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  1. fredreload

    Acquiring rare DNA samples

    Ranging from dinosaur to your neighbor, what is the DNA samples you wish to get your hand on? 1. Myself 2. My mom 3. My cat 4. My neighbor
  2. fredreload

    Is mutation always cancer?

    Alright, enough joking. There are two types of mutations. 1. For muscle dystrophy or color blindness because of a single letter genetic mutation. Sometimes they send in the crispr to fix that one single letter for proper enzyme production. What I assume is that once the letter is switched, the correct enzyme begins to produce without having to proliferate(regeneration). 2. This is from speculation(I guess it really doesn't belong here = =). If I swap all the chromosomes in my body with the bear's chromosome, which is considered a mutation. Do all the cells in my body gets converted to bear cells automatically? Do the cell's identity changes because I swap the chromosomes in the nucleus? Human cell + bear chromsomes in the nucleus = bear cell? P.S. I think it is possible, question answered, thanks
  3. fredreload

    Is mutation always cancer?

    We've all seen x-man right? What's the chance of that happening Charon?
  4. fredreload

    microwave food, perfect cooking and downside

    No no, you don't add water with bread, it just makes it soggy. What you need is a heating element, refers to the browning video up top, and of course you put it on very low setting maybe higher than defrost. One that potentially allows you to bake bread in the microwave Right, I want to add that the idea is not on speed, for steak and larger chunk of meat it needs to be in low setting for at least 10min or longer. If it takes 3 hours in a heating oven, than it could take just as long in a microwave. The trick is not on speed, but on how well done this steak could get. And I found a funny April Fool video on steam microwaving. Just for amusement. Thing is this could be doable in the future, but even at defrost setting the meat might still get overcooked. One inch depends on the wavelength of a microwave right , beats me lol. I think You need to set it at lower setting and for longer to allow the heat to transfer for larger chunk of meat.
  5. fredreload

    microwave food, perfect cooking and downside

    The idea is that, microwave is supposed to work like a oven. That you can use electromagnetic radiation to slowly heat up a big chunk of meat. If defrosting the meat is an option then we know that the microwave frequency can be changed to do this. The result is just how well this microwave(x-ray?) should be designed so that it does not just heat up one side of the food and has a shorter or longer wavelength. The nutrition of the food does not get lost, from what I've read microwaving is supposed to be even more nutritious being that the flavor is not lost. It's just that we use it to cook left over food all the time and the tomatoe turns out kind of soggy :D. That is to say if I can throw in some raw chicken and get BBQ wings in the microwave after a few hours, I might still order it from Dominoes
  6. fredreload

    microwave food, perfect cooking and downside

    Ya well, my mistake, you need a heating element in the microwave. This one demonstrates it. Apparently a material capable of absorbing microwave to create a browning effect. P.S. I dunno why it's upside down, but this goes for a pretty good auto cook machine It's sort of an idea on how to cook the perfect steak. You put it in an oven for a few hours, than you brown the outside.
  7. fredreload

    microwave food, perfect cooking and downside

    I agree with you. But what I have in mind is that the microwave supposedly heat the food by water molecules. If I have to cook a turkey and I have to choose between roasting it in an oven or heating every single water molecule to an even temperature(probably an expensive microwave), the later one sounds like a good choice as well. As for browning. I might get one of this
  8. Why isn't microwaving the perfect way to cook? What is the down side?
  9. fredreload

    Liquid fuel vs gas fuel for cooking

    My parents order gas for the duration of the cooking days, but then now I got interested in blow torch cuisine, so I'm like, why do we use gas fuel instead of blow torch which uses a liquid fuel? Btw which one is safer, I am afraid it might blow up on my face
  10. fredreload

    Reverse MRI

    Agreed, thanks for the clarification sir P.S. Reconstruction?
  11. fredreload

    Reverse MRI

    The way they construct the image with fourier transform is based on signal strength I think(this is based on speculation). The way MRI works is first you fixed the position of the water molecules with a magnetic field, send a radio wave to it, then receive the radio wave bounces back from the water molecule with a receiver. Now you dunno where the water molecules are, but you will know the signal strength this water molecule would receive. You already solved the water molecule's position when you generate an image using the fourier transform, that is how you get an image out of the water molecules position. As for the signal it is meant for wireless communication with nanomachines. But a nanomachine isn't polarized like a water molecule so. I dunno what sending a desired signal to the water molecule could be applied to
  12. fredreload

    Reverse MRI

    At one end, the receiver picks up the radio wave and construct an image. To reverse it you create a transmitter and reverse the fourier transform to pinpoint the water molecules to communicate with the water molecules
  13. fredreload

    Nanomachine to cell transport?

    I call yellow water turn yellow. Or glow in the dark. Or electric shock
  14. fredreload

    Nanomachine to cell transport?

    First of all, I want to know how the scientist distinguish whether a virus have injected the enzyme of their target into a cell. For instance Crispr, you only need one virus to deliver the package into the cell, not two, and definitely not more than that. So how does the scientists control such a mechanism in which the virus only deliver their cargo into the cell once? Apart from this question I want to open more opportunities as to how nanomachines could act like cargo trucks for delivery within our body.
  15. fredreload

    A device more precise than transcranial magnetic simulation

    1. Dreams 2. Well if you've been following the Salk's method of reverse aging on rats then you'll see that they've managed to extend the lifespan of the rats from 22 weeks to 29 weeks. They use the Yamanaka factors activated by the Tet Casette method to enable and disable the Yamanaka Factors with doxycycline. But they use it involving the oncogene Cmyc so it might still proliferate all the cells in the mouse, so in the end I think I would go with the three Yamanaka Factors and depleting Mbd3 for 100% success rate. Keep in mind this is partial reprogramming, if you go all the way it would cause teratoma. Now my other idea is to apply progesterone to the entire body after partial reprogramming thereby ensuring proper patterning to the entire body. But as of the present time we have not created a proper tet casette method for human, the best we got is the use of hormones for overexpression and lower expression of the Yamanaka Factors, and we are unsure of the dephosphorylation mechanisms. So, they are thinking of the virus method, the delivery method is still uncertain. Now if you are thinking of gender bending with a potion you will have to manually swap in an X chromosome and disable the Y chromosome using a bacteria. After which the entire body contains a pair of X chromosomes you would then intitiate regeneration again using progesterone for proper patterning to the entire body.