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  1. no, they only said that they would help me to monetize the invention via ; offering their tools (presumaby a system) to find investors ,buyers & licensees in their pool. unfortunately I am not willing to do so. But ...of course we may terminate this communication window. From your this demand, I understand that you give probability that the invention might be judgeable or criticizable. Anyway, I had better read some relevant texts on this topic or maybe follow the successful & current inventor's stories although this is not just one way. Thanks to all under this thread for communication.
  2. this is right. some research associations or corporations contacted me via e-mail and they proposed to use their tool. But this was by fee. I just said that if their tool was by fee, then I would not be willing to use. But at the background,I also thought that I was new and did not have idea whether their tool was really effective.
  3. I think the more important or effective thing is that "HOW TO?" some corporations do not want to even produce the prototype. I do not know why for rejection but I am sure that monetizing any invention is not so much easy. Otherwise I can invent many things. however, I realised also I may not have sufficient information regarding the process. (For instance, corporations might have thought that the product was not producable in factory or...something else which I do not know.)
  4. https://www.wipo.int/patents/en/topics/utility_models.html
  5. Hi, I obtained my first utility model (as I said) and I do not know what to do with it. Is there anyone who is willing to comment on the issue ? Thanks
  6. ahaha the end of current scientific approach , writing articles in the conformity of the rules defined by peer review system.
  7. hi, are there any university for international candidates providing remote master programs specifically in any of fields given below with suitable scholarship: ** cyber security ** software (I would get expertise in oop) ** data analytics ** linguistics target countries: egypt , china , russia or other countries* preferred languages: english, arabic. * any country wherein english is 1st spoken language. Thanks.
  8. mmm well , to me ; everything about security important in every time period. but if we consider long time periods ,then ... to my point of my view, creation of efficacious products are important ,not exactly money..
  9. ah yes, but even if I say it is valuable you will ask me to define what valuable meant, and if I say it was effective you will ask... so,...it is circulation. haha ah ha
  10. don't we generally feel us uncomfortable when misunderstand an important issue?
  11. I learnt I was innocent but too much anxious whenever I misunderstand a point that I deal with.
  12. I found or learnt interesting points. look, one publication says that there is no method to define similarity (originality) for any publication when we consider the previous literatures (i.e. past events) however, if I publish my studies as a book and it takes an ISBN number , it will be impossible to copy paste (i.e. plagiarise) any chapter or part of my book for future events (i.e. forthcoming publications) I had forwarded my works to a patent office but now unsure to reshape all studies as a book. because as it said above that publication centre says that there is no method to say any literature is wholly unique. how can I be sure about everythings , really there is no such method? (among the details, culture and tourism ministry says ; if your copyright is available , you in fact, do not need to do anything.) (that publication staff also said ; the common problem here is about ethical issues as our copyright management (tourism and culture ministry department confirms ,too) (one more notation: to our patent office , there are already some of works' search report stating that the studies were novel) arising question: if this is too much risky and there is no method to scan all of previous documents, why to publish my works? which type of benefit will I have?
  13. thank you for the information. Actually in the current case I can say that I have no earnings from those publications. One of my colleagues says that I need to prove those publications were/belonged to mine/me by defining their copyrights based on my demand. This action is being carried out by Culture and tourism ministry here by fee. I hope no problem will happen and I expect that the publications really to be mine. meanwhile, may I ask what "small sections" means here. Here I consulted to copyrights management centre they used some sentences like this: "you do not need to use references when you use the information which is known by everyone. " (I also did not understand well this. may I ask , first step should be which of these: "consulting to a specşalist in the laws here" "to send a demand to define the literature's / publications copyrights to whom they beonged" I ask this because in case we know that those publications really mine, then normally no problem should occur (i.e. deep breath) ...but do not know what to do in case there are any inconformity to this case.
  14. Hi, under assumption; we ensured an association to publish our some articles by our request. then that association published those articles. assume please those publications include minor quotations. (E.g. descriptions or descriptive explanations ,I am also not sure whether really those publications include any quotations). However as the mentioned articles are created by memory (written by learning by heart) there is no research at the background in any of mentioned published articles. in this case will these published materials cause any copyright problems? and how to be sure on the issue with deep breath or how to resolve the case? Thanks in advance.
  15. hi, can anyone help me on how ; 1) I could write a substituon in LaTeX? 2) I could set the page borders? (E.g.: 4 cm from top and left, and 3 cm from right and bottom,A4) 3)I could give numbers to lines ? (E.g.: 5 and multiplication of 5 number, renewed at each 5 number and renewed at each page,A4) Thanks in advance.
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