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  1. Is it possible to distort space?

    You quoted beecee and swansont providing definitions of "theory" and then asked what "theory" means. The trouble is you don't just ask questions. You present your own ideas created by stringing buzzwords together in meaningless ways. For example. You keep making up stuff like this: Whenever you are asked for citations to support your claims that quantum foam or the holographic principle get rid of the need for dark matter you just change the subject or drag some other irrelevant topic into the discussion.
  2. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    No. How about looking at the facts instead of making stuff up. Ireland has had a low corporate tax policy since the 1950s. In the 1990s the tax rate was reduced to about 10% to stimulate the economy (very successfully). Google moved to Ireland in 2004. Unless I am mistaken, 2004 is after 1990.
  3. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    What the ...? Because Ireland has a long history of favourable tax regulations. This is one of the contributors to the Celtic Tiger economy (but not the only one).
  4. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    The lower taxes exist because of REGULATIONS. Do you think they make up their own tax rules? No. They are bound by the same tax regulations as everybody else. They use the tax regulations to find the best place to base their company. The problem is not the lack of regulations but that the regulations are "wrong" (from some points of view).
  5. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    Because of tax regulations, Different tax regulations would demand the taxes be paid to the country that enabled the company to prosper. FIFY
  6. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    Because of regulations.
  7. How is energy conserved when length contracts?

    You claimed that "length and energy are related: l * E = ħ / 2" This is obviously wrong. And has nothing to do with the uncertainty principle. You still haven't explained how that is relevant. Your claim is wrong in any units. And that is the problem. You are posting unsubstantiated nonsense. There is a relationship between energy and wavelength, but it is not the one you claim.
  8. QM and Singularities

    There is a different type of field for every type of particle (because particles are excitations of their fields).
  9. QM and Singularities

    Work through this series of articles. It might make things clearer.
  10. QM and Singularities

    It varies. Electrons are made of electrons. Protons and neutrons are made of quarks. And so on.
  11. Space-Time, Imaginary Time and a Singularity.

    My understanding is that this does not represent an "extra" dimension of time, but just a different way of representing the time dimension. Using this can make some parts of the mathematics simpler.
  12. This is the "horizon problem" - the isotropy of the CMB suggests that the early universe was at the same temperature everywhere. This is only possible if it was all connected causally (at the speed of light). The early universe appears to have been too large for this to be the case. Inflation was suggested as a possible explanation of this: a rapid period of expansion that allowed the early universe to reach the equilibrium state it was in. However, there isn't really any good evidence for inflation, apart from that. And there are other possible explanations. (The "big bounce" for example.) I suspect a theory of quantum gravity will give us a better idea of the early universe and perhaps make the horizon problem go away. For example, one attempt to apply QM to the early universe suggests that the universe is infinitely old, which should solve the problem.
  13. Is it possible to distort space?

    It is a speculative idea with no evidence. (Re-read the definitions you quoted) also, Cahill is a crank.