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  1. Is visible blue energetic enough? In my area in a city, minor streets are in the dark after a certain time. Taking a broader view: with the advent of widespread LED use, urban planners are on a learning curve now they have colour temperature options that weren't there before.
  2. The discussion is not about that but the ideal colour temperature.
  3. Then you need more lights for continuity and you've light spill to deal with still.
  4. OK, but then you'll alter circadian rhythms of plants and other organisms in the vicinity. Someone needs to invent full colour night vision goggles. But in the centimetre range or two an LED will cause a glow in the dark object to glow. What wavelength is causing that?
  5. Here's a paper on possible effects explored:
  6. Air probably and being of low emission level but it is there..
  7. Put an LED light onto a glow-in-the-dark object and it will shine. There is UV but it is very short range. Streetlights won't be an issue. 3000K would probably be ok with most people for general night lighting where colour rendition is not important.
  8. Get a vpn. s mode appears to not be a normal version of windows and likely for a specific market that requires it to be locked down the way it is.
  9. You can reset from the boot screen. Restart then wiggle your mouse on the boot screen - first picture - to pause it then press TAB key until you highlight the bottom option "Choose defaults and other options" and press Enter. Follow and the choose highlighted selections in the other images pressing enter each time. You can use the cursor keys to jump boxes in those screens. The forum s/ware hasn't put the screens in the right order. First screen: 3rd screen: Fourth screen: Second screen:
  10. If you can't sort it quickly you can click on the search button in the taskbar and type 'reset'. You will find two options to reset: keep your files with loss of apps or do a full reset and lose everything. Have you gone into Resource Monitor and seen which process(es) peak at 100% or near? Click on the 'Details' tab when it's going slow and see which are hogging the disk. If it's a program you use, uninstall it, reboot then reinstall.
  11. It is not without precedent. The UK queen is above prosecution since everything in that area is done in her name. The not small point though is that she does not govern. Trump could be hammered with a nice orange one-piece and and Hi Max accommodation if the Senate was composed differently.
  12. Thanks. Changing lifestyle in a family/group setting must be hard because the others are going to carry on what one is trying to avoid. I have a solitary home life so I can make radical decisions about my lifestyle and routines without pressure to conform to what is normal in any given family setting. For instance, my diet plan just consisted of removing the biggest meal of the day as a routine and just having it maybe once a week or so. In a family setting, you would have to resist dinner smells for the others if you said "No more dinners for me". Good luck on that one.
  13. Why don't you see a doctor who will either prescribe the right stuff or put you in touch with a knowledgeable professional? Do you know for sure it's caused by a microorganism?
  14. My gastro gave me a proton pump inhibitor to deal with the symptom at the time, which worked, but I knew from him what the likely cause was and dealt with it when I was in the right mind. It's been a blessing really because I can't become too overweight without paying for it. I do know several people who just pop antacids without trying to find an underlying cause and just treat it as just an annoying ongoing fact of their life.
  15. If you've got a bit of a pot belly, that can cause it; physical pressure from the fat there on the stomach. My optimum weight is between 10 and 12 stone and if I go over 13 stone I have a regular gastric reflux problem... at 12.5 stone it disappears. A gastroenterologist I was seeing noted that rapid weight change can cause it... I went from 11.5 stone to 13.5 stone during treatment I was having. I suppose the top stomach sphincter can only take so much external pressure before it not keeps closed as and when it should.
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