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  1. How to identify an unknown element?

    Sensei is correct in stating that a spectrometer could work, because the spectrum of light reflected is different for each element.
  2. How to identify an unknown element?

    If you do not know an element's atomic number, can you infer it from its bonding structure with other molecules? Or is there other ways of identifying an element?
  3. How big is a quark?

    So quark is the smallest particle available that can be seen. But how big is a quark and are they all the same in size? Can we have a big quark and a small quark? Please let me know, thanks
  4. How enzyme moves?

    So I am curious as to know how the enzyme "gets" to the right place for a reaction. To begin with, enzymes are free floating in a cell. Do they attract to the substract like a magnet and home in on them or how exactly do they move? I know I can't really picture this in a molecular scale, but how enzymes move has a lot to do with how a nanomachine could be designed.
  5. Save the sun with fission

    Hmm, the sun is losing mass, the result radiates away as heat and light.
  6. Save the sun with fission

    Fission is the opposite of fusion, what do you guys think, could it reverse the sun's energy?
  7. Organic computer?

    You could, incorporate the neuronal structure into that of a computer. Since they both run on electricity. So would you grow a watch built out of neurons on your wrist based on the DNA given high enough mutation rate, that is hard to say. The eel is an attempt to combine electronics with organic energy.
  8. Organic computer?

    An eel
  9. Organic computer?

    Computer and life form mix has been a general consensus these days. Well you can't really develop a laser from organic life, so why not mix machinery with life?
  10. Super energy efficient computer?

    Like the one that runs on the lowest amount of power available
  11. Brain scientists unite

    They should use this. Ya, I've seen caterpillars and flowers in my dream, I dunno what they mean , just kidding, no hard feelings. Well alright, they don't need to unite yet or they need to, either way, I'll call upon them when I need help
  12. Brain scientists unite

    Well, when I have dreams I feel like the image comes from a 486 computer, not the HD 1080 resolution. Some of them the screen is small or even off focus when I turn my head. The one that computes my head with meshes, not on molecular detail, is one of the best experience I've had, even though they have not approached molecular detail. The device feels like it comes from a crudely made microwave, and only slightly improved in the past 2 years. There are some that pulls off a dream in a dream, many have failed. You wake up feeling more alerted, prone to light, but later feels really tired if not spasm throughout your body. The brain, sometimes I wake up feeling my brain dented with a headache, good thing we got tons of pain killers stored back home. That's the alright one if they have not permanently damaged something. I dunno if these guys are privately funded or interdisciplinary. I see potential in them, good potential utilizing AI to make everyone happy, not just me. Of course I am looking for a ticket to eternal life if not solve the mystery of consciousness and being summoned from another realm with full memory and body swap. But it's all speculation Some say they are dirty dirty, personally I think they deserve some recognition
  13. Brain scientists unite

    Lol thanks Ya, it's a combination of molecular scientist, brain scientist on a large perspective, and bioinformatics(neuroscientist). To improve skills in which they are unmatched
  14. Brain scientists unite

    I'm thinking of creating a group for brain scientists from across the nation, of various ethnicity and races, for a joint discussion, to make people sleep better.
  15. ATP creation through magnetism

    Well you could produce a magnetic field to create ATP from ADP. It's not infinite, but if you could quickly replenish a person's ATP while he is running, it could be pretty useful. It is also pretty useful on a food source point of view where your bodily functions could just get energy from magnetic field (without the proteins of course).