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  1. Why should we trust some random story, on a random website written by an unknown person (possibly you)?
  2. Strange

    Self conscious,irrationality and analogy, induction

    ! Moderator Note You posted the same thing before and then ask for the thread to be closed. Do not keep opening threads on the same thing.
  3. "[Aquagenic urticaria] is sometimes described as an allergy, although it is not a true histamine-releasing allergic reaction like other forms of urticaria." ( IT IS NOT AN ALLERGY.
  4. It is still nonsense. I don't know who these people are (the "famous French expert" Dr. Lycus Carl is so famous that there is no mention of him on the Internet). I wouldn't be surprised if someone invented the names to make these idiotic statements sound more plausible.
  5. I have yet to see any evidence that (a) this person exists and (b) that this anecdote is true. I think you have invented this story.
  6. Sounds like a lot of biased nonsense.
  7. I have no idea what "Montrel" is. And that link could be a work of fiction for all I know. As you are unable to provide a reputable source, I am sceptical of the whole story. Maybe you have made it up. Quite. Or she is faking it for attention.
  8. The Daily Mail is not a "news source". It is a far-right rag that mainly publishes fiction. I would not be surprised if they published something as idiotic as a "water allergy" story. But I am not surprised you are unable to provide a reputable reference to this case.
  9. Strange

    Are Humans Aliens of this Planet?

    The presence of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is a result of the organisms that could do photosynthesis. This released the toxic pollutant oxygen into the atmosphere into the atmosphere that destroyed many other species. Humans are not very different from other species. We are very similar to other primates. We have a lot in common with other mammals. We have quite a lot in common with other vertebrates. We have some very important things in common with every other organism on the planet. Do you have any evidence for this?
  10. Strange

    Irrationality: analogy and induction

    Rubbish. Here is an intro to programming inductive reasoning: And here is something on the use of analogy in AI:
  11. ! Moderator Note OK. This appears to be exactly the same stuff you have posted before. There is no point in starting a new thread on it. You have failed to provide support for your claims before and I see no reason to expect you will this time. Closed pending moderator discussion
  12. Strange

    Electrons in orbit in the atom

    As electrons are indistinguishable, I don't think these two can be distinguished. But there isn't really any reason think that it is not a particular electron moving to a higher energy level. (It might also be possible to describe in statistical terms as all of the electrons spending some proportion of their time at the higher energy level, I don't now.) (I'll leave someone else to comment on the last part as it is so long since I did anything with electron orbitals... )
  13. Strange

    Why we only have three traditional philosophies

    ! Moderator Note Closed at OP's request