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  1. Many gets closed because I have to work on everything by myself with no backup. P.S. My bad, I will stop being stubborn next time.
  2. I am not making things up. You know people actually take the time to read hundreds of articles they can find on Google just to validate a point. Like the human regeneration thread you closed.
  3. Ionno, too many secrets. If I know the dream groups I would probably just ask them myself. Granted, I do not have any proof. If I am any smart I would trace back to see where they came from. I thought you guys are interested in the topic of immortality since many of my topics are pop science, perhaps I will keep it to myself or put it on some other forum.
  4. The topic, when will it happen? I spent the vast majority of the time looking for an answer. And I have to say the only way for it to work is through swapping consciousness. OSKM was a promising gene therapy back in the time, but it has a chance of developing teratoma, since SALK did not continue the experiment it went for a pause in 2012. Since modifying the gene expression of all the cells in the body is no easy feat. You could replace the gene therapy by activating the Yamanaka Factors with the cell signaling molecules such as BMP4, nodal, activin, but it just seems really unsafe = =.
  5. Well, a few questions I am in concern of. 1. You guys do not know where the seat of consciousness is.(possibly in the caudate nucleus) 2. You guys do not know where to modify the consciousness frequency.(possibly in the midbrain region) 3. You guys do not know how to modify the memory.(optogenetics) 4. You guys do not know how to build an empty vessel.(progesterone) 5. You guys do not know how to keep an empty vessel.(animate the body with an AI). And you guys are counting on a molecular transformer to do the job.
  6. I was trying to compare the structure between a zygote and a stem cell. The idea is when a stem cell is infused with progesterone, it becomes a fetus. The zygote, however, is a package of umbilical cord+fetus because it goes through the blastocyst stage. So I was curious as to know if you could replace the zygote with a stem cell. As for the skin cell it should become a grown man with progesterone, but that is because it is an aged cell to being with.
  7. But sure, if it is a sibling fertilized egg you can keep it next to it without replacing it.
  8. It is the fertilized egg of a dinosaur @@, so it needs to be placed outside
  9. What happens when you replace a fertilized egg with a stem cell or skin cell?
  10. Hmm, the ultrasound is a different aspect then light. From that video(photoacoustic) in that one sentence they mentioned the sound wave produced from laser(yes laser), does not scatter as much as light and therefore making it a more accurate instrument(speculation)? But that also depends on the accuracy of the transducer on the receiving end. The light wave uses raman spectroscopy as measurement based on the reflection. But if you got time you should check out the photoacoustic device, it seems they've matured and is shipping medical devices. In conclusion, the point I am stuck on is:
  11. This showed up when I was looking into acoustic imaging. If anyone is knowledgeable with photoacousting imaging as the video shown below let me know.
  12. Ya I sounded a bit harsh, sorry Bufofrog. I know. I looked into the idea a nanofactory and nanomachines back in the days. Also the idea of molecular machine(mostly construct by chemist). The idea about the article I posted is that it is more main stream in terms of 3D printing, which is more effective than controlling moving nanomachines to construct the product. This gets me pretty excited.
  13. Can you at least read the article = =? https://www.sculpteo.com/blog/2018/05/16/molecular-3d-printer-3d-printing-is-going-further/
  14. The problem with cyborg is it takes more energy to function, even if you do create synthetic neurons and senses I still prefer a human body lol.
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