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  1. I think that that was perfectly possible. but will not provide the details.
  2. but catode and anode stimulates me to think so. sorry really if this is my failure. meanwhile, it perfectly seems like I have been degreeded in this joke sequence
  3. I think non -sexual ideas seems better or unisex pahaha. therefore ,both or none of these is correct with high volume of cheerings, best cheers
  4. ahaha ... that is not as that difficult,in fact. (though, I know many blind people !) simply: do not think and feel the difference between you and (assuming you have white skin) and non - white people. try to minimize self ideas. be objective. etc
  5. mm,well. I think I am contemporary one regarding the issue you mention. I do not rely on the degrees we / you / anyone obtain. I prefer to check personal characters instead. Some unclear but important clue of results say that US will collapse in next 20-50 years. (Do not please ask the details ,I can remove this a piece of information)
  6. in education sciences, no. but in science ,yes. (I would say "yes" in also education sciences , but these are rather general contexts. so, no. )
  7. ok. trying to correlate the topic , I can say that although some "behviours" might have a significantly " very low ratio of " relevance with the body skin (e.g. shrinking lips. also may rise to the type of voice and thus , style of expresion might be affected. ) but with this; no ... this is natural action first and none will feel himself/herself comfortable to act as in the role of whom he/she would potentially tries to , instead acting in her/his natural model. trying to relate the two sentences you provided, I can suggest some educational contexts such as : "humanist approch" and some contexts in "social learning" also checking "cognitive model" might be good.
  8. mmm, are you mentioning something in medical sciences , "consciousness" ,which we broadly assess in biophysics? or something in religious sciences ,such as: the existence of God, how to find him ,etc? I am sure ,I am aware on what to concentrate on
  9. that is ok. but .. yes , normally; yes we are being taught ...but not everything are geing provided from all of the external world. and not everything also being taught by education. (we do not learn everything , some types of information / instructions are ready already by the time we born) I mean we already know something when we born.
  10. does this sentence contain also something relevant to human destiny? by the way, I disagree this idea.
  11. to me ,yes, exactly. at somewehere , we have not seen almost any raining. somewhere, yes such heavy rains and at unexpected time that floodings occured. Some people say that we will live some problems in planting and obtaining agricultural foods ,because the occuring time of rains are also not at expected times. I am almost sure that somethings are changing and I fear this will happen to partially world wide. I try to predict the future times, but unfortunately have no optimistic / positive ideas in my hand in this regard.
  12. no. too much stupid or meaningless to me.
  13. hi, As I am not specialised in this area and the issue is not sufficiently precise,I preferred to open here. we could not take the expected rains.
  14. I heard SSP disease (but this name was presumably in turkish,do not know about english name) this was caused by a vaccine and could be out long years after the vaccination and not appearing on everyone. I also come across an interesting thing, turkish processes a bit chnged but in spite of the smallness of those chnages I think the system is not same with the past (in comparison) for instance , ethical board does not work thoroughly in implementation of lots of scientific projects.(also,it is not a requirement)(i.e. security issues arising(?))
  15. We have vector spaces also. But.. Presumably some more and relevant descriptions available. But if you name it as "space",then to my knowledge, the appearing explanations should be valid. Note please there are many operations and broad content in spaces (and there are many spaces such as metric, normed, inner product spaces and specific examples to these) Metric spaces are the most discrete or narrow spaces as i know.
  16. I do not know any metric for this set,specifically. but have you understood my wordings as stating; we could define a metric at every sets? if so, I did not mean that thing. sorry for mistelling if it is being understood so.
  17. any metric should satisfy these criteria / conditions: 1) For every x,y [math]d(x,y) \geq 0; if, d(x,y)= 0 --> x=y [/math] 2) [math]d(x,y)=d(y,x)[/math] 3) [math]d(x,y) \leq d(x,z)+d(y,z) [/math]
  18. I am not sure what its scope was in psysics , but in maths, a space is that a set and with at least a metric defined on this set.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytGP7-NMlmw
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