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  1. Yes that's exactly what we need to do. It's years and years of attempts, failed missions, successful missions, research, practice that will get us there. It will never be economically viable if we just wait. For example, if it takes 6 months to learn to ride a bike, you don't wait 6 months and then ride it. You actually have to practice for the whole 6 months. nec209 and Ken Fabian seem to think we just have to wait a few hundred years and then the knowledge and expertise for economically viable space colonization will just appear. We actually need to continue what we're doing at the moment and eventually we'll get there. What's the problem with that?
  2. I don't resist junk food. I'm too skinny.
  3. Obviously it wont be easy or simple but I guarantee it will be cheap. Surely you agree its feasible that there will be enough technological advances to drop the price of space travel by just 1% within 500 years? Then a further 1% every 500 years? That means it's conceivable that space travel would be 99% cheaper after 49,500 years! Personally, I think this could be done within 300 years but 49,500 years would guarantee it. Back in 1943 the president of IBM, Thomas Watson said "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers". The idea that there would be about 2 billion computers by 2017 was inconceivable. Impossible. But it happened. There has been huge advances in technology during the last 100 years and it's speeding up. Space travel is inevitable and it will be common place. Summer vacation, school trips etc. Visiting another planet will be something people take for granted. Inconceivable in our life-time but inevitable in the eventual future. The propulsion system for such cheap space travel hasn't even been conceived yet. I cant even begin to imagine.
  4. Download and install Malwarebytes. Click Scan, select Custom Scan and select the whole C: drive. Also select rootkit scan. If it finds anything, click Quarantine Selected. Restart the computer. Do another full Malwarebytes scan, if it doesn't find anything, your okay. Otherwise, Quarantine anything it finds, restart and do another full scan. When you're finished with Malwarebytes. Download ADWCleaner and so a scan. You only need to run this once. Next, do a FULL virus scan with your regular anti-virus software (not a quick scan). Uninstall any other software that claims to remove malware etc as it could be fake software.
  5. Download Xampp and play around with PHP. It comes with some example code which will give you an idea how it works. Your understanding of HTML will help you because PHP is outputted to the browser as HTML. Try and modify the code and experiment with it. Also you could by a PHP book on Amazon.
  6. Windows 10 is only free for use with screens smaller that 10 inches such as tablets. For larger screens, Windows 10 isn't free and never has been. When released in July 2015, Microsoft were offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 for a 12 month period. It wasn't technically free though because you were required to own the licence for either Windows 7 or 8 which costs money. Without this, you couldn't legally download Windows 10 without paying for it. Hearing or visually impaired people who own a license for Windows 7 or 8 are still entitled to the free upgrade to Windows 10 for use with assistive technologies but this offer may be cancelled without notice. Again, the Windows 7 or 8 license is required to subsidize the cost. It's possible to download and install Windows 10 and use it without paying for it but its theft. The idea is that you pay for it. It's like saying food at a restaurant is free because you could order a meal, eat it and then walk out without paying for it.
  7. That's correct. Only the upper classes could afford to fly when passenger planes first started. Flying was so expensive. Now anybody can fly. In 500 years, I think the middle classes could afford to travel to mars.
  8. So Canada will still have land available in 50,000 years? The human race should still be around in 10 million years, 20 million years, even 30 million years. Space colonization is inevitable. Dinosaurs were on earth for 165 million years before they got wiped out. Maybe human's could beat that.
  9. It's pointless arguing with a creationist, the truth doesn't matter anyway. The only facts we know for sure are that countries focused on science work together. Countries focused on religion kill each other. Surely god would want us to believe in the big bang, science and evolution if it brings peace? After all, peace is mentioned a lot throughout the bible.
  10. The cost will drop significantly. Within 500 years, it will be like buying a plane ticket for a trip during the summer holiday. It you think that's a little optimistic, definitely within 1,000 years.
  11. I was referring to the similarities of how it works in the background at the quantum level. To me, it suggests that the universe may be running on a computer. Especially being such a mathematical universe.
  12. Yes you successfully listed some of the negative aspects of space colonizasion and none of them involve war which is a very good thing. Space exploration leading to colonizasion is the eventual result of a science driven civilization. Countries across the world working together to cover the huge costs. The alternative is a religious driven civilization where countries anialate each other.
  13. Yes exactly, and North Korea. I would love to see every country work together. There would be an end to war and we would be able to look after our planet a whole lot more. Once we can do that, we can colonize another planet without making the same mistakes.
  14. I'll take two quotes from you - "space colonization" "cost way to much money". That is the reason why it's a good idea, you answered it yourself. No single country can afford it so instead we all have to work together to share the cost. Here's a list of countries currently involved in the International Space Station Canada Japan Russian United States Belgium Denmark France Germany Italy The Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Expensive and difficult to achieve projects like this and CERN bring countries together. Science brings countries together.
  15. Let’s start with a primer to some of the techniques used to maintain an optimal frame rate when displaying computer game graphics. Games consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One and PC aren’t powerful enough to render a whole city in 3D. Instead, they only render what’s currently onscreen. Furthermore, only the camera facing sides of objects are rendered. The sides you can’t see only exist as calculations without any substance, ready to be rendered as your character moves through the game. This process is called hidden surface removal. Sometimes, objects are removed from view completely, like if a car drives past a trash can, there’s no need for the trash can to be rendered while it’s obscured from view. This process is called occlusion culling. Now back to the real world. The Double-slit experiment first performed in 1927 by Davisson and Germer showed that light and matter are waves, yet become matter when observed. Science can’t answer why quantum physics behaves this way. The only explanation that comes to my mind is that it’s to save processing power. To quote Galileo Galilei “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe”. A mathematics driven universe is perfect for a computer.
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