large groups.
  15. Yay, GUNS!

    You beat me to it.