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  1. sending a message to the future?

    Like a time capsule. I write something, put it in a capsule, bury it underground, in hope that someone in the future sees it and send it to the past, is that possible? At our current time frame, receiving a message from the past is easy, receiving a message from the future is hard
  2. Moving at the speed of light

    Just build one on earth, like hyperloop
  3. Moving at the speed of light

    Well the the point should be, what would happen when you achieve a speed faster than light. If nothing happens, well then there's nothing to look for. It could be that once you get pass the speed of light, time start going backwards? You'll need to be at a speed faster than time itself.
  4. Moving at the speed of light

    Based on which equation?
  5. Moving at the speed of light

    Just something I thought of, it would be moving at the speed of light, or in the reference frame of the light looking at its surroundings. We can capture at 1 trillion frames per second from some Youtube post, but we'll have to reverse engineer this thing, I haven't come up with one =/. Before we sit in a shuttle that moves in the speed of light we'll probably have a recorder sitting in a shuttle moving at the speed of light, or a pet dog.
  6. Moving at the speed of light

    If you are the observer. Maybe have a recorder moving close to the speed of light? P.S Koti I got nothing against you, F=ma, acceleration is capped at 1m/s
  7. Moving at the speed of light

    It is theoretical
  8. Moving at the speed of light

    When people say you cannot survive moving at the speed of light, well, it generally means the short term acceleration towards that speed. What if you, increase your speed by 1m/s in the space vacuum, clear away of all debris. Just a vehicle that travels faster and faster by 1m/s in a straight path? Eventually you might accelerate past speed of light, and there would be no vibration from air pressure or gravity, just a straight path in space.
  9. Black Panther Suit

    Na, I thought I have a good idea in mind but I don't
  10. Black Panther Suit

    Actually I have no idea, something that could be moved only from the inside
  11. Black Panther Suit

    Right well, what I meant is an exoskeleton, we've all seen exoskeleton right? And make that skeleton skin tight, using graphene, graphene has the strength of steel, if not greater. Lastly, use this balloon effect to make the suit durable for surface tension. Sort of like ballooning it with a force, and there you have a power suit 1 could happen though if the surface tension is maxed
  12. Black Panther Suit

    Alright here is another of my movie physics. But imagine, if you have a full graphene suit, and an expansion suit inside. You would have the strength of steel, why? Because the suit outside can handle the wear and tear. The person inside, however, would need to produce a strength strong enough like the steel. In other words you would need to pull and expansion force close to that of a steel, like a balloon. Think of a balloon, and trying to bend the balloon, it reacts with a force right? How is this force generated. The expansion inside plus the plastic outside. In this case it would be pulling the graphene close to the strength of steel, but it would allow simple maneuverability with the hand and body. I haven't worked out the detail, but it's like you have a support exoskeleton lifting the weight for you. 1. Pulling graphene close to the strength of steel without breaking it for the outside layer, like wrapping the food with plastic wrap 2. A second layer of graphene that counteracts this force, but leave just enough force left for maneuverability at the joints, this might need some material physics
  13. Force to seperate magnets

    I think you got a point that being able to pull apart the magnetic force with mechanical force, sort of means they are the same thing. Well but we really don't know what magnetic field and electric field is. Solving it would probably make wonders. Sorry can't answer your question :D, just want to add to the comment
  14. Computer screen LED vs LCD

    Alright so, LED has fixed number of pixels, RGB, but LCD does not? Someone explain to me what ppi means in the below video, appreciated This is where you get seizure
  15. Aging of two causes