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  1. ahaha fatima's dress reminiscents me a chicken's apperance.
  2. hi, I meant and suggested that you use suitable mathematical expressions. telling with sentence sometimes is not sufficient for the case to be accepted or understood within mathematical approach and / or philosophy. recommendation: use and (don't leave general) theorems in basics of mathematics for instance when any function is monotone and bounded at the same time, you will not be able to say or discuss whether it would be divergent. (Because it will definitely be convergent)
  3. you should (be able) to define your expession mathematically, any set (here X) will be infinite if for every x element X ,there is y element X such that y>x
  4. it seems this is a meaningless topic to me..
  5. maybe, yes in this example. but I saw someone from england and they really were pronunciating that letter as I expressed. what is more, pronunciating a word and using it in a sentence are presumably not same.
  6. Thank you very much @studiotand @joigus To be honest,I do not fear for myself,because I feel myself strong. But I am very anxious for my mother ,because she is elderly and I know that she will have been the one I have loved (her) the most. all in all, I shall take quarantine seriously as studiot advises. , to me it is pleasure to work at my home. therefore I shall try to create good works during the following 14 days.
  7. hi, today it is detected that my brother has been catched by covid-19. my some arrangements (normal works) has been cancelled as of today. (although I have no symptom,we have been accepted as "potential patients" (I am a teacher here)) result: 14 days quarantine. what about you?
  8. haha it seems like a joke or something relevant to the content of a specific joke. if you mention something in biology (i.e. classifications/taxonomia) then ..I do not think that that idea would refute the exact idea. vaşak is a cat , tiger is also a cat but they have intersections to be accepted as a cat each even if their family and vary names are different.
  9. but these two descriptions have intersections.
  10. This whole question is self contradictory. There is no exact meaning. Any further the meaning is changing over time. Bacon was different sort of scientist from Newton, who was a different sort of scientist from Thomson who was.... You might just as well ask What does "plumber" mean ? Modern plumbers do very different things and work in a very different way, from plumbers of even just 50 years ago. no,I asked it because there are differences between the definition's itself depending on one country to another country. For instance, a "scientist" or more properly an "academcian/academics" needs to be approved by any university. I mean she/he needs to work at any university with suitable academic position. (Turkey) On the other hand we know that (at least in the past) any scientist should not have to be approved by any university. yet, obviously there are some stupid applications. (for instance I read some requirements from registration of some academic journals or over their webpage (directly) and they require that the author who would submit his/her paper should have suitable academic title. This is stupid. Sometimes, we can see the extension of such dogmatic beliefs. surely, this is a fallacy.) having a degree does not mean that you would be qualified one. While we have had this information in the left hand, we can also say that having no official education would not mean that you would not be a qualified or prospective fellow in the right hand. all in all , I can clearly say that here, the desire and request is effective on some actions to be happened on the issue. School is in fact,everywhere ,not just a classroom+ labs (etc) surrounding by a classic building (named university) ahmet
  11. surely, NO. in fact the succint expression both for this comment and for the swansont's paragraph is that "scientist is anyone who does science" I would add: "this is a reality"
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