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  1. The brain: Is it possible to modify long term memory

    Hmm, there are two ways I can think of that goes about modifying the memory. If you have to relocate the synapses by activating proteins with the plasmonic laser. Or if you can "target" a specific neuron, drink a potion and attempt to have the memory rewire itself. I haven't thought of a method where you can "target" a specific neuron with drugs, but drinking something and gaining a set of memories sounds pretty cool right?
  2. The brain: Is it possible to modify long term memory

    Looks like the dream master haven't done anything @@, I still got my common sense , if they don't ruin someone with brain cancer by accident
  3. The brain: Is it possible to modify long term memory

    Well yes, I dunno Kung Fu, looks like you've found out , I think sensei gave up on me. Anyway, theoretically if I stick a new synapse here and there in the brain and allow a connection to pass through and form a pattern I could theoretically gain access to memory I do not have before. 40% is not a lot, the TMS probably just makes you more alert. However, if you've taken a drug that would make any pattern in the brain stays permanently(I am saying photographic memory). Brain is already a huge electric field, it is the learning process that matters. No offense, it is still an interesting research, everything has to start somewhere
  4. The brain: Is it possible to modify long term memory

    Cool things you've mentioned. Is it possible to cause a memory formation with transcranial magnetic stimulation? Like inserting a manual about how to pilot helicopters into the brain like the Matrix. Or suddently knows how to speak Japanese like the movie Dude Where's My Car. Or a simple inception of thought into the mind like "cow can fly". I think the last one requires overriding the synapse. Like if someone use transcranial magnetic stimulation on my arms and legs they would move on its own. I dunno how many synapses I got in the brain, but once I've learned something I can recall it instantly like how to play Super Smash. Anyway this seems like an interesting topic P.S Of course modifying existing memory is harder, I mean you don't just keep adding brain cells or synapses to make more memories, else the brain would be too big for the head.
  5. We are constantly storing new memories, but is it possible to modify existing memories? Sure if you hit the head with a baseball bat you ought to forget a few things, but what if you can modify the memory with electromagnetic radiation? What if you can modify even the most basic logical concept? Sounds pretty cool heh.
  6. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    I'm a vampire , unless you hit duds this gun powder thing would be kind of tricky to deal with Right, that'll stop the fusion chain reaction
  7. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    True, but seriously, how many people go around threatening people with a bow and arrow except the mocking jay?
  8. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    Hmm, this brings me to my other question though. A pure projectile weapon without the gun powder cannot be stopped, like a sling shot
  9. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    Right, but the gun is purely mechanical, to disable the gun remotely perhaps through raining, but with electromagnetic field seems hard P.S Also comes in many types of different materials You could use directed microwave on the gun powder
  10. Can you disable a gun powder gun with electromagnetic radiation? Can you use laser to shoot down a bullet?
  11. Wave talk to wave

    Is there a method of wave to wave communication? As for, an interaction between radio waves. This comes from a Taiwan taxi driver btw Like a receiver carrier wave Or modify wave in mid air
  12. Is fire an atom?

    Water molecule are composed of atoms H2O, what about fire? What property is fire composed of? Photon? Electrons? Neutrons? Protons?
  13. Breathing with plants nose plug

    I did check it out once, there are chemical agencies doing it, forgot the price though. I'd imagine ATP could be stored and non degradable like Google Box and algae? Beats me, I am quite unfamiliar with this molecule
  14. Breathing with plants nose plug

    Ya well, I was exaggerating = =, but really, for plants, it all comes down to Rubisco enzyme, and if you supply ATP for 24 hours, the reaction should run for 24 hours, assuming you have unlimited supply of ATP. The only reason plants does not produce glucose at night is because there is no sunlight and therefore no ATP, but if you shove or inject ATP into the plant at night it should continue the reaction. Assuming synthetic ATP is creatable
  15. Breathing with plants nose plug

    The role for sunlight in the photosynthesis reaction is the production for ATP, if you have ATP, the reaction could continue for 24 hours I think for the production of glucose of rubisco enzyme, I forgot if oxygen is produced in this cycle but one of the O from oxygen comes from water H2O. Now to create this ATP source you would need to renew it without producing CO2 because combine with the CO2 my body exhale would be more than enough for the Kreb cycle to handle. Well, I dunno how much ATP we need to bring, so I'll leave it at this. But anyway, thanks for the heads up, ATP is not renewable without a light source