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  1. @studiot I actually was not online at the time you posted this. I just saw this Now. Usually I keep these type of tabs open in the device and so that's why probably it was showing. I am now gradually getting a feel of it. I have tried to draw the diagram of your scenario as elaborately as possible . Though I did not understand this analogy clearly. It would be helpful if you elaborate a little more. But I have climbed up to the nodes of the branches of the tree , I just need to climb to the apex of the shoot.😁 If you elaborate the diagram of my case (with your explanation) a li
  2. Im extremely sorry for late reply @studiot and @Ghideon as I was preparing for social science class test. When the man is struggling to push the wagon, he is pushing on a wall of the wagon. But two ideas then immediately come to mind: 1. When the man is pushing from outside the wagon, he pushes the ground and the horizontal component of the reaction force by the ground{if I am correct(because application of vectors in walking of a man is taught one grade ahead of me and I studied it beforehand😁)} propels the man forward. Let's say the net force applied by the man is F. There will be acce
  3. I don't know if this is a foolish question or a decent one, I don't know if there is any official subjective answer to this, this query is popping in my mind and lately I can't stop myself from thinking what the scientific or 'physical' cause might be.... Please don't mind if it is a question of a darn fool cause I am only a high schooler from India. XD Suppose a strong man of mass M is pushing a wagon with a force F ,which contains load of same mass M. His force overcomes the static friction and acceleration is caused in the system of the load and a wagon and it moves
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