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  1. I do not know very well what you exactly look for but if you are willing to do maths (category: algebra) , I think your prerequisites are to obtain knowledge about : --- >> normal operations (summation, mltiplication in R) --- >> sets (and all operations) --- >> what function is and properties of functions. (1-1,onto ,bijective and types and all other relevant properties of functions) Then slightly pass please into pure maths ("entry to algebra" in other words) but as studiot advises, do not try to do too much at once. I think even if anyone is so muc
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Xcb4e9Df4
  3. I could not differentiate whether this was a bad or good musics. lets decide together my idea is that this musics contains prosodical problem (I m not sure whether I wrote the term correctly "prosodia". in turkish this is called as the compartibility of wordings and musical instrumental composition.)
  4. presumably this means that atoms have 3D placement. also @joigus 's comment. And what about the use of these compounds (i.e. metabolism), how does body differentiate whether such compounds are not useful/usable (i.e. harmful) or vice versa? note: I know or can accept that not everything could be classified as harmful things and vice versa , there might also be something like not harmful and not efficacious. But, here in turkey , generally medical doctors (professors) tend to say that trans fats were harmful. I am trying to understand the case.(implication). from my particular ma
  5. As far as I remember (from high school) it is about geometry. but...do not well what happens with these or do not know how these metabolised. I shall check the link(s). actually ,I remember this from high school but, what is the difference between these exactly? (seems same)
  6. ah yes. trans fat is a form of unsaturated fat. thanks. And could you show me or explain: what is the difference between elaidic acid and oleic acid? a notation: I saw one turkish professor speaking on tv channel , she was blaming trans fats and advising to avoid from them. (But why ,because charonY's reply indicates that body could break down trans fats.)
  7. hi, yes trans fats. so, as we can say that metabolism consists of catabolism and anabolism , can we say that your this answer indicates that body could either produce (naturally) trans fats or break down them? so this means ,YES human body can break down trans fats(?)
  8. with a note before starting: I could not differentiate it well so this thread might either be considered in medical sciences or biology forum. sorry for the case. hi, I wonder whether trans lipids/oils usable in human body? among the contexts,I know that not all of saturated lipids were trans , in trans lipids , hydrogen atoms are inversed at bond points. and not all of saturated lipids / oils were useless. but do not really know anything about the certainty of information appearing in the thread. equivalently, can we say that once we obtain trans oils in known
  9. ahahaha something came to my ming like : to divide a penny from a point over its boundary along its diameter (maybe via hammer).
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