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  1. Why would would you expect scientists to answer politically loaded questions... that was Boris's job?
  2. How do you know that they didn't ask him beforehand to keep them out of the politics? I'm sure we'll get to hear their view when they are no longer in their current jobs.
  3. Boris does have a point there. It wouldn't be a good precedent for them to be involved in a mainly political matter. They would lose their neutrality. The police have given their view and that's the most important. Plus we can make our own judgement. I don't think Cummings will be around by years end.
  4. Is a website a democracy? SFN isn't, so why should anywhere else that is privately owned be?
  5. There are no particles, there are only fields - Art Hobson. https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1204/1204.4616.pdf
  6. Cheers. 'Basicity' is the missing word needed to differentiate.
  7. I'm sure studiot or John Cuthber can give you the low down on that. I know what you mean but my formal chemistry is not up to it. Fwiw it seems to me it's not just about hydroxyl (OH-) ions but having other alkaline species - anions - as well that buffer. Buffers regulate pH rather than just work in one direction.
  8. It aroused my curiosity, and it seems the alkaline part is a separate buffer to the acid component, which stops the pH wandering and causing damage to the pool, apparently. https://blog.intheswim.com/pool-ph-alkalinity-tips-for-pool-owners/
  9. Found this interesting experiment on viral spreading. This video shouldn't be seen as how much virus is spread but what people touch.
  10. That would be very funny if so many people hadn't died. If you've thought of it, I wouldn't be surprised if some graduate looks to see if there's any correlation in the future.
  11. This is argument from authority in all its glory. There's going to be some pretty embarrassed bigwigs when all this is over.
  12. Thje universe is one; the mind arbitrarily distinguishes parts.
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