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  1. Unsupported beliefs have nothing to do with science. In the same way that your "other way" of looking at SR has nothing to do with SR.
  2. The first is wrong, the second is unknowable. So it seems a fairly dubious claim, even if you include the "and". And that is something also shared by other animals.
  3. True. It rules out locally realistic hidden variables
  4. And yet it is you that refuses to explain how your idea has any connection to SR. Not surprising as (a) it doesn’t and (b) you very obviously don’t have a clue. Clearly, you are unable to understand the simple mathematics that shows this claim to be false.
  5. ... Predicted Global Warming Almost Perfectly: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/03/15/the-first-climate-model-turns-50-and-predicted-global-warming-almost-perfectly/
  6. As it is only true for a system in equilibrium, you can measure the temperature anywhere because, by definition, it is the same everywhere.
  7. This is Homework Help; in other words, first let us know your attempt to answer the question and then we may be able to help.
  8. That is not what any theory says. You can obviously have parts of a system at different temperatures.
  9. I once donated platelets where they pump the blood out of one arm, extract the platelets, then pump the blood back into the other arm. One side effect is that it also removes calcium ions from the blood (and lowers the temperature of the blood) which can be dangerous. They gave us indigestion tablets to suck to keep the calcium level up and said that if we started feeling tingling or numbness, we were to let them know immediately.
  10. LSD, for one. But I would think most people taking drugs that can cause hallucinations would know (afterwards, at least) that it was a hallucination. There are a small proportion who believe that it is revealing a reality that they couldn't perceive otherwise. Of course data has quality. For example, "it looked really big" vs "it was 120 metres long and 80 metres wide". I am not going to comment on specific things like this. Apart from anything else, I don't trust you to report accurately what was said, given your habit of dismissing explanations out of hand. Your belief in aliens is indistinguishable from religious belief. And yet, other countries that are no under the thumb of the US Air Force have not released this information that you insist they are covering up. Perhaps because it doesn't;t exist. Very similar. So, presumably you would say that people who see angels, experience miracles or have conversations with god need to be taken seriously?
  11. Ah. I missed that. I think that is pretty implausible (on about the same level as aliens )
  12. Has anyone ever claimed that? If anyone said that everyone were lying, I would consider them just as ridiculous as someone who claims that aliens walk among us and run the government. Volume of data is not the same thing as quality of evidence. A single data point could be compelling. But a gazillion bits of low quality data are no more useful than 10. You really think those are the only two possible explanations? Sorry, but no. Mundane explanations are based on known, existing phenomena (despite your attempts at ridicule and dismissing them out of hand [see what I did there?]). Any explanation based on aliens is inherently less plausible than any mundane explanation because it is not based on things that are known to exist. Your are being blinded by your faith, here. So, you are saying that either aliens only ever visit the USA, or the US Air Force has a lot more control than seems reasonable.
  13. ! Moderator Note If you don’t start explaining yourself (instead of blaming others) and showing the calculations of the forces, then this thread will be closed. ! Moderator Note Yes, some mathematics would be good. And more words.
  14. ! Moderator Note If someone asked their teacher how an electric motor worked and the teacher replied "LORENTZ FORCE, DUMMY", the student would probably not find that very helpful. Perhaps you could show exactly how the Lorentz force applies in the case of your diagram, and what the result is. On the other hand, if you prefer not to follow the rules, we can just close this thread.
  15. ! Moderator Note Moved to Speculations. Please support your claims with evidence or mathematics.
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