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  1. Thank you very much. I feel myself very happy being corrected/confirmed about my prediction which I wrote in my paper but could not publish it. I shall try to revise and resubmit. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have not heard that term in meaning of developmental technology. But.. maybe I may predict what it was related... for instance, is that related to some other external contexts like: subliminal & supraliminal stimuli. But you are right that I definitely & specfically consider sound waves. Thank you for contribution. no, I read once again and decided that this kind of thing was new to me.
  3. Hi, I mean whether we could interfere them via setting their amplitude and/or wavelenght quantities by functions' rules. for instance, are the amplitude or wavelength of waves' are settable in the conformity of f(x)= Ax +B (This is a general rule of linear function as you know) Thanks.
  4. thank you for the explanations. I just googled what I see as an error on my tex maker editor, and followed what others say. see here: https://latex.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29957
  5. hi, I need a free latex editor. In previous times, I was using TeX maker but these days it seems it is not possible to use this one. (Windovs security prevents some settings or the editor itself does not work as same as it needed/predicted.) Could someone help me please which editors are available? (and tutorial for construction)
  6. I tried to particularly overview the thread but did not understand what you want. As far as I remember , Riemann's zeta function is [math] \frac{1}{n^\alpha}[/math] in mathematics , I also remember that we analyzed where it was convergent and divergent. May I ask you to provide your question in the most succint and sufficient form? Thanks
  7. 1) 2) Hi again, the journal has sent me a new manuscript again for evaluation. Two points: From what I understood by CharonY & swansont's comments under this thread (appears above) 1) There is no benefit for me according to CharonY but 2) in spite of this it is understandable that swansont seems like encouraging. Two questions: 1) show me please a logic reason on why to conduct a review (even if I have no benefit) ? 2) swansont, as expressed your comment seems encouraging, but why? (Please pay attention to CharonY's opinion too) Thanks external question: Are reviewers responsible for unexpected but probable circumstances such as: -- >> in case an article they handle contains copyright issue or plagiarised material (This is just an assumption)?
  8. what you ask is not understandable in the thread text. But to reply just to the title, that is not the doable thing in my prediction or seems like an invalid /unapplicable question. Because the golde ratio is a number. and the curve you shown is a type of gaussian distribution function. (I presume it is NORMAL distribution function graph)
  9. the journal which I successfully conducted a review returned me an acknowledgement with additional kind invitation as to express that they would like to see me again in the future as also an author . But I do not mind really. why to do that ? First, I have already regular job (but this is not thoroughly an academic position really) and I believe I will have no earnings. So, why to bother myself,why ? that is ok that I accept I deal with science and I sometimes believe I have found some very sensitive and really effective things/results for community (by community I both mean folks (big data) and scientists. (because scientists are also member of folks) but why to bother myself ? for what ? for which aim? will I have a benefit? no. because, I left formal academic life more than 7 years ago. I am still young or feel so, but really not willing to follow all the expectations (especially for zero benefit) What I do ? I currently deal with only patents. Anyway, I believe I am right but wonder if there is suitable and significantly meaningful & understandable critiques. Note please as I have no plan to enroll currently to a PhD and MSc program in my home country,I do not look for advices, but critiques are welcome. Sincerely, ahmet
  10. hi, this is a portative dental instrument and I am not willing to share any else information unfortunately. sorry for this case. if possible, could someone please give me an idea, on how much money should I want for licensing in case I get in touch with some corporations?
  11. hi, I completed the review, and may anyone explain whether I could share my recognition of reviewer certificate wherever I want?
  12. you can consider every aspect of beuty really. so, all of them.
  13. ahmet

    steady metals

    I might have used wrong term here, not sure. by steady I mean the strong effect as a force across radiation ( when that metals are exposed to alpha, betta , gamma radiation)
  14. ahmet

    steady metals

    hi, can someone explain please whether there are steady metals. The property I look for is about being steady across (nuclear) radiation,too. but as this issue does not fall inside the areas of my interests, I think i can easily make some mistakes. if this is a case, I kindly request the correction and understanding. Thanks
  15. can we reviewers add references in a report ? (is it the done thing? and are there cases which render the referencing as mandatory action?
  16. I was not asking the formal qualifications. I was just pointing out to timely manner. Anyway, I think swansont's comment is more realistic in this theme or it seems so. Thanks
  17. I am expected or required to provide the report in 14 days. but the journal has sent me that they do not look for a report in strength lenghty. so may I ask if I present the report, will this be a normal peer review? I remember, I sent papers to some journals and could not receive a report more than 3 months. there are some cases or friends expresing that too much longer times are also experienced. Thus, I asked that question. note please,I know that waiting a report for a manuscript and review time range are not same. But I wanted to ask,though.
  18. hey joigus, do you know, when anyone mentions a beauty , then I should be recalled beauty simply means me. absolutely. hahahaha
  19. is there a bad scenario if I revew the article but it is not found as expected? I think there should not be, because as you say I have no earning and I do not know the reason why I was invited. after entering to editorial manager, I saw that I submitted three manuscripts to journal but some of them were removed without any decision whille a decision available for one as I remember.
  20. unfortunately it is late now. I accepted but... it is containing a bit difficult contexts even if not wholly. and do not know what to do now. but I cannot see decline button now. just it shows a link to message to send to handling editor.
  21. okay. This was helpful really. I shall have 14 days but after reviewing full article, I shall try to update whether I am willing to make detailed assessment (i.e. to review it) or not with the best timely manner however possible. some last questions: 1)will I be able to send messages to handling editor or can I do that now (including a question: the reason why he did select me) 2) there are some details about me but unfortunately I am not willing to explain. the second question here is: will the authors see my comments / review report or will the report be open only to handling editor? Thank you
  22. actually I can see just abstract. Of course an abstract may include many contexts but... what do you mean by "being succesfull through peer review process". I submitted articles to many journals but never received direct acceptance. Also, there is just one acceptance but even this was with minor revision demand. I still did not deal with that aricle. no, not a problem. I understand. Thank you for feedback. I shall try to be more careful than ever if I aggree to assess the manuscript. Thank you. a question: I presume that I wouldn't have option to decline the duty again in case I push to "agree to assess/invitation" button,right?
  23. it was not by phone call. I mean chat service as support service. I look it up independently and their support service confirmed that I was offered for (peer) review when I provided the article number based on the supporter's question.
  24. support service did not start to work by itself without effect. I mean after offer reached to me, I contacted to support service.
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