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  1. Recently on a computational engine called wolframalpha, by accident I put this equation for a solution( I wanted a soln of another eqn). But this mistake is not so anymore, it showed me that almost by every mean mathematics can be manipulated. Anyways, the engine showed there exists no soln . for this. I tried this on few others and still got the same. I can't understand this. -1 and 1 both give 1 when multiplied by itself. No square of a number can be in negative form. So sqrt(x)=-1 should have the solution as 1. Can anyone explain this. Also, I searched this
  2. @studiot I actually was not online at the time you posted this. I just saw this Now. Usually I keep these type of tabs open in the device and so that's why probably it was showing. I am now gradually getting a feel of it. I have tried to draw the diagram of your scenario as elaborately as possible . Though I did not understand this analogy clearly. It would be helpful if you elaborate a little more. But I have climbed up to the nodes of the branches of the tree , I just need to climb to the apex of the shoot.😁 If you elaborate the diagram of my case (with your explanation) a li
  3. Im extremely sorry for late reply @studiot and @Ghideon as I was preparing for social science class test. When the man is struggling to push the wagon, he is pushing on a wall of the wagon. But two ideas then immediately come to mind: 1. When the man is pushing from outside the wagon, he pushes the ground and the horizontal component of the reaction force by the ground{if I am correct(because application of vectors in walking of a man is taught one grade ahead of me and I studied it beforehand😁)} propels the man forward. Let's say the net force applied by the man is F. There will be acce
  4. I don't know if this is a foolish question or a decent one, I don't know if there is any official subjective answer to this, this query is popping in my mind and lately I can't stop myself from thinking what the scientific or 'physical' cause might be.... Please don't mind if it is a question of a darn fool cause I am only a high schooler from India. XD Suppose a strong man of mass M is pushing a wagon with a force F ,which contains load of same mass M. His force overcomes the static friction and acceleration is caused in the system of the load and a wagon and it moves
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