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  1. I am sure that this dialect was ot MSA. to me, the best of levantine arabics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHyDHLI0TAs
  2. honestly, your achievements are yours and no relevancy with me. but...it seems even if you are not as knowledgeable as @swansont, to me you are more intelligent than him. sure. because in spite of the failures I had done, you have understood the message what intended. so , congratulations. (and to swansont, I predict, I will have published materials also in english, so don't bother yourself. you are wrong. the only disadvantage ,I had wrote that text with my phone and I was on a urgent way,so I could not make any reform. sorry for that. anyway, lets go on the topic you claim or it is being understood that you mention that two points would be linear or not linear. this is wrong. linear is a description not just for two points , but for functions. (to use just for two point is wrong) shortly, a linear function would be the property of a function that satisfies [math]f(tx+my)=tf(x)+mf(y) [/math] where t and m are scalar and x and y are vectors. (f is a function/operator on a vector space)
  3. I think you are confused even very basic instructions. Joigus tried to "politely" provide basic notations or kindly tried to ensure you understand that some keywords you used in your previous comment were incorrectly used or not understood by you. But to better help you, i can suggest that you first know; _ mathematics is a discipline _ first of firsts please ensure how maths could be better studied ( big clue: please study by writing, and feel yourself as you responsible for everything you express, in progress you should also accept that you must prove everything you say in every step of proofs. _ you need to be patient, but hardworking or having regular work ( everyday please at least 1_2 hour per day in average with the exception of course you take (if any) _ internalize first basic descriptions and thorems. In progress you can either run or fly depending your dedication or work manner. Good luck ahmet
  4. what you ask does not seem clear to me. but basically, the slope of tangent is the value of derivation function at the point where tangent is drawn. this is valid for functions with 1 variable. but for functions with several variables, we prefer differentiation instead of derivation. this seems to me: meaningless and irrelevant..sorry.
  5. a very very bad video , but a qualified musics
  6. an artistic party would be good really under a music like this : piano piano piano
  7. I I think no.(because in fact,it seems that there is no meaningful correlation between these two conditions) Also, CharonY 's reply is a bit supporting this , especially here in turkey if we were to comply the doctors ,I think,we would potentially die even earlier. Almost All of my family got catched to covid19 and sadly, my mother returned at the side of death but why? I think because of the unqualified medical service. I do not mention the non existence of cure or vaccine for this new disease, but the doctors... the most common thing here we see turkish doctors write drugs, commonly even random. yes, without any examination it is really not an extraordinary to see turkish doctors write many drugs. as result: There was nothing to do with tension ilness (i.e. no problem with blood pressure and etc all other details(i.e. blood illness)) but after the 15 days cure in hospital (she had slept) according to the doctor who examined her, my mother's illness changed to blood pressure. (because they did something we do not know and also after going out from the hospital, one drug was given for blood pressure (I can also write the drug's name: seneloc) anyway, I am sure that was nothing to do with my mother and blood pressure problem (i.e. disease). but the doctors thoght that she had had blood pressure problem. my mother did not continue that drug and still she has no blood pressure problem. but unfortunately I commonly observed this: whenever the doctor is not capable to give a response to the case, she/he writes / prescribes the drugs. result 2: I do not believe the quality of modern science. the case might be better at somewhere or in comparison to in the past (but not passing 1400 years before) however, in far past,I think the better system might have existed. do you agree that we would find us in a well ordered uncertainty if we were to do everything in compliance of existing doctors ' advices ? because it is almost impossible. in fact, I do not blame anyone , but the system is not good enough. UPDATE: sorry ,I missed some points. (I was also supposing we were in medical science forum) yes ,I agree that science could make us live longer. why not? but the system is not sufficiently good really in the current status. Also one should take into account that science was not always being satisfied/obtained by education. some useful keywords: intelligence, knowledge, science, education.
  8. send your paper to journals. if the paper is suitable for publication they will accept it, if not they won't accept. as I look for something about "real life applications",I only overviewed and ...consider the probability that it would not be a new thing you provide. because not only taylor series,we have complex series,too (Laurent series) ....
  9. @Sensei expresses that when anyone announce/advertise his/her website here ,it would be risk for the security of that website. so,does this forum limits shares on personal websites because of this ?
  10. this is correct ,I also sometimes add the mechanism of +TCP,UDP protocols and all the content relevant to this. but in spite of these details, I see many people using their own websites,though. Can we say that most of them were not sufficiently knowledgeable? About LaTeX: I have not used it so much and I was supposing that it would not contain good/shining colours. (i.e. not suitable for a good presentation) setting formulas, colours , borders , etc ...this is a part of programming that might require good work.
  11. to me in the current status the management is effective ,also more effective than working hard. but this presumably more valid in good countries regarding technological and scientific developments. of course this is my personal idea,I might be wrong. what about the future?(Your question) it is not so much clear. But all in all , rather than working hard , working to what, will be effective.
  12. I have not felt myself good in geometry (but not in basic topology) so I had not replied. but simply,this quotation is a good reply. and if I am not wrong, I think this user is confusing herself/himself. (Note: I know that hyperplane did not have to be 3 dimension. because I remember from somehwere when P is a plane,then P+t is hyperplane.
  13. again crudely, , senses have modality and and the sensitivity is not same at ,all as you know or should know. defined by logarithm or via it. but of course ...yes , there is probability for some types of senses (also there might be different sense systems which WERE NOT DEFINED YET) because for instance there might be intersense or different senses. ... but intersense is surely possible. (even though it is not cogent for all) as one can experience if you apply pressure through your eyes, you will perceive a light although that organ is not being transdyced normally via pressure. I know ear (auditory) system works differently. but to me ,I consider the possibility for the case if any living thing can see, that would not be able to perceive. I think this is possible. if you mean "experience" is totally apart from "descriptons" or there exist some "experience" types that were not explainable, then I definitely disagree to this idea. We only do not know them,but that does not mean that they were not explainable.
  14. this was good! but I am not sure on whether it would completely help, because there is also a good amount of difference between theory and applications in the current status. or there are many theorems that were not useful/applicable.
  15. so, you mean that any blind one cannot realize (i.e. perceive) redness,right? I do not think that the description itself should be so much difficult, but I might miss some details ,too, not sure. really interesting question
  16. hahahaah I have expressed something about this in the official jokes section today. and consider this, we do not act like robots, thus, we may change our ways sometimes. (I mean, we do not have to follow all the pathway in any map. continuing where I was) redness , redness, redness ,maybe is exaggration of the use of this smart word ? anyway, are you mentioning something like this: "how can anyone ensure a blind one learn how the red colour was?"
  17. if you are asking here "how is a colour (specifically "red") being detected?" then ..this is about vision system , you will need to check G-proteins , the pathway and neural transmission and transduction. as I crudely know, there are main three colours (maybe computer scientists use that as a model also ("RGB") Red , Green and Blue. (others are the combinations of these) but here , of course there are some differences between descriptions and (to me as I said) there are many unexplained details.
  18. simply,I gave a name to it "nervous cancer" , not categorized in psychiatry yet
  19. light light light oh romantic?? noooooo! what ? just a tea ..
  20. presumably I can create a very well designed nervous cancer
  21. hi, I only very crudely overviewed the thread ,reading the explanations by jumping over some, I think the things we knew have high potentiality to be very less than the things we still do not know. all in all, it deoends on how you work and some external but important and sensitive points to find the answer. but currently I can consider something like interface systems. action & gradual potentials , impuls , summation etc. these are just a very small piece of the issue.
  22. not so much far away. only 4-5 years previous.. monoromantic relations without any touch... just watching the past these days.
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