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  1. I don't think common usage distinguishes "less" and "fewer". But you are right, that might be changing.
  2. It has always been true. Sadly, a few pedants have recently discovered this zombie rule and think it’s clever to pick on people
  3. Located where simultaneously? And simultaneous according to who? At 0 in which frame of reference? What is "left"? Is it the same as A or green, or is it something else completely? What is an "axis of simultaneity"? Only if they are both stationary relative to one another. (Not sure what you had to make things so complicated by using A and black, and B and green (and left and right?) to refer to the same things.) What is 'f'? Why isn't the length of his ship d in his frame of reference? What is 'e' ? What is 'g'? You are saying that g2 = f /e ? (Or maybe g2 = f /e? I am confused by your constantly changing names for things) How did you calculate this? What does this mean? (It sounds wrong, but unless you explain it, it is hard to know.) I'll ignore the rest, because without some explanation, I have no idea what you are trying to say. However, almost every statement appears to be incorrect.
  4. You need to provide that much energy to create the plasma. It is not a source of energy.
  5. Today I learned about Vavilovian mimicry. Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov was a biologist who studied the evolution of domesticated plants, in particular rye. He proposed that rye was "accidentally" domesticated. Originally it was a weed in fields of wheat and so early farmer would pick it out to ensure their wheat could grow. But they were more efficient at picking out the immature rye plants that looked most different from wheat. So they inadvertently selected for rye plants that looked more wheat-like. Eventually rye became so similar to wheat that it was a useful grain in its own right. This is generally accepted today, even though Vavilov is largely forgotten. Vavilov was killed by Stalin, who only liked science that fitted his political beliefs (e.g. Lysenkoism).
  6. ! Moderator Note I'm guessing that it was closed for being full of baseless claims, handwavey explanations and a total lack of any calculations. Shall I start the countdown for this one now ...
  7. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_B12#Industrial And: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudomonas_denitrificans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propionibacterium_freudenreichii So no harvesting from animals there. Show this to your friend: https://xkcd.com/285/ The ball is in their court to provide some evidence.
  8. You can think of complex numbers as points on a plane where the real numbers form the X axis and the “imaginary” numbers (multiplied by i) form the Y axis. Values multiplied by sqrt(i) would form a line at 45º. To put it another way, multiplying by i is equivalent to rotating by 90º and rotating by sqrt(i) is equivalent to rotating by 45º. Note that rotating by 45º and then by 45º (i.e. rotating by 90º) is equivalent to multiplying by sqrt(i) then by sqrt(i) again; in other words multiplying by i (i.e. rotating by 90º). (Because they can encode angles and magnitude in one (complex) number, they are very useful in things like signal processing and circuit design)
  9. ! Moderator Note This is a discussion form. What do you want to discuss?
  10. Nothing at all wrong with "least" in this context.
  11. Because they are bound together by gravity. Galaxies are similarly held together by gravity, And even clusters of galaxies. It is only on very large scales (the distances between clusters of galaxies) that we can see expansion happening.
  12. These are not "papers" in any meaningful sense. Explain how those forces can have multiple different values at the same time. And, at the other extreme, we know (from observation) that protons are flatted by their relative motion in an accelerator but EM forces do not play a significant role. In other words: wrongly.
  13. So maybe "walk" and "walks" are one word. But does that mean that "ox" and "oxen" are two? 🙂 Misspelling for "Witch language", maybe
  14. Brownian motion is what the random vibrations of the molecules impart to larger particles!
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