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  1. Most people have difficulty defining consciousness as have most of the big thinkers from 1000 BCE! For me it is fairly easy because I have a spiritual basis in my life. For those that haven't a spiritual basis, consciousness is almost impossible to understand or explain as Daniel Dennett discovered. Consciousness is the limited time we have to experience and communicate with the universal consciousness commonly known as God but more accurately described as the Hebrew Yhwh , the elohim (several or many gods) the Holy Spirit ,Nirvana , Param Brahma ,Vishnu etc As a side note it was the elohim (a Hebrew plural) that created the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1.1 not 'God' as most bibles translate
  2. If everything started with the big bang and every object in the universe is moving away from every other object in all directions why does the earth stay the same distance from the sun and all the other planets in our solar system ?
  3. is the fine-tuned universe an accepted scientific fact (or theory) or is it just an anthropological centred way of explaining things ?
  4. The answer is probably a 'closed' system but I don't understand that as all systems appear to be interdependent.
  5. jonnobody


    Why is there (apparent) order when laws such as thermodynamics and entropy (not to mention 3 or 4 mass extinction events) say that the earth and its solar system should be chaotic?
  6. Most 'evidence' of beneficial effects of sound are anecdotal (Mitchell Gaynor 'The Healing Power of Sound') but I found two trials. Whether they would be described as clinical trials or not is disputed - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4325896/ https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/the-sound-of-healing-study-says-sound-stimulation-could-help-alzheimer-s-patients-1.2868393
  7. Virtually every home in Europe, UK and USA is now saturated with high frequency radio waves for cellphones (800 to 2000 mHz) and wifi (2.4 gHz). Are these harmful to humans and can they be cancelled out by playing audible lower frequencies such as 40 Hz (good for alzheimers - search . . . szynalski/tone-generator/
  8. A basic question . . . do light and water interact because they 'use' the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
  9. post herpetic neuralgia cannot be cured according to 'google scholar' medical articles and research as the immune system has already been compromised. Does anyone know any different?
  10. Listening to a back number of BBC Inside Science I was stopped in my tracks by the section which described solar panels producing more current when they were played loud /heavy rock music BBC Inside Science November 7th 2013 at 11.00 mins Most people usually believe the BBC but i wondered if somebody can confirm whether this is true or not? I am a retired musician by profession so am well aware of the therapeutic affects of different kinds of music and sound. I still work out every day (at 68) and find AC/DC, Metallica etc better than Mozart when working with weights. In contrast I play 'om' or Tibetan singing bowls when relaxing with less strenuous exercise such as yoga or pilates
  11. jonnobody


    Is it true that the DNA sequnce is completely useless on its own? In order to provide information it must be compared with other DNA ?
  12. Try youtube. Its the name of my youtube channel.
  13. google 'existence1891' and you will find most of your 6000 questions in your original article are answered
  14. Why does 'lepton' appear with my name/pseudonym ? lepton " an elementary, half-integer spin (spin 1⁄2) particle that does not undergo strong interactions"
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