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  1. It is not an actual rotation (because fundamental particles are zero-sized, and they are not really particles, and so there is nothing to spin). But it is a measure of their angular momentum (as if they were spinning). This relates to the fact that they are described in terms of waves. It is a "real thing". It was initially found by measuring the angular momentum of electrons in atoms. There is some angular momentum from the fact that electrons orbit the atom (actually, they don't, but that was the model at the time) and only way to account for the total angular momentum that was measured was to also assign some angular momentum to the particles themselves. The angular momentum of particles is either an integer multiple of the basic amount or it is half-integer multiple (1/2, 3/2, etc). This is what distinguishes bosons from fermions. The fundamental particles that have colour charge are of zero size. And there is no direction associated with the colour charge. So I can't really see how this idea can be applied to the real world. This doesn't work for gluons (for the reasons above) and there aren't really "two forces" in the case of photons or W, Z bosons. And spin is not in any specific direction until you measure it; because that forces it to take on a specific direction (until you measure it again). And the Higgs boson has a spin of 0. But that is (I think) related to the fact it is a scalar field.
  2. There is this: https://www.quantamagazine.org/physicists-find-a-way-to-see-the-grin-of-quantum-gravity-20180306/ I don't know if there is any more recent information available
  3. As you are either not reading or not understanding anything that is said to you, I have nothing else to say. Your determination to remain ignorant so that you don't have to question your racist views is depressing. No, it is sickening. I have nothing more to say to you. (Nothing polite, anyway.)
  4. Apart from the fact that this is not true, it is irrelevant. For one thing, the existence of the slave trade affected many other areas. For example, Bristol in the UK became a centre for the slave trade. That made many people in Bristol and elsewhere in the UK very rich. It also meant that that they saw black people as a product to be traded, not as human. Similarly, most people in the US did not have slaves but, because they lived in a slave-owning culture, they too saw black people as less than human. As things to be bought and sold. Things to do the unpleasant work that "real people" (white people) didn't want to do. And this is not some event that happened in the distant past, that has only theoretical relevance to the real world. People who grew up as slaves were still alive in my lifetime. The legacy of segregation, and considering black people as less than human has continued ever since. To feel you have to go through these mental contortions to pretend that slavery didn't happen or doesn't matter is kind of impressive but also very sad. I don't know what it will take to open your mind to the reality of the world we live in. Just ... NO. Sheesh. It proves no such thing. And this is just another blatant falsehood. Are you just stunningly ignorant or deliberately lying? OK. I guess we can go with "ignorant" then. Maybe you should educate yourself before further making more idiotic statements. Firstly, systemic racism is not "organised". (Did you watch that video earlier? I assume not.) Secondly: POWER & PRIVILEGE. Also, please provide a source for these figures.
  5. I don't think so. It probably just means that the label is a bit too much "short hand" (as labels tend to be). So, if my guess about the responses by EU immigrants were correct, then it might be better to label it "White / native privilege". And then you begin to see why certain groups are called "white nationalists" because it is more than just race; they feel that "others" are polluting their "native purity". (Doubly ironic for the USA where the majority white population are not native to the land). But I think that trying to discuss all of the complexities around different types of prejudice, against different groups, in different societies, for different reasons, may take us too far off topic. I think the black experience in the USA is uniquely bad because of the history of slavery. (Plus the inherent inequalities between rich and poor of any colour, produced by the American system) Good point. Or who they feel threatened by.
  6. I suspect that Polish (and other European) migrants in the UK would do pretty badly on this after the last few years.
  7. You do have more power and privilege than black people (or other minorities). The fact you are not ware of it is part of the problem. Here, try this: How many fingers do you have left?
  8. ! Moderator Note As you are unwilling or unable to say what "it" is, this thread is closed. Do not bring this up again. Even if you do learn how to clearly express your ideas.
  9. While this may have exacerbated things, and encouraged more young (often white) kids to join in for the "fun" and looting, the underlying problem is real and almost entirely a problem of race. We have seen the same scenes pay out before (in the USA and the UK) for very similar reasons. Unfortunately, in the USA, almost nothing has changed. After the Brixton riots, the local police did change their behaviour somewhat which improved the situation. But if you're a young, black male you are still going to be treated with suspicion. Yeah, that doesn't help.
  10. I don't think this is making light. It is likely to be a major problem. And, of course, it is blacks and other minorities who are worse hit by Covid-19 (for a variety of reasons). Making light of it would be to suggest that Trump will be recommending tear gas as a cure.
  11. Even if prejudice is equally common across all groups, that is not the point. It misses the point by several light years. White people are in positions of privilege, authority and power. They have the power to exploit and abuse black people (and other minorities) with impunity. Even without that, they have advantages because of their privilege: they don't have to put up with daily insults because of their race, they don't get treated with suspicion whenever they go shopping, they don't have to worry about being repeatedly stopped by the police for no reason, they don't have to teach their children how not to be killed by the police. President Lyndon Johnson https://www.americanyawp.com/reader/27-the-sixties/lyndon-johnson-howard-university-commencement-address-1965/
  12. People very rarely (never?) say that to be inclusive. They do it to deny the message that black people’s life’s are just as important as theirs. They are saying “how dare you tell me that your life matters”. And that is a despicable statement.
  13. ! Moderator Note OK. Last chance. Unless you can write one simple sentence stating exactly what “Rube” is, I am shutting this down. We don’t appreciate this sort of incoherent steam of consciousness. There are plenty of places where you can post your blog. It appears you have come up with the concept of a discrete event simulation (one based on time steps). This is not “three generations ahead” of anything.
  14. And your point is? Are you saying that "everyone" does not include black people!? Are you saying that therefore black lives don't matter?? Did you miss that large graphic summarising the research that a disproportionate number of black men are murdered by the police. Almost as if their lives don't matter? If you are really struggling with comprehending this then maybe stick "as well" or "just as much" on the end of black lives matter. Let's be absolutely blunt, if someone responds to Black Live Matter with "but all lives matter" (or with "but" followed by anything else) then their racism is part of the problem.
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