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  1. The plasmablast response to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination is dominated by non-neutralizing antibodies and targets both the NTD and the RBD Fatima Amanat, Mahima Thapa, Tinting Lei, Shaza M. Sayed Ahmed, Daniel C. Adelsberg, Juan Manuel Carreno, Shirin Strohmeier, Aaron J. Schmitz, Sarah Zafar, View ORCID ProfileJulian Q Zhou, Willemijn Rijnink, Hala Alshammary, Nicholas Borcherding, Ana Gonzalez Reiche, Komal Srivastava, View ORCID ProfileEmilia Mia Sordillo, View ORCID ProfileHarm van Bakel, The Personalized Virology Initiative, Jackson S. Turner, Goran Bajic, Viviana Simon, View ORCID Pr
  2. Legs will evolve to vestigial appendages. :)
  3. I noticed an article on the BBC website that Spain has a very high level of faith and compliance with their medical institutions and vaccines.... shame it's not everywhere.
  4. I'm waiting for 'Rollerball' or "Death Race 2000" to become a real game. Competing is evolutionarily progressive behaviour.
  5. First time I saw one of them, probably 3 or 4, I thought my grandad said it was a 'giraffe excluder' and kept out giraffes! The joys of deafness. "How's a giraffe going to get under that little gap?"
  6. The most efficient, I think, is to have the fire place projecting into the room where the metal roof is exposed above it. Much more high quality convected heat will pour into the room instead of predominantely radiant heat of a typical open fire. You'll find that the hot zone is not just local around the fire as well... it's all over.
  7. Without warp speed they ain't gonna get far in space. The Pioneer/Voyager spacecraft are just on the edge of the solar system after nigh on 50 years... just another 3ish lyrs to the nearest star. This is the technology we have to go on.
  8. I would think larger logs are less amenable to to turning over if it's relying on a hot core to keep burning... once you open it up it could cool too much and lose flammable vapour production.
  9. The main point being that they require extra-ordinary skills that lie outside known physics. I think until physics can derive a feasible possible path to speculating about it, it's just empty wondering...
  10. Another problem is assuming ET's are cleverer than we are. The biggest obstacle for me is transiting light-year distances in reasonable time.
  11. It's apparently used in flexible pvc products, like wire insulation, to reduce cracking. As long as you aren't chewing said products, that's California going overboard.
  12. Your profile pic is your avatar. As you can see here. I'm sure a mod can sort it. Have you tried putting the picture up, then logging out, then in? It might need to do that to update the threads.
  13. Click on the little icon bottom left of your profile picture
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