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  1. I don’t think it goes against evolution; the ability/need to believe (in something) seems to be a fundamental part of human nature.
  2. That's about all I got out of it. Please try presenting your ideas in a more coherent and comprehensible fashion. Thank you.
  3. Just a thought...

    There are people working on models like this, eg: But, as swansont says, there is no evidence for this.
  4. Creating a new Language

    There are forums and websites specific to this hobby; google “conlang”
  5. Just a thought...

    The charge of a particle is neither indeterminate nor relative. All composite particles have a charge of -1, 0 or +1. Only quarks have fractional charge.
  6. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    We can’t be sure about anything; that is not how science works. But we can look at the available evidence and reach reasonable conclusions based on the balance of probabilities.
  7. Why?

    Does it? How do you know that?
  8. Not always. The Japanese concept of kami, which is nearly always translated as "god", is definitely not like that. Other pantheistic religions have their own concepts of god which are very different from the Abrahamic idea.
  9. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    They might be undetectable by current technology...
  10. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    No. They are just words with different meanings. It isn't because of religion. You can choose to redefine them, but that isn't a very good basis for an argument.
  11. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Really? So if you are looking for your keys and someone says, "they are on the table" you would never give up looking because the absence of evidence of them on the table is not enough to convince you that they are not there? But maybe gods are different than keys. And certainly, the search space of the universe is greater than a table top. But we have looked very hard and there are precious few places left for these gods to be hidden. Even if they are very small and powerless;
  12. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    I don't think that is a matter of opinion. Trust and faith are very different things.
  13. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    The same could be true for every god that man has invented, as well as invisible pink unicorns, aliens with three heads, or a teapot that orbits the Sun somewhere. But, after sufficient time, one can use absence of evidence as evidence of absence.
  14. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    And that is exactly what science does. We come up with lots of ideas and find out which ones work and which ones don't. Again, totally irrelevant to the subject of religion or belief. Do you want to try that again in English? To try and extract some meaning: "rationalism is what makes sense to me". No. A lot of people do seem to use "logical" to mean "it seems sensible to me". But that is not what logic (or rational thought) is. Science teaches us that we definitely should not always believe in what makes sense. Sometimes that is completely wrong. (Sometimes, just by chance, it is partly right. But that is not helpful, without some means to determine which bits are right or not. And so we are back to science.) Good. Then you are a fool. (And it contradicts your first sentence.) That is not relevant in any rational discussion.
  15. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Er, no. the whole point is that if something works, we don't need to use belief. For example your computer works, because the underlying technology works, because the underlying science works. Of course, you are free to believe that your computer doesn't work, but the facts would seem to contradict that belief. On the other hand, when it comes to religions and gods, there is no evidence that they "work" in any practical sense (beyond giving some people a feeling of comfort). And so they depend entirely upon belief. Hop away. But if there is something you don't understand, why not ask.