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  1. I do HTML on notepad...so yeah...Please patiently elaborate, I know nothing and I want to learn
  2. So my seniors on in college recommended C++ and PHP. They said the Adobe version for C++ is good (either it was adobe or ado). So where on the net can i get both? Thank you!
  3. LabRat1


    She* You're welcome
  4. So if a person were to jump of a building of some considerable height (say 10 stories) but on a table, and he jumps of the table before impact, would he survive or not. I feel he wouldn't, but i wanted your opinion. PS: Had no clue where to post this and hence here!
  5. Well the universe to an extent does work on mathematics, in harmony with physics and chemistry.
  6. So my friend and I were walking in the rain yesterday. And obviously we had our phones drenched. Mine worked fine but hers didn't. After a while when we went back home and her phone started to work again, she told me that she had kept it in a rice container for a while and it started to work again.Now she may be lying and I'm aware of the water absorption capacity of rice, but does this even work like this? Is this some life hack we're all supposed to know?
  7. You'll have to be literally feather light. Eagles themselves have a weight range from around 680g - 9kgs. Then you would need a streamline body. Hollow bones is another aspect. We humans have evolved for land base activities. Unfortunately, the tale of Icarus is a myth.
  8. I didn't really understand your question. And shouldn't it be the other way round, that virtual games imitate (or should I say recreate) reality?
  9. College starts from tomorrow. Well its just an orientation, no classes. But on paper it starts from tomorrow. I'm excited as hell.

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    2. Function


      I always have this satisfied feeling when all the administrative mess is over and you can just get to do what you're really supposed to do.

      Though I'm one of those administrative nerds lol. I won't rest until every administrative thing is in order, and I think administration is good. Keeps track of all things.

    3. StringJunky


      Enjoy your time there.

    4. LabRat1


      @Function I can't sit still until everything is in order and whatever formalities have to be done are done. So I understand where you come from.

      @StringJunky Thank you kindly.

  10. I can't see why a religious person would be on this forum. Don't get me wrong, there are a few people out there who might indulge into science, but I don't think they'd come this far. Or they might be here on this thread, secretly learning our art and plotting it against us.....waiting for an opportunity to strike...MODERATORS, I DEMAND A THOROUGH SEARCH!
  11. Yeah, I don't see any signature options.
  12. And also you would require a respiratory system to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. You would need some way to provide nutrition. And don't forget that you would need some way to inject hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc) and control it's levels for the growth of the child.
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