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  1. Yep! However if you click on this, then you should see the breakdown to exact number on the left hand side.
  2. Hi all, sorry for the lack of response. Unfortunately upgrades in software are necessary from time to time, in order to prevent against e.g. security vulnerabilities. Inevitably these come with some changes - some nice, some not so great. I've restored your rank under your username and the reputation count should now be found as it was before.
  3. On the first point, I've added a small addition to the script to reload MathJax once content changes in-browser, so edits and quick replies should now show you the rendered math once they are submitted. Looks like they were removed from the toolbar, but I have re-added those for you now. If there are others that are desperately wanted then let me know and I can add those, too. On mobile, Mark Site as Read is available if you click on the three lines at the top-right corner of the toolbar. This also shows your profile information if you need to edit it. Not sure about the recent activity; can't see an obvious setting for that within the control panel, but perhaps this is just a bug and can be fixed in a later release.
  4. Thanks for the notes @iNow, I’m sure other will find that useful!
  5. Hello all -- I hope you are doing well in these odd times and keeping safe. This morning I've applied an update to our forum software, which obviously brings a few visual updates and changes in comparison to the older version. This was necessary to ensure we stay up to date with the latest security features and patches. However, from a functionality perspective, I believe this will mostly remain unchanged. Please do let us know in this thread if you have any issues with the site, and I'll continue to monitor the site for problems.
  6. Seems as thought I spoke too soon; another power outage hit just now. Hopefully that is it for now, fingers crossed...
  7. Yep unfortunately down for about an hour. The power went out at our hosting facility and when it turned back on, the server didn’t automatically boot. Should all be back to normal now!
  8. Apologies for today's downtime. This was due to a power outage at our hosts. All should now be up again and good to go, but let us know of any issues you encounter.
  9. Apologies from myself also - we will try to put in place some measures to ensure this doesn't recur. None of your posts, threads, etc will have been lost in this process. Thanks for your patience and look forward to once more hosting your discussions!
  10. HTTPS is now enabled, so you should see a padlock icon next to the address bar. Do let me know if you see any problems!
  11. As you might be able to tell, with all the server woes this never happened! With the new version of IPS installed and running smoothly, I will be trying to get HTTPS support enabled tomorrow. I'll be updating once it's enabled.
  12. Sorry for the short notice but wanted to take the opportunity to replace a faulty drive -- unfortunately took a bit longer than expected!
  13. Apologies for the slightly extended downtime this morning, but the server is now back up and running. Do let me know if you see any issues!
  14. Just a quick note to say happy holidays from me and all the other staff at SFN -- I sincerely hope you're all having a great break. I'm also going to take the opportunity to replace a failed drive whilst traffic to the site is a bit lower due to the holiday period, so there will be a short amount of downtime tomorrow at around 10:00am GMT (UTC+0).
  15. So things look like they have improved quite a bit over the last few hours. Looking at our server load averages for the last 12 hours, it's been quite clear that the load has reduced and SFN feels a lot more responsive. We'll see how we can do in relation to the 'bad gateway' issue over the next few days.
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