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  1. you succintly discuss the worth of money. money is in fact an object inside of the exchnage process. but the process I mention above (exchange),I think, rather generalised. apart from the reality or the type of reality, we all responsible what we do and believe. Thus , both yes and no. yes, because you could find many advices by him like that. no, because you should find the realities by yourself. And none will be responsible by someone else's acts.
  2. don't bother yourself, as soon as you die (and thus you leave from this world), some wordings will be expressed after your movement: this is narrowed "paradigm "... but gold is almost or already universal "acceptance".
  3. when I need to make a decision objectively dependent to some criteria,I only refer to the source and pay attention what the criteria were. But not the actions and people. So, here, I do not rely on what other people do. the important thing, in fact , here is that what the source states. Thus, that is not my core focal point what other muslims pay attention (with the condition that I am suficiently knowledgeable about the source). The external people are also not important. The topic then could you define what the "value" was? isn't it eventually personalized? corollary: almost every change is the result of exchange. a notation: "almost" here is not an objective particle. But we needed to include indefinite things too. Indefinite things also include the contexts we cannot interfere them wholly as of the current time.
  4. well ,to my existing knowledge, by islamic approach; only gold and silver can be accepted as money. in fact, I am not sure even about silver because just gold is being accepted or calculated as entity to be responsible for something.you may consider to think that bancnotes, credit card's credits , bank accounts' amount were money but as the definition is changing to one by one and by other entities, what is the measurement of wealth? I think here, we may have to wait for some time, somethings will be more complicated in near future, however, I am hopeful to expect the clearer air/environment. cheers
  5. if you have not confused the description with blockchain,then ,no it is not a concept. by definition, money has embodiment, you can handle ,see and use it. so it is not an abstract idea. by the same properties, it is not an intention and a plan. rather, it is a content of intention and / or plan. (i.e. a tool)
  6. mmm, no. I prefer listening to music instead watching film . but succintly : 1) our religion has real values. (Do not dstract your attention with wrong/fake applications/appearances (e.g. isis)) 2)nowadays , arabs' money is the most valuable units as I know. 3) in spite of everything,I think english society (e.g. in universities) applies special forms in laboratories.I mean if not the something,but the bulk of everything was incorrect,why special forms are being implemented /applied? *** * *** (Crypted: VE-RI-TAS) *** * *** summary: money and materials ..are not the aim , just tools.
  7. that is logical decision. and ,why not ?
  8. ahahhaha really, what I want might be different. formerly, my aim was to develop something to help humanity but now, I aim someting which you may consider that things religious ,at least I think I should. in fact, I shall again want to develop somethings to help humanity, but the aim is not that thing. that is just a content.
  9. I might have not remember well, but preferably you may check some very basic notations from group teory & algebra such as : product (relevant) theorems and prime product separation/differentiation region (relevant theorems).
  10. just a reply to the topic: it may depend on what you want/aim.
  11. hi, could someone help me on the qualitative properties of education in these specific countries: (specific issues: in which cases do teachers come across with problems ,the types of problems (general speaking: risks) and how are such problems being resolved or results) * china (specific states: hong kong,peking) * russia * dubai (uae) * finland * oman
  12. hi, I have several queries about this certification and need help. 1) which authority / association carry out this exam? 2) what are the prerequisites (for instance whether I have had to have a defined range of toefl exam score) for this exam? 3) how does this exam is being carried out (e.g.: whether an active application ,for instance, telling lessons would be made) I am currently official teacher here in turkey but may consider to work abroad. thanks
  13. hi,once again, assume please I buy some permissions (i.e. license/copyright by payment to wordpress as they define across all the folks/users) then ,could you further help me please (if you have that piece of the information) on whether I would be able to develop that webpages as (if it is) my own? (I will interfere the codes via making changes on it) one external query: do you know (if yes) could you explain whether I would make changes on same website after publishing something (after making payment to host and when the design of that webpage is already ready under assumption ) many thanks.
  14. could you summarize what you have found and what you ask here please? maybe someone from computer sciences better help you.
  15. My conclusion: I do not believe that I would be able to contribute the material when I consider this sentence (which is my target/focal point of aim) "I need usefulness/efficacious results" so,moving away for now.
  16. could you provide a bit more details please? I could not judge these keywords or what had been implied by these keywords does not seem to me clear: 1) revelation 2) asymmetry 3)g-2 I shall be thankful for explanation. (or I might need a bit google search)
  17. yeah,sure! Although I can't dominate all the relevancies or not willing to concentrate on the issue,I was already sure that something which are new would be found. I hope these for future of humanity: currently I am way frightened by the a-bombing potentiality and I hope that something new will eliminate this. but currently I do not imply the thing you cite above. something that might really ensure us feel opening of the pandorra's box.
  18. oh , that musician! singer! it seems the time is passsed for him ,but he is ambitious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w0SdcZLLo8 this is both qualified & and it seems it has the best timely manner... hhhyyy energetic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmFP-EUIhV8 oh,this musics seems like a parfumm
  19. this, follows very boring song after a well prepared or after the first song which is full of pleasure as classic for nancy.
  20. many thanks and congratulations for this share!
  21. actually , yes , this is again a subqestion of that core/key question. in this case,I would also like to ask a question what do you do when science does not respond anything on a case? the living event shows that you should eventually perform an action. but the interesting thing is that science is really not explaining everything in the current case or we still do not know everything. and this evolute onto qualitative thing ,like entropy. ....
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